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  • bizarre or unconventional sexual preferences or behavior.
  • a person characterized by such preferences or behavior.

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Musk acknowledged that not all of the kink s have been worked out of the planned battery improvements.

While Apple is still working through some kink s that have allowed third-party cookies to work in some instances when the feature is switched on, all browsers on iOS and iPad OS will have ITP switched on by the end of the year.

This, combined with the fact that you’re yanking on random stuff, causes kink s in the cable, which make it even less friendly to wind.

Despite some kink s, the text predictor is already really good.

The story doesn’t quite end there though, because stellar history has some curious kink s in it, associated with the actual formation of stars in the first place.

Indeed--she has helped educate the world on the titillating culture of kink .

In 2011, Rihanna vocalized her own taste for kink in her hit single SM.

On the one hand, she was anxious about her colleagues knowing about her kink .

Those needs varied depending on where respondents were in the kink universe.

Sometimes she sees clients who are ambivalent about their kink identities.

Every pull in the shoulders, every hitch in the back, every kink in the sleeves makes me a profound materialist.

There resulted a kink in his nature, a contradiction that appears repeatedly, not only in his life, but in his writings.

He stood up straight, throwing back his shoulders to take the kink out of them.

Short by comparison with the English cat, thin throughout, a little thicker towards the base, without any break or kink .

First the pack, as packs sometimes will for no visible reason, developed a kink that galled his shoulders obstinately.

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kink noun [C] ( TWIST/CURVE )

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kink noun [C] ( PROBLEM )

kink noun [C] ( HABIT )

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kinks; kinked; kinking

A kink is a bend or a twist in an otherwise straight line, like a kink in a garden hose that blocks water from flowing freely.

When something kinks , it bends to form a kink or curl — if your hair kinks in the rain, it gets tightly curly. You can also have a kink in your neck, a tight muscle that cramps painfully. Yet another kind of kink is a problem, complication, or weakness in a plan: "The major kink in her plan turned out to be that no one was interested in buying hand-knitted cat sweaters."

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— kink

define kink

kink   ​Definitions and Synonyms

There’s a kink in the wire .

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define kink

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I'm hoping the kink is worked out for Ohios opener a week from today.

"Fly Fishing" for Elk with a Recurve Bow

I think that's fair, since what's one person's kink is majorly disturbing to someone else.

Supernatural Fic Rec

Many, many straight people think of bisexual women as essentially straight with a kink , which is unfair.

Biphobia in the GLBT community from a bi man’s point of view

Its Literature and Art have what one might call the kink of the unseen about them, and this persists even through decadence and affectation.

Howards End

Receiving $5000 is a gain that resets their reference wealth level (the position of the ' kink ' in their utility function).

Collective vs. Individual Benefits, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

In a lot of ways, ' kink ' in fandom has come to be about pressing the buttons of the reader, sometimes erotically, sometimes otherwise.

the origin of the kink meme

"That kind of kink 's too subtle to show up on a scan."

Wonder Woman and the Lasso of Truth

The only kind of kink I like is none of your damn business. am: You are probably asking yourself why I don't just go ahead and press one. am: I TRIED that.

On Hold: Live Blogging an Eternity

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vanishedone commented on the word kink

This strikes me as another less-than-obvious definition, but then I'm a Brit. A Brit who speaks of having a crick in the neck.

define kink

chained_bear commented on the word kink

Which makes me wonder, actually, if it's "and" or "an," in the Shakespearean sense--that is, "an" meaning "if." "God willing an the crick don't rise" means something a little different than "and the crick don't rise."

I got rather off-track here, but anyway...

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  1. Kink Definition & Meaning

    noun ; 1 · a short tight twist or curl caused by a doubling or winding of something upon itself ; 3 · a clever unusual way of doing something ; 4 · a

  2. Kink Definition & Meaning

    kink · bizarre or unconventional sexual preferences or behavior. · a person characterized by such preferences or behavior.

  3. KINK

    an unwanted twist or bend in a wire, rope, pipe, etc. that is usually straight: There was a kink in the pipe. Track inspectors were watching for kinks

  4. Kink definition and meaning

    If something kinks or is kinked, it has, or it develops, a curve or twist in it. ...her wet hair kinking in the breeze. Care is needed when loading the roll to

  5. Kink

    A kink is a bend or a twist in an otherwise straight line, like a kink in a garden hose that blocks water from flowing freely. When something kinks, it bends to

  6. Kink Definition & Meaning

    Kink Definition · A short twist, curl, or bend in a thread, rope, hair, wire, etc. · A painful muscle spasm or cramp in the neck, back, etc.; crick. · A mental

  7. Kink

    sexual tastes for a person. Usually a kink is an unusual taste in sexual behaviour. The following example is NOT me or anyone i know. One of jane's KINKS

  8. Kink Definition & Meaning

    KINK meaning: 1 : a tight bend or curl in something (such as a rope or hose) usually + in; 2 : a pain especially in your neck or back that is caused by

  9. KINK (noun) definition and synonyms

    Definition of KINK (noun): bend or twist in something straight; problem or strange thing.

  10. kink

    noun Slang Peculiarity or deviation in sexual behavior or taste. intransitive & transitive verb To form or cause to form a kink or kinks. from The Century