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Political Science Personal Statement Example 2

From Darwin's Theory of Evolution to the French ideologies during the revolution of 1789 to Karl Marx's theory on communism to Hitler's Nazi ideology, all are famous historical ideologies that have contributed to today's world. These theories fascinate me by the influence that they have left behind. Different features of ideologies and the various political developments compelled me to pursue this course at undergraduate course capacities. Why different religions coexist within a society peacefully while they fight in another? Why are economic disparities prevalent globally? How are international relations affected by different circumstances? These are all questions that can be studied through Political Science. The implication of government and politics on national boundaries and global realms is one that cannot be ignored.

My A Level subject combination has been a careful selection of a broad range of subjects which includes both subjects that are numerical and ones from humanities. One aspect of politics that fascinates me is International Relations and through my studies in History I have learnt that an international system knit with close ties can help solve much of the social, economic and political problems that persist today. One of the most exciting topics I studied was Game Theory, in both Economics and History, which has helped me understand its usefulness for certain situations. For example its application during the Cuban Missile crises and how Khrushchev with his tactics calmed down the situation along with getting his demands approved. Simple mind play and use of right strategies helped avoid maybe which could have been a Third World War and who knows what the world would have been if that had taken place?

Economics has helped me learn different tools and policies that governments use in controlling the economy. The social movements that have taken place in the past, in different countries be it the October Revolution of Russia or the French Revolution of France, revolved around the basic problem of deteriorating economy. It is interesting how closely politics and economics affect the development of a society. Mathematics, alongside Further Mathematics, has enhanced my logical and critical thinking skills. From the various topics studied, the ones I enjoyed the most revolved mostly on pure mathematics side including Integration and Inductions. The step by step thoughtful process of solving a question taught me the importance of clear, successive thinking.

I have been involved in different extra curricula's throughout my school years. During my A levels I exhibited my leadership skills by taking on roles being member of Nixor Corporate and the Board of Directors. I was the Chief Marketing Officer of an NGO by the name 'Taleem Sab Ke Liye' which served to provide free education to the under privileged class of all ages. The experience has been one where I got to explore myself. By arranging sponsors and scheduling meetings I developed communication skills and gained essential research and presentation skills. This experience has helped me grow to work in a team and be active in my own learning. My gradual succession to being member of the Board has instilled sense of accountability in me as I currently have two entities working under my supervision. I have to guide the teams with their operations, marketing and finances and also assist them by my previous experience of working in an entity myself. Besides from my activities and academics, I take out time to keep myself updated with developments within the global structure by reading the Economist and by watching news.

I feel that my educational background and leadership experiences will make me a suitable candidate to pursue Political Science at university level. In order to learn about the balance of liaising between government and society, it is necessary to deeply understand what governs these social structures. That is what I want to be ready for.

Profile info

This personal statement was written by LShaikh18 for application in 2013.

LShaikh18's university choices London School of Economics Lancaster University University of Bath King's College London The University of Nottingham

Green : offer made Red : no offer made

LShaikh18's Comments

I'm really confused about how my personal statement really is like. Feedback needed.

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personal statement political science

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We've collected a list of Politics templates from students who have been accepted at university on Politics related courses.

Politics Personal Statements

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Political decisions made affect our lives. This is something that dri...

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Politics and International Relations has been a long-lived passion of...

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Politics is all about opinion and ideas. From the most powerful man ...

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Growing up in social housing, I was aware of the many inequalities th...

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Economic and political principles are undoubtedly key in our daily li...

Politics Personal Statement Advice

Your personal statement is the final piece of the jigsaw for your UCAS application. All students applying for university are required to complete a personal statement before applying and this is what the university chooses, above all others, to make their decision about you studying with them. Your Politics personal statement is your one and only chance to show your interest and passion for the subject. Here, you can go into detail about why you enjoy the world of Politics so much and what prompted such an interest in the subject. Before you start writing your Politics personal statement, we recommend you look at some previous Politics personal statement examples; these examples will give you an insight into how to structure your statement, what you should be including in your own statement and an idea of the tone of your statement. If you’re still struggling, then we suggest that you use the three elements below as a jumping-off point for your Politics personal statement: Talk about your love and passion for Politics. Any relevant work experience in the world of Politics. Any achievements, academic or otherwise. When writing your Politics personal statement, we recommend trying to link as much of it together as possible. The more your anecdotes, quotes and stories relate to Politics, the better.

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BrightLink Prep

Sample Personal Statement for Political Science

personal statement political science

by Talha Omer, MBA, M.Eng., Harvard & Cornell Grad

In personal statement.

The following personal statement is written by an applicant who got accepted to several top graduate schools in political science. Variations of this PS got accepted at Duke, UCLA, and NYU. Read this essay to understand what a top personal statement in political science should look like.

Sample Personal Statement for Graduate School in PoliSci

It was not until I studied the introductory “Political Thought” course during my undergrad that I discovered my passion for political philosophy. Studying ancient and modern political thought allowed me to get introduced to the thought experiments of political thinkers to construct novel political concepts. This enabled me to relate the theory to other branches of political science. However, the courses I studied at the undergrad level were introductory, hence, not enough to quench my thirst for philosophical thinking.  

The best thing that happened to me because of studying these courses was that I started thinking along the lines of philosophy. After my undergrad, I engaged in various endeavors, which also included working as an HR Manager. However, the intrigue that originated after studying the Political Thought courses kept pushing me towards further academic pursuits. I applied to the program of MA Political Science at Central European University and got in. It was here that I discovered that I needed to cover immense ground in Political Theory. The fortunate thing was that I was not confused about the line I was supposed to tread, which was political theory.

Therefore, I opted for the same line and selected electives accordingly. In the mandatory course of Political Theory, I got introduced to more profound philosophies, particularly related to liberal egalitarianism. I hadn’t read those theories before, and the start of the course was not as rosy as it was in the courses of Political Thoughts back in my bachelor’s. However, my professor, Dr. Moles, encouraged all students to participate in the rigorous debates surrounding those philosophies.

The whole process happened to be very enriching. My brain started working in that direction, and I kept philosophizing about different political ideas even during my leisure time. The unfortunate thing that happened during this course was the aggravated anxiety I was going through. The condition took a toll on my studies, and I had to seek help from the medical center at my university. There was a time when I thought I would not be able to complete my master’s. However, thanks to the encouragement of my professors and peers, I was soon back on track amid psychological challenges. After studying political theory courses from Moles, Miklosi, and Kis, I concluded that I wanted to conceptualize responsibility in egalitarian distributive justice. It was mainly due to my reading of luck egalitarianism. Under the guidance of Professor Moles, I completed my thesis on the topic of “Individual Choice and Responsibility in the Backdrop of Just Institutions.”

After my master’s, teaching was the first option that occurred to me. Therefore, I sought employment in higher-education-teaching and got employed as a lecturer. It has been a challenging yet enriching experience. I am still teaching in the same organization. I teach courses ranging from qualitative research methods to International Relations (IR). I enjoy teaching IR courses, and the most exciting thing about them is that my knowledge of political theory helps me have a profound understanding of global political issues.  

In addition to the intrigue of engaging in different philosophical debates, teaching various courses and applying my theoretical knowledge galvanize me to further advance my understanding. The important thing is that I want to produce coherent research along the lines of political and social theory. For this to happen, it is imperative to pursue a doctorate. If I get the chance to enter a doctorate, I shall research along the lines of the Theory of Justice, Liberal Rights, Marxist critique on liberal rights, etc. I am also writing a research paper on “The Moral Status of Potential Immigrants from the Rawlsian Original Position.” The topic has the potential to be converted into comprehensive doctorate research.

Numerous universities in the USA have excellent political theory faculty, and many are working in my area of interest. If I get the opportunity, I shall be able to pursue my interest in becoming a teacher and researcher. I have survived the events which could have instilled hopelessness in me. However, on the contrary, my determination shows that I have cultivated enough resilience to tread the trajectory toward my passion.

100 Quotes to Kickstart Your Personal Statement (with examples)

Starting your personal statement for university admissions can be a daunting task. It's the first thing the admissions committee will read about you, and it needs to capture your unique voice, experiences, and aspirations in just a few words. So, where do you begin?...

The Ultimate List of Personal Statement Statistics for US Programs

Writing a persuasive personal statement is one of the most critical components of an application alongside your GPA, standardized test scores, recommendations letters, and resume. Through the personal statement you are able to present your personality, character, and...

UCLA Personal Statement Example

The following personal statement was written by an applicant who was admitted to UCLA. This personal statement is intended to provide an example of a successful essay for a top school like UCLA. Sample Personal Statement for UCLA I fear the remote thought of being the...

Sample Statement of Research Interests

The following statement of research interests is written by an applicant who got accepted to several top doctoral programs in the US. Variations of this statement of research interests got accepted at Scripps College in Claremont California. Read it to understand what...

Example of a Research Statement

The following research statement is written by a post-doctoral fellow who got accepted to several top post-doc programs in the US. Variations of this research statement got accepted at Johns Hopkins, and Rutgers. Read it to understand what a top research statement...

Describe a Challenge you Faced and How you Overcame it? Sample Essay for Personal Statement

The following essay was written by a business school applicant who was admitted to top B-schools in the US. It was aimed to answer a personal statement question: Describe a Challenge you Faced and How you Overcame it? This question is asked by some top schools and the...

Why do you want to become a doctor? Essay Sample for Personal Statement

The following essay was written by a medical school applicant who was admitted to competitive programs in the US. It was aimed to answer the med school personal statement question: Why do you want to become a doctor? This sample is intended to provide you with a...

Mental Health Counseling Personal Statement Example

The following essay was written by an applicant who was admitted to top US master's programs in mental health counseling. Variations of this personal statement got accepted at Boston University, Harvard, and Yale. This personal statement is intended to provide an...

Sample Personal Statement in Nursing

The following essay was written by an applicant who was admitted to top MSN (Masters of Science in Nursing) programs in the US. Variations of this personal statement got accepted at Duke, UPenn, and Ohio State. This personal statement is intended to provide an example...

100 Word Personal Statement Sample

A personal statement is an integral part of any university application. Some programs have strict word limits in place, while others do not have any word limits. Here is an example of a 100-word limit personal statement that was admitted to top programs in the US and...

personal statement political science

Department of Political Science

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Department of political science, college of liberal arts, search form.

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Writing a personal statement.

All law schools require a personal statement as part of your admission package.  There are several well-tested guidelines you should keep in mind to write a high quality personal statement.

Be Yourself. 

What is a "personal statement"?  Notice it's not called a "work statement" or "academic statement" or "extracurricular activity statement" or "awards and honors statement."  All these things should already appear on your resume as part of your application.  So, basically, a "personal" statement is your chance to briefly tell the admissions committee personal things about you that do not otherwise appear in the rest of your application.  Primarily, it is your chance to market yourself to them by explaining what makes you unique or different; in other words, what makes you “you” such that you want to go to law school and be a lawyer.  Put simply, what personal experiences and attributes do you have that would make you a particularly good lawyer, and better than everyone else, such that the admission committee should admit you rather than other applicants.  You should not simply re-state facts about your education, employment history, etc. that are already available on the rest of your application material.  Instead, you should describe your unique and different background, interests, and qualities that made you want to be a lawyer, and which will make you an exceptionally good addition to the legal profession. 

Again, in short: who are you personally, why do you want to be a lawyer, and why will you be a particularly good lawyer?  For example, do you have a serious hobby or interest? Do you have unique work experience or accomplishments that are not clear from your resume?  Are you committed to supporting a family who loves and respects you?  Have you worked extensively to build a better community?  Have you overcome some particular hardship(s) or disadvantage(s) in your life, and that struggle has had a key role in shaping who you are today?  Do you have other unique life experiences that have profoundly affected you? Any of these subjects and many more can be used to frame a narrative personal statement that successfully tells a unique story about who you are to the Admissions Committee.

Your statement should ideally be short:  one-page single-spaced or two pages double-spaced.  Two pages double-spaced is the absolute maximum and even this amount is generally discouraged because the admission committee members have thousands of applications to review and will look negatively on you making them take extra time to read and review a lengthy personal statement.  This will also reflect poorly on your writing skills because it will appear as if you are unable to state things concisely, which is an essential attribute for a lawyer.

Be Simple and Clear. 

Your essay should be well-organized and clearly focused, using clear, simple, and understandable language.  Do NOT write using flowery language or fancy vocabulary as it makes it appear as if you are unable to express things in a simple manner (which is important for lawyers to be able to do).  Using flowery or obscure vocabulary also makes it appear as if you are simply trying to impress the admissions committee.   Write simply and stay on track with your story--for example, remain chronological for the most part--and stay focused on the specific message you hope to convey. 

Be Concrete.

Avoid clichés!  For example do not just say you “want to help people” or “want to improve the world” or “are extra-hard-working” or “are super-motivated” or “are a high achiever” or “have overcome hardship” or “are exceptionally smart and talented.” Blah, blah, blah.  Anyone can say those things, and law school admissions committee members read that sort of thing constantly. This means simply saying it is almost entirely worthless unless you back up your claims by describing numerous concrete examples from your actual life experience. 

In other words, you must explain what you have done in your life that substantially demonstrates these alleged traits.  Actions speaks far louder than words, so let your actions, achievements, and accomplishments speak for themselves.   Specifically how have you helped people?  Specifically how have you changed the world?  Specifically what have you done that shows you are extra hard-working?  Specifically what actions of yours demonstrate your alleged motivations?  Specifically what hardships or experiences have you overcome?  Specifically what demonstrates your intelligence and talent? Etc. 

Whatever your reason for wanting to be a lawyer, offer specific actions that demonstrate your alleged motives, commitment, abilities, values, etc..  If you can’t back up your claims with solid evidence, then you’d better come up with an alternative explanation that you can back up with solid evidence.  And generally, do not merely say you want to be a lawyer for the money, or simply to maintain a family tradition of being a lawyer, etc.  That may be part of your larger explanation, but also offer something deeper and more meaningful in addition to mere tradition or a bare desire for money.

Explain deficiencies. 

The personal statement--or more often an addendum to it-- is also a chance for you to offer an explanation if your overall academic history does not reflect your true abilities because of illness, tragedy, personal mistakes, or some other factor that you have had to overcome.  Or, if you have a criminal record--which you should have disclosed to the law schools if asked-- you may wish to explain what happened. Often, however, these types of explanation should be included only as a very brief (one paragraph) separate addendum to your application.  This is a judgment call on your part.  If in doubt as to whether to explain something that you've reported to a law school, contact the admissions office for that particular law school and ask them what approach you should take to maximize your chances of admission.

Answer the questions.

 If a particular law school wants you to answer specific questions on your personal statement, be sure you do answer them.  Or, many law schools also want other types other statements from you in a addition to a personal statement, such as a "diversity statement" in which you another chance to explain specifically how you will bring some unique and different experience and background to the law school.    Otherwise, if you don't address the particular things that law school is asking form, that law school’s admissions committee will see that you have sent them nothing more than a generic personal statement.  This shows that either you are not seriously interested in applying to that particular school, or you are not very thorough and well-organized.


Proofread, proofread, proofread!  Have other people proofread your statement for style, organization, and substance and make sure you proofread it extensively so that is has absolutely zero spelling or grammatical errors, etc.  A failure to do this will tell the admissions committee that either you are either a bad writer or that you are not serious about applying to law school if you won’t even take the time to proofread your personal statement to eliminate errors in English usage. _________________________________________ For more information and advice, enter the phrase “law school personal statement” into any internet search engine. To get you started, here are some websites with information and examples of personal statements:

We use cookies to enhance our website for you. Proceed if you agree to this policy or learn more about it.

Free Politics Personal Statement Samples for Successful Writing

36 samples of this type

Writing a personal statement for politics and economics can be both compelling and perplexing at the same time. However, being guided by a worthy example can make this process much easier. If you are looking for some good personal statement examples for politics, it's definitely worth visiting our site. Here at WowEssays.com, we've created an ultimate compilation of free, professionally written personal statements about politics that can serve you as the perfect writing examples to read and analyze. Picking a vivid topic of your future essay, figuring its format and structure, and preparing an extensive outline is all possible with our open directory. From a simple short "Why I love politics" personal statement essay to an original one on politics, sociology, and international relations – you'll find these and many other examples in the list below.

Whether you aim for an Oxford degree or decide to attend a global politics and international relations course in your local college, the process of enrollment won't be possible without providing a strong personal statement. While learning by example can be an effective approach to the task, it is totally understandable that the applicants don't always have time and diligence for it. In case you'd gladly accept reliable and effective help, our online service can offer it to you. Upon your request, our trained writers will custom-write an impeccable politics personal statement sample that will definitely help you reach your academic goal.

Free University of California Personal Statement Sample

London school of economics and political science personal statement example, hali halsaedi personal statements example.

Don't waste your time searching for a sample.

Get your personal statement done by professional writers!

Just from $10/page

Example Of Reason For Wanting To Study Political Science Personal Statement

Personal statement: reason for wanting to study political science, good personal statement on looking for research in the hospitals ( internal medicine speacility ), personal statement, sometimes we do not know how abnormally strong we are until being strong is the personal statements example, free personal statement on cardiology, personal statement, personal statement on political speech critique president obamas, dnc speech 2012, personal statement on internal medicine personal statement, example of personal statement on cardiology fellowship.

Despite enjoying my current job as a faculty in an academic hospital medicine program, my enthusiasm for Cardiology has continued to grow. I did not succeed in obtaining a cardiology fellowship position during my internal medicine residency but this interest of mine led me to study Nuclear Medicine as I was particularly attracted to Nuclear Cardiology.

Wayne State University Personal Statement Examples

Military lawyer personal statement.

I am a strong energetic man, student at Thomas M. Cooley Law School, a school that is popularly known for diligence of its students, and I am writing this personal statement in hope of joining U.S. Army JAG Corps in your esteemed military camp. Such career, I believe, is indispensible for my future fulfillment of my dream and will benefit me for the rest of my life.

Political Science Personal Statement Personal Statement Examples

Personal statement on london school of economics, master’s degree in global governance and diplomacy personal statement, good study in korea personal statement example, example of the bond university personal statement.

Having studied in British system school (Cambridge IGCSE) up to Grade 11 (till aged 16) and in American system school for Grade 12, I finally graduated when I was 17 and understood that now I would like to try a different type of education system. I want to understand the differences and to obtain new knowledge.

Example Of Personal Statement On University of Washington Business School

Personal statement on doctor of jurisprudence program, good personal statement on my personal development, introduce my educational background, and convince my university that i satisfy english personal statement example, personal statement., example of northeast ohio medical university personal statement, sample personal statement on dental application, free personal statement about fellowship, good global competition personal statement example, getting a degree in business personal statement.

There are many reasons why I have chosen to pursue a degree in business; both my personal and professional experience, as well as my own desires, have led me to this point. From my birth, to my own talents, and even my volunteer and employed work, I have been fervently working towards the pursuit of a career in business; I have done many things up to this point to prepare me for this path.

Good Computer Science Personal Statement Example

Personal statement: computer science, good personal statement on why i want to be a civil affairs specailist (army 38b), example of personal statement on motivation that inspires, “without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant., example of personal statement on primary education, newcastle university personal statements examples, example of personal statement on applicants must submit a one-page essay describing their long-term and short-term, top secret america personal statement sample, passion for law personal statement example, example of personal statement on dental school, reflections on financial statements personal statement examples.

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personal statement political science


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personal statement political science

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Master's in political science, applicant from ghana.

personal statement political science

I hold a bachelor degree in Political Studies awarded by the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana. I spent each of my university vacations working as an intern in the P.R. Department of the Municipal Assembly in the town of Tema. This experience provided me with a basic understanding of the procedures and protocols involved in policy and project decision-making and in implementation methods at municipal level. I was also made aware of the disadvantages of relatively unsophisticated IT systems and their under-use because of the lack of expertise which I understand is the case both at local and national levels.

During my undergraduate studies, I also undertook voluntary work providing political education to the market women in Kumasi. We explained their civil rights to them, the importance of using their vote and the ways in which they could challenge government decisions. This was a highly satisfying exercise which increased local awareness that politicians have to take ordinary people’s views into account if they are prepared to make them known.

I have been fascinated by the pioneering developments in Estonia and its efforts to apply IT solutions to the work of government in ever increasingly innovative ways. The results to date have been impressive especially for a nation that had a very basic and narrowly applied IT infrastructure so recently. I see Estonia’s rapid advances as a model for many countries but especially those in Africa. I hope to have an opportunity to visit the country at some point to see their systems in operation. Estonia will, as pioneers, have made errors along the way and these will also provide useful lessons for those countries introducing or extending e-governance at this time.

I look forward to a day when an ordinary citizen can gather, in real-time, all kinds of information about his government’s activities and expenditure and to undertake transactions with government departments from home at the citizen’s convenience rather than that of government employees. I see e-governance as a vehicle for the encouragement of transparency and honesty generally in government. I especially hope to see robust and honest computerised voting systems that do not require a voter to queue for hours and maybe, even then, be denied the right to vote because of some technicality.

I am aware of the enormous advantages of computer modelling the results of competing policies to judge their likely relative benefits to assist governments in reaching soundly based decisions and the optimum ways of implementing them. The more such proven models exist, the more widely they can be adjusted to local conditions and applied elsewhere. Governments could also benefit from rapidly and easily gathering public opinion on competing policies and the optimum ways to implement those chosen.

It is clear that some ‘vested interests’ will strongly resist e-governance especially in the most corrupt nations because it will by its nature, engender transparency and limit opportunities for abuses of power and corruption. However, I strongly believe that the ever-widening flow of information and opinion and increasingly ‘IT aware’ citizens will eventually create such an appreciation of the advantages of e-governance that there will demand its use.

Politics is a passion in my life and I read widely about the subject, naturally I have a special interest in Africa and Europe but have a growing interest in the Middle East because of the complex political situations and current and potential conflicts in the region.

To summarise: I hold a relevant bachelor degree, I have a genuine passion for the study of politics and government and of the benefits of e-governance, I am a committed and diligent person and can assure the reader that I shall apply himself with exceptional enthusiasm to this course of study for my own benefit and, hopefully, many others in my future career.

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Why Aren't There More Women In Politics?

Becoming a successful graduate student in Political Science is very different than being a successful undergraduate. Only the very best are accepted and able to make it. So you should only aim for grad school if you have good reason to believe that you're very promising as a student. Look over your grades so far and ask professors and peers you trust for their honest advice. Unfortunately, the bar gets raised again when it comes to moving from a PhD to the academic job market. Only a small fraction of PHD graduates will end up as tenure-track professors in large research universities.


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America’s powerful female politicians

The Heroines of Political Science

There are some great and under-appreciated women in politics. Lots of them! Here are some our favorites (we didn’t include any from the USA).

Angela Merkel, Germany

Angela Merkel is a German politician who is best known as the first female chancellor of Germany and one of the architects of the European Union. Merkel was born in Hamburg, West Germany, on July 17, 1954. She trained as a physicist, but entered politics after the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall. Rising to the position of chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union party, she became Germany's first female chancellor, and one of the leading figures of the European Union after the 2005 national elections.

Sonia Gandhi, India

Sonia Gandhi is an Italian-born Indian politician. She has served as President of the  Indian National Congress party since 1998. Gandhi is the widow of former  Prime Minister of India ,  Rajiv Gandhi . After her husband's  assassination in 1991 , Gandhi was invited by Congress leaders to take over the government, but she refused and publicly stayed away from politics, though the party constantly nudged her in that direction.  She finally agreed to join politics in 1997, and in 1998, was elected President of the Congress party. Gandhi has served as the Chairperson of the United Progressive Alliance  in the  Lok Sabha  since 2004. In September 2010, she was re-elected for the fourth time, and became the longest serving president in the 125-year history of the party. Gandhi’s foreign birth has been a subject of much debate and controversy. Her alleged friendship with Italian businessman  Ottavio Quattrocchi was also controversial. He was accused of being a middleman in the  Bofors scandal . Although Sonia is the fifth foreign-born person to be leader of the Congress Party, she is the first since India became independent in 1947.

Cristina Fernandez, Argentina

Cristina Fernandez, President of Argentina was also widowed by her political predecessor and husband Nestor Kirchner. Cristina Fernandez became the first elected female president of Argentina in 2007 and the first one to be reelected.

Although her politics as president has been marred with international controversy and allegations of corruption, Fernandez has appeased her citizens with huge job growth, reducing the national debt, protecting children’s welfare and an improved relationship with Peru. In 2010, she signed a bill that legalized same sex marriage in her country, which we think is great.

Julia Gillard, Australia

Julia Gillard is a former politician and was the first woman to serve as the leader of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) and the Prime Minster of Australia. She was active in politics from her college days. Her parents were admirers of the Welsh Labor leader Aneurin Bevan, who had helped establish Britain's National Health Service. Gillard joined the Victorian ALP in the later 1970s and became part of its Socialist Left Faction. She later commented that her experiences with the Australian Union of Students helped her learn how to negotiate, network and persuade.

Gillard had a brief career as a lawyer, during which she often represented the working poor. She decided that she could accomplish more in politics. Throughout her political career, Gillard has worked on issues as disparate as climate change, immigration, education, water policy, and information technology and disability reform. As a woman in a male-dominated field, she has had her share of rivals. She and Kevin Rudd worked together during his first team as Prime Minister, but they became rivals as both wanted to lead the ALP.

Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma

Aung San Suu Kyi was born in Yangon, Myanmar. After years of living and studying abroad, she returned home only to find the widespread slaughter of protesters rallying against the brutal rule of dictator U Ne Win. Kyi spoke out against him and initiated a nonviolent movement to achieve democracy and human rights, but in 1989, the government placed Suu Kyi under house arrest. She spent 15 of the next 21 years in custody. In 1991, her ongoing efforts won her the Nobel Prize for Peace. She was finally released from house arrest in November 2010. She then held a seat in parliament for the National League for Democracy party, until 2015. That November, the NLD won a landslide victory. It gave them a majority control of parliament and allowing them to select the country's next president. It March 2016, Suu Kyi's adviser Htin Kyaw was selected for the post. The following month, Suu Kyi was named the state counsellor, a position above the presidency that allows her to direct the country's affairs.

Queen Rania Al Abdullah, Jordan

Born in Kuwait, Queen Rania was forced to flee during the first Gulf War in 1991, Queen Rania's early life was much like thousands of other Palestinians'.

In 1993, she met Prince Abdullah II bin al-Hussein of Jordan at a party. The two were married six months later. Rania is a strong progressive female voice in the Arab world and a powerful global advocate for education, women's rights and health.

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Liberia

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the world's first elected black female president. She’s Africa's first elected female head of state. Born in Liberia in 1938, Johnson Sirleaf was educated in the United States. She was the victim of a military coup in 1980, which sent her into exile, but she returned in 1985 to speak out against the military regime. When she won the 2005 election, Johnson Sirleaf became the first female elected head of state in Africa. She was one of a trio of women to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011.

Atifete Jahjaga, Kosovo

In April 2011, Atifete Jahjaga became Kosovo’s first female president and nonpartisan candidate. At age 37, she is also the youngest president in its history.

Prior to her presidency, Jahjaga was an international interpreter, a police officer, deputy commander of the border police, and the deputy director of the Kosovo Police, holding one of the highest ranks among Southeastern European women.

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Politics Personal Statement Example

Sample statement.

Politics and its influence on world events is all too clear from following news and current affairs on TV, websites and newspapers. Even as a small child I was avidly interested in news, preferring adult news programmes such as Newsnight. The complexity of relationships between groups of people is fascinating and the way in which national governments devise and implement laws and regulations and how governments respond to international events never fails to intrigue me.

My interest in current affairs has been deepened by studying political events in history, both at GCSE and A level. I have combined history with Politics and Economics at A level and applying for a university place to study politics and economics at undergraduate level is an obvious next step for me. I look forward to being involved in debates and in learning more about the international response to the terrorist threat. The need to balance the needs of economics, cultural beliefs and international relationships is something that I would be keen to explore further.

Discussing political ideas with others who have deeper knowledge of particular events or ideologies has strengthened my knowledge and my motivation to study politics at a higher level. For the last two years I have been a member of a political debating club, which is allied to my local university and this has brought me into contact with students, postgrads and researchers and tutors. At first I listened intently and followed the debates but as my confidence has grown and as I have read more widely I now participate more, having been a speaker at two debates in the last year.

Last summer I obtained a placement to shadow some of the campaign managers for a councillor in a local election. I experienced at first hand the background work involved, from designing and printing fliers to canvassing door-to-door and attending councillor surgeries. A major feature of this was researching an application by a large company to build a wind farm development in the area. This brought into focus the need to balance the good of the community and the country as a whole (greener power generation) and the objections of the local people who were living within sight of the massive wind turbines.

My interested in economics has also developed through my part-time job as a sales assistant in a local clothes store chain. The full impact of the current recession was really brought home to me by talking to the manager of the store. Although we seemed very busy, a Saturday is much different to a quiet weekday and I saw the efforts made by the staff to promote and sell their goods to meet monthly sales targets with great difficulty.

Outside work and study, I love to play chess and have reached the finals of several national championships. I also swim regularly and have worked as a lifeguard at a swimming pool during the holidays.

I have chosen your university because it allows me to do a combined honours degree that focuses on politics and economics equally. It has also been important to choose a course that offers a wide range of modules within each subject to enable me to pursue by special interests in the role of terrorism in our modern world and its economic and social impacts. 

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Politics personal statement example

Politics personal statement example With parents who are active in local council affairs, it is hardly surprising that my central interest in life is in politics and the issues that it involves.  I have been brought up surrounded by political discussion and debate.  I have helped my mother during election campaigns and I have been fortunate enough to gain work experience as an intern in the Home Office in London.  Politics is a subject I am eager to study at degree level, particularly from the point of view of its sociological context.  I should like to understand how human social behaviour either directs or responds to a country’s political structure.  What aspects of social organisation are necessary for democracy to thrive, and why do some countries find it so difficult to maintain a healthy parliamentary system?  I am very much aware of the way that what might be called social issues become a feature of mainstream politics.  Race, gender, a sense of national identity (or lack of it), the environment, and the impact of new technologies all have their political significance.  I am also interested in the role and size of the state in people’s lives, the concept of freedom, the extent of rights, as well as the basic ideologies of right and left.  The historical context is also a central interest for me.  What have been the key developments since 1945 which have produced the present political conditions, and how far can one predict the political future?  It is a subject full of the fascination of the real, and demands our attention because it is the impact on our own lives that we are considering. I also believe that it is essential to examine a variety of political systems and processes in order to decide which would best suit the needs of different countries and regions.

In my summer internship at the Home Office I was able to work closely with senior officials, which gave me invaluable insight into the ways MPs operate and the functioning of the parliament itself.  It was very inspiring and fired my ambition to study for a degree in the subject.  While in the international relations section I was given the task of meeting and welcoming ambassadors from countries such as Germany, India and the USA, another privileged role which confirmed my ambition.  I assisted my mother during her campaign to be elected as a councillor, which revealed what hard work it is to gain power and how important highly developed persuasive skills are in the business of politics.

I am academically able, and have a number of languages, including fluent English, good Spanish and some French and Italian.  A familiarity with languages is an essential for a political operator in an increasingly international world.  At school I have held several posts of responsibility.  I was head of the boarding house at my junior school, which involved taking a lead in things and addressing audiences with confidence.  I captained the school netball team, and was the MD in our Young Enterprise group, where I learnt how to manage and control a chaotic group of people!  I am an eager participant in the “King’s Parliament” at our school, which is modelled on the Commons, and recently attended a lecture by John Bercow.  I am always keen to keep abreast of developments in global politics by following stories in the media.

I am a hard-working student, always focussed on my goals and full of determination.  When I set myself an objective I always give it my best shot.  I believe I am very observant, but I am very much aware of how much I have to learn.  I am always keen to understand new ideas, and I am full of curiosity.  My colleagues see me as confident and as someone with a strong personality. My ambitions are very clear and my commitment to them is total, and I believe I have the necessary qualities to become a very successful undergraduate.

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Engineering Personal statement example

Nursing personal statement example.

Politics Personal Statement

Sample Politics Personal Statement

Politics affects us all and to ignore it is to be in the dark about our world. It is through ignorance of politics that many people have acquiesced to unjust institutions and unfair political practices. I wish to study Politics that I may gain the knowledge and analytical acumen to understand the workings of the world and consequently be able to inform the public about pervasive injustice as a foreign correspondent or political reporter.

I have a gift for language and understanding texts, as my achievements in English Literature at A-Level attest. So following my talent, I initially decided to study Literature and American Studies. But, having begun these studies, I found Literature to be too divorced from reality and not apt to help me understand politics or help fulfil my ambition. Consequently, after much reflection, I made the difficult decision to withdraw and follow my chief interests closer to home.

The reading I did in preparation for American Studies, however, was very useful in helping me understand American politics, a subject I very much look forward to studying at degree level. For, of all national politics, America’s is the most important to understand as its unrivalled power means no one is untouched by its politics. Plus, the pace of political change and the polarisation of the parties make for fascinating reading, especially when seen through the lens of the Huffington Post, my favoured American news source. Only two years after Obama’s election, it is surprising to see the Republicans again on the front foot and regaining Congress with the help of the ‘Tea Party’ movement. I would like to better understand how such religious grass roots movements can work uneasily side-by-side with traditional political parties in the context of one of the world’s most secular constitutions.

America in its foreign policy announcements sometimes plays fast and loose with the word democracy. I also want to study Democratic Theory to better understand the pros and cons of democracy and its triumph in the West. In the UK, our first-past-the-post system appears deeply flawed and, as a member of the Electoral Reform Society, I want to find a more representative electoral system that better reflects the wishes of voters. However, reading Plato’s Republic for Philosophy A-Level has alerted me to the fact that democracy may have more profound, inherent shortcomings. Though Plato’s anti-democracy argument is not without problems, seeing as it appears to apply only to direct democracies and assumes the existence of apt-to-rule philosopher-kings, his ‘benevolent tyranny’ model of the state still has attractions, which may help to explain why, to the chagrin of Washington, not every country has yet embraced democracy.

Philosophy A-Level has prepared me in other ways for university study, honing my argumentative skills and teaching me how to present clear and logical arguments for my beliefs. This should stand me in good stead when I come to argue my case in political essays or seminars at university. My History A-Level, on the other hand, has provided me with the historical research skills and knowledge to understand the genesis of contemporary political events.

Outside of school, I am preparing myself for university life and my future career by pursuing an internship at BBC Look East and volunteering for the Green Party, of which I am a committed member. I hope to become even more politically active at university. I should like to become involved with the student union and promote Green Party policies. To better prepare myself for the media world, I would also like to write for, and help edit, a student newspaper.

Through my study and extra-curricular activities at university, I hope, not only to become intellectually and practically equipped to work in journalism, but even more compassionate that I may be more determined to expose injustice to the public eye and thereby help create a more fair, less unjust world.

We hope this sample Politics personal statement has provided some inspiration.

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