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Operations Manager CV Example

Your curriculum vitae is a simple document that tells employers everything they need to know about your skills and qualifications. It is meant to catch the attention of hiring managers and emphasize the unique properties that you bring to the table. One of the best approaches you can take to writing your CV is to review a sample to get an idea of what employers are expecting. The following operations manager CV example is designed to help you create a stronger piece for your job search.

City, State Zip Code

T: 000-000-0000

E: [email protected]

Dedicated and professional management expert, experienced with leadership, organization, and business operation. Held a management position for nearly 10 years and developed extensive decision-making and communication skills. With a background in sales, I have experience overseeing sales and operational statistics to make improvements and encourage higher efficiency among all sales employees.

Whenever I can, I enjoy staying active by running daily and playing tennis. I also like to travel and explore other cultures from around the world, as well as immersing myself in these cultures.

Customize this CV

Tips for Writing Your Operations Manager CV

Operations manager overview.

This operations manager CV example demonstrates how effective it can be to focus on your knowledge of the position. It should be your goal to inspire confidence in the employers who read your CV. If they think that you will be able to jump right in with minimal training, you will be a much more appealing candidate. Operations managers are very high management professionals tasked with forming policies, leading teams, and overseeing all work. They plan and coordinate the operation of an organization from the top levels, often working with employees in multiple departments. The specific responsibilities that operations managers have depend on what field the company is in, so there is great opportunity to add many specific details in your CV that relate to the particular position.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Operations Manager CV

Just as explaining your knowledge of the operations manager position should be present in every part of your CV, you should also include your developed skills and abilities in every section. This information is most obviously present in the skills section, but this operations manager CV example shows how you can distribute it throughout as well. Operations managers should have managerial and leadership skills first, as well as excellent communication and business knowledge. Also describe many general qualities, such as critical thinking, decision-making, or analyzing. Of course, you should also include some specific skills based on what is mentioned in each unique job description.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

This operations manager CV example will help you get started on your CV, but the following writing tips explain the expected formatting and style.

Operations Manager CV

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Operations Manager Resume Example & Writing Guide

Operations Manager Resume Example & Writing Guide

Operations managers are the mechanics of any production organization – ensuring that the cogs keep turning. While operations managers are most common in manufacturing, retail, transport and warehousing operations, they are also prevalent in vertical industries, for example food and legal. In fact, every business that is reliant on tight processes and complex operations needs an operations manager. This operations manager resume example and writing guide will focus mainly on operations managers within industries that deal with physical products, but many of the process, people, project, strategic and financial aspects are common for any operations manager.

It is vital that an operations manager resume touch on the five core examples of the profession: people, core operations, budgeting, projects and strategy. Operations managers understand the subtle connections between the different parts of their company, and the resume should convey a sense of control. But how do you write a resume that tells the story of your operational excellence? This operations manager resume writing guide will discuss how to:

Along with our sample resumes and builder tool, we will help you to convey your exacting and quality-led approach. Let's get started with this in-depth look at how to create an efficient operations manager resume.

How to write an operations manager resume

Lots of things can go wrong in business – especially when products, people and processes are concerned. An operations manager ensures that this is minimized. When you are entrusting someone with control over so many moving parts of your business, you need to find someone who is calm, measured and process-driven. Their resume should demonstrate a clarity of decision making, an insightful mind and a disciplined approach to organization. No detail is too small and no relationship too peripheral for an operations manager. In this game of marginal gains, everything and everyone matters. In the same way, the resume of an operations manager should feel just as tight. Keep it flowing, keep it focused and keep it relevant. A reader who gets lost in irrelevant detail and stock phrases will assume that your operations work is just as rambling. Here are three examples of top considerations for an operations manager resume:

Tailor your resume to the role

Use examples to support your experience

Ensure that relevant keywords are used throughout the resume

Divert from the important elements of the role

Forget to keep relating back to the job listing when writing your resume; it's there for a reason

Writing an operations manager resume can be hard. Get inspired by other resume samples from the same industry: 

What does an operations manager do?

No matter the industry, the best operations managers share a multitude of common traits. While it is hard to truly understand the efficiency of operations managers without being immersed in their business, it is entirely possible to envision their successes based on a description of their work. When you have a limited number of words (as is the case in a resume), you have to focus on what really matters. Every operations manager resume should revolve around the following aspects:

Operations Manager - How to not be rejected by the ATS?

Passing the ATS software test

To process the enormous volume of resumes that may cross their desks, hiring managers use Applicant Tracking Systems ( ATS software ), in which computer bots give them a read first. For any open job, employers input the key qualifications they are seeking into the ATS system, which then searches the resumes that roll in to see if they contain those crucial keywords. Those that don’t are likely to be rejected without any human review, but those that do will be green-lighted for a closer look. So in order to get your resume in front of a hiring manager, you have to first make sure that the ATS system thinks you are worthy. The keywords for an operations manager will be pretty similar, no matter the industry. While some might be obvious, they are vital to include, as most ATS software will expect them to be there. 

If you are not sure about which words to include, check out the company website and read some of the content that people share on social media. You will get an idea of their specific vocabulary and make sure that you are using the same terminology.

Resume summary example: your professional self-portrait

Most operations managers do more or less the same basic things. There is not much room for innovation, but what sets you apart is how you help those around you hit those marginal gains. While the rest of your resume sets out the main operational challenges that you encountered in each role, the summary (sometimes called a profile or personal statement ) offers operations managers a chance to say exactly how they overcame some of the biggest challenges in their careers. Everyone has a different approach to problem solving and different approaches suit different types of business. Matching up your style of operational management with the culture of your employer is a critical first step in seeing whether there is a fit.

Luckily, many of the metrics of an operations manager are easy to measure. For example, you can talk about how things were done before and talk about how your approach helped. What was the outcome and how did you change the business? That should be at the core of your summary. How did the changes you made move your business forward? After an employer reads your operations manager resume summary, you want them to be thinking one thing: “Wow. How can they change our business for the better?”

Operations Manager - Your professional self-portrait

Highlight your specific operations knowledge

The nature of operations challenges will vary significantly from business to business, so make sure that you are not only specific with samples of what you have done, but also try to make sure that what you share is a fit with the sorts of challenges that you will face with your future employer. There is nothing like a hiring manager thinking “Yes, that is impressive, and if they have done that before they can do that again.”

Experienced and effective Operations Manager bringing forth valuable industry experience and a passion for management. Results-oriented with a proven track record of improving overall operations within a company or department. Adept in analytical thinking, strategic planning, leadership, and the management of staff and procedures.

Operations manager employment history example

While the summary sets out your operations manager persona, your employment history needs to double down on what you have done. Can you solve your employer’s problems? Many business leaders rarely take a peek under the operational hood of their business – they prefer to focus on outcomes rather than mechanics. However, given this (sometimes shocking) lack of understanding, when they are searching for a new operations manager, they need to see that the candidate does have previous experience doing similar work. If you haven’t spelled this out in your employment history resume section, the employer will be taking a risk.

While there isn’t resume space to detail all of your activities for every employer, it probably makes sense to focus on a few main skills per employer. It might be strategy and stock control for one and process optimization and quality assurance for another. Make sure that you give yourself the resume space to add those crucial little details, or otherwise it becomes a boring list of responsibilities rather than an in-depth look into the experience you bring as an operations manager. Given the fact that you will be choosing which parts of your role to include on your operations manager resume, it makes total sense to only include those that will be relevant for your future employer. This means that you will have to tailor your resume for each job, but if you have a list of five to six activity descriptions per employer, you can decide which ones to include. You would talk about stock planning for a transport provider, and you definitely wouldn’t talk about production planning for a retailer. Keep it relevant.

Support your experience by quantifying it. For example, you managed a team of 20 employees, rather than just 'manage a team.' It is much more effective if you can support it with examples.

An operations manager resume should read like a practical account of what it would be like to be alongside you as you go about your job. Take the reader on a journey of how you make your decisions, using action verbs to make them feel what it’s like to work with you, and show why you are the one to take charge of company operations. If your resume reads like a boring description of your responsibilities, nobody will find it interesting. If, on the other hand, you share some of the ups and downs of your career, they will understand that you can handle the rough times as well as ride out the easier ones. It is also important to cover how you worked with stakeholders, influencing their decisions and encouraging them to your way of thinking. No events manager works in a vacuum, and it is vital that a collaborative thread runs through the work history on your operations manager resume.

Operations Manager at New York University, New York April 2014 - January 2018

Assistant Director of Human Resources Department at New York University, New York May 2011 - March 2014

Resume skills section example: making the most of it

There are so many areas where an operations manager can make a difference. It is important to show on your resume that you have the skills toolkit to cover every base. The role of operations manager is so skill-dependent that your future employer needs to see evidence of nearly every skill needed to keep the machine running. Spreading your skillset across your resume is entirely acceptable, with your most recent roles occupying most resume real estate. Make sure that the skills that are most in demand with your potential employer are included in your last couple of roles, as this will make them more visible. There is a resume section for shorter-form skills words and phrases, but you can also include longer descriptions of skills within the body of the employment section, provided there’s room:

Here are some sample phrases that you might use for the shorter skill section of your operations manager resume.

Choosing the best resume format for an operations manager 

Format your operations manager resume so that your experience is easy to follow. There are a couple of overarching principles when it comes to formatting a CV or resume . The main consideration is that it should be easy to read. If there is a constant block of text with no white space and chaotic formatting, a reader’s eyes will not know where to focus and some of the message will be lost. 

Don’t make it too technical – lists of skills and projects are fine, but you should include elements of your career story and deeper behavioral considerations alongside the dry facts of what you have done. So, what layout is best for an operations manager resume? The resume of an operations manager is likely to be heavy on projects, so make sure that you choose a format that allows them to stand out. Bulleted lists will work well in this respect, and use bold type to signpost what needs to be highlighted.

You should also consider the branding and tone of potential employers when choosing a format for your operations manager resume. Would they appreciate a modern design or is it safer to stick with a classic, professional format? If you don't have the time or skills to struggle with designing your own CV, resume templates can help make formatting much easier. Resume.io's collection of template samples come in four main categories: creative, simple, modern and professional. Choose the one that works best for your operations manager resume and customize the layout. Or, try as many different samples as you'd like using our resume builder tool.

Visual presentation counts big when it comes to creating a clean and professional operations manager resume. Formatting your CV shouldn't be an afterthought but an integral part of the resume creation process.

Operations Manager - Choose the best resume format

Resume education example: continuous learning is key

While many operations managers list a bachelor’s degree in a business-related field in their education section, many choose to focus this resume section on continuous learning. While a bachelor’s degree in a business qualification is preferred, most operations managers will have copious experience on the job, and it's important to list any certifications or other distinctions you've earned in your field. 

Master of Management, New York University, New York August 2012 - May 2014

Bachelor of Communications, Hunter College, New York August 2007 - May 2011

Key takeaways

Beautiful ready-to-use resume templates

Operations Manager Resume Examples & Guide for 2023

Background Image

As an Operations Manager , you’re a vital cog that keeps the company running smoothly.

You will face many challenges.

But yet, the first challenge is already here: creating a winning resume.

An operations manager is a serious job that requires a seriously impressive resume. Hiring managers will want to see that you have the necessary skills and experience under your belt, as well as the benefits you will bring to the company.

But don’t be too intermediated. This guide will take you through an easy process that finishes with your very own operations manager resume.

Now, before we move on, here’s an operations manager resume sample to spark some inspiration:

operations manager resume

Looks good, doesn’t it?! Read on to find out how to create your very own.

Applying for a different position? We've got more resume examples for you:

How to Format an Operations Manager Resume

Before you start talking about all of your top achievements, you need to decide on the formatting.

After all, the hiring manager won’t be hiring an operations manager who has a messy, unprofessional resume. 

Currently, the most common resume format for operations managers is the “reverse-chronological” format , which shows your most recent achievements first:

reverse chronological format operations manager

Other resume formats you could try are:

Once you’ve decided on the format, you need to get your resume layout right.

Here’s what we recommend:

Use an Operations Manager Resume Template

Ever used word editor to build a resume? 

Two words: complete pain.

Although Word is good for general documents, when making a resume, you’ll often find yourself playing with the formatting for longer than it take to actually type the contents. 

Then, when you’re finished, you make one change… and BAM! Your entire resume falls apart.

What to Include in an Operations Manager Resume

The main sections in an operations manager resume are…

If you want your resume to stand out more, you can also try these optional sections:

Interests & Hobbies

Now, we’re going to go through each of those sections, and explain how to write them.

Not sure which sections to use? Check out our guide to What to Put on a Resume .

How to Write Your Contact Information Correctly

If there’s one thing you need to learn from this guide, it is to not mess up your contact information section . 

Although this section doesn’t require any creative flair, it does require one thing: accuracy.

Do it wrong and you risk the company not being able to contact you!

For your contacts section, include:

job search masterclass novoresume

How to Write an Operations Manager Resume Summary or Objective

Here’s a scary fact - recruiters spend less than 6 seconds looking at each resume. 

Essentially, the recruiter needs to see that you’re good for the job in just a single glance!

This leads us to this question….

What can you do to hook the recruiter the moment they look at your resume?

The answer is simple: use a resume summary or objective.

In short, both resume summary and objective are sections that go on top of your resume, just under the contact information section.

resume summary for operations manager

The main difference between the 2 sections is that:

A resume summary is a 2-4 sentence summary of your professional experiences and achievements.

A resume objective , on the other hand, is a 2-4 sentence snapshot of your professional goals and aspirations.

So, which one do you pick? 

Generally, an operations manager is highly-experience, so a resume summary is best. A resume objective is best for those who have not yet worked as an operations manager.

How to Make Your Operations Manager Work Experience Stand Out

Your work experience is the most important section in your resume

Sure, your skills and education are both important, but nothing shows your value like a wealth of relevant experience.

 Here’s how to structure your work experience section…

Operations Manager

Manufacturing Xcel

01/2013 - 06/2019

As you can see, the example focuses on achievements, instead of daily tasks. This one change will massively separate your resume from the competition.

“Oversaw productivity”

“Reduced headcount by 8%, whilst increasing productivity by 23%”

So, should you do this?

Well, the first statement doesn’t mean much. Sure, you oversaw productivity, but you can’t tell whether you were successful or not.

The second statement is more specific and data-driven. It screams “I’ll be a valuable asset to your company”.

Use Action Words to Make Your Operations Manager Resume POP!

I challenge you to find a resume that doesn’t include these words.  

And since your resume needs to stand out, we’d recommend avoiding these words where possible. 

Instead, throw in some power words to emphasis your responsibilities and achievements :

How to Add a Portfolio to Your Resume

The portfolio section is added is the same way as the education section.

First, create a header named “Portfolio”. Under this header you should link to your website (or Behance / Dribble), and then list the history of your work projects. 


If you don’t want a whole section for your portfolio, just insert a link to your online portfolio in your contact information section.

How to Correctly List Your Education 

After your experience comes your education.

This is simply a case of listing your education in the following layout: 

B.A. in Manufacturing Engineering

Boston State University

Before we conclude this section, here are some of the most frequent questions we get about education in regards to an operations manager resume (and their answers):

What if I haven’t finished studying?

Is it worth listing my high school education?

What goes is listed first, education or experience?

Still have some questions? Check out our guide on how to list education on a resume .

Top 9 Skills for an Operation Manager Resume

When the hiring manager is looking over your resume, they want to see your skills and abilities. 

You see, hiring managers usually have a checklist of required skills. If you don’t list your skills, the hiring manager will likely put your resume straight into the “no” pile!

Need some inspiration?

Here are some of the most common and desirable operations manager skills:

Hard Skills for Operations Manager Resume

Soft Skills:

Looking for a more comprehensive list? Here’s a mega-list of 150+ must-have skills .

Other Resume Sections You Can Include

By now, your resume should really be coming together.

Remember that the #1 goal of your resume is to beat the competition. 

A resume that looks the same as the others simply won’t cut it.

With a competitive job, these following sections could be the deciding factor in whether you or another applicant is hired. 

Awards & Certifications

Did you win a university competition?

Have you completed operations-relevant courses on Coursera?

If you have anything that you’re proud of, definitely mention it inside your resume!

Personal Projects

Are you passionate about all-things operations?

Well, fantastic! That’s exactly what your future place of work wants to hear.

Showing the results of a project is one of best ways to show your passion.

Whether it’s a university class project or a personal side project, the hiring manager would love to know more.

Here is the type of projects you could mention:

Although unlikely to be on the job description, being able to speak multiple languages is a skill that could always come in handy. 

Besides, it’s just impressive, isn’t it?!

As such, add every language that you can speak to your resume (if you have space).

To keep everything organized, split the languages by proficiency:

Now, you’re going for the job of operations manager, so why are we suggesting you to talk about your interests and hobbies?

Well, it makes you more relatable. 

In a world where applicants are hiding behind their qualifications, don’t be afraid to show your personality. 

Not sure which hobbies & interests are relevant or suitable? We have a guide for that!

Match Your Cover Letter with Your Resume

Oh here we go - more writing! 

But please bear with us, as a cover letter is extremely important . 

Covers letters show the hiring manager that you have a passion for working for this exact company, not any company that will pay you.

By writing a cover letter, you are automatically putting your application to the top of the pile.

The first step to writing a convincing cover letter is to get the structure right. Here’s how to do that:

structure of a cover letter

And here’s what you’d write in each section:

Contact Details

Opening Paragraph

Your introduction should be very strong. If you don’t manage to hook the hiring manager here, chances are, they’re not going to read the rest of it. So, mention:

Once you’ve got the hiring manager hooked, you can go through the rest of your background. Some of the points you can mention here are:

Closing Paragraph

This is where you:

Formal Salutations

Use a formal closing, such as “best regards” or “Sincerely.”

If you’re still not confident, please view your step-by-step guide on how to write a cover letter .

Key Takeaways

So, now you know how to create an operations manager resume that works! 

Now, let’s have a quick rundown:

Suggested Reading:

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StandOut CV

Operations manager CV example

Andrew Fennell

When you’re pursuing roles as an operations manager, it’s essential to have a strong CV that emphasises your marketable skills.

You need to grab recruiters’ attention by displaying your experience in a visually pleasing manner, and highlight your suitability for the roles you are targeting,

This step-by-step guide, which contains an operations manager CV example, will enable you to produce your own eye-catching CV, helping you to land plenty of interviews.

Guide contents

Bold CV builder - small

The above CV example showcases how to display your experience in an enticing manner, showing how you have progressed within your career, and your areas of expertise.

This guide will talk you through how to create your own CV that highlights your applicable experience, exhibiting your suitability for operations manager roles quickly.

Bold CV builder - large

Operations Manager CV structure & format

A combination of a well-defined structure and professional formatting is key to appealing to recruiters, and allowing them to digest the information quickly.

Opt for a structure, which assists recruiters to easily navigate your experience, and a format which is simple yet professional.

The infographic below will support you in constructing a distinctive format, detailing which sections you should be incorporating.

CV structure

Formatting Tips

Structuring your CV

Break up the text within your CV, by setting out a clear structure with separate sections, enabling ease of reading.

Use the below structure when putting together your experience:

This guide will walk you through how to write each section within your own CV.

CV contact details

CV contact details

Allow recruiters to quickly reach you by making your contact details easily accessible at the top of your CV; including only:

Reserve space in your CV by sticking to only the vital information needed by recruiters, removing additional information such as marital status, profile pictures, date of birth or your full address.

Top Tip – include a link to your LinkedIn profile, especially if you have endorsements and testimonials that will be beneficial to your application.

Operations manager CV profile

Begin your CV with an opening paragraph that documents your in-demand operations skills, sector specific experience and qualifications, displaying your aptness to the industry.

Entice recruiters at the top of the page, using 5-10 lines to provide an overview of your experience at first glance.

CV profile

The profile is intended to be a summary of your CV that hones in on key elements, before you’re able to elaborate further in the rest of your CV.

Use the below tips when producing your personal profile:

What to include in your CV profile?

CV profile tip:  If you worry that your spelling and grammar might not be correct, try using our partner’s CV builder to eliminate the risk of making mistakes.

Core skills section

Directly underneath your personal profile, add a core skills section that is comprised of two to three columns of bullet points, listing your most sought-after skills.

At first glance, these allow recruiters to see your relevancy for operations manager positions, without having to search through your CV.

Core skills

Use your sector specific research or the vital skills section below for guidance on what skills to integrate into this section.

Work experience/Career history

Document any work experience in a reverse chronological order, with a focus on your most recent operations experience

CV work experience

Reserve space for your most recent or more applicable experience by shortening your descriptions as you work backwards in your career, giving depth and detail around those positions most pertinent to operations manager roles.

Structuring your roles

Break up your role descriptions, allowing recruiters to clearly identify your related experience and the value add you had within your previous posts.

Role descriptions

Use the below structure, breaking your role descriptions into these three segments.

Provide context to recruiters by giving an overview of your position, the company you worked for and even the department you were part of.

“Working for a retailer as an operations manager, pushing operational improvements, maximising value and working in line with budgetary requirements.”

Key responsibilities

Bullet point your key duties, displaying any project involvement or any significant relationships you built within your role.

Key achievements

Showcase the value you had within each of your previous positions by giving examples of your accomplishments, adding figures or facts to validate these examples.

Record any qualifications you’ve achieved, commencing with those required as an operations manager, adding additional qualifications if you’ve room.

Look to include qualifications such as degrees in business management, accountancy or operations management.

If applicable, also consider relevant courses in human resources, finance, and information technology or business management principles which are all sought-after areas of expertise within this role.

Interests and hobbies

An added section of your CV, which unlike other areas is not mandatory and should only be included if your interests support recruiters in the decision making process.

Avoid cliché hobbies like eating out , and consider how your hobbies could represent your capability of the core skills needed in the industry.

For example, being a captain within a sporting team could showcase your leadership ability and how you’ve dealt with conflict and built relationships within a team.

Essential skills for operations manager CV

It’s key to document your core skills throughout your CV, tailoring these to the industry you’re pursuing.

Look to include the below strengths within your operations manager CV:

Process Improvement – analysing process workflows and executing changes in supply chain

Budget Management – implement and work towards defined budgets, including labour costs or scheduling expenditures

Understanding of Regulations – knowledge of compliance legislation as well as health and safety processes, role modelling these policies and procedures

Business Negotiation – negotiating with suppliers and contractors, managing effective relationships to secure the best service

Writing your operations manager CV

Producing an attention grabbing CV is all about displaying your imperative experience and core skills in a visually pleasing and enticing manner.

Understanding the importance of a clear and professional structure is vital to assisting you in standing out from the crowd.

Use this guide to generate a CV that is both aesthetically pleasing and structured in a way that enables recruiters to see your potential, helping you secure your dream career.

G ood luck in your next application!

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2 Operations Management CV Examples & CV Writing Guide

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There were 2,289,770 operations managers in the United States alone as of 2018, according to the United States Department of Labor.

- Purchasing Manager

Operations Management CV Example

Professional profile/summary, ensure your professional proile is unique & bespoke, should operations management cvs & resumes have an objective, example of an operations management personal statement.

Experience extends to managing 10,000 sq. ft. warehouses and fleets of over 200 vehicles while providing leadership to diverse Management teams across multiple sites. Adept at automating business processes and implementing digital communication tools to achieve high levels of productivity.

Why is this an effective operations management personal statement?

What are the key skills for operations management, which skills should you include on your cv or resume.

In this section, focus on hard skills that are necessary to perform your daily activities as an operations manager.

Career Summary/Work Experience

2. Following this, it’s usually beneficial to provide some context by including a sentence or two that describes your role. This helps hiring managers understand your role.


Examples of operations management achievements, use powerful verbs and adjectives, examples of powerful verbs, examples of powerful adjectives, demonstrating your soft skills in the career summary, what are the most important soft skills for operations managers, 1. leadership, 2. a customer-focused approach.

When writing your CV or resume, show your passion for customer service and customer satisfaction. Providing specific examples of times that you have met customer-related objectives will demonstrate your customer-driven approach to operations.

3. Communication

4. analytical acumen, 5. staff motivation, education & training, additional information, proofread and spell check your document, how long should operations management cvs and resumes be, which fonts and font sizes should you use for operations management cvs and resumes.

Select font sizes between 9.5 and 12. The specific size you select will depend on the font you are using, as some fonts are larger than others. For example, the Arial font can be reduced to as low as 9.5, but the Calibri font should not be reduced below 10.

Operations Management Resume Example

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Operations Manager Resume Sample & Writing Guide for 2023

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Operations manager positions can be highly competitive. we’ve crafted six resume templates to help you snag one of these coveted jobs in 2023 (google docs and pdfs attached)..

Hiring Manager for Operations Manager Roles

Operations managers are high-level professionals who oversee the day-to-day operations of a business. They often manage multiple departments, balancing budgets and allocating resources to make the company as efficient and profitable as possible. This upper-management role is as rewarding as it is challenging; you’ll have wide-ranging responsibilities and will need a broad skill set to meet the demands of your job, but you’ll be able to use your expertise and leadership to steer your company towards long-term growth and success. As businesses are increasingly recognizing the crucial importance of these types of managers, the field is growing; some sources have projected a 6% increase in operations manager job opportunities from 2019 to 2029. Positions often pay well and can be competitive, even for qualified candidates. If you’re applying for an operations manager job in 2023, you need to show that you have what it takes to thrive in that role. Recruiters want to see that you have leadership abilities, management experience, interpersonal skills, and the capacity for making sound decisions that can positively impact the future of a company. In order to leave a lasting impression on a hiring manager, you’ll need a strong resume that sets you apart from other applicants. Read on to learn more about how to create a stellar operations manager resume that will showcase your most pertinent skills and abilities.

Operations Manager Resume Templates

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Operations Manager Resume Tips

Template 1 of 14: Operations Manager Resume Example

The operations team is a crucial part of any successful company. The operations manager leads the operations team in managing all activities and initiatives associated with production and organizational processes. Operations managers can work in numerous fields and environments, and the job role may change based on the industry. However, regardless of industry, the operations manager is broadly responsible for overseeing the efficacy of most business operations. To become an operations manager, you’ll need a bachelor's degree in an associated field, such as business management, logistics, or applied statistics. Hiring managers will be looking for a candidate with strong communication, problem-solving, and project management skills. In addition, they will look for someone with relevant previous experience, such as prior roles as an operations officer, operations analyst, or business management consultant.

An Operations Manager resume highlighting experience in managing daily operations, leading cross-functional teams, and implementing efficient processes to achieve business goals and objectives

Tips to help you write your Operations Manager resume in 2023

   showcase your ability to find creative solutions.

The operations manager is responsible for identifying aspects of a business's operations that are ineffective and finding effective solutions for them. Your resume should demonstrate how you have identified issues and implemented new solutions in prior roles. Your resume should clearly show that you can identify problems and can use critical thinking and problem-solving skills to find solutions.

Showcase your ability to find creative solutions - Operations Manager Resume

   Demonstrate your ability to lead and train others

Another crucial piece of the operations manager's role is the ability to effectively train, monitor, and lead staff. The operations manager may be tasked with creating new training programs for employees. As such, it’s important to note any experience you have training staff, implementing new HR initiatives, and improving employee KPIs on your resume.

Demonstrate your ability to lead and train others - Operations Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Operations Manager resume

Template 2 of 14: operations manager resume example.

A successful operations manager needs to have a variety of skills. Excellent communication and leadership skills are vital because operations managers must work effectively across different teams and departments. More than anything else, these managers need to be able to generate measurable results for companies. A resume like this one uses detailed examples and numbers to show how you made a difference in previous positions.

Operations manager resume with measurable achievements, relevant work history, and evidence of leadership skills

   Specific metrics to quantify impact at former jobs

This resume lists numerous examples of past achievements that had a measurable outcome (e.g. “increased sales within the first year by 15%”). These numbers are proof that your ideas and actions had a positive impact at places where you used to work.

Specific metrics to quantify impact at former jobs - Operations Manager Resume

   Mentions leadership and mentorship experience

Operations manager positions are senior-level roles that require proven leadership abilities. Mentioning how you coached, trained, or managed staff at your previous jobs shows that you have the ability to lead others.

Mentions leadership and mentorship experience - Operations Manager Resume

Template 3 of 14: Business Operations Manager Resume Example

Business operations managers may have more senior or executive roles at some companies than other operations managers. This resume showcases extensive experience within the field and accomplishments that demonstrate a high level of ability. Past promotions look good on any resume, but they’re especially important for business operations managers because they show leadership and proactivity.

Business operations manager resume with work experience, past promotion, and management skills.

Tips to help you write your Business Operations Manager resume in 2023

   demonstrates growth through past promotions.

This resume template mentions being promoted with a past employer, which is a mark of outstanding performance and professional growth. Both of these factors are crucial for senior-level job candidates.

Demonstrates growth through past promotions - Business Operations Manager Resume

   Strong action verbs highlight management skills

To be considered for a business operations management role, you need to establish yourself as an expert in managing people. Leading resume bullet points with verbs like “overhauled”, “managed”, and “developed” underscores your management abilities, especially when you back them up with specific results that you achieved.

Strong action verbs highlight management skills - Business Operations Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Business Operations Manager resume

Template 4 of 14: technical operations manager resume example.

Technical operations managers work closely with technical teams to ensure that projects run smoothly and are completed according to all necessary specifications. They need to balance technical concerns with the interests of the company as a whole. If you’re applying for one of these jobs, use a resume like this one to showcase a blend of technical and managerial abilities.

Technical operations manager resume template with technical background, management experience, and hard skills

Tips to help you write your Technical Operations Manager resume in 2023

   tailored to technical operations managers.

This resume does a good job of highlighting operations management expertise, and it also includes technical experiences such as the architect and analyst positions. Having a strong background in technical roles can make you a stronger candidate for a technical operations manager position.

Tailored to technical operations managers - Technical Operations Manager Resume

   Good use of skills section

Technical work is specialized and requires specific hard skills. The skill section on this resume lists competencies such as programming or big data tools (e.g. Amazon Web Services). If you’re proficient in any of these areas, mention them by name to show evidence of your technical expertise.

Good use of skills section - Technical Operations Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Technical Operations Manager resume

Template 5 of 14: sales operations manager resume example.

Some companies employ sales operations managers to oversee their sales teams. These managers have a myriad of responsibilities, including training new sales staff, fostering communication between employees and clients, and streamlining sales processes. When you’re seeking one of these roles, your resume should show that you have some background in sales as well as management.

Sales operations manager resume with sales background, management experience, and performance metrics

Tips to help you write your Sales Operations Manager resume in 2023

   focuses on sales and management experience.

This resume sample focuses on the right kinds of work experience for the job. In addition to a previous sales operations management position, there are two sales manager positions, which suggest a strong foundation in sales. There are also plenty of examples within the bullet points that show management skills.

Focuses on sales and management experience - Sales Operations Manager Resume

   Highlights measurable results relating to sales ops managers

Operations managers get evaluated on the results they achieve, and the same is true for sales professionals. Having concrete figures to show for your work (e.g. “increased overall departmental sales by 10% in a single year”) helps quantify what you accomplished and shows potential employers what you may be able to do for their companies.

Highlights measurable results relating to sales ops managers - Sales Operations Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Sales Operations Manager resume

Template 6 of 14: marketing operations manager resume example.

If you are technically inclined but also creative with marketing experience, a role as a marketing operations manager might be a great fit for you. Marketing operations managers oversee the technology and automation processes used to streamline marketing practices. The marketing operations manager handles implementing and improving marketing technology and processes, establishing needs and budgets for marketing technology, and working with other managers to understand what technology is needed to improve the marketing process. For this role, you will need an educational background in marketing. A master’s degree in marketing or business is preferred. You may also have a bachelor’s degree in marketing and get a certification in marketing operations to be considered. More importantly, hiring managers will be looking for someone with a deep understanding of current marketing tools and how to implement them. An ideal candidate will have previous experience in marketing, sales, business analytics, or another related field. Marketing operations managers must be creative and great problem solvers while also being technically knowledgeable.

A Marketing Operations Manager resume showcasing experience in managing marketing operations, ensuring efficient processes, and utilizing technology and data to drive marketing performance and impact

Tips to help you write your Marketing Operations Manager resume in 2023

   showcase previous success improving marketing kpis or processes.

When hiring a marketing operations manager, companies want someone who knows how to produce results and optimize processes. For this reason, it’s important to highlight how you have improved marketing processes in the past, and what results you achieved. Showing hiring managers you are able to effectively improve processes is critical to landing this role.

Showcase previous success improving marketing KPIs or processes - Marketing Operations Manager Resume

   Gain certifications in marketing operations

Being a marketing operations manager requires a technical skill set that might not be taught in college. The marketing operations manager must know about marketing technology; how to implement it, how to ensure it integrates with other software, and how to track its efficiency. For this reason, it may help to become certified in marketing operations, or take courses to become certified in different marketing software programs.

Gain certifications in marketing operations - Marketing Operations Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Marketing Operations Manager resume

Template 7 of 14: marketing operations manager resume example.

A marketing operations manager supervises and optimizes companies’ marketing efforts. They may plan and implement campaigns, manage social media accounts, analyze performance, and ensure that all projects and messaging align with the company’s brand. A resume like this one is a strong choice for aspiring marketing operations managers -- it emphasizes skills specific to marketing and work experience in related positions.

Marketing operations manager resume sample with skills section, action verbs, and marketing experience

   Prominent skills section with relevant marketing skills

Desirable skills for marketing operations managers include marketing areas such as strategy, B2B, campaign management, and analytics -- and this resume uses its skills section to feature these competencies.

Prominent skills section with relevant  marketing skills - Marketing Operations Manager Resume

   Great action verbs make accomplishments shine

The work history bullet points here all begin with strong verbs such as “collaborated”, “managed”, and “developed”. Words like these show your initiative and clearly illustrate what you achieved in your former roles.

Great action verbs make accomplishments shine - Marketing Operations Manager Resume

Template 8 of 14: Operations Associate (Entry Level Operations Manager) Resume Example

Operations associates can learn about business operations as they work to support the day-to-day functioning of a company. While you do need to be organized and conscientious for this type of role, you don’t need management experience for this entry-level role -- so use your resume to underscore your education and internship history, as shown in this resume.

Entry-level operations associate resume with educational history and internship experience

Tips to help you write your Operations Associate (Entry Level Operations Manager) resume in 2023

   leads with educational experience.

As an entry-level applicant, you won’t have a lot of work history to discuss -- so start your resume off with what you have accomplished in school and internship experience. If you’ve done coursework in relevant areas such as data analytics or operating systems, it’s great to mention that up-front.

Leads with educational experience - Operations Associate (Entry Level Operations Manager) Resume

   Relevant internship experience

This resume points out accomplishments at internships that directly relate to being an operations associate. The bullet points show that even though you’re early in your career, you’ve already made an impact with your work.

Relevant internship experience - Operations Associate (Entry Level Operations Manager) Resume

Skills you can include on your Operations Associate (Entry Level Operations Manager) resume

Template 9 of 14: retail operations manager resume example.

A retail operations manager is in charge of the daily operations of retail stores. You will manage the staff, staff schedules, and stock. You will also ensure the stores are kept clean, tidy, and efficient. Most retail operations managers will have bachelor’s degrees in management, business administration, or a related field. Substantial experience in customer service and retail is also expected. This resume shows a strong educational background as well as extensive experience in sales and retail.

A retail operations manager resume sample that highlights the applicant's retail experience and operations achievements.

Tips to help you write your Retail Operations Manager resume in 2023

   use metrics to show your effect on the bottom line..

A retail operations manager’s goal is to maximize efficiency. Maximized efficiency can translate to reduced costs and increased profits so include any metrics to show how you accomplished this in your previous positions. This resume is full of these metrics.

Use metrics to show your effect on the bottom line. - Retail Operations Manager Resume

   Include your biggest achievement in the introduction section.

You don’t want your most significant accomplishment to get lost in your lengthy experience section. Let your shining accomplishment stand on its own by including it in the introduction section.

Include your biggest achievement in the introduction section. - Retail Operations Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Retail Operations Manager resume

Template 10 of 14: warehouse operations manager resume example.

As the name suggests, this operations manager is in charge of the daily operations of a warehouse. Your tasks may include, ensuring the distribution plan is effectively realized, tracking inventory, overseeing the dispatching of inventory, etc. You will need to understand the goods your company is selling, their sales cycle, available transport methods, and the workings of a warehouse. As a manager, you will also need to have experience effectively managing a team. Take a look at this strong warehouse operations manager resume.

A warehouse operations manager resume highlighting the applicant’s managerial accomplishments and impressive tools section.

Tips to help you write your Warehouse Operations Manager resume in 2023

   quantify the size of the teams you managed..

Warehouses usually need a sizeable workforce to operate efficiently so show recruiters that you are capable of managing large teams by listing the number of people you have managed in previous positions. This applicant impressively supervised 125 warehouse employees in their previous position.

Quantify the size of the teams you managed. - Warehouse Operations Manager Resume

   Your tools section should reflect industry standards.

Ensure that your tools section includes all the main tools used by professionals who operate warehouses and manage teams. If you applying to a specific company, do research to find out what tools they use and ensure you include those tools in your resume.

Your tools section should reflect industry standards. - Warehouse Operations Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Warehouse Operations Manager resume

Template 11 of 14: warehouse operations manager resume example.

A warehouse operations manager oversees storage operations. They receive and dispatch packages and create strategies to improve the warehousing service. This is a systematic role in which they must supervise internal and external resources. This includes monitoring employees and meeting with external vendors. Although they must comply with stakeholders’ requirements and goals, warehouse operations managers are expected to make business decisions independently. They must also drive workplace safety and delegate tasks to subordinates.

A warehouse operations manager resume example that emphasizes relevant work experience

   Indicate your knowledge of supply chain legislations and laws.

As a warehouse operations manager, you are expected to comply with supply chain local and federal legislations and ensure employees follow these laws as well. You should also be familiar with internal policies and stakeholders’ goals. Therefore, it is crucial to mention your familiarity with supply chain compliance in your resume.

Indicate your knowledge of supply chain legislations and laws. - Warehouse Operations  Manager Resume

   Demonstrate your administration skills.

As we mentioned earlier, you will have to make business decisions independently. This often involves setting business strategies, getting suppliers, and creating budget reports, so your administration skills must be on point. When writing your warehouse manager resume, try to indicate your administration skills.

Demonstrate your administration skills. - Warehouse Operations  Manager Resume

Template 12 of 14: Senior Operations Manager Resume Example

Whereas operations managers handle the day-to-day operations of a business, senior operations managers handle the implementation of entire projects and strategies from inception to completion. Recruiters will expect you to have extensive experience in the field you are operating in, as well as extensive managerial experience. A bachelor’s degree in management, business administration, or a similar field would also be highly advantageous.

A senior operations manager resume sample highlighting the applicant’s career progression and project management.

Tips to help you write your Senior Operations Manager resume in 2023

   show ability to handle company-wide projects..

Recruiters would like to see evidence that you can work inter-departmentally and coordinate the implementation of a company-wide project efficiently, so highlight any experience you have working on a project of that nature. If you have any metrics to show the success of such projects under your leadership, include these as well.

Show ability to handle company-wide projects. - Senior Operations Manager Resume

   Show career progression.

Recruiters want to see how you grew to a senior position. Showing career progression shows that you have intimate knowledge of your subordinates’ tasks, and also shows that your work has been stellar enough to warrant promotion.

Show career progression. - Senior Operations Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Senior Operations Manager resume

Template 13 of 14: healthcare operations manager resume example.

Healthcare operations managers are concerned with improving the quality of care for patients and increasing efficiency in the healthcare institution within which they work. Other tasks may include ensuring compliance is maintained, overseeing inventory, and commissioning new equipment to increase efficiency. You will be expected to have a bachelor’s degree in health management, health administration, or a similar field. Any further qualifications like a master’s degree or certification in the field would be welcomed by recruiters and help your resume stand out from the crowd. You will want to show some soft skills in your resume including problem-solving, communication, leadership, etc.

A healthcare operations manager resume sample highlighting the applicant’s extensive healthcare history and qualifications.

Tips to help you write your Healthcare Operations Manager resume in 2023

   concentrate on your experience in healthcare..

You will want to show that you know the healthcare industry inside and out. Do this by including as much healthcare industry experience as possible. This applicant has focused entirely on their experience in the field.

Concentrate on your experience in healthcare. - Healthcare Operations Manager Resume

   Show career progression in the healthcare field.

Recruiters will want to see your journey to the operations manager position. By showing them that you have had hands-on experience in healthcare, such as this applicant who was an emergency nurse, you can show them that you are intimately knowledgeable about patient care and the operations of healthcare facilities. This would be more impressive than if your background was in another field.

Show career progression in the healthcare field. - Healthcare Operations Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Healthcare Operations Manager resume

Template 14 of 14: it operations manager resume example.

An IT operations manager ensures that a company's IT systems are always functioning well. You will monitor the network infrastructure and address and resolve any system issues. More specific tasks may include password management, overseeing the installation of new software or hardware, ensuring data is properly handled, and managing the company’s IT technicians and support team. You will be expected to have a bachelor’s degree in an IT-related field, and extensive experience in the field. As you will be in charge of a team, you will also be expected to have leadership and management experience. Previous experience as an operations manager would be even more beneficial to your application and resume. Here is an example of a strong IT operations manager’s resume.

An IT operations manager resume sample that highlights the applicant’s IT experience and qualifications.

Tips to help you write your IT Operations Manager resume in 2023

   show your excellence through promotions..

Promotions show recruiters that you have been an exemplary employee whom employers have thought deserving of a promotion. It also shows recruiters that you will be able to lead your subordinates well as you have an intimate knowledge of their jobs.

Show your excellence through promotions. - IT Operations Manager Resume

   Keep updating your IT skills list.

IT is fast advancing and there are new systems being developed every day. Ensure your skills list reflects the most up-to-date systems. It will show recruiters you are knowledgeable and current in the field. If you aren’t familiar with the newest systems, take a crash course before adding them to your resume.

Keep updating your IT skills list. - IT Operations Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your IT Operations Manager resume

Action verbs for operations manager resumes, skills for operations manager resumes.

Operations managers need to be effective communicators who are adept at managing and working with others. They should be excellent leaders who can analyze processes, think critically, and make decisions that are in a company’s best interest. When you’re pursuing an operations manager role, it’s on you to show hiring managers that you can handle the responsibilities that come with the job. In your resume, be sure to emphasize any managerial or leadership experience you have. For technical positions, use your skills section to showcase your hard technical skills. Other potential skills to highlight through your work experiences include budgeting, planning, strategizing, analysis, delegation, team building, and conflict resolution.

Skills Word Cloud For Operations Manager Resumes

This word cloud highlights the important keywords that appear on Operations Manager job descriptions and resumes. The bigger the word, the more frequently it appears on job postings, and the more 'important' it is.

Top Operations Manager Skills and Keywords to Include On Your Resume

How to use these skills?

So now that you know what skills you need in order to be a great operations manager, what else should you keep in mind when you’re writing your resume? Here are some tips to guide you.

   Use metrics to show what you’ve accomplished

When a recruiter looks at your resume, they might be most interested in what you accomplished at past jobs -- there’s no better proof of your skills and abilities. Operations managers are tasked with increasing the profitability and efficiency of companies, so if you’re pursuing one of these jobs, you need to show that you’ve gotten those kinds of results for other businesses. Wherever possible, use specific numbers to show what you achieved in your previous positions. For example, did you drive a 45% increase in sales? Were you able to slash production costs by 20%? Potential employers want to see examples of where you have increased revenue, reduced expenses, or achieved other quantifiable results in the past.

  Tailor your resume to the specific job

If you’ve read this far, you have some idea of what operations manager recruiters are looking for -- so make sure to tailor your resume to the opportunity you’re applying for. Emphasize the skills we mentioned in the previous section. Work experience carries a lot of weight, too -- you’ll usually need to show some management experience and a high level of comfort with most aspects of business operations. In addition to all of that, keep in mind that many companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) and other scanning software to filter incoming resumes. A well-tailored resume should include specific keywords for the industry and position. You can find keywords by looking at operations manager job descriptions and noticing any words that commonly pop up (e.g. “communication”, “planning”, or “decision making”), then including those in your resume.

  Summarize your work experience with strong bullet points

No matter what job you’re applying for, we always suggest crafting bullet points that capture your accomplishments with just the right amount of detail -- succinct, yet impactful. Operations managers in particular need to show that they can be leaders and that they make wise decisions that benefit companies. On an operations manager resume, your bullet points should paint you as a highly capable, experienced professional. This is no time to be timid; this is the time to let your light shine and dazzle your potential employers with everything you’ve done. Here are some examples of weaker and stronger bullet points.

This bullet point is vague and meaningless; it doesn’t specify what you accomplished or what impact you had. And never say that you “assisted” with doing something; while you might think you’re being humble, you’re actually downplaying your achievements and reducing their value in a recruiter’s eyes. Needless to say, that won’t help you get hired. STRONGER

Here, you’re leading with a strong action verb (“developed”) that shows you took on responsibility for a project and achieved significant improvements through your efforts. A bullet point like this one shows initiative, confidence, and leadership -- all of which you need for an operations manager job.

Action Verbs For Operations Manager Resumes

When you’re applying to become an operations manager, you should always start your bullet points with precise and powerful verbs that tell hiring managers what you accomplished in your prior work experiences. Operations managers do need a range of skills for their jobs, but as upper-level managers, they especially need to display leadership and management capabilities. Although there are many possible action verbs they could choose from, aspiring operations managers may want to pay special attention to the Executive and Management verbs.

For more related action verbs, visit Sales Action Verbs .

For a full list of effective resume action verbs, visit Resume Action Verbs .

How To Write a Resume Summary for an Operations Manager Resume

If you're a senior-level employee, or you're changing careers to become an Operations Manager, it's useful to add a paragraph at the top of your resume highlighting your most impressive accomplishments. This is called a resume summary. Here's an example of a summary that can be used on an Operations Manager resume.
A resume summary is a totally optional section, and in most cases, it's better to leave it out of your resume than include it. For example, if you're a student or mid-level hire, you should not include a summary, and instead use the space to add to your work experience.

How to write a resume summary if you are applying for an Operations Manager resume

To learn how to write an effective resume summary for your Operations Manager resume, or figure out if you need one, please read Resume Summary Examples for Job Seekers: When To Include One .

Resume Bullet Points From Operations Manager Resumes

You should use bullet points to describe your achievements in your Operations Manager resume. Here are sample bullet points to help you get started:

Led the evaluation and selection process for a CRM tool by developing a comparison model, liaising with senior stakeholders and candidate vendors, and running a proof-of-concept

Received Recognition Award for automating booking system, reducing required man-hours by 75%; promoted 6 months ahead of schedule

Refined outsourcing strategy, resulting in increased offshore headcount from 12 to 95 employees and saved $1.2MM

Designed and implemented operational efficiency improvement program for leading UK energy supplier to reduce rate of energy outages by 60% in three years

Proposed and implemented new Employee Incentive program, decreasing employee turnover by over 25%

For more sample bullet points and details on how to write effective bullet points, see our articles on resume bullet points , how to quantify your resume and resume accomplishments .

Frequently Asked Questions on Operations Manager Resumes

What are examples of strong bullet points i can include on my operations manager resume.

Created remote working guidelines that covered 35 employees, leading to higher employee fulfillment and increase division’s performance by 25%. Overhauled and replaced assembly line technical procedures, leading to an increase in productivity by 30% while requiring 50% less staff. Created onboarding documentation that was used to orient 100+ senior hires.

What are the most important skills that an operations manager should include on their resume?

What do hiring managers expect to see on your operations manager resume, other other resumes, director of operations.

A director of operations healthcare resume sample that highlights the candidate’s healthcare qualifications and experience.

Process Specialist

A senior process specialist resume template that includes skills, education, and contact info in the right section

VP of Finance

A senior vice president of finance resume sample that highlights the applicant’s executive experience and quantifiable success.

Operations Manager Resume Guide

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15 Operations Manager Resume Examples That Work in 2023

Operations manager resume with 6 years of experience

You're great at optimizing processes. You help new employees get up to speed and quickly execute at a high level. You know the operations of the business inside and out.

You're a fantastic operations manager. You shouldn't also have to be a pro at writing a resume to land your next job.

That's where we come in. These 15 operations manager resume samples have worked to help candidates land interviews at great companies like Stripe and Facebook .

Table of Contents

Senior Operations Manager Resume

Experienced operations manager resume, assistant operations manager resume, marketing operations manager resume, distribution operations manager resume, e-commerce operations manager resume, branch operations manager resume, operations manager trainee resume, senior clinical operations manager resume, operations project manager resume, creative project manager resume, entry-level youth programming operations manager resume, brand operations manager resume.

Operations Manager Resume 

Use this template

Operations Manager Resume Example

Why this resume works

Business Operations Manager Resume 

Business Operations Manager Resume

Senior Operations Manager Resume Example

Experienced Operations Manager Resume Example

Assistant Operations Manager Resume Example

Marketing Operations Manager Resume Example

Distribution Operations Manager Resume Example

Ecommerce Operations Manager Resume Example

Branch Operations Manager Resume Example

Operations Manager Trainee Resume Example

Senior Clinical Operations Manager Resume Example

Operations Project Manager Resume Example

Creative Project Manager Resume Example

Entry Level Youth Programming Operations Manager Resume Example

Brand Operations Manager Resume Example

Related Resume Guides

3 Expert Tips to Perfect Your Operations Manager Resume

The responsibilities of an operations manager can change drastically from company to company. Sometimes operations managers are tasked with employee onboarding; other times, they perform data analysis to identify inefficiencies in processes.

No matter the specific scope of any given operations management role, you need a wide-ranging skillset to be successful.

From strategic planning to effective communication skills to strong analytical skills, you need to cover many disciplines in your resume to convince the hiring manager you're the right fit for their operations manager role.

We've talked to hundreds of hiring managers to distill what works and what doesn't in an operations manager resume. Here are the three major tips you should keep in mind:

Quantify your impact in your previous roles

The tough reality of applying to operations manager roles is that you're competing against 50-plus other applicants. This means the hiring manager will not spend a lot of time reviewing your resume.

Because of this, you need to convincingly make the case that you will have a huge impact; this way, the hiring manager has no choice but to give you an interview.

How can you do that? By demonstrating you've had an equally large impact in your previous positions. Using numbers is the best and most compelling way to prove that impact.

To make that case, let's look at two sample work experiences. These are the same work experience, but one uses numbers to quantify the impact, and the other speaks in generalities.

Which do you think is more convincing?

WRONG—words are cheap; use metrics to show your value

RIGHT—quantify your impact in your past roles

By drawing attention to the metrics in your bullet points, you're making your case to the hiring manager as clear as day that you will impact their business operations.

You're in operations, so you know firsthand the importance of setting measurable goals and hitting them. What better way to demonstrate your competence than by showcasing that ability on your resume?

Examples of quantifying your impact as an operations manager

Don't hesitate to use rough estimates when quantifying your past work as an operations manager. Just be logical and thoughtful in how you came up with your calculations if you're asked during the interview.

And be assured, if you can use metrics to define your previous work experience, you'll be getting interview requests hand-over-fist.

Customize your resume for each application

Looking for a new job can seem like it's a full-time task in and of itself. You've read that you should "customize your operations manager resume" for each operations manager role for which you apply.

But what does that mean? Are you supposed to build a new resume from scratch for each job? That seems insane (because it is insane).

I want to walk through a practical example of adapting your resume for a given operations manager job. You'll be able to see firsthand that it doesn't take that long.

But first, why customize your resume? Because you need to get past the automated keyword filter that companies use to screen applications: the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

These filters are scoring your resume based on whether it contains certain keywords they're looking for in an operations manager.

It's time for an example.

As of this writing, Handy is hiring an operations & strategy manager in their NYC office. Here's a snippet of the job description:

Sample operations manager job description from Handy

What you'll do

The scope of this mandate is broad and requires the exceptional capacity to prioritize and focus:

What we're looking for

Highlighted in yellow are potential keywords you can incorporate into your resume. Follow this process when reading the job description:

Following this process should get you past the automated filters and help you stand out to the hiring manager. Only five percent of job applicants are tailoring their resumes for each job. Do this, and automatically get a leg up.

Based on the job description above, I would change this work experience:

Step 1: Work experience before customization

Step 2: work experience after customization.

The goal is to organically incorporate the key responsibilities the hiring company is looking for based on the job description. Follow this process, and you'll be sure to get past the first stage of the resume review process.

Make sure you have the right operations manager resume format

You have to format your operations manager resume to get past the automatic filters companies use and please the hiring manager, who will review your resume. To do that, do the following:

All of these tips are in service of one goal: make the life of the person reviewing your operations manager resume as easy as possible.

Make their life easy by quickly and concisely making a case for your candidacy. Long paragraphs of text that span multiple pages are not what a hiring manager likes.

Remember, there will be at least 50 other applicants for the role. Help yourself stand out by making your operations manager resume as easy to consume as possible by following these tips.

Operations manager resume objective

A hotly contested topic in resume creation circles (we're a really fun group) is whether or not to include a resume objective on your operations manager resume.

No matter which side of the debate someone falls on, however, this is clear: only include a resume objective if it actively makes your resume better!

What does this mean? It means you have to avoid having a super generic resume objective.

WRONG — a generic, meaningless resume objective

I'm looking for an operations manager role to utilize my skills to improve processes.

If you're the hiring manager reviewing this resume, would it convince you to hire this operations manager? Of course not. It does nothing to talk about the candidate's specific qualifications or interests.

Aim to keep your resume to one page, so don't waste that valuable real estate with something that won't help you get an interview.

As a rule of thumb, if you're not customizing your resume objective for each role you're applying for, then you should omit it altogether .

We curated over 100 resume objective examples to help you get started writing one.

RIGHT — specific, customized resume objective

As the son of a pizzeria owner, I'm excited about the prospect of leveraging my ability to identify and improve inefficiencies in processes to further Slice's mission of making it easy for pizzerias to connect with their local communities.

How to write an operations manager resume that will get you an interview

There you have it. Use these operations manager resume templates and tips, and you'll be well on your way to landing interviews for your next job.

I know this was a lot, so in summary, here are the major tips you should follow with your operations manager resume:

The first and most annoying step of landing your next operations manager job is complete. You have a great resume. Apply broadly, and before you know it, you'll be overwhelmed by the number of interviews you have lined up!

Ready to build your resume?

Our free online tool will walk you through creating a resume that stands out and gets you hired at a top tech company.

Operations Manager Resume Guide + Tips + Example

Nilda Melissa Diaz

Propel your career as an operations manager with an impressive, striking resume. Our guide will help you write a resume with tips, what to include, and how to save time with our Resume Builder. You’ll be done in no time.

Start by customizing this operations manager resume template with your information, or explore our 40+ resume templates to find the best one for you.

More Resume examples for the next step in your business operations career

Operations manager resume (text version)

Sasha Swift

Milwaukee, WI 53201 555 555 555 (555) 555-5555 [email protected]

Milwaukee Career College Milwaukee, WI BBA Business

Professional Summary

Forward-thinking business operations manager focused on supporting cross-functional teams to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Retain strong leadership and interpersonal skills and advance strategic plans and sales objectives set forth by management. Develop policies to keep the organization’s budget low including operations, maintenance and labor costs.

Work History

December 2016 – Current FRG Technologies – Milwaukee, WI Operations Manager

June 2014 – December 2016 Addison Group – Milwaukee, WI Assistant Operations Manager

September 2011 – May 2014 GitHub – Milwaukee, WI Operations Associate

5 essentials of an operations manager resume

An  important section that makes you reachable. Include your full name, city, state and ZIP code. Below, add your phone number and email address. If you have a LinkedIn profile, professional website or profile on an industry-specific networking website, add it in this section.

Personal statement

A personal statement, also called the professional summary , is your introduction to the hiring manager. In five sentences, they should know: your strongest skills, years of experience, and  best professional accomplishment. If you’re unsure what to include, use the job description as a guide.

Skills tell the recruiter and hiring manager what you know and how you work. The skills section should reflect your knowledge and strengths. 

Remember to include skills from the job description. 

If you have no experience, include transferable skills from other internships, research work and volunteering.

Include your work history in reverse-chronological order. Add the name of your current and previous employers, the location of the workplace, and dates of employment. Under each job, using bullet points, include three measurable achievements. These are the achievements  you can quantify, for example, a reduction in budget operation, an increase in inventory, amount of partnerships created with other r organizations, and so on. 

Don’t worry if you have no management experience. You can include other types of relevant work experience to show your knowledge and expertise.

Use a bulleted list to showcase your education. Include the school or institution’s name, the degree obtained, and the graduation year. If it has been more than a decade, skip the year. Include any academic accomplishments under each school, like research, special projects, scholarships and more.

See why My Perfect Resume is a 5-star resume builder

Action words for a stand-out operations manager resume.

Action words give power and oomph to your accomplishments. Using action verbs on your resume will propel it to the next level and showcase your accomplishments. 

Check out a few action verbs for an operations manager resume:

Combine these action words with a resume builder to create a strong resume for an operations manager. The builder  will provide expert suggestions and guidance to craft a powerful operations manager resume in no time.

Top skills for an operations manager resume

Operations managers keep businesses running smoothly. They are multi-taskers, handling employees, daily operations, and customers’ expectations. Your resume must include skills that show your business acumen and ability to manage people. 

A few skills to include in your operations manager resume are:

Certifications for a business operations general manager resume

Certifications add value to your resume by reinforcing your expertise and skills. You can include required and optional certifications to your business operations manager resume. 

If you have more certifications that are relevant to your industry, remember to add them here.

Pair your resume with a matching cover letter

Pair Resume

Operations manager resume FAQ

1. what does a business operations manager do.

A business operations manager keeps a business running smoothly and efficiently. They streamline processes, measure efficiency, establish and monitor KPIs and business results, manage budgets and guide teams.

2. What is a business operations manager salary?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the business operations manager can range from $43,260 to $151,750. Business operations managers work in all industries, from consulting services to tech companies to wholesalers. The salary will vary depending on which industry. 

3. How can I create a good business operations manager resume?

To create a good business operations manager resume, you must include the five primary sections:

You can include optional sections like:

Make an impact on the recruiter by tailoring your resume to the job description, and including skills and achievements that could benefit the employer. Remember to always check the grammar and spelling before sending your resume. 

You can always include a cover letter with your resume, which will expand on essential achievements and address  concerns about your career, like an employment gap.

Do’s and don’ts for building an operations manager resume

Top 4 tips for acing ana operations manager interview

Learn about the company before your interview..

Before the interview, make time to learn about the company, its values, missions and goals before the interview . Doing this will help you prepare  for the interview. It will also show the hiring manager that you are genuinely interested in becoming an employee and  are a committed and prepared candidate.

Practice at home.

Continue your preparation by practicing at home. Research the most common interview questions. For example:

Perform a mock interview with the help of a friend. Tell them to ask interview questions and provide feedback on your answers. Write down the answers and continue to practice on the days leading up to your interview. Practice in front of a mirror to work on your body language.

Prepare questions for your interview.

Make a list of at least three questions to ask your interviewer at the end of your conversation. The interview works both ways: You also get to know the company. Take this opportunity to learn more. 

Here are some examples to help you get started:

Remember to keep a conversational, yet professional tone. Adjust the questions as needed.

Gather your references.

Since you’re prepping for the interview, start gathering your references. Speak with previous employers and colleagues and ask them to be your references. Let them know where you are in the interview process, and alert them when they should expect a phone or email. If possible, request a recommendation letter. Remember that your recommendations should be able to vouch for your work and skills. 

If you do not have experience, request references from volunteer coordinators, classmates and professors.

Cover letter examples for the next step in your business operations career

CV examples for the next step in your business operations career

Nilda Melissa Diaz

Career advice contributor.

Nilda Melissa Díaz is a Career Advice Writer. She has worked for the Washington Post, Stringr, and Latina Style Magazine. She has a master's in journalism from Columbia University and is a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.




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