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Where to Shop For Used Musical Instruments

personal statement example for music

you’re in the market for a musical instrument. Maybe your child has signed up for the school band, or perhaps you’re looking for a new hobby. One good way to save money on musical instruments is to look into used ones. But where do you begin to look? You actually have multiple options for finding a good used instrument at a decent price. Here’s where to shop for used musical instruments:

In our modern internet age, Craigslist is the new classified ad page. You’ll be surprised at how much you can find on Craigslist, and they’re all local to you. Craigslist offers a wide array of listings for instruments of just about every type, in different conditions and with multiple price points. You can even ask questions of the seller and take a look at the item before you commit to buying it. Be sure to take your security into account when you meet a seller. Only agree to meet in a public place, and take someone with you for safety.

Pawn shops are the classic go-to for finding used instruments of every stripe. You can visit local pawn shops on any day and find a ton of different instruments for purchase. Of course, we know that pawn shops carry all kinds of guitars, but you can find lots of other types of instruments at pawn shops as well. Pawn brokers have some understanding of the value of musical instruments and can explain their pricing to you in detail. Chances are you can find just the instrument you’re looking for if you look at larger pawn shops or comparison shop multiple places.

Music Gear Websites

Many of the same websites that you can go to for new musical instruments sell some used instruments as well. The selection won’t be as wide for used instruments as it will be for new stuff on these sites, but you can often find what you’re looking for, especially if you shop around. Don’t be afraid to comparison shop, and don’t allow yourself to purchase a musical instrument on impulse. It’s possible that you may find the best prices on these websites, but it’s also always worth checking other options out to make sure you’re getting the best deal on what you want.

When it comes to online auctions, we all know that eBay is the gold standard. And just like any other item, you can find tons of options for used musical instruments on eBay. Some sellers auction their instruments off to the highest bidder, while others offer fixed price sales and still others allow you to make offers for items. What a lot of people don’t realize is that eBay is a great place to comparison shop and watch items to see how their auction prices go up. If you’re patient with eBay, you can often find good deals that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

Reverb is one of the newest players to the used musical instrument game, having been around since 2013. This website works a lot like eBay, except that they deal only in musical instruments. Most of what you see on Reverb is used, but there are some new instruments as well. You can find the typical selection of guitars, basses and band instruments on Reverb, but you’ll also find some harder to find stuff, from accordions to harps. You’ll even find a few curated shops from music artists. While you’re at it, check out their sister site, ReverbLP. It’s a terrific place to buy vinyl records.


personal statement example for music

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Music and Popular Music Personal Statement Example

There are many reasons why I want to study music and why I believe that I would make a great asset to the University of Liverpool. The earliest musical memory I have is singing along to ‘Puff The Magic Dragon’ and crying my heart out. The combination of the beautiful melody and the lyrics of loss and loneliness made a great impact on me. Since then, music has meant the world to me. I play the rhythm guitar, having had lessons when I was younger, and I learned to sing when I was in a church choir.

While in the choir, I participated in public performances, including Gospel Festivals in Copenhagen and Malmö. Along with music, my other passion is reading and has been for as long as I can remember. From the age of fourteen and spurred on by the Harry Potter craze, I started reading in English and never stopped. Not only has this provided me with an extensive knowledge of English literary culture, it also contributed to my command of the English language.

In 2008 I attended the University of Copenhagen where I studied Linguistics. I enjoyed being part of a student group, studying and discussing new ideas. However, I did not feel sufficiently committed to the subject, so I decided to move to Liverpool, to explore my love for music in a city that has fostered some of the greatest music ever. The music and culture of Liverpool invaded my heart and soul when I first visited the city in 2008. I believe that there can be nowhere better to study music than in a city that lives and breathes music, and where musical history surrounds you wherever you go.

One of the finest things about music is how it affects people. We all have a relationship with music; it might help you relax after a long day at work, get you into the mood for a night out, or help you recall memories from your past. In my gap year I was a substitute teacher at a primary school. Here I initiated a project about music and the way it affected children’s concentration, as well as providing the musical aspect in various projects, such as bringing a ukulele to work and singing and playing with the children.

I would like to study the relationship between music and people and what it is that attracts us and how it affects us. I find it interesting how music can be used in the media, and how the history of music can be heard in what is produced today. I enjoy reading books about the music business, including “Studying Popular Music Culture” by Tim Wall, which I found to be a very interesting introduction and reinforced my belief that your degree programme is one to which I can fully commit.

Working at a music store has provided me with a solid knowledge of music. I keep an open mind for new sounds, no matter the genre, and at the same time I am rooted in my love for sixties music. Through my voluntary work at the music venue Gimle, I have learned a lot about the importance of working in a team and always thinking one step ahead. I also write reviews and short articles for the music website ‘New Beats Media’, which has taught me to be precise and specific.

Having left higher education some years ago, I find that I miss the thrill of learning and the pursuit of new ideas. My decision to return to education has not been made lightly and, because of this, I know that I know have the motivation and will to succeed. The intellectual challenges offered by your programme of study and the extra-curricular activities available at Liverpool, added to my own experiences, confirm my belief that a degree in Music/Popular Music at the University of Liverpool is the perfect fit for me.

Profile info

This personal statement was written by ida for application in 2012.

ida's Comments

I spent a long time getting my personal statement right, re-writing about 3-4 times and moving paragraphs. Being Danish, I also asked for some of my English friends to read it through and make suggestions and improvements, but still keeping my own words and phrasing. I have just accepted an unconditional offer from University of Liverpool.

Related Personal Statements

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Music Personal Statement

From a young age, hearing stories of my grandfather’s career as a play-by-ear pub pianist, I have been passionate about music and determined to pursue a career as a musician. Having worked hard to gain academic and practical experience in the field I am confident that I have the ability to succeed at undergraduate level. At school I have performed solidly across a range of subjects, showing motivation and ability by taking my GCSEs and my A-levels 12 months early. It has been in musically related subjects where I have performed best, however, and, through undertaking both Music and Music Technology at A-Level I have given myself an excellent foundation for future study.

As with anyone who is pursuing a career within the field, studying various instruments and music theory has also constituted a large element of my extra-curricular activities. My main instrument is the alto saxophone, in which I have achieved a distinction at Grade 8. My love of woodwind instruments extends from playing the clarinet, in which I have achieved a Grade 7, while my broader interest has allowed me to gain both Grade 5 Music Theory and a merit in Grade 2 Piano.

It is performing and sharing my love of music with others that has truly inspired me, however, and I have taken every opportunity to gain experience where possible. I am currently the principle saxophonist for a Symphonic Wind Band and the Beacon Band, for whom I also fill in as principle clarinettist when necessary. This has offered the opportunity to play in a range of venues and contexts, including concerts at Symphony Hall and various fundraising events. I also play with a range of smaller ensembles throughout my community, covering every type of performance and venue, from busking to residential care homes. More recently I have begun playing with a function band, covering bass sections in a range of covers. While broadening my experience into different styles, this has also improved my arrangement abilities by working out the relevant parts from the recordings by ear. Recently I also attended the Summer Saxophone Spectacular course run by the National Saxophone Orchestra, which offered the opportunity to perform with noted professionals, such as Nigel Wood. I also gained experience teaching saxophone, clarinet and music theory for Musical Den International, Walsall Academy and at local primary schools, greatly improving my confidence in my knowledge, my ability to communicate my enthusiasm verbally and musically, and my teamwork skills. Perhaps the experience of which I am most proud, however, is my performance at last year’s Walsall Young Musician of the Year competition, in which I was a finalist.

While my love of music, and my dedication to developing my skills in the field may well dominate both my educational and extra-curricular activities, I also find time to indulge my desire to play a valuable role in my community, arranging regular fundraising events. I am also a keen traveller with a limitless curiosity about the world, having visited various countries both with school and family.

As my achievements within the field suggest, I am a hardworking and dedicated student with the passion and ability to make a real contribution as a musician. While I have worked hard to gain the relevant academic knowledge to ensure I can perform to a high level throughout undergraduate study, it is my skill in performing, and communicating my enthusiasm to others both through playing and teaching, that will continue to motivate me to achieve my future goals in the field.

Psychology Personal Statement

Textile design personal statement.

Music Personal Statements Example

Sample statement.

I love music but I also enjoy a challenge. That is why I have decided to focus on music as my future career rather than just a way to relax. I have had an instinctive feel for playing music, singing and moving to music since I was a small child and I have enjoyed training to improve my skills and to make my playing and singing a pleasure for others. That has not always been easy. It’s a lot of hard work at times but the rewards for sticking with it are very worthwhile.

A university course in music is the next natural step for me and I realise that it won’t be easy. It will be an opportunity to grow as a musician and I look forward to being able to immerse myself in music and to develop my skills both on a personal and academic level. Music for me is relaxing but it is that all-encompassing relaxation that comes with the self-discipline required to practice and improve. Learning to play a musical instrument can be torture, but getting through the difficult stages and learning to make the instrument sound good is so satisfying.

Music needs determination, commitment and skill to be able to make it sound good, but being able to apply your musical achievements to build a career also needs a thorough grounding in the music industry. I want to focus on expanding my musical skills and knowledge but also on where it can take me in the future. Studying at university level seems a very natural next step.

I have looked for music courses that allow flexibility and that will give me the widest experience and appreciation for different types of music and different ways of making it. I want to learn the technical knowledge too, building on my experience with music software I have already been using.

College has been a positive experience for me and I am lucky to have been within an environment that was encouraging and challenging at the same time. My music teachers provided the push we needed to achieve our best but were also realistic in the deadlines that they set. This has made me able to cope well with time pressure and I work consistently and well to finish set tasks, which has given me added confidence. I have a high natural ability, with a good ear, timing and good rhythmic skills but I have learned to become a polished performer and to work well within a group.

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Personal Statement - Example No. 8

Class of 2008.

I sat in tense silence, waiting for the maestro to stroll across the stage and mount the platform for what promised to be the most rewarding performance of my life.  Squinting under the stage lights I readied myself for the sound of footsteps, prepared to rise and face the thunderous applause.  With the sound of my heart beating in my head, I tried to recall how I had come to sit this February evening on this grand stage.

Nearly a year earlier I had a similar case of nervous energy as I waited to begin a much different performance.  The audience consisted of friends, family and the contest judge.  The setting was a dimly lit high school classroom.  I was about to perform the Goltermann Cello Concerto in the high school district music contest.  After receiving permission from the judge, I nodded confidently to my accompanist to begin the introductory chords.  Listening to the opening stanza on the piano, I took a deep breath and began counting the measures until my grand entrance.  Coming in with force, I played the first movement of the piece with confidence.

I began the second movement with vigor, but soon my right arm tightened.  Perspiration from my left hand made the precise fingerings a challenge.  I struggled to maintain tempo with the piano and quickly lost my once crisp articulation.  In that moment, time seemed to stand still as my worst fears became reality: I had stumbled through the final passage of the piece, finishing out of tune and out of tempo.

The district contest didn’t mark the first time I had made a mistake while performing but it was certainly the most disheartening.  I had studied and rehearsed this piece for several months.  I knew every note by heart.  In fact, I had performed it successfully twice before.  I felt embarrassed and discouraged when the judge awarded me a second place rating that rendered me ineligible to advance to the state competition.

That evening I discussed the performance with my teacher and decided to take some time off from lessons to reassess my goals in playing cello.  Many questions came to my mind.  What exactly had gone wrong?  Why had I cracked under pressure?  How did my performance change so quickly?  Had I made a mistake foregoing my senior year on the basketball team to focus all of my energies on playing the cello?  Most importantly, what was my future in music? 

Two weeks later I received an acceptance letter from Wheaton College.  Wheaton is small liberal arts college with a highly respected conservatory of music.  As a liberal arts major, I could perform with other accomplished conservatory students in an eighty member orchestra and receive expert instruction.  This was just the opportunity I had been waiting for.  Over the summer I worked to perfect the contest concerto that had caused me to question my future in music, performing for anyone who would listen.  Upon arriving on campus in the fall of my freshman year, I auditioned with the same piece of music that I had failed to perform successfully six months earlier.  As a result, I earned the right to play in the orchestra and to study privately with the cello professor.

As I straightened in my seat that February evening I thought back on my year-long journey.  This would be the most gratifying musical performance of my college career.  In a few brief moments I would perform Handel’s Messiah in concert with a 200 member chorus under the direction of world-renown conductor John Nelson.  This dream would not have become a reality without the lessons learned from my failed high school performance. 

The importance of perseverance came home to me.  My decision to continue playing cello demanded hours of disciplined practice and rehearsal.  Had I not been resilient and decided to continue playing, my entire college experience would have been drastically different.  I would have missed out on many valuable experiences, great memories and deeply meaningful relationships.  My transition to college life would also have been far more difficult.  Orchestra rehearsal was a therapeutic exercise that allowed me to cope with the difficulties of making new friends and adjusting to an unfamiliar environment during my first semester in college.

I also learned the value of seeking out new challenges.  The opportunity to perform in a college ensemble presented a new challenge that led to other significant performance opportunities including the chance to perform the Vivaldi Double Cello Concerto alongside the principal cellist of the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra.

What’s more, the cello enabled me to overcome my fear of public performance.  As a result, my musical ability and my self confidence greatly improved.  I can’t think of a more valuable aspect of personal development that benefited my entire college experience. 

So often we discover that failure is a better teacher than success!  This was certainly true for me.  Law school is the next big challenge in my life.  Though I don’t know exactly where a legal education will lead me, I am confident that the lessons learned from playing the cello have both shaped and prepared for success in the study of law.

Pre-Law Memorial Student Center - Room 315 501 College Avenue Wheaton, IL 60187

personal statement example for music


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personal statement example for music

Applying to university

We asked music tutors what they're looking for (and what to avoid) in your personal statement – here's what they told us. For more personal statement advice, see our guide for everything you need to get writing .

What to include in your music personal statement

What not to do in your music personal statement

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Music Personal Statement

Sample Music Personal Statement

My first public performance, humble though it was (I played the role of ‘troll’ in a nursery Christmas show), vividly imprinted itself on my mind and forms one of my earliest memories. Singing lessons allowed me to expand my repertoire somewhat and my naturally sociable nature saw me joining my first school choir. Here, I realised with wonder that I could cooperate within a large team to create beautiful harmonies, in addition to taking on many solo parts. Thanks to these, I was even offered one of the hotly-contested places in our local cathedral choir. Entertaining became second nature and I gave many impromptu staffroom shows at the request of teachers. Singing at the head’s retirement ceremony to an audience of nearly three hundred, I was not at all daunted and actually remember feeling disappointment that the whole school of eight hundred plus could not be in attendance! Positive and motivated, receiving praise for my performances has always buoyed my ambition to pursue a career in the field of musical theatre. It has not, however, overinflated my ego or given me false confidence, as nothing is as rewarding or truthful to me as seeing the enjoyment on the faces of my audience.

Elected onto the high school council, I represented my fellow pupils through clear, precise communication skills and a talent for persuasive speech-making. This led in turn to my being put forward to compete in several categories in the school’s annual Eisteddfod. Calling on my experience of drama festivals and examinations (I hold L.A.M.D.A. and Guildhall certificates for both group and solo performances) I was pleased to win honours for my house. Involving myself in the wider life of my school helped me to make many friends and I was a valued participant in the drama club, later acting as a mentor for younger members. I excel in such roles, as I am a great motivator who draws the best from others with patient perseverance; I have an autistic sister and this has taught me to cope with balancing varied demands. During the A-level drama exams, I volunteered providing backstage support with lighting, props and make-up, testifying to my proactive attitude. I have always felt driven to stretch myself and, when applying to join the new Young Actors Studio at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, I chose my own audition pieces and imposed a strict rehearsal schedule. This audition met with success and I was amazed to find that I was the youngest student ever accepted to study at R.W.C.M.D. Their dynamic course (attended on a weekly basis for two years) instilled me with terrific understanding of the craft of acting. I also progressed greatly with my singing, being encouraged to write original material that I am proud to say is now in use on my diploma course.

Hardworking and methodical in approach, I expect to achieve a UCAS rating of 200. My commitment and drive to complete every task I set my mind to is best demonstrated by my success in such notorious challenges as the Duke of Edinburgh awards. My spare time is spent in fun performance projects such as singing with an amateur rock band and volunteering at a local youth organisation where all types of performances are showcased. Supporting other young artists, I hand out flyers, sell programmes and take on the role of usher. I also never underestimate the importance of offering constructive criticism and moral support. When singing at a holiday-camp show aged twelve, I was filmed by a guest who professed to be securing ‘early years footage’ for when I became famous. I am fully determined not to let her down on this front, but any career in the entertainment industry would be fulfilling for me. I am serious in my dedication to your course, seeing it as the crucial next step in expanding my skills and developing expertise. The field that I have chosen is competitive but I know that it is where I truly belong and I am keenly prepared to face many trials on the journey to reach my full potential.

We hope this sample Music personal statement has been helpful for you.

Personal Statement


personal statement example for music

Sample Statement of Purpose – Music

This sample SOP is for applying to a master’s program in Music in the USA.

If you need help writing your SOP, check out our SOP Writing Service

Statement of Purpose – Music

My life’s passion has been music ever since I was old enough to sing. As I have grown and matured, I have been on a constant quest to explore new musical vistas and hone my own technical and composition skills. Now, having earned a degree in music and acquired teaching experience, I desire to challenge myself further by pursuing additional studies overseas. The music education in my native country is somewhat limited and not nearly as open or developed as it is in the USA, which is why I am attracted to the enriching, inspiring environment of your master’s program. In addition, I look forward to experiencing a new culture and interacting with diverse groups of people, which will broaden both my personal and musical horizons considerably.

As a young child, I often played the piano and sang songs with my mother. After learning the basics of piano, I soon began playing pop music by ear, and I gradually began adding my own flair to these songs and exploring my creative side. I was fortunate to have a mother who supported my passion for music, and she got me a composition teacher, which led to me focusing on composition in junior and senior high school. During this period, I mainly played classical music, which gave me a good foundation for my university-level studies. The numerous undergraduate classes I took on harmony, theory, music analysis, counterpoint, and composition opened my eyes to the vast possibilities I could continue to explore in the musical world. I especially enjoyed the regular one-on-one classes in the university, in which I got advice from instructors while discussing pieces from contemporary composers.

Many of the most instructive experiences have come outside of the classroom. For instance, in high school I participated in the Music Club as the lead singer and arranger, and I joined the Musician’s Association in the university, holding instructional camps for elementary school students. Throughout these years, I also performed solos and orchestral pieces at music festivals and concerts, playing various instruments and gaining invaluable experience. Meanwhile, I have also regularly taught private students in everything from composition and theory to ear training and technical skills. Such experiences have taught me to devise different teaching methods as appropriate for students of varying levels. For instance, I may let the students listen to J.S. Bach’s Chorale or Stravinsky’s Soldier’s Tale, then give them a chance to practice conducting in small groups with classmates. This has shown me firsthand the value of teaching, which makes me yearn for more teaching experiences in my future career.

My musical experiences have molded me into a multi-talented musician with teaching talents and a keen understanding of my own strengths and interests. This is why I feel well prepared to enter your graduate program of music. If accepted, I will devote my efforts to enriching my knowledge of music and composition, and I hope to focus on the area of contemporary music. I understand that studying at the graduate level overseas will present me with certain challenges, but based on my past accomplishments and struggles, I know that I have what it takes to overcome these and excel. After completing my studies, I plan to return to my country and seek a teaching position, with the goal of nurturing the next generation of musicians and inspiring others as my teachers inspired me.

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personal statement example for music

Sample Personal Statement: Architecture

Sample personal statement – business analytics, sample statement of purpose (sop): computer science, write a comment cancel reply.

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Newcastle University

How to Write a Personal Statement for Music

Music is an incredibly competitive degree, so how can you make sure you stand out in your application we asked dr adam behr, the admissions tutor here at newcastle university, what he looks for in the perfect music personal statement..

There is a lot of pressure on applicants to nail their personal statements, but treading that line between showcasing your passion without sounding insincere can be tricky.

When it comes to your music personal statement, you should ask yourself: what first interested you in music? Are there any extra-curricular achievements you want to mention? What style of music are you most passionate about, and why?

Making rough notes and 'free-writing' your initial thoughts are just a couple of ways you can tackle writer's block , and get your creativity flowing. 

For more practical advice that's specific to music, read on.

How to write a personal statement for music

Avoid generic statements

You have a limited amount of space, so steer clear of very general statements such as “I have loved music since the day I was born”.

We already know about your passion for Music , given that you are applying to study it! So use this opportunity to tell us what we don't know about you and what sets you apart from others. Tell us about your music and w hy you want to study on your chosen course.

Give specific examples 

Enthusiasm is good, and welcome, but your statement needs to convey evidence of achievement – or potential. Tell us about places you’ve played , recordings you’ve made , tours, etc. It’s great to read about what you like, but even better to see what you’ve done about it in practical terms.

You don’t need to list everything you’ve done, but please do include your key achievements. It comes down to showing us why you're an impressive applicant , not just telling us that you are.

Show that you can think and write about music intelligently 

Music degree programmes balance performance and musical practice with academic study. We are looking for evidence of your potential to study, think and write about music, as well as perform it .

What books, articles, blogs etc. have you read or written that are relevant? Do you have any theories about music of your own that you hope to develop during your studies. It makes a difference if your application shows that you can play, think and communicate intelligently about music.

Make your statement cohesive 

Try to avoid just giving us a list of gigs attended or played and of books you might have read. If you can integrate and link all of this information, we can get a clearer sense of how your study/practice of music have informed one another.

A personal statement is our first glimpse of your writing, show us that you're a persuasive writer who can build an argument in a way that's engaging and not repetitive. 

We also like to know where you might hope to take your music study and practice in the future.

Proof read multiple times

It sounds obvious but we have received many statements that clearly haven’t been proof read , and it's really disappointing when this inattention to detail has hurt an otherwise impressive candidate. You want to present yourself in the best possible light and this is a really good way of ensuring that all your hard work comes across well. Make sure to check your spelling, grammar and formatting so that your statement is easily read and does you and your application justice.

A common piece of advice for this is to ask someone else to read your statement . Alternatively, if you're not keen on the idea of sharing your work, try read it out loud to yourself or reading it backwards - it's easier to notice mistakes this way.

We hope you have found this blog post useful. We understand the application process can be overwhelming at times, but trust in your abilities and take each step as it comes. We look forward to seeing new applicants each year, and we're always impressed by the amount of talent and passion young people have to offer. 

Have you been invited to an interview read our blog on preparing for university interviews ..

download your guide to writing a personal statement

Published By Caroline Hardaker on 28/10/2020 | Last Updated 28/10/2020

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My first recollection of paid employment was as a paperboy. I remember walking my neighborhood saving money to purchase a bike, with the intention of accelerating my work hours and allowing for an efficient work model. During high school I worked as a counselor at the town summer camp. My work experiences paled in comparison to my peers, as I was absorbed in athletics and most specifically soccer. In retrospect I regret not seeking various forms of employment during my teenage years as I feel that I would have developed a positive identity of work.

Personal Narrative: A Career As A Music Producer

Music was the one and only thing that could get me through the day, it helped get through some hard times, and after a lot of thinking, I finally decided to go to college to pursue being a music producer. Which I never thought was going to be as hard as I previously thought, to be a music producer you have to be committed to your work, or else you might not make it to the top. Being as determined as I am, I’m going to try my hardest to make a name for myself, and show that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. For most people when I tell them that I make music, they would ask me if I play any instruments, but to be honest, I’ve never played a single instrument in my life, but I still have the willpower and determination to push forward in this ever changing industry. Music itself is not what fascinates me, it’s the process of going step by step and being as creative as possible with your

Personal Statement: A Music Analysis

By the sixth grade, I knew that I was going to be a musician - I wanted to leave others with the same sense of wonder that music left with me. While my parents urged to me explore other options in high school, I couldn’t find the thrill that I felt from music in AP Statistics or British literature. Though I was dedicated to my music, I knew that becoming a rock star wasn’t the most realistic plan for my future, so I decided to pursue a backup degree in music production. I would dedicate my time to the band, but learn to record, mix, and master in my free time, so that if my band never made it big, I could still be involved with music. I found myself at a two-year community college trying to save as much money as possible while buying time

New Ways Of Survive As An Independent Recording Artist

With the tech-revolution going on, the music-industry is reinventing itself in terms of how to become successful. At the same time there are thousands of struggling independent recording artists - all working

Canada's Music Industry: A Case Study

After studying the music industry for the past two years, I have been captivated by the intricacies and innovations that lead to success in the industry. Although I am not a musician myself, I have always had a love for music and a burning desire to pursue a career on the business side of the entertainment industry. I would love to witness the creative process of successful artists while managing their marketing and public relations behind the scenes. To continue to feed into my curiosity, I interviewed an intrapreneur and an entrepreneur in Toronto’s music-scene to build upon my growing knowledge of the industry.

Personal Statement: A Career In The Music Industry

For the past few years, I have been working with bands, startups and various music businesses on projects in film, streaming and social media.

Songwriters: A Career Analysis

The average person makes a staggering number of decisions every day. When making a decision, several options need to be considered in order to make the correct choice. A person should establish goals they want to accomplish when choosing a profession. More than likely, when a person chooses a career, he takes the time to explore a myriad of options. Many career fields exist because people have various interests. The music industry provides several different occupations to accommodate the interests of society.

Music Artist Career Choice

With long thought and careful decision making, I have decided that I want to be, first a Music Artist and then, successfully own a record label Metro Boys inc. To be an artist and a business owner will be particularly difficult. This career choice would be best for me because I am a leader and very creative. Both jobs would allow me to express myself in more ways than one. I enjoy helping others. Being an artist, I can help people with my music while being a business owner I can help people with opportunities.

Record Label Research Paper

If you want to start a record label and find yourself with the capabilities to run this music business, you have everything in your favor to go on with your plans. With proper planning, success will not remain far from you. This industry certainly needs you

The Music Of The Digital Age

In today’s digital age, the record industry is booming and in 2014 alone recorded music generated almost 15 billion dollars, ("Global Recorded Music Sales Totalled US $15 billion in 2014.") and now, more than ever is the best time to capitalize on it. Due to the increased value of music and money that is being brought in from such artists as Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Kanye West music is becoming a money making game.There are many start up indie labels that are capitalizing on local music scenes all around the world. By doing this they earn money, as well as promoting originality and exposing music that should be heard by the masses. Because the DIY music scene is booming, with places such as Brooklyn, LA, Philly and Austin all on the rise, now is a great time to promote, record and expose tomorrow 's future stars. For me and my label, Basement Tapes Records, I am going to create a record label that is different than the rest. I will only sign and promote unknown artists who have the potential to be great. I plan keeping everything “in-house” that includes, production, promotion, revenue, and having producers that only work for my label. By doing all of these things I feel as though I can build Basement Tapes Records, to be a successful, money making, label.

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