How can I set my Capital One Quicksilver card to send paper statements?

This question is about the Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card

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Sydney Garth , Credit Cards Moderator

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You can set your Capital One Quicksilver card to send paper statements either online or over the phone by calling the number on the back of your card. Here’s how you can do it online:

Keep in mind that if your request was made one day before the end of your statement cycle, then the next statement will be electronic and all statements following will be paper.

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Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card

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order a paper statement santander

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Changes to how often we send paper statements

Regular paper statements to give you information on your transactions.

If you’re a current account customer, you may start receiving paper statements by post each month after the end of June 2018. Your statement period won’t change and you’ll still be able to see your monthly account statement by logging on to Online Banking and clicking on ‘e-Documents’. 

If you have a savings account with us, we may start sending you an annual paper statement alongside the one provided in your document store in Online Banking. 

For both current and savings accounts, we also offer free paper statements upon request and information on transactions is available at any point via Online and Mobile Banking. 

If you have a current or savings account where being paper-free is part of the eligibility for opening the account or you’ve chosen to be paper-free, these changes won’t apply to you. We’re also not changing the arrangements customers have made to receive statements in alternative formats (for example Braille). 

What you need to do

If you’re happy with these changes, you don’t need to do anything else. 

You can switch between paper and paper-free statements at any time using Online Banking. If you’d prefer to receive paper statements less often (every 3 months for current accounts) visit any branch or contact us on 0330 9 123 123

If regulation or the law asks us to, we may send you statements at different times to the ones you request. 

What will happen next?  

If you have any questions about these changes take a look at the Your Statements page, contact us on 0330 9 123 123 or come and talk to us in any branch  

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order a paper statement santander

order a paper statement santander


Check your balance and bills

Control everything that happens in your account. Easy and at any time.

order a paper statement santander
  • Click on the general actions menu for your card and then click on "Statement" .
  • The statement in PDF format is automatically displayed on your screen.
  • order a paper statement santander

    How can I return a bill?

    With the Santander App, returning a bill is almost as easy as giving a like.

    order a paper statement santander

    How to view or return your bills?

    • Access the bills menu under "Overall Position" .
    • Select account in which the bills you wish to view are paid.
    • Select the bill you want to view in PDF format.


    Santander App

    Have the bank on your mobile. Transfer, control your cards, withdraw cash from ATMs, and more.

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    How to pay using your mobile

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    order a paper statement santander


    What to do in case of theft or loss of a credit card?

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    General enquiries

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