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Kate Bove

Bridgerton Fans Should Watch These 10 Shows and Movies Next

monster hunter movie fan review

You don’t need to be Lady Whistledown to know that Bridgerton is Netflix’s hottest new series. Based on Julia Quinn’s bestselling novels, this alternate history period drama takes everything we love about shows like Gossip Girl and sets that soapy drama against a Regency-era backdrop. In fact, in the first 28 days of its release, Bridgerton was viewed by a staggering 63 million households, making it Netflix’s fifth most-watched original series launch of all time.

Without a doubt, Bridgerton is made for marathoning — and that probably means you’ve finished it (at least once) by now. Luckily, we’ve rounded up a list of all things Bridgerton -esque: steamy period pieces, soapy series, anachronistic dramas and Shonda Rhimes-produced hits. If you’re looking to fill that Bridgerton -shaped void in your life, chances are there’s a series or movie on our roundup that will speak to you.

With scenes set to the tunes of Lizzo, Mitski and billie eilish, there’s no doubt that Apple TV+’s teen period-piece comedy, Dickinson , is anachronistic — and every bit as irreverent as its protagonist, a young Emily Dickinson (Hailee Steinfeld). We’re big fans of the series — and Dickinson ‘s sophomore season hasn’t let us down.

monster hunter movie fan review

For both comedic effect and to get at the heart of Emily’s history, Dickinson swings big: The fledgling poet throws house parties full of both 19th-century dancing and twerking; hallucinates a talking bee (Jason Mantzoukas) after taking recreational opium; courts her brother’s (Adrian Blake Enscoe) fiancée, Susan “Sue” Gilbert (Ella Hunt); and actively fights against the gender norms of her time. Not to mention, one of her closest confidantes is the personification of Death (Wiz Khalifa).

The most recent adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma hit theaters just before states and cities across the country began going into lockdown and shelter-in-place mode due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While it may not have gotten its place in the sun upon its initial release, Emma. got a second life on streaming platforms and was universally doted upon by critics .

monster hunter movie fan review

For those unfamiliar with the source material, the story centers on the beautiful, clever and well-to-do Emma Woodhouse, who fancies herself a prolific matchmaker. Of course, she’s interested in setting others up — not herself — until she realizes the man she loves has been right in front of her all along. Full of missteps, some surprising hilarity and a lot of walks through the English countryside, Emma. is bolstered by impeccable performances from Anya Taylor-Joy, of The Queen’s Gambit fame, and Bill Nighy.

Gossip Girl

Listen up, Upper East Siders: If Gossip Girl isn’t on your watchlist, you need to fix that — stat. Narrated by the mysterious, omnipresent blogger “Gossip Girl” (the voice of Kristen Bell), this era-defining show ups the ante — and drama — with each season. Much like Bridgerton , there’s a stellar blend of knives-out humor, steamy relationship drama and, you know, that special CW-brand of teenage melodrama.

monster hunter movie fan review

Over the course of six seasons, Gossip Girl showcases the lives of privileged, upper-class young adults who call Manhattan’s Upper East Side home. There’s “it girl” Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively), who returns to the scene after some time away; Serena’s frenemy Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester); and Serena’s on-again, off-again love interest Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley), an aspiring, Brooklyn-based writer. Best of all, HBO is rebooting the series , which means now is as good a time as any to revisit this classic. XOXO.

Without a doubt, Hulu’s comedy-drama The Great was one of 2020’s best period-piece shows. For the uninitiated, the satirical series tells the story of Catherine the Great (Elle Fanning) and her rise from outsider to longest-reigning woman ruler in Russia’s history. Nicholas Hoult joins Fanning, playing Emperor Peter III, and it’s the duo’s chemistry and wicked sense of humor that helps this show live up to its name.

monster hunter movie fan review

Even though it’s a firm period piece, The Great isn’t necessarily historically accurate — in fact, Hulu has called it “anti-historical.” Although many of the names, characters and events are pulled from history to some degree, it doesn’t aim to depict the truth of what happened. And, honestly, that’s kind of refreshing.

This Shonda Rhimes drama centers on Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), a former media consultant to the president who, in the wake of her past, opens her own crisis-management firm. Rhimes is best known for helming long-running medical drama Grey’s Anatomy , but Peabody Award-winning Scandal proves that she’s a leading voice in the political thriller genre too. And, now, Bridgerton reiterates that Rhimes has an eye for impactful stories, regardless of genre.

monster hunter movie fan review

Based partially on former George H.W. Bush admin press aid Judy Smith — who also co-executive produces the show — Olivia Pope netted Washington an Image Award and several Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG nominations. If you love a good soap, with its hairpin twists and character reveals, this “gonzo hybrid of conspiracy thriller and high-stakes soap opera” is for you (via Alan Sepinwall, HitFix).

The Favourite

This 2018 period black comedy film from visionary director Yorgos Lanthimos is set in early 18th century Great Britain — and it earned Olivia Colman an Oscar for her portrayal of Queen Anne. If you haven’t seen it, the film revolves around Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough (Rachel Weisz) and Abigail Masham (Emma Stone), who are both vying for Anne’s affections.

monster hunter movie fan review

Like other (somewhat) anachronistic historical dramas on our list, The Favourite isn’t completely accurate, despite its real-life inspirations. Still, with a lush period piece backdrop; incredible performances; caustic, bawdy humor; and a whole lot of queerness, Lanthimos’ acclaimed film is a bonafide must-watch.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Based on the beloved classic Pride and Prejudice , Hank Green and Bernie Su’s The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a must for those who just can’t get enough of Austenian drama and romance. Sure, Keira Knightley’s take on Lizzie is masterful — no one’s disputing that. But we appreciate the modern-update flair found here.

monster hunter movie fan review

In the Emmy-winning Diaries , Lizzie Bennet (Ashley Clements) tells her story through a series of vlogs. Although the show takes place in Lizzie’s bedroom, our titular heroine does invite her pal Charlotte (Julia Cho) and her sisters Lydia (Mary Kate Wiles) and Jane (Laura Spencer) into the mix to provide viewers with different perspectives and help her in creating laugh-out-loud reenactments. Best of all, each episode is between two and eight minutes long and available on YouTube, making this one easily marathonable.

While Bridgerton focuses on royals and debutantes, Harlots centers the folks who work at an 18th-century brothel. Based on British historian Hallie Rubenhold’s The Covent Garden Ladies , the series stars Samantha Morton as Margaret Wells, a woman who runs a brothel and aims to create a successful future for her daughters. After all, a woman’s economic advancement at that time hinged on either marriage or sex work.

monster hunter movie fan review

Unfortunately, Margaret and her rival madame, Lydia Quigley (Lesley Manville), find their line of work threatened when religious evangelism swells in London, leading to an uptick in police raids and the mass closure of brothels. Both insightful and campy, Harlots is also a quick, three-season watch.

Full of drama, steamy scenes, dirty secrets and much, much more, Reign is that under-the-radar period piece you should be watching. It follows the life of Mary, Queen of Scots (Adelaide Kane), who arrives in France at just 15 years old. With four seasons of political drama and romantic flings under its belt, Reign is like a CW version of The Crown — and who doesn’t want to delve into that?

monster hunter movie fan review

Yet another period piece that traces the lives of London’s elite, Belgravia is full of scandal and drama — well, posh scandal and posh drama. With superb performances from Philip Glenister, Tamsin Greig, Harriet Walter and Saskia Reeves, the series will have you hooked right off the bat. And although Belgravia comes from the team behind Downton Abbey , it has certainly forged its own brand of historical drama.

monster hunter movie fan review


monster hunter movie fan review

Something New

An honest review of the monster hunter movie from a die-hard fan.

The Monster Hunter movie had all the makings of a total flop, but looks are, mostly, deceiving.

The Monster Hunter movie had all the makings of a total flop. From the husband-wife creative team behind the Resident Evil film series, Monster Hunter diverged from the video game in a pretty major way. While all of the games take place exclusively in a fantasy world filled with monsters and hunters, the film magically teleports a group of soldiers from the real world into the monster world. Monster Hunter fans were understandably irritated about this change, especially after six Resident Evil films of debatable quality that had very little to do with the source material. What’s more, the film had a complicated and confusing release schedule because of Covid restrictions, and when it finally did come out, it sparked controversy with Chinese audiences thanks to a racist joke (which had been cut out of the version I watched on Google Play). Monster Hunter may seem like a cynical cash-in on the outrageous success of Monster Hunter World, but as it turns out, it’s a surprisingly competent movie with plenty of fanservice and some truly thrilling action scenes. It’s not going to win any Oscars, and trying to follow the story — which is all crammed in at the very end — will make your brain short circuit. But if you love Monster Hunter, the Monster Hunter movie isn’t a betrayal to the franchise, not even close.

Related:  Monster Hunter Film Was Meant To Feel "Like Playing The Game For The First Time", Says Milla Jovovich

I’ll admit that the premise of Monster Hunter did not excite me at all. The “character from Earth has been transported to a fantasy world” is an entire genre that I find to be rather paint-by-numbers and predictable. In anime and manga, this genre is called Isekai, and Hollywood has been doing this to video game movies forever. The Super Mario Bros movie is an Isekai about two human brothers who get transported to Dinohattan, and of course, it’s terrible. I hated when they did this to Sonic last year, and while, admittedly, I think the Sonic movie is decent, I would have much preferred to see a Sonic movie that takes place in Sonic’s world, not ours.

Naturally, it seemed like director Paul W.S. Anderson was just using this “safe” formula for Monster Hunter and that the film would have very little to do with games. Surprisingly, I think going Isekai worked really well for Monster Hunter. The Monster Hunter games are definitely not known for their compelling storylines, but the movie does such a great job of introducing viewers to the world with Milla Jovovich’s Artemis serving as the audience surrogate. The film is nearly as light on story as the games, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun it was to watch her discover all these things about the world of Monster Hunter that I’m already familiar with. In an interview , Jovovich explained that the story was meant to feel like playing the game for the first time, and I think that’s totally apt.

Most importantly, the movie gets the world of Monster Hunter so damn right. It’s filled with fan-service, including a palico chef that recreates the cooking cutscene from Monster Hunter World. But even when the movie isn’t winking at MH fans with obvious references, it’s always representing the games through the setting and storytelling.

Related:  Tony Jaa Was The Only One Who Could Lift Monster Hunter's Giant Sword

Artemis teams up with a hunter, played by the incredible Tony Jaa, in the film’s second act. Through him, you get to see a variety of authentic weapons, cooking, camps, slinger ammo, part breaking, and plenty of other video game details and iconography. The movie feels like it exists in the actual Monster Hunter world from the beginning until just before the end. The story even mirrors the progression loop of the game. If you’ve got a monster that’s too strong to take down, in this case, Diablos, then you need to first hunt a weaker monster and craft gear out of its parts. All of the Earth weapons that come through with Artemis are shown to be completely useless against Diablos. Only a weapon made from a monster can kill a monster, and Artemis quickly learns how to fight like a true hunter.

The trailers really only ever showed off Diablos, but there are few more monsters. Although I would have loved to see tons of monsters from the games, I also sort of appreciate that the movie features about as many monsters as one could realistically fight in 90 minutes of playing Monster Hunter World. I have to spoil this so no one gets their hopes up though: there are no turf wars in the movie. This is by far the biggest letdown.

During the final act, there’s a huge info dump scene that lays out a bunch of lore and answers to questions that no one would have asked. It’s really dumb, and if you happened to go to the bathroom for just two minutes, you would miss the entire thing. It seems like a big setup for a sequel, but it was the first time in the movie that things got so stupid I that I couldn’t believe what I was watching. There’s some great action at the end of the movie (and even more weapons) but the story also gets even more outlandish and further away from the source material.

Ultimately, is Monster Hunter a cash grab, or does it respect the fans and stay true to the games? I say it’s about 90% authentic, and any Monster Hunter fan will almost certainly enjoy it. I had enough watching it to ignore that contrived lore jammed in at the end. It’s not a masterpiece, but if you love Monster Hunter, you won’t be disappointed.

Next:  Capcom Has Just Reported Its Highest Third-Quarter Profit "At All Levels" In Company History

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monster hunter movie fan review

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monster hunter movie fan review

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monster hunter movie fan review

monster hunter movie fan review

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Monster Hunter is shockingly, bombastically faithful to the games

The Milla Jovovich-led action movie lovingly parrots the Capcom franchise

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I, someone who is happy to admit to having played 140 hours of Monster Hunter World since its 2018 launch, was on board with the Monster Hunter movie adaptation from its opening minutes. In the first scene, we see a pirate-style ship glide across a sea of dunes. Aboard the ship is a woman, peeking out of a candle-lit window with mismatched binoculars. During the film’s publicity blitz, we knew things like the titular monsters would look fairly accurate to their video game franchise counterparts, but I was dumbfounded by how much detail and care went to cribbing every aspect of the game’s identifiable style.

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The woman in the mismatched binoculars is simply known as The Handler, and while she has fewer lines than her chatty, cheery in-game counterpart — who’s essentially your tutorial guide in Monster Hunter: World — visually, they’re near dopplegangers. Her early appearance in the film felt shorthand to me that Monster Hunter ’s cinematic debut was done with a lot of love to the sometimes-impenetrable franchise. This wasn’t just a movie made on top of Monster Hunter, but an actual Monster Hunter movie.

That attention to detail is everywhere. After Milla Jovovich’s Captain Artemis and her Army Ranger squad are sucked through a mysterious storm into “Monster Hunter world” (I’m sorry!), every moment of the film feels primed to reward fans. All the set dressing, clothing, armor, weapons, and hair styles are ripped from the games — except for maybe Ron Perlman’s so-bad-its-bad wig. The monsters themselves are peak CG spectacle, especially the iconic Rathalos, the series mascot who gets the final showdown. Writer-director Paul W. S. Anderson loves to pull in close to the reflections in their (maybe even a bit too detailed) eyes, as they stalk Jovovich, her squad, and the Hunter she meets, played by Tony Jaa.

monster hunter movie fan review

The movie monsters are far more lethal than a video game power fantasy might let on. Monster Hunter isn’t afraid to drop bodies in some pretty gnarly ways, and the movie’s long first act sends the squad running from one perilous beast to another as they are picked off one by one. Anderson’s Resident Evil films were no stranger to gory deaths, but there’s at least one in Monster Hunter that felt unnecessarily gross, all to drive home the point that monsters can tear through modern armored vehicles like tissue paper. (The lopsided tank-vs.-monster matchups, despite being largely revealed in cinematic trailers, are some of the biggest gut-busting funny moments of the film.)

Naturally, the only way to take their foes down are traps, grappling hooks, and big-ass swords, all of which are equally faithful to their game counterparts, down to the ways Jaa’s Hunter swings his great sword and Jovovich wields the dual blades. The biggest great sword swings are even shot to honor their video game inspiration, often with dramatic wide shots that show the scale between human and beast.

monster hunter movie fan review

Despite Monster Hunter having a large supporting cast on paper, Jovovich spends chunks of the movie alone, toughing it out through wicked monsters and reinforcing her action-hero pedigree. Many of these moments are tropes we’ve seen before; she kisses a ring inscribed “forever” before cauterizing a wound on her leg with gunpowder and a flare. But the actress’ charisma brings life to the one-dimensional character, and once she teams up with Jaa, the pair’s language barrier doesn’t stop their chemistry. They learn to cooperate in the fights, and while close-cropped editing diminishes the impact of some of their longer brawls, the stunts are dramatic.

The entire movie is light in the story and character department; Jovovich’s entire Ranger squad has names like “Axe,” “Marshall,” “Dash,” and “Linc.” Anderson seems aware — the tropes felt as deliciously campy as the action. Matched with a reverence for the games, Monster Hunter ’s fan service-laden setpieces were the perfect, mindless salve for 2020. It’s hard to say if it’s comprehensible to someone who doesn’t love the series, but its bombastic action hardly lags during its hour-and-a-half run time. It’s a happy member of this new class of video game movies written with an obvious love of its lore, though possibly not able to stand up without a deep appreciation for the source material.

Monster Hunter is out now in theaters

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Monster Hunter Movie Review – If The Shrug Emoji Were A Feature Film

W. Amirul Adlan

I don’t think you could have a more cursed movie than the Monster Hunter movie, directed by Paul W.S Andersen of Resident Evil fame. The movie’s release, especially in Malaysia, has always directly preceded the tightening of lockdown rules, causing the movie to go from releasing in September to only being available in March of the next year, after the movie’s release in the US and Japan.

I should start this out by mentioning two things. One, I really love Monster Hunter. The series has always caught my eye with its fairly plausible monster design, and propensity for the hypest ideas like a sword and shield that turns into a battle axe but also has a buzzsaw mode. Secondly, is that the Transformers movies were a big part of my formative years, and that I have a pretty high tolerance for bad movies, as long as they give me something to work with.

Related Posts

Entering the ring with wwe 2k23 deep dive.

In a nutshell, the Monster Hunter movie is not good. I know there’s lots of pedants who want to whine about game-to-screen inaccuracies like Milla Jovovich using a fire Dual Blades on a Rathalos, but I’m not talking about those. Those are nerdy discussions for nerds to have when they’re taking a break from their never-ending Batman vs Superman who would win arguments.

The biggest crime Monster Hunter commits is that it’s, well, boring. The second biggest crime it commits is that it actually starts off pretty well- the boredom is a slow decay, meaning by the time you realize nothing’s happening you’re already too far into the movie, so you may as well see it through.

So that opening- we follow Captain Artemis (Milla Jovovich) and her band of Michael Bay-rejects as they’re looking for a lost squad of soldiers in the desert. After discovering some weird monoliths, they’re sucked into a storm, and transported to a different desert instead, with giant skeletons protruding out of the ground.

monster hunter movie fan review

The movie wastes no time in killing off the soldiers, one of them played by rapper T.I “they call me candle guy”. Ironically, he was not killed by being on fire. This sequence is actually genuinely good, as the squad first avoids a Diablos, before accidentally running into a Nerscylla nest. The Nerscylla portion is especially horrifying, with some really visceral visuals that made me squirm in my seat.

From here on out Artemis meets The Hunter (Tony Jaa), and he teaches her that you need to use monster parts to kill monsters, though thanks to their language barrier we never get to really understand why. He teaches her the basics of the game and they plan a way to use the Nerscylla to kill off the Diablos before heading out in search of The Hunter’s friends.

Up to this point I actually kind of enjoyed the movie. The idea to play up the language barrier between Jaa and Jovovich’s characters was a pretty clever idea, and spared me an hour of poorly written quips that every movie needs to have now. I’m not gonna lie, it gets a little uncomfortable occasionally when you think about the racial overtones of an upright White woman standing over a squatting Chinese man as he devours a bar of chocolate that he’s never seen before, but your mileage may vary on that.

From there we meet The Admiral, played by Ron Perlman in a move that I can only call insulting to Ron Perlman. Seriously, he does nothing cool all movie, aside from being the only character who understands English because to not have Ron Perlman speak would only be a bigger crime against him. They plot to get Milla Jovovich home using the tower that forms the basis of the movie’s plot, before facing off against a laughably oversized Rathalos.

Monster Hunter Movie

Without spoiling anything, the movie is at its most dull here, since the Rathalos is rarely more than just a screaming fireball generator. Monster Hunter has a good habit of incoporating real-life mannerisms into their animals, it would have been nice to see any of that, but apparently in this universe Rathalos is just a malevolent beast who blames Milla Jovovich for the general mockery of the Resident Evil movies.

All in all, I really liked the ending of the movie though. I’ve been sequel baited so many times and de-isekaid slightly less, it’s nice to see an ending that’s just kind of “well, back to work I guess!”. The Last Jedi has given me PTSD for movies looking like they’re about to end and then dropping another act on you, so the fact that Monster Hunter ends at all is a godsend.

This is in macrocosm what I really love about the movie. It avoids a lot of typical Disneyverse tropes, and it feels very much like someone was in control of how this movie was made, rather than a corporate overlord talking about how focus studies say you need to have the Battle of Hoth at the end of your movie. But then again, perhaps that doesn’t say much about your story if my favorite thing about it was that it ends.

It’s also really hard to talk about the acting in this movie, since nothing really happens. Artemis is a laughably blank slate, with her only characterization being a wedding ring that she keeps in a pillbox. Imagine, a movie where the leading woman spends so much time by herself and they’ve still somehow tied her identity to romance. Tony Jaa is really good as the Hunter though, with a great range of comical expressions and some really impressive acrobatics on his end. Sadly there’s not really much chemistry between the two leads, and any time they talk it feels more like they’re talking in each other’s general direction than with each other. Maybe it’s a reference to the Monster Hunter game’s limited communication features?

Monster Hunter Movie

Not Gamey At All

I’m gonna level with you. The action sequences in this movie aren’t great. By a longshot. I’m kind of glad they didn’t go too ham on the CGI, and many of the stunts look fairly grounded. The problem is Monster Hunter is a game where you can spin like a buzzsaw down the back of a monster, so seeing someone use said Dual Blades but not do their best Levi impression is quite disheartening, enough to bring it up in your review of the Monster Hunter movie.

I think the worst offender of this, once again, is Ron Perlman. While The Admiral’s weapons have always been a secret in Monster Hunter World (he’s never shown with one, leading fans to joke that he was punching monsters to death) the movie gives him a Switchaxe. The prop they used looks way too thin for what’s supposed to be a giant mechanized axe, and there’s a few scenes of him fighting in the background where he really looks weird with it.

monster hunter movie fan review

The way they defeat the Rathalos at the end is also really disappointing, as most final fights tend to be nowadays. Still, the actual scene of it dying was pretty cool, and creating the most conflicting feelings I’ve had since deciding what to have for dinner. It’s been said to death but the US military is possibly the most boring recurring character in any movie, and the fact that we couldn’t have the Rathalos showdown without Uncle Sam showing up is probably the only generic thing about this movie.

Still, I’m glad they didn’t go with some kind of chosen one route, since the main thing that kills off the Rathalos is Artemis’ own spite. It’s a small detail but considering how color-by-numbers these movies tend to be I have a lot of gratitude for how a lot of this movie feels like it’s something Paul W.S Anderson wanted to do, rather than what needed to be done for a Covid-delayed Summer Blockbuster.

monster hunter movie fan review

Proof Of A Monster Hunter Movie

And that kind of leaves me with my conflicted feelings about Monster Hunter. Is the movie good? Snowball’s chance in hell. It’s draggy and boring, and the final fight is so wholly unremarkable that my only memory of it is that thankfully, it ended. But there’s a lot of weird quirks in this movie that I really appreciate, such as the fact that the Monsters themselves sometimes almost look like practical effects.

But for every cool quirk there’s an incredibly dumb quirk. Did I need to see Milla Jovovich cauterize her wound using gunpowder from a bullet? What’s with the generic techno music? And what *is* going on with Ron Perlman’s hair?

At best, Monster Hunter is a B movie. I couldn’t recommend it to anyone whose diet consists solely of summer blockbusters, and I *definitely* couldn’t recommend it to any self-described cinephile. It’s not even good junk food since nothing happens in this movie that makes you cheer, the only target audience I could imagine is people who’d watched the Resident Evil movies and were ready for more Paul W.S Andersen-isms.

As a fan of the Monster Hunter series, don’t expect in any way to be rewarded for your fandom. There’s no big secret that you’ll only know from playing the game, no real easter eggs. It’s more like a movie that’s somehow acquired the rights to use Monster Hunter assets, if anything. They’re good assets though, just like how Nemesis looked impressively loyal to his game counterpart, most of the monsters here look pretty close to theirs. Sure, they’re like three times the size, but it’s better than having Rathalos look more like a generic dragon.

Oh, and the Meowscular Chef looks fine, you guys are just being mean.

If you do want to watch it for yourself though, make sure to watch it in your local cinema , especially if you’re Malaysian.

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Tower of saviors and kimetsu no yaiba coming soon, w. amirul adlan.

Avid enjoyer of games that sit about as far away from mainstream as possible. Also a proud UWE graduate with a degree in Media and Journalism, along with a TOA Diploma in Digital Animation. In that spirit, I enjoy- Soulsbornes, tabletop gaming (Warhammer 40K), Fighting games, and Character Action games. I also believe in the old adage: "I dig giant robots, you dig giant robots, we dig giant robots, chicks dig giant robots. Nice". Twitter: @wamiruladlan

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My Review for "Monster Hunter" - A movie that sucked. Are you really surprised?

monster hunter movie fan review

Did you not see his Resident Evil series?

I did and they were, bare minimum, funny to laugh at. This was just... painful

the games it's based off

Are you not familiar with the works of Paul WS Anderson? He has done his own take. He'll try to create something within the same universe, but not based off anything.

This is all accurate, I just finished the movie and it hurts me how detached from the games it was. 0/10 my least favorite movie and a horrible bastardization of one of my favorite game series.

Something my wife told me was that she saw the look on my face while we were watching the move and, even with a mask on, she could see I wasn't happy

Me and my buddy are planning on pirating it tomorrow, should be a treat...

I just finished watching it and thought it was trash as well.

Its like they tried to force G-rated movie into a PG-13 movie.

Its like watching a slightly more mature Spy Kids. WTF?

I'm shocked, shocked I tell you... well not that shocked.

To counter this as long time MH fan... I enjoyed the movie a lot actually. It's a different take but still stayed true to the source where it mattered. The first act goes on too long and the third act is too short but I really enjoyed it. Obviously spoilers ahead but...

I usually hate the two worlds concept and while I'm not sure this movie needed it, it did actually serve a purpose. Showing how ineffective modern weaponry is against the monsters really ups the bad ass level of the Hunters, and the idea of why they primarily use monster parts vs monsters to begin with. Artemis actually words it well "to fight a monster you need a monster." This also plays into the pun/joke that the Monster in Monster Hunter is an adjective, not a noun (That hunter is a monster)

While very tonally different from most of the games (save maybe the OG MH, which if my fever addled brain recalls is where the sky tower is from), the more horror approach to the first act was genuinely pretty engaging. We're kinda used to seeing these monsters as big lumbering loot machines, so seeing them as hyper dangerous threats was refreshing. Sure Black Diablos was a hard fight but she was never really scary. Now? Those horns are brutal. Those eyes are intelligent and viscous. Rathalos instantly glassing the sand. Hell they were even kinda accurate: Rathalos is generally pretty vulnerable when he's prepping to breath fire. That's prime GS charging time.

You really can't deny the set pieces and aesthetic weren't on point and actually pulling some of the actual obscure MH lore (the sky tower and ancient civ using/enslaving monsters). It also kind of answered a question I never knew I had: why do only dual blade hunters go into arch demon mode? Because it literally is fueled by the blades themselves. Seems obvious in hindsight.

The after credits sting was funny and interesting.

Now I do have 3 complaints with it.

Artemis is very inconsistent with her injuries. She's just cauterized her leg and is limping around then she's suddenly having a full martial arts fight The Hunter - even kicking with said leg. What.

Not a single track from the games. Not one. How. Why. This killed me honestly. I was waiting for that classic fanfare to kick in and swell at an epic moment.

That HARD sequel bait at the end. Right when it got the most interesting it ended. Come on!

All in all I really enjoyed it. Go in expecting what you expect from the games - big dumb fun. This isn't gonna win any awards. This isn't gonna make you rethink life or ask new questions. It is gonna give you big monsters being fought in crazy fights with a splash of horror and oh my god what is with Ron Perlman's hair.

I give it a solid 7/10. Think of it like World compared to the mainline. Not as much substance overall, but a lot prettier, easier to get into and plenty of camp.

Also I think the Handler straight up dies, if that is something you're in to.

To OP - why are you upset the Hunter is just called Hunter in the credits? That's how Monster Hunter is. No one has names. Serious Hunter. The Admiral. The Smith. Caravan Leader. Moga Sweetheart. Etc. That's straight up 1 to 1 game accurate.

you are no fan gtfo

Movie was honestly trash. Spent way too much time on two fist fights between Hunter who legit doesn’t get a name, and Artemis. They also didn’t give enough character introduction, and they spend tons of time with Artemis just waddling around in the desert doing nothing. I could go in deeper but I’m honestly not in the mood to even talk about this movie.

The Hunter never has a name even in the game. They always just give you a nickname, an adjective or call you Hunter. Same with EVERY character - Admiral. Ace Hunter. Excitable Fifth. Etc.

Ok but what about for people who have never even heard of or played the video game before?

Just watched it. I have never played the game but watched tons of videos of game play and researched it because... it had to be an awesome game to make a huge blockbuster movie based on it.

It was an okay movie. It wasn't fantastic but the raw feel of it I enjoyed. I would have prefered to see MUCH MORE WORLD BUILDING. There was zero of that. The majority of the movie was stuck in one spot. From what little I know of the game, it goes all over the place, with monsters of all different kinds in a myriad of environments. There is this whole culture based on the monsters, killing them, using them etc. well those who play know what I mean. None of that was in the movie. I didn't miss those elements because I love the game, I never played it so could care less. I missed those elements because they would have made a much better movie, a much better story.

They needed to use both the "monster hunting" and the world building of the game. Most of the really popular games like this appear to become popular because the world is... thick and rich like a good stew. The movie left all of that out, and I missed that and I never played the game... yet.

Then it's a somewhat confusing mess of gore and characters as people and creatures show up, die and/or speak in an unknown language then die.

Thing is, I don't believe that is a sound argument anyone. Why? Google. Literally anyone who wants to see this movie can look up anything about the series and get an idea of what it is. Wanna play? MHW is really cheap now and MHRise is coming out. No game systems? Gameplay videos aplenty on Youtube.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe someone who's never seen this series will love the movie then be very confused when the games are a completely different tone, I don't know

Saw it last night, I played the game a couple of times and couldn't care much about it, so I went to see this movie with 2 things on my mind, Monsters and Mila, should be enough I thought but then I pressed Play... The first scene was so badly done, the overall quality was terrible and I am just laughing thinking that the main character is watching an old movie with bad cgi about monster and she would start her own journey soon and then the movie would pick up, terror filled me when I realized that I was wrong, that was the quality of the cgi, costumes, photography direction, etc. So I quickly made peace with the fact the cgi quality and overall quality was going to be bad but it was because the monsters would be on screen for the most part of the movie, so it might be too expensive to have a better movie?, I kept watching the movie and it just got more and more boring and then more boring and more boring... I barely smiled with a couple jokes, the action was boring, I hated the music, theres really nothing I liked about the movie and would put it on my top worst movies I have ever seen.

Bro this movie was donkey dick. I will never watch this movie again. If I go to hell I’m gonna ask Satan if I Can I have this punishment of watching this god-awful movie

Movie isn't the game. Only part that out right sucked is the abrupt ending, it should have been a stand alone movie. Feels like we got the opposite of End Game, too little packed in too much time.

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monster hunter movie fan review

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The story goes that Paul W.S. Anderson has been trying to make a film version of the video game series “Monster Hunter” since 2012, but one would never guess this after seeing the end result. Say what you will about the often critically derided films in the “ Resident Evil ” series, there’s at least a sense of style behind them that’s entirely missing for the first hour of “Monster Hunter.” That hour is bafflingly incompetent, failing to give viewers even the basic action they presume comes with a purchase or rental of something called “Monster Hunter.” At around the 70-minute mark, the Anderson who knows how to use excess for entertainment wakes up, but it will be too late for most people, who will either be asleep or figuring out if there’s a way to get a refund on their VOD rental. And then Anderson sabotages any goodwill he could have left with his viewers by dropping a non-ending designed purely to tease a sequel that seems unlikely to ever be. When it was announced, the hope was this could launch another series like “Resident Evil.” Sadly, this is going to be closer to “Soldier” on Anderson's resume. Maybe they could get the gang together for more zombie dogs?

“Monster Hunter” opens in a vast desert in country with a group of U.S. Army Rangers on patrol, led by Captain Natalie Artemis ( Milla Jovovich ). What looks like a combination sandstorm/thunderstorm rises on the horizon, and Natalie and her team are suddenly thrust into an alternate universe alongside ours that is basically more desert, but with giant, terrifying creatures. Instead of world-building, which has defeated some of his most enjoyable escapism, Anderson goes for a vast desert wasteland aesthetic, and it’s a fatal flaw. You can’t make a movie called “Monster Hunter” that’s boring to look at it, and this is one of Anderson's flattest films in every way.

After Anderson dispatches with most of Natalie’s crew, he unites his heroine with someone from this world called “The Hunter,” played by Tony Jaa . If you’re thinking, “Oh, cool, a Jovovich vs. Jaa fight has some potential,” I was on the same page, but Anderson can’t even pull that off. Working with editor Doobie White , he cuts every sequence in “Monster Hunter” into a hyperactive cinematic gruel so everything just looks and feels the same, at least for the first hour. Even when Jaa gets to show off some of his notable skills … we barely get to see them because of the choppy filmmaking.

What about the monsters? Shouldn’t a movie called “Monster Hunter” that’s co-produced by Toho scratch that itch for fans of “Godzilla” movies? Again, that mark is missed. The creature design isn’t even as elaborate or detailed as the games, feeling like the bare minimum required to satisfy a memo to an effects studio that says “make a big monster.” Some of the creature design in the “RE” movies can be grotesquely creative, but the decisions here in terms of monsters feel safe and boring.

And then something very bizarre happens. About two-thirds of the way into “Monster Hunter” it’s almost like Anderson and Jovovich get so bored that they just decide to start the wackier sequel earlier. Spotted briefly in the prologue, a scenery-chewing Ron Perlman drops into the action accompanied by a team of hunters that includes a giant cat who acts like a human. And in this moment you realize that all of “Monster Hunter” needed to be this weird. It’s not a great film at any point, but there’s style and creativity in the last act that’s a stark contrast to the dull noise that came before. If you’re gonna transport a star like Milla Jovovich to a land of monsters, why strand her in the desert for an hour and then basically become a different, more stylish movie in the final act? By the time Anderson figures out the right tone for this project, you’ll be hunting for a better movie. 

Brian Tallerico

Brian Tallerico

Brian Tallerico is the Editor of RogerEbert.com, and also covers television, film, Blu-ray, and video games. He is also a writer for Vulture, The Playlist, The New York Times, and Rolling Stone, and the President of the Chicago Film Critics Association.

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monster hunter movie fan review

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monster hunter movie fan review

Infinity Pool

monster hunter movie fan review

Matt Zoller Seitz

monster hunter movie fan review

Robert Daniels

monster hunter movie fan review

Peter Sobczynski

monster hunter movie fan review

Daisy Jones & the Six

Film credits.

Monster Hunter movie poster

Monster Hunter (2020)

Rated PG-13 for sequences of creature action and violence throughout.

104 minutes

Milla Jovovich as Artemis

T.I. as Link

Ron Perlman as Admiral

Tony Jaa as The Hunter

Diego Boneta

Meagan Good

Josh Helman

Jin Au-Yeung

Writer (video game series)


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monster hunter movie fan review

A Spy Among Friends Has Strong Storytelling, But Lacks in Originality

monster hunter movie fan review

These Violent Delights Have Angered Fans: Why Violent & Brilliant Heroines Are Often Seen as Out of “Place”

monster hunter movie fan review

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Michelle Yeoh: Kicking Ass Across the Multiverse

Review: Monster Hunter

monster hunter movie fan review

Image: ©Sony Pictures

Heading to UK cinemas this Friday, is the action-adventure movie, Monster Hunter . The film – directed by Paul W. S. Anderson – is based on the video game series of the same name, and tells the story of a US Army Ranger, who finds herself transported to a world in which monsters rule.

In the movie, Captain Natalie Artemis is on a mission with a UN security team. It’s business as usual until her convoy is hit by a sudden and violent storm, and the entire crew are pulled through a mysterious portal.

The team quickly discover that the portal has taken them to a new world – one filled with deadly monsters. The vicious creatures soon pick off every member of the security team, leaving Artemis as the lone survivor.

Unsure of the world around her, Artemis has to learn as much about her surroundings as possible, in the hope this will lead her home. But as she soon discovers, her best chance of survival lies in forging new friendships.

monster hunter movie fan review

Monster Hunter stars Milla Jovovich, Tony Jaa, and Ron Perlman, and arrives in the UK quite some time after it opened in other territories around the world. Both the US and China received this movie back in December 2020, and in the States, it has been available to buy on Blu-ray, DVD and digital since March.

Monster Hunter ’s delayed release in the UK is because of the coronavirus – a problem that other pictures have also fell victim to. But after all of these months of waiting for its arrival, the big question is: Was it worth the wait?

The simple answer is, no, not really.

If you’ve been chomping at the bit, waiting for this movie to land in ol’ Blighty, then I am afraid you are likely to be disappointed with what’s on offer. Unless you are an uber-fan of the Monster Hunter gaming series, this is not going to thrill you all that much.

It is fair to say that Monster Hunter isn’t the worst video game adaptation out there, so that is a plus point; but it is also fair to say that it isn’t the best either. It falls somewhere in the middle, demonstrating some good ideas and a lot of potential, but missing the mark due to a woefully hollow story, and some pacing issues.

monster hunter movie fan review

One of the biggest problems that Monster Hunter has is that it is slow. The first half of the movie has sections which are boring, and scenes which feel drawn out beyond belief.

I get that this is movie is based on a game, and some games have long sequences where characters move around in limited numbers, often doing very little, but that’s not necessarily what I want to see in a movie. This is especially true when those characters are walking around a desert, with not much to look at but sand.

Every so often, the scenes are then broken up with a bit of action, but this does nothing to stop the feeling that this is still playing out like the level of a game. And a really plodding level at that.

There is one action sequence in particular, which is so long, and so bland, it is difficult to remain focused on what’s taking place. While watching it play out, I could feel my brain shutting down the longer it went on, and on (and on).

I have no idea who thought it was a good idea to put this fight scene in the movie. I imagine someone, somewhere, saw a rough cut of this film, and said: “You know what this movie needs? A really long sequence where two characters go head-to-head. It doesn’t have to be a good fight, it just needs to be in the film. That’s what you get in computer games and that’s what audiences will want to see!”

Presumably, the same person who made this decision is the same person who suggested casting Ron Perlman in this picture, putting him in a blond wig, slapping some mutton chops on his face (a true sight to behold), and then giving him practically no screen time for the first half of the film. With the exception of an intro sequence at the start of the movie, Perlman doesn’t get any action until after the halfway point of the picture, by which time it all feels a little too late.  

And speaking of the halfway point, this is where the movie switches from being mildly interesting, but slow film, to being something put together by a 12-year-old, for a 12-year-old. With the running time counting down, everything is suddenly chucked at the screen in an attempt to wrap things up, and at times there is some cringeworthy moments.

This second half of the movie also involves some ropey stunt work, some awful writing, and a piss-poor CGI humanoid cat; which no doubt means a great deal to fans of Monster Hunter , but to me just looked like… well… a piss-poor CGI humanoid cat. I believe I was supposed to like the cat, but I can tell you now, I did not like it one bit.

monster hunter movie fan review

The good thing about the second half of the movie is that it moves much more swiftly than the first. The bad thing about the second half of the movie is that it is far less interesting than what came before.

You see, while there were times when I was bored into submission during the first half of Monster Hunter , I will happily admit that this is where all of the better stuff takes place. In fact, all of the scenes that captured my attention, were largely contained in the first 45 minutes of the film.

The initial encounter with the monsters was good; the use of lighting in some of the early scenes was noticeably quite strong; and there was a very creepy scene involving monster eggs. I also found myself enjoying Milla Jovovich’s performance, and felt that from the very beginning of the movie, she was the one character I liked, and without her, I would have been even less engaged.

monster hunter movie fan review

In total, there is about 30 minutes of decent material in this film, and that stops Monster Hunter from being a failure. But I do feel that this whole picture is somewhat of a missed opportunity, which perhaps relies a little too heavy on its visuals, and hopes you will overlook the threadbare story.    

If you like the Monster Hunter games then I am sure you will find something enjoyable here, but for everyone else, this is mostly forgettable stuff. It is fine to watch, but I expect it to come and go very quickly at the cinema, perhaps finding a better home on a streaming service – which is arguably where it should have gone earlier in the year.

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2 responses to review: monster hunter.

' src=

I think Milla is one of the worst actors to grace the modern screen. Her presence in a movie title is an omen to a films quality. The fifth element was a fluke and it may have helped that she had very few lines and Bruce Willis is a magnet actor.

Like Liked by 1 person

' src=

She’s definitely an actress that divides audiences. Personally I like her, and believe her to be the main saving grace of the Resident Evil movies.

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Home » Streaming Service » Netflix » Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild review – basic but fun

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild review – basic but fun

It’s suitable for all ages, so it could be something great for kids. 

This review of the Netflix film Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild does not contain spoilers.

Netflix’s Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild is an animated movie based on the Monster Hunter video games . In this world, humans and monsters must co-exist. The hunters track and kill the monsters in order to protect mankind. In this film, we follow a young boy called Aiden, who desperately wants to become a hunter. Like all developing heroes, Adien is mentored and then is put to the test when he has to fight the elder dragon. He meets Julius, the Ace Commander at the start of his journey, with the goal of saving his village from an oncoming Lunastra. (An attack from the Elder Dragon) 

When watching this film I was taken back to my days of playing Zelda and Skyrim . Admittedly, I have only played the Monster Hunter games a few times, however, you don’t need to have played the games to understand the film and what is going on. 

The storyline developed nicely, as each reference to the game is relevant to the plot, which made for a well-paced story. I felt as if there could be more; that they could have possibly developed this into a short television series. The film being under an hour made it feel more like an episode than a film. The storyline is basic, so the film is nothing amazing. I felt as if a lot of really important story arcs weren’t given the gravity they deserve and they could have been developed more. The ending fight scene is very underwhelming and feels rushed. 

The characters are quirky, cheesy, fun and easy to watch. They work and balance together well. You have the pro, the student and the fun sidekick on an adventure, meeting helpful friends along the way. Although, I feel their relationships could have been developed and built more, with a longer story-line. There is room for more conflict, romance and friendships. Aiden’s character is young, annoying, sloppy but tries hard so you want him to succeed. Julius is a strong, charming know-it-all. The Ace Gunner, Nadia, is carefree, and has joined in so she can fire the big gun, a solid female fighter. Mae is the opposite for a hunter. She’s not as serious, she’s funny, she’s a nerdy scientist, showing a new and different side to a hunter. All four have great grounds for deeper story-lines and interactions. 

I recommend this film If you enjoyed the film How To Train Your Dragon , or you’re a fan of video games. It’s suitable for all ages, so could be something great for kids. 

What do you think of the Netflix film Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild? Comment below. 

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monster hunter movie fan review

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