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Counselling Psychology Personal Statement Example

As I sit here at my desk, trying to figure out how to write a brilliant essay to be better recognized throughout this application process, I have come to realise that this is what life is about.

We are all given a blank sheet in the beginning. What we choose to put on this blank sheet determines our outcome. The life experiences that have “filled my pages” have shaped me into who I am today. My endurance of difficult times and my willingness to persevere in the face of obstacles makes me unique.

I come from a single parent home. My parents have been divorced since I was two years old. My father stepped in when he had to throughout my childhood, but it was my mother who raised me.

I remember numerous days living in one room, wondering “How long life will be like this?” and “Why does everyone else have a completed family and living in one area?”. All while my mother and I moved to numerous locations in an attempt to survive in the face of divorce.

During this time, I attended an elementary school where I was placed in a special education program. Teachers and rest of the staff told my mother that I had a learning disability and my knowledge capacity was limited. She never believed them. My mother believed that I was capable of doing anything. She never gave up on me. She believed in me.

As soon as I was given an opportunity in the main stream I never looked back. I set out to prove those who doubted me wrong with every chance I was given. And now, I am able to say that I will be a college graduate in six months. It is both a personal triumph as well as for my family.

When I first entered the university setting after community college I had a rough time at first. It was my first time being away from home.

Additionally, there were many family issues occurring at the time. As such, my marks did not reflect my full potential. But as my transcript shows, my grades steadily improved every semester and will continue to do so on a graduate level if allowed to continue.

I have a diverse ethnic background. This enables an understanding my part regarding the social issues that are so pertinent today. I am part El Salvadorian and part Irish.

The community that I am from on Long Island, New York, was extremely diverse and full of people from different social classes. Having many diverse groups in one community paves the way for discrimination, which I unfortunately experienced in my childhood. However, because of my background, I have a much needed perspective.

I have a deep understanding of discrimination as well as an interest in learning more about racism and how it has developed. I am hoping to work with families of different ethnic backgrounds because I feel my past experiences and my college education have helped me to understand the challenges that minorities face, and a great understanding of how a culture affects a way of life along with family values.

I am also extremely family oriented. I utilised these skills during the difficult times of my own childhood when they were desperately needed. Divorce is a family issue. I want to extend help to families in similar situations.

I believe I am right for the Counseling/Psychology field. I believe that my life experiences have given me the compassion needed. I am passionate to help people. I know I can make a difference if given the chance.

Syracuse University is clearly the place to start. The “Family and Marriage Therapy Program” at Syracuse University will help me to pursue my dream.

I know this is a great institution full of great faculty that will provide me the tools I need to pursue such a career. As this Marriage Family and Marriage Therapy Program” is recognised as a culturally sensitive therapy, there is a great connection between what is offered and what I would like to accomplish with my education and career.

My overall goal is to pursue a PhD after completing the Master Program. I hope to one day open my own psychology practice.

I know if given the chance I can achieve much and help many.

All I need is for someone to believe. I won't let you down.

Profile info

This personal statement was written by esjojo23 for application in 2008.

esjojo23's Comments

just looking for some feedback.

This personal statement is unrated

Related Personal Statements

Sun, 13/01/2008 - 14:08

Very personal. i thought it was quite good though, i believed all u said was genuine. Did You get in?

Great job.... but also

Sat, 26/01/2008 - 03:50

Great job.... but also wondering did you get in?

Heartfelt statement

Fri, 28/03/2008 - 23:24

I think you did a great job. Your were honest, as everyone should be but yet it did not come off as if you were laying it on thick. So did they at least contact you for an interview?

a little self pitying and (i

Tue, 12/08/2008 - 14:40

a little self pitying and (i know it's a personal statement) but this i felt this was too personal. but at least it's original! i hope you are doing the course you wanted and are enjoying Uni life

Sat, 25/10/2008 - 11:53

I'd take you in if i'm the admission tutor. Your PS is genuine and it shows you have deep interest in the course.

Tue, 16/12/2008 - 18:33

After reading your personal statement i feel more inspired. Your statement was very inspirational and has helped me get through tryin to write my own for couselling. I hope u reach where u would like 2b when in the future because u deserve it.

God Bless U XX

I thought that the opening

Tue, 08/09/2009 - 21:40

I thought that the opening was pretty good although it sounded like it belonged more in a philosophy statement. Maybe you should study philosophy instead.

Tue, 23/07/2013 - 22:29

I think this is a real great article post.Really thank you! Fantastic.

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BrightLink Prep

Sample Counseling Psychology Personal Statement (NYU Steinhardt)

counseling graduate school personal statement examples

by Talha Omer, MBA, M.Eng., Harvard & Cornell Grad

In personal statement.

The following personal statement is written by an applicant who got accepted to Masters’s program at NYU Steinhardt School in Counseling Psychology. Read this essay to understand what a top personal statement in Counseling Psychology should look like.

Sample Personal Statement in Counseling Psychology

Growing up in Poland, I had internalized the stigma attached to Psychology and Psychotherapy. I was famous in my circle of friends as “the understanding one,” but I had developed a bitter taste for formally studying Psychology. Therefore, I opted for a more socially acceptable high school major – Computer Science.

But I wanted to learn about human behavior. Turning my back on the subject of my intellectual curiosity alienated me from myself. As expected, I scored miserably in high school. However, I did not give up just yet and went on to enroll in an IT program at the University of Warsaw.

Despite trying to ignite a passion for the discipline, I was inevitably headed toward disaster. A day before my first-year exams, I stared dispassionately at my book. I felt helpless and broke down into tears. At that moment, I realized I needed help from a mental health professional.

But I didn’t seek help because of two reasons. Firstly, hearing that only the crazy go for psychotherapy all my life, I could not muster the courage to deal with that label. Secondly, I only knew of Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists, and I did not want to be diagnosed or medicated.

Then I mustered the courage to cross the inner hurdles that kept me from studying Psychology. I wanted to gain insights into my emotional imbalances and tried to help myself by learning to help others. After that, I convinced my parents and changed my undergraduate central to Psychology.

This opened new doors that led me to a journey of growth and self-discovery. I met some wonderful people and began excelling in my studies. I was unanimously voted as the class representative in my second semester. Improved psychosocial support and self-efficacy began to work magic on my sense of self-worth.

Experiencing a shift from clutter to clarity, I felt a newfound affiliation with those in need. I heard about  Chayn  Poland through social media and started volunteering for it. While working at  Chayn , I was a part of an online community that created a resource portal to inform and help victims of domestic violence in Poland. It was an excellent opportunity to transmit the knowledge of the psychological aftermath of abuse to those who could benefit from it. I’m channeling the same spirit at my current job at  Social Welfare, Academics, and Training for Poland . Lending my hand in research about the psychological impact of militancy and war on the youth of Ukraine allows me to play my role in helping those in need.

Through my introduction to counseling and the humanistic model in my  Perspectives in Psychology  class, I saw the framework I could use to pursue the field of Psychology. Moreover, I realized that the humanistic school stood for the same values I had innately developed – holism; the importance of an individual’s experience, and the belief that all humans have an actualizing tendency.

Coincidentally, one of my close friends had joined a certificate course in  Humanistic Counseling  at Therapy Mission, Warsaw. I enrolled in the next session to test my interest in the subject. As part of the course, I completed 85 hours of group therapy and an equal number of lectures. I learned basic counseling skills, person-centered therapy, gestalt therapy, and transactional analysis. Being in the group was truly transformational. As group therapy generally does, the group started to represent my unconscious perception of the world for me. Some of my group members represented specific figures from the past who I had unresolved issues with. I had the privilege of working on those issues through hot-seat exercises and psychodrama enactments. Being heard changed my relationship with myself. I learned to nurture myself and develop an inner resource, which would help me cope with future distresses more intelligently. I’m currently enrolled in a diploma in  Integrated Counseling .

Stepping out of my comfort zone gave me the strength to explore further. Hence, last summer, I decided to go to Kenya for an internship through AIESEC at  Living Positive Kenya . Among other experiences, the training allowed me to practice the skills I had acquired at Therapy Mission. I facilitated a psychosocial support group of women who had HIV/AIDS. My primary strategy was to create a safe space for women to express themselves. In that space, a woman could express her thoughts, and the group would provide her unconditional presence. Though the feedback was encouraging, I realized I needed more advanced training to deal with similar issues back home. I based my conclusion on the general resistance with which the idea of therapy is met in Poland.

My strength is that I come from a place where people are skeptical about counseling. However, I understand Poland’s dire need for counseling and have experienced its value first-hand. Therefore, I want to reach out and counsel as many people as possible. Having crawled from a pit of emotional darkness towards light puts me in the position to hold someone’s hand while they do the same. Now, all I need is extra muscle.

100 Quotes to Kickstart Your Personal Statement (with examples)

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The Ultimate List of Personal Statement Statistics for US Programs

Writing a persuasive personal statement is one of the most critical components of an application alongside your GPA, standardized test scores, recommendations letters, and resume. Through the personal statement you are able to present your personality, character, and...

UCLA Personal Statement Example

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The following essay was written by a business school applicant who was admitted to top B-schools in the US. It was aimed to answer a personal statement question: Describe a Challenge you Faced and How you Overcame it? This question is asked by some top schools and the...

Why do you want to become a doctor? Essay Sample for Personal Statement

The following essay was written by a medical school applicant who was admitted to competitive programs in the US. It was aimed to answer the med school personal statement question: Why do you want to become a doctor? This sample is intended to provide you with a...

Mental Health Counseling Personal Statement Example

The following essay was written by an applicant who was admitted to top US master's programs in mental health counseling. Variations of this personal statement got accepted at Boston University, Harvard, and Yale. This personal statement is intended to provide an...

Sample Personal Statement in Nursing

The following essay was written by an applicant who was admitted to top MSN (Masters of Science in Nursing) programs in the US. Variations of this personal statement got accepted at Duke, UPenn, and Ohio State. This personal statement is intended to provide an example...

100 Word Personal Statement Sample

A personal statement is an integral part of any university application. Some programs have strict word limits in place, while others do not have any word limits. Here is an example of a 100-word limit personal statement that was admitted to top programs in the US and...

counseling graduate school personal statement examples

Counselling Masters Personal Statement

With a strong educational background and extensive experience in counselling, I believe I am an ideal candidate to embark on a Masters in Counselling, practice route.  I am a mature and responsible individual with strong communication skills who has a long standing and successful career in counselling.  I wish to develop my understanding and skills in social care and counselling, in order to enhance my existing professional role.  

The Counselling Masters will provide the next level of professionalism to enhance my clinical practice.  Building on my experience, I can develop my competence to expand methods and problem solving skills of working as a professional counsellor.  A counsellor’s role is constantly changing, not only with individual clients on a daily basis, but also with innovative research which help us understand and assist clients on an overall scale.  I am keen to share my current knowledge and practice with peers, where we can reflect upon research findings and inform the development of care practice.  This course will provide an exciting opportunity to plan and carry out research into chosen areas of counselling, such as therapeutic skills, to develop counselling theory and practice.

With over 20 years experience in adult, elderly and mental health client groups, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and practice of caring for others in a professional capacity.  I wish to explore and further my current practices and assumptions, with humanistic psychology and counselling practice.  I understand the course will enhance self reflection, awareness and knowledge.

I have gained experience in risk assessments, clinical assessments, devising care plans and reviews.  I believe I have developed a strong foundation as a caring and supportive counsellor, who makes a marked difference to people’s lives.  I am keen for professional critique and development in my professional approach in practical placements, where my theory, practice and care is challenged and pushed forward, to further assist those in vulnerable situations.

I am an enthusiastic, diligent and motivated individual who strives to achieve success in social care and counselling to each client I am assigned, and on an overall basis.  Given that social care and counselling is part of an interconnected network of professional services focused on helping a variety of clients facing distress, trauma and complex situations, complications can arise at any stage of the therapy program.  I wish to develop better ways to manage obstacles in counselling and evaluate the effectiveness of these plans.

Effective communication skills are an essential aspect of my role as a counsellor.  High empathy, active listening skills and the ability to understand client issues are examples of skills I use to help people to navigate their way through their problems and find personal resolve. I use effective and adaptive communication skills to convey client medical and psychological needs, factual information and future goals to other professional agencies, such as housing, police and home treatment teams.

Working within the social care environment, I have developed and honed ways to care for others.  I wish to expand and further my knowledge on the best practice, ethical codes and moral boundaries in counselling.  Each client presents a new and complex case, whether it is psychological, developmental or environmental.

Being from a Muslim background and the ability to speak Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi, my goal is to provide a multi-cultural supportive service to those who are from Asian cultures and religions, and to those who are unable to communicate their feelings in English.    A successful counsellor requires a constant need to learn and develop the self, in order to support and care for others.  Counselling Masters will ensure I am well-informed and competent as possible, enabling me to give the best guidance possible to clients facing tough choices and situations.

Hopefully this example Counselling Masters Personal Statement will provide inspiration for your personal statement for your UCAS application to university.

English Language and Journalism Personal Statement

Criminology personal statement.

#header_text h2#site_subheading a, #header_text h2#site_subheading{ color:#000000 } @media (min-width: 650px) { #header_text h2#site_subheading a, #header_text h2#site_subheading{ } }

Master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling.

counseling graduate school personal statement examples

I have come to internalize the well-being of my community as my own; and also come to the firm conclusion that I will be able to best contribute to the community as a psychologist since we have a very high incidence of mental health issues in Pueblo that require the assistance of bilingual, well-trained psychologists who are also comfortable communicating in Spanish.  I will begin by earning my Master’s Degree and proving my excellence as a graduate student in Clinical Mental Health at Adams State with hopes of continuing to the doctoral level.

I am especially interested in the complex relationships that exist between trauma, anxiety, and depression, on the one hand, and addiction on the other.  Most of the mental health issues that we have in Pueblo are at least related in some way to. substance abuse and/or alcoholism. Particularly with respect to its public face, the problem appears to clearly be concentrated in the non-white population, Hispanics and Native-Americans, as well as African-Americans and the lower economic strata of society generally speaking. Many local victims of substance abuse are also undocumented, further exacerbating the challenges that they face. I want to help them, especially those who end up seeking assistance for one reason or another at Colorado State Mental Hospital where I look forward to being employed once I acquire the requisite credentials.

My long term plan, based on my graduate education in Clinical Mental Health and professional work experience would be to open a non-profit harm reduction facility in which my team and I will facilitate therapy, group therapy, and therapeutic activities that provide our clients with healthy activities in which to engage socially that builds their self-esteem and provides them with tools to help deal with their mental health issues - coming to a better understanding of why they suffer and what they can do to stop or minimize suffering in their lives.

I am very excited about continuing my intensive focus on the way that relationships develop and thrive as a result of non-judgmental, positive regard. It is important to create a safe space that is sensitive to each client’s lifestyle, culture and religious beliefs.  An excellent communicator, I always seek to build trust and authenticity into relationships and I look forward to taking full advantage of this talent on a professional basis for decades to come. Along with establishing clear boundaries, being 100% professional, and staying focused on the therapeutic goals that we set, I see my outgoing, friendly disposition to also be an asset as a mental health counselor. By communicating a clearly defined set of objectives, with milestones along the way, I can help the individual to feel hopeful that their issues can be resolved with time, patience, and hard work.  In order for my counseling relationship to be effective, it is essential to empower and not coddle the individual.  Feedback from clients as well as colleagues and supervisors, along with rigorous practice of my own self -care, will enable me to always be at my best at the counseling relationship.

Central to establishing a rapport with multicultural clients is expressing an interest in their culture and a willingness if not eagerness to learn more about that sub-society and its unique characteristics, always demonstrating a profound respect for the client’s culture and worldview, belief systems, and means of problem-solving.  Learning about and addressing the client’s realities will allow me to create culturally-sensitive interventions and grow as a human being and professional.  Self-reflection is vital to becoming a culturally-competent counselor.  I have begun by clearly identifying my own worldview and personal beliefs about those who are different than I am.  This enables me to uncover my own prejudices, feelings, and stereotypical ideas about people from other cultures.  Being open-minded and willing to educate myself about culturally diverse groups has been productive for me and advanced my own personal growth.  Mankind’s existence depends upon our ability to diversify, it is imperative that diversity be accepted and in fact celebrated on every level of society, from local to international.

I will earn my undergraduate degree in Psychology along with a minor in Biology this coming May, 2019, from Colorado State University Pueblo. At Adams State, I am very excited about the prospect of full immersion in the study of trauma, depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia, especially in the context of addiction and substance abuse. Now 44, I have the maturity, wisdom, and experience to excel as a graduate student of Psychology and Mental Health in the MA Program at Adams State. Married, divorced, and married again, I know what it is like to be a single mother. My father and grandfather were alcoholics, although highly functioning and able to support the family (barely). On my mother's side, grandma was a drug addict who had survived polio as a child. Her father was also a drug addict who eventually died homeless on the streets. I see my own background as helpful, inspiring, keeping me humble and advancing at every turn my power to empathize with the gravity of all-too-common problems that people have to live with day-to-day in my community.

I have successfully raised 4 girls; 2 are in college studying Ecology and Physics; 2 are married moms – we are also raising an 8-year-old boy as our own, another experience which I regard as a professional asset. I do not need to work as my husband earns a good living and is very supportive of my career, sharing my great joy at being able to serve as a volunteer, and excited that I am going to graduate school.

Another factor which inspires me greatly is fact that several of my friends as a teenager committed suicide. As I reflect upon their short-lived lives and how they ended, I feel close to them still, somehow, and their stories continue to inspire me and drive me forward. I foster a working relationship with our neighbor who is diagnosed with schizophrenia, employing him to take care of the yard, helping to provide him a sense of purpose and community relatedness. I have an Aunt who works toward wellness as she suffers from anorexia due to trauma. The are many experiences that drive my career direction. I currently volunteer at Fountain Elementary School in Pueblo CO. District 60, assistiing with reading groups. In the past, I provided literacy support to kindergartners, administered assessments of skills, and provided emotional support. I adore children and will miss them terribly soon when my career directions result in my turning my volunteer efforts and attention to adults.

I love Yoga, my dogs, the outdoors (fishing, hiking, climbing, bike riding). All help me to stay mentally fit, especially the Yoga.

I thank you for considering my application to Clinical Mental Health at XXXX.

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counseling graduate school personal statement examples

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Sample 1st Paragraph for the MA in Mental Health Counseling, Saudi Arabian Applicant

counseling graduate school personal statement examples

Psychology graduate programs like to see some independent research experience, an ability to think like a scientist, someone who can generate hypotheses, who is familiar with research literature, who can understand the limits to prior research, someone who demonstrates ability for scientific thinking and writing. Some applicants indicate a lot of enthusiasm for an area of research, but not knowledge of how to conduct good research. For example, they might indicate that they're very excited about working with children or adolescents, and that they think it's important to study internalizing symptoms. This is fairly broad. That type of essay will not stand out as much as an applicant who expresses such enthusiasm, but also is knowledgeable about some of the current theories and methodological approaches that are used to study specific developmental psychopathology symptoms.


Careers in Psychology

Perspectives on Counseling Psychology

counseling graduate school personal statement examples

Samples of My Work in Counseling

Statements of Excellence for Admission to Graduate School in Counseling Psychology

counseling graduate school personal statement examples

Heroines of Counseling

Here are some of the most influential women counseling psychologists alive today. There are so many, that it was hard to choose our favorites for you, but we did it.

Susan Blackmore

Susan Blackmore started her career in psychology as an advocate of the paranormal. Her work has transitioned over the years and her current research interests include evolutionary theory, consciousness, memes and meditation.

Blackmore is a visiting professor at the British University of Plymouth and holds degrees in psychology and physiology from Oxford University.

Her PhD is from the University of Surrey in parapsychology. But Blackmore no longer works on the paranormal. She writes for the British newspaper, Guardian, and Psychology Today. She is also the author of over eighty book contributions.

Elizabeth Loftus

A cognitive psychologist and expert on human memory, Elizabeth Loftus is best known for her research on eyewitness memory and the misinformation effect.

She has conducted research in the fields of childhood sexual abuse and recovered memory, and her work has received numerous honors and awards. She holds six honorary degrees in a variety of fields from different universities and colleges.

Loftus is currently a distinguished professor of social ecology at the University of California, Irvine (USA).

Alison Gopnik

Alison Gopnik is a Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. She is a world-renowned counseling psychologist known for her work in cognitive and language development.

Her work regularly appears in Slate and The New York Times, and she is a columnist for The Wall Street Journal. Gopnik regularly appears on TV. She is known for her presence on The Colbert Report. Her work at the Berkeley Child Study Center focuses on children and the development of mathematical models to help them learn more effecitively.

Brenda Milner

Brenda Milner is still actively working at the age of 95. She is recognized as the pioneer and founder of neuropsychology.

Milner is a professor at McGill University’s Department of Neurology and a visiting professor of psychology at the Montreal Neurological Institute.

Her life’s work earned her the prestigious Gairdner Award and more than twenty honorary degrees. Her current and ongoing research includes brain region identification and the association of spatial memory and language. Milner was awarded the Kavli Prize in Neuroscience in 2014.

Barbara L. Fredrickson

Barbara L. Fredrickson is a social psychologist, counselor, and professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She researches emotions, positive psychology, and social relationships.

After earning her doctorate degree at Stanford University, Fredrickson taught at the University of Michigan for ten years. She then took an appointment at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Frederickson has received numerous awards and honors, including the American Psychological Association’s Templeton Prize in Positive Psychology. This award earned this professor and counselor a $100,000 grant to assist with future work.

Thalia Eley

Thalia Eley is a graduate of Cambridge University and University College London’s Institute of Child Health and a professor of developmental psychology at King’s College in London.

Her publications include over 140 academic articles, with extensive research on genetic and environmental factors and their relationship with the treatment of anxiety and depression.

She has conducted studies on cognitive behavior therapy for child anxiety and exposure therapy in treating adult phobias. Eley was awarded the Macquarie University Research Excellence Award for her study on childhood anxiety in 2011.

Elizabeth Spelke

Elizabeth Spelke is a cognitive psychologist. She works in Harvard University’s Department of Psychology. She is also the director of the Laboratory for Developmental Studies. There, she studies and defends the debate on cognitive differences between males and females.

After attending Radcliffe College and Yale University, Spelke received her doctorate from Cornell University and has received numerous honors and awards, including the National Academy of Sciences Prize in Psychological and Cognitive Sciences honor in 2014. She has written articles for the New York Times and New Yorker.

Most recognized for her research and insight on autism spectrum disorders, Uta Frith is a Fellow of the Royal Society and Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Development at the University College London. A graduate of King’s College London, where she completed her PhD on autism, Dr. Frith has spent all of her career investigating the cognitive processes involved with dyslexia and autism.

She believes in research that is relevant to understanding autism and providing a better quality of daily life for those affected by this condition. She is an advocate for and leader of women in science and co-founded the UCL Women Network.

Susan Carey

Susan Carey is a Harvard University graduate and current professor for the Department of Psychology at Harvard. She is also a world-renowned psychologist and counselor.

Known throughout the globe as an expert in language acquisition, Carey was the first woman to receive the Rumelhart Prize in 2009. Before joining the faculty at Harvard, Carey taught at both MIT and NYU.

She is the author of numerous journal articles and a book called Conceptual Change in Childhood. The work reconciles Piaget’s research on animism and provided a new perspective.

Carol Dweck

Carol Dweck is Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. She has become recognized for her research in the fields of motivation and social psychology.

Her research focuses on the origins of social, personality, and developmental psychology and how they bridge together with self-regulation and mindsets.

Dweck is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, which include the Distinguished Scholar Award in 2013 for the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. Her key contribution to social psychology focuses on her theories of intelligence, showcased in her book entitled Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, which was published in 2006.

We want to support all the counselors in this world that have a passion for progress and want to make their mark in this field on behalf of women and humanity. Is the lack of an amazing personal statement holding you back?

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How to write a personal statement

You know why you're pursuing an advanced degree, but sometimes it can be hard to put into words. You only have two or three pages to express all of your experience and passion, and you know your essay will be read critically. So how do you start writing a personal statement for grad school?

DO Tell a Story

Think of yourself as the hero in a Hollywood movie. Take the admissions committee on your journey, focusing on the moments that made you the hero that you are. Remember that good stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. For your story, think of the end as your admission to the graduate program of your choice. Now, think backward. How did you get to that point? Where did you first develop your interest in counseling or education? What made you decide to seek a master's degree? What brought your dream from fantasy to reality? What changed along the way? That's the story you need to tell in your personal statement for graduate school.

DO Research the Program

In a survey of Admissions Advisors, knowing nothing about the program you're applying to was seen as a grave misstep. 1 You should visit your program's website and research it thoroughly so you can demonstrate that your decision to apply is based on a thorough understanding of its merits. For example, do you fully comprehend the course content and delivery method? The admissions committee wants to be sure that you're making a decision that's suited to your life and learning needs. You should be clear that you understand the commitment you are making.

DO Be Specific

Your essay is a personal statement, so it's important to include your own experiences. However, it's also important to be judicious in selecting which stories you want to share. Keep in mind that the best statements aren't necessarily the longest. Be clear and concise. Think of your personal statement as a cover letter for a job, or even an initial written interview. Don't inflate your experience, but do be honest about the impact it had on you. Avoid the dramatic or overly self-aggrandizing. In other words, "I dream of saving the world" isn't a great start, even if that's your dream. Being overly broad suggests an unrealistic expectation. Keep the focus on your specific goals and skills.

DO Focus on the Fundamentals

Spelling and grammar count. Poor writing skills make your work seem less professional and distract from the story you're trying to tell. Reread your work carefully, and accept the fact that you'll probably have to go through a few drafts. Once you've read it and checked it carefully, have a friend or colleague read for clarity. It's always helpful to have a second set of eyes on your work. There are also plenty of apps and internet services that can help you keep your basic writing mechanics on point.

DON'T Overthink It

Charles "Rip" McAdams, professor and department chair for the Online Master of Education in Counseling at William & Mary , emphasizes that the personal statement is a chance for you to show a genuine commitment to and understanding of the task of becoming a professional counselor. He advises applicants that: "The goal…is to determine if an applicant's decision to pursue graduate education in counseling reflects a realistic understanding of the professional counselor's role as well as a genuine commitment to engaging in the rigorous academic and clinical preparation that will be required."

Pursue your graduate degree in a field that can equip you to transform lives and guide individuals toward their most extraordinary futures. Read through the admissions guidelines for our M.Ed. in Counseling program. Get your application underway today!

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counseling graduate school personal statement examples

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counseling graduate school personal statement examples

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counseling graduate school personal statement examples

What to include in a Personal Statement

counseling graduate school personal statement examples

Personal Statement Tips

Personal statement example psychotherapy and counselling: practices and principles personal statement.

Submitted by Chloe

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Psychotherapy and Counselling: Practices and Principles Personal Statement

I have always desired to understand feelings, behaviour and the human mind; always been driven toward solving the questions that start with why. However, after leading many spontaneous counselling sessions with friends, witnessing the empowering feeling it brings to simply aid someone find a way forward, instead, I also became driven toward solving the questions that start with how. I would deem it a privilege to take the time with someone to answer how they can move forward from their situation and how they can deal with whatever hand life has dealt them, as well as being able to diagnose any conditions before initiating treatment. All of these feelings have led me to aspire toward the rewarding career path of becoming a therapist or counsellor and I believe this degree would lay down the foundations I would need for this to happen. Following on from this, I would strive towards a Master’s degree in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy to get closer to my chosen career and enhance my undergraduate skills.

Upon volunteering with Scropton Riding for the Disabled Centre, I was able to witness the psychological impacts living with disabilities had, such as the extra sense of fear implemented in everything both the children and parents did. But on the other hand, I saw the psychological benefits the horsemanship brought to the children, even just for a small time, as they were able to express their enjoyment for an activity the same as an able-bodied child simply through laughter and smiling. As well as this, I have also participated in shadowing a health visitor, in this I saw new mothers suffering from postnatal depression but also struggling to understand the normality of this condition. From studying sociology I learnt society places many stigmas upon psychological conditions such as postnatal depression through a lack of understanding about it; I was able to apply this knowledge and analysis when observing how the mothers suffering deemed themselves as inadequate. All of this experience inspired me further toward working to help people overcome psychological conditions which inhibit their way of life and relationships with those around them. I have recently begun learning about “Straightness training” with my own horse; this is used to enhance an understanding of the psychology behind why horses act a certain way and help to find solutions. This has enabled me to witness an alternative approach to interpreting behaviour, but in a way in which the participant is not able to communicate or explain through speech. Because of this, I have been able to further develop skills in observing feelings and emotions, which I feel would greatly benefit me when doing so with humans in counselling practice.

I have studied sociology at both GCSE and A-level and from this, I have learnt invaluable skills in analysis of society as a whole, however, this has only motivated me more to learn about the individuals that make up this society. I feel studying about psychology or psychotherapy would allow me to do this through understanding not only different conditions but also the motives behind people’s actions. I have also developed the skill of being able to use studies made by sociologists in my essay writing. My essay writing skills and structuring have also developed through A-Level English Literature, as well as my analysis skills developed further through A-Level history.

I feel I would be most suitable for this course as I am able to display compassion and sympathy but also critical thinking toward a subject I am greatly passionate about. Many people wonder why someone would choose to work in an environment infiltrated with misery; however, I have reached the realisation that the ever-changing world we live in is indisputable and as opposed to dwelling on the unfortunate events, it is essential that focus is placed upon the recovery. Quite simply, I believe the perfect opportunity to make any positive change is only granted through being surrounded by what was once misery.

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Submitted by anonymous

Psychology and Philosophy Personal Statement

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Psychology Personal Statement

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My first experience in the field of psychology was in year 9, I was asked to complete a project of my choo...

My desire for wanting to pursue psychology in higher education not only stems from a personal perspective ...

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counseling graduate school personal statement examples

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counseling graduate school personal statement examples

Personal Statement in Psychology and Mental Health Counselling

Mental health counselling has become a core facet of public health and it has always been my ambition to participate in the mental wellness of people. I understand that your institution is one of the frontrunners in installing counseling skills for mental health. It is my desire to acquire the skills from the institution. I received my BA in communications while in Nigeria. After travelling to the United States in 2015, I enrolled for a degree in psychology aiming to focus more in humanity. This course will provide me with the requisite skills to handle clients and to adequately attend to their needs. I have held a long passion for mental health counselling since my younger days. Naturally, I am inclined at helping people and I sympathizes with those who are experiencing life challenges . I have always given an ear to people who are in pain and given them words of comfort and encouragement including strangers. I also have the ability to initiate talks and to make people feel comfortable to share without holding back on anything, a quality I believe would be helpful in practicing a career on mental health counselling.

My area of preference in mental counselling is rehab and treatment centers. There is a surge in addiction arising from substance and drugs abuse and it would be a thrill to help such people overcome their addiction. My preference to deal with concerning alcohols and substance abuse is because I have been exposed to the havocs wretched by alcoholism. Drug and substance abuse is linked to other challenges such as increased road accidents, family breakups, and increased crime rate as addicts without source of income seek ways to satisfy their urge, and other medical conditions which are calamitous. By helping people overcome addiction, the ripple effects will be experienced in many areas.

My degree in psychology gave me the basics required to embark on the journey of becoming a professional counselor. It opened me to what people think and how they react to different situations. It also helped me to understand the appropriate way of dealing with people and helping them without making them feel micromanaged. This course will guide my progress to another level making sure that I raise my standard in dealing with persons having mental health problems. A career that requires effective communication, my degree in BA Communications will come in handy. The success of any interaction with the clients is depended on the way we understand each other. Making sure that the client understands the problem properly and involving them while planning for a plan of action and making him feel like a party to those agreement is a goal which counsellors strive. With the foundation in communication, it will be easier for me to attain those goals.

A person in the career of counselling is required to be observant. I notice that in my conversations, I like to maintain eye contact and take note of the non-verbal cues. This attribute will be an asset in my career as I will be able to get most from my communication with clients. At all time, I have kept from anyone secrets that have been shared with me and I believe in my ability to maintain confidentiality, a key requirement of mental health counselling.

Furthermore, I enjoy interacting with people and am able to integrate with new communities. I understand that working as a mental health counselor will require me to work with individuals, groups and communities. Working with families is also inevitable. This I will manage since I am also able to forge new friendships within a short time and translate them to long term relationships which are defined by respect and trust.

Research indicate that about 50 percent of people globally experience mental health problems at least once in their lifetime. As at 2019, one in five adults in the United States had a mental problem, with their conditions ranging from mild, moderate to severe. Some of the common mental health problems in the United States are anxiety disorder, major depression, and bipolar disorder. This have been aggravated by the global pandemic which have led to massive loss of jobs and livelihood and loss of close friends and relatives. With the interruption of normal life, many people have been left depressed or suffering other mental health issues . During this times, my passion for mental health counselling have been rekindled. I have kept in touch with friends who have had their share of losses with the aim of ensuring that they are not mentally unwell. Looking at the needs of the America and the whole world, I feel there is a great need to have as many mental health counsellors as possible. My desire to pursue this course is informed by the need to add more knowledge that will help me deal better with mental health issues.

In regards to studying at your institution, I seek to combine all the knowledge I have combined over the years to deepen my understanding of mental health counselling. I have chosen this route to enable me fulfill my heart desire to become one of the best mental health counselor. This desire will be the driving force in my study for the time I will be in this institution.

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counseling graduate school personal statement examples

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