Research Proposal Topics in Information Technology

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Proposal Topics in Information Technology

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We also maintain individuality to provide in-depth research guidance for each and every research scholar to attain their goal.  Now let’s have our thesis structure and also various advanced information technology domains for your research proposal,

A research proposal is an outline of your proposed project that is designed to,

Our Research Proposal Structure:

Possible Pitfalls

Advanced Information Technology Convergence

Information technology in robotics:.

Information Technology in Transportation Systems:

Information Technology in Signal and Image processing:         

Information Technology in Human-Computer Interaction:           

Information Technology in Health care:

Other Convergences :

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265 Powerful Research Proposal Topics to Consider [+ Writing Tips]

265 Powerful Research Proposal Topics to Consider [+ Writing Tips]

A research proposal is a common task for students of different levels and areas of study. Although it is relatively straightforward, it still can be hard to start and choose an engaging topic. In this article, you will find 255 strong suggestions on crime & law, business, finance, politics, sociology, and other subjects. Feel free to use this list for your inspiration when writing your paper. Alternatively, you can look at sample essays for free from our database and try to come up with the topic on your own.

Let’s start!

What is a Research Proposal?

Undergraduate Research Proposal

First thing first, let’s define what a research proposal is. This type of assignment is similar to research; however, it’s shorter and more general. It aims at introducing a topic that needs a more in-depth discussion. The student should prove that this issue requires further research. Usually, professors assign this type of task for you to practice before working on a bigger format.

Key Sections of Research Proposal.

A typical research proposal consists of three key sections: introduction, literature review, and methodology of your future study. Keep reading to get to know more about each part and how you can succeed in writing them.

The length of a research proposal depends on the future paper you’re writing it for and on your task requirements. It can be from four to twenty pages. Finally, all proposals should meet the standards of the referencing style that your professor asks for.

You should also understand the difference between a qualitive and a quantitative research proposal. The first one collects non-numerical data while the second one presents numerical information. The results of a qualitive research proposal can be displayed as photographs or recordings, while the quantative research results are usually shown as graphs and tables.

Now, let’s see what topics you can choose for your assignment. Click on the links we shared to find more research proposal examples.

Crime & Law Research Proposal Topics

Law students frequently get tasks like research proposals to develop their academic writing skills and understand complicated cases better. You can be more creative with law & criminology research proposal topics than you expect. Find inspiration for your work in the list below!

International Law Topics

International relations are complicated due to numerous external and internal factors. So, setting laws that would be applicable within different societies is a tough task. In the selection of international law topics below, we collected some challenging ideas. Check it out!

Business Law Topics

Business is another field full of unresolved issues and puzzles from the law perspective. From ownership to taxes – each aspect hides dozens of nuances and business law cases. Let’s see what topics you can discuss in your paper.

Criminology Research Proposal Topics

Today, more and more fields of study discuss equality-related issues. Criminology is not an exception. The most popular topics concern crimes against women, children, minorities, mass violence, race-based felony, etc. Discover more engaging law research proposal topics related to criminology in our list below!

Criminal Behavior Fact.

Criminal Justice Research Proposal Topics

Delivering justice to those who committed crimes can be a complex process. There are many unexpected and controversial issues that institutions should take into account when solving particular cases. We prepared some criminal justice research proposal topics to dwell on. See the following list.

Business Research Proposal Topics

Business is a complex area that consists of various disciplines like marketing, finance, recruitment, business administration, and so on. In this section, we selected 60 business research proposal topics related to each of them. First, let’s see what ideas there are for general business issues.

Marketing Research Proposal Topics

Today, a well-built marketing department can contribute a lot to the company’s success. On the other hand, having a weak promotion strategy can make even the best product unnoticeable on the market. Let’s see which marketing research proposal topics you can bring to light!

Research Proposal Topics in Human Resource Management

Any business is more about people than about a particular product. Hiring the right fits and supporting them in their working journey is challenging – many issues can appear out of nowhere. Discuss one of the research proposal topics in human resource management from our list below and shed light on the questions you find crucial.

Child Labor in Chocolate Industry.

Finance Research Proposal Topics

Excellent finance management is the key to success for any company. This area has multiple internal and external aspects that should be considered when building business plans and strategies. In the list below, you will find finance research proposal topics related to such issues as corporate responsibility, investment, crisis management, shares, etc.

English Research Proposal Topics

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It’s associated with outstanding achievements and changes in society. Also, it brought to light a handful of written masterpieces and their famous authors. Discuss one of the works or issues from the list below – dive into the depth of language!

Research Proposal: English Literature Topics

It’s hard to deny the talent of such writers as Jane Austen or Mark Twain. However, there are also less well-known masters, like Sylvia Plath, whose writings also deserve your undivided attention. Their works will teach you a lot about life in the previous centuries. Discover more research proposal English literature topics below!

Tolkien’s stories fact.

Research Proposal on the English Language

Language is a diverse world that lives by its rules and gets constantly enriched by its speakers. English is a unique one in terms of being a second language to representatives of multiple nations and cultures. That’s why it is influenced by many languages and develops faster than any other one. We prepared fifteen topics for a research proposal on the English language to dwell on its current issues.

Interesting Research Proposal Topics

Writing a research proposal can be more entertaining if you’re presenting a topic you’re deeply interested in. Whether it is politics or psychology, there is a lot to talk about. In this section, you can choose an exciting topic for a research proposal on different subjects and issues. Let’s see what we selected for you!

Political Science Research Proposal Topics

Today’s politics is developing in a tight bond with the issues of inequality, climate change, and others. Society requires the government’s immediate decisions regarding the subsequent problems. The relations between certain countries also become tense, making politicians react to urgent issues as soon as possible. All the above make politics a complex and controversial subject. Expose your thoughts on one of the political science research proposal topics we have chosen for you.

Research Proposal Topics in Education

Education is a vital part of one’s life and growth. Moreover, we spend most of our youth studying and preparing for our future life. So, why not make the most of this time? In recent years, the views on the perfect study process have changed a lot. Speak out your ideas on these research proposal topics in education:

5 Common Uses Of Technology In The Classroom.

Sociology Research Proposal Topics

Society is constantly evolving so that more and more new issues arise. Today, we speak more about gender, race, sexual orientation, and ethnic minorities than at any time in the history of humankind. What will be the results of this discussion? We suggest you express your opinion on one of the sociology research proposal topics!

Psychology Research Proposal Topics

Today’s youth cares about their mental health more than the previous generation. Is that for good? Knowing what’s going inside your head can have an immense impact on your quality of life. This is a truly life-changing journey. The topical issues now are anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, and PTSD. We prepared fifteen psychology research proposal topics for you to discuss.

Research Proposal Topics in Information Technology

Today’s life depends a lot on technology and its development. From work to health issues – many things can be solved or complicated by machines or algorithms. New technologies require new laws and ways of coping with everyday situations. However, there’s no correct answer whether they are good or bad. We prepared some absorbing information technology research proposal topics for you!

Biology Research Proposal Topics

Are you curious about what’s going on inside your body or any other living being? If you’re studying this, the biology research proposal topics below will be handy for you! We selected ideas for papers about bacteria, cells, innovations in biotechnologies, and more.

Public Health Research Proposal Topics

With the advancements in governmental systems and technologies, public healthcare becomes more accessible and effective, yet many issues are to be resolved in the future. We found some research proposal topics in nursing and other medical disciplines that will be interesting to study.

Obesity Rate in the U.S.

You can find many engaging topics to discuss during your college or university life. We selected ideas for your paper that relate to different subjects and areas of study. Feel free to pick up any topics for an undergraduate research proposal you’re curious about and study it.

How To Write A Research Proposal

If you made it down here, you probably want to know more about the research proposal structure. In this section, we’ll discuss the specific features of this type of assignment and how to title a research proposal.

A research proposal is a compelling abstract that introduces your proposed paper. In this writing, you present the key questions of the research. The research proposal format can be described as general, summarizing, and brief. Your main goal here is to demonstrate that the topic you’ve chosen deserves more attention.

How To Title A Research Proposal

Your research proposal should grab attention from the very first second when the reader looks at its title. Let’ see which points you should consider to make it impressive and engaging.

If you’re assigned a particular topic, it can be a little easier for you to title your research proposal. Simply rephrase the sentence or sentences in your task and cut off too specific information. Remember that your title should be as short as 10-15 substantive words.

Research Proposal Outline.

Research Proposal Outline

It’s not enough to write valuable content. You should also know how to organize it properly. That’s why a good outline brings you halfway to a successfully completed task. A research proposal outline is similar to other academic papers. However, its structure has some crucial points to consider. Here are seven critical elements of a superb research proposal:

In today’s article, we presented 255 topic proposals for a research paper for you to find inspiration and ideas for your work. You can also discover dozens of examples from one of the largest essay sample databases – StudyCorgi.

Stay tuned and follow our latest updates to know how to excel in your studies!

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120 Amazing Research Proposal Topics and Ideas to Get Started

Table of Contents

A research proposal is an academic paper that presents a research topic that requires an in-depth discussion. Basically, it covers the significant details such as the scope, objectives, and timeline of a project to be submitted. Its ultimate aim is to explain the reasons why a particular topic that you have chosen needs further research. Currently, would you have to prepare a research proposal? Are you seeking the best research proposal topics in your field of study? Don’t worry! We will help you in preparing a great research proposal . For a research proposal, a good topic is necessary. If you have no idea what topic to choose for your research proposal, then keep on reading this blog post.

Here, we have presented a list of brilliant research proposal topic ideas on various academic subjects. Explore and pick an ideal topic that is suitable for scoring an A+ grade.

Steps for Writing a Successful Research Proposal

Generally, many students without having a basic knowledge of research proposals prepare the document by presenting all the information in an improper structure and format. In the research paper preparation process, research proposal writing is an important step that shouldn’t be skipped.

How to Write Research Proposal

If you want funds for your research project, then you must have approval for your research proposal. Mainly, to craft a winning research proposal, you should prove how worthy your research paper is by including the benefits and results of the proposed study along with strong evidence. In specific, you should mention the need for researching the topic and justify your interest.

In case, you are unsure of how to write an acceptance-worthy research proposal, then make sure to follow the below-mentioned steps.

Executing all these steps will help you to come up with a brilliant research proposal. Most importantly, while preparing a proposal for your research topic, you should strictly stick to the guidelines and standard referencing style that your professors ask for.

Outstanding Research Proposal Topics and Ideas

Below we have listed some captivating research proposal ideas on different subjects such as business, medical, law, education, and so on. If you are struggling to find a unique topic for your research proposal, then from the below-suggested list, pick a topic that is interesting to you.

Business Research Proposal Topics

Marketing Research Proposal Topics

Research Proposal Topics on Computer Science and IT

Law Research Proposal Topics

Research Proposal Ideas on Education

MBA Research Proposal Topic Ideas

Medical Research Proposal Topics

See Also – Outstanding Medical Research Topics for you to Explore & Analyze

Research Proposal Topics for Ph.D. Scholars and Postgraduates

Other Interesting Research Proposal Topics

Research Proposal Topics:

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, the list of research proposal topics and ideas shared in this blog post will help you to come up with an outstanding research proposal. In case, you need a customized research proposal or any other unique research proposal topic, then, without any hesitation, connect with us. We have skilled research proposal writers in our team to assist you in crafting a successful research proposal. Besides writing, we will also help you in selecting the right topic for your research proposal from your desired field of study.

To make use of our research proposal writing help services online, simply share your requirements with us through the order form. Based on your specifications, our experts will compose and dispatch you a persuasive research proposal on time at an affordable cost. In addition to the assistance for research proposals, the well-qualified academic writers in our team will also offer you the best quality online assignment writing help .

Don’t hesitate! Just book your order and receive extraordinary academic benefits by utilizing our professional assignment writing services.

research proposal in it topics

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20 Examples of Research Proposal Topics for Great Research

If you have already brainstormed about the ideas for your research proposal, but still cannot decide on the topic – this article is for you! We know that it’s not easy to come up with an interesting and relevant topic for a research paper, so we have designed this list of research proposal topics for you, as well as a research proposal example ! Here you can find undergraduate topics in business, education, social science, and medical disciplines. So, let’s decide on the topic!

business research proposal topics

Business Research Proposal Topics

Evaluate the impact of leadership and culture on the sustainable development of 21st century organizations.

The beginning of the 21st century may be characterized by a new approach to leadership and culture. The new technologies and constantly changing world need managers that can reshape the best global companies. Review literature on sustainable leadership within the 21st century. Consider the dynamics of socio-demographics, barriers and implications, and the role of culture and leadership practices within modern organizations. Also, you can consider the link between leadership styles to cultural types and indirect effects on organizational development. What organizations have developed through the beginning of the 21st century? What factors have influenced their development and success? What type of leadership and culture do they use?

Define negative impacts of Airbnb on the hospitality industry and local economy.

Airbnb started as a website that proposes cheap rooms and apartments. Today, it captures the segment most favored by hotel owners: the rich, and business travelers. Did you know that rental companies such as Airbnb directly affect the local housing market and economy? For example, one of the problems is that a landlord can earn more by renting a property on a popular website than renting a property to a local resident. Discover the effects of Airbnb. What are the benefits of Airbnb for the economy? What steps were already taken to minimize the influence of Airbnb on prices? What can be done to regulate Airbnb and make it benefit the economy?

Analyze the implementation of a new strategy of communication in an existing company.

A particular importance for companies that are seeking to refocus and extend their businesses is finding the right communication strategy with stakeholders. Make an overview of existing practicalities of working communication strategies and make a brief literature review. Find out how the strategy in the chosen company is communicated, how it might be communicated, and the difference it can make to a range of stakeholders. You can research how strategy communications happen, as well as their effect on performance and financial outcomes, and the reputations and the variety and richness of the existing strategic communications.

Compare cultural and organizational behavior between China and the US.

For the last ten years, the Chinese market has become more and more attractive for US companies. But building an effective company in China may have more barriers than language. In this research proposal you can analyze a particular business branch and define the main factors that can influence the consumer compliance in the context of selling such products or services in China. In other words, this research proposal aims to analyze what will improve consumer compliance with a recommended regimen for the use of a product or service. Look through the existing information about cultural and organizational behavior in China and how it differs from those in the US. What peculiarities should the company consider to successfully launch a business in China?

Evaluate the possibilities of implementation of new technology while maintaining efficient operations in a hospital or clinic.

Healthcare managers must be able to make well-considered decisions in a constantly changing world of technologies in order to build a successful medical center. What new technologies should be implemented in order to improve particular processes of the medical center? What healthcare administration issues or barriers exist in the chosen hospital? What researches were already done about this issue? Is there any evidence of successful implementation of the chosen technology? Discuss the relevance of the healthcare administration problem. Conduct an analysis of implementation of this technology considering all possible problems, barriers, costs, and personnel needed for its implementation.

All topics that you can see above are also useful for such disciplines as economics and project management.

Examples of Research Proposal Topics in Education

What is the purpose of college: finding a job or knowledge?

Many students that have graduated from college or university see that their knowledge gained in sweat and blood from studying cannot be applied in their job positions. College education has faced a failure to make students job-ready after graduation, and they need to make changes in preparing their students for future careers. What subjects do colleges need to provide to make their graduates ready for future careers? You can analyze one of the existing programs in your university. What disciplines are the least important in the program? Why? What improvements should be made to the program?

Evaluate the effectiveness of the ALEKS Tutoring System to improve middle school math assessments.

The problem of improving assessments in many subjects is urgent, as it takes too much time for the teacher. Also, teachers strive to make their lessons more productive and interactive. The ALEKS software provides math courses of various school levels. This system can be used as a virtual tutor or used only for evaluating students’ knowledge. Describe the functions of the ALEKS tutoring system and how it works. What possibilities does this system give both to the teacher and student? How are tests evaluated? Evaluate its effectiveness.

Discuss the pros and cons of uniforms in public high schools in the US.

This topic is one of the most discussed topics in education. One of the tasks of the school uniform is to unite children of different social statuses. Also, it puts emphasis on learning and communication between students, and doesn’t concentrate on clothes. On the other hand, it has a list of negative sides. Evaluate the cost of implementation of uniforms in a particular public school. You can consider the following criteria or find your own: quality, cost, type of uniform, influence on the discipline, individuality, etc. On the other side, you can analyze the impact of wearing uniforms in a particular public school on students’ grades and other performances.

Analyze the relationship between SAT scores and college graduation rates.

For this topic you will need to use your analytical skills and gather enough data for this research. For this topic you will need to explore the correlation between student graduation SAT rates from a particular school and student level data from first year classes. The received data should show the existence of the bridge between SAT and college retention. In your research you can consider students’ academic achievements, gender, race, and socioeconomic status. Also, you will need to analyze previously conducted research in a similar topic.

Explore how to inspire students to choose teaching as a future career.

This research should be aimed to find the core points that can help students to find out that teaching is their future career. You can build questionnaires and conduct interviews to find the necessary data. Find questions that will help you discover what makes students think of teaching as their career choice. Have teachers influenced their choice? How? What classroom experiences have lead to this decision? Think about the motivation of these students, and don’t forget to set the limitations of your study in order to get correct results.

Social Science Research Proposal Topic Ideas

Analyze different approaches to parenting styles among men and women.

The aim of this research will be the investigation of the difference between parenting styles of men and women. You can view this topic from the feminist perspective and define what role feminism has played in the psychology of women. Also, consider how feminist movements have changed the frame of understanding about women. The overarching goal of this assignment is to allow you to familiarize yourself, in some depth, with relevant literature that will allow you to generate your own questions and analysis of the issue, area, or problem you have elected to focus on.

Study the effects of PTSD on families after military leave.

PTSD develops if a person has experienced a real or potential threat to life. Also, there is a risk to witnesses of shocking events and people who have dealt with its consequences (e.g. emergency specialists, law enforcement officers, health workers, and volunteers). It happens that PTSD is felt by close friends and relatives of people who have suffered an injury. What is the difference between PTSD and a normal reaction to a traumatic event? What are the diagnostic criteria for PTSD? What factors can provoke PTSD? What should relatives do? How can they help a person with PTSD?

The impact of emotional abuse on the psychological development of adolescents.

Modern researchers give different definitions that can conclude that abuse is a different kind of behavior – from verbal and emotional insults to the use of physical force to murder and rape. In this particular research we suggest you to make research about how emotional abuse influences psychological development of adolescents. It includes conflicts, insults, humiliations, intimidation, excessive control, indifference towards the child, and many other aspects. What are the most common reactions of children on such a negative attitude? How does it influence their adulthood? What physiological reactions can emotional abuse create?

Define the effects of homophobia on men with a homosexual orientation.

According to some studies, support for the LGBT movement in modern society has significantly strengthened in recent years. However, it is still too early to talk about full acceptance of the rights and freedoms of sexual minorities. The situation of homosexual and bisexual people in the world vary from one country to another. In the countries where homosexuality is not accepted or is not supported on a high level, people with homosexual orientation experience high levels of pressure. In many countries homosexuals are subjected to verbal abuse, threats, and subjected to homophobic violence. Conduct the research and define how a negative attitude to gays and lesbians influences their psychological well being.

Find the effects of technologies on the parent-child relationship.

Technologies in the modern world shape our lives. We need to keep them under control so that their benefits help us grow in virtue. Children quickly learn how to use the internet, social networks, and games. Parents should learn how to use technologies to build positive relationships with children and help them explore the world. Review the existing literature about how technology impacts parent-child relationships. What points should parents consider to build strong relationships with their children through technologies? How have technologies changed the approach to upbringing? Also, you may need to conduct field research on the experience of real families.

Biology and Medical Research Proposal Topics

Research the dangers and effects of alcohol abuse on the fetus and newborn.

We think that everyone knows that alcohol is harmful to all human beings. Here we pr opose you to research the consequences of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. A woman who consumes alcohol harms her unborn child. Alcohol affects the development of the embryo throughout the entire period of formation. Alcohol enters the blood of the fetus from the mother, disrupting cell division. The most vulnerable parts are brain cells and the spinal cord. How does alcohol affect the fetus? What is a safe dose of alcohol? What are the signs of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders? How can it be diagnosed? How can fetal alcohol spectrum disorders be prevented?

Explore the factors that influence active family involvement with patients in the intensive care unit (ICU).

Nowadays, it is important to involve the family in the care of the patient in the intensive care unit. Active involvement may speed up the recovery process, keep the interested family members up to date with the patient’s state, and improve the psychological climate in the unit. For this topic you can explore local instructions, recommendations from the US and foreign hospitals and clinics, publications in PubMed, Medline, and other resources. What are the main benefits of involving the family in medical care? How can a critical care nurse involve family members to participate in patient care? What are the most common approaches? What are the barriers for caregivers in intensive care? What instructions should be given to the caregiver?

Propose and provide a health promotion program for students from a particular college (or course).

Colleges and universities should pay great attention to providing health promotion to students in order to create a healthy learning environment. Explain why it is important to have a health promotion program designed according to students’ needs. Explore the standard practice for health promotion in higher educational institutions. Come up with the program for the particular college/university/course. When describing the proposed program you can consider the following points: health problems and health habits of particular students, what the program should include (information, health checks, services, supplemental training, etc.) and people required for program implementation (teachers, medical staff, trainers). Describe the implementation and evaluation of the proposed program.

Compare and analyze anxiety levels among women who practice yoga and those who do not.

Anxiety and stress are like salt in the dish – it helps people be energetic and focused. But when there is too much in our lives, it may lead to mental dysfunction that needs treatment. Yoga is considered to be one of the effective non-traditional ways to reduce anxiety. We propose you to conduct a study that will be aimed at determining the anxiety levels in apparently healthy women of a certain age and to study the effects of Yoga on anxiety levels among them. Choose the criteria you are going to evaluate: age, social status, regularity of exercises, health condition, etc. To conduct a study you can join one of the monthly yoga camps and gather the needed information about women who do yoga.

The relationship between the high rate of stress and physical image in teenage girls.

The functioning of the nervous system of a teenager has its own peculiarities. Increased excitability, hyperactivity, and emotional instability is caused by changing balance of cortical-subcortical relationships in the direction of subcortical activity at pubertal age. What are the signs of teen stress? What are the main causes of stress? How does stress relate to the physical image of teenage girls? What are the ways to reduce stress? To write a research proposal you will need to make an argument about why there is a need for research in this area. Support your claim with evidence from the literature. Come up with methods that you will use for collecting data to test your hypothesis. Consider the limitations of your study.

research proposal topic ideas

A research proposal is a paper that explains the details of your future research and is submitted to your instructor. To pick a topic, you should clarify your intentions about the research and find the information about it. The following list of example topics may help you with this difficult task.

It is important to choose an appropriate topic for a research proposal, as receiving good marks during postgraduate studies directly depends on your research project. In case you need some help, choose the topic you like from the category-list below.

research proposal ideas

a research proposal on any topic

Drugs and Drug Abuse

economics research proposal topics

scientific research proposal topics

good research proposal topics


health research proposal topics

Health Care

law research proposal topics

Law and Crime

write a research proposal on any topic

sociological research proposal topics

Social Issues

Get to the Writing Right Now

We hope that this list will help you find a good topic for your research proposal and leave you and your tutor satisfied with the choice. As soon as you make the final choice, make sure that the topic is interesting for you, so you will be motivated to write it. Also, you need to have enough information from the internet and article databases for your research paper . Think what methods you will use for conducting the study and how you are going to collect the data. Decide who you will need to interview, what you might create or observe, etc. And don’t forget to make a works cited list at the end! If you want to shoot two birds with one stone, don’t forget to look through our guide on how to write a research proposal on our website. Good luck!


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Research Proposal Topics: 503 Ideas, Sample, & Guide [2023]

Do you have to write a research proposal and can’t choose one from the professor’s list? This article may be exactly what you need.

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We will provide you with the most up-to-date undergraduate and postgraduate topic ideas. Moreover, we will share the secrets of the winning research proposal writing.

Here, you will find possible ideas for research proposal topics from the best custom writing service that may be used to create your own proposal project as well as a direction for further investigation! So let’s start!

🔬 Research Proposal: Definition

First of all, let’s make clear what a research proposal is. A research proposal is a type of paper you write to show others that you have a project to investigate. A research proposal demonstrates the following:

The purpose of proposal writing is to persuade others that your topic needs to be investigated. Your task is to write a well-structured text that covers all the necessary points. Make sure that everyone can understand what you wish to investigate, why it’s important, and how you are going to do it.

💡 Research Proposal Topics

Now that you know what a research proposal is, it’s time to begin the work.

What is the first thing to be done, then?

That’s right—you need to choose a topic!

The list of research proposal topics below will help you start the process. Some of the research topics are simple, while others are quite complicated. The more difficult problems also contain a short description, so that you can understand immediately whether that topic would be interesting for you.

Political Science Research Proposal Topics

Researching political science gives you plenty of room for exploration. Do you want to investigate local or global politics? Are you interested in historical or contemporary issues? The number of options is overwhelming. Have a look at this list to make choosing easier:

Research Proposal Topics in Information Technology

In recent years, the demand for IT skills has skyrocketed. This trend is likely to continue for the next few decades. Humanity’s dependency on computers keeps growing. Because of this, solid knowledge in IT makes you an invaluable employee for any company. So, get started by writing about one of our engaging prompts:

Receive a plagiarism-free paper tailored to your instructions.

Computer Science Project Proposal Topics

Technology surrounds us everywhere. The internet, for one, has drastically changed the way we communicate. These developments affect all aspects of our lives. One big area that has significantly benefited from ICT is education.

Business Research Proposal Topics

There’s much more to business than just talking finances. Your topic can be theoretical as well as empirical. Writing about business can cover areas such as strategic planning, leadership, or sustainability.

Management Research Proposal Topics

Management is a vital part of every company. That’s why good governance is the key to success. Researching this subject will prove helpful for your future career.

MBA Research Proposal Topic Ideas

Time is money. How can you use it more effectively? That’s one of the central questions you can suggest investigating in an MBA research proposal. For more inspiration, check out these ideas:

Business Project Proposal Ideas

Have you been planning to start your own company? Or maybe you’d like to develop a product that makes life easier? A business project research proposal allows you to put your dream on paper. If you don’t have a concrete idea just yet, here is some inspiration:

Just $13.00 $10.40/page , and you can get an custom-written academic paper according to your instructions

Research Proposal Topics on Education

Education plays a crucial role in our lives. It’s an area where constant research and improvement are incredibly important. Check out these ideas:

Harassment and bullying have been factors in 75% of shooting incidents.

Special Education Research Proposal Topics

There are many questions regarding the best approach in educating kids with special needs. Should they always study with their peers? Or do they need special classes to tackle their individual requirements? Your research proposal can focus on various aspects. The parents’ roles or the use of technology are compelling examples.

Research Proposal Topics in Early Childhood Education

Young children are extremely impressionable. Because of this, early childhood education has a huge impact on kids’ development. Many factors need careful consideration. Among them are learning techniques and the need of incorporating the child’s social background.

Sociology Research Proposal Topics

Humans are erratic creatures. Yet, we all manage to live together. Are you interested in studying the mechanics of society? Then you should consider a research proposal in sociology .

Other Research Proposal Topics

History research proposal example topics.

Maybe you enjoy tracing the footsteps of past societies. Or perhaps you like to study the battles of the 20 th century. Whatever your preference is, researching any part of history will certainly yield fascinating results.

Research Proposal Topics in English and World Literature

If you’re passionate about reading , this section is for you. From Dostoyevsky to Austen, this list contains only the most engaging prompts in literature.

Chemistry Research Proposal Topic Ideas

Do you enjoy analyzing what our world is made of? With a research proposal in chemistry , you can do precisely that. Whether you’re into inorganic or biochemistry, this section has what you need.

Psychology Research Proposal Example Topics

In many ways, human mind remains a mystery. That’s probably one of the main reasons why psychology is such a fascinating subject. Do you want to dive into an uncharted territory or stay on the beaten track? You decide!

Research Proposal Topics in Philosophy

What is good and evil? Philosophers have been asking questions like this for centuries. You can join their pondering with a research proposal topic from the list below.

Research Proposal Topics in Development Studies

The evolution of states and nations is at the core of developmental studies. You can observe this process from various perspectives. These include political, social, or cultural points of view.

Medical Research Proposal Sample Topics

Thorough medical research is vital for human survival and wellbeing. The human body harbors many mysteries that need exploring. If you want to contribute to solving the puzzle, check out this section.

Biology Research Proposal Sample Topics

Biology is not just about watching birds or inspecting plants. The science of life has much to offer. If you choose to write a paper on this subject, why not study microbiology? Or maybe epidemiology? There is much left to understand about the organisms inhabiting this planet.

Environmental Research Proposal Topics

Environmental disasters are happening at an unprecedented rate. Finding ways to combat them is an urgent mission. That’s why many countries made environmental issues a top priority on their political agendas.

Research Proposal Topics in International Relations

Thanks to globalization, humanity is more interconnected than ever. How do various states, NGOs, and other global actors interact with each other? That’s the critical question of international relations. This subject contains aspects of economics, politics, and law.

Topics for a Research Proposal: Economics

It’s nice to have goods and valuables. But it’s also relevant to know how to properly handle them. Economics looks into how people produce, consume, and otherwise interact with resources.

Criminal Justice Research Proposal Topics

Criminal justice deals with the identification, judgment, and punishment of criminals. It encompasses three spheres: law enforcement, the courts, and corrections.

Qualitative Research Proposal Sample Topics

Are you more of a hands-on student? Does conducting interviews and fieldwork sound exciting to you? Then writing a proposal for qualitative research is the right thing for you.

Quantitative Research Proposal Topics to Write About

If math doesn’t scare you, quantitative research might be what you’re looking for. It’s suitable for everything: from agriculture to microeconomics. Quantifying data collection and analysis is at the heart of this research method.

Easy Research Proposal Topics for Students

A research doesn’t have to be about rocket science. Easy topics can be just as effective. Check out our collection of simple research proposal topics:

If you still want to find some more topics, you are welcome to check science research proposal topics on our blog to make your academic writing life much easier.

📝   How to Write a Project Proposal

Before you start working on the proposal itself, it’s pivotal to understand the standard proposal writing format.

Every academic paper has defined rules to follow, so let’s take a look at the research proposal structure.

Components of Research Proposal

Typically, a research proposal consists of a title, abstract, introduction, research methodology, research results, discussion, ethical considerations, and references.

At the beginning stage, you should choose an interesting proposal title to investigate. It may sound unbelievable, but a carefully chosen title can do half the job in persuading your audience.

Essay title tips list.

In this article, you’ll find research proposal topics in many different areas. It’s always easier to choose one if you have a list of proposal topics to browse. Once you’ve chosen your topic, make your research proposal title catchy and relevant.

Next, every research proposal needs an abstract. This part of your paper has a limited word count, typically between 100 and 300 words. If you want to convince your research committee in just a few lines, you should take this stage very seriously.

What to include in an abstract list.

The abstract must summarize your research proposal, so it’s better to write it after the rest of your paper is done.


This is a standard part of every paper, but different documents include various elements in their introductory texts.

The essay introduction must answer 3 essential question for the reader.

A research proposal introduction should contain the following three parts:

Research Methodology

When writing a research proposal, you need to describe the methods you’ve used. It will make your work more credible and allow the readers to evaluate it properly.

Choose your research methodology.

Your methodology helps you carry out your research. It serves as a basis for any academic paper, and it’s closely connected with your research question.

Research Results

You may be wondering how you can write the research proposal results when you haven’t actually conducted the research yet.

Well, don’t worry—you’re not expected to draw final conclusions at this stage. Instead, just try to analyze what research proposal results you’ll get after your project is done and how those results will impact your field of study or the world at large.

Two ways of presenting and organizing the research results.

This is an important part of your paper because it explains to the research committee whether or not your results will be worth the effort. Try to persuade the audience that you can get important results, but never promise too much.

Research Discussion

It’s okay to face some problems with your research, whether it’s trouble getting an interview from a foreign professor or having the funds to complete an expensive experiment.

Just don’t try to hide from the research committee the things you can’t do for your project. Instead, discuss them with your committee so they can have the whole picture and give you helpful advice on your research. Who knows—maybe one of them can introduce you to this foreign professor!

Ethical Considerations

If your research is conducted on people or animals, you should mention how you’re going to collect your data. Make sure your research proposal methodology doesn’t conflict with ethical guidelines.

References and Appendices

No research paper can be written without reading and studying dozens of sources. You site them all in the References section . If you have any questionnaires for your research proposal or any other documents related to your investigation, include them all in the appendices .

Examples of items in appendices.

Outline of a Research Proposal: Step by Step

STEP #1. Write the abstract.

How should you write your research proposal abstract? Explain the primary problem you want to explore and tell why it’s important:

The next step is writing a research methodology section.

STEP #2. Introduce your methodological approach.

To choose a methodological approach, you need to analyze your research question. Do it from the following points of view:

STEP #3. Introduce your data collection methods.

Depending on how you answered the previous questions, choose which types of data you will need for your research:

Here are the main methods of primary data collection:

Secondary data is usually obtained from books and articles. The main method here is the literature review , where you analyze and evaluate information from the source.

STEP #4. Describe your methods of analysis.

The methods of analysis can be qualitative or quantitative.

Multiple linear regression.

STEP #5. Justify your choices.

Here you should explain why you’ve chosen a particular methodology for your project. Show why your approach is the most appropriate one, and why other methods are not suitable. Here’s the list of the most common disadvantages:

Research Proposal Cover Page & Format

Every academic paper has defined rules to follow, so let’s take a look at the research proposal writing format.

Research Proposal Title Page

The front page of a proposal includes the following:

Formatting and References

Remember to make a reference to every article or website that you used to write your research proposal, and only use credible sources for your study, such as books and peer-reviewed articles. You are usually required to cite your sources in one of the existing citing styles, such as APA or MLA .

Research Proposal Timeline

A timeline is a plan that indicates the milestones of your research and the dates at which you could realistically achieve these milestones. Time schedules are especially important for lengthy researches.

Here are the milestones that you can include in your timeline:

It’s handy to have two versions of the same timeline. First, make a shorter one to include in your research proposal. Then, write a more detailed version for your personal reference.

📄 Undergraduate Research Proposal Sample

Finally, we’ve prepared a research proposal example (MLA format) to help you better understand your task. Feel free to download it below.

This study examines the effect of mobile educational applications on pre-school children and their academic achievements. The research was conducted by studying and analyzing the information provided by similar previously conducted researches. The interpretive methods, which focus on understanding a phenomenon comprehensively, and secondary data collection, were used for this research.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Have any interesting questions or ideas? Let us know in the comments!

Learn more on this topic:

🔗  References

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Thanks for stopping by🙂!

Hello, I am a student of Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource management and industrial relations and need a research topic in the area. Thanks!

Hello, Keneilwe! Maybe our Topic Generator can help you, or you can ask our academic experts here .

Need a unique academic research proposal related to global health and travel medicine.

Sure, Catherine! Our academic experts can help you with your proposal here .

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10 Most Interesting Technology Research Topics

portrait of Charlotte Cornbrooks

Share this Article is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

A research topic is an idea a researcher has when preparing to conduct an experiment. A research project is the testing of this topic and is often used for academic or professional purposes. These can help you start down a new career path or uncover the deep secrets of the universe!

Research topics complement what you learn in the classroom. These assignments allow students to explore their individual passions within the realm of the course subject. Research papers require organization, thoughtful discussion of complex ideas, and effective written communication. Even if you've never been formally asked to write a research paper , you might be required to present your work to a professor or employer.

If you crave conducting experiments or exploring unknown realms of tech, then you may have considered conducting a research project. This article gives an overview of how to structure a research topic, and we found ten unique inspirations for tech-related topics.

What Is a Research Topic Used For?

Research topics allow scholars and students to expand their studies. From history to math to art, there is more knowledge in any field of study than one person can possibly learn. Research topics allow you to hone in on one aspect of your subject.

Students in any academic discipline may use research topics. The final product format may vary depending on the subject of study. For example, a biology paper and an English literature paper take different forms based on the conventions of each academic discipline.

By the end of high school, most students have written a research paper and used a research topic. Research papers will be required at some point for college or university students, regardless of their major.

Most often, academia utilizes research topics and questions. Unless you move into a research or academic-based field, it's unlikely you will write a formal research paper at work that includes a research topic and question.

Research Topic vs. Research Question

A research topic is a general category or idea you want to investigate. Research questions are the specific area where you focus your research and writing.

If you study 20th-century history, your research topic might be women's roles during World War II. This topic is broad and covers many experiences. Your research question could be, what role did women play during resistance efforts in occupied France?

The answer to your research question will become your thesis statement, which is typically included at the end of your introductory paragraph. For example: Within the French Resistance movement, women worked in a variety of critical roles, including espionage, forgery, and munitions.

Tips for Researching

Before you commit to a research question, it's a good idea to do some light research. This ensures there is enough information accessible for you to complete your research paper.

When researching any topic, use reputable sources . The Google Scholar search engine utilizes academic and scholarly resources exclusively. Additionally, research librarians assist students and scholars in finding sources at libraries around the world. Lastly, create an outline for your paper. As you gather information, make sure to group the related facts together.

10 Interesting Technology Research Topics

If you are fascinated by technology and want to research a new, unique side of tech, then look no further. We have compiled a list of ten interesting technology research topics for you!

1. COVID-19's Effect on Medical Technology

History shows us that challenges often precede innovation; the COVID-19 pandemic is no different. Medical researchers and scholars may have used the pandemic to direct and advance new technologies.

For example, the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) may emerge as a new focus for medical technology. This may allow for better remote medical monitoring and treatment.

Some questions to consider when researching medical tech developments after the start of COVID-19 include, who researches IoMT technology? What are the possible applications? What stage of development is this research in?

2. Online Education's Effect on Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated how online learning could be very difficult for students, parents, and teachers. However, there are benefits to online learning. It stands to increase access to education, accommodate varied needs, and more.

In researching online education's effects on learning, consider when online education started and how far it has come since then. What technology has come out of online education? Will online education remain relevant in the next decade? Hint: Most likely.

3. Video Gaming as a Solution to World Problems

When discussing video games, most news coverage highlights only the negative side effects of gaming, such as increased depression, aggression, and addiction.

However, positive outcomes from gaming do exist, including increased reasoning, collaboration, and multicultural communities. Presumably, all these benefits could contribute positively to social problem-solving.

Questions to consider for this topic include: Can video games provide simulations for world problems? Is there a direct connection between gaming and social awareness or community?

4. Children's Use of Technology and Social Media

Research could take this topic in a number of interesting directions. Common topics include screen time, access to inappropriate information on the internet, and device addiction or dependency.

More interesting angles for research might include cultural differences regarding children and technology use or what technology use prepares children best for STEM careers.

Some questions to consider during your research might include: What does medical/scientific research show us regarding children and technology? Why do the effects of tech and social media on children matter?

5. The Pros and Cons of Human Cloning

Cloning seeks to replicate the DNA and function of living beings, including plants, animals, and humans. Currently, no lab has successfully cloned human DNA, despite some claims.

Human cloning has implications we cannot know at this time. Concerns regarding human cloning may parallel those associated with animal cloning, such as decreased life span, increased biological abnormalities, and inefficient production.

When researching human cloning, you may consider the following questions: Why do scientists continue to research human cloning? Which labs or countries are working on human cloning?

6. The Implications of Human Identity Chips

Identity chips can function similarly to a smartphone wallet — they can be used to hold memberships, credit cards, and even health records. However, the ethical implications of this technology embedded in the human body concern many researchers and consumers.

To research this effectively, you'd want to discover how and where identity chips are currently used in humans. Also consider: What laws or regulations exist? What are the ethical concerns?

7. Technology's Effect on Fertility

Still a relatively new field, in vitro fertilization (IVF) continues to benefit from advances in technology. Advances in hardware and microtechnology allow fertility doctors to improve the accuracy of certain procedures. Additionally, new AI software has been released that can more actively predict the health and success of frozen eggs and embryos.

Questions researchers might consider include: How accessible are these IVF technologies? Are there other possibilities for AI or micro technologies related to IVF?

8. The Morality of Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is a highly controversial topic, particularly regarding human genetic engineering. Even genetic modification of crops has strong proponents and harsh critics. While research continues around human genetic engineering, it is not used outside research labs, nor is it legal to do so in most of the world.

Questions to explore this topic might include: What research on genetic modification is ongoing? What are the proven risks and benefits?

9. Digital Voting Risks and Rewards

As with many digital advances, digital voting increases accessibility but provides security concerns. Making online purchases with a credit card was once viewed as a security risk; now, we don't even think twice about it.

With necessary elections taking place around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, digital voting may be under consideration again. The security of votes and the recordkeeping processes are vital to the success of digital voting. Alternatively, increased accessibility and participation may occur with digital voting.

10. Genetically Modified Food As a Solution to World Hunger

As discussed earlier, genetically modified (GM) food can be a controversial topic. Using GM crops to reduce world hunger represents a huge benefit to this research. According to the UN, 90% of GM crop farmers live in the developing world.

To deepen an understanding of GM crops, ask yourself: How much data exists? What are the farmers saying? Do GM crops impact ecosystems or the long-term health of the environment? What is the newest research?

Frequently Asked Questions About Technology Research Topics

What style guide is accepted for research topic papers.

We recommend starting with The Modern Language Association (MLA) format or the American Psychology Association (APA) format. If your instructor specifies a different style guide, follow their instructions.

A style guide is the standard format for title pages, page numbering, and research citations. Different academic fields use different style guides for their research papers. Most university libraries feature reputable instructions and style guide tutorials. However, be careful with citation generators, as they are not always accurate.

How do I create a title for my research topic?

A good research title is specific and brief, no longer than 15 words. It conveys the central information of the research paper that follows. Of course, a title requires proper grammar and punctuation. In the title, all words between the first and last word of the title are capitalized except articles (such as in, a, the, etc.).

Academic paper titles rarely include an exclamation point. However, sometimes question marks are appropriate. Questions in titles are often included in subtitles.

Creating your research paper's title is best done at the end of your first draft. You want a full picture and understanding of your research to properly title the paper.

What are the current trending technologies?

Now an integral part of our society, innovations in computer technology evolve quickly. Some trends include datafication, increased computing power, genomics, and artificial intelligence (AI).

For any organization today, data is a vital asset. Data underscores trends and policies across industries. Of course, with the increased use of computers, their abilities need to increase. Developers seek to create faster networks and bigger storage options for digital work.

Technology trends like genomics and AI research focus on exploring new possibilities. Scientists working in genomics look to modify plant, animal, and potentially human DNA. While most people associate AI with robots, the voice-powered devices in your smart home are a more realistic example of AI trends. Researchers continue to refine and develop language and visual recognition of computers.

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10 best online websites and resources for academic research.

portrait of Genevieve Carlton, Ph.D.

How to Write a Research Paper: 11-Step Guide

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Starting a Career in Artificial Intelligence

portrait of Reece Johnson

Proposal Writing

In fact, IT is the global platform for all of the research . PhD Research proposal topics in information technology  are a superb service.  Most of the projects are based on the methodologies for massive information storage, analysis, and retrieval.  However, for all of the projects, the “seed is the best topic.”  By the way, we put our seeds in the 5000+ worthwhile projects.

First of all, the research proposal is the key to unlock your PhD with the university . For that, you will need a topic. On the other hand, topic selection is a big issue for IT students.  The reason is that it has a lot of domains as well as areas.  To be sure, you need not worry anymore. For your ease, we make a list of the PhD Research proposal topics in information technology  in all of the domains. Surely, keep going with us… Everything you need will come to you at the right time…


Basically, our experience is the source of our wisdom, Our wisdom is the source of your research victory!!! Join us to make a big triumph!!!!

Innovative PhD Research Proposal Topics in Information Technology 

Steps to get PhD Research proposal topics in information technology

Of course, we will not put away your time as we will end all the above steps within three working days. In addition to the proposal topic, we also help you with future research. On the whole, our future PhD tasks include  Synopsis Completion, System Implementation, Algorithm or Pseudocode Preparation, Paper, and Thesis writing .

In a word, tell your dreams to us, we will show it to the world as actions!!!

MILESTONE 1: Research Proposal

Finalize journal (indexing).

Before sit down to research proposal writing, we need to decide exact journals. For e.g. SCI, SCI-E, ISI, SCOPUS.

Research Subject Selection

As a doctoral student, subject selection is a big problem. has the team of world class experts who experience in assisting all subjects. When you decide to work in networking, we assign our experts in your specific area for assistance.

Research Topic Selection

We helping you with right and perfect topic selection, which sound interesting to the other fellows of your committee. For e.g. if your interest in networking, the research topic is VANET / MANET / any other

Literature Survey Writing

To ensure the novelty of research, we find research gaps in 50+ latest benchmark papers (IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, MDPI, Hindawi, etc.)

Case Study Writing

After literature survey, we get the main issue/problem that your research topic will aim to resolve and elegant writing support to identify relevance of the issue.

Problem Statement

Based on the research gaps finding and importance of your research, we conclude the appropriate and specific problem statement.

Writing Research Proposal

Writing a good research proposal has need of lot of time. We only span a few to cover all major aspects (reference papers collection, deficiency finding, drawing system architecture, highlights novelty)

MILESTONE 2: System Development

Fix implementation plan.

We prepare a clear project implementation plan that narrates your proposal in step-by step and it contains Software and OS specification. We recommend you very suitable tools/software that fit for your concept.

Tools/Plan Approval

We get the approval for implementation tool, software, programing language and finally implementation plan to start development process.

Pseudocode Description

Our source code is original since we write the code after pseudocodes, algorithm writing and mathematical equation derivations.

Develop Proposal Idea

We implement our novel idea in step-by-step process that given in implementation plan. We can help scholars in implementation.


We perform the comparison between proposed and existing schemes in both quantitative and qualitative manner since it is most crucial part of any journal paper.

Graphs, Results, Analysis Table

We evaluate and analyze the project results by plotting graphs, numerical results computation, and broader discussion of quantitative results in table.

Project Deliverables

For every project order, we deliver the following: reference papers, source codes screenshots, project video, installation and running procedures.

MILESTONE 3: Paper Writing

Choosing right format.

We intend to write a paper in customized layout. If you are interesting in any specific journal, we ready to support you. Otherwise we prepare in IEEE transaction level.

Collecting Reliable Resources

Before paper writing, we collect reliable resources such as 50+ journal papers, magazines, news, encyclopedia (books), benchmark datasets, and online resources.

Writing Rough Draft

We create an outline of a paper at first and then writing under each heading and sub-headings. It consists of novel idea and resources

Proofreading & Formatting

We must proofread and formatting a paper to fix typesetting errors, and avoiding misspelled words, misplaced punctuation marks, and so on

Native English Writing

We check the communication of a paper by rewriting with native English writers who accomplish their English literature in University of Oxford.

Scrutinizing Paper Quality

We examine the paper quality by top-experts who can easily fix the issues in journal paper writing and also confirm the level of journal paper (SCI, Scopus or Normal).

Plagiarism Checking

We at is 100% guarantee for original journal paper writing. We never use previously published works.

MILESTONE 4: Paper Publication

Finding apt journal.

We play crucial role in this step since this is very important for scholar’s future. Our experts will help you in choosing high Impact Factor (SJR) journals for publishing.

Lay Paper to Submit

We organize your paper for journal submission, which covers the preparation of Authors Biography, Cover Letter, Highlights of Novelty, and Suggested Reviewers.

Paper Submission

We upload paper with submit all prerequisites that are required in journal. We completely remove frustration in paper publishing.

Paper Status Tracking

We track your paper status and answering the questions raise before review process and also we giving you frequent updates for your paper received from journal.

Revising Paper Precisely

When we receive decision for revising paper, we get ready to prepare the point-point response to address all reviewers query and resubmit it to catch final acceptance.

Get Accept & e-Proofing

We receive final mail for acceptance confirmation letter and editors send e-proofing and licensing to ensure the originality.

Publishing Paper

Paper published in online and we inform you with paper title, authors information, journal name volume, issue number, page number, and DOI link

MILESTONE 5: Thesis Writing

Identifying university format.

We pay special attention for your thesis writing and our 100+ thesis writers are proficient and clear in writing thesis for all university formats.

Gathering Adequate Resources

We collect primary and adequate resources for writing well-structured thesis using published research articles, 150+ reputed reference papers, writing plan, and so on.

Writing Thesis (Preliminary)

We write thesis in chapter-by-chapter without any empirical mistakes and we completely provide plagiarism-free thesis.

Skimming & Reading

Skimming involve reading the thesis and looking abstract, conclusions, sections, & sub-sections, paragraphs, sentences & words and writing thesis chorological order of papers.

Fixing Crosscutting Issues

This step is tricky when write thesis by amateurs. Proofreading and formatting is made by our world class thesis writers who avoid verbose, and brainstorming for significant writing.

Organize Thesis Chapters

We organize thesis chapters by completing the following: elaborate chapter, structuring chapters, flow of writing, citations correction, etc.

Writing Thesis (Final Version)

We attention to details of importance of thesis contribution, well-illustrated literature review, sharp and broad results and discussion and relevant applications study.

How deal with significant issues ?

1. novel ideas.

Novelty is essential for a PhD degree. Our experts are bringing quality of being novel ideas in the particular research area. It can be only determined by after thorough literature search (state-of-the-art works published in IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, ACM, ScienceDirect, Inderscience, and so on). SCI and SCOPUS journals reviewers and editors will always demand “Novelty” for each publishing work. Our experts have in-depth knowledge in all major and sub-research fields to introduce New Methods and Ideas. MAKING NOVEL IDEAS IS THE ONLY WAY OF WINNING PHD.

2. Plagiarism-Free

To improve the quality and originality of works, we are strictly avoiding plagiarism since plagiarism is not allowed and acceptable for any type journals (SCI, SCI-E, or Scopus) in editorial and reviewer point of view. We have software named as “Anti-Plagiarism Software” that examines the similarity score for documents with good accuracy. We consist of various plagiarism tools like Viper, Turnitin, Students and scholars can get your work in Zero Tolerance to Plagiarism. DONT WORRY ABOUT PHD, WE WILL TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING.

3. Confidential Info

We intended to keep your personal and technical information in secret and it is a basic worry for all scholars.


4. Publication

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5. No Duplication

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Find the best tips and advice to improve your writing. Or, have a top expert write your paper.

130 Information Technology Research Topics And Quick Writing Prompts

Information Technology Research Topics

The field of information technology is one of the most recent developments of the 21st century. Scholars argue that we are living in a technological age. Despite this buzz, however, many students still find it challenging to compose an information technology research topic.

Nonetheless, we are here to show you the way and lead you accordingly. Let us explore professional topics in information technology together then.

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Unique Information Technology Research Topics

IT Research Topics For High School Students

Hot Topics in IT

Interesting Information Technology Topics

Topics Related To Information Technology

Research Proposal Topics in Information Technology

Hot Topics in Computer Science

Did you find an IT topic for your assignment? If not, our expert thesis writers are here for you. Order a research paper from us today and get to enjoy professional services.

artificial intelligence topics

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Information Technology Research Proposals Samples For Students

27 samples of this type

Do you feel the need to check out some previously written Research Proposals on Information Technology before you get down to writing an own piece? In this free database of Information Technology Research Proposal examples, you are provided with a thrilling opportunity to examine meaningful topics, content structuring techniques, text flow, formatting styles, and other academically acclaimed writing practices. Using them while composing your own Information Technology Research Proposal will definitely allow you to complete the piece faster.

Presenting high-quality samples isn't the only way our free essays service can aid students in their writing ventures – our authors can also create from point zero a fully customized Research Proposal on Information Technology that would make a genuine foundation for your own academic work.

Good Research Proposal On Project Plan Inception

{Author Name [first-name middle-name-initials last-name]} {Institution Affiliation [name of Author’s institute]}

Sample Research Proposal On The Impact Of E-Governance And The Role Of Human Resource Development In Improving The Organization’s Performance

Company managers are faced with growing pressure to improve on the performances of their organizations. Given the high competitiveness of the business world today, achieving these objectives may at times be challenging to managers. This study sets out to determine the impact of e-governance and the role of human resource development in improving organizational performance. The study will seek to determine how managers can harness on the effective use of these vices in meeting their organizational performance objectives. The project is targeted at top managers and executives in both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Problem Of Study Research Proposal Sample


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Research Proposal On Technology In Nursing

Pros and cons of living in the city and the country argumentative essay example.

Arguably, at some point in our entire life, we will all ask how it is to life in either the country of the city. The only way to the solution to such a question is experiencing the lifestyles of both places. Indeed, life is full of learning curves. To some, living in the city is more advantageous, while for others the city is the most dangerous place to be. Currently, globalization has made the life in the city better as compared to that in the country.

Research Proposal On Traffic Surveillance System Image Processing

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research proposal in it topics

Creative Research Proposal Topics Description: Our article contains the latest research proposal topics that you have not seen anywhere else. If you don't know how to write a study, our experts have prepared a writing guide. Best List of Research Proposal Topics From Our Experts

Students are always looking for an exciting research topic. We know how difficult it is to decide what to write about on paper when there are no ideas. But we have created topics to write about research that affects all sciences. Here you will find such topics from our experts:

What are the features of our themes? Indeed, you think that other students have already written all the exciting topics, but this is far from the case. Time does not stand still, as well as discoveries. We analyzed the studies for 2022-2023 and found the most recent ideas for both undergraduate and graduate students. So let's explore exciting topics that will become interesting for the reader.

Political Science Topics

Politics is one of the most important research topics since it is it that underlies many processes taking place in society. The life and development of the entire country and people largely depend on who is in power. We have prepared good research topics about politics:

History Topics

History holds a special place in student education and is one of the most challenging topics for research. So check out the case study topics about which you can write a paper:

Literature Topics

Business Topics

Education Topics

Psychology Topics

Philosophy Topics

Medical Topics

Modern medical techniques and their historical roots.

Biology Topics

Create Your Theme If You Do Not Find a Suitable One

If you do not know how to choose a research topic, then first decide what you will write about. All topics for research work can be roughly grouped into three main groups:

When creating a research topic , you need to adhere to the following rules:

Different types of researches

Check Out Our Sample Works

Dedication. Quality. Commitment. Punctuality

FAQ Research Proposal Ideas

First things first: what research proposal is.

Research proposal - this is a purposeful study using scientific methods of phenomena and processes, the interaction between them, and analysis of the influence of various factors on them. Also, research can be defined as the study and development of new scientific or technological areas. Research is not always consumer-oriented and may not produce the result.

Everything matters when researching. Concentrating on the topic's primary or key issues, one cannot ignore the side facts, which at first glance seem insignificant. However, it is precisely such facts that may hide the beginning of important discoveries.

It is not enough for a researcher to establish a new fact. It is essential to explain from the standpoint of modern science, to reveal its general cognitive, theoretical, or practical significance. The presentation of scientific facts should be carried out in the context of the general historical process, the history of developing a particular industry and being multifaceted, considering general and specific features. Research classification:

How To Write a Research Proposal Correctly?

You are familiar with the research concept now; let's find out how to write proposal research. To write this task, you need to do several actions:

What The Main Elements of The Research Proposal Include?

When you conduct research, it is assessed not only by how you described the theoretical part, but also the overall content of the document, how much information resources you used, and whether you structured the elements correctly. Research structure is how you express thoughts competently and consistently by dividing the text into chapters and paragraphs. And also, the article cannot do without graphs, tables.

The student's research paper should contain the following elements:

The volume of all work should be 20-30 pages of good content. If you are writing text using Word and Google Docs computer programs, then use font size 12-14, Times New Roman; line spacing - 1.5-2; the size of margins: left - 30 mm., right - 10 mm., top - 20 mm., bottom - 20 mm. If you set all the parameters correctly, then, in the end, you will get a paper where you can write about 30 lines, and 60 characters will fit on one line, this is already with punctuation marks and spaces.

The title page is the first page of the work and is filled according to strictly defined rules. The title page must contain the following information:

After the title page, a table of contents is placed, which lists all the research paper titles and indicates the pages from which they begin. The headings in the table of contents must exactly repeat the headings in the text. Headings must not be shortened or given in a different formulation or sequence. The table of contents should be placed at the beginning of the work, as this makes it possible to see its structure immediately.

Writing the Abstract

The abstract should reflect the purpose of the research, the main content, and novelty of the article compared to others, related in topic and purpose, and the results obtained. The abstract performs the following functions:

The content of this paragraph should be consistent with the purpose of the annotation. Simultaneously, make the text concise, understandable, and try not to tire the reader with your data. Although this part is in front of the scientific article itself, it can be drawn up after working on the main content; then, you understand what to write about in the resume, because this is accurate information.


In this part of the work, the chosen topic's relevance, goals, and objectives are briefly formulated. You also need to indicate the study's subject, what methods for the experiment you used, whether you got the results you expected, and whether these environments can apply in life. After you have formed the goals, write a hypothesis, this is a scientific proposition that concerns the experiment and will need to prove or disprove.

The introduction notes the signs of research novelty, its practical, theoretical, and social significance. Scientific novelty can be determined by the difference between the obtained results and the known ones. In this case, it is necessary to classify the degree of novelty and reveal the essence of new results.

The novelty of the results lies in the extent to which you could study the phenomenon and draw conclusions that have not been discussed by anyone before. You also need to explain why your results are useful for society and apply them to achieve positive discoveries. If you look from the other side, the novelty can be laid based on a new topic. For example, such experiments have never researched, scientists have never set such tasks before themselves, or have never put forward such hypotheses. At the end of the introductory part, it is essential to describe what structure the article has and what it is made of to navigate the text.

In the chapters of the central part of the research work, an analysis of the theoretical material obtained from literary sources is given. The research methods and techniques are examined in detail, the practical part is highlighted, and the results are generalized. The central part of the research work is divided into chapters, paragraphs, points. Each element of the central part is a complete semantic fragment of the work. The central part of the work contains:

Your task in the central part is to demonstrate to the reader the research problem, why your hypothesis is essential, and what methods you used to prove its meaning. In the central part, we recommend using illustrations, such as pictures, graphs, diagrams, tables, so it will not look boring. If your text contains quotes, it is essential to indicate the source of the information so that the reader can not only find confirmation of the words but also do not take it for plagiarism.

Questions of Research

When starting a new research project, it is essential to develop sound research questions. This is an essential step as it will guide your research activities. Well-written research questions have several characteristics:

Good research questions are not permanent. Don't be afraid to change your research questions, revisiting them as you study. For example, key data may be missing, or new research has been published that questions your premises.

What Research Methods Are There?

A huge number of research methods applicable in research work can be combined into methods of the empirical level, the experimental-theoretical level, and simply the theoretical level. Consider the possible research methods in a student's research project:

How To Describe The Approach?

This part takes 500-1000 words. In this section, you describe the steps taken to carry out the research and prove to the reader the validity of the methods chosen and the scientific validity of the results and conclusions drawn.

It is essential to describe each of the sections in as much detail as possible so that the reader clearly understands why you choose such research methods. This can achieve in the following ways:

How to Write About Data Analysis Techniques?

Analyzing research data is a key step. It is a set of techniques and methods to check how to correct the assumptions and hypotheses and answer the questions asked. For a student, this is a difficult stage because, from professional qualifications, he will give accurate results and useful information.

Methods for analyzing social information fall into two large classes by how this information is presented:

How To Write About Research Results?

The purpose of the Results section is to present the data obtained after the study in an objective, systematic, and concise manner using text supplemented with illustrations. This section aims to present the results; interpretations or conclusions should not be included in this section. Therefore, this is one of the shortest sections in theory, but it can also be one of the most difficult sections.

This is because researchers often find it difficult to limit themselves to presenting the bare facts: they tend to include the explanations and inferences they draw from the results. This can make the Results section subjective, unclear, and confusing to the reader. You should present the data collected during the research as objectively, logically, and concisely as possible. Highlighting the most important results or organizing them into sections is an excellent way to show that you have covered all the information you need.

How Do I Insert Cite Sources?

The list of used literature is a list of information sources based on which the work was performed (cited, mentioned in the text, used in the research process, but not reflected in the work's main text). The list is made in alphabetical order.

If a student uses facts and quotes from other people in his work, he must write what material is taken. There is no need to add to the list those works that have not to use, but you consider them authoritative. This is a delusion for the reader. We also do not recommend specifying encyclopedias or information from journals in the bibliography. There is a separate place for them in the footnotes.

All materials that are not vital for understanding the scientific problem, auxiliary and additional materials that clutter up the central part's text are placed in annexes and notes. Take a look at the literature review example :

Example of reference list for research paper

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