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An up close image of two diamond anvils.

Is this the superconductor of scientists’ dreams? A new claim faces scrutiny

It’s big, if true: transmitting electricity with no resistance at room temperature and moderate pressure. But controversy dogs the team making the claim.

The Great Pyramid of Giza against partly cloudy skies

Muons unveiled new details about a void in Egypt’s Great Pyramid

image of a lightning strike above a wildfire in Wenatchee, Washington

An incendiary form of lightning may surge under climate change

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More Stories in Physics

A red and blue magnet bar on a background of metal shavings with the nearby shavings attracted to the ends of the magnet.

The standard model of particle physics passed one of its strictest tests yet

An experiment with a single electron, trapped for months on end, produced one of the most precise tests yet of the standard model of particle physics.

Two different versions of Google's quantum computer chip, Sycamore, shown on a light gray backdrop

Google’s quantum computer reached an error-correcting milestone

A larger array of quantum bits outperformed a smaller one in tests performed by Google researchers, suggesting quantum computers could be scaled up.

A photo of several transparent crustacean larvae swimming around on a white background.

Glassy eyes may help young crustaceans hide from predators in plain sight

Nanospheres in the eye reflect light that matches the color of the surrounding water, possibly making the animals invisible to nearby predators.

A closeup photo of a large icicle with others hanging out of focus in the background.

Here’s why icicles made from pure water don’t form ripples

A new study explains why icicles made from pure water have irregular shapes rather than the ripples typical of the salty icicles found in nature.

A blue spiral that coalesces into a white ball of light against a black background

Physicists stored data in quantum holograms made of twisted light

Light that travels in corkscrew-like paths provides a way to make holograms that store large amounts of data in ultrasecure packages.

A metal vessel filled with ice and stainless steel balls

Water is weird. A new type of ice could help us understand why

A newfound type of amorphous ice with a density close to liquid water could help scientists make sense of water’s quirks.

A photo of the Xi'an fortress wall with the city skyline visible in the background.

Muon scanning hints at mysteries within an ancient Chinese wall

Density fluctuations within the ancient rampart encircling the city of Xi’an could be defects or yet-to-be-discovered archaeological finds.

gallery of images showing a Lego-like figure liquifying to escape from a prison

These shape-shifting devices melt and re-form thanks to magnetic fields

Miniature machines made of gallium embedded with magnetic particles can switch between solid and liquid states.

tiny animals from the Chinese zodiac, made in hydrogels of different colors. Top row from left: purple monkey, yellow and purple pig, yellow and purple snake, bluish gray dog, green rabbit. Bottom row from left: green tiger, yellow goat, orange horse, purple rooster, teal rat.

Want a ‘Shrinky Dinks’ approach to nano-sized devices? Try hydrogels

Patterning hydrogels with a laser and then shrinking them down with chemicals offers a way to make nanoscopic structures out of many materials.

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Science news


Aluminum-based low-loss interconnects for superconducting quantum processors

Quantum processors are computing systems that process information and perform computations by exploiting quantum mechanical phenomena. These systems could significantly outperform conventional processors on certain tasks, ...

34 minutes ago

Planetary Sciences

Venus could have had oceans long after life started on Earth

Today Venus has a dry, oxygen-poor atmosphere. But recent studies have proposed that the early planet may have had liquid water and reflective clouds that could have sustained habitable conditions. Researchers at the University ...

14 minutes ago

physics articles science

Discovering a protein's 'elevator motion' could spur new cancer treatments

Michigan State University researcher Jian Hu has taken another important step in learning as much as possible about tiny protein machines that help shuttle metals into living cells.

Michigan State University researcher Jian Hu has taken another important step in learning as much as possible about tiny protein machines that help shuttle ...

Molecular & Computational biology

30 minutes ago

physics articles science

Major advance in super-resolution fluorescence microscopy

Scientists led by Nobel Laureate Stefan Hell at the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research in Heidelberg have developed a super-resolution microscope with a spatio-temporal precision ...

Scientists led by Nobel Laureate Stefan Hell at the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research in Heidelberg have developed a super-resolution microscope ...


2 minutes ago

physics articles science

Biochemical synthesis discovery could unlock new drug development breakthroughs

A mystery about how a chemical compound found in nature could be synthesized in the lab may have been solved, scientists say—a breakthrough that could unlock new developments in ...

A mystery about how a chemical compound found in nature could be synthesized in the lab may have been solved, scientists say—a breakthrough that could ...


31 minutes ago

physics articles science

Discovery of oldest known fossil gnat shows how insects adapted to a postapocalyptic world

Near the small harbor of Estellencs at the northeast of Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain), a pebbly beach can be found at the base of an impressive scarp that threatens rockfall. Remains of plants, crustaceans, insects, ...

35 minutes ago

physics articles science

Cross-fostering experiment reveals genetic basis of mouse communication

Vocal behaviors in animals are highly conserved, though specific vocalization features can vary within and between species. There are big questions about environmental influences, genetic inheritability, and social learning ...

physics articles science

The potential risks of ocean-based climate intervention technologies on deep-sea ecosystems

The deep sea is one of the least well-known areas on Earth, comprising multiple vulnerable ecosystems that play critical roles in the carbon cycle. However, the deep sea is directly exposed to the effects of human-induced ...

physics articles science

Sub-picosecond magnetization reversal in rare-earth-free spin valves

Researchers at the Université de Lorraine in France and Tohoku University in Japan have demonstrated a sub-picosecond magnetization reversal in rare-earth-free archetypical spin valves. Their discovery was published in the ...

Condensed Matter

physics articles science

Creating a versatile vaccine to take on COVID-19 in its many guises

One of the 12 labors of Hercules, according to ancient lore, was to destroy a nine-headed monster called the Hydra. The challenge was that when Hercules used his sword to chop off one of the monster's heads, two would grow ...

21 minutes ago

physics articles science

Reducing nonradiative recombination in perovskite solar cells with a porous insulator contact

A research team led by Prof. Xu Jixian from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) designed and fashioned a novel porous insulator contact (PIC) for perovskite solar ...

20 minutes ago

physics articles science

Estrogen receptor in the heart found to regulate obesity in postmenopausal women

Estrogen is known to play an important role in the protection of women's hearts, but once women are postmenopausal and estrogen levels drop, they are at an increased risk of a number of diseases and conditions, including ...

37 minutes ago

physics articles science

Does an ancient virus genome drive autism?

Although autism is a common neurodevelopmental disorder, the multiple factors behind its onset are still not fully understood. Animal models of idiopathic autism, especially mice, are often used to help researchers understand ...

physics articles science

The Future is Interdisciplinary

Find out how ACS can accelerate your research to keep up with the discoveries that are pushing us into science’s next frontier

Using peptides instead of DNA to tag molecules to speed up drug discovery

21 hours ago

New direct air capture device three times more efficient than current approaches

Medical xpress.

physics articles science

Researchers describe hands-on treatments for patients with lower back pain after lumbar spine surgery

physics articles science

Three years of COVID-19: Learning to live in a world reshaped by the pandemic

physics articles science

Instrument used to fix hammertoe can block blood flow during procedure

physics articles science

Study reveals that soft gums are more prone to inflammation

physics articles science

Dim lights before bedtime to reduce risk of gestational diabetes

physics articles science

Medicaid coverage for new moms gaining support in GOP states

physics articles science

Emergency department visits for attempted suicides rose globally among youth during pandemic, shows meta-analysis

physics articles science

In search of the 'inflammatory Achilles heel'

physics articles science

Scientists complete first map of an insect brain

physics articles science

Healthy gut bacteria can help fight cancer in other parts of the body, researchers find

physics articles science

The world's first mRNA vaccine for deadly bacteria

physics articles science

Researchers identify a protein that promotes cancer metastasis, providing a new potential treatment target

physics articles science

Large-scale study enables new insights into rare eye disorders

physics articles science

Nirogacestat, a new desmoid tumor treatment, found to improve outcomes for people with sarcoma

physics articles science

Study explores how community engagement can help improve clinical trial diversity

physics articles science

Medical trial explores treatment for severe hypertriglyceridemia with prior episodes of acute pancreatitis

physics articles science

Ozone pollution is linked with increased hospitalizations for cardiovascular disease

physics articles science

New stem cell model for research into a life-threatening malformation of the newborn lung

physics articles science

Pair of physicists endorse continuing time change in the US

physics articles science

Study shows New York City rats carry SARS-CoV-2

physics articles science

Rainbow of fruit and veg the best prevention against prostate cancer

physics articles science

Most people don't know what a preprint is. Here's why that matters

physics articles science

Exploring the impact of teledentistry on kids' wellness

physics articles science

'All work, no independent play' cause of children's declining mental health, says study

physics articles science

Who is most at risk for long COVID?

physics articles science

Nearby food stores affect results after weight-loss surgery

physics articles science

Researchers look for ways to start puberty 'on time'

Tech xplore.

physics articles science

Warnings over AI and toxic beauty myths dog TikTok's Bold Glamour filter

physics articles science

What's happening at Fukushima plant 12 years after meltdown?

physics articles science

'Indirect prompt injection' attacks could upend chatbots

physics articles science

Returning solar panel production to US can ease climate change, says new study

physics articles science

Solid natural gas: An avenue to a safer, cleaner and brighter future

physics articles science

New material provides breakthrough in 'softbotics'

physics articles science

Researchers develop a novel thermoelectric generator inspired by zebra skin

physics articles science

Virtual reality games can be used as a tool in personnel assessment

physics articles science

Computer scientists paint a picture of six decades of movies

physics articles science

Tuning thermoelectric materials for efficient power generation

physics articles science

Researchers use table tennis to understand human-robot dynamics in agile environments

physics articles science

Tactile tattoos to make virtual worlds tangible

physics articles science

The most visited websites do not comply correctly with privacy laws and actively track their users, finds Spanish study

physics articles science

Startup will use ChatGPT to answer online reviews on Yelp and Google

physics articles science

Researchers develop smart portable sensing system for monitoring precast structures during delivery

physics articles science

An overview of in vitro biological neural networks for robot intelligence

physics articles science

How floating solar panels are being used to power electric grids

physics articles science

Comcast hypes 10G network. Is it twice as good as 5G? Actually, there's no comparison possible

physics articles science

Is there an end in sight for Oakland's ransomware crisis?

physics articles science

Hundreds of sexual ads using deepfakes ran on social media

physics articles science

Low-carbon solutions can provide energy for displaced people

physics articles science

Robotics has a diversity problem. Will doing away with solely tech-oriented approaches lead to a solution?

physics articles science

Museum for the ages: Collector's computer devices from B.C. to present day

physics articles science

Researchers develop building coating that uses bacteria to protect and self-repair against erosion

physics articles science

A robot that can autonomously explore real-world environments

physics articles science

Latin America poised to become renewable energy giant: report

physics articles science

The hidden costs of AI: Impending energy and resource strain

physics articles science

The tissue area that surrounds our teeth is known as the gingiva, and healthy teeth will nestle firmly into the gums thanks to the many gingival fibers that connect the tooth to the gingiva. The gingiva is home to fibroblasts—cells ...

physics articles science

Complex learned social behavior discovered in bee's 'waggle dance'

Passing down shared knowledge from one generation to the next is a hallmark of culture and allows animals to rapidly adapt to a changing environment.

Plants & Animals

20 hours ago

physics articles science

Researchers have completed the most advanced brain map to date, that of an insect, a landmark achievement in neuroscience that brings scientists closer to true understanding of the mechanism of thought.

physics articles science

For the first time in the world: a team of researchers from Tel Aviv University and the Israel Institute for Biological Research have developed an mRNA-based vaccine that is 100% effective against a type of bacteria that ...

physics articles science

First images released from James Webb Space Telescope's largest general observer program

The first images from the largest program in the James Webb Space Telescope's first year show many types of galaxies, including dazzling examples of spiral galaxies, gravitational lensing, and evidence of galaxy mergers. ...

physics articles science

Customizing catalysts for solid-state reactions

Chemists at Hokkaido University and the Institute for Chemical Reaction Design and Discovery (WPI-ICReDD) have developed the first high-performance catalyst specifically designed and optimized for solid-state, mechanochemical ...

13 hours ago

physics articles science

ChatGPT's explosive growth has been breathtaking. Barely two months after its introduction last fall, 100 million users had tapped into the AI chatbot's ability to engage in playful banter, argue politics, generate compelling ...

23 hours ago

physics articles science

Precise transcript targeting by CRISPR-Csm complexes

Mammalian cells are inherently complex due to subcellular compartments, thereby making the process of robust transcript targeting of nucleic acids somewhat challenging in the molecular biology lab. In a recent report now ...

physics articles science

Domestic production of solar panels—most of which are now made in Asia—can speed up decarbonization in the U.S. and reduce climate change faster, according to new Cornell Engineering research published March 8 by Nature ...

17 hours ago

physics articles science

Iconic Nile River Delta faces existential threats, according to new study

Large-scale heavy metal pollution, coastal erosion and seawater intrusion pose an existential threat to the Nile River Delta and endanger 60 million people (about twice the population of Texas) in Egypt who depend on its ...

Earth Sciences

16 hours ago

physics articles science

Study examines the effects of using insecticides for spotted lanternfly control

Neonicotinoid insecticides used to control spotted lanternflies have the potential to harm pollinators, but the degree of risk depends on multiple factors, such as application timing, type of neonicotinoid, the species of ...

physics articles science

Researchers reveal molecular mechanism of pannexin 2 as ATP membrane pore channel

A research team led by Prof. Yuan Shuguang from Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Prof. Zhang Huawei from the South University of Science and Technology has revealed the molecular ...

physics articles science

'Noah's Ark for plants' hits major milestone: 40,000 plant species now banked at Kew's Millennium Seed Bank

A world-leading seed conservation program led by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is celebrating a major milestone today in its efforts to preserve rare, threatened, and important wild plants. As of March 1, the Millennium ...

physics articles science

Online 'personal brands' are key to job success for Gen Z, says study

New research reveals how members of Generation Z perceive online "personal brands" as a crucial tool to gain more advantage in job markets.

physics articles science

Agricultural certification stimulates compliance with environmental legislation by coffee farms in Brazil

Agricultural certification can act as an incentive for coffee growers and other farmers to comply with laws designed to protect the environment, promoting their alignment with the current demands of society and the market, ...

physics articles science

Expert on violence assesses police brutality and mass shootings in America

Tage Rai is a psychologist and assistant professor of management at UC San Diego's Rady School of Management who studies ethics and violence. He co-authored the book "Virtuous Violence," outlining research that finds that ...

physics articles science

New study shares the intimate details of sea otter surrogacy, affirms its effectiveness to rehabilitate orphaned pups

Monterey Bay Aquarium provides insights on the best practices for releasing orphaned southern sea otter pups to the wild in a new study. The study affirms the effectiveness of the Aquarium's innovative sea otter surrogate-rearing ...

physics articles science

Ever wonder why Brits sound so smart? The distinctive uses of 'right' in British and American English

Are the British generally more intelligent and informed than Americans? Americans certainly seem to think so, according to a study by Rutgers researchers.

physics articles science

3D bioprinter to print human meniscus on the space station

The knee is not only one of the largest and most complex joints in the body—it is also easily injured. In fact, one of the most common orthopedic injuries is the tearing of the meniscus, a half-moon-shaped piece of cartilage ...

physics articles science

Bacteria designed like corals to achieve carbon-neutral cement production

New buildings are often a cause for celebration, but there is not much to celebrate when looking at the climate footprint of the construction industry, which is among the world's highest.

physics articles science

Studies analyze Marcos family return to power in the Philippines

In May 2022, Bongbong Marcos won the presidential election in the Philippines with a commanding 59% of the vote, stunning many political scholars.

physics articles science

Traditional horticultural substrate's sorptive behavior quantified

The objective of a recent study published in HortScience was to quantify the sorptive effects on substrate wettability and water-holding capacity. Inferences into the effectiveness of the substrate to capture water have been ...

physics articles science

If you think you understand how incentives work, think again

How can people be incentivized to drive more fuel-efficient cars, be more innovative at work, and get to the gym on a regular basis? Uri Gneezy, professor of economics and strategy at the Rady School of Management at UC San ...

physics articles science

Researchers examine drought resistance traits in beans using hyperspectral remote sensing

Crops adapt to climatic and environmental changes by exhibiting certain modified biological traits. For instance, plants growing in deserts exhibit drought resistance. However, at times, plant breeding becomes necessary to ...

physics articles science

Researchers develop new imaging approach to diagnose advanced form of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is the most common chronic liver disease in the world. In its advanced form, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), is curable when diagnosed and treated in its early stages. However, when ...

physics articles science

An on-chip viscoelasticity sensor for biological fluids

A research paper by scientists at the Hebei University of Technology and Shenzhen University developed an on-chip viscoelasticity sensor for biological fluids.

physics articles science

Tireless microbial killers in new nanocomposites

They kill with a molecular sting or oxidative shock and don't know the meaning of fatigue. The latest biocidal nanocomposites, designed and synthesized by scientists at the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Polish Academy ...

physics articles science

Researchers use calcium materials to reduce arsenic availability in agricultural soil

Of all the heavy metals appearing as pollutants in agricultural soil, arsenic (As) poses the greatest threat to human health. As is a common pollutant in upland arable soils, which account for nearly 90% of the world's agricultural ...

physics articles science

CHEOPS mission extended

After more than three years in orbit, the mission of the CHEOPS space telescope has just been extended. Led by the University of Bern in collaboration with the University of Geneva, CHEOPS is a joint mission of the European ...

physics articles science

Providing a conducive atmosphere during oral examination leads to better performance, finds research

During an oral examination, those who tend to perceive the situation as a challenge rather than a threat are less stressed and perform better.

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‘Revolutionary’ blue crystal resurrects hope of room temperature superconductivity

Reactor experiment demonstrates alternative fusion scheme

Quantum computers take key step toward curbing errors

Dark energy from supermassive black holes physicists spar over radical idea, startups try to turn laser fusion success into clean power plants, playing zeus, scientists use a laser beam to control lightning bolts, nuclear reactor mystery solved, with no need for new particles, it just got harder to question the existence of black holes, with historic explosion, a long sought fusion breakthrough, method for solving notorious calculus problems speeds particle physics computations, it may be possible to cram more neutrons into atomic nuclei than previously thought, powerful physics tool could help scientists understand complex ecosystems.

Trio who proved quantum mechanics is really weird—and useful—honored

Showdown: two huge neutrino detectors will vie to probe matter’s origins, ‘something is seriously wrong’: room-temperature superconductivity study retracted, strictest test yet of general relativity confirms feathers and bowling balls really do fall at the same rate.

Twisty device explores alternative path to fusion

Nearby star’s midlife crisis illuminates the future of our own sun.

Ordinary computers can beat Google’s quantum computer after all

Radio bursts from ‘zombie’ black holes excite astronomers, save this search.

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3D Battery Imaging Reveals the Secret Real-Time Life of Lithium Metal Cells

New kind of transistor could shrink communications devices on smartphones, a surprising way to trap a microparticle, viable superconducting material created, say researchers, hitting nuclei with light may create fluid primordial matter, researchers take a step towards turning interactions that normally ruin quantum information into a way of protecting it, graphene quantum dots show promise as novel magnetic field sensors.

An Innovative Twist on Quantum Bits: Tubular Nanomaterial of Carbon Makes Ideal Home for Spinning Quantum Bits

Destroying the superconductivity in a kagome metal, ice-cold electron beams for ultra-compact x-ray lasers.

Clear Sign That Quark-Gluon Plasma Production 'Turns Off' at Low Energy

Perovskites, a 'Dirt Cheap' Alternative to Silicon, Just Got a Lot More Efficient

Engineers discover a new way to control atomic nuclei as 'qubits'.

When the Light Is Neither 'On' nor 'Off' in the Nanoworld


How are the atoms that form us forged across the universe?


'Red matter' superconductor could transform electronics – if it works

Antimatter neutrinos detected from a nuclear reactor 240 km away, quantum computers that use 'cat qubits' may make fewer errors, hidden corridor in egypt’s great pyramid mapped with cosmic rays, why uncertainty is part of science - especially quantum mechanics, this new version of quantum theory is even stranger than the original, most accurate molecular clock yet uses extremely cold strontium, google’s quantum computer simulation of a wormhole may not have worked, from qubits to quantum superposition: how quantum computers work, the cern particle accelerator that will breathe new life into physics, quantum computers could run programs that should be too big for them, strange water wave can bounce a droplet thousands of times, quantum bullsh*t review: time to save quantum theory for science.

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Top 100 in Physics

Explore our most highly accessed physics articles in 2017. Featuring authors from around the World, these papers highlight valuable research within physics from an international community.

physics articles science

The Resilience of Life to Astrophysical Events

physics articles science

Achievement of Sustained Net Plasma Heating in a Fusion Experiment with the Optometrist Algorithm

physics articles science

Coronal mass ejections are not coherent magnetohydrodynamic structures

physics articles science

Magnetic field sensor based on a combination of a microfiber coupler covered with magnetic fluid and a Sagnac loop

physics articles science

Invisibility Cloaking Scheme by Evanescent Fields Distortion on Composite Plasmonic Waveguides with Si Nano-Spacer

physics articles science

Global mapping of stratigraphy of an old-master painting using sparsity-based terahertz reflectometry

physics articles science

Superconductivity in Ti 4 O 7 and γ -Ti 3 O 5 films

physics articles science

Blue organic light-emitting diodes realizing external quantum efficiency over 25% using thermally activated delayed fluorescence emitters

physics articles science

Characterization of an industry-grade CMOS camera well suited for single molecule localization microscopy – high performance super-resolution at low cost

physics articles science

Quantum detection of wormholes

physics articles science

On-Chip Glass Microspherical Shell Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators

physics articles science

Optical metasurfaces for high angle steering at visible wavelengths

physics articles science

Valence Change Bipolar Resistive Switching Accompanied With Magnetization Switching in CoFe 2 O 4 Thin Film

physics articles science

High-efficiency grating-couplers: demonstration of a new design strategy

physics articles science

See-through optical combiner for augmented reality head-mounted display: index-matched anisotropic crystal lens

physics articles science

Naked singularity, firewall, and Hawking radiation

physics articles science

Highly Flexible and Efficient Fabric-Based Organic Light-Emitting Devices for Clothing-Shaped Wearable Displays

physics articles science

Control of unsteady laser-produced plasma-flow with a multiple-coil magnetic nozzle

physics articles science

Energy-free machine learning force field for aluminum

physics articles science

Tuning magnetic properties for domain wall pinning via localized metal diffusion

physics articles science

Emergent wave phenomena in coupled elastic bars: from extreme attenuation to realization of elastodynamic switches

physics articles science

Quantifying Quantum-Mechanical Processes

physics articles science

Band Gap Engineering of Multi-Junction Solar Cells: Effects of Series Resistances and Solar Concentration

physics articles science

Prime factorization using quantum annealing and computational algebraic geometry

physics articles science

Stanene-hexagonal boron nitride heterobilayer: Structure and characterization of electronic property

physics articles science

Supervised Quantum Learning without Measurements

physics articles science

Rapid Fabrication of Graphene Field-Effect Transistors with Liquid-metal Interconnects and Electrolytic Gate Dielectric Made of Honey

physics articles science

Effects of oxygen vacancies on the structural and optical properties of β-Ga 2 O 3

physics articles science

Photobleaching in STED nanoscopy and its dependence on the photon flux applied for reversible silencing of the fluorophore

What is the temperature of a moving body?

physics articles science

The habitability of the Milky Way during the active phase of its central supermassive black hole

physics articles science

Machine learning quantum phases of matter beyond the fermion sign problem

physics articles science

A patterned single layer graphene resistance temperature sensor

physics articles science

Experimental evidence for short-pulse laser heating of solid-density target to high bulk temperatures

physics articles science

Full-wave modeling of broadband near field scanning microwave microscopy

physics articles science

Photoelectrolysis Using Type-II Semiconductor Heterojunctions

physics articles science

Tunable plasmonic substrates with ultrahigh Q -factor resonances

physics articles science

Neuromorphic photonic networks using silicon photonic weight banks

physics articles science

Gas sensors boosted by two-dimensional h-BN enabled transfer on thin substrate foils: towards wearable and portable applications

physics articles science

Transition from Anomalous Hall Effect to Topological Hall Effect in Hexagonal Non-Collinear Magnet Mn 3 Ga

physics articles science

Photonics-based real-time ultra-high-range-resolution radar with broadband signal generation and processing

physics articles science

The Origin of the “Seasons” in Space Weather

physics articles science

Generation of steady entanglement via unilateral qubit driving in bad cavities

physics articles science

Dynamic measurement of near-field radiative heat transfer

physics articles science

Hidden Magnetic States Emergent Under Electric Field, In A Room Temperature Composite Magnetoelectric Multiferroic

physics articles science

Robust, high brightness, degenerate entangled photon source at room temperature

physics articles science

An absorption-free and Doppler-improved optical waveguide for diffractionless light propagation

physics articles science

Machine-learned approximations to Density Functional Theory Hamiltonians

physics articles science

Enhanced conversion efficiency in Si solar cells employing photoluminescent down-shifting CdSe/CdS core/shell quantum dots

physics articles science

Influence of experimental parameters on the laser heating of an optical trap

physics articles science

Controlling sound radiation through an opening with secondary loudspeakers along its boundaries

physics articles science

Full-color, large area, transmissive holograms enabled by multi-level diffractive optics

physics articles science

Effectively infinite optical path-length created using a simple cubic photonic crystal for extreme light trapping

physics articles science

Enhanced skyrmion stability due to exchange frustration

physics articles science

All-optical control on a graphene-on-silicon waveguide modulator

physics articles science

Increased light penetration due to ultrasound-induced air bubbles in optical scattering media

physics articles science

High-speed manufacturing of highly regular femtosecond laser-induced periodic surface structures: physical origin of regularity

physics articles science

Objective-lens-free Fiber-based Position Detection with Nanometer Resolution in a Fiber Optical Trapping System

physics articles science

Estimating the intrinsic dimension of datasets by a minimal neighborhood information

physics articles science

Terahertz beam switching by electrical control of graphene-enabled tunable metasurface

physics articles science

High-Performance Screen-Printed Thermoelectric Films on Fabrics

physics articles science

Terahertz spectroscopy of anisotropic materials using beams with rotatable polarization

physics articles science

Non-destructive elemental analysis of a carbonaceous chondrite with direct current Muon beam at MuSIC

physics articles science

The Mobility Enhancement of Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide Transistors via Low-temperature Crystallization using a Tantalum Catalytic Layer

physics articles science

Compositionally Graded Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

physics articles science

3D Printing of Polymer-Bonded Rare-Earth Magnets With a Variable Magnetic Compound Fraction for a Predefined Stray Field

physics articles science

Te-based chalcogenide materials for selector applications

physics articles science

Dark current reduction in microjunction-based double electron barrier type-II InAs/InAsSb superlattice long-wavelength infrared photodetectors

physics articles science

Cross-plane Thermoelectric and Thermionic Transport across Au/ h -BN/Graphene Heterostructures

physics articles science

Direct Generation and Detection of Quantum Correlated Photons with 3.2 um Wavelength Spacing

physics articles science

Optimization-based Dielectric Metasurfaces for Angle-Selective Multifunctional Beam Deflection

physics articles science

Axion dark matter detection by laser induced fluorescence in rare-earth doped materials

physics articles science

Selective dual-band metamaterial perfect absorber for infrared stealth technology

physics articles science

Uncovering different states of topological defects in schlieren textures of a nematic liquid crystal

physics articles science

Soft porous silicone rubbers with ultra-low sound speeds in acoustic metamaterials

physics articles science

Broadband Silicon-On-Insulator directional couplers using a combination of straight and curved waveguide sections

physics articles science

Optical tweezing and binding at high irradiation powers on black-Si

physics articles science

Indium gallium nitride-based ultraviolet, blue, and green light-emitting diodes functionalized with shallow periodic hole patterns

physics articles science

Inertia-driven resonant excitation of a magnetic skyrmion

physics articles science

Symmetry breaking, Josephson oscillation and self-trapping in a self-bound three-dimensional quantum ball

physics articles science

Low-Temperature Growth of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Carbide Solar Cell by Inductively Coupled Plasma Deposition Toward High Conversion Efficiency in Indoor Lighting

physics articles science

Photonic time crystals

physics articles science

Hybrid organic-inorganic polariton laser

physics articles science

Measuring nanoscale viscoelastic parameters of cells directly from AFM force-displacement curves

physics articles science

Generating Localized Plasmonic Fields on an Integrated Photonic Platform using Tapered Couplers for Biosensing Applications

physics articles science

Magnetic field observations in CoFeB/Ta layers with 0.67-nm resolution by electron holography

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Blue Laser Diode Enables Underwater Communication at 12.4 Gbps

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Tunable metasurfaces via subwavelength phase shifters with uniform amplitude

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Directional beaming of light from a subwavelength metal slit with phase-gradient metasurfaces

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Experimental verification of the rotational type of chiral spin spiral structures by spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy

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Strain induced polarization chaos in a solitary VCSEL

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Dual-cavity feedback assisted DFB narrow linewidth laser

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Remarkably High Mobility Thin-Film Transistor on Flexible Substrate by Novel Passivation Material

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QED cascade with 10 PW-class lasers

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Deposition of topological silicene, germanene and stanene on graphene-covered SiC substrates

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Highly (001)-textured p-type WSe 2 Thin Films as Efficient Large-Area Photocathodes for Solar Hydrogen Evolution

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Pinning and hysteresis in the field dependent diameter evolution of skyrmions in Pt/Co/Ir superlattice stacks

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Wavelength-tunable passively mode-locked mid-infrared Er 3+ -doped ZBLAN fiber laser

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Entropy production selects nonequilibrium states in multistable systems

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Fabrication of full-color GaN-based light-emitting diodes on nearly lattice-matched flexible metal foils

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New Room-Temperature Superconductor Offers Tantalizing Possibilities

The breakthrough could one day transform technologies that use electric energy, but it comes from a team facing doubts after a retracted paper on superconductors.

By Kenneth Chang

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A Doodle Reveals da Vinci’s Early Deconstruction of Gravity

Long before Galileo and Newton used superior mathematics to study a fundamental natural force, Leonardo calculated the gravitational constant with surprising accuracy.

By William J. Broad

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Shaking Ordinary Ice (Very Hard) Transformed It Into Something Never Seen Before

The research illustrates how much scientists still have to learn about a molecule as simple as water.

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Ukraine’s Scientists Receive a Funding Lifeline From Abroad

The Simons Foundation in New York is providing annual grants to the country’s chemists, biologists, physicists and mathematicians.

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Where is Physics Headed (and How Soon Do We Get There)?

Two leading scientists discuss the future of their field.

By Dennis Overbye

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K. Alex Müller, Innovator in Ceramic Superconductors, Dies at 95

His and a colleague’s breakthroughs in high-temperature superconductors were honored with a Nobel Prize in Physics and opened up a world of scientific possibilities.

By Dylan Loeb McClain

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Are We Living in a Computer Simulation, and Can We Hack It?

A popular cosmological theory holds that the cosmos runs on quantum codes. So how hard could it be to tweak the supreme algorithm?

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Times Insider

A science reporter asks: ‘where are the aliens’.

Kenneth Chang, a Times science reporter, covers a broad range of topics, including nuclear fusion and the conditions favorable to life outside our solar system.

By Emmett Lindner

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How Naming the James Webb Telescope Turned Into a Fight Over Homophobia

Did the former head of NASA discriminate against gay people? One physicist tried to rebut the accusation, only to find himself the target of attacks.

By Michael Powell

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Why Some Scientists Choose China’s Space Station for Research

A project led by researchers from a Swiss university highlights China’s ambition to make the Tiangong outpost broadly available for science.


Physics News

Scientists create “reddmatter” – game-changing room-temperature superconductor.

Researchers have not only raised the temperature, but also lowered the pressure required to achieve superconductivity. In a historic achievement, University of Rochester researchers have…

Mystifying Trapping Phenomenon: A Surprising Way To Catch a Microparticle

New forms of exotic superconductivity by stacking layers of graphene, 2d quantum freeze: nanoparticles cooled to quantum ground-state in two motional dimensions, scientists observe “quasiparticles” in classical systems for the first time, paradox reveals the quantum geometry wizardry in superconductivity’s “magic angle”, “stretching” time to improve molecular vibration information detection, a surprising new method for converting light into electricity, building a computer with a single atom, unlocking the mystery of unconventional superconductivity: a breakthrough experiment, breakthrough in understanding quark-gluon plasma, the primordial form of matter in the early universe, astral alchemy: researchers synthesize mysterious exotic baryon, scientists prove validity of key physics theorem in the quantum world, overcoming quantum limitations: a new method to control electron spin, electronics breakthrough: scientists generate shortest electron burst yet, conquering space weather – study successfully overcomes earth’s gravity to replicate planetary conditions, physicists solve quasicrystal formation mystery, “a perfect little system” – physicists isolate a pair of atoms to observe p-wave interaction strength for the first time.

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Editor's choice

Hydrogel for brain tissue reconstruction

Hydrogel helps grow new tissue in areas of brain damage

Quantum effects could help make twisted bilayer graphene a superconductor

BCS equations for superconductivity need to be modified for materials that have very slow-moving charges

Proton–boron fusion passes scientific milestone

Exotic fuel is confined magnetically, but doubts remain about its potential as an energy source

Evidence for ‘near-ambient’ superconductivity found in lutetium hydride

Superconductivity has been observed at temperatures up to 20 °C in a nitrogen-doped material

Research updates

Cancer cell viability after radiation treatment

3D cancer model reveals how a static magnetic field can enhance radiotherapy

Neutrino probe

Neutrinos probe the proton’s structure in surprising measurement

Optical microscope images of larval crustaceans

Photonic nanospheres help baby shellfish hide from predators

Debris ejected from the DART impact helped give asteroid Dimorphos an extra push

Five papers examine DART’s impact of Dimorphos on 26 September 2022

Researchers grow electronics directly inside living tissue

An injectable gel uses the body’s metabolites to induce in vivo fabrication of organic bioelectronics

Thinner antiferroelectrics become ferroelectric

Size reduction can turn on unexpected properties in oxide materials

Scanning probe with a twist observes electron’s wavelike behaviour

New instrument reveals delocalized quantum properties

Black holes destroy nearby quantum superpositions, thought experiment reveals

Event horizon should interact with quantum states

Medical needle model improves virtual training platforms for junior surgeons

Mathematical model improves the accuracy of surgical training platforms used to simulate biopsy and brachytherapy procedures

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Celebrating 10 years of IOP ebooks

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Teaching list

Revamping undergraduate physics degrees with a focus on translational skills

Greenbank telescope list

Machine learning joins the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence

Poster for the film Space, Hope, Charity

Finding solace in the stars

Fighting flat-earth theory, latest webinars in partnership with iop publishing's journals.

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Next-generation measurement systems: future challenges and opportunities

physics articles science

Recent research in materials science and perspectives

physics articles science

Recent advances in photoplethysmography

The latest opinion and reviews.

Hand processing a telegram

Deconstructing structures: making engineering and innovation come to life

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Why you should concentrate on this form of solar power

James McKenzie looks at the possibilities of “concentrator solar power”

If science is to thrive, we must understand its human foundations

Robert P Crease explains why science can only thrive if we understand what makes humans tick

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Medical physics and biophysics

Find the information you need from IOP Publishing’s world-leading medical physics and biophysics journals and books, dedicated to supporting and improving research across the field, from fundamental science through to novel applications and facilities.

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Maggie Aderin-Pocock with a Barbie doll

Barbie space scientist, physics of basketball, low-cost fluorescence microscope

Excerpts from the Red Folder

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Detection technologies from the Tibidabo group

Tibidabo group companies outline their range of products designed for photon detection

physics articles science

Avantes launches its new Pacto spectrometer

The Pacto has been tailored for the life sciences and biomedical industries

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Levelling up: from student to mentor to trainee physics teacher

Ellie Whitehall describes her move from student to teacher in physics, reflecting on her experiences of education

Developing fetus_computer generated representation

Baby physics: conception, pregnancy and early life

Physicists are offering fresh insights on the mechanics of human reproduction

Dusting moondust

Liquid nitrogen cleans lunar dust, new source of helium may be lurking underground

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Innovation in diamond applications from Element Six

Staff from Element Six outline the many thermal, optical and quantum applications of diamond

Arrows on the floor

Female academics migrate shorter distances and to fewer countries than men, finds study

Analysis suggests that the gender gap among mobile scholars is narrowing


Are you an early-career quantum scientist? Here’s your chance of recognition

Two new awards from IOP Publishing will honour those who have displayed significant achievement and exceptional promise for future contributions to quantum science

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Knowledge sharing about the commissioning of the MRIdian and the optimization of the film quality assurance with online solution

Join the audience for a Women in Medical Physics live webinar on 23 March 2023 sponsored by ViewRay

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Vibration isolation products from Minus K Technology

Minus-K Technology showcases the company's range of passive vibration isolators

Crowd of people dressed as Wally

If we live in a multiverse, where does Wally exist?

John Berney on why Wally may never exist either in our universe or any other

Researcher James Byrne in the lab

Gas-trapping structures improve tumour treatment

Oxygen-trapping materials can be injected directly into cancerous tissue to improve response to radiation and chemotherapies

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New fibre laser technology from NKT Photonics

NKT Photonics presents new fibre lasers for the quantum computing community

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MKS-Newport’s high performance optical filters

MKS-Newport introduces the ODiate high-performance optical filter line at Photonics West 2023

Someone finding words in a word search

Tried our cryptic medical-physics word search? Here’s the solution

Here's the solution to our cryptic medical-physics word search, created by Ian Randall

Creating drinking-quality water

Solar-driven hydrogel purifies contaminated water

Loofah-inspired material could supply enough drinking-quality water to meet a person’s daily requirements

Spiral arms list

Spiral arms of gas and dust spotted around a massive protostar

Rare observation sheds light on how large stars form

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BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

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Chemistries, materials, and processes for electrochemically mediated carbon capture

A live webinar on 22 February 2023 exploring the emerging concept of electrochemical carbon capture

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Dynamic Interferometry for Metrology Workshop

The workshop on 16 March 2023 will cover the theory and practical aspects of dynamic interferometry and will include live demonstrations and “Try it yourself” sessions.

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