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Fifty shades of grey: 10 differences between the books & film trilogy.

Unsurprisingly, there are some major differences between the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and the books that it was based on.

The Fifty Shades of Grey  trilogy generated buzz in Hollywood and audiences when it started in 2015. It's the first romantic/drama erotica film to gain such mainstream popularity for both good and bad. The original film was an adaptation of a popular book by E.L. James  that was completed as a trilogy with the sequel adaptations  Fifty Shades Darker  and  Fifty Shades Freed.

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Some fans found the trilogy to be too far fetched when it came to a realistic representation of a BDSM relationship, while others thought that the shoddy dialogue and plotlines only worsened the story. Regardless, the trilogy became a phenomenon that audiences couldn't help but go watch. It even led to a rise in book sales! But just how different is the story of cold CEO Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), Anastasia Steel (Dakota Johnson) and the supporting character compared to the film trilogy?

Leila Actually Shoots Anna

In Fifty Shades Darker , Anna deals with two obsessive stalkers, one being Christian's past submissive Leila (Bella Heathcote). According to the film, Leila became attached to Christian and wanted more but after she left, she found love and was okay. That's until her husband dies in a fatal accident. She then tries to go back to Christian but is distraught to see him with Ana.

This leads to Leila stalking Ana and at one point, she breaks into her apartment with a gun. In the film, Christian manages to defuse the situation and even gets her to submit almost immediately. In the book, there's more drama as Leila actually shoots at Ana instead of aiming elsewhere.

The Infamous Period Sex Scene Was Cut

One of the most noted exclusions from the first book's transition to film was the infamous period intercourse. It's understandable that when it comes to an onscreen adaptation, certain intimate elements are better left out. This was certainly a scene that wouldn't have translated well and would have  shocked audiences in the wrong way.

In the book, Christian is open to trying almost anything when it comes to intercourse or pleasure. Ana's pesky time of the month doesn't deter him at all. Instead, he's cool as a cucumber and even removes Ana's tampon. This certainly shocked yet somehow aroused Ana. Though some fans missed it, most were unsurprised that this risqué scene was cut.

There Are Fewer Sex Scenes

The time-lapse used for all three films is not enough time to digress into how much sex Ana and Christian have throughout the books. The books are riddled with their sexual escapades in all forms in various locations.

A major difference is that audiences got a more "vanilla" form of just how devious the two are in the bedroom in Fifty Shades Darker . While the spreader, certain spherical pleasure tools, and Ana drawing on Christian with lipstick are all from the book, kinkier instances were dropped. But in the third book, a lot of sexually charged scenes were cut out. For example, the couple shaving each other or having intercourse to be part of the "mile high club" was nowhere seen in  Fifty Shades Freed's  film.

Ana Has No Inner Goddess

One aspect of Ana's character that fans were somewhat okay with being left out was her "Inner Goddess." From the moment readers meet Ana she has an Inner Goddess that acts as the voice in her head. But this voice isn't exactly normal by most standards. The voice is more eccentric and daring than Ana normally is, and it certainly has an appetite for Christian.

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It's almost as if the Inner Goddess is a different persona that can come off as a bit creepy. Ana's thought process with her Inner Goddess includes lines such as: "My Inner Goddess looks like someone snatched her ice cream," or "My Inner Goddess is spinning like a world-class ballerina, pirouette after pirouette."

Jack Hyde Is A More Persistent Stalker

Fans can agree that the films snipped many plot aspects to try and fit as much possible in roughly six hours of screen time. This led to certain characters not being developed properly, especially in Fifty Shades Darker.  The second film deals with a lot of stalking and obsession from outsiders including Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), Ana's boss.

The sequel has him fired from the publishing company early on for making rude sexual advances towards Ana. In the book, he gets fired much later on in order to develop a creepier and more obsessive character at the workplace. Because Jack gets fired early on in the film, he becomes a more persistent stalker than a gradual one. Some of his stalking acts include sneaking into Grey's family home to snoop and even watch from afar.

Elliot Proposes To Kate In A Club (For Some Reason)

Besides Christian and Anna's relationship, audiences see a kindling romance brew between Kate (Eloise Mumford) and Christian's brother, Elliot (Luke Grimes). By Fifty Shades Freed , they're in love and getting very serious. An aspect that differed from the book to films regarding this relationship was how Elliot popped the question.

In the book, Elliot does the heartfelt and romantic plan of proposing to Kate in a fancy restaurant. For the film, the venue was switched to a noisy night club, and the change left fans perplexed. It's not exactly romantic, but they're surrounded by their loved ones so it makes up for it.

There's No Dr. Flynn

For logistical reasons, the films cut out certain book characters. One of them was Ethan, a romantic interest to Christian's sister. The other was Dr. Flynn, who played a vital role as Christian's therapist who helps him deal with emotions, his BDSM relationships and childhood trauma.

In the film trilogy, Dr. Flynn simply doesn't exist. As a result, audiences don't get to see the more vulnerable side of Christian and how someone as controlling as he would tick in that form of environment. Even worse, humanizing scenes like Dr. Flynn approving of Ana are missing.

Leila Is Not The Only Ex-Submissive

Fifty Shades Freed only touched upon one of Christian's past submissives, which is Leila. She becomes the central focus but in the book, she's not the only submissive around. The book introduces another submissive in Susi. For time's sake and other plot elements that needed to occur, she was cut out.

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The book introduces Susi in one scene where she and Leila go visit Ana at work. This scene is never included in the film, and it would have added an even deeper level of drama. When this occurs, Christian goes a bit crazy and scolds Ana's bodyguard.

Kate Never Finds Out About The Contract

While Kate is a good friend to Ana, she is blissfully unaware of the real relationship she and Christian have. This means she is also unaware of the contract. But in the second book, this isn't so. Kate finds the email exchanges about the contract between Christian and Ana on Ana's computer, and she then grills Ana about.

In the film, Kate has no idea about it. She remains completely in the dark about their BDSM relationship and instead just sees Christian as being a bit possessive about the woman he loves.

Mrs. Jones & Taylor Never Happen

There's a couple of budding romance in the books that never made it on-screen, one of them being between Christian's housekeeper, Mrs. Jones (Fay Masterson) and his trusted bodyguard, Taylor (Max Martini). Audiences only see Mrs. Jones a handful of times while Taylor just stays by Christian's side.

In the books, these two end up having a steamy yet cute romance. At one point, Ana even catches the two kissing in secret. Sadly, this relationship never blossoms since it has no vital importance to the main storyline.

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All the differences between the 'fifty shades of grey' book & movie.

Entertainment Editor, The Huffington Post

fifty shades of grey movie or book

The "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie adaptation stays close to the book. A little too close, perhaps, when it includes garbage dialogue like "Laters, baby," and at least one cry of "Holy cow!" The differences between the novel and the film mostly lie in the sex scenes, a few of which were removed completely. ( Mr. Skin notes that about 20 minutes of the film's 125 include sex.) But a few of the major changes make Ana (Dakota Johnson) and Christian's (Jamie Dornan) relationship more confusing on-screen, and it's difficult to tell why and how they even like each other.

Spoilers ahead, but here are all the differences between "Fifty Shades of Grey" book and movie:

Rules about eating and exercising A major part of the contract described in the book focuses on Ana's eating and exercising habits. Christian has a troubled but unexplained relationship with food and is obsessed with Ana's appetite. At nearly every meal, he asks her if and what she's eaten that day, demanding she eat in front of him. Her contract states she must eat from a prescribed list of foods and will not snack between meals, "with the exception of fruit." Christian also wants her to work four times a week with a personal trainer of his choosing. She negotiates him down. None of this is in the movie.

The first spanking scene In both the book and the movie, Christian spanks Ana for the first time when she rolls her eyes at him. In the film, this occurs after her graduation, and he leaves her just after the act. In the book, they have sex and Ana has an orgasm, calling the experience "exquisite." Hours later, Christian leaves and she's in tears. In E.L. James' version, Christian comes back to Ana's apartment after they exchange emails. He comforts her, and though it's unclear if the entire experience was a positive one, she's at least placated by his presence. In the movie, not so much, as they don't have sex and he never returns.

fifty shades of grey

No Ben Wa balls "I'm going to put these inside you, and then I'm going to spank you, not for punishment, but for your pleasure and mine," Christian says to Ana, just before he inserts the Ben Wa balls inside Ana, in the book. She really likes these balls! She likes the spanking! She orgasms! This is one of the first scenes where we can really see that Ana is enjoying what Christian's asking of her. Though it makes sense to cut a scene like this -- the MPAA is probably anti-Ben Wa balls -- its absence isn't substituted by other scenes that show Ana explicitly experiencing pleasure.

Ana's computer skills In the book, Ana doesn't know a laptop from her clitoris. "Internet! I don't have access to a computer," her internal monologue screams when Christian asks her to research BDSM. In the film, she just says her computer is on the fritz. In both versions, he buys her a laptop. Book Ana calls it the "Mean Machine."

There is no inner goddess. This is for the best.

Movie Christian has a mirror above his bed This may not seem like a big deal, but Dornan's Christian has a ceiling mirror in his bedroom. We see it when he and Ana have "vanilla" sex for the first time. It's also the first time Ana has sex and the first time Christian's ever had a woman in his bedroom. If that's the case, then the only thing this narcissist is doing with a mirror above his bed is watching himself masturbate. Just sayin'.

fifty shades of grey

She agrees to be his submissive during her college graduation Nope. The film shows Ana consenting to be Christian's submissive during her college graduation. He hands out diplomas on stage and she says "Okay." In the novel, she agrees after the ceremony, not in front of hundreds of her peers. "I'm Eve in the Garden of Eden and he's the serpent, and I cannot resist," James writes.

Ana goes to the Grey house with underwear On paper, Christian steals Ana's underwear so she has to go commando to his parents' house for dinner. It's assumed that she gets to keep them in the movie.

No sex at his parents' house At the dinner, Christian is furious with Ana after she doesn't let him touch her under the table and tells him she's going to Georgia to visit her mother. He takes her for a "tour of the grounds" and in the book, they have sex in a boathouse, though Christian threatens to spank Ana if she orgasms. No boathouse sex in the film.

fifty shades of grey

No tampon scene Director Sam Taylor-Johnson revealed that scene -- the one in which Christian pulls out Ana's tampon to have sex with her in a hotel in Georgia after he stalks her visit to see her mother -- was cut from the movie in an interview last month . "It was never even discussed," she told Variety. Though it would have been fun to see audiences squirm, pulling the scene made sense for the film.

"Fifty Shades of Grey" hits theaters Feb. 13.

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14 Big Differences Between The Fifty Shades Of Grey Book And Movie

fifty shades of grey movie or book

Turning any book into a movie is a big task, and director Sam Taylor-Johnson had her hands full adapting Fifty Shades of Grey for the big screen. She was given the task of appealing to E.L. James hordes of fans while still creating a movie that could be R- rated and be seen by a larger portion of the movie-viewing population. Despite the problems on set, Taylor-Johnson largely succeeds at this by creating a Ms. Steele with a little more spunk and cutting out some of the racier chunks of the novel.

Unfortunately for fans, this means there are a few key differences between the Fifty Shades of Grey book and movie. Following are the 14 biggest changes I noticed in my screening of Universal’s Fifty Shades Of Grey . Plenty of other details were changed, of course, and feel free to remark on any changes you feel may have been more noticeable. There are many spoilers in the Fifty Shades of Grey book to movie comparison. Do not delve in if you want the film to be a surprise.

Christian doesn’t purchase the coveralls when he visits Ana at Claytons. Luckily, he does still get to cheekily say to Anastasia Steele that he could "always take them off," when she mentions he might ruin his clothes. And he still gets the cable ties , of course.

Ana’s lack of eating is less apparent in the movie. It’s sort of touched on when Kate steals her sandwich and again when Christian has to carry her after a rousing round of BDSM. Christian does chide her to eat and keep up her strength, but in the book Ana’s eating problems are a huge focus and help to spotlight the fact she seems weak and unable to care for herself properly. She's much more spunky in the movie, too.

Christian never charms the pants off of Ana’s dad at graduation . In the book, Christian proves he is a man with many faces when he gets Ana’s quiet father to like him over a conversation about fishing. They have a much shorter conversation in the movie, and we don’t get to see that "shade" of Mr. Grey.

Jose and Kate have smaller roles in the movie and we don’t get to know them as well. Kate’s still around a lot more because she is dating Elliot, but she gets way less suspicious of Christian than she does in the book. Also, in the book, Christian perceives Jose as more of a problem, although Jose does still grossly kiss a drunk Ana in the movie.

Ana’s inner goddess never makes an appearance . I’m not sure how this would even have been done on a film. Maybe a little angel on one shoulder and a devilish inner goddess on the other? Either way Sam Taylor-Johnson avoided the cheese and skipped over those parts of the novel.

The negotiation sequence is different . Instead of working out the ‘kinks’ in the contract at the hotel, Ana asks for a business meeting in the movie. She still wears a pretty hot dress, but meets Christian at his office to discuss hard limits, striking out the like’s of "butt plugs" and "anal fisting." Also surprising: Christian offers to have a date night with Ana.

Christian is presented as less of a stalker. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still stalker-like, appearing out of nowhere while Ana is on vacation with her mom. However, his "call me" texts don’t appear in the movie, and the GPS tracker he uses to keep track of Ana doesn't get joked about. He’s obviously still tracking her, but it’s way less creepy.

A lot of small side plots are mentioned in the movie but aren’t directly made into a huge deal . This includes the fact that Ana flies first class to see her mother (in the books, Ana is a little flustered when Christian makes this happen). It also includes the scenes during which Christian steals Ana’s panties and she goes without them to the family dinner. We see him steal them and ask her if she is missing anything, but the movie never explicitly states her lack of undergarments.

Christian Grey never rips out Ana’s tampon and has sex with her on her period . Although, we do get to see the couple in a bathtub at one point, the movie had to work really hard to avoid the kinkiest scenes that would have given the flick a dreaded NC-17 rating. It’s no real shock that the tampon scene didn’t make the cut.

Ana’s job at SIP is barely touched upon in the film. As Fifty Shades of Grey has already been picked up for two more movies , Ana’s "internship" will become more important moving forward. This is why it was a rather odd choice to put her career goals on the backburner in the film. Probably one of the many things that were cut for time, but we’ll see how it all plays out when Fifty Shades Darker hits theaters.

There is no sex scene in the boat house. In the book, Christian tries to fool around with Ana at the dinner table and she’s not into it. So, he takes her to the boathouse on his parent’s property and fucks her "for his pleasure." It’s one of the more shocking parts of the book, so it’s no surprise this scene was also cut.

Christian and Ana never jam out to Britney Spears in the car . It’s a small moment, but one that helps to explain Ana’s predilection for disliking the women Christian has been with in the past (one of Christian's past girlfriends put Ms. Spears on his iPod). In the movie, her annoyance is focused on "Mrs. Robinson."

Other sexual acts from the book don’t make it into the movie. In the books, Christian uses furry floggers and puts balls inside Ana as part of their sexual time together. The movie is pretty vanilla in comparison, although there is plenty of sex present.

In the movie, the plot comes full circle when Ana leaves Christian at the elevator, murmuring his name before leaving him. This echoes the beginning of the movie when Ana leaves Christian at the office following their interview. In addition, Christian says he will give Ana a check for the Beetle in the movie, rather than handing her the cash.


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5 Reasons Why Fifty Shades of Grey the Movie Is Better Than the Book

fifty shades of grey movie or book

The overall consensus on Fifty Shades of Grey when it first appeared on bookshelves was that it wasn’t a great book. A sexy book? Sure . But not great. Sexiness alone, however (along with some pervasive nationwide BDSM curiosity), was enough to place it in a top-selling slot for what seemed like forever — and more important, perhaps, get author E.L. James a movie deal. Now we’re left with this question: Could the movie possibly be better than the book? Well, yeah. Movies often aren’t deemed “better” than the beloved books they adapt, but with director Sam Taylor-Johnson at the helm and really nowhere to go but up, we assumed that the film would improve quite a bit on the pages. Turns out we were correct. Here’s exactly how.

They calm down those emails. E.L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey is full of emails. They go back and forth for what feels like forever, intended to show Anastasia and Christian hashing out the details of the dreaded contract. They’re flirty and suggestive and are likely meant to show the two loosening up a bit — Ana to the idea of getting smacked around (with given consent!), and Christian just in general because he is cripplingly uptight. But reading emails in a book is extremely boring, and reading emails onscreen, even more so. (Does anyone else equate reading emails with doing work? Exactly.) Luckily, Taylor-Johnson and screenwriter Kelly Marcel turn the emailing into a bit of a montage, cut with a goofy Danny Elfman score and cheesy innuendo played up for laughs. God bless visual effects!

Ana’s “inner goddess” takes a break. Perhaps one of the book’s most ridiculous strategies is giving poor Anastasia Steele an “inner goddess” who reacts to Mr. Grey’s advances excitedly (while she can only blush). Ana’s inner goddess dances (“My very small inner goddess sways in a gentle victorious samba”); she does gymnastics (“My inner goddess is doing backflips in a routine worthy of a Russian Olympic gymnast”); she even gets a hotel room (“My inner goddess has a DO NOT DISTURB sign on the outside of her room”). She’s busy, this sentient spirit. Thankfully, the film does not need Ana’s inner monologue, so that inner goddess is killed. RIP, you absurd personification.

Christian isn’t as obsessed with Ana’s caloric intake. Christian’s early years of starvation and neglect make it so that he is constantly harassing poor Ana about not eating enough. In the book, this hankering is not only tiresome (We get it, E.L. James, she’s soooooooo skinny), it really turns him into a stern father figure. Ew. There are times she literally has to clean her plate before he’ll have sex with her. It’s weird! In the movie, there’s very little of this. Movie Ana knows how to feed herself.

There’s no “Oh jeez!”; “Holy crap!”; “Argh!”  Sex scenes in books are often hard to read, so imagine, if you will, a book that has a sex scene almost every five pages. That’s a lot of sex to write! And James’s Fifty Shades has Ana Steele so unaccustomed to the whole thing that all she can do is exclaim. “Argh!” she cries . Sometimes it’s, “Oh jeez!” Or: “Holy crap!” (And, strangely, “Double crap!”) It’s difficult to read. Luckily, human sounds don’t take the form of these outbursts, and Taylor-Johnson’s Fifty Shades  doesn’t have poor Dakota Johnson sounding like a 1950s cartoon character.

Anastasia Steele is funny ! Who knew. One of the more pleasantly surprising things about Fifty Shades of Grey ’s film adaptation is Dakota Johnson. She breathes new life into Anastasia Steele that perhaps even E.L. James couldn’t predict. She’s able to turn embarrassing lines into funny ones; she can go from silly to coy to sexy on a dime. In his review, David Edelstein writes of the actress : “Johnson doesn’t so much speak her lines as float them, removing the sharp notes so that Anastasia can seem both intelligent and strangely unassertive — the sort of smart, unformed woman who’d be irresistible to a man with a compulsion to dominate.” While Book Ana repeatedly  says she’s smart, it’s doesn’t ever feel that way. And Taylor-Johnson and Marcel somehow give Ana the one thing that makes her truly endearing: a sense of humor! That’s how she pulls of this doozy of a line: “Find anal fisting. Strike it out.”

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26 Major Differences Between Fifty Shades Freed the Movie vs. the Book

Still. No. Flynn.

fifty shades of grey movie or book

This post contains spoilers for Fifty Shades Freed .

Fifty Shades Freed the movie is great fun, regardless of how familiar you are with the book. Either way, the drill is familiar by now: it's an impossible task to fit every single detail and timeline into a film adaptation, otherwise, you’d be in the theater watching Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan for 12 hours without a pee break to spare. (For more on this subject, please see entry two.) Sure, that might sound like an adventure you’d like to go on, but Freed , directed by James Foley (who also did Darker ) is the next best thing. The third film clocks in at a tight 105 minutes and, despite cutting out some major characters with say, a medical background, Freed serves as a nice cherry on top of the sundae a pint of Ben & Jerry’s vanilla ice cream that is the Fifty Shades movie franchise. Below, 25 major items the film left out. I’ll miss you forever, Dr. Flynn.

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1. Mia catches Ana’s wedding bouquet by way of brother Elliot. In the book, Ana’s bouquet is tossed into a sea of young women, but Mia comes out on top and “triumphantly holds it aloft, grinning from ear to ear.” In the movie, Elliot is the first to catch the bouquet (by accident, likely); he nonchalantly hands it to Mia, who is just as excited as ever to have it.

2. Christian doesn’t order Ana to have a full bladder before they have boat sex during their honeymoon. They do, however, have sex while Ana’s wrists are handcuffed to her ankles, just like the book. But back to the not peeing thing: in the book, he makes Ana gulp down her gin and tonic and warns, “I’m going to make an example of you.” He later explains, “The fuller your bladder, the more intense your orgasm.” Who else is solely craving a gin and tonic right now and nothing else? Anyone?

fifty shades freed

3. She doesn’t go on the jet ski on her own and “defy” him. Honestly, the movie versions of Ana and Christian have enough on their plate, and we do get a nice shot of the newlyweds going from beach to yacht via jet ski.

4. Ana does not buy Christian a fancy camera on their honeymoon. Too bad, I was really looking forward to that phone call to José, who sure knows a lot about cameras!

5. The Grey security team is slightly shuffled for the movie. For starters, Barney does not exist in Freed (he’s not in Darker , either). In the scene where Ana and Christian are reviewing security footage of the Grey Enterprise Holdings Inc. server room fire started by Hyde, the movie has this conversation taking place on the yacht during their honeymoon, not at home at Escala. They’re also speaking to Ros, not Barney. P.S. Ryan (see entry 13) also does not exist in the movie.

6. There’s no discussion of a pre-nup in the movie. There’s no post-honeymoon Grey family brunch, where this discussion takes place in the book, either.

7. Movie Ana doesn’t shave her pubic hair. In the book, Christian has a reaction to this discovery, and eventually finishes the job for her. On the topic of body hair, though, movie Ana is oddly obsessed with commenting on her husband’s facial hair. In her office, she reminds him to shave his face. And at home (just like the book), she gives him a haircut.

8. “That GQ profile on you? I love what you’re doing in Africa.” Gia Matteo, the architect and part time jewelry expert who used to date Elliot, says this to Christian as she shows him and Ana the house they’re about to renovate. What is this profile you speak of, Gia. And what has Christian been doing in Africa? While this ridiculous line is on par with the other memorable one-liners from the book, E.L. James most certainly did not write this in Freed .

9. The car chase happens after they visit their future home in the movie. In the book, it’s after brunch with Christian’s parents. But in both versions, he surprises Ana by letting her drive his Audi.

10. They don’t have sex when she gives him a haircut in the bathroom. Ana says in the book, “To hell with the haircut – I’ll do it later,” and she does, only after they have hot bathroom tile sex (ie. “seven shades of Sunday”). In the movie, while sex may have been implied – it’s Christian and Ana after all – it doesn’t happen on screen.

fifty shades freed

11. Mrs. Jones and Taylor are not a thing in the movie. Next to Christian and Ana, these two were unstoppable in the book.

12. The X-Files are nowhere to be seen. Christian and Ana go from zero to 60 (in her words, “we completely bypassed third base”) while watching an old episode of The X-Files in Chapter Seven. This does not happen in the movie. What, did you guys not get the rights to one of the best shows in the history of television? Not even a few precious seconds of the theme song?

13. Jack actually sneaks up from behind and grabs Ana when he breaks into Escala. In the book, he’s already been apprehended by Ryan by the time Ana gets back to the apartment after a night of drinking with Kate. In the movie, it’s Prescott who takes Jack down. Hot Sawyer also chips in. These two obviously need to start in a bodyguard drama ASAP.

14. José goes to Aspen with everyone. Meanwhile, poor Ethan (Kate’s brother, who falls for Mia in the books), continues to not exist.

15. Christian sings “Maybe I’m Amazed” in the movie, not “Wherever You Will Go.” And this #blessed moment happens in Aspen, not at his parents’ house during their post-honeymoon brunch.

16. Ana has a dream about Jack. This doesn’t happen in the book. Give me Christian’s dreams! (Like the one where he sees her dead.) Leave Ana alone!

17. They actually have good weather in the movie and go hiking in Aspen. In the book, the group gets rained out, giving way to Mia’s brilliant idea of “Girls, shopping – boys, outdoor boring stuff.” This translates to Christian going fishing. In the movie, they all go hiking without Christian, who mysteriously stays behind and chats with Taylor about files he just got on Jack.

18. Elliot proposes to Kate in a club. Not the fancy restaurant described in the book. A. CLUB.

fifty shades freed kate

20. Ray's hospitalization does not happen. In the book, Ana's dad lands in the hospital in Portland after getting hit by a drunk driver. Come to think of it, was Ray even at the wedding in the movie?

21. Jack goes to court! And Ana appears in court while wearing the worst disguise of all time. And they make eye contact as he passes her while wearing an orange jumper. This is most definitely not in the book.

22. Leila and Susi, Christian's other former sub, don't visit Ana at her office. This happens in the book, Christian goes berserk, and Prescott gets in trouble. The film skips it entirely, which is too bad. Bella Heathcote was an excellent Leila in Darker .

23. Ana’s birthday Audi, an R8, does not exist. In fact, they don’t even celebrate her 22nd (!) birthday in the movie, so you can forget about those moving scenes between Ana and her mom at her birthday dinner in Portland.

24. Hyde’s note in the movie says, “You owe me a life.” In the book, Christian says it’s something to the tune of, “Do you know who I am, because I know who you are, Baby Bird,” referring to the name their foster mom used to call Christian. They’re both poorly-constructed notes, but I guess “You owe me a life” gets his point across faster.

25. Ana tells Christian she’s found his birth mother’s grave and they actually visit it. It’s a tender moment leading up to the glorious montage of Fifty Shades movie flashbacks (yes, Christian’s pommel horse performance made the cut). There’s no mention of Christian’s birth mother’s grave site in the book.

26. Paging Dr. Flynn, who is also missing from this movie. Hugh Dancy’s casting as Christian’s psychiatrist remains one of the greatest mysteries of the Fifty Shades movie franchise.

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5 differences between 'Fifty Shades of Grey' book and movie

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in "Fifty Shades of Grey."

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in "Fifty Shades of Grey." (Chuck Zlotnick)

The crop stays in the picture.

The "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie, based on the S&M-heavy romance novel by E.L. James, had fans positively tickled with delight at a Friday night screening in Midtown.

But there were more than a few changes from the book -- including one very important, ahem, member of the cast.

Spoilers ahead for those who haven't read the book or seen the movie.

The "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie was based on the S&M-heavy romance novel by E.L. James.

The "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie was based on the S&M-heavy romance novel by E.L. James. (Uncredited/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Yes, the Audi cars, helicopters and red leather mattress all made the cut. So did the ripped and unbuttoned jeans that Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) only wears in his playroom.

But the closest the stars get to nudity is a hint, here and there, of the kind of hair Grey normally orders his girlfriends to wax off. Dornan's "manhood" stays off the screen, despite its ubiquitous presence in the book.

And the screenplay stays very loyal to the book's dialogue. Pivotal lines like "Enlighten me, then," "My tastes are very singular," and "I had a rough start in life" are sure to ring many readers' bells. Thankfully, Anastasia Steele's (Dakota Johnson) inner monologue — and goddess — stays in her head. Although one "Holy cow" does slip in.

Here are five significant differences between the book and the film version:

Anastasia knows how to use email. One of the most confounding things about Ana in the book was her technological virginity. She didn't even have an email address before meeting Christian, and somehow got through college without a computer. In the film, Ana's computer is broken, which is why her new master buys her a laptop. And Christian's Blackberry is replaced with an iPhone.

fifty shades of grey movie or book

Ten years ago today, on Dec. 9 2005, the boundary breaking film "Brokeback Mountain" was released, gaining widespread attention and positive feedback from critis. Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal star as two men who fall in love for each other in Wyoming. During its time, the film was one of the more popular films depicting an on-screen gay relationship including a lengthy sex scene. (EPA/Handout)

The class differences have disappeared. The book spends a lot of time focused on how Ana, just a regular girl from Georgia, is intimidated by Christian's wealth -- and his elaborate gifts' price tags. She is shocked when he upgrades her to first class on a flight. But the movie depicts Ana as upper middle class, especially when it showcases her mother's life of luxury. Ana doesn't need to borrow her roommates' clothes to impress him; she just pulls out dresses from her own closet.

No fitness or beauty regime in the contract. One of Ana's major stipulations in their S&M contract is that she refuses to eat when he tells her to, and she will only see a personal trainer three times a week — not his requested four — because she hates exercise. But Christian isn't obsessive about her waxes or workouts in the movie. It's a relief.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in "Fifty Shades of Grey."

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in "Fifty Shades of Grey." (universal)

A few toys are missing. As has been reported, the infamous tampon scene wasn't even considered for the movie. The ben wa balls have also disappeared, as have the beads on the end of the suede flogger.

Anastasia is completely charming. Most of the criticism of the book has to do with Ana's vanilla, generic and cheesy response to Christian's world. She can't stop exclaiming, "Double crap!" and "Wow" whenever he says something unusual. But Johnson is goofy, funny and portrays the heroine as a much more capable, real and powerful character.

And that's not painful at all.

Jamie Dornan plays Christian Grey in the film.

Jamie Dornan plays Christian Grey in the film. (universal)

Fifty Shades of Grey…..Books or Movies First

Fifty Shades of Grey… Books or Movies First

For the last several years the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy of books has dominated the best seller book lists worldwide. It was no surprise that when Universal released the first movie the fans of the books and other “Curious” people were lining up to see the first of three movies. As with other books to movies there is always the question of which to do first: Read the books or see the movies? For myself with the Twilight books/movies I actually saw the first movie before I then devoured all the books and caught up fast before seeing New Moon. With Fifty Shades of Grey I caught onto the book reading craze and read all the books before seeing the first movie.

I truly think that reading the books first helps a lot with filling in the details when watching the movies. There are several times in the Fifty Shades movies that a subtle reference is made between Christian and Ana that is lost to the movie fan if they have not read the books first. The Fifty Shades trilogy of books shares the love story of Ana and Christian in a way that brought in millions of readers. Those readers were obsessed with the details of Christian Grey’s lifestyle and how he brings Ana into his life. I think the Fifty Shades production team did a great job of bringing the books to life on the big screen. There are so many scenes and quotes that are straight from the books that a Fifty Shades fan had to leave the theater very happy. The whole look of the movies makes you believe you are really in Seattle Washington, even though all the filming was done in Vancouver BC. All the time spent on location details is incredible and adds so much to the movies.

On the flip side of the debate there are many scenes from the books which were left out or changed around which can also make for a frustrated movie watcher who read all the books first. The Fifty Shades books share a connection between Ana and Christian which I think was hard to bring to the big screen, regardless of the actors playing the roles. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson were amazing as Christian and Ana and will forever be identified with their roles. Whenever reading the books you will see them in your eyes as Christian and Ana and I think it’s the same with the other actors who portrayed the book characters. Going to the theater and watching the movies without the book experience first lets you relax and take in the love story as portrayed by the Fifty Shades production team. I think the movies add a lot to the whole Fifty experience with putting a picture in your mind of all the locations and characters that help make it such a richer story.

After reading all the books fans were ready to take Fifty Shades to the next level with watching the movies. Reading the books is a very different experience than watching the movies. The books are very rich with details about their love story. The movies are all visual and bring the books to life. All the fans will always have their own memories of the first time they met Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Now we also have the memories of the first time seeing them on the big screen. What an amazing experience it was seeing Christian and Ana for the first time and then seeing their love story unfold before our eyes.

I think it’s a personal answer to the question Books or Movie first. I think it’s the best when you can be lucky and have both and they can add to each other’s experience.

So, what is after Fifty Shades? I think everyone is thinking that same thing, including E. L. James herself. Her books Grey and Darker (From Christians Point of View) have proved to add so much to the love story and bring more of Christian into our lives. Both books answered a lot of questions about Christian’s life and his own emotional roller coaster.

I don’t think there can be another book and then movies that would impact so many fans. The love for Christian and Ana will continue through the millions of fans worldwide as will the love for E. L. James.

Get more passion, more drama and more suspense when you own the final chapter of the worldwide phenomenon, Fifty Shades Freed Unrated Edition.  On Digital  April 24  / Blu-ray & DVD  May 8. Order information at 

Thanks to @jacee50


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