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bodies bodies bodies trailer

You can use trailers for just about any task at job sites or for hauling. While selecting an equipment trailer or box trailer may seem like a straightforward process, you need to carefully factor in a trailer’s features before you purchase it. When selecting a trailer for hauling equipment or debris, you need to consider the following criteria before making a choice.

Check Out the Details

When selecting a trailer that supports your needs for hauling, you need to review the size of the trailer as well as the type of weight you plan to haul. For instance, if you are a contractor who drives a one-ton pickup, who wishes to haul a mini excavator, you should carefully review tilt-bed trailers that have stationary decks.

This type of trailer has a gross vehicle rating or GVWR of about 16,000 pounds. It can haul about 10,000 pounds of a load if it features electric brakes. You can use the deck to hold attachments and the main tilt deck for hauling the equipment.

A ramp-style trailer with pallet fork holders may work if you wish to haul equipment with pallet fork attachments. Therefore, to determine the trailer type, or a trailer that will take care of all your hauling needs, think about what you plan to haul in terms of equipment, refuse, or supplies.

Consider the Capacity

When choosing a trailer that covers a variety of hauling needs, you need to consider the capacity. Factors that go into this decision include the type of ramp and flooring, and other related features, such as the type of tongue jack, tailgates, side rails, winches, and even spare tires. Even the coupler you choose will figure into the load capacity. Never underestimate the total weight of what you plan to haul.

Weight distribution can vary, depending on what you add in attachments. Make sure the trailer provides enough room so the equipment can provide the correct tongue loads. Tongue weight that is inadequate can lead to unsafe hauling, or swaying.

Check the Versatility

A trailer that fits with your hauling needs should accommodate the length and width, or all the dimensions of your hauls. After all, you want a trailer that offers versatility if you will be using it frequently.

Check the Trailer’s Construction

When making a selection for a full-use trailer, compare the structural quality to the trailer’s design. Look for a trailer that features a one-piece frame so the number of joint or butt welds is limited. The width between the fenders should also be checked to permit various kinds of equipment to be hauled.

Choose a design that allows movement of rear load ramps to support various wheel treads as well. Also, place an emphasis on spring-assisted lifts on ramps to make hauling a breeze. The placement of the axle is critical to ensure extra safe towing as well. Tandem trailer axles are better if you want to carry heavy loads.

When you carefully calculate your needs in terms of trailer details, load capacity, and a trailer’s quality, you will find a trailer that will fit all your needs.


bodies bodies bodies trailer

bodies bodies bodies trailer

Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022)

R | Comedy, Horror, Thriller

bodies bodies bodies trailer

New 'Bodies Bodies Bodies' Trailer Shows Games, Weed, and Murder Are a Deadly Combination

The slasher movie premieres on August 5.

2022 is gearing up to be yet another great year for fan-favorite production company A24. After releasing its highest-grossing movie to date, Everything Everywhere All At Once , they are now turning their attention to Bodies, Bodies, Bodies , which may be the company’s next box office hit. The story centers around a group of friends that decide to play a dangerous game during a party – which is the perfect excuse for the killer among them to start a killing spree.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen footage from Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, when the trailer was released back in April , which provided a general idea of what the movie looked like and what the stakes were. In the newly unveiled trailer, the cast of characters embarks on a twisted night of games, weed, and murder, which proves to be a deadly combination.

The horror movie stars Amandla Stenberg ( The Hate U Give ), Maria Bakalova ( Borat Subsequent Moviefilm ), Pete Davidson ( The King of Staten Island ), Lee Pace ( Captain Marvel ), Rachel Sennott ( Shiva Baby ), Myha’la Herrold ( Modern Love ), and Chase Sui Wonders (HBO Max's Generation ).

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Bodies, Bodies, Bodies is directed by Halina Rejin , who previously helmed the acclaimed thriller Instinct . The screenplay is penned by Sarah DeLappe , who based the script on a short story by Kristen Roupenian – the short story was originally published in 2017 on The New Yorker and went viral. The movie had an early premiere at this year’s SXSW Festival and was highly praised by critics. During the event, filmmaker Rejin talked to Entertainment Weekly about her influences and described the intriguing combination of elements that brought Bodies, Bodies, Bodies to life:

"My whole whole life has been Hedda Gabler, 'The Taming of the Shrew'. I was like, “Can I please have some f---ing fun?” […] [It's] like ‘Mean Girls’ meets ‘Lord of the Flies’. [They] wind up pretty much in the wild, surrounded by so-called friends from Facebook and Instagram. But are they actually friends? […] I'm obsessed with power and sexuality in a pressure-cooker environment. With all those classical works, we turned them into modern pieces. And we basically treated [Bodies Bodies Bodies] almost as if it was a Chekhov play."

Bodies Bodies Bodies premieres in theaters on August 5. You can watch the new trailer below:

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A24's Bodies, Bodies, Bodies: Trailer, Cast, Release Date

Pete davidson goes stir crazy in the new trailer for horror film "bodies bodies bodies".

bodies bodies bodies trailer

Image Source: A24

What happens when you put a group of rich 20-somethings in a remote mansion during a hurricane? A whole lot of trouble in a deadly party game, apparently. In A24's latest horror flick , "Bodies, Bodies, Bodies," Gen Z flips satire on its head when one festive gathering goes "very, very wrong."

The new trailer for the film — which stars Amandla Stenberg , Maria Bakalova, Pete Davidson , Myha'la Herrold, Rachel Sennott, Lee Pace , and Chase Sui Wonders — arrived on July 12, and the dark comedy already has us guessing who the killer may be. In the two-minute trailer, Bakalova's Bee is the girlfriend of Stenberg's Sophie, and she feels totally out of place with all the rich influencer types, especially Davidson's uber-wealthy girlfriend. When the group of friends, stuck indoors due to a storm, decide to play a game, there are some major unexpected consequences.

According to Stenberg's character, the rules of the game seem simple: if you draw the piece of paper that has the "X" on it, then you're the murderer. Everyone else just has to avoid being killed. Easy, right? But things get complicated when someone from the friend group actually winds up dead, and everyone starts pointing fingers.

The twists and turns in "Bodies, Bodies, Bodies" keep viewers guessing as to who might be behind the deadly ploy, but the plot also examines backstabbing and fake friends as the group works together to solve the dangerous mystery. The film, directed by Halina Reijn, hits theaters on Aug. 5. Watch the trailer for "Bodies, Bodies, Bodies" ahead.

A24's New Erotic Movie Stars Lily-Rose Depp and HoYeon

"Bodies, Bodies, Bodies" Trailer 2

"Bodies, Bodies, Bodies" Trailer 1

"Bodies, Bodies, Bodies" Cast

"Bodies, Bodies, Bodies" stars Amandla Stenberg , "Borat 2" star and Oscar nominee Maria Bakalova, Pete Davidson , Myha'la Herrold, "Shiva Baby" star Rachel Sennott, Lee Pace, and Chase Sui Wonders.

"Bodies, Bodies, Bodies" Release Date

"Bodies, Bodies, Bodies" will be released in theaters on Aug. 5.

"Bodies, Bodies, Bodies" Poster

bodies bodies bodies trailer

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