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Media & Communication Personal Statement Example

Throughout my volunteering experience in the heart of Kampala, Uganda, I dedicated my time teaching young, deprived and uneducated children as well as supporting the local community. It was then that I realised these third world social challenges were not being effectively expressed by the media. The vulnerable yet courageous individuals I worked with not only changed my perspective but motivated me to share my experiences with other people. It now therefore my aim to creatively broadcast key topical messages and raise awareness on a larger scale. I feel media is the method for doing this.

Before becoming inspired and stimulated by the world of media, much like the rest of society I was subconsciously part of it; the websites I read, the news that captivated me and the advertisements I capitalised in. However, becoming a media student and immersing myself within the industry enabled me to not only to see how and why the media did these things but meant I could interrogate what I was consuming and extend my insights into the world of human communication. I feel continuing media and communications at a degree level will not only provide me with a set of transferable skills but will equip me for a career in the industry.

My desire to peruse a media degree has been strengthened by my recent media visit to the city of Budapest. This led me to understand and critically examine how different cultures broadcast their media platforms. Visiting a Hungarian newspaper company gave me the opportunity to listen and question a range of journalists who lived through the communist period and were now applying modern communication styles to reach todays audiences with their writing. My commitment and desire for the subject has enabled me to explore the media industry through a wide range of approaches. Visiting film and TV sets has creatively inspired and encouraged me to incorporate my Fine Art A-level skills within the media sector, as I enjoy creating things for people to consume visually. Additionally, I have academically enrolled myself within taster courses at a range of universities which has prepared me for lecture style learning and given me an insight into university life.

However, what made me certain that I wanted to work in media and communications was my time at The Content + Connections Agency, Mediacom. My experience within the company allowed me to set goals and aspirations as I saw the sectors in the huge media agency as something I wanted to be a part of. Whilst here I was able to communicate with empowering females of the media industry such as the founder of the MOBO awards and previous CEO of the industry. Here is where I learnt about the development of the industry and gained advice on what skills I needed to progress in my chosen career. One skill I felt was vital in the industry was leadership and team work, I have developed both of these during my role as managing director for my class business as part of the Young Enterprise Charity. Having to take lead of a group of 20 other students has given me self-motivation and the ability to take the initiative whilst keeping everyone on track and making quick yet effective decisions. My role has also allowed me to hone my communication skills, not only within my colleagues but with outside business partners, other directors and authoritative figures within the industry.

Profile info

There is no profile associated with this personal statement, as the writer has requested to remain anonymous.

Author's Comments

Hi I'm applying to do media and communications at Newcastle, Bournemouth, Loughborough, Royal Holloway and Sussex.

Let me know what you think.

Davinia Fielding-Cooke

This personal statement is unrated

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I have chosen this course as a pathway to my future career in Media; ...

Media Personal Statement Advice

Your Media personal statement is the most essential cog in the machine in your UCAS application. Every student has to write a personal statement before they can be accepted onto a university course. Your Media personal statement should convince a university that you would be a successful candidate for their university course. It’s a high-stakes portion of the application, so make sure you take your time when writing it. Don’t worry too much about writing War and Peace, just make sure that you hit the key points about why you want to study this course. Less is more, but your Media personal statement only works if you include the essentials, which brings us neatly onto the next section... Your Media personal statement should be a statement of intent to study at the university you're applying to. Try to refrain from listing universities or courses by name, as your Media personal statement will be used for all applications, but speak of your passions for the subject area and what you hope to achieve from studying the course. Three things that are absolute must-haves for a Media personal statement are: Relevant work experience Any extracurricular activities you have done Your passion for Media Don’t be afraid to speak openly about your achievements or about yourself in general. Lots of students struggle to write about themselves, but this is exactly what a university wants to see, so don’t be bashful when writing your Media personal statement.

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Media Personal Statement

Sample Media Personal Statement

During my lifetime, the way in which media is produced and consumed has changed in leaps and bounds. When I was born television was the cutting-edge medium, largely offering shows produced by and containing professional actors and broadcasting professionals. Now, as I have reached an age where I can think about my career options, due to technological advances audio-visual and print media can be consumed virtually anywhere, and can be produced by anybody with access to just a few pieces of consumer electronics. People of my generation have benefitted from these advances for a wide range of reasons, but in my particular case it has helped me to realise that a career based around my passion for a range of forms of media is not beyond my grasp. With the right studies and training, I believe that I have the skills and determination to succeed in the fascinating world of media.

My media interests are broad, ranging from the web and print journalism to radio, film and television. My enthusiasm for all these types of media from the perspective of a consumer of media has developed an entirely new dimension through taking media studies at school. In the two years that I have been taking the subject, I have felt privileged to be able to learn the theories behind different forms of media, but above all I have loved discovering the practical side of media production, whether classes have involved learning about using hardware and software, or putting into practice the production techniques that we have studied. The combination of theory and practice has also changed the way I consume media. For example, I now watch news reports with much more of a critical eye, aware of the ways in which editing and other post-production techniques can be used to present information from a particular perspective.

I am eager to immerse myself in the theories and practice of media production through university study, not to mention have the chance to work with like-minded young people who are equally keen to work in this exciting industry. I am particularly excited by the prospect of being able to work on in-depth productions projects that will allow me to gain expertise in using modern production technology. Inspired by what I have studied so far and my pre-existing love of TV, radio, journalism and the web, I am determined to learn the skills required to pursue a successful career in the media industry. I feel I have many of the personal attributes that are beneficial for a career in media production. I am hardworking and prepared to make considerable sacrifices for work that motivates me; I enjoy working with other people in a creative environment; I thrive under pressure; I love to communicate.

My interest in being involved in media production has been strengthened by my recent work experience. Over the summer I worked as a general assistant at Siren FM. The experience was a great introduction to the challenges of working in live media; I learnt that it is crucial for each member of the team to be highly skilled in their role to avoid mistakes. I gained a thorough grounding in using a wide range of equipment. I particularly enjoyed learning how to use editing equipment; I learn that good editing is an absolutely essential skill in media production, and it could even be argued that it is one of the fundamental factors that divide professional broadcasting from the work of amateurs. I also gained experience in some of the preparation work that many people would not realise is central to the production process, such as researching material and fact-checking. This placement has had a big influence on my decision to study media production. It gave me a taste on how rewarding and addictive working in this sector can be, and also taught me thorough training is an essential pre-requisite for entering the industry. Indeed, I enjoyed the experience so much that I am continuing to volunteer at Siren.

We hope this sample Media Personal Statement has been a helpful example.

Personal Statement


Media Management Personal Statement Writing

personal statement for media management

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personal statement for media management

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personal statement for media management

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College, Grad School, Business School, Law School, PhD

personal statement for media management

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Media Management Personal Statement

Media Management offers preparation for managerial and entrepreneurial careers in music promotion and distribution, live entertainment and the performing arts, museums and galleries, traditional and new media, professional and collegiate sports, it is deferentially one of the most interesting current fields of studying. Personalization requires a peculiar approach, you can find one sample below to see how to write it correctly. Our personal statement writers have this approach and will help you to write an outstanding Personal Statement, just let us know when you need it.

The field of media management has various attributes in different aspects. The students who are more interested in supervising and organizing groups of entertainment productions, technologies, mass communication channels, media professionals and other related teams should pursue an education in this program. Handling all the media related teams and groups is studied in media management. As an interested applicant for this program, you must be familiar with the top 10 universities offering media management degree program in the world. Check out their names and then go for the one that fits your criteria.

These are the 10 popular universities offering media management degree programs for bachelors and masters as well. You can go for any of these options for a successful educational career ahead in media management. Make sure that your media management personal statement must be written in the professional style to appeal the admission committees.

Nowadays, the media gained an enormous influence on society. This process inevitably leads to an increase in the amount of media structures. Therefore, specialists, who are keen on management, development strategies and media economy become more important. They are able to see general tendencies and detect the way to move to get the best results. Therefore, the need for media managers is increasing steadily all over the world. After graduating from a high school I worked as a journalist in a small newspaper of my uncle. This gave me an inspiration for doing a career in media, but I wasn’t sure what I want to do exactly. When my uncle went on vacation, I had a few weeks to work with his newspaper, as a manager. I liked this job! It was really exciting!

Certainly, I felt it was very difficult to foresee possible directions for developing the newspaper, but it was a thrilling experience. Now, when I’m applying to the college, I’d like to choose Media Management program, to be able to manage not only a newspaper, but also a TV channel, a magazine, or even online channel. In the future, I hope to found my own media group, to represent the audience unbiased opinions on politics, economy, and culture. I know that today a lot of media are experiencing a lack of financing, and they include much more advertising to earn additional money. Obviously, today advertising is one of the most probable ways to earn money for a media group.

However, I’d like to establish a new concept for media development, based on the minimum of advertising and maximum of honesty. The money is supposed to be earned from producers of films and TV shows, who will pay a small fee for the broadcasting of the film. I hope that having a huge audience will be able to attract producers to pay for their production. However, there is a need to take a fundamental training to be able to found such company and check this business model. Thus, I’m willing to take a major in media management and apply all my diligence and skills to get as much knowledge as possible. Moreover, I’m very interested in communicating with different people, especially journalists and managers, working in the media industry. It would be great to have such a brilliant opportunity to learn new things and challenge myself in the field of media management.

How to Create a Successful Media Management Personal Statement

There are many other requirements of selection but your application letter must set you apart for getting noticed in the first sight. You should also meet all other requirements to become eligible for the admission. These are the institutions that only choose the extraordinary candidates on the merit basis. The students can even get scholarships for performing well in the exams. If you are interested in a different field you can check out our other personal statement samples like public policy study personal statement or medical school personal statement sample. All samples were written by our personal statement writers, it gives a clear view that our writers are professionals and are always willing to help those in need. Your media management personal statement sample can be helpful to write an application ideally. However, it is not sufficient to craft an appealing PS. You will have to focus on numerous things for making a successful attempt. Before sharing the pieces of advice, we would like you to check whether you’ve good writing skills or not. Sometimes, the minor flaws can turn your PS a disaster. These recommendations can make it quite simple for you to write the ideal PS. Let’s focus on these suggestions for success in writing.

Follow these pieces of advice for the best results. You are not supposed to make any mistakes in the writing. The admission committees want to go through the applications with improved writings. Therefore, you don’t have to write unnecessary words and phrases. In the end, the writing style, nature of the content and the use of vocabulary matters. Therefore, think twice before you adding any content in it.

Structure of a Good Media Management Personal Statement

The personal statements are written by following a certain structure. Apart from including the appealing content, it is also important to follow the best structure for it. The simplest structure for writing a PS is being shared for your idea.

Things to Consider for Application to Media Management Program

The application procedure to make the way towards any university or college is a daunting task. However, you can do this by focussing on every step and doing them all in the right order. Here are the important points included in the application procedure.

You can’t ignore any of these points to end up in a successful attempt for application process completion. Keep in mind any error in the admission procedure can lead to illegibility of you as an applicant.

Why Hire Our Team to Help You with Media Management Personal Statement Writing

You can have numerous options for media management PS. however, not all the teams can meet your requirements by living up to the expectations. Therefore, we are offering you the best help at reasonable prices. Our team has many of the qualified writers who can actually do full justice with all of your assigned tasks. We also share the set of guarantees to give you proper surety of success after trying us out.

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Get the best media management personal statement from our pros today!

anjit vs logo 1

Business Writing Services

Academic writing services, writings for professionals.

></center></p><ul><li>Proofreading Services</li><li>SOP Writing Services</li><li>Resume Writing Services</li></ul><h2>Personal Statement</h2><p>Media and communication personal statement – everything you are looking for.</p><ul><li>January 25, 2023</li></ul><h2>Share this article</h2><p>Writing services.</p><ul><li>Admission Essay Writing Service</li><li>Personal Statement Writing Service</li><li>LOR Writing Service</li><li>Motivation Letter Writing Service</li><li>SOP Writing Service</li><li>Proofreading Service</li><li>Letter Writing Service</li></ul><h2>Table of Contents</h2><p>Is writing media and communication personal statements a challenge for you? A proactive approach to writing it, with a clear understanding of what the selection committee might be expecting from you is needed in the writing of it. This blog has everything you are looking for in that context. You will find in it a concrete illustration of: </p><ul><li>What is a media personal statement? </li><li>How to write a media student personal statement? </li><li>Different media and communications personal statement examples</li></ul><h2>What Is a Media Personal Statement? Why Must You Have One?</h2><p>A media and communication personal statement is a self-explanatory document that applicants who want to study media and communication at the university or college level would need to submit. The document conveys what makes them ideal for the role of a communication and media student. The students who write winning personal statements are able to: </p><ul><li>Convince the selection committee that they have the skills and experience required for the course</li><li>Show that their experiences have shaped their suitability for the program</li><li>Demonstrate that there are ample examples and evidence to back their specific claims about achievements </li><li>Establish that they have a genuine passion for the mass media and communication  </li><li>List out their future aspirations in the field</li></ul><h2>How Long Should a Personal Statement for Media Studies Be?</h2><p>6 easy steps to write your perfect personal statement for media and communication.</p><p>Writing a winning personal statement for mass communication and media is a long process starting with preparation and ending with proofreading and editing. Approach it systematically taking one step at a time. </p><p>Here is the winning procedure for you to follow.</p><h2>Understand the scope of media and communication:</h2><p>Media and communication have become significant today. Try to understand the scope of it in the contemporary world through wide reading, specific research and staying up to date with the trends.</p><h2>Figure out how you fit into this profession:</h2><p>Next, try to figure out in what ways you fit into the role of journalist or media personnel. This is where you need to listen to your inner thoughts and get clarity on your true motivation for the program. </p><h2>Understand your program features:</h2><p>  It is equally important to understand the program you are applying to at a certain college or university. Talk to the alumni or read the institute’s website to learn about the course execution pattern, internship scope, exposure etc.</p><h2>Draft an outline and develop your story:</h2><p>If you get any creative media personal statement prompts, use the inputs to draft an outline for your essay. You can also consider reviewing the samples we have provided here. A solid and clear outline will be of immense help during your writing. </p><h2>Revise and modify:</h2><p>Once you have finished the writing process, the next step is the most crucial one – revising and modifying. Read your write-up at least five times and check if it is readable and coherent. Keep an eye out for the mistakes as well. </p><h2>Seek a second opinion and finalize:</h2><p>If you are satisfied with your essay, seek a second opinion as well. Approach a colleague or an expert and request a review. Perhaps, they could spot many unappealing elements which can be improved for a better result with your personal statement media. </p><h2>Media Studies Personal Statement Examples</h2><p>It is often said, and very rightly, that the press is the fourth pillar of a democracy. Spending my formative years in the largest democracy in the world, India, I closely watched how media connects the government and its people. I also realized that used strategically, media can serve as the weapon to build positive opinions or sentiments. The same principle holds good for deploying media as a destructive tool. After all, everything matters on the headline. Interpretation of facts, presentation of circumstances and developing opinions among the public continue to be the benchmarks of an esteemed media person. I look forward to establish myself as a successful journalist, specializing in international affairs. Being well-versed with journalistic writings in blogs and respecting deadlines, I wish to step into the subsequent stages of developing my career.</p><p>Personally, I started walking on a journalist’s path when I got the opportunity to take an interview of our local police superintendent. This was a part of my efforts to write an article for a blog called ‘Mindset’. Well, this writeup had nothing to do with crime or investigation. Rather, it was an accomplishment for the superintendent, who happened to be the first of his ranks to scale the Everest. Besides, my love for travel fetched me the opportunity to cover unique traditions in offbeat locations in India. I banked on this opportunity to broaden my range of activities in the journalistic field, publishing blogs on popular travel websites. Now, that I am in the final year of my Bachelor’s course in Journalism and Mass Communication, I look forward to further streamline my profile on completing this advanced program from your university.</p><p>Being a member of the Press Club of India, I have developed my contacts over the years in the industry. Besides, I have focussed on my interviewing techniques and writing skills consistently. As a part of my graduation course, I gained familiarity with film studies, communication studies and sociology as well. Holistically refining my profile with adequate strengths and skills, I imbibed the desired values of a media person. In the world of commercialization and political hegemony, the chances of maintaining objectivity in my writeups look thin. However, I prioritized my journalistic values, switching my niche to make the industry fit for my preferences. Rather than venturing into funded domains like entertainment, celebrity or politics, I decided to go for business news and international relations.</p><p>I was glad when Business Standard published my feature on demonetization in December 2017. This was my first publication in a publication with that kind of circulation. It was during my internship that I came across this opportunity. The editor was impressed with my efforts, and I have the opportunity to have my name in the by-line. While interviewing the head of All India Radio, Delhi, I encountered a memorable experience. In the flow of conversation, he strayed slightly from our topic of discussion, which was based on the growth of digital radio and its impact on the traditional formats of the medium. Our conversation switched to the role of radio in maintaining international relations. Of course, I understand the value of press and media in maintaining harmony among countries and their people. Being responsible as a journalist happens to be of vital importance to me.</p><p>During my leisure hours, I feed my mind with healthy doses of reading. Mark Twain and Charles Dickens continue to be my favourites, although I do a lot of modern reading. Besides, I take special interest in reading blogs and journals on international relations and business. Although I had limited experiences during my graduation to explore these domains, I know that I can prove my competence at the international level once offered an opportunity. As a part of the learning program at your university, I would be interning at some of the reputed global media houses. I look forward to capitalize on these opportunities, and learn from seasoned journalists and writers operating at the international platforms.</p><p>Apart from books, I am interested in music, film and history. As I fancy the chances to walk in the shoes of an accomplished journalist, I resolve deep in my heart to create healthy opinions, refraining from petty fights among media houses and opinion leaders. In the world of digitization, the pen still remains mightier than the keyboard when it comes to conceptualizing ideas. Deploying my power and recognition for the general well-being, I would love to explore the potential that the industry holds for me.</p><p>Here is a case-specific personal statement for media studies sample PDF for your reading. Check how the essay is developed from scratch with an eye out for the structure, formatting, and writing tone. </p><h2>Personal Statement for Media and Communication</h2><p>Film and media studies personal statement, 5 mistakes that could tarnish your personal statement media and communication.</p><p>The following are some of the common mistakes that affect students’ personal statements for media and communication and result in their application rejection. Try to keep them away while you compose your write-up. </p><h2>Too long or short:</h2><p>The recommended length for a personal statement is 500 to 600. If you go beyond this or come short of it, it will make selectors assume you haven’t taken the task seriously. </p><h2>Not addressing the prompts:</h2><p>Try to address all the personal statement prompts you have received from the university or college in your document. Even if one point is ambiguous, it will backfire on the whole purpose. </p><h2>Not written for the institute:</h2><p>It is not possible to write a single media communications personal statement which is fit for all institutes. A certain degree of customization is needed for each institute you apply to. </p><h2>Copy-pasting:</h2><p>It is normal to be impressed by certain thoughts or sentences in communications personal statement examples. But never copy-paste them in your write-up. Institutes use advanced plagiarism checkers. Copy-pasted documents are rejected.</p><h2>Ignoring mistakes:</h2><p>It is highly important to pay attention to the details, for instance, spelling and grammatical errors. If you are applying to a UK-based college, use UK English with consistency in your write-up. </p><h2>What Is Media and Communication? What Do People Working in That Industry Do?</h2><p>You cannot think of writing a media production personal statement without a deep understanding of what media and communication is. Media and communication is an umbrella phrase used to indicate all online and offline tools and media used in storing and delivering information to the public. Those who work in the media and communication perform the following duties: </p><ul><li>They keep track of what is happening around the world. </li><li>They report the news to the world through their respective medium or tools </li><li>They edit news for newspapers and digital media. The raw content that they receive needs to be pruned so as to present to the public in an engaging style. </li><li>They write news stories for magazines and newspapers </li><li>They design media campaigns and manage them effectively. </li></ul><h2>What Skills Do You Require to Succeed in the Industry of Media and Communication?</h2><p>To succeed in your career in the media and communication industry, you need to develop certain key skills and aptitudes that this profession demands. Your formation period is a time to identify them and master them. </p><p>Here is a list of skills you will be expected to possess as media personnel. </p><ul><li>In-depth knowledge of current affairs and GK (General knowledge) </li><li>Analytical skills </li><li>Strong communication skills (oral and written) </li><li>Aptitude to do intensive research </li><li>Basic IT skills </li><li>A knack for creativity </li></ul><h2>Globally Reputed Universities for Pursuing Media and Communication</h2><ul><li>University of Southern California</li><li>The University of Texas at Austin</li><li>Stanford University</li><li>University of Wisconsin-Madison</li><li>New York University (NYU)</li><li>University of Amsterdam</li><li>The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)</li><li>Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)</li><li>University of Pennsylvania</li><li>Michigan State University</li></ul><h2>That Brings Us to the End…</h2><p>We have tried to incorporate all necessary points regarding media and communication personal statement in this blog.</p><p>Before we wind up this blog, we have a few questions for you. </p><p>Have you enjoyed reading it? </p><p>Are you confident that you can write a perfect media personal statement now?</p><p>Your honest feedback and suggestions are our primary input for improving this blog. So, take a moment to write them below. </p><p><center><img style=

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Personal Statement (Digital Media and Communications)

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personal statement for media management

personal statement for media management


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Digital media degree personal statement example (1a)

Imagination is a wonderful thing. It breed concepts and ideas that when complimented with knowledge, can mould our world into a more radical and entertaining place to be. I hold a great ambition and desire to contribute my two cents to the ever expanding and exciting field of Digital Media. The prospect of a career with such broad exciting potential really attracts me to this area and one I feel I can thrive in.

It was during my days as an immature student (2005-2008) that I discovered my creative streak. Through the tuition of my housemate I picked up the guitar which soon won the lion’s share of my spare time. However, before long I grew unsatisfied learning the work of others so I began trying to write my own lyrics and music. I haven’t stopped since. I find it a great form of creative expression and fancy the idea of creating videos and multimedia to bring ideas to life. Also during my recent backpacking experiences around Asia, Australia and New Zealand I unearthed a passion for photography that I would previously never gave much thought to. But with such beautiful scenic locations in abundance, it was hard not to get the camera out. I became friends with a fellow tourist on my travels who had done a Digital Media course in the U.K. and he really opened my eyes to the sector. I have continued this since and would be eager to learn the professional approach to the art.

I regret not realising this enthusiasm a few years earlier as it may of led me to this point a lot sooner. Electronic & Computer engineering seemed appealing to me at the time as I love technology and would be a self-confessed gadget freak. But if I am honest, ultimately I was not ready for a course so technically challenging and secondly the heavy reliance on mathematical based modules contributed to my struggle. So when I recently decided to return to Higher Education I had to ask myself a few questions.

1. What do I truly and honestly want to do with my life? 2. How can I utilize my skills and interests to achieve my ambitions? 3. Which is the best route to make it happen?

The answers to these led me to pursue a career in Digital Media.

For much of my employed life I have been in the service industry. Most notable would be my four years with Lidl Supermarkets . They place a lot of emphasis on teamwork and organization and it is with these traits I feel would help me in any given project and working with others. In early February I’m due to take a Web Design course over twelve weeks which awards a City and Guilds iTQ Certificate of Unit Credit in Website Software Level 2. And following this I will undertake an ECDL Certificate in Image Editing in order to gain skills and knowledge of Photoshop. In doing these I’m hoping to get a little head start before September.

In conclusion, I deeply wish to be given the opportunity to release my potential in such a creative environment. Embracing the technologies of today and utilizing them to bring to life my imagination is something I would relish. Developing my hobbies and interests into a career gives me great incentive and one I will devoutly strive to achieve.

Thank You For Your Time.

Sean Gallagher

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personal statement for media management

Applying to university

Be clear and focused

The best personal statements are those that really go for it. Not in an off-the-wall kind of way, but by revealing something unique about you or your academic ideas or practical experiences. This is no place to hide behind waffle.

There’s a wide span of media courses, ranging from the theoretical to the practical, and your statement should focus on the specific type of course you’ve chosen to apply for.

When it comes to media studies courses , start by being clear about the kind of degree you want to study. Do you want to analyse media, produce content, or a combination of both? Whichever it is, demonstrate that you’re focused about this. Outline why you want to study the course, and the knowledge, ideas, or practical experiences you will bring to it.Similarly, journalism personal statements need to set out why you want to study it, and how your knowledge and experience supports this – particularly in the case of professionally accredited journalism degrees . A vague, unsubstantiated ambition to be a journalist will not suffice.

Practical journalism courses

If you’re applying for practical journalism courses , competition for places could be fierce. Here’s a selection of tips, courtesy of Bournemouth University, the University of Sheffield, and De Montfort University:

Work experience in your personal statement

For practical journalism courses, some (though not all) unis will insist on work experience.

If you’ve already had journalistic work published or broadcast, produced a blog, vlog, or podcast yourself, had a great reference from some relevant work experience; or anything else that may be relevant, consider sending them a link or clip separately.

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