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The Realme 8i is the most affordable smartphone within the entire Series 8 so far, but it is also shaping as the most intriguing offer among its peers. The phone was designed with gamers and photographers in mind and offers a 120Hz display, a capable even if budget chipset, and a promising 50MP Samsung camera. Let's check it out!

So, the Realme 8i is indeed a versatile smartphone with interesting features. It packs a 6.6-inch IPS LCD screen with a 120Hz dynamic refresh rate and 180Hz touch sampling. Realme cannot promise HRR gaming out of the box, but it is working closely with selected developers to make possible gameplay with more than 60fps.

The 8i employs the most current Helio G96 chipset - it offers improved graphics over previous Helio G models thanks to the new Mali-G57 GPU cores. The Realme 8i is available in two versions 4GB RAM + 64GB storage and 6GB RAM + 128GB storage. There is a dedicated microSD slot, too.

Realme 8i review

The main camera is incredibly promising, too - it uses a 50MP Samsung sensor and should be saving some nice photos no matter if it's day or night. It is accompanied by two 2MP snappers - one for macro shots and one for depth sensing when taking portraits.

Finally, the Realme 8i is powered by a large 5,000mAh battery. It supports 18W charging - not the fastest around, but it's no slouch either.

Realme 8i specs at a glance:

Looking back at the Realme 7i, the 8i seems like a thoughtful and balanced sequel - it brings a smoother and higher-res display, more powerful hardware, and better main camera sensor. It has lost the 8MP ultrawide snapper, which is not cool for sure.

Realme has shared no info on ingress protection, so it's safe to guess the 8i is not splash-proof. But we are happy it has the fan-favorite essentials like a 3.5mm jack and a standalone microSD card slot.

And now, it's time to finally take this Realme 8i out of its yellow box.

Unboxing the Realme 8i

Most budget Realme phones arrive in these eye-catchy yellow boxes, and the Realme 8i is no exception. Inside, you will find an 18W power adapter and a USB cable.

Realme 8i review

The retail bundle also contains a soft transparent case - it's in the paper compartment. Oh, and the phone has this thin protective film applied in the factory, but it feels so cheap and is such a smudge-magnet that we peeled it off immediately.

Realme 8i review - Reader comments

it is a graphics Or problem game?

Bad 😞 can't play pubg hanging stucking block screen

realme 8i

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سعر و مواصفات Realme 8i

سعر و مواصفات Realme 8i

السعر ومراجعة سريعة للموبايل

أعلنت شركة ريلمي عن هاتفها الـ Realme 8i بمواصفات مقبولة مع سعر منطقي حيث يأتي هاتف Realme 8i بشاشة كبيرة بشكل الثقب داعمه لمعدل التحديث الـ 120Hz مع معالج من نوع Helio G96 لتحصل على أداء قوي مع بطارية كبيرة 5000 مللي أمبير مع شحن سريع 18 واط فدعونا نتعرف على المواصفات الكاملة لهاتف Realme 8i وما هي أهم مميزاته وعيوبه وهل يستحق الشراء أم لا على النحو التالي فيما يلي .

مواصفات هاتف Realme 8i :-

عيوب موبايل Realme 8i :-

مميزات Realme 8i :-

فتح علبة هاتف Realme 8i :-

هاتف Realme 8i مع اسكرينة تم وضعها بشكل مسبق – رأس الشاحن بقدرة 18 واط – سلك USB من نوع Type C – جراب ظهر لحماية الهاتف – دبوس معدني – كتيبات دليل بدء الاستخدام السريع – ضمان الهاتف .

سعر هاتف Realme 8i :-

معلومات عامة

الصوت و الوسائط

متوسط تقييم الموبايل

متوسط تقييم زوار موقع موبيزل للموبايل ده

الهاتف تحفة افضل من هواتف كثيرة في نفس الفئة السعرية

موبايل اسطوري

الصوت عادي مونو وليس ستيريو .( ده حقيقي فعلي صوته واطي بجد )

موبايل جيد جدا في كل شيء وسعره ممتاز

الموبايل جامد جدا افضل اختيار ل Gamers فى الفئة السعرية 5000 إلى 6000

جيد بعض الشيء

قم بتقييم الموبايل الأن

أكتب رأيك في الموبايل

من فضلك اختر رقم من 10 لتقييم مواصفات الموبايل

realme 8i (Space Black, 64 GB)   (4 GB RAM)

realme 8i

realme 8i

realme 8i

realme 8i

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realme 8i

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It's just a reflex at this point —

After 6 long months, an android phone finally cloned the iphone 14, the dynamic island has shamelessly arrived in an android phone as the "mini capsule.".

Ron Amadeo - Mar 9, 2023 10:14 pm UTC

A hearty congratulations to Android manufacturer Realme for being the first to clone the iPhone 14's Dynamic Island . It was a rough six months, but everyone at the Chinese OEM (a subsidiary of BBK, same as OnePlus/Oppo) pulled together and made this generic product.

The Realme C55 launched in Indonesia for around $195 and features a new "Mini Capsule" UI. When it's time to show a specific type of notification, this phone has two black bars that shoot out from the front camera lens, displaying more info than you'd normally get in a single status bar icon. It looks just like the iPhone 14's new Dynamic Island notification space. While iPhone's display dead space is due to it housing a bunch of FaceID sensors, there's no new hardware here (that will take a bit longer to copy), just a normal front-facing camera that turns into a giant pill.

Apple's end-to-end control over the OS and app ecosystem means all sorts of apps use the Dynamic Island notification motif, but Realme is just an Android manufacturer that makes an Android skin, so it looks like the only actual notification that shows up in the "Mini Capsule" is your battery status. Plug the phone in and you'll see some charging stats. With a low battery, the pill will get a red outline and warn you your phone's about to die. Realme also has plans for an update that will show a step counter and data usage.

The rest of the phone isn't much to write home about—this is still a budget phone. Specs include a 6.7-inch, 90 Hz LCD, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and a 5000 mAh battery. An additional tier of 8GB RAM and 256GB storage is also available. The SoC is a MediaTek Helio G88—a 12 nm chip with two Cortex-A75 CPUs, six Cortex-A55 CPUs, and an ARM Mali-G52 GPU. It's not all bad in budget land since you get a headphone jack and MicroSD slot. There's also a side fingerprint reader, and the phone ships with a surprisingly modern Android 13.

The device's body contributes to the "counterfeit iPhone" look with a flat metal band that wraps around the sides, just like an iPhone 4 or 14. The back is where things get a little different, with two big camera bumps wrapped around two budget camera sensors, and the yellow version of the phone has a neat-looking iridescent back.

This might be the first iPhone 14 clone but it won't be the last. Next in line at the photocopier is Huawei, which is rumored to have a faux Dynamic Island lined up for the Huawei Nova 11. The phone is due out in the first half of this year, assuming Huawei finds the chips for it.

Listing image by Realme

reader comments

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California Personality Inventory

Originally developed in 1957 by Harrison Gough, the California Psychological Inventory (CPI) is a leading non-clinical personality inventory test that evaluates interpersonal behavior and social interaction of normal individuals. The standard 434 question test is administered in 45 to 60 minutes in true-false format and is similar in design to the MMPI. Upon scoring, the test produces measurements along 20 “folk” scales of character, along the lines of Weberian prototypical exemplars.

After interpretation, these scores are used to classify subjects as either:

The scales were developed from an initial normative sample consisting of six thousand men and seven thousand women, which while not constructed through random selection, nonetheless captured a comprehensive cross-section of society. The reliability of the CPI has been assessed as to its internal consistency, as judged by alpha (.77 median) and test-retest (medians: 1 year=. 68, 5 year=.56, 25 year=.58). The CPI has been shown to have predictive power in regard both to an individual’s behavior as well as subjective judgments of him made by others. Because of its relative thrift, brevity, and effectiveness, the CPI is widely used in business and governmental organizations.

The California Psychological Inventory, also referred to as the CPI-434, was originally published in 1957, and the version currently in use is the third edition. The latest revision of the California Psychological Inventory was in 1996 (Saladin, p.2). In 2002, a new version of the California Psychological Inventory was published, the CPI-260, which is a shorter version of the original California Psychological Inventory test.

The author of the California Psychological Inventory (CPI-434 and CPI-260) is Harrison G. Gough, Ph.D., and the publisher is Consulting Psychologists Press, in Palo Alto, California. The average cost of the basic administration materials, including a manual, item booklet, Interpretation guide and a packet of answer sheets is $462 and can be purchased through the publishing company (http://www.cpp.com).

The California Psychological Inventory was designed as a non-clinical Personality Inventory (Saladin, p.2). The test is a 434-item instrument in true-false format, and the design format is similar to the MMPI. It can be scored either by hand or by computer (http://www.cpp.com).

The California Psychological Inventory was originally designed for group administration; however, it can also be administered individually (Megargee, p.5). The test is untimed, and the average length of time for administration is 45-60 minutes.

To administer the California Psychological Inventory, an examiner must have a Level C Qualification. To obtain this level of qualification, the examiner must have satisfactorily completed a course in the interpretation of Psychological tests at an accredited college or university, and possess an advanced degree in a profession that provides specialized training in the interpretation of psychological assessments (http://www.cpp.com).

The intended population of the California Psychological Inventory is normal individuals aged 12 and older, however, the content is geared primarily toward students and young adults (Megargee, p.5). The test requires a fourth-grade reading level unless the items are read aloud to the respondents (Megargee, p.5).

The purpose of the California Psychological Inventory is to measure and evaluate interpersonal behavior and social interaction within normal individuals. Harrison Gough defined the purpose of the test’s sales “to forecast what a person will say and do under defined conditions, and to identify individuals who will be described in characteristic ways by others who know them well or who observe their behavior in particular contexts.” (http://www.cpp.com)

The items on the California Psychological Inventory produce scores for the following 20 folk scales: Capacity for Status, Sociability, Social Presence, Self-Acceptance, Sense of Well Being, Responsibility, Socialization, Self-Control, Tolerance, Good Impression, Communality, Achievement via Conformance, Achievement via Independence, Intellectual Efficiency, Psychological Mindedness, Femininity/Masculinity Independence, Flexibility and Empathy (http://www.cpp.com).

The twenty scales are divided into four classes, including measures of poise, self-assurance, and inter-personal proclivities; measures of normative orientation and values; measures of cognitive and intellectual functioning; and measures of Role and Personal Style (http://www.cpp.com).

For scoring the California Psychological Inventory, the raw scores for each scale are transferred to a profile sheet. By plotting the scores on a profile sheet, they are converted to T-scores: standard scores with a mean of 50 and a standard deviation of 10 (Megargee, p.5).

The scores are interpreted and documented in three different reports, the Profile, Narrative, and Configurable Analysis. The interpreted scores identify an individual as being one of four types: an Alpha-External, Norm Favoring; Beta-Internal, Norm Favoring; Gamma-External, Norm Doubting; or a Delta-Internal, Norm Doubting (Saladin, p.25-28).

The description of an Alpha-External, Norm Favoring includes personality characteristics including forceful, dominant, ambitious, assertive, extroverted and action-oriented (Saladin, p.25). The personality characteristics of a Beta-Internal, Norm Favoring include low keyed, nurturant, responsible, stable, dependable and predictable (Saladin, p.26). For Gamma-External, Norm Doubting, characteristics include innovative, clever, adventurous, and questioning of the status quo (Saladin, p.27). The common personality characteristics of a Delta-Internal, Norm Doubting include reflective, detached, preoccupied and perceptive (Saladin, p.28).

In developing the California Psychological Inventory, Harrison Gough avoided using a theory based inventory, and instead, opted to use the approach of examining the setting in which the test is to be used and developing measurements based on the constructs already in operational usage there (Megargee, p.12). In this way, Gough proposed, the scales have general direct relevance because they are dealing with concepts which have already attained a degree of functional validity (Megargee, p.12). He referred to the 20 scales of the California Psychological Inventory as “folk scales”. For the actual method of test and item construction, Gough used the External Criterion method for deriving the majority of the scales, and the rational procedures of Internal Consistency Analysis for the remainder (Megargee, p.25).

In the development of the California Psychological Inventory, a normative sample was used that consisted of six thousand men and seven thousand women (Megargee, p. 6). The sample cannot be considered a true random or stratified sample for various reasons; however, the sample did include subjects of widely varying age, socioeconomic status, and geographical areas (Megargee, p. 6).

The procedures used in assessing the reliability of the California Psychological Inventory were internal consistency with alpha and test-retest. The Alpha reliabilities for the 20 folk scales ranged from .62 to .84, with .77 being the median (Saladin, p.3).

The test-retest reliabilities of the 20 folk scales were assessed for 1 year, 5 years, and 25 years after the initial assessment. For the 1-year test-retest assessment, the reliability at the High School level ranged from .51 to .84, with .68 as the median. For the 5-year test-retest assessment, the reliability at the adult level ranged from .36 to .73, with .56 as the median. For the 25-year test-retest assessment, the reliability at the adult level ranged from .37 to .82, with .58 being the median (Saladin, p.3).

Reliability was also assessed for 3 Vector scales, using internal consistency with alpha and test-retest. The Alpha median was .82, and .59-.77 was the range for test-retest (Saladin, p.3).

In assessing the validity of the California Psychological Inventory scales, Gough used two basic criteria. The first was that the scales must identify people who will behave in a specified way. Secondly, people with high scores must impress others as having the quality in question (Megargee, p.27). Additionally, Gough subjected the scales to a conceptual analysis to clarify what it is that each scale was assessing as well as exploring them for unexpected relationships and uses (Megargee, p.27). These analyses included formal validation studies. An acceptable amount of research on the convergent validity of the California Psychological Inventory has also been done. Correlations between individual CPI scales and relevant external criteria fall in the .2 to .5 range, which is typical for personality research (http://www.cpp.com). Information on item correlations and factorial analyses are unavailable.

Marketing for the California Psychological Inventory has been primarily aimed at business leaders, for use in finding and developing successful employees, identifying and developing leaders and creating efficient organizations. However, the CPI is used for measurement in a variety of settings. It is often used in schools and colleges for academic counseling, identifying leaders and predicting success; in clinics and counseling agencies for evaluating substance abuse, susceptibility to physical illness, marital discord, juvenile delinquency and criminality, and social immaturity; and for cross-cultural and other research (http://www.cpp.com).

A range of informative studies have been done utilizing the California Psychological Inventory. In 1998, a study was published titled “ Prediction of Dysfunctional Job Behaviors Among Law Enforcement Officers” (Sarchione, Cuttler, Muchinsky and Nelson-Gray,1998), and used three of the CPI scales – Responsibility, Socialization, and Self-Control. The study concluded that while the CPI was accurate and useful in assessing the construct of conscientiousness, it was not as accurate in hypothesizing construct-oriented life history indices (drug use, criminal, and work) (Sarchione, et al.,1998).

In 1996, a study was published titled “ Psychometric Properties of the California Psychological Inventory Socialization Scale in Treatment-Seeking Alcoholics” (Kadden, Donovan, Litt and Cooney,1996). The study examined the psychometric properties of the CPI’s Socialization scale ( So , used to assess sociopathy) with regard to alcoholics. The participants were 1,627 alcoholics taking part in a national trial of patient-treatment matching, and found that the distribution of CPI-So scores was consistent with that of other studies of alcoholics, and the findings support the reliability and validity of the scale with that population (Kadden, et al.,1996).

There are a number of general strengths in the California Psychological Inventory. These include its proven ability in predictive studies, and generally, people usually find that their personal descriptions match those that the scales suggest. An additional strength and one that is reported more so in the CPI-260 is that it is difficult for an individual to fake bad or fake good. The California Psychological Inventory is also praised for its versatility (Laufer,Skoog and Day (1982).

The California Psychological Inventory also has a weakness. As mentioned, the normative group used in the test design be considered a true random or stratified sample. One reason is that racially, Caucasians are highly overrepresented in the sample (Megargee, p.6). In “ Personality and Criminality: A Review of the California Psychological Inventory” (Laufer,et al.,1982), the authors point out that while research has been performed using various minority ethnic groups, the results are disquieting as they show that lower class, minority group members tend to obtain lower scores on almost all 20 CPI scales (Laufer, et al., 1982).. In order for this to be corrected, researchers are encouraged to consider the effect that certain variables (race, SES, IQ, etc) have on CPI scores (Laufer, et al., 1982). This weakness with the California Psychological Inventory is especially important in regard to the validity of predictive studies in prison populations, with parolees, etc.

An additional weakness with the California Psychological Inventory is the information available on its validity. While an adequate amount of information is available in regards to its reliability, with so little information available, it is difficult for one to determine the adequacy of the test’s validity.

Despite the bias within its initial normative sample and inability to compensate for socioeconomic status, the CPI has proven itself as a valuable predictor of both an individual’s future behavior and the peer’s assessments of the given individual. With relative parsimony and thrift, the CPI further provides a valuable analysis of individual personality and avails those results in terms comprehensible to laypeople. The enduring applicability of the CPI has evinced itself in numerous recent studies that have successfully used the CPI in such wide-ranging applications as: the behavior of alcoholics, prediction of leadership capacity, and potential for law-enforcement effectiveness. The comprehensiveness and generally sound theoretical underpinnings of the CPI suggest high chances of its continued applicability.

Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc. Retrieved April 20, 2005 from http://www.cpp.com

Kadden, Donovan, Litt and Cooney (1996). Psychometric Properties of the California Psychological Inventory Socialization Scale in Treatment-Seeking Alcoholics. Psychology of Addictive Behavior, Vol.10, 3, 131-146

Laufer, Skoog, and Day (1982). Personality and Criminality: a Review of the California Psychological Inventory , Journal of Clinical Psychology, Vol. 38, 3, 562-72

Megargee, Edwin I. (1972). The California Psychological Inventory Handbook . San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, Inc. Publishers. PP 2,5-6,12,25-27

Saladin, Steve. California Psychological Inventory Revised http://www.webs.uidaho.edu/saladin/510/CPI.pdf

Sarchione, Cuttler, Muchinsky and Nelson-Gray(1998). Prediction of Dysfunctional Job Behaviors Among Law Enforcement Officers. Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 83, 6, 904-912

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11 thoughts on “ california personality inventory ”.

Is the CPI a good tool to use with adults over 50 as an assessment tool for career change. Is it a good tool for assessing self-efficacy, self-determination .Is it a good tool for assessing social change,environment adversity, (unemployment, career change, college/voc ) for adults over 50.


The CPI is interesting in my research for a class I am taking for my masters degree

In para 2 you write “The reliability of the CPI has been assessed as to its internal consistency, as judged by alpha (.77 median) and test-retest (medians: 1 year=. 68, 5 year=.56, 25 year .58). ” Does this imply that comparison of test to retest results of the CPI suggests that after 25 years, half the subjects had altered their self-image by more than 40%? What does the .58 represent?

Hi, I am looking for the questions to the CPI 434. I have the Spanish version 462 and it has proven quite helpful. JP [email protected]

very useful information thank you… i’m going to use it in my research but i want to know about its scoring. can u help me how to score the true and false items thanks

The write-up up there has really broaden my knowledge about CPI and i will b very happy and fully satisfied if i can get the 434 sample question .. i need it to complete an assignment.

Do you finally get tge sample questions? I am also looking for it. Tq

Hello, this is Mirae park from Hakjisa publisher in Korea. We are the best publisher specialized in psychology fields, and we have also published the Korean version of WISC-IV, ABC-II, Bayley-III, and so on. We found the ‘California Personality Inventory: CPI’ very interesting, and would like to know- whether Korean copyrights (for publishing) of CPI is alive for us. Would you please let me know whether Korean copyrights of CPI is available for us? Please let me know if this is the wrong contact information that I should ask this inquiry. It will be very much helpful and appreciated, if you could provide the contact information of the person in charge regarding Copyright inquiries. Really hope to receive the feedback from you. Thanks:!)

Hello I need cpi 260’s peofile sheet and answer key and i dont have more time! Please help me how can i have it?!

I am also looking for the answer keys for the CPI 260 scales. But as you probably know the CPI is due to copyright So impossible to find this information on internet Regards

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realme 8i – Full Specs and Official Price in the Philippines

realme 8i

The  realme 8i is a smartphone that features a 6.6-inch FHD+ display with a 120Hz screen refresh rate, 50MP + 2MP + 2MP triple rear cameras, and a 16MP selfie camera.

It runs on a MediaTek Helio G96 chipset with either 4GB or 6GB of RAM, Android 11 OS, and realme UI 2.0 software. There's also a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, 4G LTE connectivity, dual-band Wi-Fi, and up to 128GB of expandable storage.

A large 5,000mAh battery powers the device with support for 18W fast charging technology via USB Type-C.

realme 8i Price in the Philippines

The official price of the realme 8i in the Philippines is ₱9,990.00 for the 4/64GB variant and ₱11,990.00 for the 6/128GB variant (price drop to ₱10,990.00 on April 1, 2022). It is now available in realme stores, authorized dealers, and online shops.

realme 8i Specifications

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realme 8i

Daniel Gubalane - I am a tech enthusiast who likes to review gadgets and organize smartphone specs sheets to create a helpful website for smartphone buyers. Facebook • Instagram

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realme 8i

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Realme 8i (6GB RAM + 128GB) vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G

Here you can compare Realme 8i (6GB RAM + 128GB) and Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G. Comparing Realme 8i (6GB RAM + 128GB) vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G on Smartprix enables you to check their respective specs scores and unique features. It would potentially help you understand how Realme 8i (6GB RAM + 128GB) stands against Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G and which one should you buy The current lowest price found for Realme 8i (6GB RAM + 128GB) is ₹15,999 and for Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G is ₹24,999. The details of both of these products were last updated on Mar 09, 2023.

Realme 8i (6GB RAM + 128GB)


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Realme 8i review: An affordable phone with a 120Hz screen and good battery life


The Realme 8i runs on a MediaTek Helio G96 chipset, which does not support 5G.

Realme tends to subdivide its smartphone lines into several configurations to cater for different market segments. The Realme 8, for example, comes in four flavours: at the entry level is the 6.4-inch  Realme 8  (£169); those who want 5G should look to the 6.5-inch  Realme 8 5G  (£199); and the top-end specs are found in the 6.4-inch  Realme 8 Pro  (£279). All of these handsets are available directly to UK buyers. The 6.6-inch  Realme 8i  with its 5000mAh battery and 120Hz screen isn't a direct purchase in the UK at the time of writing, but is selling across Europe  for €199 (4GB/64GB) or €219 (4GB/128GB).

The immediately eye-catching thing about my Realme 8i review unit was its pale lavender-coloured backplate with a silver tint. This colour, which Realme calls Space Purple, won't appeal to everyone, but it's certainly distinctive. More conservative buyers can choose the Space Black alternative.

The backplate is a fingerprint attractor and also quite slippery in the hand. Realme includes a clear bumper with the phone, which will solve these issues, while also affording extra protection for the plastic backplate. However, the back's light-reflecting capabilities will be lost under the bumper.


pros and cons

A rectangular bump at the back houses three cameras and an LED flash unit. Its positioning has the familiar effect of raising what is the top right corner of the handset when it's face-up on a desk, so that any pressure applied in the upper left quadrant cause the phone to rock around. This is irritating, if hardly novel, but is resolved if you use the bumper, which flattens off the back.

Realme includes a 3.5mm headset jack on the bottom edge of the phone, which also houses a USB-C port and a speaker grille. The left edge has two volume buttons and a caddy that accommodates two SIMs and a MicroSD card. Note that this is not a 5G handset. The right side has a small indent for the power button, which incorporates a fingerprint reader.


The Realme 8i's 6.6-inch IPS screen has a resolution of 1080 by 2412 pixels (401ppi) and a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. The main rear camera at the back is a 50MP unit, complemented by 2MP macro and depth cameras.

The Realme 8i's dimensions of 75.5mm wide by 164.1mm deep by 8.5mm thick and 194g weight are unremarkable for a 6.6-inch phone. There is a large bezel at the bottom of the screen, which accounts for the moderate  screen-to-body ratio  of 84.7%. Still, the screen has a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, and you can either run it at this rate all the time or set it to dynamically vary depending on the content being displayed.

The screen's FHD+ resolution (1080 x 2412 pixels, 401ppi) ensures that text is highly legible and graphics look sharp. While the IPS panel is not as vibrant as OLED, its maximum brightness of 600 nits helps with outdoor use on sunlit days. I used the handset for reading e-books, doing social media and watching some video, and had no issues. 

Sadly the same can't be said for the speaker, which is average at best. Volume goes quite high, but there's a lack of bass, while a tinny, treble overtone seems constantly present. At this price point some things do have to give, and in this case the speaker is one of those things. 

The budget price of this handset is evident in the on-board storage, with just 128GB installed. Of this, 18GB is used leaving 110GB free. Fortunately, the MicroSD card slot allows for storage expansion.  

The Realme 8i is powered by the  MediaTek Helio G96  chipset, supported by 6GB of RAM in my review handset. This platform turned in  Geekbench 5  CPU scores of 536 (single core) and 1885 (multi core), putting it in broadly the same performance camp as the  Sony Xperia 10 III  (548 and 1601, Snapdragon 690 5G/6GB) and the rugged  Nokia XR20  (507 and 1675, Snapdragon 480 5G/6GB). 


You can populate the Smart Sidebar -- part of Realme UI 2.0 -- with frequently used apps and tools.

The Realme 8i runs  Android 11  with the manufacturer's  Realme UI 2.0  on top. There are some neat usability features, including the Smart Sidebar, a pop-out launcher that's called up by sweeping inwards from the right of the screen. You can use the Smart Sidebar from any app to access favourite apps or tools, and it's easy to personalise. There is also a split-screen mode that's invoked by swiping up with three fingers.

If you like to tweak the look and feel of your phone, you can customise icon styles, system colours, system fonts and more. It's even possible to adjust dark mode, selecting three darkness settings (enhanced, medium and gentle), and deciding whether wallpapers and icons should follow suit.


A range of UI customisations are available in Realme UI 2.0, including different Dark mode settings.

The Realme 8i is liberally peppered with apps over and above the Android staples, including photo, music and video apps, plus a file manager. Then there are the third-party apps, including the usual social media suspects. It's a lot to contend with, and some users may want to just throw what they don't need into a folder or, where possible, hit the uninstall button. 

The 16MP f/2.1 selfie camera did a good job of capturing me at various points during testing, but the triple camera array at the back isn't quite as impressive as it first seems, given that two of them are 2MP devices -- an f/2.4 macro camera and an f/2.4 depth sensor. 

The macro lens is fixed focus, and it's recommended that you shoot from a 4cm distance. If you do, it takes a reasonable photo. The depth sensor doesn't do anything on its own, but serves as a background blurring sensor for portraits taken with the main camera, and did a pretty decent job. 

ZDNet: Best phone 2021: The top 10 smartphones available

Considering the price of this handset, The main 50MP f/1.8 camera works better as a point-and-shoot device than I'd expected. However, my limited night-time shooting experience suggests that this is not its strong suit. 

With a 5000mAh battery on-board it seems fair to expect good longevity from the Realme 8i, and it doesn't disappoint. The  PCMark for Android   Work 3.0 battery life  test ran for an impressive 18 hours and 56 minutes. And when asked to stream YouTube video, the handset lost 19% from a full charge during a three-hour period, suggesting battery life of around 16 hours (on a linear extrapolation).  

There is a downside in that the handset doesn't support super-fast charging. With the battery at 20% and using the provided 18W adapter and cable, it rose to 37% in 15 minutes, to 53% in 30 minutes and to 68% in 45 minutes. 


Realme 8i in Space Black.


The Realme 8i is something of a mixed bag. On the plus side is the affordable price, the 120Hz screen refresh rate, impressive battery life, dual SIM support plus MicroSD storage expansion, a competent main camera and a distinctive purple chassis colour (with black available if it's not to your taste). On the minus side is relatively slow 18W battery charging, a disappointing speaker and no 5G support. 

If your budget is tight and you don't need 5G, the Realme 8i is definitely worth considering. 


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Realme GT and GT Master Edition, hands on: A pair of affordable mid-range 5G phones  

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realme 8i

Realme C55 launches with Dynamic Island clone called ‘Mini Capsule’

Damien wilde.


realme 8i

It has taken longer than expected, but we have the first Android phone from Realme that clones the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island.

Given many Chinese OEMs’ penchant for lifting popular iPhone hardware and software features, it’s a shock to us that it has taken an Android maker this long to replicate the software-based notch-hiding technique.

The Realme C55 has officially been unveiled in Indonesia with its own Dynamic Island function called “Mini Capsule.” What’s interesting here is that unlike Apple’s pill-shaped punch-hole, the Realme C55 has a centrally placed punch-hole. The “Mini Capsule” animations actually extend the screen area, which is lost to this cutout.

Just like Apple’s Dynamic Island, certain system information will be shown to the left and right of the punch-hole. However, the animation only shows SuperVOOC charging and battery information in the animation shared by Realme Indonesia. Other data like daily step count and data usage are also said to be shown within the animated panels. Just like on iOS, it’ll likely require developers to tune their apps to work with Realme’s solution for further integrations.

realme dynamic island

It’s a solid mid-ranger with a 6.72-inch FHD+ 90Hz screen, MediaTek Helio G88 processor and up to 8GB of RAM. 256GB of onboard storage is also offered with microSD card expansion up to 1TB. A side-mounted fingerprint scanner provides biometric security with a 5,000mAh battery and 33W charging also included.

A dual camera is also included here with a 64MP main sensor and 8MP depth sensor. The Realme C55 selfie camera is rated at 8MP here too, so not quite as good as the iPhone 14 Pro series despite cloning the Dynamic Island function.

Interestingly, the Realme C55 is set to come to Europe “soon” according to Realme Europe CEO Francis Wong who shared a teaser image on Twitter . Just whether we’ll see more Android OEMs follow suit with their own iterations remains to be seen.

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