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My Favorite Gerard Butler Films & Upcoming Films

1. Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

PG-13 | 119 min | Action, Adventure, Thriller

James Bond sets out to stop a media mogul's plan to induce war between China and the UK in order to obtain exclusive global media coverage.

Director: Roger Spottiswoode | Stars: Pierce Brosnan , Jonathan Pryce , Michelle Yeoh , Teri Hatcher

Votes: 198,051 | Gross: $125.33M

2. Dracula 2000 (2000)

R | 99 min | Action, Fantasy, Horror

A group of thieves breaks into a chamber expecting to find paintings, but instead they release the count himself, who travels to New Orleans to find his nemesis' daughter, Mary Van Helsing.

Director: Patrick Lussier | Stars: Gerard Butler , Justine Waddell , Jonny Lee Miller , Christopher Plummer

Votes: 34,882 | Gross: $33.02M

3. Shooters (2002)

R | 95 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Gilly, fresh out of prison, and J, a hustler with a major drug problem, just can't shake their criminal ways.

Directors: Glenn Durfort , Colin Teague | Stars: Adrian Dunbar , Andrew Howard , Louis Dempsey , Gerard Butler

Votes: 1,180

4. Reign of Fire (2002)

PG-13 | 101 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

A brood of fire-breathing dragons emerges from the earth and begins setting everything ablaze, establishing dominance over the planet.

Director: Rob Bowman | Stars: Matthew McConaughey , Christian Bale , Izabella Scorupco , Gerard Butler

Votes: 139,542 | Gross: $43.06M

5. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003)

PG-13 | 117 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Adventurer Lara Croft goes on a quest to save the mythical Pandora's Box, before an evil scientist finds it, and recruits a former Marine turned mercenary to assist her.

Director: Jan de Bont | Stars: Angelina Jolie , Gerard Butler , Chris Barrie , Ciarán Hinds

Votes: 140,743 | Gross: $65.66M

6. Timeline (2003)

PG-13 | 116 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

A group of archaeologists become trapped in the past when they go there to retrieve a friend. The group must survive in 14th-century France before they can escape back to the twenty-first century.

Director: Richard Donner | Stars: Paul Walker , Gerard Butler , Billy Connolly , Frances O'Connor

Votes: 64,185 | Gross: $19.48M

7. Dear Frankie (2004)

PG-13 | 105 min | Drama, Romance

After having responded to her son's numerous letters in the guise of his father, a woman hires a stranger to pose as his dad when meeting him.

Director: Shona Auerbach | Stars: Emily Mortimer , Jack McElhone , Gerard Butler , Mary Riggans

Votes: 22,095 | Gross: $1.34M

8. The Phantom of the Opera (2004)

PG-13 | 143 min | Drama, Musical, Romance

A young soprano becomes the obsession of a disfigured and murderous musical genius who lives beneath the Paris Opéra House.

Director: Joel Schumacher | Stars: Gerard Butler , Emmy Rossum , Patrick Wilson , Miranda Richardson

Votes: 125,565 | Gross: $51.27M

9. Beowulf & Grendel (2005)

R | 103 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

In Denmark, during the 6th century, Danish king Hrothgar and his warriors kill a troll whose son, Grendel, vows revenge.

Director: Sturla Gunnarsson | Stars: Hringur Ingvarsson , Spencer Wilding , Stellan Skarsgård , Ingvar Sigurdsson

Votes: 18,276 | Gross: $0.07M

10. 300 (2006)

R | 117 min | Action, Drama

King Leonidas of Sparta and a force of 300 men fight the Persians at Thermopylae in 480 B.C.

Director: Zack Snyder | Stars: Gerard Butler , Lena Headey , David Wenham , Dominic West

Votes: 830,783 | Gross: $210.61M

11. Tales of the Black Freighter (2009 Video)

R | 26 min | Animation, Short, Action

A mariner survives an attack from the dreaded pirates of the Black Freighter, but his struggle to return home to warn it has a horrific cost.

Directors: Daniel DelPurgatorio , Mike Smith | Stars: Gerard Butler , Jared Harris , Lori Tritel , Siobhan Flynn

Votes: 6,887

12. Gamer (2009)

R | 95 min | Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

In a future mind-controlling game, death row convicts are forced to battle in a 'Doom'-type environment. Convict Kable, controlled by Simon, a skilled teenage gamer, must survive thirty sessions in order to be set free.

Directors: Mark Neveldine , Brian Taylor | Stars: Gerard Butler , Michael C. Hall , Ludacris , Amber Valletta

Votes: 136,837 | Gross: $20.49M

13. Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

R | 109 min | Action, Crime, Drama

A frustrated man decides to take justice into his own hands after a plea bargain sets one of his family's killers free.

Director: F. Gary Gray | Stars: Gerard Butler , Jamie Foxx , Leslie Bibb , Colm Meaney

Votes: 303,901 | Gross: $73.34M

14. The Bounty Hunter (I) (2010)

PG-13 | 110 min | Action, Comedy, Romance

A bounty hunter learns that his next target is his ex-wife, a reporter working on a murder cover-up. Soon after their reunion, the always-at-odds duo find themselves on a run-for-their-lives adventure.

Director: Andy Tennant | Stars: Jennifer Aniston , Gerard Butler , Gio Perez , Joel Marsh Garland

Votes: 130,094 | Gross: $67.06M

15. Machine Gun Preacher (2011)

R | 129 min | Action, Biography, Crime

Sam Childers is a former drug-dealing biker tough guy who found God and became a crusader for hundreds of Sudanese children who've been forced to become soldiers.

Director: Marc Forster | Stars: Gerard Butler , Michelle Monaghan , Michael Shannon , Kathy Baker

Votes: 67,232 | Gross: $0.54M

16. Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

R | 119 min | Action, Thriller

Secret Service agent Mike Banning finds himself trapped inside the White House in the wake of a terrorist attack and works with national security to rescue the President from his kidnappers.

Director: Antoine Fuqua | Stars: Gerard Butler , Aaron Eckhart , Morgan Freeman , Angela Bassett

Votes: 281,522 | Gross: $98.93M

17. London Has Fallen (2016)

R | 99 min | Action, Thriller

In London for the Prime Minister's funeral, Mike Banning is caught up in a plot to assassinate all the attending world leaders.

Director: Babak Najafi | Stars: Gerard Butler , Aaron Eckhart , Morgan Freeman , Angela Bassett

Votes: 162,346 | Gross: $62.68M

18. Angel Has Fallen (2019)

R | 121 min | Action, Thriller

Mike Banning is framed for the attempted assassination of the President and must evade his own agency and the FBI as he tries to uncover the real threat.

Director: Ric Roman Waugh | Stars: Gerard Butler , Frederick Schmidt , Danny Huston , Rocci Boy Williams

Votes: 101,541 | Gross: $69.03M

19. A Family Man (2016)

R | 108 min | Drama

A headhunter whose life revolves around closing deals in a survival-of-the-fittest boiler room battles his top rival for control of their job placement company, but his dream of owning the company clashes with the needs of his family.

Director: Mark Williams | Stars: Gerard Butler , Gretchen Mol , Alison Brie , Anupam Kher

Votes: 12,740

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Films: Gerard Butler

movie list gerard butler

When a pilot is forced to land to avoid a terrifying storm, he finds himself in a war zone.

Night Has Fallen

Another film in the …Has Fallen series.

movie list gerard butler

A con artist finds himself trapped in a police station, hunted by an assassin.

Angel Has Fallen

movie list gerard butler

Secret Service Agent Mike Banning (Gerald Butler) evades his own agency as he attempts to find out who framed him for trying to murder the US President.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

movie list gerard butler

Hiccup (voiced by Baruchel) is now a chief with growing responsibilities, while Toothless the dragon is in love; but then dragon hunter Grimmel (Abraham) is determined to spoil people’s fun. The franchise is running out of steam; there’s too much going on and the central bond is obscured.

The Vanishing

A fictionalised version of the true story of the disappearance of the keepers of Flannan Isles lighthouse in 1900, with James (Buter), Thomas (Mullan) and Donald (Swindells) competing for a stash of stolen gold. A mystery becomes a dull psychological thriller with the least interesting solution imaginable, and even…

Den of Thieves

movie list gerard butler

An elite unit of the LA County Sheriff’s Department crosses paths with the state’s most successful heist crew. There are plenty of twists, and writer-director Gudegast makes a reasonable job of the robbery and shoot-out, but it’s too clearly in thrall to Michael Mann’s Heat, and Butler is no Pacino.

Hunter Killer

movie list gerard butler

Submarine captain Joe Glass (Butler) leads a mission to rescue the Russian president from his own deranged defence minister and so avert WWIII. Gung-ho action, cartoonish politics, a hackneyed story and toe-curling dialogue make for a bland and brainless dud. It may be about subs, but it’s a real floater.

movie list gerard butler

Satellite architect and space cowboy Jake (Butler) has designed a device to protect our planet from climate change, but it’s sabotaged. Ridiculous melodrama of cheesy CGI punctuated by cheesy soap opera histrionics, with untold millions dying in eco-catastrophes until the US saves the day. Windy nonsense.

Gods of Egypt

movie list gerard butler

In an alternative world where the gods walk the earth, Egyptian gods Set (Butler) battles Horus (Coster-Waldau) and tears out his eyes – whereupon Horus wants revenge. Extremely silly blockbuster with racially insensitive casting (not an Egyptian among them), but the mixture of lofty ambition, hokey dialogue and…

London Has Fallen

movie list gerard butler

When the funeral of a British Prime Minister is attacked by terrorists, Secret Service agent Mike Banning (Butler) launches himself into the line of fire and is unfortunately not killed. Butler does the action-man/asshole schtick in London this time, with the filmmakers dolloping on extra xenophobia, racial stereotypes…

How to Train Your Dragon 2

movie list gerard butler

Sequel to the 2010 hit film with the original cast returning.

Chasing Mavericks

movie list gerard butler

The true story of surfer Jay Moriarty (Weston) who enlisted the help of veteran surfer Frosty Hesson (Butler) to help him train for the mythic Mavericks surf break, one of the biggest waves on earth.

Olympus Has Fallen

movie list gerard butler

When a team of Korean paramilitaries take the US President (Eckhart) hostage, it's up to disgraced security chief Mike Banning (Butler) to stage a rescue attempt. In its certainty about good guys and bad guys it has a certain nostalgic seduction, but it's basically derivative, cheesy and fantastically unconvincing.

movie list gerard butler

Star-studded but puerile anthology of inept sketches, tenuously roped together by the mirthless antics of three teenage boys searching online for the most controversial movie ever. Talents (Jackman, Winslet, Warburton, Moretz) are squandered; gags are absent. If this is the future of film-making, we're doomed.

Playing for Keeps

movie list gerard butler

George (Butler), a former football star, tries to reconnect with his estranged wife (Biel) and son (Lomax) by coaching his son’s soccer team, if he can only fight off the town’s soccer moms (Zeta-Jones, Thurman, Greer). A formulaic redemption story in which the characters lack dimensions and the outcome is predictable.

movie list gerard butler

Coriolanus (Fiennes) is a valiant Roman soldier whose contempt for the masses causes him to fall victim to the city's scheming politicians. Fiennes, debuting as director, creates a modern day, war-torn Rome using Serbian locations, restless cinematography and an excellent cast, making this a powerful and resonant…

Machine Gun Preacher

movie list gerard butler

The true story of Sam Childers who progresses from drug dealer to crusader for hundreds of Sudanese children who had been forced to become soldiers.

How to Train Your Dragon

movie list gerard butler

Commendable new DreamWorks animation set in the mythical world of Vikings and dragons, and based on the book by Cressida Cowell. Hiccup, a Viking teenager, befriends a dragon.

The Bounty Hunter

movie list gerard butler

Comedy about a bounty hunter who is assigned to hunt down his bail-jumping ex-wife.

movie list gerard butler

Science fiction action thriller set in 2034 when mind-control technology has taken society by storm, and a multiplayer online game called 'Slayers' allows gamers to control human prisoners in mass-scale death matches. Derivative and silly but thoroughly enjoyable, 'Gamer' is modern exploitation filmmaking at its low…

Law Abiding Citizen

movie list gerard butler

Messily attempting to juggle crowd-pleasing retribution with cheap pot shots, this tale of one man's fight against the corrupt judiciary system and the ambitious attorney (Foxx) that set free his wife's murderer is undermined by a dubious morality and an unpleasant glorification of violence.

The Ugly Truth

movie list gerard butler

This by-the-numbers romantic comedy pairs lovelorn TV producer Heigl with alpha male Butler, a public-access agony-uncle with a misogynist streak that hides a vulnerable, equally lovelorn man, for a mindless run through of familiar genre clichés. A disposable time waster for incurable romantics.

Nim's Island

movie list gerard butler

Adapted from Wendy Orr's popular book about what happens when agoraphobic authoress Alexandra Ryder (Foster) is contacted by winsome brat Nim (Breslin), whose scientist father Jack (Butler) has gone missing. Breslin and Butler adapt well to the frothy postmodern adventure but Foster's attempts at slapstick are…


Films for kids

Family films in cinemas this week include Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Gerard Butler

Personal Info

Known For Acting

Known Credits 95

Gender Male

Birthday 1969-11-13 (53 years old)

Place of Birth Paisley, Scotland, UK

Also Known As

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Gerard Butler

Gerard James Butler (born 13 November 1969) is a Scottish actor and film producer. After studying law, he turned to acting in the mid-1990s with small roles in productions such as Mrs Brown (1997), the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), and Tale of the Mummy (1998). In 2000, he starred as Count Dracula in the gothic horror film Dracula 2000 with Christopher Plummer and Jonny Lee Miller.

He played Attila the Hun in the miniseries Attila (2001), then appeared in the films Reign of Fire with Christian Bale (2002) and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life with Angelina Jolie (2003) before playing André Marek in the adaptation of Michael Crichton's science fiction adventure Timeline (2003). He then was cast as Erik, The Phantom in Joel Schumacher's 2004 film adaptation of the musical The Phantom of the Opera, with Emmy Rossum; it earned him a Satellite Award nomination for Best Actor.

Butler gained worldwide recognition for his portrayal of King Leonidas in Zack Snyder's fantasy war film 300. That role earned him nominations for an Empire Award for Best Actor and a Saturn Award for Best Actor and a win for MTV Movie Award for Best Fight. He voiced Stoick the Vast in the critically and commercially successful How to Train Your Dragon franchise (2010–2019). Also in the 2010s, he portrayed Secret Service agent Mike Banning in the action thriller series Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen, Angel Has Fallen and the upcoming Night Has Fallen. He played military leader Tullus Aufidius in the 2011 film Coriolanus, a modern adaptation of Shakespeare's tragedy of the same name, and Sam Childers in the 2011 action biopic Machine Gun Preacher.


Olympus Has Fallen

How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon

London Has Fallen

London Has Fallen


Angel Has Fallen

How to Train Your Dragon 2

How to Train Your Dragon 2

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Gerard Butler Movies

movie list gerard butler

Producer | Actor

Born - november 13, 1969 in paisley, scotland, uk.

Gerard Butler latest movies include Plane, Den Of Thieves and Geostorm. Check out list of all Gerard Butler movies along with trailers, songs, reviews and much more.


Plane (2023)

Gerard Butler , Mike Colter , Yoson An , Daniella Pineda , Paul Ben Victor

13 Jan 2023 | 2 hrs 4 mins

One More Kiss

One More Kiss (2000)

Valerie Edmond , Gerard Butler

18 Dec 2000 | 1 hr 37 mins

Den Of Thieves

Den Of Thieves (2018)

Gerard Butler , Pablo Schreiber , 50 Cent , Jordan Bridges , Evan Jones

02 Feb 2018 | 2 hrs 22 mins


Geostorm (2017)

Katheryn Winnick , Gerard Butler , Abbie Cornish , Ed Harris , Andy Garcia , Jim Sturgess

27 Oct 2017 | 1 hr 49 mins

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019)

Jay Baruchel , Gerard Butler , Jonah Hill , Craig Ferguson , Kristen Wiig , T.J. Miller , Christopher Mintz Plasse

21 Mar 2019 | 1 hr 44 mins

The Vanishing

The Vanishing (2019)

Peter Mullan , Gerard Butler , Olafur Darri Olafsson , Soren Malling , Gary Lewis , John Taylor

18 Jan 2019 | 2 hrs 2 mins

Angel Has Fallen

Angel Has Fallen (2019)

Morgan Freeman , Gerard Butler , Piper Perabo , Jada Pinkett Smith , Lance Reddick , Nick Nolte , Danny Huston , Tim Blake Nelson , Chris Browning , Michael Landes

23 Aug 2019 | 2 hrs 2 mins


Gerard Butler , Lena Headey

09 Mar 2007 | 1 hr 57 mins


Timeline (2003)

Paul Walker , Gerard Butler

26 Nov 2003 | 1 hr 56 mins

The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth (2009)

Katherine Heigl , Gerard Butler

24 Jul 2009 | 1 hr 36 mins

The Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter (2010)

Jennifer Aniston , Gerard Butler

19 Mar 2010 | 1 hr 50 mins


Gamer (2009)

Gerard Butler , Ludacris

04 Sep 2009 | 2 hrs 2 mins

Guilty Hearts

Guilty Hearts (2011)

Kathy Bates , Gerard Butler

28 Jun 2011 | 3 hrs 0 mins

Nim's Island

Nim's Island (2008)

Jodie Foster , Gerard Butler

04 Apr 2008 | 1 hr 36 mins

Beowulf & Grendel

Beowulf & Grendel (2006)

Gerard Butler , Spencer Wilding

09 Mar 2006 | 1 hr 43 mins

Dear Frankie

Dear Frankie (2005)

Emily Mortimer , Gerard Butler

15 Apr 2005 | 1 hr 45 mins

The Game Of Their Lives

The Game Of Their Lives (2005)

Wes Bentley , Gerard Butler

22 Apr 2005 | 1 hr 41 mins

The Phantom Of The Opera

The Phantom Of The Opera (2004)

Gerard Butler , Emmy Rossum

22 Dec 2004 | 2 hrs 23 mins

Dracula 2000

Dracula 2000 (2000)

Gerard Butler , Justine Waddell

22 Dec 2000 | 1 hr 39 mins

Harrison's Flowers

Harrison's Flowers (2002)

Andie MacDowell , Gerard Butler

15 Mar 2002 | 2 hrs 1 min

Mrs Brown

Mrs Brown (1997)

Judi Dench , Gerard Butler

03 Oct 1997 | 1 hr 1 min


RocknRolla (2008)

Gerard Butler , Tom Wilkinson , Tom Hardy

31 Oct 2008 | 1 hr 54 mins

Tale Of The Mummy

Tale Of The Mummy (1999)

Jason Scott Lee , Gerard Butler

13 Feb 1999 | 1 hr 28 mins

Law Abiding Citizen

Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

Gerard Butler , Jamie Foxx

16 Oct 2009 | 1 hr 49 mins

Fast Food

Fast Food (2000)

Douglas Henshall , Emily Woof , Gerard Butler

28 Jan 2000 | 1 hr 39 mins

The Cherry Orchard

The Cherry Orchard (2000)

Charlotte Rampling , Alan Bates , Gerard Butler

12 Jan 2000 | 2 hrs 21 mins

P.S. I Love You

P.S. I Love You (2007)

Hilary Swank , Gerard Butler

21 Dec 2007 | 2 hrs 6 mins

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life (2003)

Angelina Jolie , Gerard Butler

25 Jul 2003 | 1 hr 57 mins

Reign Of Fire

Reign Of Fire (2002)

Christian Bale , Matthew McConaughey , Izabella Scorupco , Gerard Butler

12 Jul 2002 | 1 hr 38 mins

Snow Ponies

Snow Ponies

Gerard butler, 1 hr 52 mins.

A Family Man

A Family Man (2017)

Gerard Butler , Anupam Kher , Willem Dafoe , Alfred Molina , Alison Brie , Gretchen Mol

28 Jul 2017 | 1 hr 48 mins

London Has Fallen

London Has Fallen (2016)

Gerard Butler , Morgan Freeman , Angela Bassett , Aaron Eckhart , Melissa Leo , Robert Forster

04 Mar 2016 | 1 hr 38 mins

How To Train Your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon (2010)

Jay Baruchel , Kristen Wiig , T.J. Miller , Christopher Mintz Plasse , Jonah Hill , America Ferrera , Craig Ferguson , Gerard Butler

26 Mar 2010 | 1 hr 38 mins

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Related filmographies.

movie list gerard butler

Gerard Butler Movies Ranked, From Smoldering Vampires to Smoldering Dragon Hunters

We ranked 16 of the actor's biggest films, from '300' to, um, 'Gamer.'

When I naively boasted to Collider’s senior editorial staff that I could absolutely rank the shit out of Gerard Butler ’s movies, I made one very important miscalculation – Gerard Butler has made no less than 78,000 films in the past fifteen years. And while nothing would more enrich my soul than hunkering down to watch several hundred hours of the Swole Scotsman, it’s simply not possible for me to do that and also meet my deadline. So what I’ve done is ranked all of Gerard Butler’s biggest movies, with the intention of adding more of his films to the list every so often. Think of this as a living document, the Constitution of the United Abdominal Muscles of Gerard Butler’s Filmography.

Directors/Writers: Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor

Cast:  Gerard Butler, Michael C. Hall,

This is not a good movie.

15. Timeline

Director:  Richard Donner

Writers : Jeff Maguire, George Nolfi

Cast:  Paul Walker, Gerard Butler, Frances O'Conner

Timeline is an interesting film, because it is an example of several talented forces coming together to make a thunderously mediocre turdsplash of an adventure tale. Directed by Hollywood mainstay Richard Donner and based on a novel by modern sci-fi icon Michael Crichton , this movie about a team of graduate students time-traveling back to medieval Europe to rescue their stranded professor is as boring as it is disappointing. However, Gerard Butler’s performance as André Marek, an archaeologist so obsessed with the time period that he practices swordfighting and archery like he’s preparing for a heist at a Renaissance Faire, is a genuine bright spot. Marek has such an open-faced enthusiasm for history that he’s almost like a kid running circles around the dinosaur bones in a natural history museum, and Butler plays him with a careful balance of naivety and pensiveness. He’s the polar opposite of the film’s other bright spot, Michael Sheen as the scenery-chewing villain Lord Oliver. Timeline is a difficult movie to recommend, because while its time-travel twists are kind of neat, you can also see them lurching towards you from a mile away.

14. Gods of Egypt

Director:  Alex Proyas

Writers: Matt Sazama, Burk Sharpless

Cast:  Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Gerard Butler, Brenton Thwaites

I had to pause Gods of Egypt after the first hour, during the scene in which Geoffrey Rush was standing on the bridge of his space barge shooting lasers at a giant snake, because my living room was spinning and I was about to collapse from sheer delirium. The 2016 fantasy action-adventure film from Dark City director Alex Proyas stars Nicholaj Coster-Waldau as the Egyptian god Horus, who must defeat his villainous uncle Set (Gerard Butler) and reclaim the throne of the world. Without hyperbole, this movie is out of its fucking mind. It’s a movie that is as huge as it is dumb, and Butler is having a whale of a time playing the villain. Meanwhile, Jaime Lannister has some fun bits escorting some nerd who is supposed to be our main character, a twerpy thief named Bek. In one of the film’s greatest achievements, the gods are all super tall and all the humans are hobbit-sized, which means there’s more than one scene in which Horus has to scoop Bek up and carry him like a fussy toddler. That said, it is impossible to ignore the whitewashing in this film. There is not a single Arab actor in sight, and it only becomes more glaring and frustrating as the movie plays on. Gods of Egypt could’ve been a thoroughly watchable popcorn flick, but as it is, it’s merely embarrassing for all the worst reasons.

13. Machine Gun Preacher

Director:  Marc Foster

Writers:  Jason Keller

Cast:  Gerard Butler, Michelle Monaghan, Michael Shannon

Machine Gun Preacher , the 2011 drama about reformed biker gang member Sam Childers devoting his life to saving orphaned children in South Sudan, is a very uneven film. Butler’s performance as Childers is undeniably compelling - he’s not a terribly likeable character, prone to bouts of terrifying rage at his family even after he’s changed his criminal ways. It’s easy to empathize with his cause, as we’re shown time and again the brutality inflicted upon South Sudanese children by Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army, but at the same time the movie seems to be (accidentally?) making the argument that Sam’s crusade is rooted in selfishness. He’s a man doing the right thing for the wrong reasons, and while that’s probably not the point of view adopted by Machine Gun Preacher ’s source material (it’s based on Childers’ self-aggrandizing autobiography), it has the potential to make a by-the-numbers drama infinitely more interesting. The problem is, the movie doesn’t seem to realize it’s making this point. We’re given flashes of it, as Sam continues to neglect his family to the point of cruelty (he blows up at his daughter for asking if she can have money for her school’s formal dance in one of the film’s better scenes) and drives them into poverty by selling everything they own to support his quest without discussing the decision with his wife. Machine Gun Preacher ultimately stumbles to an extremely unsatisfying conclusion in spite of Butler’s strong performance, becoming another slightly embarrassing “white savior” movie with noble intent but exploitative execution.

12. Geostorm

Director:  Dean Devlin

Writers:  Dean Devlin, Paul Guyot

Cast:  Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Ed Harris

Once you accept the sentence “Gerard Butler is a scientist,” all bets are off. Butler stars as a man who designed a network of satellites that can literally control the weather, but the satellites get hijacked by a madman who wants to take over the world. This film is pure Roland Emmerich 90s disaster trash (it was co-written and directed by Emmerich’s longtime producing partner Dean Devlin ), complete with an ensemble cast that includes Ed Harris , Jim Sturgess , Richard Schiff , Andy Garcia , Zazie Beetz , Abbie Cornish , Robert Sheehan , and Eugenio Derbez , several of whom will be dead by the end credits. Butler is thunderously unbelievable as a scientist, and the movie feels incredibly dated even though it was released in 2017. That said, it isn’t hurting anybody, and if you love dopey Emmerich films, you could do worse than Geostorm . And honestly, when else are you going to see Gerard Butler go to space to repair a rogue satellite?

11. Dracula 2000

Director:  Patrick Lussier

Writer:  Joel Soisson

Cast:  Jonny Lee Miller, Gerard Butler, Justine Waddell, Christopher Plummer

American audiences got their first real taste of Gerard Butler when he played Dracula in the imaginatively titled 2000 horror film Dracula 2000 . Let me be the first to tell you that this movie is both A) dumb as shit, and B) extremely fun to watch. Butler’s performance is little more than smoldering, open-mouthed looks (he doesn’t speak his first line until over 30 minutes into the film), but the script manages to craft an interesting backstory for the famous vampire that pays off with an unexpectedly emotional climax. The best parts of Dracula 2000 are when it updates Brahm Stoker’s story for the modern world – the scene aboard the Demeter now takes place in an airplane, and they pull some genuinely clever tricks with the idea that Dracula’s image doesn’t appear in mirrors or on videotape. However, it is intensely stupid and loaded with generally terrible acting, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing depending on what kind of mood you’re in. And Butler is supremely watchable, even though he has about as many lines as Boba Fett.

10. Olympus Has Fallen

Director:  Antoine Fuqua

Writers:  Creighton Rothenberger, Katrin Benedikt

Cast:  Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart

Olympus Has Fallen is like the angry stepbrother of Roland Emmerich’s White House Down . Both movies were released the same year, but Olympus Has Fallen eschews all the shlocky fun of Emmerich’s movie in favor of an overserious action thriller. Gerard Butler plays a Secret Service agent Die Harding his way through the White House after it is taken over by North Korean terrorists, and he does his fair share of hateful killing before the end credits roll. There’s a few embarrassing moments of melodramatic patriotism, such as when President Aaron Eckhart loudly declares “We don’t negotiate with terrorists!” right before the terrorists shoot a woman to death in front of him, and Melissa Leo defiantly growls out the Pledge of Allegiance while the bad guys drag her away. Despite those moments, it’s a reasonably solid action movie, albeit a bit grim (the film begins by dropping Ashley Judd off of a bridge). Butler is totally believable as an emotionally wounded but determined hero who will still rise to the occasion and stab as many people in the brain as necessary to rescue the president. Plus, he has an improbable but tense knife fight with Dylan McDermott , and that’s something.

9. Greenland

Director:  Ric Roman Waugh

Writer:  Chris Sparling

Cast:  Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin

Director Ric Roman Waugh ’s brutal apocalypse movie stars Butler as John Garrity, a structural engineer whose family is selected to report to a top-secret bunker after a world-ending comet begins to break up and pummel the Earth’s surface. However, Garrity’s diabetic son is denied access, and he and his wife Allison ( Morena Baccarin ) are separated in the confusion. The movie follows them struggling to reunite and get to some kind of safety as the world literally comes to an end around them. Greenland is an incredibly bleak film about the breakup of society and the horrible things people will do to each other in the name of survival. I came into this movie expecting a level of Roland Emmerich disaster flick seriousness (like in Butler’s other apocalyptic film Geostorm ), but that is very much not what this movie is. It’s an incredibly serious, sobering look at the end of the world, with very little hope to be found. Greenland is a better-than-average disaster drama that suffered from its release date - I can think of very few people who would enjoy sitting through such a dark, humorless film about societal collapse in the year of our lord 2020.

8. The Bounty Hunter

Director: Andy Tennant

Writer:  Sarah Thorp

Cast:  Jennifer Anniston, Gerard Butler, Jason Sudeikis

After Hollywood (correctly) identified that Gerard Butler excels as a drunken, cantankerous scumbag, they decided to try and insert this persona into a handful of romantic comedies with varying results. The Bounty Hunter is an action romcom that stars Butler as a hard luck bail enforcement agent tasked with bringing his ex-wife Jennifer Anniston to jail after she inadvertently jumps bond in a relatively minor traffic case. Butler is sufficiently charming, and he and Anniston have good chemistry, but unfortunately the material they’re given doesn’t do either one of them any favors. They stumble upon a mystery that is neither interesting nor makes a ton of sense, and the movie makes a few inexplicable detours (they randomly stop at a bed and breakfast for about 20 minutes, bringing the action to an abrupt halt for some cutesy romcom antics). Also, Jason Sudeikis has a truly embarrassing role as a coworker of Anniston’s who is hopelessly in love with her, which results in a B plot that I couldn’t give two shits about. But all in all, it’s a pleasant enough movie, and both lead actors seem to be having a good time. Also, The Bounty Hunter features a gratuitous shirtless scene in which a glistening towel-clad Butler strides out of the shower only to be electrocuted in the neck by Anniston, which elevates the rating of this movie by an entire letter grade.

7. Den of Thieves

Director:  Christian Gudegast

Writers: Christian Gudegast, Paul Scheuring

Cast:  Gerard Butler, Pablo Schrieber, O'Shea Jackson Jr.

Den of Thieves is a little too long and a little too devoted to Gerard Butler as its star, but if you stick with it, it turns into a rewarding heist film with a shootout climax that echoes Michael Mann ’s Heat in terms of stakes and intensity. Butler plays a perpetually drunk scumbag detective hot on the trail of a team of criminal masterminds, attempting to crack their master plan of robbing the Federal Reserve in Los Angeles. The movie is a bit of a slog in parts, and I couldn’t give less of a fig about the B plot concerning Butler’s dissolving marriage, but once we get to the heist in the second half, the whole thing takes off like the Rocketeer. Den of Thieves suddenly transforms into a surprisingly tense crime flick, as we watch the thieves’ genuinely impressive plan unfold with the cops struggling to keep up. Unfortunately, Butler is the weakest link here. He plays the part of a belligerently unlikeable shitheel well enough, but the character is such a tired trope at this point that I could not bring myself to care about him in the slightest and was actually thankful for the spans in which he isn’t onscreen. This conundrum makes Den of Thieves a curious entry on this list – it’s a good Gerard Butler movie, but Gerard Butler isn’t particularly good in it.

6. Reign of Fire

Director:  Rob Bowman

Writers:  Matt Greenberg, Gregg Chabot, Kevin Peterka

Cast:  Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale, Gerard Butler

Reign of Fire is one of the most gloriously stupid movies I have ever experienced, and while it is by no means “good,” it is undeniably “a movie featuring bald Matthew McConaughey rocketing through the air and swinging an ax into a dragon’s face” by every possible definition of that very specific phrase. Gerard Butler plays Creedy, Christian Bale ’s best friend and second-in-command of a community of survivors living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland plagued by angry dragons. This is pre-yoked Butler, so he’s more of a gangly, warm-hearted presence who undercuts Bale’s dour scowling with some much-needed humor. It’s one of the biggest swings of the early 2000s, essentially a Roland Emmerich disaster film with mythical creatures, and while Reign of Fire never quite has as much fun as its premise promises, Butler’s performance serves as one of the only grounded elements of this pulpy, over-the-top fantasy yarn.

5. The Ugly Truth

Director:  Robert Luketic

Writers: Nicole Eastman, Karen McCullah Lutz, Kirsten Smith

Cast:  Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler, John Michael Higgins

I am ashamed to admit I found The Ugly Truth more charming than I expected. It’s a brisk 90-minute R-rated romcom starring two unfairly attractive people (Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl ) who share some genuine chemistry in-between scenes of John Michael Higgins ranting about a bird in his dressing room and women wrestling in Jello. Heigl is a TV producer forced to hire the aggressively misogynistic Butler to host a relationship advice segment in her failing morning show to boost ratings. But he turns out not to be quite as big a scumbag as he portrays on his show, and surprise! They fall for each other. “It’s not as problematic as I expected” is bizarre praise to shower on a movie, but The Ugly Truth earns it by actually having some insight into Butler and Heigl’s characters and being thoughtful about how it addresses misogyny. (The film blessedly reveals most of Butler’s show is an act based on a history of being wounded by bad relationships, and Heigl calls him out on his bullshit in a scene that is both well-written and expertly performed.) There’s also a relatively fun Cyrano-esque subplot in which Heigl tries to use Butler’s advice to form a relationship with her hot doctor neighbor. It is by no means a perfect film, but The Ugly Truth is strangely adorable.

4. The Phantom of the Opera

Director:  Joel Schumacher

Writers:  Joel Schumacher, Andrew Lloyd Webber

Cast:  Emmy Rossum, Gerard Butler, Patrick Wilson

Gerard Butler, a man who is very much not a singer, does a surprisingly good job in Joel Schumacher ’s film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber ’s iconic musical The Phantom of the Opera . The Phantom is a notoriously difficult part to sing (the production originally wanted Hugh Jackman , but he was busy filming Van Helsing because the universe is frequently hilarious), and Webber personally worked with Butler to adapt the songs to Butler’s vocal range. The end result might be somewhat disappointing for purists, but he pulls it off admirably. Also, he’s kind of perfectly cast as the dark, tragic maniac skulking through the opera house and drooling over Christine ( Emmy Rossum ) from the shadows. Butler does well with brooding pathology (he might have been a good Batman in another timeline), and he manages to convey sympathy and menace frequently within the same scene. He plays perfectly alongside the slightly over-the-top visual spectacle of Schumacher’s adaptation. That said, absolutely nothing can prepare you for a profusely wigged Patrick Wilson bursting into the film singing “Can it be CHRIStine?” Wilson is a fine actor and singer and this moment is in no way meant to be funny, but I laugh my ass off every time.

Director:  Zack Snyder

Writers:  Zack Snyder, Kurt Johnstad, Michael B. Gordon

Cast:  Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, David Wenham

The film that made household names out of Zack Snyder and Gerard Butler’s abs remains just as stylized and weird as it ever was. It’s hard not to stumble backwards in awe when watching some of the truly gonzo moments of 300 – the visuals are striking and unforgettable, the action is gorgeously over-the-top, and the sheer meat factory of mostly-nude Butler and Michael Fassbender chopping their way through hordes of literal monsters is enough to crack the axis of even the most stubborn cishet male. (Indeed, it is the Predator of the 21 st century.) However, what made Butler come out of this movie a star wasn’t just his physique, but his charisma as a leading man, and the humanity of his performance as a devoted leader who knows from the outset of his mission that he is doomed. He turns Leonidas into a compelling, relatable character, which is no simple task when you’re playing a king of antiquity. That said, there are plenty of aspects of 300 that have not aged particularly well since 2006. The film is pretty racist in its depiction of the Persians as inhuman mutant wizards, and the slow-mo / speed-up style of action that Snyder made famous has been overplayed to the degree of Creed in the late 90s. Also, I love David Wenham , but his narration is overwrought to the point of self-parody. On the other hand, it is the only movie to date in which Cersei Lannister stabs Jimmy McNulty to death at a toga party. 300 is fuckin’ wild, man.

2. Law Abiding Citizen

Director:  F. Gary Gray

Writer:  Kurt Wimmer

Cast:  Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler, Bruce McGill

F. Gary Gray ’s 2009 thriller Law Abiding Citizen might be one of Gerard Butler’s best performances, and it’s absolutely one of the strongest movies in his filmography. Butler plays Clyde, an engineer whose wife and daughter are killed in a home invasion. When the killers are caught, Clyde’s hotshot lawyer Nick ( Jamie Foxx ) accepts a sweetheart plea deal that lets one of the men go free in order to preserve his conviction record rather than take the case to trial and risk losing. Clyde then unleashes an elaborate revenge not only on the two guilty men, but on Nick and everyone involved with the case who was more concerned with their career than with making sure justice was served. It’s a compelling film, as it’s difficult to entirely side with either Nick or Clyde, and both actors are crushing it so hard that it’s easy to overlook some of the more unbelievable elements of the script. Butler in particular gives such a believably raw performance that you’re almost rooting for his body count to rise. It’s an extremely post-9/11 film in that its message of a broken justice system gets muddled to the point of Foxx delivering the line “Fuck his civil rights” in a moment that’s supposed to make the audience cheer. But as a sum of its parts, Law Abiding Citizen is a strong, emotionally gripping thriller featuring Butler as one of the better movie villains in recent memory. Also, there is an inexplicable and gratuitous Nude Butler scene that will have you saying, “More like Gerard Buttler .” And you will be right. It is more like Gerard Buttler.

1. How to Train Your Dragon

Directors:  Chris Sanders, Dean DeBlois

Writers:  Will Davies, Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders

Cast:  Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson

How to Train Your Dragon is delightful, you guys. One of the better films to come out of DreamWorks Animation, the movie follows Hiccup ( Jay Baruchel )), a young Viking who is a nerdy disappointment to his gruff father, the village chieftain Stoick the Vast (Gerard Butler). Hiccup is too skinny and soft-hearted to join the other Vikings in their dragon hunts, so he builds inventions instead, and ends up capturing an incredibly rare dragon he befriends and names Toothless. Hiccup realizes that dragons aren’t the evil monsters the Vikings believe them to be, which puts him in direct conflict with his overbearing father. Butler already exudes gruff dad energy in real life, so his casting in How to Train Your Dragon is spot-on. It’s also quite a good performance, as Stoick’s conflict with Hiccup is the emotional backbone of the film, and Butler mixes a good amount of compassion in with his character’s constant disapproval. It’s a sweet, funny adventure movie with gorgeous visuals (the filmmakers consulted with none other than Roger Deakins to help give the action a “live-action feel”), and it’s easily one of the best entries in Butler’s filmography.

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Death to the death of criticism; Pussy Riot's Nadezhda's letters to a political philosopher; was Marvel's New Universe ever all that?; Doris Lessing's legacy; a CinemaScore F-estival.

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#176 July 17, 2013

Marie writes: Last week, in response to a club member comment re: whatever happened to Ebert Club merchandize (turned out to be too costly to set up) I had promised to share a free toy instead - an amusement, really, offered to MailChimp clients; the mail service used to send out notices. Allow me to introduce you to their mascot...

#157 February 27, 2013

Marie writes: It's a long story and it starts with a now famous video of a meteor exploding over Chelyabinsk, Russia. Followed by alien conspiracies fueled by the internet and which led me to investigate further. Where did it come from? Does anyone know..? Yes! According to The NewScientist, the rock came from the Apollo family of near-Earth asteroids, which follow an elongated orbit that occasionally crosses Earth's path.That in turn led me to yet another site and where I learned a team of scientists had discovered two moons around Pluto, and asked the public to vote on potential names. They also accepted write-in votes as long as they were taken from Greek and Roman mythology and related to Hades and the underworld - keeping to the theme used to name Pluto's three other moons. And how I eventually learned "Vulcan" has won Pluto's moon-naming poll! and thanks to actor William Shatner who suggested it. Behold Vulcan: a little dot inside a green circle and formally known as P5.

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Free sample of Ebert Club Newsletter

This is a free sample of the Newsletter members receive each week. It contains content gathered from recent past issues and reflects the growing diversity of what's inside the club. To join and become a member, visit Roger's Invitation From the Ebert Club.

Marie writes: Not too long ago, Monaco's Oceanographic Museum held an exhibition combining contemporary art and science, in the shape of a huge installation by renowned Franco-Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping, in addition to a selection of films, interviews and a ballet of Aurelia jellyfish.The sculpture was inspired by the sea, and reflects upon maritime catastrophes caused by Man. Huang Yong Ping chose the name "Wu Zei"because it represents far more than just a giant octopus. By naming his installation "Wu Zei," Huang added ambiguity to the work. 'Wu Zei' is Chinese for cuttlefish, but the ideogram 'Wu' is also the color black - while 'Zei' conveys the idea of spoiling, corrupting or betraying. Huang Yong Ping was playing with the double meaning of marine ink and black tide, and also on corruption and renewal. By drawing attention to the dangers facing the Mediterranean, the exhibition aimed to amaze the public, while raising their awareness and encouraging them to take action to protect the sea.

#153 January 30, 2013

Marie writes: Kudos to fellow art buddy Siri Arnet for sharing the following; a truly unique hotel just outside Nairobi, Kenya: welcome to Giraffe Manor.

#141 November 7, 2012

Marie writes: "let's see what happens if I tickle him with my stick..."(Photo by Daniel Botelho. Click image to enlarge.)

#137 October 10, 2012

Marie writes: I may have been born in Canada, but I grew-up watching Sesame Street and Big Bird, too. Together, they encouraged me to learn new things; and why now I can partly explain string theory.That being the case, I was extremely displeased to hear that were it up Romney, as President he wouldn't continue to support PBS. And because I'm not American and can't vote in their elections, I did the only thing I could: I immediately reached for Photoshop....

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#131 August 29, 2012

Marie writes: It's that time of the year again!  The Toronto International Film Festival is set to run September 6 - 16, 2012. Tickets selection began August 23rd. Single tickets on sale Sept 2, 2012. For more info visit TIFF's website.

#91 November 30, 2011

Marie writes: Did you know that the world's steepest roller-coaster is the Takabisha, which opened earlier this year at the Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park in Yamanash, Japan? The ride lasts just 112 seconds but is packed with exciting features including seven twists, blackened tunnels and a 43m-high peak. But the most impressive thing about Takabisha is the 121 degree free-fall, so steep that it's been recognized by the Guinness World Records as the steepest roller-coaster made from steel!

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CIFF 2011: All our capsule reviews

Please remember to check the official CIFF website for ticket information, updates and schedule changes.

#77 August 24, 2011

Marie writes: the following moment of happiness is brought to you by the glorious Tilda Swinton, who recently sent the Grand Poobah a photo of herself taken on her farm in Scotland, holding a batch of English Springer puppies!

#76 August 17, 2011

"I realize that most of the turning points in my career were brought about by others. My life has largely happened to me without any conscious plan. I was an indifferent student except at subjects that interested me, and those I followed beyond the classroom, stealing time from others I should have been studying. I was no good at math beyond algebra. I flunked French four times in college. I had no patience for memorization, but I could easily remember words I responded to. In college a chart of my grades resembled a mountain range. My first real newspaper job came when my best friend's father hired me to cover high school sports for the local daily. In college a friend told me I must join him in publishing an alternative weekly and then left it in my hands. That led to the Daily Illini, and that in turn led to the Chicago Sun-Times, where I have worked ever since 1966. I became the movie critic six months later through no premeditation, when the job was offered to me out of a clear blue sky."Visit "I was born inside the movie of my life" to read the opening pages from Roger's forthcoming memoir to be published September 13, 2011.

the Your Movie Sucks™ files

Gathered here in one convenient place are my recent reviews that awarded films Two Stars or less. These are, generally speaking to be avoided. Sometimes I hear from readers who confess they are in the mood to watch a really bad movie. If you're sincere, be sure to know what you're getting: A really bad movie. Movies that are "so bad they're good" should generally get two and a half stars. Two stars can be borderline. And Pauline Kael once wrote, "The movies are so rarely great art that if we cannot appreciate great trash, we shouldn't go at all."

"Just Go With It" (PG-13, 116 minutes). This film's story began as a French farce, became the Broadway hit "Cactus Flower," was made into a 1969 film and now arrives gasping for breath in a witless retread with Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker. The characters are so stupid it doesn't seem nice to laugh at them. One star.

"Sanctum" (R, 109 minutes). A terrifying adventure shown in an incompetent way. Scuba-diving cave explorers enter a vast system in New Guinea and are stranded. But this rich story opportunity is lost because of incoherent editing, poor 3D technique, and the effect of 3D dimming in the already dark an murky caves. A "James Cameron Production," yes, but certainly not a "James Cameron Film." One and a half stars

"I Am Number Four" (PG-13, 110 minutes). Nine aliens from the planet Mogador travel across the galaxy to take refuge on earth and rip off elements of the Twilight and Harry Potter movies, and combine them with senseless scenes of lethal Quidditch-like combat. Alex Pettyfer stars as Number Four, who feels hormonal about the pretty Sarah (Dianna Agron), although whether he is the brooding teenage Edward Cullen he seems to be or a weird alien life form I am not sure. Inane setup followed by endless and perplexing action. One and a half stars

"Certifiably Jonathan" (Unrated, 80 minutes). Jonathan Winters deserves better than this. Jim Pasternak's mockumentary is not merely a bad film, but a waste of an opportunity. Nearing 80, Winters is still active and funny, and deserves a real doc, not this messy failed attempt at satirizing--what? Documentaries themselves? Lame scenes involving an art show, a theft and the "Museum of Modern Art" fit awkwardly with cameos of too many other comics, who except for the funny Robin Williams seem to be attending a testimonial. One star.

"The Green Hornet" (PG-13, 108 minutes) An almost unendurable demonstration of a movie with nothing to be about. Although it follows the rough storyline of previous versions of the title, it neglects the construction of a plot engine to pull us through. There are pointless dialogue scenes going nowhere much too slowly, and then pointless action scenes going everywhere much too quickly. One star.

"The Nutcracker in 3D" (PG, 107 minutes) A train wreck of a movie, beginning with the idiotic idea of combining the Tchaikovsky classic with a fantasy conflict that seems inspired by the Holocaust. After little Mary (Elle Fanning) discovers her toy nutcracker can talk, he reveals himself as a captive prince and spirits her off to a land where fascist storm troopers are snatching toys from the hands of children and burning them to blot out the sun. I'm not making this up. Appalling. And forget about the 3D, which is the dingiest and dimmest I've seen. One star

"I Spit on Your Grave" (Unrated; for adults only. Running time: 108 minutes) Despicable remake of the despicable 1978 film "I Spit On Your Grave." This one is more offensive, because it lingers lovingly and at greater length on realistic verbal, psychological and physical violence against the woman, and then reduces her "revenge" to cartoonish horror-flick impossibilities. Oh, and a mentally disabled boy is forced against his will to perform a rape. Zero stars.

"Life As We Know It" (PG-13, 113 minutes). When their best friends are killed in a crash, Holly and Messer (Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel) are appointed as joint custodians of their one-year-old, Sophie. Also, they have to move into Sophie's mansion. But Holly and Messer can't stand one another. So what happens when they start trying to raise Sophie. You'll never guess in a million years. Or maybe you will. One and a half stars

"Hatchet II" (Unrated, 85 minutes). A gory homage to slasher films, which means it has its tongue in its cheek until the tongue is ripped out and the victims of a swamp man are sliced, diced, slashed, disemboweled, chainsawed and otherwise inconvenienced. One and a half stars

"The Last Airbender" (PG, 103 minutes). An agonizing experience in every category I can think of and others still waiting to be invented. Originally in 2D, retrofitted in fake 3D that makes this picture the dimmest I've seen in years. Bad casting, wooden dialogue, lousy special effects, incomprehensible plot, and boring, boring, boring. One-half of one star.

"The A-Team" (PG-13, 121 minutes). an incomprehensible mess with the 1980s TV show embedded within. at over two hours of Queasy-Cam anarchy it's punishment. Same team, same types, same traits, new actors: Liam Neeson, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper, Sharlto Copley, "Rampage" Jackson, Patrick Wilson. One and a half stars

"Sex & the City 2" (R, 146 minutes). Comedy about flyweight bubbleheads living in a world where their defining quality is consuming things. They gobble food, fashion, houses, husbands, children, and vitamins. Plot centers on marital discord between Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Mr. Big (Chris Noth), a purring, narcissistic, velvety idiot? Later, the girls are menaced for immodest dress during a luxurious freebie in Abu Dhabi. Appalling. Sure to be enjoyed by SATC fans. One star

"The Good Heart" (R, 98 minutes). Oh. My. God. A story sopping wet with cornball sentimentalism, wrapped up in absurd melodrama, and telling a Rags to Riches story with an ending that is truly shameless. That fine actor Brian Cox and that good actor Paul Dano and that angelic actress Isild Le Besco cast themselves on the sinking vessel of this story and go down with the ship. One and a half stars.

"Kick-Ass" (R, 117 minutes). An 11-year-old girl (Chloe Grace Moretz), her father (Nicolas Cage) and a high school kid (Aaron Johnson) try to become superheroes to fight an evil ganglord. There's deadly carnage dished out by the child, after which an adult man brutally hammers her to within an inch of her life. Blood everywhere. A comic book satire, they say. Sad, I say. One star

"Nightmare on Elm Street" (R, 95 minutes). Teenagers are introduced, enjoy brief moments of happiness, are haunted by nightmares, and then slashed to death by Freddy. So what? One star

"The Bounty Hunter" (PG-13, 110 minutes). An inconsequential formula comedy and a waste of the talents of Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. He's a bounty hunter, she's skipped bail on a traffic charge, they were once married, and that's the end of the movie's original ideas. We've seen earlier versions of every single scene to the point of catatonia. Rating: One and a half stars.

"Cop Out" (R, 110 minutes). An outstandingly bad cop movie, starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as partners who get suspended (of course) and then try to redeem themselves by overthrowing a drug operation while searching for the valuable baseball card Willis wants to sell to pay for his daughter's wedding. Morgan plays an unreasonable amount of time dressed as a cell phone, considering there is nothing to prevent him from taking it off. Kevin Smith, who directed, has had many, many better days. One and a half stars.

"The Lovely Bones" (PG-13). A deplorable film with this message: If you're a 14-year-old girl who has been brutally raped and murdered by a serial killer, you have a lot to look forward to. You can get together in heaven with the other teenage victims of the same killer, and gaze down in benevolence upon your family members as they realize what a wonderful person you were. Peter Jackson ("Lord of the Rings") believes special effects can replace genuine emotion, and tricks up Alive Sebold's well-regarded novel with gimcrack New Age fantasies. With, however, affective performances by Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz, Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci and Saoirse Ronan as the victim. One star.

"The Spy Next Door" (PG, 92 minutes). Jackie Chan is a Chinese-CIA double agent babysitting girl friend's three kids as Russian mobsters attack. Uh, huh. Precisely what you'd expect from a PG-rated Jackie Chan comedy. If that's what you're looking for, you won't be disappointed. It's not what I was looking for. One and a half stars.

"Old Dogs" (PG, 88 minutes). Stupefying dimwitted. John Travolta's and Robin Williams' agents weren't perceptive enough to smell the screenplay in its advanced state of decomposition. Seems to have lingered in post-production while editors struggled desperately to inject laugh cues.Careens uneasily between fantasy and idiocy, the impenetrable and the crashingly ham-handed. Example: Rita Wilson gets her hand slammed by a car trunk, and the sound track breaks into "Big Girls Don't Cry." When hey get their hands slammed in car trunks, they do. One star. View the trailer.

"Did You Hear About the Morgans?" (PG-13, 103 minutes). Feuding couple from Manhattan (Hugh Grant and Jessica Sarah Parker) are forced to flee town under Witness Protection Program, find themselves Fish Out of Water in Strange New World, meet Colorful Characters, survive Slapstick Adventures, end up Together at the End. The only part of that formula that still works is The End. With supporting roles for Sam Elliott and Wilford Brimley, sporting the two most famous mustaches in the movies. One and a half stars.

"The Twilight Saga: New Moon" (PG-13, 130 minutes). The characters in this movie should be arrested for loitering with intent to moan. The sequel to "Twilight" (2008) is preoccupied with remember that film and setting up the third one. Sitting through this experience is like driving a tractor in low gear though a sullen sea of Brylcreem. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson return in their original roles, she dewy and masochistic, he sullen and menacing. Ah, teenage romance! One star

"The Boondock Saints II: All Saint's Day" . (R, 21 minutes) Idiotic ode to macho horseshite (to employ an ancient Irish word). Distinguished by superb cinematography. The first film in 10 years from Troy Duffy, whose "Boondock Saints" (1999) has become a cult fetish. Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus are Irish brothers who return to Boston for revenge and murder countless enemies in an incomprehensible story involving heavy metal cranked up to 12 and lots of boozing, smoking, swearing and looking fierce and sweaty. One star. View the trailer.

"Gentlemen Broncos". (PG-13, 107 minutes) Michael Angarano plays Benjamin Purvis, a wannabe sci-fi Doctor Ronald Chevalier (Jemaine Clement). Alas. the great man rips off the kid's book, just when get kid has sold the miniscule filming rights. All sorts of promising material from Jared Hess ("Napoleon Dynamite"), but it's a clutter of jumbled continuity that doesn't add up, despite the presence of Jennifer Coolidge. Two stars. View the trailer.

"The Fourth Kind". (PG-13, 98 minutes). Nome, Alaska (pop. 3,750) has so many disappearances and/or alien abductions that the FBI has investigated there 20 times more than in Anchorage. So it's claimed by this pseudo-doc that goes to inane lengths to appear factual. Milla Jovovich is good as a psychologist whose clients complain that owls stare at them in the middle of the night. One and a half stars. View the trailer.

21 and a Wakeup . (R, 123 minutes). A disjointed, overlong and unconvincing string of anecdotes centering around the personnel of an Army combat hospital in Vietnam. Amy Acker plays an idealistic nurse who is constantly reprimanded by absurdly hostile officer (Faye Dunaway). Plays like a series of unlikely anecdotes trundled onstage without much relationship to one another. One episode involves an unauthorized trip into Cambodia by a nurse and a civilian journalist; it underwhelms. One and a half stars. Visit the website.

"Cirque de Freak: The Vampire's Assistant". (PG-13, 108 minutes) This movie includes good Vampires, evil Vampanese, a Wolf-Man, a Bearded Lady, a Monkey Girl with a long tail, a Snake Boy, a dwarf with a four-foot forehead and a spider the size of your shoe, and they're all boring as hell. They're in a traveling side show that comes to town and lures two insipid high school kids (Josh Hutcherson and Chris Massoglia) into a war between enemy vampire factions. Unbearable. With Joh C. Reilly, Salma Hayek, Ken Watanabe, Patrick Fugit, and other wasted talents. One star. View the trailer.

"Couples Retreat" (PG-13, 107 minutes). Four troubled couples make a week's retreat to an island paradise where they hope to be healed, which indeed happens, according to ages-old sitcom formulas. This material was old when it was new. The jolly ending is agonizing in its step-by-step obligatory plotting. I didn't care for any of the characters, and that's about how much they seemed to care for one another. Starring Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman, Faizon Love, Jon Favreau, Malin Akerman, Kristen Bell, Kristin Davis and Kali Hawk. Two stars. View the trailer.

"Fame.". (PG, 90 minutes). A pale retread of the 1980 classic, lacking the power and emotion of the original. A group of hopeful kids enroll in the New York City School of the Performing Arts and struggle through four years to find themselves. Their back stories are shallow, many seem too old and confident, the plot doesn't engage them, and although individual performers like Naturi Naughton sparkle as a classical pianist who wants to sing hip hop, the film is too superficial to make them convincing. Two stars. View the trailer.

"All About Steve". (PG-13, 87 minutes ) Sandra Bullock plays Mary Horowitz, a crossword puzzle constructor who on a blind date falls insanely in love with Steve, a TV news cameraman (Bradley Cooper, from "The Hangover"). The operative word is "insanely." The movie is billed as a comedy but more resembles a perplexing public display of irrational behavior. Seeing her run around as a basket case makes you appreciate Lucille Ball, who could play a dizzy dame and make you like her. One and a half stars. View the trailer.

Siskel & Ebert at the Jugular

What does it feel like to resemble the Phantom of the Opera? You learn to live with it. I've never concerned myself overmuch about how I looked. I got a lot of practice at indifference during my years as the Michelin Man.

Yes, years before I acquired my present problems, I was not merely fat, but was universally known as "the fat one," to distinguish me from "the thin one," who was Gene Siskel, who was not all that thin, but try telling that to Gene:

"Spoken like the gifted Haystacks Calhoun tribute artist that you are."

"Haystacks was loved by his fans as a charming country boy," I observed.

"Six hundred and forty pounds of rompin' stompin' charm," Gene said. "Oh, Rog? Are those two-tone suedes, or did you step in some chicken shit?"

The real Phantom: Lon Chaney in 1925

"You can borrow them whenever you wear your white John Travolta disco suit from 'Saturday Night Fever,'" I said.

"Yeah, when are you gonna wear it on the show?" asked Buzz the floor director. "Enquiring minds want to know."

"He wanted to wear it today," I said, "but it's still at the tailor shop having the crotch taken in."

"Ba-ba-ba-boom !" said Buzz.

"Here's an item that will interest you, Roger," Gene told me one day, paging through the Sun-Times, his favorite paper, during a lull in the taping of our show. We taped in CBS Chicago's Studio One, home of the Kennedy-Nixon debate.

"It says here, the Michelin Man has been arrested in a fast food court in Hawaii for attempting to impersonate the Pillsbury Dough Boy."

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'Dear Frankie': Mortimer rides a wave of roles

CANNES, France -- Suddenly I am aware of Emily Mortimer. I of course must have seen her in "Scream 3" (2000), but she made no impression. She was in "Notting Hill" (1999), but went unmentioned in my review. Then in "Lovely & Amazing" (2001) she had a scene of astonishing bravery in a film that was, yes, lovely and amazing. And then in the last few months have come "A Foreign Affair" (2003), "Young Adam" and now "Dear Frankie," which is a great success in the Un Certain Regard section of this year's Cannes festival.

Several of strongest offerings play outside film festival mainstream

CANNES, France -- The 57th Cannes Film Festival heads into its closing weekend with no clear favorite for the Palme d'Or, and with critics generally agreeing there have been good films but no sensation that has pulled ahead of the pack. The most rapturous reception was for Michael Moore's Bush-whacking documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11," but the applause was as much for its politics as its filmmaking.


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