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Writing an action plan

Athletes use an action plan to ensure their training develops the specific skills and fitness they require for their sport. This is designed to suit their individual needs.

Personalised training programmes

These examples show how different training programmes are used to develop athletes' different skills and fitness needs. Almost all athletes use strength and conditioning exercises to prevent injury.

Sam Ingram throws his opponent at the London 2012 Paralympic Games

Training for judo is likely to include at least these components:

Alex Danson of Great Britain runs past her opponent

Training for hockey is likely to include at least these components:

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PPP - Action Plan.

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Fraser Mcpherson

PPP- Action Plan

1) Clear, Realistic, Achievable goals:

The two skills I have chosen are passing and shooting. Passing, being my strength, and shooting my weakness. My weakest fitness component is endurance, it is not that weak I can run for almost the whole match but I struggle in the multi-stage fitness test, and the tactic I see as weak is playing the offside trap.

Shooting:  I currently get just under half of my shots on target (around 45%, to test this I took 30 shots at our keeper and recorded the number 13 was my score). I am aiming to get three quarters of my shots on target (around 75%).

Endurance: In the multi-stage fitness test I got to level 9.5, I aim to improve by one whole level (10.5).

Offside trap:  We use this when the opposition has a free kick; it currently works 3 out of 10 times. I aim to get it to 6 out of 10.

M easurable:

Shooting:  The number of goals scored and shots on target can be counted by someone.

Endurance: The level I drop out at will be recorded.

Offside trap:  The numbers that are successful can be counted.

Shooting: This has been agreed by my coach and teammates that it can be achieved.

Endurance: This has also been agreed that it can be achieved. My endurance is not bad but in the last ten minutes of the game is when I sometimes struggle.

Offside trap:  The defence and the midfield have agreed that this is a weakness of the teams.

R ealistic:

Shooting:  Improving my shooting by 30% is realistic. I’m not going to get every shot on target.

Endurance:  Improving by one level in the multi-stage fitness test is realistic.

Offside trap: It is realistic but will require the most work; the team will have to work together in order for it to work. I can only do my part.

I have six weeks in which to improve my weaknesses and keep my strength at the same high level.

E njoyable:

I will enjoy improving these aspects because I love playing football and often go on jogs anyway.

Shooting: The number I score or get on target will be recorded as a number out of the number of shots I take (12 out of 30).

Endurance:  The level that I achieve will be written down.

Offside trap:  The number of attempts that are successful will be recorded as a number out the number of attempts that were tried.

2) Timescale:

The timescale for this is six weeks, and through the method of periodisation it will be split up into weekly sessions. Periodisation is a concept based on the body’s ability to adapt to training, it’s also based on a cyclical load design, which enables coaches to vary intensity, duration and frequency of the training.

A periodised training programme begins by defining the main period of time, ending with a major goal or sporting event. This is known as a ‘Macrocycle’.  My Macrocycle is to be able to run an extra level in the multi stage fitness test, improve my shooting consistency to 75% and to be able to get the offside trap to work 6 out of 10 attempts.

The Macrocycle is then divided into phases of training, this is known as a ‘Mesocycle’. My Mesocycle is the three weaknesses I am going to improve; shooting, endurance and the use of the offside trap.

A Mesocycle is then divided into smaller lengths of times e.g. weeks and hourly sessions. This is known as a ‘Microcycle’. My Microcycle is training for two weeks on each weakness, and training four times a week for the whole six weeks.

3) Method of Achieving Goals:

To achieve my goals I will set it out using periodisation. I have three weaknesses; shooting, offside trap and endurance, and I have one strength; passing. I have six weeks in which to improve my weaknesses and to keep my strength at the same level. I will devote two weeks to each weakness and work on my strength during these weeks as well. Each week will be split up in to three sessions as well as my normal football training with the team and my football match on a Sunday morning.

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For the first two weeks I will focus on endurance training. I will start by running for a set amount of time and see how far I run in that time, then in the next session I will run for the same amount of time but aim to run further than in the previous session. Then in the next session I will increase the amount of time that I run for and again see how far I ran in that time and then in the next session try and run further in the same amount of time, and will repeat this again for the next two sessions.

For weeks three and four I will focus on shooting. In the first session I will have 30 shots at a keeper from in around the box, and I will count the number of goal that I score and the number that I get on target, in the next session I will have another 30 shots but try and improve on the number that I score and the number that I get target. Then in the next session I will pick a spot in an open goal and have people feeding me balls, I will do it for 30 minutes and count the number that I get in the spot I aimed for. Then repeat for a further 30 minutes and see how many I score after getting a few pointers on what I was doing wrong. Then put this in to a game situation with another striker and some defenders and a goalkeeper and see how many I score and get on target.

To improve the use of the offside trap the team will have to get together and work on it. We will have to practise moving up in unison. Then try it with balls being played through and over the top to a striker and see how many times we catch him offside. Then put it into a game situation with the goal and goalkeeper, some strikers and the midfield attacking the back and again count the number of times we catch the strikers offside.


My objective for cardio vascular endurance:  is to run continuously for 95 minutes this will enable me to still get up and down the pitch towards the end of the match.

My objective for shooting:  is to develop consistency. My target is to work the goalkeeper for at least 75% of shots.

My objective for using the offside trap:  is to get the back four working in unison with each other so that it will be more successful. My target is to get it working at least 65% of the time so that we can use it as a tactic in matches.

*I will be training on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday. I have normal football training a Thursday and will have a match on a Sunday.

 Week 1- Endurance:

Monday-  Did a warm up jog, which were two laps around my garden. Stretched, ran another lap to make sure I was completely warmed up. Then ran for 25 minutes, the rain was hard so I couldn’t do the 30 minutes I had intended to do. Did extra 5 minutes inside on the exercise bike. Then stretched again.

Wednesday-  Did 2 laps round the garden as a warm up, stretched, ran another lap, to ensure completely warmed. Ran for 30 minutes, and went for a 15-minute bike ride. Then did some warm down, and stretches.

Thursday-  Went to football training at Tile Hill Sports Centre, warmed up and played 6 vs. 7 for 70 minutes.

Friday- Did 2 lap warm up jog round my garden. Ran for 60 minutes. Went for a twenty-minute bike ride.

Sunday-  Had a match, we lost 4-2, I nearly scored a header.

Week 2- Endurance

Monday-  Did a two-lap warm up jog around the garden, stretched and ran another lap. Went down to the football pitch and ran around it for 60 minutes. Did 20 minutes on the exercise bike.

Wednesday-  Did warm up jog, stretched. Ran for 90 minutes but at a slow pace. Went for a 30-minute bike ride.

Thursday-  We had football training at the pitch where we play. Played 6 vs. 6 for 70 minutes. Warmed down

Friday-  Did 2 laps round the garden, then stretched and did a further 2 laps. Took the dog out with me for the run. Ran for 70 minutes, both of us were tired. Did 20 minutes extra on the bike ride- 50 minutes total.

Sunday-  Had a match. We drew 4-4

Week 3- Shooting

Monday-  Did two laps around the pitch, stretched then did some sprints. I took 30 shots at our keeper from in and around the box. I scored 12 and got 16 on target. Then we did some passing.

Wednesday-  Did 2 laps around the pitch. Our striker was with me, who is our top goal scorer.  He watched me take a few shots at an empty goal then gave me some pointers on what I was doing wrong. I wasn’t getting me knee and head over the ball that why they were going high. Then took 30 shots at our keeper. I scored 15, and got 20 on target.

Thursday-  Had football training at the sports centre. We warmed up, did some sprinting and passing. Then we played 8 vs. 8 for 70 minutes. We then warmed down.

Friday-  Did 2 laps around the pitch. I had an open goal and two people feeding me ground balls from the left and right hand sides of the box, so I had to use both feet. Did this for 10 minutes, then they varied the balls I received e.g. chipping it so I had to volley it or head it. Did this for 20 minutes. We then did worked on passing in triangles for 20 minutes. Then repeated what we had done before. I got around 60% of my shots in or on target.

Sunday-  Football match was cancelled. So I played a round of golf with my Dad and brother.

Week 4- Shooting

Monday-  Did two laps around the pitch. Open goal again, with player feeding me balls from the left and right hand side of the box, again the varied the kind of shot I had to do. Did this for 30 minutes. We then did some shuttle runs and played football volleyball to work on touch. Then they stood on the edge of the box and I played a one two with them they again varied the type of shot I had to (driven shot, curling shot, volley). I got around 60% of my shots on target.

Wednesday-  Did 2 laps around the pitch, stretched. Had a keeper and 2 defenders. Balls were crossed from the left and the right. Did this for 30 minutes. I scored 29. Then we worked on dribbling and touch. Then we repeated what we had done before. I scored 31.

Thursday- Football training was cancelled. I went to the gym instead. Ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill, did 30 minutes on the bike. Did 30 minutes in the weights room working on my quads. Then went for a sauna and a swim.

Friday-  Did 2 laps around the pitch, stretched. Had a keeper and 2 defenders again balls were crossed from the left and the right hand sides. Did this for 30 minutes. I scored 21. Then we did some shuttle runs and played football volleyball, to work on touch. Then one of the crossers had the ball and I was standing in the middle I played a one- two with him and he crossed the ball in, again with the keeper and 2 defenders.

Sunday-  Had a cup match. We lost 4-1.

Week 5- Offside trap

Monday-  Did 2 laps around the pitch. We (as a back four), practised stepping up in unison, so that we were all in a straight line. Then we had someone playing the ball over the top from various positions in the pitch, and we stepped up together. Then we worked on some passing and shooting.

Thursday-  Had football training at Tile Hill sports centre. We warmed up did some sprinting and played 7 vs. 7 for 65 minutes.

Friday-  Did 2 lap warm up around the pitch, then stretched. We did some passing and moving, and we did shuttle runs. Then the back four took up our normal positions on the pitch, and again someone was playing balls’ over from around the pitch and we practised stepping up as a unit.

Sunday-  Football match was cancelled. Went to the gym instead. Then played a round of golf.

Week 6- Offside Trap

Monday-  We did a 2-lap jog around the pitch to warm up, then we stretched. Then we had the back four, two strikers, a linesman and two people playing balls over the top. We put into practise what we had been working on last week, and the linesman counted the number that were successful, out of 20, 9 were successful. Then we did some circuit training.

Thursday-  Had football training down at the pitch. We did a warm up and some sprinting then played 3 vs. 3 for 40 minutes.

Friday-  Did 2 laps around the pitch as a warm up, then we stretched. We had the back four, four attacking players, a linesman and two people playing balls from the left and right hand side of the pitch. Again the linesman counted the number of attempts that were successful, out of 20, 13 were successful.

Sunday-  We had a football match. We drew 2-2

5) Method of Evaluating My Action Plan:

To see if my Action Plan has been a success, in a training session with the rest of the team and the coach present I will take 30 shots at our keeper, as I did first of all to see how many I did score or get on target. The rest of the team will count the number I score and the number I get on target, and compare this number with the first score I got.

To see if the offside trap has been improved again in a training session the back four, four attacking players and some people playing balls over will get together with a linesman and count the number of attempts that succeed, and again I will compare this score to the score I achieved in the first session of week six, number out of 20.

To see if my cardiovascular endurance has been improve I will retake the multi-stage fitness test. The score I achieve will be compared with my previous score.

6) Evaluation of Action Plan:

Endurance-  The first time I took the multi-stage fitness test I achieved level 9.5. When I retook the test I again achieved level 9.5. I did not improve, but did not do worse. I think that I crammed too much in to the two weeks; I think that if I had planned two endurance sessions a week for the six weeks then I may have improved.

Shooting-  In the first session of week 3 when I took 30 shots at our keeper, I scored 14 on target. When I retook the 30 shots after the completion of the six weeks I scored 17 and got 22 on target. This is a 20% improvement. My target was to get around 75% of my shots on target. I managed to get 73% of the 30 shots I took on target. I nearly reached my target but feel that the 20% increase in my shot consistency is good enough and i am pleased with it.

I think that the number of sessions a week I trained for shooting was good, I didn’t have time to redevelop bad habits, because I was retraining one or two days later.

Offside Trap-  In the first session of week 6, 9 out of 20 attempts were successful (this is 45%), when we redid this on the Friday we got 13 out of 20 successful, (this is 65%). When we redid this at the training session, we managed to get 14 out of 20 to be successful, (this is 70% success rate). This is an improvement of 5%. The coach and the players are happy with this, and now we are confidant that we can use this as a successful tactic during matches.

I think that the number of sessions we had a week practising this was good. We also got to work on passing, dribbling, sprinting and ball control.

PPP - Action Plan.

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  1. Gcse pe coursework action plan

    ocr gcse pe coursework action plan

  2. OCR GCSE PE Analysing and Evaluating Performance

    ocr gcse pe coursework action plan

  3. OCR GCSE PE: Revision

    ocr gcse pe coursework action plan


    ocr gcse pe coursework action plan

  5. PPP

    ocr gcse pe coursework action plan

  6. OCR GCSE PE Commercialisation in Sport Revision Sheet

    ocr gcse pe coursework action plan


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  1. How to complete an action plan

    GCSE OCR Writing an action plan Athletes use an action plan to ensure their training develops the specific skills and fitness they require for their sport. This is designed to suit...

  2. GCSE

    From November 2022 all new planning, teaching and assessment support materials for teachers, including candidate exemplars, will only be available on Teach Cambridge. Our GCSE in Physical Education equips students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to develop their own performance in sport.

  3. Personalised training programmes

    GCSE OCR Writing an action plan Athletes use an action plan to ensure their training develops the specific skills and fitness they require for their sport. This is designed to suit...

  4. GCSE

    OCR GCSE Physical Education (9-1) (from 2016) qualification information including specification, exam materials, teaching resources, learning resources


    GCSE PE COURSEWORK Analysing and Evaluating Performance (AEP) Booklet Name: Candidate number: Form: GCSE PE Teacher: ... OCR will take a medium level of control for the taking of this task (see section 1b.1 Controls). ... Produce an action plan (not to be implemented) to improve an aspect of the performance of the performer being ...

  6. PDF GCSE PE Exemplar Coursework Analyzing and evaluating performance (AEP)

    GCSE PE Exemplar Coursework Analyzing and evaluating performance (AEP) AEP Hockey ion is view t t t is lan level General comments Level 5 √ √ Generally a good piece of work but not quite reaching level 5 mainly due to sections that are incomplete rather than the quality of the work. √ Level 4 √ √ √ Level 3 √ Level 2 Level 1

  7. GCSE PE AQA Coursework 2021 2022

    GCSE PE AQA Coursework 2021 2022 University University of Oxford Module Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) Academic year2020/2021 Helpful? 00 Comments Please sign inor registerto post comments. Students also viewed Btec Health & Social Care activity pack 3 Agl0400-bill explainer resi elec digital(1)

  8. PPP

    GCSE Physical Education (Sport & Coaching) Fraser Mcpherson PPP- Action Plan 1) Clear, Realistic, Achievable goals: The two skills I have chosen are passing and shooting. Passing, being my strength, and shooting my weakness.

  9. GCSE AEP netball coursework

    Miaandrews2003. For some reason it wont allow me to link mine or the OCR example forward but how you get a full example based on a chest pass simply type 'GCSE OCR pe coursework example' and then scroll down to the chest past example. The things you should include within it is depending on your chosen skill explain how each muscle acts during a ...

  10. PEP Coursework

    pep coursework. Here you will find the PEP template, graph templates for each week, model answers and a guidance document. Home YEAR 11 YEAR 10 KS3 Home Learning ... GCSE PEP Model Answers: File Size: 1128 kb: File Type: docx: Download File. PEP Guidance Sheet: GCSE PEP Guidance: File Size: 17 kb: File Type: docx: Download File.


    GCSE Gcse pe coursework document from a grade 9 student, guaranteed grade 9 pe grade Preview 1 out of 5 pages Getting your document ready... Report Copyright Violation Also available in package deal (1) grade 9 gcse coursework, and arousal/topic notes + homework £ 19.28 £ 19.49 2 items 1. Interview - Pe guidance and arousal grade 9 gcse notes 2.

  12. PDF Coursework guidance booklet G454

    OCR GCE in Physical Education: H554 Updated for September 2013 This Teacher Support: Coursework Guidance booklet relates to Unit G454 - The Improvement of Effective Performance and the Critical Evaluation of Practical Activities in Physical Education and is designed to accompany the OCR GCE specification in Physical Education for teaching from

  13. GCSE PE: When should they start the coursework?

    GCSE PE: When should they start the coursework? The a nalysing and evaluating performance assessment task (AEP) is synoptic in nature and as such students need all of the theory before they can do this, most centres do tend to do it a little later in the course than the end of year 1. The candidates do need to have covered the theory prior to ...

  14. DOC OCR Nationals

    Sample Lesson Plan: Physical Education 7832 Sample Lesson Plan G453 Comparative Studies. Title: Australian case studies. ... Students will have some knowledge of obesity from lessons taught in PHSE and GCSE PE. Content. ... Hodder is producing the following resources for OCR GCE Physical Education for first teaching in September 2008: Graham ...

  15. Ocr Gcse Pe Coursework Action Plan

    Ocr Gcse Pe Coursework Action Plan, Technology Skills Resume Teacher, Java Resume Sdlc, How To Write An About Me, Resume Instructions, Government And Economics Lse Personal Statement, Top Critical Essay Ghostwriting Service Online amlaformulatorsschool 4.9stars -1208reviews