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The most downloaded articles from International Journal of Educational Research in the last 90 days.

Smartphone use and academic performance: A literature review

Simon Amez, Stijn Baert Open Access December 2020

A review of project-based learning in higher education: Student outcomes and measures

Pengyue Guo, Nadira Saab, Lysanne S. Post, Wilfried Admiraal Open Access December 2020

Formative assessment: A systematic review of critical teacher prerequisites for classroom practice

Kim Schildkamp, Fabienne M. van der Kleij and 3 more Open Access December 2020

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on international higher education and student mobility: Student perspectives from mainland China and Hong Kong

Ka Ho Mok, Weiyan Xiong, Guoguo Ke, Joyce Oi Wun Cheung December 2021

No learning loss in Sweden during the pandemic: Evidence from primary school reading assessments

Anna Eva Hallin, Henrik Danielsson, Thomas Nordström, Linda Fälth Open Access December 2022

Character development and self-esteem Psychological foundations and educational implications

F Clark Power, Vladimir T Khmelkov Open Access February 1998

Educational inequality due to lack of validity: A methodological critique of the Dutch school system

S. Scheider, S. Rosenfeld, S. Bink, N. Lecina Open Access December 2023

Dialogue, thinking together and digital technology in the classroom: Some educational implications of a continuing line of inquiry

Neil Mercer, Sara Hennessy, Paul Warwick Open Access December 2019

The impact of digital leadership on teachers’ technology integration during the COVID-19 pandemic in Kuwait

Munirah Khalid AlAjmi December 2022

Global citizenship education redefined – A systematic review of empirical studies on global citizenship education

Heela Goren, Miri Yemini December 2017

School-based collaboration as a learning context for teachers: A systematic review

Loes de Jong, Jacobiene Meirink, Wilfried Admiraal Open Access December 2022

The Relationship between Students’ Self-esteem, Schoolwork Difficulties and Subjective School Well-being in Finnish Upper-secondary Education

Leena Holopainen, Katariina Waltzer, Nhi Hoang, Kristiina Lappalainen Open Access December 2020

The relationships between school climate and adolescent mental health and wellbeing: A systematic literature review

Jill M. Aldridge, Katrina McChesney March 2018

Self-regulated learning: where we are today

Monique Boekaerts December 1999

Does teacher burnout affect students? A systematic review of its association with academic achievement and student-reported outcomes

Daniel J. Madigan, Lisa E. Kim December 2021

Toward a social pedagogy of classroom group work

Peter Blatchford, Peter Kutnick, Ed Baines, Maurice Galton December 2003

Influences on pre-service teachers’ intention to use classroom management strategies for students with ADHD: A model analysis

Anna Enrica Strelow, Martina Dort, Malte Schwinger, Hanna Christiansen Open Access December 2020

Teaching within a Story: Understanding storification of pedagogy

Isabella Aura, Lobna Hassan, Juho Hamari Open Access December 2021

Understanding self-regulated learning through the lens of motivation: Motivational regulation strategies vary with students’ motives

Daria I. Ilishkina, Anique de Bruin and 3 more Open Access December 2022

Impact of reduced idea density on pharmacy students' attainment in pharmaceutical calculations: A study protocol for a single-blind multicentre randomised controlled trial

Andrew Lunn, Andrea Manfrin Open Access December 2023

Meta-analysis of professional development programs in differentiated instruction

Rebecca Kahmann, Mienke Droop, Ard W. Lazonder Open Access December 2022

“This will likely affect his entire life”: Parents’ views of special education services during COVID-19

Susan Sonnenschein, Michele L. Stites, Julie A. Grossman, Samantha H. Galczyk December 2022

Equipping teachers with globally competent practices: A mixed methods study on integrating global competence and teacher education

Shea N. Kerkhoff, Megan E. Cloud December 2020

Differentiated teaching practices of Australian mainstream classroom teachers: A systematic review and thematic analysis

Kathryn Gibbs, Loraine McKay December 2021

A systematic review of the impact of precision teaching and fluency-building on teaching children diagnosed with autism

Maria Teresa Martinho, Nichola Booth, Natasha Attard, Karola Dillenburger Open Access December 2022

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