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it luggage reviews

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It Luggage: 2022 Brand Review and Rating

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Have you ever wondered why suitcases are so heavy? Wouldn’t it be nice to have something lightweight instead? If that’s the case, you might want to check out It Luggage, which offers some of the lightest suitcases out there.

In this It Luggage review, we’ll determine whether they’re a good luggage brand or not. We’ll evaluate their quality, customer reviews, features, warranty, prices and compare them with their closest competitors.

It luggage rating explained in detail

On CleverJourney’s Best Luggage Brands , It Luggage gained 70 points. This places the brand in 11th place on our leaderboard. Between affordable luggage brands, It Luggage gained 3rd place, right after American Tourister  and Coolife , making it a great choice if you’re on a tight budget.

Here you can see how we determined the total score. We’ll go more in-depth into each category further down in this article.

The Verdict

Although It Luggage takes only 11th place on our leaderboard, their bags are actually a pretty solid choice. They’re far from being the most durable on the market, but they’ll be good enough for leisure and semi-frequent travel. That being said, we’d suggest you opt for their carry-ons since some customers have complained about their checked suitcases. In durability, they’re pretty close to brands like American Tourister and Coolife.

For those looking for a lightweight carry-on, you won’t find anything lighter than It Luggage. Airlines often have carry-on weight limits of only 11-20 lbs. Saving 2-5 lbs on just the carry-on is invaluable, so It Luggage makes much sense, even if it is slightly less durable. But if you can afford to pay a bit more, a wiser choice would be to invest in Travelpro, which is also pretty lightweight but much more durable. Alternatively, you could opt for Samsonite or Chester .

Top-Rated It Luggage Suitcases

Full review, key facts about it luggage.

It Luggage Ltd ( It is short for International Traveler ) was established back in 1985, London. At the time, they were registered under a different name – Landor Ltd. They were the first company that started importing luggage from China to the UK, which allowed them to sell the luggage at competitive prices. Today, they’ve established quite a strong presence in retail stores worldwide, especially in Europe, where customers know their suitcases as the most lightweight ones they can buy in the affordable range.

You’ll find them in some online stores as well, albeit being much more prevalent in retail. That’s because they’re kind of an old-school brand that focuses on retail locations much more.

It Luggage is manufactured in Vietnam and China. They’re pretty open about this, as they have dedicated offices there that oversee the manufacturing process to ensure proper standards and quality. They’re also compliant with the “ Modern Slavery Act ,” which means they work only with suppliers that ensure proper working conditions.

Reviews (20/30)

We read all the reviews that we could get our hands on, and it looks like people are pretty happy with their purchases. Compared to other affordable brands that cost similarly, It luggage wasn’t reviewed as well as American Tourister or Coolife but was ahead of SwissGear and Rockland.

On Amazon, most of their products are reviewed at 3.9-4.4 stars, which is a pretty good result for an affordable brand. On several forums , people said they’d used It Luggage’s suitcases for over five years without any noticeable issues. On Amazon, many customers stated the same remark, with some saying that they’ve bought numerous models that have lasted for a long time. But, there were also a few reviews which contained some complaints.

Out of all the reviews that we read, people most commonly complained about these issues:

But overall, it looks like people are pretty happy with It Luggage, with most of them understanding that because their bags are so lightweight and cheap, there ought to be some durability issues.

Here’s another short review from one of their customers:

Quality (13/20)

It Luggage is an affordable luggage brand, so, naturally, you shouldn’t expect them to last. We researched what materials they’re made from, and in most cases, they’re using the cheapest ones. For instance, most of their fabric suitcases are made from polyester, which is used in more affordable suitcases, and their hardside bags are usually made from polypropylene or ABS, which are cheaper and less durable than polycarbonate.

Also, it’s worth noting that most of the time, the materials used are thinner and lighter than what you would find on other affordable brands because It Luggage’s primary focus is weight, which means that they can’t use too thick materials. The wheels, handles, and zippers on their suitcases also feel pretty cheap, but despite this fact, they perform pretty well. Out of all the reviews we read, we didn’t find too many people complaining about broken zippers, wheels, or handles, which is nice.

Many people warned others about checking-in It Luggage suitcases. It Luggage’s bags are good as carry-ons because they’re incredibly lightweight, but they’re too fragile to be checked in. Also, people advised that when you do have to check their bags, to make sure that they’re packed full because half-full suitcases will most likely break from the weight of other suitcases on top. Some customers even recommended adding a flexible plastic sheet inside because the frame is so thin that the stuff packed inside tends to stick out.

But although they’re made from cheap materials, and they’ve compromised durability for weight, overall, the quality is not too bad. People who used It Luggage’s carry-ons said they’ll easily last 3-5 years of semi-frequent use. For an affordable luggage brand, that’s pretty good.

Features (12/15)

Most affordable luggage brands don’t focus on innovation, but It Luggage does. Here we’ll cover their most essential features and why they’re sometimes better choices than other brands.

Incredibly Lightweight

In another post, we compared the average weight of the most popular suitcases . On average, empty carry-ons weigh around 7.9 lbs. The Travelpro Maxlite 5 19-Inch International carry-on , considered one of the lightest and most popular carry-ons on the market, weighs just 5.3 lbs. But It luggage did even better than that. Their most lightweight option – It Luggage World's Lightest 2-wheeled carry-on – weighs just 3.8 lbs, which is just unbelievable.

We looked around the web, and we couldn’t find anything lighter than their “World’s lightest” collection. In fact, we couldn’t even find any suitcase below 5lbs from any other brand. So it appears that their statement “World’s Lightest” may actually be true.

To save weight, they’ve used a ‘frameless’ design, thin fabric, and lightweight handles and wheels. Usually, fabric suitcases are reinforced with a strong wire or aluminum frame. It Luggage has opted to use fiberglass, which is even lighter.

Eight Wheels Instead of Four

On most of their suitcases, you’ll find double spinner wheels instead of regular ones. We’ve tested dozens of bags with single spinner wheels and dual spinner wheels, and we can say that the double ones are better. They’re more durable and roll smoother. That being said, as with most other affordable luggage brands, like Merax and Lucas , the wheels aren’t highly durable, so be as gentle as possible with them.

TSA-Approved Locks on some Hardside Suitcases

Most commonly, their hardside suitcases come with TSA-approved combination locks. For instance, the It Luggage Asteroid Spinner has TSA locks in all three sizes – carry-on, medium checked, and large checked.

These locks are nice if you’re looking to secure the contents of your bag because you don’t have to purchase a separate lock. Usually, TSA locks come only with bags that are over 100$, so it’s a nice feature to have on a bag that costs less. However, the It Luggage Quaint Hardside Carry-On doesn’t have a TSA lock, so you won’t find these locks on every hardside suitcase.

Wide Handles for More Space in the Main Compartment

All the models from the “World’s Lightest” collection have pretty wide retractable handles. By doing this, they’ve hidden the inner part of the handle in the corners of the main compartment. Usually, you get two rails in the middle of the suitcase, which are inefficient for maximizing the space in the main compartment.

That being said, this system isn’t so good for those who like to store their backpacks on top of their carry-on. Some bags come with rear straps that fit around retractable handles on suitcases. Because this handle is so wide, the strap doesn’t fit.

Basic Packing Features

In It Luggage’s suitcases, you won’t find any advanced packing features, like suiter compartments, toiletry pouches, shoe pockets, laundry bags, e.t.c. Essentially, you’ll get one or two inner pockets for organization, as well as several exterior pockets. Sometimes their suitcases come with compression straps that hold down your clothes. Also, on some of their hardside models, you’ll find expandable zippers that allow you to expand the bag for an additional 25% volume. But that’s it.

Despite having basic packing features, we’ve given them a reasonably high rating in features ( 12 out of 15 ). That’s almost solely due to their bags being so light. No other brand comes even close to It Luggage in weight.

Design (11/15)

Although It Luggage’s “World’s Lightest” collection looks pretty basic, some of their other models don’t.

For instance, the It Luggage Valiant 22-inch carry-on in Cream color with Almond Trim is pretty good-looking. It looks relatively similar to the Delsey Chatelet collection, which costs almost four times as much. And that’s not their only good-looking suitcase. They’ve also got a bunch of other not-that-popular bags which will turn some heads. (for instance, the It Luggage Metamorphic spinner carry-on. )

But then again, we think that they’ve done a pretty lousy job design-wise with some of their most basic models. At first glance, their most basic models look pretty cheap, and you can definitely tell they’re made in China, which is why we’ve rated their design only at 11 out of 15.

Warranty (5/10)

It Luggage’s suitcases come with a 10-year warranty. At first glance, you might think that it’s a pretty good deal, but in reality, it’s actually not. Their warranty terms are pretty bad, shipping isn’t covered, and we’ve found some bad stories about their support.

What’s Covered With the It Luggage’s 10-Year Warranty

As you can see, the warranty terms are pretty basic and don’t really cover anything serious. If, for instance, your wheel breaks off while the bag is checked-in, your best bet would be to get compensation from the airline for damaged luggage.

Also, we saw that some people complained that their support team is hard to get by. Some people said they hadn’t received any word for weeks, which is probably a red flag. It’s safe to assume that most of the time, you’d be better off by purchasing a new bag instead of trying to get in touch. But given their affordable pricing, you really shouldn’t expect much from their warranty anyway.

Price (9/10)

With It Luggage, you can expect to pay around:

These prices are slightly higher than Rockland but very similar to American Tourister and SwissGear.

In terms of value ( what quality and useability you’re getting for the price you’re paying, ) we’d say that It Luggage is actually a pretty good deal, and that’s especially true for their “World’s lightest” collection. If you’d be specifically looking for the world’s lightest carry-on, you’d expect it to cost at least 100$ when it’s almost half of that in reality.

How Does It Luggage Compare to Other Luggage Brands?

It Luggage ranks pretty highly amongst the affordable luggage brands. If we were to compare it to the other brands in a few words, we’d say that It Luggage is the middle option. It’s not ranking as highly as other brands in all aspects, yet it’s higher than most of the competition.

Regarding its reviews, It Luggage is not as great as Merax and Coolife, but it’s way above Lucas and SwissGear. This is mainly because It Luggage has a loyal fanbase, which keeps on buying their luggage. It Luggage also ranks somewhere in the middle when it comes to the design. While brands like Rockland and Merax offer vibrant colors and stunning designs, It Luggage keeps a more subtle and minimalistic look (in most cases), similar to SwissGear.

The main selling point of It Luggage’s suitcases is its value for money. Its warranty terms aren’t as good as American Tourister, but they’re nowhere near as bad as Rockland, while it still keeps a good rating in durability, with most customers keeping their suitcases for many years, similarly to SwissGear and American Tourister. This is exactly why It Luggage is such a great value for money. You’ll be getting solid luggage that should last you a fairly long time if you’re traveling for leisure at half the price (or even less) of what middle-class luggage from brands like Samsonite and Ricardo Beverly Hills costs.

So, while It Luggage isn’t the best in its price range, it’s still a fantastic choice. And, yes, you could get a greater suitcase from Coolife or American Tourister for a few extra dollars. But, the additional quality offered by the two brands might not be worth the extra money you’ll pay compared to It Luggage. So, if you want the best value for your money, It Luggage is your best bet in the affordable range.

Individual It Luggage Suitcase Reviews

Best overall: it luggage world's lightest new york medium checked.

It Luggage: 2022 Brand Review and Rating 1

Let’s start with the newest addition to the World’s Lightest collection. The It Luggage World’s Lightest New York checked suitcase is an affordable option, which comes with added durability. The suitcase is made from high-tensile polyester, which isn’t the best material out there, but it still does its job of making sure that the bag lasts for a few trips.

Compared to previous models of the collection, this one has a few extra features, like the sturdy fiberglass frame for additional protection and eight durable spinner wheels for easy maneuverability. You’ll also find a couple of pockets on the outside, which are great for documents or anything else that you’d need to get access to on a whim.

As we look inside, we’re greeted by the main compartment and a single mesh pocket. This might not seem like a lot, but the main compartment is pretty large, and it comes with two straps that’ll keep everything in place. The great thing about the World’s Lightest New York checked bag is that it comes in various colors.

So, overall, this checked suitcase by It Luggage is a good choice if you don’t travel frequently.

Runner-Up: It Luggage Encircle Medium Checked

It Luggage: 2022 Brand Review and Rating 2

It Luggage’s Encircle collection is similar to its World’s Lightest one. The It Luggage Encircle checked suitcase is a great option, as it comes with a few extra features compared to the World’s Lightest New York checked bag. The Encircle bag is made from polyester, just like the World’s Lightest one we reviewed above. However, this one doesn’t come with a fiberglass frame. But, this doesn’t seem to have a significant effect on the durability of this suitcase.

The main differences between the two suitcases are the wheels. The Encircle suitcase features an innovative wheel design known as Infinispin. This makes maneuvering the bag around effortless, and it adds additional durability to the wheels, which are usually the first thing to break in affordable luggage.

On the inside, the suitcase is nearly identical to the World’s Lightest New York bag. The only difference is that there are a couple of elastic pockets, along with the main compartment and the mesh pocket, where you can place some of your accessories. As always, there are a couple of tie-down straps to keep everything tight while the suitcase is being handled.

So, considering that the suitcase comes in a few different colors, it’s a great alternative to the World’s Lightest New York checked bag.

Best Hardside Carry-On: It Luggage Quaint Hardside Carry-On

It Luggage: 2022 Brand Review and Rating 3

The It Luggage Quaint carry-on was the only hardside suitcase from It Luggage that was worth a mention. Generally, It Luggage makes softside bags, so it was nice to find at least one great hardside carry-on. The suitcase is made from ABS, which isn’t the best, but it does its job well. Something that surprised us is the leather look of the suitcase, which makes the Quaint carry-on one of the most beautiful carry-ons by It Luggage.

Along with the retractable handle, the suitcase comes with a side and a top handle, making it much easier to carry around the bus or the train. The eight spinner wheels add some maneuverability as well. Despite looking cheap, the wheels are relatively durable, according to most customers.

The interior is nothing special since you’ll only find the main compartment and a mesh pocket. But, you’ll also be getting a couple of x-shaped straps to keep everything nice and tight.

Most of these features can be found in similar luggage, like the SwissGear Vaud 19-inch carry-on . The main aspect that makes the It Luggage Quaint carry-on stand out is its price. You’ll usually find this bag for under $60!

So, if you’re looking for a cheap hardside carry-on, this is your best bet.

Best Premium Softside Carry-On: It Luggage World's Lightest Los Angeles Carry-On

It Luggage: 2022 Brand Review and Rating 4

The It Luggage World’s Lightest Los Angeles carry-on is much better than many other softside carry-ons in the affordable range. Like the World’s Lightest New York models, this one is made from high-tensile polyester, and it also has a sturdy fiberglass frame for extra durability.

On the outside, the suitcase has two pockets for all the travel essentials you need (passport, tickets, ID, e.t.c), as well as side and top handles making it easier to carry it around no matter what method of transportation you’re using. The bag also comes with a relatively large retractable handle and two wheels on the back, all of which add to its maneuverability.

As we delve deeper into the bag, we’re met with the main compartment and four mesh pockets that you can use to split up your clothes from your shoes and your accessories. And, once you add to that a great variety of colors, you get an excellent affordable softside carry-on.

Overall, the World’s Lightest Los Angeles carry-on is a fantastic option for a week-long trip. Alternatively, you could opt for the SwissGear 4010 18-inch carry-on , which doesn’t offer as much space but is pretty good.

Best Affordable Softside Carry-On: It Luggage Sprightful World's Lightest

It Luggage: 2022 Brand Review and Rating 5

This is another model from It Luggage’s World’s Lightest collection. The It Luggage Sprightful World’s Lightest carry-on is a great affordable option, which comes with all the features you’d expect from a World’s Lightest suitcase. The suitcase is made from polyester and features a fiberglass frame. We’ve already talked about the durability of similar models above, so we’ll just say that this bag isn’t the most durable, but it does its job well.

On the exterior and the interior, you’ll see some features that are identical to some of the models we reviewed above. A couple of pockets on the outside, with the main compartment and a mesh pocket on the inside, along with eight spinner wheels and handles for seamless carrying around, are just some of these features.

The best thing about this suitcase is that it’s pretty cheap. And while it may lack features that you’d find in carry-ons from similar brands, like the American Tourister Belle Voyage 21-inch carry-on , it’s also much more affordable than them. So, the It Luggage Sprightful World’s Lightest carry-on is a great value for your money.

Best Underseater: It Luggage The Lite Intrepid Underseater

It Luggage: 2022 Brand Review and Rating 6

Underseat luggage isn’t usually your first choice when you think of buying a suitcase. But, luggage like the It Luggage The Lite is excellent for a weekend trip since it can hold a fair share of clothes, and you won’t need to check it in. This bag is made from polyester, as with most affordable luggage.

This specific underseater is mainly targeted at those who want to get your laptop along with you on a trip since it comes with a special pocket for it. But, you could also fit in some of your clothes or accessories.

The bag has numerous pockets, both on the outside and on the inside, making it even better if you want to bring some accessories along on your weekend-trip, or if you’re going to bring electronic devices on a more extended trip. Add to this two sets of spinner wheels and a retractable handle, and you have a very neat underseater.

If you’re looking for an underseater that will hold a large number of clothes, you should opt for the American Tourister 4 Kix . Otherwise, the It Luggage The Lite is an amazing choice.

Best luggage brands in 2022 compared in a chart

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Alexios Georgakopoulos

IT Luggage Reviews – Suitcases Packed With Smart Design

Like every frequent flyer, you probably dream of finding the perfect suitcase for an affordable price. But you also probably realize that a great suitcase usually costs an arm and a leg…like a Samsonite. But it doesn’t always have to be that way!

In this review, we’ll check out a particularly interesting luggage brand – IT Luggage. I have personally reviewed dozens of luggage brands on this site, so why does this one stand out? Well, they are one of the rare brands that actually strives to be creative in luggage design. Their frameless suitcases are the perfect example of that. As are their extra-wide handles.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks

Intrigued? You should be. I always appreciate brands who try new things more than those who simply copy the high-end brands and stick to the same old things. So, let’s check out some of the best IT Luggage suitcases, and see whether or not they are worth your money.

Top Product Overview

It hardshell suitcases.

In this section, we will check out the top hardshell choices from IT Luggage. All of the suitcases that you’re about to see have great reviews from satisfied customers and they came out on top when compared to some other luggage from this brand. They obviously aren’t your only hardshell options, but they certainly are the best.

Duraliton Apollo Suitcase

it luggage Duraliton Apollo, Zinfandel, Carry-On 21-Inch

The Apollo suitcase is one of the innovative pieces of luggage from this brand. It is  made of Duraliton – an ultra-strong and lightweight material, which consists of two layers of Polycarbonate. And the specs of this luggage are proof of this since these are  some of the most lightweight IT Luggage products I’ve seen.

In addition to that, the Duraliton Apollo collection is equipped with  double spinner wheels,  which give you great maneuverability of your suitcase. And the  telescopic wheel handle has a button that allows you to lock it into position  when it’s fully extended. Overall, you can expect that wheeling these around the airport will be a piece of cake.

One downside of these suitcases is that  they don’t have any locks . So, you can’t have complete peace of mind when it comes to the security of your stuff. But you can always purchase a zipper padlock if you feel uncomfortable buying luggage without a lock.

The interior of the Apollo is fully lined, and it is divided into  two packing compartments . The bottom compartment has elastic cross straps that are supposed to keep your clothes in place. And sadly, it doesn’t have any pockets.

On the other hand, the top compartment has  a full zippered divide r, which sports a large mesh pocket and a smaller slip pocket. Which are some good organizational features.

Check the links below to see the Duraliton Apollo collection on Amazon:

Product Information

Asteroid Suitcase

it luggage Asteroid 8-Wheel Hardside Expandable Spinner, Rose Red, 3-Piece Set

The Asteroid luggage collection is  made of 100% Polycarbonate,  so you can expect these suitcases to be really  lightweight and durable.  Additionally, the shell also features a ribbed design, which will make all the scuffs and scratches less noticeable. Especially if you get the suitcase in a darker color.

Unfortunately, they don’t have reinforced corners . I find this to be an important impact-resistance factor since the corners of your suitcases are often the first parts to get dented or broken. The material itself is sturdy enough that this shouldn’t happen, but you can’t be 100% sure that it won’t happen.

But not to worry – in case the shell of your PC suitcase gets broken, you can easily repair it yourself.

Other features of this suitcase include  double spinner wheels, a retractable telescopic wheel handle, firm and comfortable grab handles, and a TSA-friendly combination lock . Overall, nothing really surprising there – just the features that you expect from any good hardside suitcase.

Inside the Asteroid, you have t wo packing compartments . The bottom compartment has a small zippered pocket, as well as a pair of elastic cross straps that will keep your stuff in place. And in the top compartment, you have a full panel zippered divider with a large mesh pocket. Oh, and the capacity of these suitcases is expandable by about 3 inches,  which is certainly a bonus.

Check the links below to see the Asteroid suitcases on Amazon:

Metamorphic Suitcase

it luggage Metamorphic 8 Wheel Hardside Suitcases with TSA Lock, Chocolate Aubergine, Carry-On 22-Inch

The Metamorphic suitcase has a very unique shell design. This goes in its favor since any scuffs or scratches your suitcase might get won’t be nearly as visible as they would on a smooth outer shell. And by the way, that shell is made of pure Polycarbonate, which speaks volumes about the durability and sturdiness of this suitcase.

One thing I have to tell you is that there’s currently some ridiculous sale on Amazon – the smallest Metamorphic suitcase is 70% off right now. So, if you are interested in the suitcase, you definitely will not want to pass up that deal! And how could you not be interested in this lightweight hardshell with  double spinner wheels, expandable capacity, and a TSA-friendly lock?

These suitcases are also equipped with  telescopic wheel handles, which feature a push-button that locks them into position. And also a pair of soft grab handles – one on the top and one on the side.

When you open up this suitcase, you see that you have two packing compartments with a total of three pockets . Two are on the  full-panel zippered divider in the top compartment , while one of them rests in the bottom compartment, and keeps company to the elastic cross straps. Nothing new and innovative there – but that’s not always a bad thing.

Check the links below to see the Metamorphic suitcases on Amazon:

Crusader Suitcase

it luggage Crusader Hardside 8-Wheel Spinner, Silver, Checked-Large 31-Inch

This IT Luggage suitcase is available in three sizes, as well as a value set. And honestly, it’s one of my favorites from their entire range.  Why? Because  it is a zipperless suitcase . I have said this already, and I’ll say it another million times – zipperless luggage is much safer than zippered luggage. That’s because anyone can break open your locked zippered suitcase with a ballpoint pen.

Now, I do think that the design of this suitcase is a rip-off of  the Rimowa Topas . But in a good way – the Topas is one of the best and most expensive suitcases that money can buy. If the IT luggage is even half as good as it, then it’s more than worth your money. And with the aluminum frame, 100% Polycarbonate construction, and double spinner wheels,  I think it comes pretty close.

Polycarbonate is generally a pretty durable and impact-resistant material. But I really like the addition of the  corner guards  on this suitcase, since they make it even sturdier. And you will need all the sturdiness you can get if you want your suitcase to survive multiple flights.

The interior of the suitcase is priceless – you get  a divider with pocket(s) in each compartment , which allows for great organization. Just keep in mind that  the capacity of the Crusader is not expandable,  due to the TSA latch closure. So don’t go crazy with souvenirs on your trip – you might not have enough space for all of them.

Signature Suitcase

it luggage Signature 8-Wheel Hardside Expandable, Charcoal Gray, 3-Piece Set (21/28/31)

The Signature suitcases feature a  100% Polycarbonate construction in a few different colors.

As for the features of these suitcases, all of them have  double spinner wheels, a telescopic wheel handle with a locking push button, and expandable capacity. They  also come with TSA-approved combination locks,  so they’re a great option if you want your luggage to be perfectly secure.

The interior of the Signature is divided into  two compartments;  the top compartment features a zippered divider with two pockets, while the bottom compartment has elastic cross straps and a small zippered pocket.

All the Signature suitcases are also expandable, like many of the IT luggage range. This particular model expands 2.5 inches so you can either pack more, or bring a few gifts home from your trip.

Check the links below to see the Signature suitcases on Amazon:

IT Frameless Suitcases

This luggage is particularly interesting due to its unique build. All of these suitcases feature frameless construction, which means that even if they get dented, their shells will pop back. And that’s pretty awesome! You won’t have to worry about any scratches or scuffs on this IT Luggage.

*Note:  Currently, the two suitcase collections featured in this review are only available as value sets. No frameless suitcases can be purchased individually.  Additionally, there is no information on their exact dimensions and weights.

Impact Frameless Suitcase

it luggage Impact Frameless 4 Wheel Spinner Set, Dark Gull Grey

The Impact suitcases are pretty cool frameless suitcases. They come with a cool ripple/wave-like exterior which is great for hiding any scuffs or damage. Something that is bound to happen when you travel.

Honestly, if you didn’t know that these were frameless suitcases, you would think they were just basic hardshells. They have  double spinner wheels, a TSA-friendly lock, a couple of grab handles, and a telescopic wheel handle. Pretty standard features.

But these have the benefit of the “indestructible shell” made from high-density EVA foam – it can’t be scratched, dented, or broken, which is pretty awesome if you ask me!

The Impact cases also feature  two fully lined packing compartments with expandable capacity.  The top one has a full zippered divider, with a mesh zippered pocket and a smaller slip pocket on it. The bottom compartment, on the other hand, features elastic cross straps. There are no pockets inside it.

Overall, if you want to try out something new, I would definitely recommend these frameless suitcases. You kind of get the best of both worlds – the lightweight and features of the hardshell, plus the durability of a softshell. And you wouldn’t have to worry about scratches and dents ever again, which is priceless!

IT Softshell Suitcases

The softside suitcases from IT Luggage actually feature the most innovative designs. So, that’s what we’ll mostly be talking about in this section. We will also check out their best regular softside suitcases, in order to cover as much of their range as possible.

Los Angeles Suitcase

it luggage World's Lightest Los Angeles Softside Upright, Black/White, Carry-On 22-Inch

The Los Angeles suitcase is as glamourous as the city that it was named by. For one thing, these suitcases are surprisingly lightweight, with the carry-on being under 5 lbs. And that’s impressive, especially if you consider that all the suitcases have  a fiberglass frame  inside.

But, what is even better is that the LA collection features  extra-wide wheel handles, which are more comfortable than the regular telescopic ones.

I was never any good at physics, so I can’t precisely explain why that is. But it has something to do with how the weight of the suitcase is transferred to the handle when you’re pulling it around.  And the wider the handle, the lighter the bag feels and the more comfortable you are .

Which will certainly come in handy, since this luggage features plain  in-line skate wheels  that require you to tilt your suitcase and drag it around.

Just like on other softsides, the LA suitcases have  a single packing compartment.  Which features  tie-down straps and four mesh slip pockets on the top flap.  In addition to that, you also get two external zip pockets, which are perfect for any stuff you want to have easily accessible. I love that – external pockets are pretty much the only reason why I still genuinely like using soft shell suitcases.

Check the links below to see the Los Angeles suitcases on Amazon:

Megalite Fascia Suitcase

it luggage Fascia 8 Wheel Lightweight Semi Expander Large with TSA Lock Suitcase, Moroccan Blue, 56 cm

The Megalite Fascia is a collection of  sleek, softside suitcases.  And, even though they aren’t really famous for their innovative design, they are equipped with some great features. Like  the double spinner wheels and the TSA-friendly lock. That’s right – these are the best softside suitcases for all of you who want to travel in style, but also knowing that your luggage is 100% secure.

They are really lightweight, but definitely not lighter than the Los Angeles collection. However, these suitcases have an expandable capacity  – something that the previous collection was missing. There is a downside to this feature, though;  the zipper for expansion is the front of the suitcase.

This means that when you decide to use it, there is a chance the suitcase is going to get bulky and tip a little to the front.  Obviously, that ultimately depends on the amount of stuff you pack inside it.

The interior of this suitcase features  a single packing compartment with tie-down strap s  to keep your clothes in place. And there are also two pockets on the top flap, in addition to two external pockets.

Overall, these are some really good suitcases for the price. They are easy to maneuver around, great for organization and they will keep your stuff pretty secure. And you thought you would have to make compromises on some of these features!

Check the links below to see the Megalite Fascia suitcases on Amazon:

Debonair Suitcase

it luggage World's Lightest Debonair 22.5' 8 Wheel Spinner

The Debonair suitcases are like the perfect combination of the previous two collections. They are  remarkably lightweight and have double spinner wheels, as well as an innovative wheel handle .

I think the combination of those two features will make moving these around feel like fun, and not like a dreadful and painful task. Oh, and t he handles on these suitcases can be locked into position,  unlike the ones on the LA luggage.

The wide handle also means that you won’t have to deal with tubes sticking out inside the packing compartment. Which ultimately means more space for your clothes! You also get  two tie-down straps inside, to keep all of your things firmly in place,  as well as a large zippered mesh pocket.

But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. For one thing, the  Debonair suitcases don’t have an expandable capacity , and what you see is what you get. Additionally,  they also don’t have any locks , so the safety of your items is questionable. And if you ask me, I would have loved to see a couple more pockets for better organization.

Check the links below to see the Debonair suitcases on Amazon:

Quilte Suitcase

it luggage Quilte Lightweight Expandable Spinner, Purple, Carry-On 22-Inch

The Quilte collection is one of the best-selling softshell collections from IT Luggage. No surprises there, since these are really some top-notch suitcases. They are  lightweight, have double spinner wheels, a retractable wheel handle, and expandable capacity.  And that is on top of their stylish design!

The interior of these suitcases is fully lined, and the main compartment is pretty spacious. However, you will have to deal with the  protrusion of the telescopic wheel handle inside  it.

Additionally, there is a large zippered pocket on the closure flap, as well as a large external zippered compartment for any last-minute necessities. Overall, in terms of organization, it’s a decent suitcase. Definitely not the best out of the bunch.

And there are also some downsides to the Quilte. For one thing, forget about a lock  – you will have to get a padlock for the zipper pullers if you want your belongings to stay safe when you part with them.

What’s even worse,  the zipper for expansion is to the front . And the suitcase bulges when expanded, and goes over the front wheels. So,  there is a good chance that it won’t be able to stand upright and that it will tilt to the side if you fully pack it when expanded.

Check the links below to see the Quilte collection on Amazon:

Duotone Suitcase

it luggage Duotone 4 Wheel Lightweight, Grenadine/Dark Blue, 3-Piece Set

The Duotone collection is also very popular. But unfortunately,  I can’t tell you the exact specifications of these suitcases since they are not listed anywhere. I can, however, tell you that the smallest suitcase is 18” tall with the wheels and wheel handle and that it’s the perfect size for a carry-on. Since it is under 20”, you shouldn’t have any problem with bringing it inside the cabin on airlines all over the world.

What I can tell you about these suitcases is that they are made of high-density polyester, which is a pretty durable material . They are also equipped with  single spinner wheels, a telescopic wheel handle with a push-button that locks it into position, and a couple of sturdy grab handles .

Oh and a pair of zippered external pockets on the front of the suitcase, which will definitely come in handy to all the forgetful packers!

The interior of the Duotone is  fully lined and equipped with tie-down straps  to keep your clothes in place. There aren’t any pockets inside the packing compartment itself, but there is a large zippered mesh pocket on the closure flap of the suitcase.

Sadly, the Duotone luggage is  not equipped with any locks,  so you would have to take the security of your belongings into your own hands. And the capacity of these suitcases is not expandable, so pack wisely!

What To Look For In IT Luggage

Design innovations.

Suitcases from this brand are actually pretty different from many others on the market. They have some patented features that are intriguing, at the very least.

Like the really wide wheel handle, which makes it that much easier to maneuver your suitcase. Because, with an extra-wide handle, you don’t really feel the entire weight of your suitcase.

Another interesting design innovation is their link luggage systems. These allow you to attach multiple suitcases to one another so that you can wheel them around with just one hand. And I think that’s pretty useful – how many times did you find yourself in a situation where you literally needed an extra hand to get all your stuff from point A to point B?

Duraliton is also one of their innovative materials. It’s basically just two sheets of Polycarbonate, which means that your Duraliton suitcase will be extra tough and durable.

And last, but certainly not the least, are their frameless suitcases. And you can read more about those in the following section! :>

Hardshell Vs. Softshell Vs. Frameless

The age-old debate. But this time we have another fighter in the ring – the frameless suitcase. And honestly, I would probably get this one, just out of pure intrigue.

I’ll tell you more about frameless in a later section. For now, you should know that these are suitcases that are made of thick foam, which offers great impact resistance. Plus, foam can’t really be broken – even if your suitcase gets dented, it will pop back to its original shape.

And I think that’s a huge upside. A downside is that you can cut through it pretty easily, so it doesn’t guarantee the safety of your luggage.

Now in terms of softshell vs. hardshell, it’s pretty simple. I generally recommend hardshell luggage for airplane travel, since it is more durable and impact resistant. Softshells are more likely to get squished or torn when faced with tough love from baggage handlers.

But if you mostly travel by trains, busses or car, then a softshell is a good choice for you. You’ll have more space inside it, better organizational capabilities, and you don’t have to worry about the weight of your suitcase that much. I would definitely suggest you check out some of their innovative softshells, since they really deserve a chance.

External Vs. Internal Dimensions

Every suitcase has two dimensions – the internal and the external ones. The internal dimensions refer to the size of the packing compartment of your suitcase. On the other hand, external dimensions are the dimensions of a suitcase including the wheels and the handles.

Airlines take the latter into consideration when determining whether to treat your suitcase as a carry-on or as a checked bag. Now, the thing is that pretty much every airline has its own standards for a carry-on suitcase. Some will accept your 24” suitcase inside the cabin, while others will make you check even the 20” one.

If you want to be 100% sure that you will always be able to use your suitcase as a carry-on (worldwide), I suggest you go for a suitcase whose external height doesn’t exceed 18”.

Learning how to pack in so little space for longer trips is going to be a challenge, but it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

The Warranty

IT Luggage offers a 10-year warranty to all of their customers, which sounds amazing. But if you read the fine print you will see that the warranty applies only to manufacturing defects. The damage that your suitcase suffers in transit is not covered by the warranty, so it’s pretty much useless.

The chances that you are going to get a suitcase with a manufacturing defect are very slim. And even if you do, great you can replace it. But chances that your suitcase is going to get scuffed/dented/broken on a flight are higher, and not even because of the quality of the luggage.

It’s because of the way airline staff treats your luggage – and the manufacturers are well aware of that. This is why the warranty doesn’t cover any damage airlines inflicted on your luggage.

Now the (sort of) good news is that this is something most manufacturers practice. So, it’s not like IT Luggage is offering a sub-par warranty. But, they do have sub-par customer service, so avoid contacting them unless you really need to.

IT Luggage: Final Thoughts And Favorite Buys

We’ve checked out a lot of suitcases in this review. And if you still aren’t sure what the best option for you is, here are my top three choices.

Out of all the hardshells , I would say that the Asteroid is the best option . It’s very durable and affordable and has the ability to expand a full 3 inches, which is impressive. And this suitcase also features double spinner wheels, a retractable wheel handle, a divider in the packing compartments, along a bunch of pockets inside. Overall, it is my favorite choice.

it luggage Crusader Hardside 8-Wheel Spinner, Almondine, 3-Piece Set (21/26/31)

We only talked about two frameless suitcases,  and I would definitely recommend the Impact . It has spinner wheels, a telescopic wheel handle, a couple of sturdy carry handles, and the classic interior of a hardshell suitcase. But the EVA foam shell construction means that you will never have to worry about your suitcase getting scratched or scuffed again! How’s that for innovation?

When it comes to softshells and innovation , I think that the Los Angeles suitcase stands out the most . I love the fact that its wide handle means that you get a more spacious packing compartment since the barrels don’t protrude inside it.

This luggage is remarkably lightweight, which is perfect if you tend to pack a lot of clothes whenever you go away. You might miss the spinner wheels and a TSA lock, but the attractive price tag makes up for them!

it luggage World's Lightest Los Angeles Softside Upright, Persian Red, 3-Piece Set (22/29/32)

And that’s it! Overall these are some pretty good suitcases for their prices. Be sure to check those out on Amazon – most of them are currently discounted, so it’s the perfect time to try them out for a bargain!

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Established in 1985, It Luggage have been focused on designing luggage that meets traveller's needs for over 35 years. Our dedicated in-house design team produces over 100 new styles every year, and their innovation and imagination sets us apart from other luggage manufacturers. Recognised throughout the world as a leader in travel industry, we offer exceptional value, modern design, and excellent quality.

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IT LUGGAGE 5 star review on 8th March 2023

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Guarantee useless

The luggage was advertised as coming with a 10 year guarantee, and It go on a whole song and dance of how great their guarantee is. A number of years after purchase, the handle stopped retracting so I decided to make a claim on the guarantee. After filling out a long-winded guarantee claim form which took ages, submitting multiple pictures, It contacted me some days later blaming the defect as “wear and tear” and are refusing to honour the guarantee which was sold with their product.

Date of experience : March 17, 2023

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Awful experience, grossly unreliable.

Failed to deliver my luggage on time despite calling the delivery 'next day' (it came 3 days later). I then organised a return, I wasted a whole day waiting, they failed to collect the item. Plus, they make you pay for returns. So I am paying for the privilege of delayed delivery and failed collection. Awful service.

Date of experience : March 01, 2023

Reply from Itluggage

Hi Christina - We are so sorry about this! Please could you email us again with your order number, and we will look into this further for you. Thank you so much!

First class customer services

First class customer services The wheel on my suitcase fell off did not have receipt or tag but contacted Customer services and they ordered them from china they then sent full set of wheels with no charge Suitcase is back to full use Would def recommend these suitcases and their customer service's

Date of experience : March 15, 2023

That is great! Happy travelling :)

Excellent customer care

I approached Itluggage in February this year regarding my suitcase. One of the wheels of the suitcase had fallen off in January. I explained my circumstances in an e-mail to the company and got a very prompt reply. My request to replace the suitcase had been approaved and I was given a choice of suitcases to choose a replacement from. I never expected such a quick, nice and helpful service. I was really impressed by it. Soon after that I received my new suitcase by post. All my family members were also impressed. Thank you to the company and it's employees for perfect customer care and benevolent attitude to customers. Good luck in your business.

Date of experience : February 02, 2023

Thank you so much for your kind words Marina! :)

Very excellent customer service team

Very excellent customer service team. They are very good a responding. I had a slight issue with some wheels which is rare. They replaced them straight away for me!

Date of experience : March 07, 2023

Lost a star as I was initially sent the…

Lost a star as I was initially sent the wrong item. Great customer service and they responded promptly. Kept me upto date with what was going on and about a turn around of a week to get the correct item me

Hi Julie, we are so sorry you received an incorrect item! I am glad to hear the team resolved this quick for you. Thank you for your patience during this! :)

Awful Customer Service - Warranty Worthless

I purchase a hard-shell suitcase collection, and the large case was faulty and developed a crack in first use. I asked for a refund and was then told my case was not in stock and so could I choose a replacement - fair enough. BUT - I was told I could told that I could only choose a case of value up to £70. The problem is that there is NO large, hard-shell case with a lock on their site; compatible cases are all £80-£90. Despite my protests, the customer service insisted that I can only choose a £70 case even though there is nothing compatible to the case I am replacing. Warranty therefore does NOT replace what you have lost; a somewhat worthless warranty in my scenario. For the sake of £10, the company is content to ignore it's customers experience or satisfaction. So disappointed, will not buy again. (#IT18610).

Hi, I am so sorry to hear this. Please drop us another email with your order number, and we will look into this for you!

Customer Service & Warranty Depts.

I have used my lightweight IT Cabin Case for about 5 years until 2 Wheels malfunctioned. The response from USA Customer Service and Warranty Department was outstanding and I received replacement wheels to enable me to continue using this excellent Product. It was all quickly dealt with by very responsive Staff and I will look for any new Cases in the future from IT Product range. John Dowson

Date of experience : February 28, 2023

Thank you so much John for your nice review!

If only more companies were LIKE IT SUITCASES

Fantastic service phoned on Friday 3/3/23 to say that the zip had broken on my suitcase I was asked for a picture,proof of purchase was told no spare parts available so we will send you a replacement.sent me email with pictures of suitcase’s to choose from sent back reply on the 6/3/23 and blow me a new case arrived midday on the 8/3/23 thank you very good service.

Date of experience : March 08, 2023

Hi David, thank you so much! We are always here to help :)

Customer service was great - replacement bag

I purchased my luggage a couple of years ago. After appearing a crack on the outer body of the luggage. I contacted It and sent pictures along with the receipt. They sent me multiple pieces of similar luggage to choose a new one from. I selected one from the given list. they sent the new one out promptly. I was really impressed as they replaced the luggage and sent it to me very quickly.

This is great! Happy travelling Rupesh!

Luggage Replacement

I purchased my luggage piece a couple of years ago. After using it on 4 flights a wheel was broken. I contacted It and they had me send in pictures and the receipt. They sent me multiple pieces of similar luggage to choose a new one from. I chose one similar to the one I had. They did require that I pay for shipping of the new which which was $30, but sent the new one out promptly. I was thankful they would replace the luggage piece.

Thank you for your review! Happy travelling :)

I purchased my IT suitcase

I purchased my IT suitcase, and the wheels broke off, needless to say, the bag was a bit heavy. This was in 2020, and it is only now, in 2023, that after multiple emails to IT customer service and being persistent that they finally shipped my replacement luggage. Granted, COVID was a factor, but I had a really difficult time with IT customer service and had to keep reminding them to send me the replacement. I am happy to say that the replacement they sent is excellent, but the three years of back and forth was unacceptable.

Date of experience : April 08, 2022

Hi Ken, we are so sorry this process took longer than expected! I am glad to hear you have received your replacement and are happy with this! Happy travelling :)

After sales service is excellent. I have two “it” suitcases purchased…

I have two “it” suitcases purchased seven years ago and are perfect for my travels but unfortunately two of the wheels failed recently on one of the cases. I contacted itluggage to see if they could help and they have been better than excellent, managed to locate some wheels and have kept me informed with everything that has happened, so efficient. If only all companies were this good, they certainly set a standard that all companies should aim for, everyone I have dealt with has been brilliant, thank you David

Date of experience : March 03, 2023

Hi Dave, That is great! Thank you so much for your kind words :)

Great service

Great service - Spare wheel order - wrong set supplied but resolved quickly and at no further cost / quibble -

Hi Sean - Firstly, we are so sorry you were sent the incorrect wheels, but glad to hear this was resolved smoothly and quickly for you! Happy travelling :)

Faulty case, absolutely appalling customer service

The extendable handle of the suitcase does not stay locked in place at the lower height setting and continues to rise when the suitcase is moved using the handle without the button being pressed in. The response to my emailing detailing this fault was "The top button on the handle needs to be pressed down when pulling the handle up and down, as this releases the metal poles to move", which is the opposite of the problem with the suitcase; I want the handle to stop moving when the button is released. I have so far sent 3 videos showing this & customer services are saying it's not sufficient evidence that the suitcase is faulty. I have therefore sent 5 more, although as there's a limited number of ways to video a handle moving these are not significantly different to the first ones and will no doubt still be considered insufficient evidence of the fault. I travel a lot for work & I've had a number of IT Luggage suitcases over the years, but I will certainly not be purchasing any more in the future

Date of experience : March 10, 2023

Hi Sam - I am sorry to hear this. Please kindly email us on [email protected] with the subject as 'Trustpilot' and we will look into this for you!

What excellent and outstanding service…

What excellent and outstanding service from this company. Kristina promptly sorted out, at first, replacement parts for our suitcase. Then efficiently organised a new suitcase for us under warranty. Such special customer service rarely experienced in this day and age. We totally recommend Itluggage.

Date of experience : February 21, 2023

Thank you so much for your lovely words John! So glad we have been helpful :)

I have purchased 2 IT suitcases…

I have purchased 2 IT suitcases recently from primark and are having problems with both of them. They don’t seem to wheel properly on all four wheels. 1 of the wheels just doesn’t move one each case, making it difficult to move. I don’t have the hang tags any more to claim on the 10 year warranty, because who keeps that? I think I need up to my luggage game because IT don’t seem to cut it any more!

We are sorry to read you are disappointed with this experience. We do advise all customers to please ensure to keep proof of purchase such as a till receipt, invoice, or an online order confirmation (Bank/credit card statements are not accepted as proof of purchase), as without which, claims will not be valid. So sorry!

Disappointed by customer service - Kristina

I was falsely told luggage would be coming back in stock within a few days and have waited several weeks and it hasn't appeared. When I got back in touch I was told it came in stock and is sold out and won't be resold. This is untrue as I had alerts on for when the product was going to be back in stock. The product also still says coming soon and not sold out. I have since emailed for an update and I am being ignored. I should have just ordered a Tripp suitcase.

Date of experience : February 20, 2023

Hi Roshan, We are sorry you are not satisfied with our customer service. Our team were advising you of the correct information at the time, but we are sorry the suitcase you were interested in, did not come back into stock. I can see a member of the team had emailed you back regarding this query! Please check your junk mail as this may have ended up in there! :)

Had a problem with a broken zip pull

Had a problem with a broken zip pull on a suitcase we've had for a while but barely used. It was out of warranty but they sent a replacement part by next post. (A little concerned in case we break the padlock hoop so haven't tried to fix yet - building up our nerve) Excellent service from Susanna and Kristina in customer services. A UK company with UK support office which made life easier.

Date of experience : February 06, 2023

So glad we were helpful!

AVOID! Terrible customer service and worse delivery

I'm sure the bags are fine, but my experience with delivery and customer service was absolutely awful. Safe to say I will not be using this company again. I ordered a large luggage bag on next day delivery for a holiday. After paying a premium for fast delivery, 3 DAYS LATER it had not arrived. As I was leaving the next day, I made other arrangements and contacted the company, requesting they cancel the order. As I was going to be away, I could not accept the delivery and it wasn't fair to leave such a large item with a neighbour for over a week. On the tracking, I could see the item had not left its original location - I assume it was still with the sender. Customer service said it was coming regardless, no apology, ignored my request to cancel the order, no attempt at helping me resolve the issue and expected me to somehow accept the delivery. When I arrived back from holiday I collected the item, to find it was something completely different to what I had ordered!!! Couldn't make it up. To add, they are charging me to return it. What a joke. ItLuggage have below claimed that the luggage was then 'delivered at the time requested', which is false. According to Yodel (which ItLuggage have blamed for these issues) the package was with the sender at the time, and could have been cancelled. In an email reply from ItLuggage customer service, they have claimed that my points are 'untrue', and continue to evade responsibility for my experience. Avoid.

Date of experience : February 27, 2023

Hi Jess - we are very sorry to hear your delivery was late. Your order was made on a weekend via next day delivery, and therefore should have been delivered 2 days later, but we are aware that this was delayed by a day. I can see the team had refunded your shipping due to this, and had spoken with Yodel regarding the delivery. The team had apologised for this inconvenience and advised they could not cancel your order as this was then delivered at the time requested. We cannot locate any emails from yourself to explain you have received an incorrect item, as you had requested to return the item you ordered. If you have received an incorrect item, please do email us to let us know and kindly send a photograph of this. Our returns policy is on our website for more information if required. Once again, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Is IT Luggage Good? It Luggage Review 2023

We may receive a small commission (with no additional cost to you) if you purchase an item from the links in this page, we really appreciate it

So is IT Luggage a good brand? And why are IT luggage bags popular?

IT luggage ( Short for International Traveler ) is known for producing high-quality, durable luggage, the brand has a wide range of products, including hard-shell spinner suitcases, soft-sided duffel bags, and various other types of luggage and travel bags.

They also have a wide range of designs and color options available to suit different tastes.

In this It luggage review we will be looking at all what It luggage has to offer, the key attributes of their luggage, features, quality and warranty, so you can decide easily if the IT luggage is the right brand for you.

Let’s dive right in.

Is It Luggage A Good Brand-02

we may receive a small commission (with no additional cost to you) if you purchase an item from the links in this page.

Does IT Luggage Make Good Luggage?

Let’s look at some features of the International Traveler Luggage and what efforts they put on their luggage quality.

We will also review their customer reactions, warranty and pair them with other competitors.

Durability and Quality

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Is IT Luggage durable?

IT luggage uses high-tensile fabric, which is a lightweight fabric for soft-sided bags and the ultra-strong ABS for hard-side suitcases which is thinner and lighter compared to other brands.

IT  luggage becomes the way to go for many travelers due its simplicity and cool designs, the majority do not focus on the quality as much as the weight especially if they are not traveling frequently.

So if you are not a frequent flier, like traveling for work, your IT luggage can last for around 5 to 8 years.

Design and Features

Many IT Luggage suitcases have wide and multiple compartments for organization and easy packing.

The suitcases also include interior zippered pockets, shoe compartments, and even built-in laundry bags. 

The luggage also often feature multi-stage telescoping handles and smooth rolling wheels for easy maneuverability.

The IT hard-sided suitcases can weigh less than 6 pounds / 2.72 kilogram, which is the lightest luggage in the market.

Soft-sided suitcases can weigh less than 4 pounds/ 1.81 kilograms.

I’ve compared several suitcase weights with other brands. The IT luggage really scores high in its weight test.

So if you’re looking for a lightweight carry-on, IT Luggage is your best bet.

Check out more about the IT luggage suitcases on this video by Veena V.

An affordable luggage brand.

IT luggage prices range between $50 to $200 which make them a competitive price for other affordable brands, like Rockland or American Tourister.

For me they are generally considered to be fairly priced for the quality of materials and construction, and the useful features that they offer.

They are also often considered to be more affordable than some other high-end luggage brand in the market.

Searching for the perfect carry-on for your next trip? Check out this best selling it luggage Duo-Tone 22″ Softside Carry-On on Amazon

The IT luggage suitcases have a 10 years warranty which covers only the manufacturing defects.

The company stated that they offer only 10 years because they trust their quality and the luggage is tested under rigorous situations.

Unfortunately IT luggage will not cover airlines damage which is the most common situation of luggage damage, unlike Briggs and Riley.

A customer recommends it luggage on twitter

Reading reviews is important before getting a new bag.

I checked several websites, to see what people are saying about their IT luggage suitcases and found that some people are complaining about some basic defects, like zippers or handlers.

You can see the rating for the suitcases in the table below, which is just a little below 5 stars, and I don’t think any brand will ever get a stable 5 stars.

Why are IT luggage Bags Popular And What Is So Special About Them?

The IT luggage brand has established a brand that provides simple,affordable and the world lightest quality luggage.

You can notice that ins this 21.8″ World’s Lightest Los Angeles 2 Wheel Carry On is different in its design, especially the handles and the fabric.

The brand is more like a traditional luggage company, but they are really doing good work.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by it luggage (@itluggage)

Best IT Luggage Suitcases

If you are looking for lightweight luggage, then just go for IT luggage.

IT Luggage is good also and pretty solid, but not the most durable in the market like Briggs and Riley.

The majority of IT luggage owners prefer the carry-on collections, checked luggage can be damaged easily with the airlines unlike carry-on luggage which you can take with you onboard and take care of it all the time.

We hope this helps.

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it luggage reviews

it luggage reviews

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It Luggage Review

it luggage reviews

It Luggage is an affordable luggage brand that has gained a loyal customer base worldwide. This isn’t surprising since they produce creative luggage designs catered towards travelers. From hardshell or softshell to lightweight and expandable, this brand has a wide variety of suitcases you’ll want to check out. This review will provide all the information you need to know before you make your next suitcase purchase. It covers It Luggage brand information, notable features of their suitcases, customer feedback, product specifications, and individual product reviews.

it luggage reviews

It Luggage Overview

Before jumping into the full review, here is an overview of what you can expect from It Luggage suitcases.

The Not-So-Good

Overall Verdict

It Luggage is a great affordable brand for infrequent travelers. Their lightweight feature also makes it easy to travel with since most airlines have weight limits for carry-on and checked bags. Most customers do recommend their carry-on sizes over their checked suitcases. Since they aren’t the most durable and the warranty doesn’t cover travel incidents, checked bags can easily be damaged when thrown in with other bags during transit.

it luggage reviews

Specifications Overview of 8 It Luggage Suitcases

About the it luggage brand.

International Traveler (It) Luggage Ltd started in London in 1985. However, they were initially registered under the name Landor Ltd. They are well known for being an affordable brand that also focuses on innovative designs. Their website indicates their in-house design team generates over 100 new styles every year. Today, It Luggage has retail stores around the world, with plenty in Europe. Although online stores and Amazon sells their suitcases, It Luggage focuses more on availability in retail locations. For example, their website is more of a catalog for global customers and only offers online purchasing in the UK. The company manufactures its suitcases in China and Vietnam and is transparent about this.

it luggage reviews

Dedicated offices oversee the manufacturing process for proper standards and quality assurance. Additionally, they are compliant with the “Modern Slavery Act” that ensures suppliers carry out proper working conditions.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback from reviews on sites such as Amazon provides great insight into luggage quality after purchase. Looking at 35 products on Amazon for a total of 4,775 ratings and 2861 reviews, It Luggage has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5. However, most products can be up to 4.4 stars, which is a good rating for an affordable brand. Most of the reviews on Amazon report satisfaction with their It Luggage purchase, including indicating they’ve had their suitcase for five years without issues. Most customers are also repeat buyers, purchasing a new suitcase every 3 to 8 years. The most common review complaints include:

Unlike most affordable brands, It Luggage focuses on innovation and manufacturing various designs fitting different preferences. Although basic in aesthetics, the World’s Lightest collection has a practical element instead. It Luggage uses light materials and a frameless design to keep these suitcases lightweight by reinforcing them with fiberglass instead of an aluminum frame or strong wire. If you want a suitcase design that turns head, some of their other collections can do the trick. For example, their Divinity Softside suitcase comes in a Raspberry Radiance color and features quilted panel fabric detailing. They even have a Kids’ World’s Lightest suitcase with unicorn patterns.

As an affordable luggage brand, It Luggage quality may not stand up against more expensive brands. They generally use polyester for their fabric suitcases and polypropylene or ABS for their hardshell suitcases. These are cheaper materials that are less durable than other options. However, their Signature collection does use very durable polycarbonate. Focusing on lightweight designs, the material used is also thinner than other brands, including wheels, zippers, and handles feeling cheap. However, most customer reviews don’t report having issues with broken wheels or handles. Reviews do indicate that they offer better carry-on solutions than checked-in bags. Due to the lightweight design, It Luggage suitcases are more fragile when handled after check-in. You should also make sure you pack your hardshell bags full if you are checking in your bag. Half-packed suitcases can break from the weight of other suitcases piled on top of them.

It Luggage offers a 10-year warranty on all of their suitcases, representing the confidence of their product quality. You don’t need to register your luggage to access this warranty against material defects or manufacturing faults. To make a claim, simply have your guarantee certificate or hangtag and one of the following original documents:

You can find details on warranty claim contact information based on your country on their website here. Do note that they don’t cover damage caused by the airlines, and recommend you contact the airline to compensate for damaged luggage. The warranty also excludes damage from misuse, accidents, or normal wear and tear.

Notable Features

Although each specific luggage differs, here are some of the features you can expect to find with It Luggage suitcases.

Very Lightweight

It Luggage is known for its World’s Lightest collection, which provides some of the most lightweight suitcase options. Some of these carry-ons weigh under 4 pounds. Their claim to have the world’s lightest suitcase currently holds true when comparing to other brands.

TSA-Approved Locks

A convenient feature of their suitcases is the TSA-approved combination locks included. This means you don’t have to purchase a separate lock to secure your bag’s contents.

Double Spinner Wheels

Spinner wheels allow you to roll your suitcase in any direction you choose and turn them easier. On most of the It Luggage suitcases, you will find double spinner wheels instead of regular spinners. Meaning there are eight wheels on their suitcases instead of four. Double spinner wheels roll smoother and are more durable than standard four-wheel designs.

Wide Retractable Handles

Most of their suitcases have wide retractable handles that provide more space in the main compartment. It Luggage hides the inner part of the handle in the corners instead of the typical rails inside your suitcase that prevent maximized packing space. While you can pack more, this feature isn’t optimal for hanging your backpack straps around your carry-on handle, since most backpack handles won’t fit this length.

Standard Packing Features

Some It Luggage collections come with most of the standard packing features, such as inner or exterior pockets and compression straps. Some hardshell models also have expandable zippers for up to 25% more volume. Don’t expect to find packing features, such as toiletry pouches, suiter compartments, or shoe pockets. However, many customers have happily purchased packing add-ons to complement their It Luggage, such as the eBags packing cubes.

Averages prices for It Luggage’s different types of suitcases include:

It Luggage Individual Suitcase Reviews

You can also expect good value for the quality and features you get for the price. For instance, it’s impressive you can get the world’s lightest carry-ons for under $100. Compared to other brands, these prices are similar to SwissGear and American Tourister, but a little higher than Rockland.

World’s Lightest Los Angeles Softside Carry-On

it luggage reviews

The Los Angeles softshell 22-inch carry-on from the World’s Lightest collection is one of It Luggage’s most popular suitcases. It is the best overall to purchase for carry-on purposes since it’s a nice style, affordable, and very lightweight. The suitcase fabric is high-tensile nylon, the handle is fiberglass with a soft grip, and it’s reinforced with a fiberglass frame. It comes with two exterior zippered pockets: a top one for cellphones or your passport and a bottom one that can fit books or magazines. Inside there are two fully adjustable tie-down straps and four mesh slip pockets. Specifications

World’s Lightest Los Angeles Softside Checked Bag

it luggage reviews

The World’s Lightest Los Angeles softshell suitcase includes all the features that make the carry-on version so popular. However, it is a large 33-inch suitcase with larger exterior pockets and inside mesh slip pockets. You can also get this 33-inch suitcase, the carry-on, and a medium 30-inch suitcase together in the It Luggage World’s Lightest 3-piece set. Specifications

World’s Lightest New York Softside Spinner Carry-On

If you want a lightweight carry-on featuring spinner wheels, the World’s Lightest New York is your top option. It has 8-wheels and provides easy 360-degree maneuverability. The interior has optimized space, a large zip mesh pocket, and dual compression straps with buckles to keep your clothes organized. The exterior has two zip pockets and is reinforced with a fiberglass frame. Specifications

Quaint Hardside Expandable Spinner Carry-On

it luggage reviews

The Quaint collection’s 21-inch carry-on is one of the suitcases with the best values, with prices under $100. It has eight wheels with superior control for 360-degree maneuverability. Another great feature is its expanding capabilities for up to 25% more space. The interior is fully lined and has a zippered divider and two tie-down straps. It Luggage also includes a unique handle design that provides comfort and ease of use. Specifications

Influential Hardside Spinner Carry-On

it luggage reviews

The Influential hardshell 22-inch suitcase gives you a spinner bag with a TSA-approved lock. The combination lock is on the long top panel. This suitcase also has 8 wheels for extra control and ease when maneuvering it 360-degrees. Only found on the Influential carry-on model is a unique pocket on the exterior with a padded laptop pouch and lockable zippers. The interior comes with a zippered divider, two zip pockets, and tie-down straps. Specifications

Signature Hardside Expandable Spinner Checked Bag

it luggage reviews

It Luggage’s Signature collection has double spinner wheels for 360-degree maneuverability. It also features a telescopic wheel handle with a lockable push button and easy-grab handles for lifting. This 28-inch bag comes with a convenient TSA-approved combination lock. The interior has two main compartments: the top has two pockets and a zipper divider and the bottom has a small zipper pocket and elastic cross straps. You can also pack more belongings with its ability to expand from the middle up to an additional 2.5 inches. Specifications

Kids’ World’s Lightest

It Luggage offers suitcases for the entire family with their Kid’s World’s Lightweight collection. This very light and small suitcase makes it easy for young kids to roll them around and is also suitable as a carry-on. It has similar features to other It Luggage collections, including the fiberglass structure and wide handle design for more packing space. It also comes with easy-gliding wheels and a fun, eye-catching exterior print design. Specifications

Divinity Softside Expandable Spinner 3-Piece Set

it luggage reviews

Almost all of It Luggage’s suitcase collections come with the option to purchase them in a 3-piece set. The Divinity 3-piece set includes a 23-inch carry-on, 27-inch medium checked bag, and 32-inch extra-large checked bag. These bags also have TSA-approved combination locks for the zippers. These suitcases have double spinner wheels and a wide wheel positioning for better balance. Another unique design feature is their case platform base structure for added stability and strength. The exterior has a large zip pocket and a soft quilted panel fabric for stylish detailing. The interior is fully lined and includes a large zippered mesh pocket and two adjustable tie-down straps. Specifications

The Best Carry-On Luggage

A person standing at an airport with our pick for best carry-on luggage.

It may be time to dust off old luggage or consider new replacements as you consider even newer destinations. We’ve tested 47 bags over the past nine years and are convinced that the Travelpro Platinum Elite is the best carry-on luggage for most travelers. It packs five days’ worth of clothes into standard US carry-on dimensions 1 and has premium build-quality touches you’d expect from a $600 bag at about half the price. It’s a bag that you can rely on for life, even if it’s damaged by airlines —a rarity at any price.

What to consider

Four wheels or “spinners” are easier to maneuver down tight airplane aisles, but two wheel bags will always be more durable .

Hard sided looks better to most people , but soft sided luggage should withstand the bumps and knocks of travel for longer.

There are plenty of reputable brands with lifetime warranties; it’s generally worth paying a little extra for the peace of mind.

If you travel mostly internationally, within Europe, or within America, it’s worth looking for specialty luggage sizes .

it luggage reviews

Travelpro Platinum Elite 21″ Expandable Spinner

Great carry-on luggage, great value.

This spinner carry-on offers the best balance of size, value, reliability, and durability, with high-end details. It’s backed by a lifetime warranty.

Buying Options

it luggage reviews

Travelpro Platinum Elite 22″ Expandable Carry-On Rollaboard

A bit more capacity and extra wheel durability.

This two-wheeled carry-on bag isn’t as maneuverable but offers slightly more space, a garment folder, and larger, more durable wheels.

*At the time of publishing, the price was $315 .

Travelpro’s Platinum line of luggage has held our top pick for almost every iteration of this carry-on luggage review because it addresses the concerns of most travelers at an affordable price: It features smooth-rolling, user-replaceable wheels; solid and comfortable, telescoping handles; and a hard-wearing nylon exterior propped up by a solid internal chassis, all backed by a lifetime warranty that covers airline damage and shipping to the repair facility (as long as you register the luggage within 120 days of purchase, which is easy to do on any smartphone), along with a full catalog of other user-replaceable parts . The Elite only improves on past iterations in the Platinum line by reducing the size of the stowed handle (which used to jut out about an inch) and adding a second zippered, exterior pocket for easy access on the go and a USB pass-through extension that lets you insert your own battery pack for charging your phone. And at 7.8 pounds when empty, this carry-on bag is about half a pound lighter than its predecessor.

The spinner luggage configuration stands out in particular because of its MagnaTrac wheels, which magnetically snap into a forward position when the bag is moved. The small tracking assistance makes a large difference when you’re navigating the Elite through a crowded airport or down a busy street. It also has an easy-to-use, removable garment bag. If you prefer more packing capacity (the equivalent of squeezing in two more sweatshirts), larger wheels that run more smoothly over rough terrain, and a more protective built-in garment folder, 2 we also like the two-wheeled 22-inch version , especially for longer trips. But after several years of testing experience, we think the superior maneuverability of spinner luggage, along with improvements in manufacturing processes , make four-wheel bags a better choice for most people.

Measuring 23 by 13.5 by 9 inches, the Elite carry-on bag (in either wheel configuration) hits the upper margins of actual carry-on size limits and could get you gate-checked by an overzealous agent. However, it fits into most standard-size baggage caddies at check-in, including American’s and United’s. I’ve personally traveled with a Platinum line bag this size for more than 45,000 miles spread across 50 flights, from regional to long-haul to international routes, and never had an issue fitting within gate-side luggage sizers. If you’re nervous about getting caught at the gate or often fly in very small regional planes, Travelpro also makes a slightly smaller, 20-inch Platinum Elite as well as a slimmer International configuration, but these hold less (naturally) and lack a suiter insert.


Upgrade pick

it luggage reviews

Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Carry-On Expandable Spinner

A carry-on that fits more in less.

This carry-on bag offers superlative build quality, plenty of expandable room, and a uniquely effective compression system. It’s a buy-it-for life suitcase.

it luggage reviews

Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Carry-On Expandable Upright

More room, bigger wheels, less maneuverability.

If you’re willing to give up maneuverability for more space and bigger wheels, this is also a great option.

If you are a frequent flyer and willing to invest in a higher-quality product for your home away from home, we recommend the Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Carry-On Expandable Spinner (also available in a two-wheeled version with more capacity). Every detail of this top-rated bag, from the zippers to the wheels to the wrinkle-resistant suit compartment, is made to the highest standards, and we found it has a higher proportion of usable space than any other spinner bag we tested. This is further boosted by the uniquely effective ratcheting CX compression system that allows travelers to fit an entire extra outfit into the same external dimensions as most other carry-ons. The Baseline Domestic is also the only spinner luggage model we tested with a built-in garment folder, which helps shirts and pants stay wrinkle-free if you pack them well. And although the wheels don’t snap into alignment, they are exceptionally smooth rolling and easy to maneuver.

In luggage reviews, the most common complaint about Briggs & Riley suitcases is that the handle seems loose, but this is by design. Other than wheels, the handle is the component most likely to break on any bag, and looser handles have a little more tolerance to wiggle within their tubes, so they are less likely to bend and get stuck. While a tighter fit feels more reassuring, it takes just a couple of trips to get used to the handle. If things go awry, user-replaceable parts and a network of repair centers located around the world make quick fixes easy, and the reliable lifetime warranty covers repairs for airline damage.

it luggage reviews

Away The Carry-On

The best hard-sided carry-on.

This great-looking and relatively resilient piece of hard-sided luggage has top-of-the-line components—including wheels as smooth-rolling as any we’ve tested.

Soft-sided carry-ons last the longest and show the least wear, but if you prefer the look of a hard-sided bag, the Away Carry-On is our choice. Like our other picks, this bag stood out for its high-end components, such as sturdy zippers and wheels that moved as smoothly as those on our soft-sided top picks. Away’s carry-on also comes in a wider variety of colors than our soft-sided luggage picks. Its strong yet flexible polycarbonate shell does show more wear than our soft-sided picks. But after six years of testing multiple models, our testers have found that the Away is capable of enduring most of the trials of travel with fewer scratches than the other polycarbonate models we’ve tested. Similar to our soft-sided top picks, Away bags are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

In addition to our main picks, we’ve found the international versions of our picks , where available.

Everything we recommend

The research, why you should trust us, our pick for the best carry-on luggage: travelpro platinum elite, upgrade pick for the best carry-on luggage: briggs & riley baseline domestic, also-great pick for the best hard-sided carry-on luggage: away the carry-on, our carry-on luggage picks for international travel, other good carry-on luggage, spinner luggage or two-wheeled carry-on bag, how to pick between hard-shell and soft-shell luggage, how we picked and tested, the competition.

The 20 carry-on suitcases we tested lined up against a fence. We tested them all and found the best carry-on luggage to buy.

More than 130 hours of research—including interviews with numerous luggage experts , frequent-flying friends, family vacationers, and occasional business travelers—along with dozens of hours of testing and tens of thousands of miles of flights went into making these picks. We even went through independent trials with professional flight attendants and high-mileage flyers at what was then Virgin America’s training center in a model cabin of an Airbus A320 as part of our test procedures.

A mock fuselage in Virgin America’s old training facility.

In the nine years we’ve been covering this category, the products have evolved—and so has our thinking about what makes the best carry-on luggage for most people. Based on what’s available, and what different types of travelers need, we think the following bags are the best investment you can make.

A person sitting in an airport chair with our pick for best carry-on luggage in front of them.

For the majority of travelers who fly less than 10 times a year, the Travelpro Platinum Elite offers the best balance of features, durability, and price, while still providing some elements missing from similar bags costing around $300, such as durable sealed-bearing wheels and a lifetime warranty that covers repairs (or replacement, at the company’s discretion) even in the case of airline damage. However, you need to register the luggage within 120 days of purchase to activate the coverage. Registering is an easy process: Take a picture of the registration code that’s shipped with the luggage, text the photo to a phone number that’s provided, and fill out the form in the response link. Best of all, the suitcase holds about five days’ worth of clothes, which should be plenty for a carry-on–sized bag.

Our pick for best carry-on luggage sitting in front of an American Airlines carry-on size diagram to show that it will fit in the overhead bin.

Though we’ve come to prefer the maneuverability of the four-wheeled carry-on luggage design, some people may prefer the extra space (about 400 cubic inches or the size of two rolled-up sweatshirts) and wheel durability of the two-wheeled model . The handles of both Elite models are sturdy without feeling too rigid. After handling countless bags over the years, we have found that the tolerances of the Travelpro telescoping handle feel the most comfortable: It's not so loose that it feels flimsy, but not so stiff that it feels stubborn.

An overhead photo of the brown leather lay-flat handle on our pick for best carry-on luggage, the Travelpro Platinum Elite.

I’ve now personally flown more than 45,000 miles with both the two-wheeled and four-wheeled versions of Travelpro’s Platinum series. What’s the best carry-on luggage I’ve found? Despite the fact that I’ve tested 50-plus models of luggage, the Platinum remains my favorite choice when I need a bag. It is sturdy and unassuming, and does what it is meant to do without complaint.

The exterior is made of a hard-wearing nylon fabric, a key feature of all the bags we’ve tested. It hides scuffs and scratches, and is much more versatile than hard-shell–styled bags. An expansion zipper lets you increase storage by about 30 percent in a pinch—although the bag will no longer be carry-on compliant. We prefer to use the expansion zipper as something of an ad hoc compression system: We unzip the expansion zipper while packing the bag and then zip it at the end, tamping everything down tight. The Elite also has a variety of convenient exterior pockets: two in the front, suited for small miscellaneous items like a sleep mask and boarding passes; and one on the side for a battery, but it can fit a bit more if necessary. There is also an accordian pocket on the front, for magazines and electronic tablets.

Telescoping handles can be a common failure point on luggage, but the Elite’s aluminum handle is solidly built and has a great track record—we’ve yet to encounter a sticking or bending problem with any of the Platinum bags we’ve tested over the years. It’s comfortable to hold while also being less bulky than past Platinum handles. And it extends to three heights (38 inches, 40 inches, and 42½ inches) to accommodate a variety of body types.

Travelpro’s wheels are similarly impressive. The spinner model of the Platinum Elite has a unique magnetic locking system, which helps align the wheels along parallel axes. It’s not a full locking position. Instead it feels more like a nudge or subtle push, but that’s enough for this bag to stand out from the competition as a top-rated carry-on bag. With the MagnaTrac wheels, the Platinum Elite is easier to maneuver than the other spinner models we tested. Spinner wheels have become more robust since they first appeared, but if for whatever reason your wheels do break, you can swap them out yourself with Travelpro’s replacements .

The Platinum Elite also does very well by the numbers. It weighs 7.8 pounds empty, which is an average-to-light weight among carry-ons, but a half pound lighter than the previous model, the Platinum Magna 2. It’s a pleasant surprise when you open the new Elite to find the same large 1,856-cubic-inch interior of the older Platinum Magna 2—which we estimated and measured using hundreds of Ping-Pong balls. 3 That’s about 65 percent out of a total theoretical space limit of 2,772 cubic inches, based on its external dimensions. By comparison, the two-wheeled version holds 2,293 cubic inches or 80 percent of its total conceivable volume. Travelpro increased the diameter of the wheels on the Elite, making for a slightly smoother ride, and redesigned the top handle to lie flat, which cuts about an inch from the overall height of the bag relative to previous designs.

A person pouring white plastic balls into the Travelpro Platinum Elite Spinner.

In real-world terms (the needs of Ping-Pong ball champions notwithstanding), the previous model of the nearly identical Platinum Elite, the Platinum Magna 2, swallowed up five days’ worth of clothes with no problem and had a good deal of room to spare—and that was without our resorting to the expansion zipper. We’ve found, over the years of traveling with suitcases with expanding zippers, that they’re better used as compression systems than an unexpected source of extra space.

Chart showing the measured capacity of carry-on luggage we tested.

The tie-down straps are made of two broad panels with pockets that cinch down, similar in design and function to what you’d find in much more expensive Briggs & Riley bags. Compared with simple tie-down straps you find in cheaper luggage, the panels do a great job of keeping things compacted without creasing clothes—a problem we’ve encountered in numerous other bags we’ve tested.

The Travelpro with its removable garment bag extended in front of it.

The spinner model of the Platinum Elite comes with a removable garment bag for optional use. It’s easy to pack: Just zip the suit in, fold it up, and you’re set. But we noticed more wrinkles resulting from the tighter confines of this model’s garment bag than we did from the two-wheeled version’s built-in garment folder.

Beyond that, the Platinum Elite’s internal organization system is about average. It will be familiar to anyone who has used a suitcase before, which means there’s no learning curve for optimizing the storage capacity. One long mesh pocket sits on one of the bag’s sides, and a smaller removable transparent plastic bag sits on the other side for easy TSA inspection of toiletries.

Should anything go wrong, you can take advantage of Travelpro’s generous lifetime warranty, which covers airline damage. The sole other company we’ve seen offering this extensive a warranty is Briggs & Riley, whose bags start at the $450 level. Travelpro bags have user-serviceable parts and multiple repair centers . To get repair service, you can either drop the bag off at a repair center or ship the bag to Travelpro, the cost of which the company will cover. Keep in mind that the warranty doesn’t cover cosmetic wear, and remember to tread carefully on stairs.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

Though the Platinum Elite rolled pretty well in general, we are still a bit concerned when dragging the carry-on bag up stairs. Compared with some of the other bags we tested, which had long plastic bumper strips running most of the way up the length of the bag, this Travelpro model’s skid plate isn’t as big or as protective. That said, it’s a strong bag and Travelpro’s warranty is also strong. I’ve flown with this bag for more than 45,000 miles and haven’t had an issue, but if you’re particularly rough on your luggage or uncomfortable lifting the bag over curbs or up stairs it’s something to be aware of.

The back of the Travelpro Elite suitcase.

In luggage reviews, we have seen a number of complaints online that the previous version of the Platinum Elite, the Platinum Magna 2, was prone to tipping over when fully loaded. We’ve been unable to replicate that phenomenon in our own testing. In fact, the Travelpro is less prone to tipping over than many other bags we’ve tested. The one scenario in which we can get it to tip easily is by intentionally packing all the heaviest items near the top (when it’s lying flat) of the bag—laptops are a common culprit here. So long as you pack heavy things first (boots, camera lenses, souvenir wine bottles)—closer to the handle—you should be fine.

Travelpro uses a self-repairing nylon coil along with Supra zipper heads throughout its bag, instead of zippers made by YKK. Though we generally prefer YKK zippers, which have a very good reputation, Travelpro’s zipper choice hasn’t been enough to change our recommendation. However, in 2019 we noticed a small uptick in Wirecutter reader complaints about zipper tabs breaking. We reached out to Travelpro, and a representative told us that a production error expanded the capacity of the front pocket of the Platinum Elite; this allowed travelers to overpack the pocket, which put excessive strain on the zipper. Travelpro told us that it has fixed the error in subsequent production runs of the Platinum Elite. We’re continuing to monitor reader feedback and online reviews to see if the issue recurs. Travelpro covers the Platinum Elite with its best warranty for return, repair, and replacement : If your bag suffers from this (or any other) problem, get in touch with Travelpro, and the company ought to resolve it promptly.

A person placing a USB battery pack in the side compartment on the Elite suitcase.

In 2018, Travelpro added a USB pass-through cable to the Platinum Elite, as a way to compete with “smart bags.” It seems to be the only significant change, beyond aesthetic, to the Elite from the previous Platinum Magna model, and we aren’t all that impressed. We like the battery pocket, but the built-in cable itself, which routes from the pocket to a USB port less than 6 inches away, is an unnecessary item, which at best adds a potential point of failure to the bag—USB cables do not last forever. Does it ruin the bag? No. Is it a feature? Not really.

A person standing next to our upgrade pick for best carry-on luggage, the Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic.

If you fly more than 25,000 miles per year, it’s worthwhile to invest in luggage that goes beyond merely being sturdy and will actually improve your overall travel experience. The Briggs & Riley Baseline 22″ Domestic is that kind of bag. It costs more than our main pick, but after using all of these bags side by side, we can see what a difference that extra money buys: The Briggs & Riley garment folder is among the roomiest we’ve tested, the compression system is superior to anything else we’ve seen, and the bag has a huge amount of interior space—more than all the others in this guide. That’s why we’ve been recommending it since we first covered this topic in 2014. It’s one of the best carry-on luggage options available today.

It’s also available in a two-wheeled version , which we tested and recommended in previous years. Both models perform just as admirably as each other. The two-wheeled version has the same internal layout as the spinner model, but it offers a bit more usable space.

The most ingenious part of the Baseline Domestic bag is its CX expansion and compression system. Pull upward on two plastic handles inside the bag, and you can extend its depth a full 2½ inches. Load the bag as full as you need to, and zip it closed. Then you push down on the bag, which compresses it as a clip mechanism secures it in place. Unlike other expansion systems, which are either open or closed, this one locks into incremental positions. It’s a unique design and very satisfying to use.

A close up of a person adjusting the expansion settings on the Briggs & Riley suitcase.

Another significant difference: The tracks for the handles are on the outside of the bag, which allows for a flat surface in the interior of the bag, with no small crevices to work around for simple packing. And in our tests, after packing 10 bags trying to figure out strategies for each nook and cranny, packing on a broad flat surface felt like a luxury. According to our measurements, the bag, unexpanded, offers 1,905 cubic inches of storage room (and that accounts for the space occupied by the wheel wells and such). Expanded, it can stow 2,110 cubic inches—or nearly 77 percent of its conceivable available space. That’s remarkably efficient for a bag that does so much. All of these features add up to a carry-on that is easier to pack than any other bag we tested.

Two side by side photos of the Basline Domestic expanded and not expanded in front of the carry-on limit size diagram at an airport.

The garment folder is similar to Travelpro’s, and that’s a good thing. It’s easy to pack and has an anchor point for hangers. It’s a trifold system, and each of the folds has a bit of padding that helps to keep a suit from pinching onto itself and creasing, though much of that depends on how well you pack. You can fit a week’s worth of clothes in the Baseline Domestic, including some puffy gear for colder weather. A wide, wrinkle-free tie-down system completes the package.

On the outside, the Baseline Domestic is pretty unremarkable. It’s similar to every black suitcase we’ve seen. There’s nothing eye-grabbing about the bag, which is good if you’re trying to avoid being gate-checked (or having it stolen). Its outer fabric is made of a nylon material that seems to be of a tighter weave than that used on the other bags we’ve tested. We also noticed a robust feel to the zippers, which are a self-repairing type made by YKK. Its external pockets, as with all the bags we tested, are nothing to write home about, but they do strike a nice balance between protecting and compressing small items (a shaving/sewing kit, say) without showing much extra bulk.

All Briggs & Riley bags come with a lifetime warranty that covers any damage to the “functional aspects” of the bag, even if caused by an airline (like Travelpro, Briggs & Riley does not cover cosmetic wear or cleaning). Although Briggs & Riley handles warranty-covered repairs at no extra cost, it does require you to pay to ship the bag to the company to carry out any repairs; it will ship your bag back to you for free. Or you can drop off the bag at one of the many repair centers . Briggs & Riley emphasizes that returning your bag to you in its original condition, even after repairs, is not always possible. Briggs & Riley bags are easy to service and repair, so you can also order the parts you need and replace them yourself at home.

One last long-term testing note for this luggage review: Over a five-year period before the pandemic, Wirecutter founder Brian Lam carried a two-wheeled Baseline while traveling 150,000 miles and farther. After considering all the bags in our test, and logging an additional 40,000 miles with a similarly priced bag by Tumi, he was convinced that this model is the best for anyone who’s always on the move. “I love this bag. It carries so much,” Lam said. “Sometimes I check it. Sometimes I carry it. It always fits.”

What’s not so great? Despite the plastic shielding, the exposed rails on the exterior could use some more protection. While dragging the bag up stairs (which we don’t advise doing), we felt more scraping than we’d like. And at first glance, the handle feels loose and shaky for a $500 bag. We spoke to Briggs & Riley representatives about the company’s designs, and they explained that this is a deliberate choice: The looser tolerances allow for the handle to retract by itself when you click its button, without your having to force it down. In practice, this is very helpful for scaling stairs and could save you some hassle in tight quarters, such as in the aisle of an airplane. We noticed, however, that even with this feature the handle sometimes requires gentle guiding to retract all the way. Given the trade-off, we’d prefer a sturdier feeling handle than one that feels loose. However, the Baseline series handle has held up well over nine years now with no jams.

The away carry-on set on a pink background next to a gray and tan bag.

We still think most travelers are better off with one of our soft-sided picks than a hard-sided carry-on; soft-sided luggage shows less wear and typically lasts longer than hard-sided luggage. But if you prefer the look of hard-sided luggage or the security of knowing that you can’t “overpack” your suitcase, the Away Carry-On is the carry-on we recommend. Its wheels and zipper are as well made as those of our soft-sided picks, and its polycarbonate showed fewer scratches than that of hard-sided competitors.

We’ve tested the Away Carry-On for six years, traveling with it ourselves across the country and lending several units to testers and frequent travelers to see how they enjoyed using the bag. The Away’s polycarbonate feels similar to that used on more high-end (and significantly pricier) suitcases such as the Rimowa Essential Cabin , which is more than three times as expensive as the Away. The polycarbonate that Away uses is both strong and flexible. When we first started testing the Away in 2016, we found that flexibility to be a liability, especially on airport carpets: The first version of the Away I tested tended to flex into itself and jam up its own wheels when I pushed it in front of me. But I haven’t experienced the issue with any of the later models of this suitcase.

The bag itself feels good in the hands, and the wheels are noticeably better than those on any of the hard-sided competitors we tried. Away formerly used YKK zippers, outclassing our top pick in that regard (Travelpro moved to Supra zippers in 2015), but as of 2023, the company is sourcing its zippers from a number of suppliers. We’ll keep an eye on how the zippers of newer Away bags perform.

The Away has a modern and minimalist look and also comes in more colors than our soft-sided picks, but the sleek style comes at a cost: Its polycarbonate shell is ultimately more likely to break than the nylon fabric of our other picks. It also lacks certain amenities, such as external pockets and a suiter, that our top picks have. The clamshell design, which splits down the middle and opens into two parts, can make it frustrating to pack and unpack. Packing cubes help, but after years of packing and unpacking soft-sided luggage with a single lid, I definitely find a clamshell design to be more finicky.

Away makes a similar model of suitcase with an expandable zipper, The Carry-On Flex . For all intents and purposes, the Flex is the same overall bag as the standard Carry-On except for the expanding center zipper and the price (it’s $30 more; also, the Carry-On original does go on sale more frequently). Personally, I’m not a fan of expanding zippers on suitcases. It feels like potentially just one more thing to break. But some people may prefer having the extra flexibility.

The Away costs about $40 less than the Travelpro Platinum Elite , and it too is backed by a limited lifetime warranty that protects against defects and parts breaking. It weighs a pound less than the Platinum Elite, and it has a similar amount of packing space. Which suitcase will work best for you depends on your taste and needs.

Readers often ask us for separate picks that are compliant with international carry-on requirements. While we would love to provide you with one, there is unfortunately no standard for what that means. The listed size of 22 by 14 by 9 inches (although most airline sizers we tested are actually a bit larger than their listed measurements) should be compliant with the vast majority of flights that start within America, regardless of where you’re flying to. If you want to play it safe, there is a non-insignificant number of airlines that restrict depth to less than 8 inches. You should be aware, if you’re flying with European or Asian carriers, that the biggest restriction is weight, which can be as low as 11 pounds on certain carriers—and makes this kind of luggage impractical. Thankfully, some—but not all—of our picks are available in slimmed-down and shorter versions for major international carriers:

If the best possible suit-packing experience is all you want, or if you regularly travel with two suits and money’s no object: The Vocier C38 is worth a look, despite a few flaws. The C38 takes a unique, fold-free approach to packing clothes. Rather than folding garments in on themselves to fit in the bag, it bends the suit around the outside of the luggage frame in a U shape. This packing method creates no creases, and therefore no wrinkles. The Vocier can carry a couple of suits, and its more refined styling should appeal to the luxury crowd. However, the unique shape of the Vocier means that the zipper of the luggage must travel a very specific S curve, which snagged almost every time we opened the case. The exterior is also quite thin, which leaves your crease-free suit vulnerable to sharp objects. And it’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty that doesn’t cover airline damage.

In the past, we were explicit in our recommendation of two-wheeled models over four-wheeled “spinner” luggage based on feedback from frequent flyers and interviews with luggage designers. However, after extensive testing and industry improvements in design and materials, we reversed our stance. It’s still true that two-wheeled luggage models have more internal space. It’s also true that they use larger, more durable wheels, which roll better over rough surfaces at least in one direction. And yet, after years of traveling with both types of bags through overcrowded planes and airports, we couldn’t deny the obvious: It’s far easier to travel with a four-wheeled piece of luggage than a two-wheeled one. The bulk of luggage brands and travelers have moved in this direction as well.

You can push a spinner bag ahead of you, run it along your side, or drag it behind you like a two-wheeled bag if you prefer; the point being, you get to choose what works best in a given situation, and this is often the difference between a stress-free day of travel and a stressed-out day of agitation, caught corners, and annoyed strangers. Besides, if a wheel breaks, it’s replaceable . Meanwhile, the only maneuverability benefits of two-wheeled luggage are better ground clearance over rough terrain, such as cobblestones, and easier rolling over carpets.

“Originally, spinner models tended to use weaker wheels that were mounted to a basic inner and outer housing at the base of the bag,” said Jason Gifford, who was the design manager for eBags when I spoke to him in 2018. “But now that companies have started building injection-molded pans for their wheel mounts, thickened the overall supports, and increased the diameter of the wheel spindles, the failure rate has reduced considerably. Whether you choose a two-wheeled model or a spinner model, it’s the handle or the zipper that’s going to break first.”

This isn’t to say that no one should ever get a two-wheeled bag. If you prefer extra space or wheel durability over maneuverability, then two-wheeled bags are perfect for you. Frequent flyers especially should place a premium on wheel durability and capacity. But we think most people who travel fewer than, say, six times a year will have an easier time navigating crowded terminals and narrow airplane aisles with a spinner suitcase.

Though hard-sided luggage continues to grow in popularity, we still suggest that most travelers opt for a soft-sided design over a hard-sided case. We appreciate the aesthetic appeal of hard-shell suitcases: Their sleek exteriors come in a wider range of colors and prints than soft-case fabrics. But hard-sided luggage simply doesn’t perform as well as soft-sided luggage in nearly every other measure—soft-sided luggage lasts longer, accumulates fewer scuffs and marks along your travels, and includes extra features such as exterior pockets and suiters.

A soft-sided suitcase usually has a single compartment that you access through a single main zipper. But hard-sided cases have a clamshell design that splits in half, opening into two individual compartments, each with its own internal zippers and mesh linings; this means more bits to break or tear. And although 100 percent polycarbonate hard-shell luggage has come a long way compared with the crack-prone ABS-blended suitcases that used to plague moderately priced hard-shell luggage lines, a stronger shell doesn’t necessarily mean a stronger overall suitcase.

The main potential for failure is the zipper, which binds the two halves of hard-shell luggage together. Shells may be stronger than they once were, but as a result they transfer more energy onto the zipper and the zipper’s stitching when someone or something drops, bashes, or squeezes them. Put enough pressure on that zipper, and it could fail, possibly catastrophically. “Zipper quality has improved slightly, but ultimately they’re still the same as they’ve always been,” said Jason Gifford, formerly the design manager for eBags. “The metal gets worn down across the nose from the abrasion and inevitably that single piece will fail, more often than not.”

Hard-shell bags also miss out on a lot of features that are particularly important for a carry-on. They typically lack expansion zippers (and the few hard-sided bags that can expand usually feel too bulky). Very few offer external pockets for storing things like a spare battery pack or a sleep mask. There are some exceptions—for example, the Briggs & Riley Torq collection features an accessible outer panel that can carry a laptop, a tablet, and a few other gadgets for easy access. But this comes at the cost of a large amount of packing space for a small amount of convenience. This isn’t a problem with soft-sided luggage because the pockets simply tuck flat when not in use.

Hard-sided luggage also doesn’t age as well as soft-sided luggage. During testing, every hard-sided piece of luggage we’ve used has picked up more scuffs and marks in a few trips than some of our soft-sided suitcases have accumulated in years of long-term testing. We know that patina is in vogue these days and that every scrape and nick tells a story, but the overall effect here is more “wear and tear” than “vintage appeal.”

We found hundreds of roller carry-on bags out there—and that was even after we excluded models that didn’t meet our basic criteria. So we called up experts to help us narrow the field. Among them were:

We asked them what they use when traveling, what features they find vital, and what separates the junk from the quality bags they’ve used. Conversations with these experts helped us understand things such as the function behind nylon and polyester, the difference in wheel-bearing designs, why alloys in telescoping handles matter, and more. With the collected intelligence from these luggage reviewers, builders, and professional travelers, we zeroed in on some top brands.

Besides the suggestions from our experts, we researched editorial and user reviews of luggage, making sure to include popular brands like Samsonite and Tumi as well as esoteric names like Filson and Hideo Wakamatsu. In addition to the expert interviews, we spoke with assorted salespeople, brand engineers, and media-relations folks to make sure we found the best models from each brand.

We’ve been researching and testing carry-on luggage for years. Here’s how we put each new bag through its paces.

Flight attendants in conversation with our team over the best carry-on luggage features.

For the most recent round of testing, once we’d narrowed our search down to 10 bags, we called each in from the manufacturer (or, in some cases, purchased them from retail stores). After we had them all on hand, we weighed and measured the bags to see if they matched each company’s claims. We measured the external dimensions of the bag, but we also measured the internal dimensions, so that we could see which bag has the most usable packing space for the bag’s overall size. This procedure wasn’t as straightforward as it sounds, though, because bags aren’t perfect rectangles inside—the wheel wells and handle tracks encroach on the interior space. We measured these components and subtracted each from the total volume as well as we could.

From there, we analyzed the bags and put every data point into a spreadsheet. In addition to the measurements, we looked at features. Did the wheels have sealed bearings? How big were the wheels? How many pockets did the bag have? How good were the pockets? Was the garment bag big enough, or would it crumple finery? How many stages did the handle extend to? How comprehensive was the warranty? How user-repairable was the bag? We asked all of that and more.

A woman's outfits atop a coral blanket.

We also tried to look at subjective and less-quantifiable factors. For example, did this bag appear bulkier and more likely to get a person gate-checked? Was it a good-looking bag, or an eyesore? How protected is the bag on the outside? How usable are the external pockets? What, if any, extras are included?

Then we loaded them down and beat them up. We decided that carry-on bags should be capable of holding enough clothes to last you five days with room to spare for miscellaneous necessities. Two testers, one male and one female, packed a bag individually as if headed to the same wedding. You can see the two packing lists in the footnotes below. 4 What we included isn’t representative of a family traveling or a couple splitting a bag, but we did design this test load to err on the side of bulky, and we hope it will give you a clear idea of how much of your own stuff these bags could hold.

A set of clothes for a five day trip.

We looked at how each bag loaded. Was there an easy way to keep smaller items (such as socks and underwear) organized? Did it have compression straps that would keep things in place? Were the straps thick enough to avoid adding creases to the clothes? Just how much would the bag compress? How much room was left over? Once packed, was the bag easy to tip over?

Then it was time to see how each bag worked. We extended and retracted the handles on each one many times over the course of many days and felt for sticking points. We checked the smoothness of the zippers when they were under stress while packed tight. And then we wheeled each loaded bag around the neighborhood on the exact same route, looking at how well each bag rolled, and how well it handled broken sidewalks, uneven pavement, grass, bricks, dirt, and curbs. We also dragged them up and down two flights of concrete stairs, noting how easy this task was and how much damage the bags sustained. For our finalists, we repeated the torture test along a second, even rougher route.

We then double-checked the measurable packable space of our top picks against the manufacturers’ listed volumes, by filling each piece of luggage with hundreds of Ping-Pong balls: 144 Ping-Pong balls weigh exactly half a pound, and each Ping-Pong ball represents (PDF) approximately 2 cubic inches . After weighing each piece of luggage three times to establish an average empty weight, we filled the bags as full as we could with Ping-Pong balls and measured the change in weight. For every half-pound increase in weight we estimated 288 cubic inches of packable space.

Our former runner-up pick, the Travelpro Crew 11 21″ Expandable Spinner , has been discontinued.

Costco Kirkland Signature Softside 22″ 2 Wheel Carry-On: A former budget pick, and the best-performing bag we found in the $100 price range, this Kirkland model is a great affordable carry-on. Unfortunately, it has been having stock issues, so we have removed its section from this guide. We still think it’s a great option if you can find it.

Away Expandable Bigger Carry-On: Away’s soft-sided luggage entry was sturdy and good looking. However, the design mimicked the clamshell opening of Away’s original hard-sided luggage. Instead of designing a soft-sided suitcase with one large compartment to pack, Away splits the Expandable Carry-On into two smaller, difficult-to-pack halves. (Update: Away discontinued the line.)

eBags Mother Lode Carry-On Rolling Duffel : We like eBags’s packing cubes, and the company’s wheel-less carry-on bag is a good budget buy, but this Mother Lode was easy to dismiss right away. Its wheels chattered over every surface except deep carpet. Flanking it are four outside buckle straps that block the zipper, which makes it difficult to get things in and out of the bag. Before you can pack the bag, there are two fiberglass rods that you need to install yourself. And it has no garment bag.

Genius Pack G3 Carry-On: It’s a very specific kind of traveler who will value the hyper-organization and chambered packing system built into the Genius Pack. We do like the similar approach, but at this price we think you’re better off with one of our top picks and buying a set of packing cubes . (Genius Pack has introduced the next generation, the G4, but it appears to have many of the same problems as the G3; the company has since announced that it’s going to focus on hard-shelled bags.)

Timbuk2 Copilot : We had high hopes for this one because Timbuk2 has a great reputation for making backpacks and messenger bags. The balance on this bag was decent, and it stood up well unloaded or loaded. The wheels still had that cheap ball-bearing rhythmic chatter to them. However, the biggest problem with this bag was the abundance of zippers and internal compartments. Opening the bag reveals two mesh compartments that you then have to open in turn just to begin packing. It was a tedious process and not one we would want to repeat every leg of a trip.

Incase EO Roller : At full price, this stylish bag is $250. Although Incase makes decent laptop sleeves, it’s hard to see how an exterior made of 60 percent cotton, 30 percent polyester, and 10 percent thermoplastic rubber will be as tough as a dense woven nylon. We’d skip this choice and put the money into something that’s built to last. (It has also, apparently, been discontinued.)

Thule Subterra 22″ : Unlike most of the other bags in our test, this opens like a clam, with the zipper cutting along the middle of the side walls. Most of the bags we tested unzip so that only the top opens, allowing you the full depth of the bag to stack your belongings inside along the walls. The clamshell design, in contrast, makes this bag difficult to close if you’re trying to use it to its full capacity—it just isn’t as easy to use as the basic opening style of our picks.

Hard-sided carry-on luggage:

Arlo Skye The Frame Carry-On : The Arlo Skye is a decent piece of luggage, but it’s hard to square the bag with its cost: $200 more than the Away.

Lojel Cubo Medium : Although we liked the uncommon top-loading design, the internal organization of the lid made packing this carry-on difficult. We also weren’t impressed by the zippered expansion system on the Lojel, which made the suitcase feel bulkier than our picks.

Calpak Ambeur Carry-On : We preferred the sturdier polycarbonate shells over Calpak’s blended ABS polycarbonate shell. We also thought the Calpak bag’s handling felt jittery against normal airport floor surfaces.

AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner : This AmazonBasics bag is a surprisingly good carry-on for costing just over $100. However, as on Calpak’s bag, this model’s weaker ABS plastic shell is just not as tough as a polycarbonate shell. We think it’s worthwhile to invest a little more into your luggage—the bag you choose will last longer and work better.

Briggs & Riley Torq , Sympatico : While both of these Briggs & Riley lines seek to solve a different problem, neither are as impressive as the Baseline series.

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