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  • disagreement
  • inconsistency
  • discontinuity
  • intermission
  • interruption

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important gap synonym

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gaps; gapped; gapping

A gap is the space between two things. It can be physical (like "the gap between your two front teeth") or philosophical (like "the generation gap " between you and your parents).

Gap is a small word that packs a lot; it can be used in a straightforward manner: in England, the signs in the subway station say, "Mind the gap" — in hopes that passengers will not wander into the space between the train and the platform. The American retailer, "The Gap," is said to have taken its name from the generation gap. The clothes were designed for teenagers and young adults, and therefore nothing your middle-aged parents would be caught dead in. Times change.

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important gap synonym

Written in free verse, this Newbery Medal-winning novel details the struggles of an Oklahoman teenager during the dust-filled years of the Great Depression.

important gap synonym

In this powerful novel, a Brooklyn fifth grader explores the effects of the September 11th terrorist attacks on her family, friends, city, and country.

important gap synonym

In this memoir, award-winning author Reyna Grande explores the immigrant experience as she reflects on how a childhood torn between parents and countries made her who she is.

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important gap synonym

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important gap synonym

fill a need ​/​ gap ​/​ void ​/​ vacuum   ​Definitions and Synonyms

The company is hoping to fill a gap in the market .

He wondered how he would ever fill the void left by his son ’s death .

American definition and synonyms of fill a need / gap / void / vacuum from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

This is the American English definition of fill a need / gap / void / vacuum . View British English definition of fill a need / gap / void / vacuum .

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Dr. Claudio Butticè, Pharm.D., is a former clinical and hospital pharmacist who worked for several public hospitals in Italy, as well as for the humanitarian…

' src=

Margaret Rouse is an award-winning technical writer and teacher known for her ability to explain complex technical subjects simply to a non-technical, business audience. Over…

What Does Air Gap Mean?

An air gap is a security measure that isolates a digital device component or private local area network ( LAN ) from other devices and networks, including the public internet. An air gap is also known as an air wall and the strategy of using air gaps to protect critical data is also known as security by isolation .

Air gaps are used to protect critical computer systems and the data they store from malware, keyloggers , ransomware and other types of unauthorized access. This strategy seeks to ensure the total isolation of a given system electromagnetically, electronically and physically.

Air gapping also plays an important role in backup and recovery . For example with 3-2-1 backups, each backup has three copies. While two of the copies can be stored on the same network, the third copy has to be air-gapped and stored in a completely different physical location. This way, even if the network is attacked and the first two copies become compromised, storage administrators can use the air-gapped copy to restore data quickly.

Air gaps also play an important role in confidential computing . Confidential computing is an emerging approach to cybersecurity that runs computational workloads in isolated, hardware-encrypted environments.

Techopedia Explains Air Gap

Air-gapped systems are computers or networks typically contain highly-sensitive or business-critical data.

Air gaps used to be the gold standard for protecting Operational Technology (OT) environments back in the days when when OT and information technology (IT) were two different things.

In the past, a lot of traditional electronic equipment like thermostats and home appliances were air-gapped due to their inherent limits rather than for security reasons. However, with the widespread diffusion of wireless components, OT is no longer air-gapped because the technology connects to the internet.

Air Gap Security

To protect critical data, additional security precautions should be taken to support air gaps. This includes disabling USB ports and using a Faraday cage to block wireless transmissions and prevent electromagnetic (EM) leakage.

Today, true isolation also requires the elimination of electromagnetic radiation leaks. This includes blocking FM and cellular frequency signals, blocking thermal and near-field communication (NFC) channels and cloaking LED light pulses.

Air Gap Jumps

Despite the high level of security an air gap provides, it's still possible to breach air-gapped computers. While the concept of physical isolation is quite simple, its execution is becoming increasingly difficult.

Air gap attacks are a growing cyberthreat, especially for air-gapped networks cut off from the internet. Security experts have found that cutting-edge acoustic channels employing ultrasonic, inaudible sound waves can be used as an attack vector against smartphones capable of picking up higher frequencies. Data can also be siphoned through radio signals even when Bluetooth is disabled. That is why, in many high-security environments, mobile phones are not allowed in range of the most critical systems.

According to CISA , well-known instances of attackers jumping an air gap include:

2010 – a USB drive was used to infect a nuclear facility, change centrifuge RPMs and edit the control room's human-machine interface ( HMI ) to indicate the centrifuges were operating normally.

2018 – the U.S. accused Russia of infecting air-gapped electrical grid operations.

2020 – hackers believed to be working on behalf of the Chinese government successfully targeted the air-gapped networks of the Taiwanese and the Philippine military.

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NCBI Bookshelf. A service of the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health.

Robinson KA, Akinyede O, Dutta T, et al. Framework for Determining Research Gaps During Systematic Review: Evaluation [Internet]. Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US); 2013 Feb.

Cover of Framework for Determining Research Gaps During Systematic Review: Evaluation

Framework for Determining Research Gaps During Systematic Review: Evaluation [Internet].


The identification of gaps from systematic reviews is essential to the practice of “evidence-based research.” Health care research should begin and end with a systematic review. 1 - 3 A comprehensive and explicit consideration of the existing evidence is necessary for the identification and development of an unanswered and answerable question, for the design of a study most likely to answer that question, and for the interpretation of the results of the study. 4

In a systematic review, the consideration of existing evidence often highlights important areas where deficiencies in information limit our ability to make decisions. We define a research gap as a topic or area for which missing or inadequate information limits the ability of reviewers to reach a conclusion for a given question. A research gap may be further developed, such as through stakeholder engagement in prioritization, into research needs. Research needs are those areas where the gaps in the evidence limit decision making by patients, clinicians, and policy makers. A research gap may not be a research need if filling the gap would not be of use to stakeholders that make decisions in health care. The clear and explicit identification of research gaps is a necessary step in developing a research agenda. Evidence reports produced by Evidence-based Practice Centers (EPCs) have always included a future research section. However, in contrast to the explicit and transparent steps taken in the completion of a systematic review, there has not been a systematic process for the identification of research gaps.

In a prior methods project, our EPC set out to identify and pilot test a framework for the identification of research gaps. 5 , 6 We searched the literature, conducted an audit of EPC evidence reports, and sought information from other organizations which conduct evidence synthesis. Despite these efforts, we identified little detail or consistency in the frameworks used to determine research gaps within systematic reviews. In general, we found no widespread use or endorsement of a specific formal process or framework for identifying research gaps using systematic reviews.

We developed a framework to systematically identify research gaps from systematic reviews. This framework facilitates the classification of where the current evidence falls short and why the evidence falls short. The framework included two elements: (1) the characterization the gaps and (2) the identification and classification of the reason(s) for the research gap.

The PICOS structure (Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome and Setting) was used in this framework to describe questions or parts of questions inadequately addressed by the evidence synthesized in the systematic review. The issue of timing, sometimes included as PICOTS, was considered separately for Intervention, Comparison, and Outcome. The PICOS elements were the only sort of framework we had identified in an audit of existing methods for the identification of gaps used by EPCs and other related organizations (i.e., health technology assessment organizations). We chose to use this structure as it is one familiar to EPCs, and others, in developing questions.

It is not only important to identify research gaps but also to determine how the evidence falls short, in order to maximally inform researchers, policy makers, and funders on the types of questions that need to be addressed and the types of studies needed to address these questions. Thus, the second element of the framework was the classification of the reasons for the existence of a research gap. For each research gap, the reason(s) that most preclude conclusions from being made in the systematic review is chosen by the review team completing the framework. To leverage work already being completed by review teams, we mapped the reasons for research gaps to concepts from commonly used evidence grading systems. Briefly, these categories of reasons, explained in detail in the prior JHU EPC report 5 , are:

The framework facilitates a systematic approach to identifying research gaps and the reasons for those gaps. The identification of where the evidence falls short and how the evidence falls short is essential to the development of important research questions and in providing guidance in how to address these questions.

As part of the previous methods product, we developed a worksheet and instructions to facilitate the use of the framework when completing a systematic review (See Appendix A ). Preliminary evaluation of the framework and worksheet was completed by applying the framework to two completed EPC evidence reports. The framework was further refined through peer review. In this current project, we extend our work on this research gaps framework.

Our objective in this project was to complete two types of further evaluation: (1) application of the framework across a larger sample of existing systematic reviews in different topic areas, and (2) implementation of the framework by EPCs. These two objectives were used to evaluate the framework and instructions for usability and to evaluate the application of the framework by others, outside of our EPC, including as part of the process of completing an EPC report. Our overall goal was to produce a revised framework with guidance that could be used by EPCs to explicitly identify research gaps from systematic reviews.

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    Air gapping also plays an important role in backup and recovery. For example with 3-2-1 backups, each backup has three copies. While two of the

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