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  1. Film genre

    A film genre is a stylistic or thematic category for motion pictures based on similarities either in the narrative elements, aesthetic approach

  2. Category:Film genres

    A · Action comedy · Action film · Actuality film · Adventure film · Amateur film · American Eccentric Cinema · Animated documentary · Anthology film

  3. List of genres

    Genre is the term for any category of creative work, which includes literature and other forms of art or entertainment (e.g. music)—whether written or spoken

  4. Category:Films by genre

    Magic realism films‎ (1 C, 152 P) · Magical girl films‎ (3 C, 11 P) · Martial arts films‎ (9 C, 40 P) · Medical-themed films‎ (11 C, 200 P) · Metaphysical fiction

  5. Category:Lists of films by genre

    Pages in category "Lists of films by genre". The following 63 pages are in this category, out of 63 total. This list may not reflect recent changes.

  6. Category:American films by genre

    A · American action films‎ (25 C, 698 P) · American adventure films‎ (13 C, 770 P) · American chase films‎ (5 C, 268 P) · American fantasy films‎ (21 C, 219 P).

  7. Category:Films by genre by country

    This category organizes its subcategories by country. Each subcategory organizes its subcategories by film genre, and each sub-subcategory contains

  8. Genre film

    A film conforming to a well-defined film genre · Genre Films, aka Kinberg Genre, a television and film production company · Genre (1996 film), a live-action/

  9. Category:Lists of 1900s films by genre

    Pages in category "Lists of 1900s films by genre". The following 9 pages are in this category, out of 9 total. This list may not reflect recent changes.

  10. Bibliography of film by genre

    This is a bibliography of reference works on film by genre. Contents. 1 Action / adventure. 1.1 James Bond; 1.2 Martial arts; 1.3 War.