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T-34 (2018)

SS Panzer Division uses T-34 manned by Soviet POWs as a target in their training field, but the prisoners plot a daring maneuver. SS Panzer Division uses T-34 manned by Soviet POWs as a target in their training field, but the prisoners plot a daring maneuver. SS Panzer Division uses T-34 manned by Soviet POWs as a target in their training field, but the prisoners plot a daring maneuver.

  • Aleksey Sidorov
  • Alexander Petrov
  • Irina Starshenbaum
  • Viktor Dobronravov
  • 237 User reviews
  • 17 Critic reviews
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  • 6 wins & 10 nominations


  • Nikolay Ivushkin

Irina Starshenbaum

  • Anya Yartseva

Viktor Dobronravov

  • Stepan Vasilyonok

Vinzenz Kiefer

  • Klaus Jäger

Yuriy Borisov

  • Demyan Volchok

Artur Sopelnik

  • Vasiliy Teterya

Joshua Grothe

  • Korin's Orderly

Elena Drobysheva

  • Ivushkin's Mother
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Did you know

[after the T-34 crashes through the Nazi officers' car park]

Ionov : What was that?

Demyan Volchok : Expensive German cars!

Stepan Vasilyonok : They were!

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T-34 (2018)

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review film t 34

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review film t 34

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2018 ‘Т-34’ Directed by Alexey Sidorov

Fast And Furious On Tanks

In 1944, a courageous group of Russian soldiers managed to escape from German captivity in a half-destroyed legendary T-34 tank. Those were the times of unforgettable bravery, fierce fighting, unbreakable love, and legendary miracles.

Alexander Petrov Victor Dobronravov Irina Starshenbaum Vinzenz Kiefer Petr Skvortsov Semyon Treskunov Artyom Bystrov Michael Janibekyan Anton Bogdanov Sofya Sinitsyna Yuliya Dzhulai Darya Hramtsova Vasiliy Uriyevskiy Vasiliy Butkevich Yaroslav Shtefan Kirill Lopatkin Polina Volkova Wolfgang Cerny Yuriy Borisov Igor Khripunov Paul Orlyanskiy Artur Sopelnik Danila Rassomakhin Guram Bablishvili Joshua Grothe Dirc Simpson Mike Davies Elena Drobysheva Brian Flaccus Show All… Mikael Dzhanibekyan Christoph Glaubacker Philip Hersh Vladislav Manin Robinson Reichel Anton Shurtsov Nikola Todorovic Danil Tyabin Christoph Urban Alexey Ushakov

Director Director

Alexey Sidorov

Producers Producers

Anton Zlatopolskiy Ruben Dishdishyan Len Blavatnik Nelly Yaralova Yuliya Ivanova

Writer Writer

Editor editor.

Dmitry Korabelnikov

Cinematography Cinematography

Mikhail Milashin

Production Design Production Design

Konstantin Pakhotin

Costume Design Costume Design

Ulyana Polyanskaya

AMedia Mars Media Entertainment

Russian Federation

Original Language

Spoken languages.

Russian German

Alternative Titles

T-34 レジェンド・オブ・ウォー, T-34 レジェンド・オブ・ウォー 最強ディレクターズ・カット版, 勇敢 スペクタクル かっこいい 映画まとめを作成する 追加するまとめを選択してください T-34 レジェンド・オブ・ウォー ダイナミック完全版, Iron Fury, T-34: O Monstro de Metal

drama action history war

War and historical adventure Epic history and literature war, wwii, combat, military or duty propaganda, historical, war, political or historic nazi, war, wwii, hitler or jewish war, soldiers, combat, fought or military historical, epic, battle, historic or fought Show All…

139 mins   More at IMDb TMDb Report this film

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Film Review: “T-34” (2018) ★★★

review film t 34

As someone who grew up watching Russian Cinema especially filmed during the times of the Soviet Union, I can see the differences between now and then and its context. Of course, war drama is a difficult subject to tackle. Knowing the ways of the Russian Cinema and their language, it is easy to recognize how neutral, objective, or subjective they are. Luckily, with “T-34”, it had few moments where I could tell, sure, this or that is too much but all of it was on an acceptable level to not interfere with what the film tried to convey. In that sense alone, it worked, to my great surprise.

T-34 is a World War-II era Soviet Medium tank used during the invasion of the Soviets. The same tank was used by Nikolay Ivushkin (Alexander Petrov), a tank commander who, after his short encounter with the Nazis, gets captured and is held in captivity for three years. 3 years later, at the German concentration camp, he was asked by Jäger (Vinzenz Kiefer), whose intention is to recruit a tank crew, asks Nikolay to fix the damaged T-34 and help train his crew for tank combat. Under great pressure, Nikolay agrees, however, he’s carrying a plan In his mind to escape.

The film itself is colorful, engaging, and never boring. Performance wise, if you don’t speak the Russian language and have to read the subtitles only, then you should be fine. However, for a native speaker, it’s a bit difficult to process the performances, as in certain scenes there is a lack of confidence in actors which is too noticeable to ignore. However, with T-34, it is more like an action that does not require much acting abilities, this is why this fact should not make you distance yourself from watching it.

T-34 as a whole has a great story. It’s remarkable seeing how one man tries and even outsmarts the Nazi officers in order to pull off his escape plan from the concentration camp and safely reach Moscow. From the historical point of view, there is a bit of exaggeration but that is unavoidable in the cinematic world. Some slow-motion scenes were a bit too much to process but the point of it, of course, is understandable – to capture little details that do not really add much significance to the outcome. In short, the film directed by Aleksey Sidorov is a decent war drama that certainly must be seen. But there is no need to leave everything aside and run the nearest cinema. It’s good enough to watch it at home with friends as it has some impressive scenes that deserve to be seen by more than just a few.

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review film t 34

Russian war film 'T-34' gets positive reviews from Chinese netizens

review film t 34

Poster of Russian war film T-34 Photo: Weibo


My one quiet voice from the Gator Nation …

Movie review: ‘T-34’

review film t 34

‘T-34’ ( 2019; 139 minutes; rated TV-14; directed by Aleksey Sidorov and starring Alexander Petrov, Irina Starshenbaum and Viktor Dobronravov )


review film t 34


Oh, also, the actors do a quite acceptable job despite the voice dubbing and how the film staggers to a silly, contrived end. The fact that it shows nothing but heroism by the Russians isn’t anything new to war films and filmmaking of war stories.

review film t 34

So, “ T-34 ’s” major shortcoming is for falling into the trap of committing the sin of every war stereotype save one: You don’t have the soldiers delivering a baby in a tank (such as in “ The Big Red One ” – click here for my review ), but I suppose that just didn’t occur to the filmmakers, since they committed every other stereotypical sin from the honorable officer commanding the crew to improbable and impossible circumstance throughout the second half of the film.

review film t 34

You won’t recognize any of the actors in “ T-34 ,” but the four co-stars are worthy of working in Hollywood at any time. Well, unfortunately for them, that’s not saying much with the dreck shoveled out by Hollywood as I write this review. Still, the four main actors do a job worthy of praise in the context of a dubbed film and I’d enjoy seeing any one of them in another flick, whether dubbed or otherwise.

In short, “ T-34 ” is the story of a tough, intelligent Russian tank commander in World War II. As the film opens in 1941, he is assigned to a T-34/76 tank (with the original T-34 turret shape; not the 1943 version that you see in so many newsreels). He and his tank take up an ambush of the Nazis as the German army approaches Moscow in 1941. While the crew’s handling of their T-34/76 tank and its stoic, heroic commander show valor in their battle against a larger force, they finally lose against the odds and the movie picks up three years later in a concentration camp.

review film t 34

… sigh … stereotypes abound, even in foreign films …

… and, of course, it all doesn’t work out as well as the Germans had planned.

By the end of “ T-34 ,” you’ll see all the best of John Wayne westerns with the good guy versus the bad guy in a gunfight (OK, cannonfight), but with Sam Peckinpah’s dark touch. At a key moment when the two tank commanders square off in their individual tanks, the Nazi literally throws down a glove as a challenge. Wow. The sappy stereotype doesn’t get any thicker or the analogy any clearer.

Here’s a look at the four main players in the film …

review film t 34


The best scene in the film is at the end with the crippled Panther tank about to topple off a bridge to its final demise. Kiefer is wounded and half out of his turret’s rear escape hatch. The victorious Petrov reaches out his hand to save the vanquished as the tank begins to creak over the side of the bridge.

review film t 34

It is a scene worthy of praise in any war film and the two actors do a marvelous job.


No matter all the flaws, here’s a war film worthy of your time and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Just as “ Fury ” from the U.S. about a WWII tough tank commander committed many of the same sins, “ T-34 ” is the same: totally watchable. But neither can ever be elevated to greatness in the pantheon of war films from “ The Guns of Navarone ” to “ Battle of the Bulge ” to “ Midway ” to “ A Bridge Too Far ” or to the pinnacle reached by “ Saving Private Ryan .”

review film t 34

In “ T-34 ,” the tankmen take the high road, but history shows that the Communists took on that road on exceptionally rare occasions and for five men just escaped from a concentration camp, that would have hardly been such their attitude.

review film t 34

Since there are operating restored tanks as shown in the film, I’m not sure what’s CGI (other than the shells fired by individual tanks) and what’s real. The German Panthers appear to be Russian tanks modified to look like a Mark V (just as T-34/85 s were dressed up to appear as “Tigers” in “ Kelly’s Heroes ” with Clint Eastwood – click here for my review ). That’s how good the special effects are for the film.

“ T-34 ” wasn’t ranked at the U.S. box office because it was released here in 2019 on disk and not any theater. The film was first released in Russia in December 2018 in limited showings and then across that country in early 2019. So, since it arrived in the U.S. on disk in 2019, I’m classifying it as 2019 film for this blog (although most sources say it was released in 2018). Here are the other films from 2019 that I’ve reviewed for my blog:

Assorted cast and film notes (via ):

© Chuck Curry and A Gator in Naples, 2020. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Chuck Curry and A Gator in Naples with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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