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personal statement examples for university economics

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personal statement examples for university economics

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personal statement examples for university economics

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personal statement examples for university economics

University of Kent

Study at the University of Kent, a top 50 UK university where you can personalise your studies, achieve your ambition and build your future.

personal statement examples for university economics

Bangor University

Start your journey at Bangor University and be part of a vibrant and friendly learning environment that makes academic exploration exciting and fulfilling.

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personal statement examples for university economics

What to include in a Personal Statement

personal statement examples for university economics

Personal Statement Tips

Personal statement example economics personal statement.

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Economics Personal Statement

My interest in studying economics is born from my growing up in the wake of an economic crisis that affects both my present and my future. The huge rise in unemployment and poverty that followed the great recession are things that mean my generation face a great struggle as we leave education and enter the working world. Economics is a subject grounded in that which effects the lives of people all over the world today; it is constantly evolving and growing and there is always more to be found and learnt which I believe makes it a truly brilliant subject. few other subjects have foundations in both maths and human nature, but I believe that economics is something which really allows people to see how the two connect.

I spent a lot of time reading about world events and watching the news, and learning about the horrors and troubles faced by the entire world all the time is something that fuels my passion for economics. I believe that as far as we have come as a race, there is still so much further we can go, and so many more ways we can improve, by growing and learning, the lives of people around the globe. I think studying economics at university can help me to change the world – to truly effect lives and improve them for the better, to narrow the wealth gap that allows few to live in luxury and many to suffer poverty, when that need not be the case.

At AS-level I studied Mathematics, English Literature, Physics and Economics. Studying economics at as-level was one of the first times if truly encountered the subject, and learning it with little to no prior knowledge only made it that much more interesting to discover. I find both micro and macro economics hugely intriguing to learn, as both play a part in the way that countries are run globally, and I feel that understanding and employing knowledge of both are essential for the betterment of societies everywhere.

Although I used to believe that maths, while enjoyable for me, had no roots in the real world, economics is something that really showed me how very much it does. This means that I am very keenly interested in the mathematical side of maths –  econometrics is one of my favourite disciplines within economics. I find it so interesting because it seems to me that using these models and equations we can predict humanity’s behaviour, and almost tell the future. In that regard one can almost see economics as being magical; it incites a passionate interest me and I would love to take the subject on to a deeper knowledge.

I recently did work experience at a management practice, which helped me develop my organisational skills and taught me a lot about businesses and management, two areas which are heavily entrenched in economic theory. I spent much of my time there working closely with the manager and owner of the company, and learnt directly from him what it took to start up and effectively run his business. Many of the things I learnt from him were echoes of that which I learnt from economics, and the reality of how theory is applied in the real world is another reason I want to study economics so much.

I’ve always been passionate about trying new things and learning new skills, and generally try to overcome any challenges that come my way without backing down. As a member of a girls guiding unit I learned a lot about how to work as part of a team, and also gained leadership skills as I entered the senior section and I worked for my young leaders qualification. Working towards my gold Duke of Edinburgh award has taught me a lot about long term commitment and dedication, and has motivated me to pursue many different new interests, such as Ju Jitsu lessons. The pursuit of this martial art gave me a lot of new self confidence as I learnt self defence, and it has also taught me a lot about self discipline.

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Economics and Management Personal Statement

Economics attempts to understand and address many of the world’s most serious problems. I would like to en...

Economics and Finance Personal Statement

Over recent years I have developed a passion for looking at current events and how they affect the economy...

My desire to study Economics at university stems from my interest in the incredible pace of change in the ...

The dynamic consumer society we live in is governed by many different factors, which I have developed a fa...

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Economics Personal Statement Examples

Our economics personal statement examples for university, as well as our top rated personal statements , should inspire you to write your own unique statement, and help you understand how previous students have successfully gained a place to study for a economics degree at Oxford , Cambridge , LSE , UCL and other universities .

What else will you find in this article?

What is an economics personal statement?

How do i write an economics personal statement, what should i include in my economics personal statement.

How do I write a conclusion for my economics personal statement?

What can I do with an economics degree?

What are the best uk universities for economics, related resources, economics statement analysis.

personal statement examples for university economics

Find out more

UCAS Economics Subject Guide

personal statement examples for university economics

Careers In Economics

personal statement examples for university economics

National Careers Service: Economist

personal statement examples for university economics

Economics Courses

personal statement examples for university economics

Economics Degree Jobs

personal statement examples for university economics

Economics University Rankings 2023

personal statement examples for university economics

Economics Degree Guide

personal statement examples for university economics

An economics personal statement should describe your motivations for wanting to study this subject. It tells the university who you are and why you will make a great economics candidate. Whether you're applying for an undergraduate or postgraduate course, it's crucial you present yourself in the best possible light to convince admissions tutors you will be a valuable asset to their department.

Your economics personal statement will be used by universities to decide whether you are a good student to study economics, and whether they want to offer you a place on their course.

We recommend you start your economics personal statement by jotting down some ideas about your skills, experience, hobbies/extracurricular activities, strengths and ambitions for the future. Our personal statement template can help you structure your thoughts into coherent and concise paragraphs.

Start early and give yourself plenty of time to re-draft your economics statement, and proofread it for spelling and grammar. You will need to go through at least three or four revisions before you have a final, polished draft.

Once you're happy with it, make sure you check it for spelling and grammar (don't just rely on Spellchecker for this). Get someone else to read through it if you're worried you might miss something. You can then think about pasting it into your UCAS form, ready to send off.

How do I write the introduction for my economics personal statement?

Your introduction should pick out one or two aspects of economics that you particularly enjoy or are passionate about. For example, you might talk about your interest in current affairs and world development, and include one or two situations that made you want to study economics in more detail. This could be anything from a fiscal decision made by the Bank of England, or a how a civil war in another country has affected their levels of income.

By starting with an anecdote, or a specific situation you've read about or experienced, you will have a better chance of drawing the reader in, and making them want to finish reading your personal statement.

Whatever you choose to open with, it should be reflective and persuade the admissions tutors that this is the only subject you want to go on to study at university.

Economics personal statement introduction example

To help demonstrate what you should include in your opening paragraph, take a look at this great example below, where the writer uses their experience of growing up in a poor country where wealth was unevenly distributed as a catalyst for developing their interest in economics:

"Being born and brought up in a country where an uneven distribution of income is a norm, the poor live on a minimum wage of Rupees 115 a day, whilst the billionaires form the sixth largest group in the world. This vast contrast between the rich and the poor has always intrigued me and I have often questioned how this economy India, functions with such instability and chaos."

Here is another good example from another student, who talks about how their studies of the Great Depression ignited their appreciation for economics:

"Studying the Great Depression in the USA in 1929 for my extended project is when I started to fully appreciate my interest in economics. Being able to analyse and argue the issues within my extended project and relate it to the current economic crisis has awakened my passion for the subject further, especially as this subject is covered extensively in the news and media. This shows that economics is an essential factor of our society. Studying this subject in university will equip me with the knowledge to understand the economy thoroughly. "

Hopefully these examples will inspire you to write your own introduction for your economics statement that will grab the reader's attention and make the admissions tutors want to offer you a place on their course.

Your conclusion should encompass where you hope your economics degree to take you, and what you hope to achieve in the future. This might include your career ambitions, or moving on to a postgraduate course to further enhance your education.

You may also wish to reiterate why are enthusiastic about applying for an economics degree, and why you think you will be a good student for this particular course.

Don't round off your statement with something vague, or by repeating something you've already mentioned elsewhere in your UCAS application. You only have 47 lines of space in which to sell yourself to the admissions tutors, so don't waste it!

Economics personal statement conclusion example

To help you write your concluding paragrapgh, take a look at this example below, where the writer talks about using the knowledge they will gain in real life situations, and how they enjoy learning about the effects of economics on a daily basis:

"I am very passionate about studying economics because I look forward to developing my current knowledge, and applying it to real life situations. I believe my desire to keep in touch with today’s economics is what will allow me to thrive in higher education."

This writer chooses to talk about applying for a Masters program once they complete their degree, and taking up internships during their summer break to gain more work experience:

"My aspirations upon graduation from University would be to advance my studies in a similarly themed Masters program or work in international development. I plan on taking internships throughout the summer breaks to gain more work experience and help me fund my student lifestyle. I am looking forward to learning and developing in various economic subjects and am excited about the opportunities that I’ll have both as a student and once I graduate."

Hopefully these two examples will help you write your own conclusion for your economics personal statement, and round it off in a way that will make it stand out from the crowd.

For more help and advice on what to write in your economics personal statement, please see:

There are many different options for those choosing to pursue an economics degree. These include:

However, there are also many other career paths where an economics degree could be useful, such as:

For more advice on what you can do with your economics degree, please visit TopUniversities and Prospects .

Currently, the best UK universities to study economics at for 2023 are:

For more information on UK university rankings for economics, please see The Complete University Guide and The Telegraph.

Further resources

For more information and advice on economics degrees and careers, please see the following:

7 Economics Personal Statement Examples | With Analysis

What makes a great personal statement?

How do you improve your chances of achieving a university offer in economics?

In this post I will give some personal statement examples and discuss what the best economics personal statements do well.

Key features that great personal statements share

Disclaimers, evolution of economics personal statements, what makes a great economics personal statement, key features that great personal statements share: a reminder, lots of supercurricular activities, personal insights about such activities, demonstrate key skills, a well written essay, more economics personal statement advice, latest posts.

This diagram shows my summary of what makes a great economics personal statement. Based on my experience as an economics tutor and economics personal statement examples, here are four qualities that make personal statements stand out.

4 tips | what makes a great economics personal statement?

I explore these categories further below and in my ultimate economics personal statement guide.

For my ultimate economics personal statement guide, check out the link below:

Firstly, here is a list of ten economics personal statement examples available online.

Also below, there is analysis of what makes a great economics personal statement.

To learn how to improve your economics personal statement, check out the link below by clicking the blue button:

I cannot guarantee that the personal statements linked above achieved the university offers claimed on those pages. Nor can I claim that each statement is 100% perfect.

By linking to these sites, I do not endorse any of the sites linked above.

You should not copy any part of the personal statements above. Doing so is plagiarism and can lead to the disqualification of your university application. Instead learn from the techniques and kinds of things mentioned in their statements. See specifically the rest of this article for what we can learn from these personal statements.

A proportion of the samples above are relatively old (five to ten years ago or more).

For some universities the personal statement is more important for applications. Consider for example LSE and UCL, top universities where there are no admissions tests or interviews.

We can look at more recently written and publicly available personal statements.

Based on these, here are some observable trends in recent years among the best performing economics personal statements:

In this section I am drawing on my experience as a tutor about what makes a great personal statement. I am also using the available online examples of economics personal statements and the criteria listed by the top UK universities.

Such statements are by no means always perfect, yet they show the qualities and skills that allow students to attend the best universities.

These examples allow us to analyse what makes a great personal statement and also where students often go wrong with personal statements.

As a reminder, here are the four features of great economics personal statements mentioned above:

Here is a breakdown of these categories:

What activities have you completed, outside of class, that relate to economics? Have you read a book, entered an economics-related competition, or watched an economics lecture? These are examples of supercurricular activities. I consider these a key focus for the best personal statements and I discuss these further in my economics personal statement ebook. These show your motivation to study economics which will be critical if you want to study the subject for three years at university.

For more on supercurricular activities, click the link here:

These are what I refer to as “personal takeaways” later in this guide. What did you learn from the supercurricular activity? Detail is very important, both for showing a high level of understanding and also to convince the person reading your statement that you actually completed the activity. This should go beyond just recalling the activity – maybe there is something you learnt from this activity or something you read that you disagreed with. We discuss how to write about personal takeaways in the ebook.

For more information about how to use supercurricular activities in your statement, including how to generate personal insights, click this button below:

Obviously you should try to show academic ability in economics and motivation to study economics. But what other skills are useful to show in a personal statement? 

While there are many skills that could potentially be useful, I draw your attention for now to two key skills: Ability in mathematics and independent study (including research). Evidence from supercurricular activities that you have these skills will help convince admissions staff. Moreover these skills will help you in the economics course.

What constitutes a “well written essay”? 

Your personal statement should be well structured, with effective links between ideas and paragraphs. The grammar should be completely correct, that is  there should be no mistakes. 

Finally consider your vocabulary – can you embed economics-related terminology into your personal statement? You can use a thesaurus but do so with caution – sometimes it is obvious where a thesaurus has been used (and often the new word used does not make sense in that context!).

For more economics personal statement tips or for economics university application advice, check out the link below:

For A-level Economics resources, click the link here:

personal statement examples for university economics


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Economics personal statements

economics student

On this page you'll find a collection of real personal statements written by students applying to study economics and related courses at university.

These personal statements are written by real students - don't expect them all to be perfect! But by reading through a few of these samples, you'll be able to get some ideas and inspiration for your own personal statement. 

Economics personal statement examples

More help with your personal statement, personal statement examples.

You can find personal statement examples for other courses by using this subject list, or by returning to our personal statements by subject page.

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personal statement examples for university economics

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Successful Personal Statement For Economics & Management At Oxford

Author: Adi Sen

Table of Contents

Welcome to our popular Personal Statement series where we present a successful Personal Statement, and our Oxbridge Tutors provide their feedback on it. 

Today, we are looking through an Economics and Managment applicant’s Personal Statement that helped secure a place at Oxford University. The Economics and Management Course at Oxford examines issues central to the world we live in: namely how the economy and organisations function, and how resources are allocated and coordinated to achieve the organisation’s objectives.

Read on to see how this candidate managed to navigate the many disciplines of E&M. 

Here’s a breakdown of the Personal Statement:


The universities this candidate applied to were the following:

The World’s First Oxbridge Preparatory School

Economics and Management Personal Statement

Economics is the study of now. I view it as the study of the psychology of the people who dictate our lives. The world around us is shaped by the fundamental concept of supply and demand, wants and needs, goods and services. What grips me is that everything I have studied I can apply to real life. Discussions about inflation, for example, are so applicable since its current status is active in the world of pricing; the price of a Big Mac and “Burgernomics” is something to which I can relate from my travels.

The statistical aspect of economic analysis is closely linked to my interest in Mathematics, thus I will take an Econometric route on option modules. This scientific approach to what is otherwise a field-based solely on individual theories and concepts interests me, as I find quantitative analysis much more accurate and reliable than qualitative theories. As an example, I relish analysing more Econometric models on the A-level Course: like Profit Maximisation calculations.

Despite this, Economics intertwines both Maths and Philosophy on a regular basis. I recently read an article from the Guardian by George Monbiot, which discussed the cost-benefit analysis model and whether nature could be quantified as a tangible asset, and how this would benefit neo-liberals in their perpetual quest for profit. This is just an example of how Econometric analysis does not always deliver such verisimilitude where the figures given are ambiguous. This is what is unique about Economics: there is no right answer to the question ‘Is there a right answer?’ The concept of there being methods of analysing the psychology of and nature behind the way that the interface between consumers and producers operates seems to exceed all other subjects in terms of interest.

I find it peculiar that a subject that has such a ubiquitous undercurrent in our society is so undefined and obscure; it is undoubtedly this which draws me to it. Consequently, I strive to keep up with Economics in the modern world by reading the “I” and “Guardian” newspapers, and “The Economist” magazine regularly. For wider background reading I have read Marx’s “Communist Manifesto”, Tim Hartford’s “The Undercover Economist” and “Too Big To Fail” by Andrew Ross Sorkin.

Sorkin’s book provided a gripping, in-depth insight into the world of investment banking and entrepreneurship – I finished the book in a matter of days. His book has inspired me to enter the investment sector. Upon graduation I would like to become an investment banker or negotiator, hence I am in the process of trying to arrange some work experience with the London Metal Exchange.

I completed a programme of work experience with Linden Homes this summer, through the Career Academy Programme on which I am enrolled. It was a six-week internship during which I gained a firm understanding of a construction company’s place within the national economy. I enjoyed spending valuable time in a variety of departments within the firm. I also have work experience planned in Belgium in 2013.

Additionally, I participate in a multitude of extracurricular activities. My team and I finished second in the national UMPH Business Competition; in Year 11 my team set the school record for the Enterprise Day Challenge and for three consecutive years my team won the Grimsby Inter-School Quiz without loss. Furthermore, I am part of both the Franklin College Debating Team and the weekly “Blue Sky Club”, where students meet to discuss current affairs.

Recently, a particular subject of interest has been the US election. We frequently discuss the debates and the candidates, covering subjects like their political viewpoints and how it will affect both our lives and those of the American public – plus the potential Economic ramifications of the possible outcomes. With a genuine zeal for the subject and an ability to relate my studies to the real world, I am convinced that I will thoroughly thrive at degree level Economics.

For more inspiration, take a look through our other successful Personal Statement a nalysis articles:

Successful Personal Statement For Computer Science At Oxford

Good Points Of The Personal Statement

The student gives a good insight into their academic interests and what’s inspired them to develop over time. They also demonstrate a passion for the subject, not only by stating their interest in it but by further explaining what interests them and why they would make a good candidate to study it at university. The student is already accomplished and explains well what they’ve gained from their various extra-curricular activities.

Bad Points Of The Personal Statement

The writing is weak and, at points, unnatural. The forced interjections of examples and unusual adjectives make it read like a student attempting to write a formal and formulaic exam essay. They would do better to write in their usual style, even if it is somewhat informal; this will allow them to better express themselves and they will come across as more interesting to those reading it. More importantly than this, however, at times, the student fails to keep up their otherwise good level of detail, and the writing becomes list-like.

This is particularly prominent when they discuss books they’ve read to develop their understanding of economics. Although they expand on one of these, they do so in little detail. Interviewers are unlikely to be impressed by simply mentioning that you’ve read a book – any student applying for degree-level economics is able to read The Communist Manifesto, for instance – but they will be impressed by your response to it and what you gained from the experience of reading it. Unless you expand on these details, a list of books you’ve read does nothing to contribute to the statement.

UniAdmissions Overall Score:

This statement is strong, except where it discusses academic work. The detail here was likely sacrificed in favour of expanding further on their extra-curricular activities and their particular areas of interest. However, they have limited discussion of their study of various classic economic works so severely that it fails to add anything to the piece. The statement would, therefore, benefit from a more balanced approach to the various areas of the student’s life.

We give this Economics Personal Statement a 4/5 as they have clearly projected their passion for the subject onto paper – the most important part of a strong Personal Statement – albeit this was at the cost of other factors that should have been covered in more depth.

And there we have it – an Oxford E&M Personal Statement with feedback from our expert tutors. 

Remember, at Oxford, the Admissions Tutors are often the people who will be teaching you for the next few years, so you need to appeal directly to them.

Our Free Personal Statement Resources page is filled with even more successful personal statements and expert guides.

Our expert tutors are on hand to help you craft the perfect Personal Statement for your Oxford E&M application.

With our  Oxbridge Economics Premium Programme we help you craft the perfect Personal   Statement , achieve a highly competitive TSA score and teach you how to  Interview effectively.

Discover our  Oxbridge Economics Premium Programme by speaking with our friendly team, who will show you how you can enrol and triple your chances of success.

Discover our  Oxbridge Economics Premium Programme by clicking the button below to  enrol and triple your chances of success.

UniAdmissions students placed at Oxford And Cambridge

The Secrets to Oxbridge Admission.

How would you like to speak to an Admissions Consultant?

Ucl - Economics

Economics – 2013 ( cambridge interview, lse, ucl, st andrews, warwick ).

Given my heritage from a country that has had a practising economist as Prime Minister, yet is in a spectacular financial shambles compared to its BRIC neighbours, it is perhaps ...

Economics – 2013 ( Cambridge Interview, LSE, UCL, Warwick, Exeter )

Since the financial crisis of 2008, it has become clear to me that Economics is the most relevant and important subject in today's world. By reading "Economics: Making Sense of ...

Economics – 2010 ( UCL )

Economics fascinates me as it poses and explains fundamental questions about society. I believe that Economics lies at the heart of every functioning economy; regional, national and global. Its sphere ...

Economics – 2013 ( LSE, UCL, Bristol, Queen Mary, Warwick )

To me, Economics is the intertwining of science and art. The models, theories and flow of thought in Economics concepts I learn in school is similar to that of science ...

Economics – 2013 ( LSE, UCL, Bath, Surrey )

My parents have instilled a sense of inquisitiveness in me, alongside a willingness to share ideas through daily conversations, ranging from contemporary issues to their business plans. Seeing an advertising ...

Economics – 2013 ( LSE, UCL )

Last summer, I visited my country of origin, Cameroon, for the first time since I was a child. Although I expected big differences from the UK, the scale of the ...

Economics – 2013 ( LSE, UCL, Warwick, Bristol )

Ah, Economics. This is one subject that highlights my love of learning and overcoming academic challenges. The all-pervasive and consequence oriented nature of Economics appeals to me the most and ...

Please note UCAS will detect any form of plagiarism. PSE and its contributors do not take any responsibility for the way in which personal statements are used.

Economics Personal Statement Example

  Economics Personal Statement Example

Applying for a degree in Economics has been a long held ambition of mine, and since early adolescence I have been interested in and very engaged with how economy systems function and how this can impact upon human behaviour. Learning about the intricacies of economic decision-making and its influence upon business is an element of my chosen degree subject that I highly anticipate. Continuing to further education will allow me to immerse myself in all aspects of university life whilst striving to achieve academically and within my extracurricular activities. Having younger brothers and sisters, I would also like to lead by example and encourage them to have the confidence to attend university and to eventually forge careers on their personal successes.

During my school career I have proactively built up a varied skill set that will be hugely useful to me at university; my interpersonal, communication, teamwork and organisation skills were all nurtured during work experience and part-time employment, as were my mathematical competences. Currently I am taking an Access to Business course and have greatly enjoyed economics, business and finance modules; focussing on economics will allow me to input my abilities and interests into a degree, eventually enabling my progression into a career in the financial sector.

Working as a waitress in a London based Malaysian restaurant allowed me to build my confidence in a customer-facing role and to increasingly take on more responsibility. My interpersonal and communication skills benefited from my time spent waitressing, as did my time management – I am adept at prioritising tasks within a tight deadline and this is a capability I look forward to utilising at university; my studies will profit from my organised character and methodical approach to work. I also learnt indispensable teamwork skills and how to effectively take charge when needs be. Being an able team player and also a leader is a trait that will aid me hugely at university and I anticipate group projects and individual work because of this – self-motivating and motivating others is a fundamental skill that will be of advantage to me during further education and within my chosen career path.

I took pleasure in learning the financial side to the business when working in the restaurant. Dealing with payments and closing accounts at the end of the day stimulated my interest in finance and I enjoyed performing these tasks with accuracy and efficiency; during this time I was able to build up my mathematical skills and to learn new ones with specific relation to business transactions. Being a member of my school’s business club I had the opportunity to nurture my long-lived interest in business; we learnt about business ethics, how to run an effective business, and how to produce business plans. I took pleasure in discussing business issues with my peers and hope to partake in similar activities whilst at university. Reading the Economist and various business and economics broadsheet supplements has enabled me to speak knowledgeably and diversely on many business and economics topics and I look forward to learning the opinions of others and sharing my own during further education.

Whilst volunteering at my library I developed my systematic and logical abilities and I take pride in my contribution to the community. I was given the responsibility of checking books in and out and I helped to organise the annual reading campaign. Meeting and helping customers during this time was rewarding and I hope to undertake similar voluntary roles at university.

Utilising the many skills that I learnt whilst at school and outside of education will benefit me when at university and I hope to be able to demonstrate my endeavour and diligence when studying Economics and to draw on my wide work experience and the many aptitudes that I honed during this. I learn quickly and thrive under pressure, being able to make decisions quickly within a tight timeframe. I look forward to both building up my pre-existing skills and to learning many new ones whilst at university.

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Economics Personal Statement Example

Sample statement.

What stands out to me when I read one of the better newspapers is that economics often dominates the headlines. It is so ubiquitous it’s almost hidden in plain sight and many people don’t even realise they are debating economic policy and issues when they talk about what’s happening. The key position of economics in modern society has stimulated me to find out more about it at an increasing advanced level. The relationship between economics and large businesses really fascinates me and I have completed my extended project on this alongside my economics, maths and history A-levels.

Studying economics at university will give me the opportunity to delve deeper into this complex financial world and I look forward to applying my analytical skills to understand more about how economics influences the global business world.

My interest in economics goes beyond my college work. To learn new skills, I have set up a website that acts as a revision guide for economics for A-level students and also those doing economics at GCSE. As part of this I have started a blog in which I analyse and write about current economic issues, using knowledge gleaned from The Economist, newspapers and other publications.

My school specialises in business and enterprise and I was able to participate in a Young Enterprise project in which I formed a company with a small team of other students and we had to produce a business plan and sell products to other students. This was a great opportunity to practice some of the theory I had been learning and I found that it increased my confidence at communicating with others and taught me a lot about team work.

In my spare time I have worked at my local pet shop, something which has allowed me to see a small business in operation. I have also been able to deal with customers and to learn about caring for rabbits, guinea pigs, small birds and other pets. Through this I started to realise that the economic bottom line may not be the prime consideration in some situations, particularly where live animals and people are involved.

To relax, I like to read science fiction novels and I am an avid Sudoku fan. I am now applying some of the web building skills I have used in my website and blog on economics to designing and building a new website for the pet shop where I work on Saturdays.

I am convinced that I am making the right choice to study economics at university. My skills and determination to work hard and to look at all aspects of business success will carry me through three years of an economics degree and will lead me to a career in which I can apply my knowledge with integrity and with a high regard for people’s needs.

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Economics and Management Personal Statement Examples

Bsc economics and management personal statement example.

I am applying for a place at your university to do a bachelor’s degree, and I hope you will kindly accept my application and this economics and management personal statement.

Economics and management have always been a keen interest of mine from a young age. Watching my father work in the hospitality sector made me eager to pursue something similar.

Starting the GCSE economics courses and some business disciplines, learning about the economy and how entrepreneurs succeed in business inspired me to start trading on Amazon and take a keen interest in the world of finance.

Studying management and economics at the A level has been extremely enjoyable and exciting. I learnt various theories and was able to put them into current contexts. Recently, I wrote a piece of coursework about the effect of cutting taxes on the EU economy, which was a fascinating topic to research, especially when comparing EU tax levels to other countries and their effects on economic performance.

I enjoy keeping up to date with current affairs, particularly the world markets. I read “The Economist” weekly and also look at economics & financial books. Studying French at the A level has given me a greater understanding of the language and the many opportunities to work in the European Union, which will be supported by studying for an economics and management degree.

Last summer, I was fortunate to have work experience with Weston Dalian, a stock broking firm in Northampton. I sat with a group of analysts, including one of the directors, who showed me how to use the Bloomberg stations and gave me advice on evaluating potential companies, particularly in the Chinese and EU market.

I have also worked in the revenue department of Governor Hotels, learning how room rates are set depending on the time of year and how external bookings are made. I learnt a great deal very quickly, spending time within each department. This gave me an insight into both professions, working with motivated staff who work very long hours and, in many cases, under extreme pressure.

Sports has been a crucial part of my life. I have enjoyed playing college football, rugby and tennis at school and within my home community. I currently play U17 premier division National League Cricket. This involves a high commitment to travelling around the UK and training regularly. I would love to play in the university leagues. I have also been involved in various charity games and fundraising events.

In year 12, I spent my November half-term training to become a web designer, which I achieved. I was then responsible for helping an online shop manage its inventory. I was also been a web designer at school as a volunteer. I have had various part-time jobs since 13, such as being a carer, waiter, bar assistant and cleaner. These have all given me a good insight into the world of work.

Embarking on a university degree course will, I hope, help me to ultimately work in the stock broking field. I am also looking forward to experiencing life as a student at university, which I am sure, will help me enter my chosen field.

Please consider my economics and management personal statement supporting my application.

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