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Nailboo Review: Dip Kit Manicure System With Photos

I tried nailboo's dip manicure kit, and it's worth the hype.

nailboo reviews and ratings

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In its never-ending quest to sell me trendy beauty products , Instagram has been sliding Nailboo into my feed for the better part of a year. The dip manicure kit has become wildly popular for two reasons: DIY nails have been on the rise thanks to the popularity of social media sites like TikTok, and the ability to do said nails at home continues to get easier and easier. If you've been searching for a detailed Nailboo review, look no further.

After testing it out, I've learned this is one of the easiest at-home dip kits for beginners. Unlike some more advanced kits, Nailboo is made expressly for those who aren't quite sure how to dip from home or maybe don't know how to dip at all — perhaps because they've never even gotten a professional dip manicure — by simplifying the complex process with labeled products and step-by-step instructions.

DIY manicures beyond the average two coats of nail polish can either end in disappointment or turn out rather decent. Either way, doing it yourself saves you money on biweekly fill-ins and the occasional broken-nail replacement. So, just how easy is this system and is it worth throwing down $55 (and up) for a starter kit? Whether you're looking for inspiration for Nailboo colors, need in-depth Nailboo instructions, or want to learn more about the Nailboo removal process, I tested out the entire system and I'm sharing everything I found.

Keep reading to check out my Nailboo tutorial.

Nailboo Dip Kit Pros

Nailboo Dip Kit Pros

Nailboo Dip Kit Cons

Nailboo Dip Kit Cons

Nailboo Review Conclusions

Nailboo Review Conclusions

For the price and usability, Nailboo is great. It's a perfect starter system if you're just getting into dip nails or want to give a fun gift. It's not the most advanced system and if you're used to giving yourself fancy manicures, you may want to spend a few more bucks on a professional kit.

(Note that this picture was taken nearly two weeks after the manicure — not bad!)

Buy the Nailboo Dip Kit

Buy the Nailboo Dip Kit

Nailboo has three different kits to choose from:

You can also buy individual colors, like the brand's new shades Day Dreamer ($24) and Racer Red ($24).


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nailboo reviews and ratings

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nailboo reviews and ratings

nailboo reviews and ratings

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Reviews 3.8.

Most relevant

Happy to be part of the Nailboo family

I got the starter kit about 2 months ago and am really happy with the experience. They turn out better each time I do them. Great color selection and removal is a cinch! So happy I tried them. I was pleasantly surprised at how much product is in each dip color. You’ll definitely get a lot of use out of each color. The customer service is quick and very responsive. Highly recommended this product.

Date of experience : March 09, 2023

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I wanted to cancel this order and it….

I wanted to cancel this order and it took them so long to respond by tume they did my order was shipped out already they emailed me the day before my package was sent out to tell me the my package has been shipped I would never be on this website again customer service sucks they have a number but u can't speak to no one it's leave a message never again it's not worth the money for me

Date of experience : March 01, 2023

Most HORRIBLE Costumer Service

I ordered my first order in December 2022. After waiting over 3 weeks for it to delivered it came without tools. I already switched to another companies dip liquids because these were so cheaply made and always hardened the top coat brush. The dips did last me 2-3 weeks as long as you apply at 4-5 layers (3 color and 2 build). I just ordered again in February 2023 $70 worth of product and they delivered it to the wrong address. I emailed and messaged on FB asking for a new order to be sent or a refund and asked how they could help but no response after sharing screen shots of THEIR mistake. Luckily USPS worked with me and managed to have it forwarded to the correct address. The customer service is the absolute worst. The product works for me but I'll only be buying in store or on Amazon. The shipping takes too long and they constantly make mistakes and refuse to correct them. There are too many dip companies with cheaper and better quality products and faster shipping than to put up with this mess.

Date of experience : March 06, 2023

Amazing products!!!

When I ordered, some things were missing. The most wonderful lady made sure I received all my products. My first time doing my nails were so easy with these wonderful products!! I am so happy with them that I made another purchase, not wanting to run out of anything. I ordered the nail polish for my toes. You have been out of base and top coat for the polish. Can't wait til it is back in stock so I can do a pedicure. Thank you for your wonderful products!!

Date of experience : February 15, 2023

average product, bad service

the actual dip liquids and powders are pretty average (though there is much better available from small businesses). i’d probably give nailboo 3 stars for the product, but dropped to 2 because of the abysmal shipping time, lack communication, and customer service.

Date of experience : January 20, 2023

I feel I was defrauded by this product

There is no way a person with no experience can put these nails on. It's very very difficult and much harder to make them look decent than in the videos. I am really regretted buying it. I said I wanted my money back and they offered me $40 out of a $108 purchase. I really feel like I was too frauded. Do not buy this product unless you had experience putting on your dip nails.

Date of experience : November 03, 2022


I finally received my package from you only to discover you did not send all that I purchased. I purchased the Dip Powder Kit PRO and an extra dipping powder. Therefore, I should have received the base, activator, top polishes, the cuticle pusher, file, and removal clips. I paid $116.48 after my welcome discount (20%). Everything seemed just thrown into the box in a rush and was all tossed about. I am extremely disappointed.

Date of experience : January 30, 2023

I ordered the nail polish and base coat

I ordered the nail polish and base, top coat and cuticle mike. I only received the nail polish and cuticle milk. I have been going back and forth with this company and still have not receive what I did not get that was missing from the order. When I email them first, they wanted me to send a picture of what I receive then I get an email back from them that they will ship the missing products out to me. this has been going on for three months now and I paid them for the products in full and it shows in my account that they were paid. When I went to the Better Business website it shows that they have a rating of a D. This company is a scam. They have my money, but I do not have the product. They need to send me my money back or make it right by sending me the products I have paid for.

Date of experience : November 10, 2022

Initial order AND replacement never arrived.

I placed my first order with them in 11/2022 for $68 and some change. I was super excited. They charged my card, but the order never arrived. I contacted them after waiting 3+ weeks and they acted as if they were doing me a favor by shipping the order “again”. I’ve waited more than two weeks, and still nothing. I just had to dispute the charge with my credit card company. It’s my opinion that this is a scam.

Date of experience : November 27, 2022

Great product! Easy application!

I decided to try this since it was getting too expensive to go to the salon. I watched the tutorials first which I found to be super helpful in avoiding mistakes. I used product on my natural nails and short instead of adding tips. The turned out fantastic! I am looking forward to trying more colors and adding glitter and nail designs.

Date of experience : January 19, 2023

I’ve been going to a salon for 6 years…

I’ve been going to a salon for 6 years to get my nails done and recently ran into someone who told me about Nailboo. So glad she told me about this product. I’ve been dipping since October and I love the products. It gets easier each time I do my nails and the support from the Nailboo group and videos are very helpful. I would highly recommend this product for women who enjoy having pretty nails.

Takes forever to ship and be delivered

I ordered it on the 7th and its the 19th and it hasn't arrived. They say on their website they ship within 2 days, and the shipping takes 6-10 business days. My package was shipped from TX to CA and has been sitting there for almost a week. I live in the midwest - why did it even get shipped to CA. Im already annoyed and disappointed by how long its taking to ship something as simple as a nail kit.

Buyer beware

Charged me for something I didn't order and didn't deliver when they said they would. E-mailed numerous times and got the same answer. Reject package. You cannot reject something being delivered via USPS. Returned entire order and spent $18.50 to insure return. It has been over a month since they received returned package (I have tracking to prove) and still no credit to my credit card. This company has horrible business practices! Buyer beware!

Date of experience : December 13, 2022

Long order wait for half of my order

The Order took a couple weeks to receive in the mail. Once I finally got the package half the order was missing. NOTHING but the color. I had no activation liquid, no base powder not even the brush. Very disappointed

Date of experience : January 31, 2023

Worth the wait

The nail products are awesome!! I did my first set and it went on easy and feels nice and light and like they’re going to last! My only issue was getting my items and I know a lot was a misunderstanding on my part. The mail carrier screwed up and my first order was lost. It was my first time ordering with them, so I was frustrated. But I finally got my order, tried it and loved it and already ordered more colors!

Date of experience : January 13, 2023

Dont pay for 2 day shipoing.

I ordered 7 days ago and paid 12.99 for 2 day shipping. Nothing received or email with tracking info. No email with order confirmation but they sure took the money out of my account.

Ordered my kit on 12/25

Ordered my kit on 12/25. It has been shown as shipped since 12/27 but not accepted by carrier. I bought another brand since. I also ordered more dip powder and liquid from Nailboo and it arrived. The base coat in this brand in both bottles I received is quite thick. The jars powder are large. The glitter colors I received don’t cover very well.

Date of experience : December 25, 2022

I thought the product was TERRIBLE!

I thought the product was TERRIBLE!! It ruined the natural bed of my nails!! It took MONTHS for my nails to grow strong again. The removal process is HORRIBLE!! I had to go and get them professionally removed!! I would NOT recommend this home product to anyone! Although, I was able to get a full refund. Leave it up to the professionals!!

Date of experience : August 10, 2022

Chips/cracks after a couple days!

This is not quick, it’s process to do it right. And even after that, my nails are still chipping and cracking after a couple days. It says to add more coats to make them last longer, but I should be able to follow the instructions provided to get “up to six weeks” as they claim. If I have to add more coats, then the jars aren’t good for “about 30 manicures” as they claim… I don’t have time to spend 2 hours every few days doing my nails to keep them looking good.

Date of experience : January 04, 2023

So glad I switched to Nailboo!

So glad I switched to Nailboo! I love the variety of colors to choose from, the process takes time but the products are worth it! There are so many helpful tips and tricks videos available now, and should you run into any issues customer service are quick to respond and super helpful. Would definitely recommend

Date of experience : January 10, 2023

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nailboo reviews and ratings

Honest Nailboo Dip Kit Review: Legit Salon Mani Alternative or Total Hype?

nailboo review

This post may contain affiliate links. See full disclosure.

If you’re looking for a way to beautify your nails, keep them from breaking, and doesn’t require too much maintenance, according to ambassador Paris Hilton Nailboo Dip Kit is it!

Nailboo promises to make at-home manicures easier and more affordable than ever. So I clicked on that fabulous Paris Hilton ad , added the dip powder kit to my cart, and waited patiently for my Nailboo Dip Kit to arrive.

Is Nailboo legit? Is Nailboo actually any good? And is Nailboo worth the money and all the hype?

In this honest Nailboo review , I’m sharing my experience with this trendy dip power manicure kit. Re Nailboo, read on to discover if “that’s hot”… or actually not.

So, what is Nailboo?

Nailboo is a DIY at-home nail dip powder kit that promises to beautify your nails using the gel powder technology that professionals use in salons.

If like me, you’re not up to date on the latest nail trends and have no idea what I’m talking about, dip powder manicures are an amazing new manicure technique. It uses a superfine acrylic powder to create durable manis that can last up to six whole weeks without the use of UV lights.

RELATED: How To Glow Up and Transform Your Appearance To Look Better Overnight

Nailboo is the dip powder brand of choice that all the cool nail girls are dipping and doing honey. And if you’re no nail pro, Nailboo has got plenty of easy dip powder tutorials on Youtube and Tiktok to help guide you through the process and inspire some really gorgeous and creative nail designs.

To get started dipping and manicuring order the Nailboo starter kit, which comes with everything you need to DIY your own stunning salon-quality manicure at home.

How much is Nailboo?

Purchasing your Nailboo dip powder starter kit will cost you a cool $75 bucks regular price. And considering that each kit contains 30 sets of stunning salon-quality nails, it’s not a bad price at all.

Want to save money on your Nailboo purchase with a Nailboo promo code? I’ve got you covered in the Nailboo review babe — no Nailboo coupon code or promo code needed!

Get $10 OFF Nailboo when you use my refer-a-friend link HERE .

Where can you buy Nailboo?

At the time of posting the Nailboo review, Nailboo doesn’t appear to be available in any stores — not even popular beauty retailers including Sephora and Ulta.

So if you want to try Nailboo Dip Kit, you’ll have to buy it directly from their website!

Receiving My Shipment and Dealing With Nailboo Customer Support…

Getting my Nailboo kit delivered was not without incident.

After waiting about 1 full week after my package was supposed to actually get to me, my order finally arrived. I then unboxed my package only to discover that I had received the wrong items and my Nailboo Starter Kit items did not arrive at all.

After reaching out to Nailboo customer support, however, they did not hesitate to get this issue resolved for me and acted quickly to get my Nailboo starter kit delivered. Kudos to the support team as they were very attentive and very accommodating for getting my order mix-up resolved.

Another week later the correct package arrived and I was thrilled to finally get dipping!

Getting my Nailboo on!

In a nutshell, Nailboo dip powder is built upon the nail, covered with your color of choice, and then an activator liquid hardens and locks everything in.

From start to finish Nailboo application works in 5 steps. This dip powder system is definitely straightforward enough to use… but it’s not foolproof.

Step 1: Prep Nails

After pushing your cuticles back, file your nails to your preferred length and shape as desired. Make sure your hands are clean and your nails free of any dust, lotion, or oils.

Step 2: Coat and Build

Use Nailboo’s special Build Powder to fortify your natural nails and lay a solid foundation.

Step 3: Base Coat and Color

Nailboo’s special Base Coat Powder will permeate the porous powder undercoat, while also bonding with your nails for a stronger nail foundation that can take more dye while preserving color intensity. Choose from several tantalizing colors and mix them to create your own unique look.

Step 4: Activator Cure

To lock in your masterpiece, swipe Nailboo’s Activator Liquid over color and Base Coat Powder.

Step 5: Top Coat and Seal

Nailboo’s topcoat adds brilliant shine for a spectacular finish. Once cured, your nails are ready for anything.

My initial thoughts on Nailboo Dip Powder system…

After using the nail boo system for the first time my initial thought is that it’s a very cool technique. Although it is pretty easy to execute, applying Nailboo flawlessly does take some skill or perhaps a little bit of practice to perfect.

Here are some thoughts and tips I picked up after my first use.

Make sure to apply a thin base coat layer.

is nailboo legit

When applying the base coat before dipping in the powder, I discovered that it’s essential that you apply a very thin coat to each nail.

Not knowing this initially, I applied the base coat to my nail the same way I’d apply normal nail polish.

Because of this, the dip powder foundation I created with the build powder was quite thick and didn’t look good. The nail became even more apparent and unattractive when I dipped my nail into the colored dip power.

Make sure to coat your full nail and wrap the tip.

nailboo review

Another thing I discovered applying Nailboo dip powder the first time was, as directed in the included guide, it’s important to coat the full nail and wrap the tips of your nails with each step.

I had trouble doing this on my dominant right hand and didn’t do such a great job.

And so after about 2 weeks of rocking my Nailboo manicure, the dip powder layer started to lift, chip, and not look so pretty.

The transparent built powder and clear topcoat make a beautiful combo.

nailboo honest review

If you love a natural-looking nail, you can skip the color power and stick to just the transparent build powder and magnificently shiny clear topcoat.

Even though I love the natural nude/baby pink “Nail-Flex and Chill” color I got, I quite liked how the Nailboo build powder looked without any color when I did my nails using Nailboo the second time.

This combo hardened my nails to prevent them from breaking and looked really beautiful and healthy.

On removing Nailboo.

This is an honest Nailboo review, right? Ok cool. On removing Nailboo dip powder, although my starter kit came with soaking clips and a cleaner solution, I have yet to use either. To remove the Nailboo dip powder the first time (pictured above in the natural Nail Flex and Chill color), I just chipped it off as you would a gel manicure that is lifting up.

Before you scream at me in the comments, I know you are not supposed to do this because it damages your nail, but truthfully I was in a rush getting ready and didn’t have time to soak them off properly.

Although removing Nailboo dip powder this way did damage my nails a little bit, it wasn’t so bad. With that said, don’t try this method of removal at home.

So, is Nailboo legit? Is it worth the hype?

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with my Nailboo Dip Powder results. The process was simple and straightforward if you just follow the steps.

The colors are vibrant and I like that I can customize the color combos as well (I’ll try this next time).

Finally, my nails feel sturdy and strong. I love that I don’t have to worry about them tearing, or breaking despite them being my real natural nails, and they really look very pretty.

The Verdict — Is Nailboo legit?

With regards to Nailboo — that’s hot! I would definitely recommend the Nailboo dip powder kit for those looking for a long-lasting and affordable manicure option alternative to gel nails or salon-quality manicure. Just take your time and follow the instructions carefully.

If you’re looking for something simple and want salon-quality nails at home, Nailboo might be worth the money. I definitely think it’s a fun product that every girl should give a try!

What did you think of this Nailboo review? Have you tried Nailboo for yourself? Will you give this dip powder trend a try? Share in the comments below!

Jenaae Jackson

' src=

Thanks, Jenaae for an honest review. Great to have the pics added and all the tips on the product!

I started a Youtube channel...

Hello, Bombshell!

ways to make money online

Jenaae here. I’m the Techie and Miami Lifestyle Blogger behind this blog. I strive to inspire and empower women to curate an extraordinary life. Learn more about me.

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The Prairie Wife


Prairie Wife in Heels Logo

I Fell For The Nailboo Dip Powder Nails Instagram Ad

Posted November 17, 2020 by Prairie Wife - 88 comments

nailboo reviews and ratings

In a moment of weakness, I fell for the Nailboo Dip Powder Nails Instagram ad.

I tell you what, those Instagram ads are so darn accurate it’s scary!

And I’d be a big fat liar if I said this was the first time I fell for one 😉

It all happened in September while The Cowboy was gone Elk hunting. I had been contemplating what to do about my nails for an upcoming event .

It has been years since I have consistently had gel nails, and while naked nails don’t bother me, when I have an event I like to take my look to the next level.

Normally I spend about an hour doing my nails myself (it takes SO long for them to dry) and I carefully time it so that they will look good for the event. Sometimes I can even get a day or two more with no chips, but usually, after about 3 days I have to clean them off.

So…when I saw the Nailboo ad for their kit , and they talked about how easy it was, and I watched a few YouTube videos I decided I would try it.

The first time I did them (in true go big or go home Prairie Wife form) I tried to do an ombre look.

They turned out okay but not amazing…and lasted about a week before one chipped.

The next time I tried them, I kept it simple with one color on each nail and used a few tricks (I’ll leave them at the end) and they lasted around two weeks with no issues.

Removal was a pain in the butt…but not any worse than gel nails, so I decided to get really invested in these and bought a few more colors.

As of right now I’ve been using this product for over 6 months and loving it.

I’ve received multiple messages asking me about the product, so I thought I would share it with you here. I am NOT an affiliate or a partner with Nailboo.

My Nailboo nails last a solid 10 days, and so do Cowgirl G’s. Depending on how OCD you are about chips or growth I feel comfortable saying that you can maybe even get 2 or even 3 weeks out of this product.

I haven’t seen any damage to my nails and I usually keep them naked for about 4 days to a week in between using this product.

It takes me around 30 minutes start to finish to do my nails and plan on an hour for removal (I told you it’s a pain).

What I’ve Learned:

Don’t count on perfection the first time you do this, but by the third time, you should have the hang of it.

So far I’ve loved all the colors we’ve bought, with my favorites being the soft grays and pinks…and the white was pretty awesome too.

Questions about the product I didn’t answer?

Ask them in the comments!

NOTE: The best way I have found to remove this product is Mini Mani Moo Gel No More . It will take about 3 layers and 30 minutes but it is by far the best way to remove your Nailboo nails and is causes NO damage to your nails. Make sure you get the scrapping tool too.

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88 thoughts on " I Fell For The Nailboo Dip Powder Nails Instagram Ad "

' src=

Thanks for the tips! This will be fun to try new styles and make them last longer! Love it!

' src=

Happy to help! Tag me in a pic if you try them 🙂

' src=

hi!! what do you mean by “rough up” your nails?? thank u for this post btw

Use a nail file and rub it across them a few times to make them a bit rougher.

' src=

What is an orange stick? I might be asking an obvious question, I’m sorry. I just don’t know what you are referring to. 🙂

A wooden stick you can buy pretty cheap in bulk. Here is a link to Walmart so you can see what they are. https://www.walmart.com/ip/100x-Cuticle-Pusher-Orange-Wood-Stick-Manicure-Pedicure-Nail-Design-Eco-Tool/844603731

' src=

Just to help with the removal process I learned you can put acetone in a ziplock bag and a paper towel. place each hand in one at a time for 7-9 min each and the color comes off.

I will totally try this! Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

' src=

Its going to eat the layers off your nails and not eat the bag? I believe you, its just hard to believe lol

' src=

Can you elaborate on this a little more? Do you soak the paper towel, wrap your hands then stick in the bag?

' src=

Thanks for your Suggestion on the acetone polish remover that was my problem not knowing how to remove the nail color.

I highly recommend trying the mani moo remover I linked to at the end, it was way easier and much healthier on my nails.

Hi! The link u provided for the “steamer” or nail remover, specifically says “not for use with DIP nails” so is this the correct one?? Does it work even though it says that it doesn’t?

It still works, just takes more time. I really do recommend the mani moo gel no more remover I feel like it’s by far the best solution.

' src=

Place the zip lock bag in very warm water when your hands are soaking in the bag. It speeds up the process,always oil cuticles after this process. I suggest coconut oil, or olive oil.

I follow the directions to a tee but the top coat takes 20-30 minutes to dry. Any ideas?

' src=

I, too, have this issue and it’s fudged up my nails on multiple occasions.

I asked nailboo about this and they said that means not enough activator was used. The next time I cleaned the activator brush and made sure I had a good amount on each nail and it worked like a charm! But can’t get them to last longer than a week. I haven’t given up!

Mine never take more than a few minutes. Let me do some looking…

After you have applied your 2 coats of powder and activator, you file down any bumps. Then comes the critical step, add another coat of activator before you apply the top coat. Learned it the hard way too but works like a charm! They’ll dry almos instantly!

Thanks so much for this post. I fell for it too. But, I’m actually really loving them. THey are a huge pain to get off though. I didn’t anticipate that. ALso, if you don’t like the color you’re kind of stuck with it for two weeks, right? I think I’ll buy more colors but they are difficult to tell online. Sure beats waiting for nails to dry and then 6 hours later them still smudging!

' src=

I soaked mine in 100% acetone in a small bowl. Came off in 30 minutes

' src=

You mention whites, which ones are actually “white”? Love the tips, very helpful!! Thank you.

“HEre’s a Tip” is the pure white.

' src=

Do you know if you can use other powders with the boo product?

I have never tried, but I don’t know why it wouldn’t work!

' src=

How many applications are in a bottle?

I would say at least 20 if not more.

' src=

I can’t find my top coat? (step 3) i’m in a bind can i use a regular clear gel top coat? thx

I think so, but it may take longer to dry!

When you say cap the edges, do you mean with the top coat or do we need to do that with the base as well?

I do it with one of the base coats, one of the color and the top coat.

' src=

Is the natural look an option or do you HAVE to buy colors? Can you email my answer as I do t use Pinterest, please? I was on a Nailboo site and this popped up, so I watched it and THANK YOU

[email protected]

' src=

I have a very physical life. I work with farm animals and I am very hard on my hands and nails. Any thoughts on how it would last with my lifestyle?

As a mom of 5 living in Wyoming I am pretty tough on them too. I get a solid week if not 10 days out of mine.

' src=

Use the rice method to remove….takes less than 10 Minutes!

I’m googling it now…

' src=

Has anyone tried to add extender tips and then do the dip? I tried it (my second time using the nailboo) and they literally popped off in less than a day. Wondering how I could get them to last longer?

I used them on my daughter, and the same thing happened…

' src=

I began purchasing these powders several months ago after deciding to do my own nails. I have 15 colors. The first couple of times I used it I loved it. HOWEVER, I am now tremendously frustrated!! I still love the powders, but the base and activator become problematic almost immediately. The brush in the base coat became hard and caused gloppiness. I am unable to get a nice finish. I contacted the company and got even more frustrated!! I asked why I was having problems and what I may have been doing wrong and what I got was “You have had the product over 30 days so we are unable to refund and replace the product.” I sent back a note saying I didn’t want that, but wanted to understand what I was doing wrong. Got a similar response to the first. After several back and forths I am convinced they aren’t even reading my emails, but reacting only. I would purchase the powders, but don’t want their base and activator which comes with the orders. You can buy both here on Amazon from other companies that do work well. So frustrated!!

I am sorry you are frustrated with their customer service…Have you used the “cleaner” on the brush? There is a bottle labeled “cleaner” and if you switch and use that brush (and leave the dirty one in that bottle closed up) it will work…you can keep doing that each time your brush gets clumpy.

' src=

I’ve just received my kit and have been waiting for someone to mention the CLEANER! There’s nothing in the instructions about it! Is that what it is for? The brushes? I’m excited to try but want to know exactly what I’m doing first!

yup! That base coat and top coat brush can get goopy so you just put it in there and trade out the one that is there and do it the next time etc…

' src=

Omg, thank you. I have such a hard time getting my base open because its hard as a rock. I could have been using the cleaner this whole time….wow, i feel like a dope…haha

Happy to help!

' src=

Woohoo that’s such a great idea I really wasn’t sure how you were supposed to use the brush cleaner. Any ideas why the nail tips turn white sometimes? I used a red and when everything had dried there were a couple nails that had white spots on them kind of sort of look like paper towels stuck to them although no paper towel got near them

Hmm I haven’t had the problem so I don’t have any suggestions for why that may be happening.

' src=

Care to share what brand you bought? i don’t like the chunky brushes in the nailboo bottles.

I use the entire nailboo set. I would guess that any dip powder system would work with these powders so perhaps you can go to a local store and try another brand.

' src=

Why is the top coat staying sticky?

If you use too much activator and don’t let it dry before you put on the top coat it will stay sticky.

How do you prevent lifting ? It never lasts more than a week for me. Is this where the roughing up the nails comes in?

Yes I think that between the roughing them up and the two base coats that would help you a lot. Also, if you often wash dished or have your hands were for a lot of time that may be part of the issue too.

' src=

hi-thanks for this info. I do have a question….does this product ruin your nails after removal? That’s the reason I’ve never had “fake nails” because I hear it thins out your real nails and ruins them.

My nails have been fine as long as I use the Mani Moo gel remover that I link to at the bottom of the article.

' src=

Thanks for the feedback. I’m considering purchasing it.

' src=

I just purchased the Nailboo kit and a little scared to try it by myself. I read your article and now it’s time to make my first mess. Thanks for the boost of confidence!

Made my day to read this! First time was rough lol but I keep getting better and better 🙂

' src=

I just did this for the first time and, as you said, it was rough. Right hand not bad but left hand is a disaster. This article has given me hope and a lot to try. On my way out to go buy the Mani Moo remover now. Thanks for all of this.

Hang in there! I really think by the third time you’ll be happy, and glad this article helped 🙂

' src=

Is there a way to fix dull nails without starting over? I put the top coat on twice and they are dull! Can I just file them again and reapply the top coat? Also I used them emery board/buff board one time and it is dull and wont be able to be used again, any chance I filed them down too much? I would think it should last more than one time!

I’m sorry, I don’t know a way to help you, I haven’t had that problem. Maybe reach out to the company?

' src=

I just ordered NailBoo today. I can’t wait to get the kit and try it out!!!

I hope you end up liking it as much as I do!

Nailboo is an absolutely terrible company. I cannot believe people are actually leaving any good reviews for this.

First of all, the product absolutely does not work as claimed.

Second, If you leave ANY negative feedback on their social media posts it is immediately deleted. I actually called the company out on this and they blocked me from posting on their social media pages. Can you believe that? They hide/delete ALL negative comments, and they actually go to the extent of blocking customers who leave negative feedback.

Absolutely insane to me I’ve never seen a business with such horrible customer service and low morals.

My complaint to the company was for faulty/defective products. This company makes false claims on their website for how this product works. Claiming that you will be chip/scratch free for 3-6 weeks, and you nails dry “instantly”.

Spent $70 here and this product chipped and/or fell off my nails WITHIN ONE DAY. It is not as easy to apply as advertised and actually takes 20-30 minutes to apply. Does NOT dry “instantly”. Customer service tried to offer a 40% refund, or make ME pay to ship the defective items back to them. Mind you this was after 4-5 emails to the company and them giving me the run around.

I ended up filing a complaint through the BBB and they still have not responded. These are HORRIBLE scammy people running this company.

PLEASE LOOK AT THE BBB WEBSITE BEFORE PURCHASING FROM NAILBOO! Over 57+ complaints (as of today) just like mine from very recently.

PSA – Another customer on TrustPilot stated that they were offered compensation in exchange for a positive review. So between that and then deleting/blocking ANY negative feedback you are 100% not getting a clear view of this company. Don’t waste your money like I did. 100% wish I did more research before purchasing.

Hey Mystic M. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

First I want to say that this post is in no way affiliated with Nailboo I was not compensated in any way to write this. So, with that in mind know that I have no intention of deleting your comment.

In my review, I share my true personal experience with the product which is 10 days to 2 weeks of polish.

My Nailboo nails do dry instantly, and I’ve heard if you don’t let the activator fully dry the topcoat won’t dry immediately. That may have been the problem for you.

I am sorry about your poor customer service experience, but because I haven’t dealt with them I have no input on that.

I have heard that people have used another brand for the liquid application because they prefer a thinner formula and different brush, but they still use the Nailboo dip powder. Maybe you could try that so you wouldn’t be totally out of all the money you spent?

Again thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts so that my readers can make an informed decision!

' src=

*I have 0 connection to nailboo and literally found this while researching the product to decide if I wanted to buy or not*

1. This sounds like a decent amount of user error, as others have described similar issues but corrected it after they found some tips/tricks online. You’re right about it not being as easy as the ads make it out to be, but it does seem to work when used properly.

2. I’m a Sr. social media support/moderation associate (not even in the same industry as nailboo), and hiding/deleting comments and banning commenters is always the last resort in our playbook. We typically reserve it for people who spam our comments instead of working with support to resolve their issues, use foul language, make threats against us or other commenters, and just otherwise behave badly. We do not enjoy banning people or hiding comments, but at the end of the day part of our job is to protect the name of our business.

3. The BBB does nothing about the businesses people report. They do however contact businesses and try to get us to pay them to remove the bad reports. It’s a for-profit company not a government entity.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts!

Yes. The BBB is a total scam its basically the same as a Yelp rating or any other customer led review site and bot at all reliable. They basically blackmail businesses

' src=

I have used the product a handful of times. I do think the directions that come with the kit are not as good as the tutorial text directions on their website. Reading the tutorial online seemed to help make sure the top coat dries nicely.

I agree. The video is much more helpful!

' src=

The worst product ever!!!! Do not buy!!!!

' src=

Can you use Gelish or other base? I can’t find where I can just buy the base.

I feel like any other base made for dip powder should work!

' src=

Doesn’t sound worth it to me.

' src=

I love Nailboo too! Thank you for the tip about filing after the first activator coat. I take them off by pouring pure acetone into a designated bowl. I soak them for about 5 to 10 minutes. They turn to goo and I peel it off. If it doesn’t all come off then just soak a little more. That’s how they used to soak off my nails at the salon I went to. So happy it works with Nailboo!!

So glad you like them! And thanks for sharing your favorite way to remove them, that seems to be the hardest part for most people 🙂

' src=

I used it and loved it. But after about a month, my nails started to literally fall apart. Does anyone know if there is a base that can make removal easier and protect your nails?

' src=

At what point do you use the build powder? Before or after the color powder?

' src=

How do you clean your brushes if you don’t have their brush cleaner?

You could do it by soaking it in nail polish remover and using a paper towel to dry it and remove any residue left.

' src=

Why do my nails peel/pop off? I use 3 layers of the powder.

I haven’t had that problem. Are you cleaning the nails with an alcohol wipe or nail polish remover first and roughing them up a bit with a file?

' src=

What is Cowgirl G?

That’s the name I use for my daughter on this blog.

' src=

I’m doing my nails for the second time and my top coat is thick and sticky coming from the bottle!!! How can I thin it?

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nailboo reviews and ratings

Nailboo Makes It Possible to DIY Your Dip Manicure

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission Here’s our process .

How we vet brands and products

Greatist only shows you brands and products that we stand behind.

POV: You want salon-quality nails but don’t wanna leave home. Sound familiar? Then boo, let us introduce you to Nailboo — your new BFF for long-lasting, professional-looking nails.

We know what you’re thinking: Is it possible for me, untrained manicurist wannabe, to ~nail~ an at-home dip manicure on my own ? We did a trial run to help you find out. 💅

Nailboo at-home dip manicure review

A little backstory

I’m someone who would LOVE to love my nails . But unfortunately for me, I lack patience, coordination, and a proper nail budget — all important factors for maintaining beautiful fingertips .

For a while I committed to perfecting the art of painting my own nails, spending 1 night every other week filing, cuticle pushing, and painting. To my (and my nails’) dismay, I could never quite move past the “I clearly did these at home” look. I gave in and had a standing gel manicure appointment at my local salon, spending too many hours and dollars on my nail dream.

When the COVID-19 pandemic entered the chat, I abandoned my beautiful nails dream to give my wallet and nail beds a much-deserved break. That was until videos of Nailboo made their way to my TikTok for-you-page (FYP) this summer.

What is Nailboo?

Nailboo promises the look and feel of professional nails sans salon and for a fraction of the price. Order a kit and you get everything you need to do your nails at home, from the actual dip color to plastic clips that makes the removal process easier.

While it may take a few tries to perfect your look, the Nailboo method is pretty easy to pick up (trust me… if I can do it, you can too).

What’s included in a Nailboo Dip Kit:

Our Nailboo review

The first thing I loved about Nailboo is the huuuuge assortment of colors you get to choose from. One of the most popular kit options allows you to choose four colors for a discounted price, which means you have a ton to play around with (plus, the powder will last you for MONTHS, even if you do your nails regularly).

I delightedly opted for a reddish brown shade aptly titled Sunset Fog, a light green Magic Matcha, a taupe-like Latte Lady, and a neutral cream called Tuscan Tea.

Receiving the kit can be a wee bit overwhelming considering just how many powders and liquids you have going on — but once I laid out all my steps, it was way more manageable.

It definitely took a few tries to get my stroke and dip technique down, and I sadly learned that you can’t easily cover up a botched nail (the more layers, the thicker your coat gets). On my first try I messed up my left thumb and tried to cover it with another coat of dip, which led to a reeeaaalll thick nail that my partner jokingly referred to as my “bubble nail” for the next few weeks. BUT even with a less-than-pro technique, the color and finish of these dip powders look so good that nobody will notice a few lumps and bumps!

Though it took me a while to get the hang of dipping my own hands, the color still looked amazing. The second you apply the activator liquid, the powder’s true color comes to life.

Plus the top coat dries super quickly, meaning that without sticking your hands under a UV light or in front of a fan, you can jump back into your life after doing your nails, smudge-free. As someone who ALWAYS chips or smudges their polish, this may be the biggest pro for me!

Ready to give it a try? While Nailboo has a ton of online tutorials for us visual learners, here’s a quick how-to to lay out the steps for ya:

Learn from my mistakes: Tips for *nailing* it

Tip #1: go nail-by-nail.

Apply the base coat and dip — seems simple enough, right?

I started off by applying the liquid base coat to all of my nails, and then applying the powder base coat. I found that you really want the liquid coat to be fresh to have the smoothest dip possible.

So a better method (in my humble opinion) is to go nail-by-nail so the liquid base doesn’t dry before applying the base dip powder.

Tip #2: Apply THIN layers

There’s a lot of steps, so try to keep each layer as thin as you can. I had a few nails where I globbed on too many uneven layers of liquid and powder, leading to a super thick and weird-looking nail. Making your nail too thick will also cause the dip to chip more easily.

Tip #3: Keep your space tidy

Do your nails on a cloth or paper towel to avoid a big mess. This makes it way easier to wipe up any residue once you have fresh looking nails, and helps you keep a healthier dust-free home.

What’s “dip flu?” and how to avoid it

According to Nailboo, “‘Dip Flu’ is a series of flu-like symptoms, like sneezing and watery eyes that develop for some dip powder users.”

If you know you’re sensitive to dip powders or want to avoid these potential symptoms, you can take these steps:

Shop Nailboo

Think it’s worth a try? Get shoppin’ at Nailboo’s site. We recommend starting with Nailboo’s starter kit, which is the cheapest way to try it — plus, you only need to use it twice for it to save you the $$$ on salon dip manis.

The takeaway

If you’re looking to switch up your nail game from the comfort of your own home, Nailboo could be for you.

Nailboo offers DIY dip nails (for pros and beginners) that are beautiful, long-lasting, and super affordable. Like with any new beauty routine, doing your own nails may take some time to get the hang of, but with a little patience and practice, you’ll nail it in no time.

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Can castor oil grow lashes? The research is slim. But using castor oil for eyelashes might help keep them hydrated and healthy. Here’s what you need…

nailboo reviews and ratings

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1390 Market St Ste 200

San Francisco , CA 94102-5404

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BBB Business Profiles generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Profiles are subject to change at any time. If you choose to do business with this business, please let the business know that you contacted BBB for a BBB Business Profile.

As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business.


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Nailboo Review: At Home Nail Dip Kit

Beauty · June 8, 2021 · Leave a Comment

Have you been considering an at home nail dip kit? Today I’m sharing my Nailboo review and if I think it’s worth the cost.

One of my absolute favorite treats is getting a manicure and pedicure, but in an effort to save some money, I don’t go nearly as often as I would like. I really do love the look of painted nails, but once they start to chip, I really dislike how that looks, especially if I’m going out to meet friends or on a date.

All of this to say, I was incredibly intrigued when I started seeing at home nail dip kits pop up all over social media. But – am I savvy enough to do my own nails? After reading about a million dip kit reviews on my own, today I’m sharing my full Nailboo review for anyone who might be considering ordering a kit.

Nailboo Review: At Home Nail Dip Kit - Have you been considering doing dip nails at home? Today I'm sharing my full Nailboo review! | Nailboo Review | Nailboo Dip Kit | Nailboo Reviews | At Home Dip Kit

I wouldn’t call myself very good at nail painting, so the idea of having nice nails at home seemed like a pipe dream. When my kit arrived, I couldn’t wait to dive in. 

Nailboo At Home Dip Kit

Nailboo Dip Kit

The Nailboo kits come with everything you need to give yourself a DIY dip manicure, which is great, because I had not idea what the heck I was doing. I decided on Pink Lemonade (neon pink), Here’s A Tip (white), and Date Night (bright red) for my dip colors and the kit came with accessories (brush, four-way file, and cuticle shaper), nail builder powder, and all the necessary liquids.

The first thing I did was cut and file my nails to the length I wanted. I keep my nails super short, which I was a little bit worried about, but was not a problem. Make sure your nails are clean – I washed mine and made sure they were dry prior to starting.

Nailboo Review: At Home Nail Dip Kit - Have you been considering doing dip nails at home? Today I'm sharing my full Nailboo review! | Nailboo Review | Nailboo Dip Kit | Nailboo Reviews | At Home Dip Kit

At Home Nail Dip Powder Tutorial

After my nails were prepped, this was the process:

1. Apply Base Liquid and dip in Build Powder. Tap finger and brush off excess. Repeat this for every nail.

Nailboo Review: At Home Nail Dip Kit - Have you been considering doing dip nails at home? Today I'm sharing my full Nailboo review! | Nailboo Review | Nailboo Dip Kit | Nailboo Reviews | At Home Dip Kit

2. Apply Base Liquid again and dip into Color Powder. Tap finger and brush off excess. Repeat this for every nail.

3. I like my color to be a bit darker, so I repeated step 2 for every finger.

4. Apply Activator Coat to every nail and wait two minutes.

5. Buff all of your nails.

6. Apply another Activator Coat and wait another two minutes.

7. Apply top coat and you’re done!

            View this post on Instagram                         A post shared by Kait Hanson | CommuniKait (@bykaithanson)

Nailboo Reviews 

The first time I did my nails, I used the Pink Lemonade color and in these photos, I’m wearing Date Night. It’s safe to say, I’m totally impressed and I cannot get over how easy this product is to use!

Nailboo Review: At Home Nail Dip Kit - Have you been considering doing dip nails at home? Today I'm sharing my full Nailboo review! | Nailboo Review | Nailboo Dip Kit | Nailboo Reviews | At Home Dip Kit

Is Nailboo Worth The Money?

If you look closely, you can see that I’m still very much in the “learning” phase of this, but I think Nailboo is definitely worth the price. My manicures have lasted 10+ days each time and each time when the dip comes off, my regular nails look healthy underneath, not chipped or peeling.

The key (in my opinion) is making sure you do a good job with shaping your nails and cuticles and applying the base. The rest just falls into place. I know I said it above, but I am in shock these look as good as they do and LAST!

If you like this post, you might also enjoy My Honest Review of the Revlon Hair Dryer Brush or Seeing If the Makeup Eraser Really Works

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    This organization is not BBB accredited. Online Retailer in San Francisco, CA. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, & more.

  12. Nailboo Review: At Home Nail Dip Kit

    If you look closely, you can see that I'm still very much in the “learning” phase of this, but I think Nailboo is definitely worth the price. My

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    My final Nailboo review: (Updated) Rating: ⭐️ Why: when I did my unboxing and first time application I loved how it was all written out so for first...

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