How to Write Critical Reviews

When you are asked to write a critical review of a book or article, you will need to identify, summarize, and evaluate the ideas and information the author has presented. In other words, you will be examining another person’s thoughts on a topic from your point of view.

Your stand must go beyond your “gut reaction” to the work and be based on your knowledge (readings, lecture, experience) of the topic as well as on factors such as criteria stated in your assignment or discussed by you and your instructor.

Make your stand clear at the beginning of your review, in your evaluations of specific parts, and in your concluding commentary.

Remember that your goal should be to make a few key points about the book or article, not to discuss everything the author writes.

Understanding the Assignment

To write a good critical review, you will have to engage in the mental processes of analyzing (taking apart) the work–deciding what its major components are and determining how these parts (i.e., paragraphs, sections, or chapters) contribute to the work as a whole.

Analyzing the work will help you focus on how and why the author makes certain points and prevent you from merely summarizing what the author says. Assuming the role of an analytical reader will also help you to determine whether or not the author fulfills the stated purpose of the book or article and enhances your understanding or knowledge of a particular topic.

Be sure to read your assignment thoroughly before you read the article or book. Your instructor may have included specific guidelines for you to follow. Keeping these guidelines in mind as you read the article or book can really help you write your paper!

Also, note where the work connects with what you’ve studied in the course. You can make the most efficient use of your reading and notetaking time if you are an active reader; that is, keep relevant questions in mind and jot down page numbers as well as your responses to ideas that appear to be significant as you read.

Please note: The length of your introduction and overview, the number of points you choose to review, and the length of your conclusion should be proportionate to the page limit stated in your assignment and should reflect the complexity of the material being reviewed as well as the expectations of your reader.

Write the introduction

Below are a few guidelines to help you write the introduction to your critical review.

Introduce your review appropriately

Begin your review with an introduction appropriate to your assignment.

If your assignment asks you to review only one book and not to use outside sources, your introduction will focus on identifying the author, the title, the main topic or issue presented in the book, and the author’s purpose in writing the book.

If your assignment asks you to review the book as it relates to issues or themes discussed in the course, or to review two or more books on the same topic, your introduction must also encompass those expectations.

Explain relationships

For example, before you can review two books on a topic, you must explain to your reader in your introduction how they are related to one another.

Within this shared context (or under this “umbrella”) you can then review comparable aspects of both books, pointing out where the authors agree and differ.

In other words, the more complicated your assignment is, the more your introduction must accomplish.

Finally, the introduction to a book review is always the place for you to establish your position as the reviewer (your thesis about the author’s thesis).

As you write, consider the following questions:

Provide an overview

In your introduction, you will also want to provide an overview. An overview supplies your reader with certain general information not appropriate for including in the introduction but necessary to understanding the body of the review.

Generally, an overview describes your book’s division into chapters, sections, or points of discussion. An overview may also include background information about the topic, about your stand, or about the criteria you will use for evaluation.

The overview and the introduction work together to provide a comprehensive beginning for (a “springboard” into) your review.

Write the body

The body is the center of your paper, where you draw out your main arguments. Below are some guidelines to help you write it.

Organize using a logical plan

Organize the body of your review according to a logical plan. Here are two options:

Questions to keep in mind as you write

With either organizational pattern, consider the following questions:

Keep your opinions distinct and cite your sources

Remember, as you discuss the author’s major points, be sure to distinguish consistently between the author’s opinions and your own.

Keep the summary portions of your discussion concise, remembering that your task as a reviewer is to re-see the author’s work, not to re-tell it.

And, importantly, if you refer to ideas from other books and articles or from lecture and course materials, always document your sources, or else you might wander into the realm of plagiarism.

Include only that material which has relevance for your review and use direct quotations sparingly. The Writing Center has other handouts to help you paraphrase text and introduce quotations.

Write the conclusion

You will want to use the conclusion to state your overall critical evaluation.

You have already discussed the major points the author makes, examined how the author supports arguments, and evaluated the quality or effectiveness of specific aspects of the book or article.

Now you must make an evaluation of the work as a whole, determining such things as whether or not the author achieves the stated or implied purpose and if the work makes a significant contribution to an existing body of knowledge.

Consider the following questions:

review paper writing help

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How to Write a Review

Max Ramirez

Opinions: as half of the old saying goes, everyone’s got ‘em. Whether it’s on Twitter, on Yelp, or in Facebook posts from your great-aunt’s best friend, we’re constantly subjected to other people’s opinions—so if you want to share your take with a wider audience, it’s worthwhile to think about how to make it stand out. And if you zoom in on an opinion, build it out, and give it structure, you’ve got yourself a review.

You can review basically anything if you find the right outlet for it, but the best way to present your thoughts depends on what you’re writing about and who your audience is. But with most types of reviews, there’s a simple structure you can stick to in order to help you get started:

Before you write, make sure you know the general message you want to convey. A simple thesis will help keep your review from straying off-topic. This could be as straightforward as “I really liked this meal!” or as complex as “These shoes took a while to wear in.” Think to yourself: If I were telling a friend about this, what would I want their main takeaway to be?

2 Likes and dislikes

In the most glowing review, you may not include any dislikes. If the review is critical, try to find at least one positive to include, just to provide a break in between your incredible zings.

3 Your recommendation

A star rating may be the first thing most people see, but when folks skim your review, they’ll probably check the bottom for an idea of whether or not you’d recommend the meal, album, hike, or movie to others. You could also include a short explanation, like “I knocked it down one star because my utensils were dirty,” or “I’d recommend this play, but only if you’re as big of a musical theater buff as I am.”

If you need more direction, Grammarly has a few great places to start.

Writing a book review ? Grammarly has tips and tricks for how to keep your review informative, enlightening, and kind.

Remember that you’re reviewing a book that another human poured their heart and soul into to write. Express your honest opinion, but don’t be nasty about it. Imagine if it were your book being reviewed, how would you want a reader to express their critique?

If you’re writing a movie review , Grammarly can help keep you from getting too stressed about how to rate the film you just watched:

Rather than grasp for an arbitrary value, state plainly what a movie called to mind, or how it didn’t quite land with you, and explain why.

Writing a review of your new favorite restaurant ? You may need to paint a bigger picture of your experience than for the review of the tub of cheese puffs you ordered on Amazon.

Avoid vague words and phrases like “The service was bad” or “The pie was great.” Instead, provide specific details like, “The server was friendly but inexperienced and botched our drink order” or “The lemon meringue pie had a wonderfully flaky crust, a tart and tangy filling, and dreamy melt-in-your-mouth meringue.”

No matter what kind of review you’re writing, here are a few more quick tips:

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review paper writing help

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Write a Book Review

What is a book review, how do i structure a book review, introduction, resources to help with writing your essay, ask us: chat, email, visit or call.

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A book review describes, analyzes, and evaluates a book by examining its purpose and its contribution.

A book review should address the following:

Your professor may specify additional instructions or objectives for their book review assignment. Therefore, be sure to read the assignment instructions carefully.

In many ways, your book review can be structured like a typical essay, using an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Like other introductions, the book review introduction should move from broad (the topic of the book) to narrow (your specific argument or purpose statement).

Your reader will expect you to do the following in your introduction:

The thesis of your book review may vary depending on the assignment.

Example thesis relating the book to course themes:

George Orwell’s 1984 provides insight into three course themes: critical thinking as a form of resistance, the role of misinformation in totalitarian societies, and the connection between privacy and personal freedom. The review that follows argues that the novel’s engagement with these themes can deepen our understanding of these themes in the course context by illustrating their interconnections.

Example thesis evaluating the book’s contribution to the field:

Sara Jaquette Ray’s The Ecological Other: Environmental Exclusion in American Culture is an important contribution to environmental justice scholarship because it offers a nuanced account of how environmental discourse has positioned people with disabilities, immigrants, and Native Americans as environmental outsiders. At the same time, it suggests how environmental activists can frame their arguments with greater inclusivity and care.

In your body paragraphs, you will describe, analyze, and evaluate the book. Your reader will expect you to do the following in the body of your review:

Paragraph Order

In the body of your book review, you will support your thesis with reference to specific examples from the text. Although you may organize this material in a number of different ways, three common patterns of organization are thematic, chronological, and evaluative.


Rather than summarizing the book or restating your thesis, use the conclusion to provide your final thoughts. Consider the following questions:

The conclusion is your last chance to add analysis to your book review, so be sure to address the book’s overall significance.

Try using signal words like ‘ultimately’ or ‘overall’ instead of ‘in conclusion’ to help you frame your conclusion through an analytical lens while also telling the reader that they should pay special attention to what follows.

The assignment’s instructions may also provide clues for material that you could include in the conclusion.

Guide: Write a University Essay

Suggest an edit to this guide

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

How to Write a Best Review Paper to Get More Citation

Review Paper Writing Guide

How to write review paper

Are you new to academia? Do you want to learn how to write a good review paper to get in-depth knowledge about your domain? you are at the right place. In this article, you will learn how to write the best review paper in a step-by-step systematic procedure with a sample review article format to get more Citation.

What is a Review Paper?

Difference Between a Review Paper and Research Paper

The difference between a review paper and research paper is presented below.

6 T ypes of Review Papers

The review papers are classified in to six main categories based on the theme and it is presented in the figure below.

Purpose of Review Paper

The purpose of a review paper is to assess a particular research question, theoretical or practical approach which provides readers with in-depth knowledge and state-of-the-art understanding of the research area.

The purpose of the review paper can vary based on their specific type and research needs.

Criteria for Good Review Paper

A good review paper needs to achieve three important criteria. ( Palmatier et al 2017 ).

Review papers are widely read by many researchers and it helps to get more citations for author. So, it is important to learn how to write a review paper and find a journal to publish .

Step-by-Step Systematic Procedure to Write a Review Paper

Time needed:  20 days and 7 hours.

The systematic procedural steps to write a the best review paper as follows:

Select a suitable area in your research field and formulate clear objectives, and prepare the specific research hypotheses that are to be explored.

Designing your research work is an important step for any researcher. Based on the objectives, develop a clear methodology or protocol to review a review paper.

Please enable JavaScript

Thorough analysis and understanding of different published works help the author to identify suitable and relevant data/results which will be used to write the paper.

The degree of analysis to evaluate the collected data vary by extensive review. The examination of treads, patterns, ideas, comparisons, and relationships among the study provides deeper knowledge on that area of research .

Interpretation of results is very important for a good review paper. The author should present the discussion in a systematic manner without any ambiguity. The results can be presented in descriptive form, tables, and figures. The new insights should have an in-depth discussion of the topic in line with fundamentals. Finally, the author is expected to present the limitations of the existing study with future perspectives.

Sample Review Article Format

Write an effective and suitable title, abstract and keywords relevant to your review paper. This will maximize the visibility of your paper online for the readers to find your work. Your title and abstract should be clear, concise, appropriate, and informative.

Present a detailed introduction to your research which is published in chronological order in your own words. Don’t summarize the published literature. The introduction should encourage the readers to read your paper.

Make sure you present a critical discussion, not a descriptive summary of the topic. If there is contradictory research in your area of research, verify to include an element of debate and present both sides of the argument. A good review paper can resolve the conflict between contradictory works.

The written review paper should achieve your objectives. Hence, the review paper should leave the reader with a clear understanding of following questions:

What they can understand from the review paper?

What still remains a requirement of further investigation in the research area?

This can include making suggestions for future scope on the theme as part of your conclusion.

The authors can submit a brief acknowledgement of any financial, instrumentation, and academic support received pertaining to research work.

Citing references at appropriate places in the article is necessary and important to avoid plagiarism. Each journal has its own referencing style. Therefore, the references need to be listed at the end of the manuscript. The number of references in the review paper is usually higher than in a research paper .

Hope this article would give you a clear idea on how to write a review paper. Please give your valuable comments.

iLovePhD Learn to Research Find Journals to Publish

Elsevier Breaks New Ground: ChatGPT Listed as a Journal Author

How to use python for statistical data analysis in phd research, how to use chatgpt to write a scientific research paper.

Nice thank you for your clarification

How to write a review paper on the relevant of science to education

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What is a review article?

Learn how to write a review article.

What is a review article? A review article can also be called a literature review, or a review of literature. It is a survey of previously published research on a topic. It should give an overview of current thinking on the topic. And, unlike an original research article, it will not present new experimental results.

Writing a review of literature is to provide a critical evaluation of the data available from existing studies. Review articles can identify potential research areas to explore next, and sometimes they will draw new conclusions from the existing data.

Why write a review article?

To provide a comprehensive foundation on a topic.

To explain the current state of knowledge.

To identify gaps in existing studies for potential future research.

To highlight the main methodologies and research techniques.

Did you know? 

There are some journals that only publish review articles, and others that do not accept them.

Make sure you check the  aims and scope  of the journal you’d like to publish in to find out if it’s the right place for your review article.

How to write a review article

Below are 8 key items to consider when you begin writing your review article.

Check the journal’s aims and scope

Make sure you have read the aims and scope for the journal you are submitting to and follow them closely. Different journals accept different types of articles and not all will accept review articles, so it’s important to check this before you start writing.

Define your scope

Define the scope of your review article and the research question you’ll be answering, making sure your article contributes something new to the field. 

As award-winning author Angus Crake told us, you’ll also need to “define the scope of your review so that it is manageable, not too large or small; it may be necessary to focus on recent advances if the field is well established.” 

Finding sources to evaluate

When finding sources to evaluate, Angus Crake says it’s critical that you “use multiple search engines/databases so you don’t miss any important ones.” 

For finding studies for a systematic review in medical sciences,  read advice from NCBI . 

Writing your title, abstract and keywords

Spend time writing an effective title, abstract and keywords. This will help maximize the visibility of your article online, making sure the right readers find your research. Your title and abstract should be clear, concise, accurate, and informative. 

For more information and guidance on getting these right, read our guide to writing a good abstract and title  and our  researcher’s guide to search engine optimization . 

Introduce the topic

Does a literature review need an introduction? Yes, always start with an overview of the topic and give some context, explaining why a review of the topic is necessary. Gather research to inform your introduction and make it broad enough to reach out to a large audience of non-specialists. This will help maximize its wider relevance and impact. 

Don’t make your introduction too long. Divide the review into sections of a suitable length to allow key points to be identified more easily.

Include critical discussion

Make sure you present a critical discussion, not just a descriptive summary of the topic. If there is contradictory research in your area of focus, make sure to include an element of debate and present both sides of the argument. You can also use your review paper to resolve conflict between contradictory studies.

What researchers say

Angus Crake, researcher

As part of your conclusion, include making suggestions for future research on the topic. Focus on the goal to communicate what you understood and what unknowns still remains.

Use a critical friend

Always perform a final spell and grammar check of your article before submission. 

You may want to ask a critical friend or colleague to give their feedback before you submit. If English is not your first language, think about using a language-polishing service.

Find out more about how  Taylor & Francis Editing Services can help improve your manuscript before you submit.

What is the difference between a research article and a review article?

Before you submit your review article….

Complete this checklist before you submit your review article:

Have you checked the journal’s aims and scope?

Have you defined the scope of your article?

Did you use multiple search engines to find sources to evaluate?

Have you written a descriptive title and abstract using keywords?

Did you start with an overview of the topic?

Have you presented a critical discussion?

Have you included future suggestions for research in your conclusion?

Have you asked a friend to do a final spell and grammar check?

review paper writing help

Expert help for your manuscript

review paper writing help

Taylor & Francis Editing Services  offers a full range of pre-submission manuscript preparation services to help you improve the quality of your manuscript and submit with confidence.

Related resources

How to edit your paper

Writing a scientific literature review

The Distance Between US Book Review Example

Type of paper: Book Review

Topic: Immigration , Migration , United States , Policy , Law , Politics , Criminal Justice , President

Words: 1100

Published: 2023/02/22

A speech by President John F. Kennedy, in June 1963, shows the then president's sentiments towards the United State's quota system, stating that it is intolerable. After the president's assassination, Congress started debates that later on led to the passing of the 1965 Act on Immigration and Naturalization. The New York representative cosponsored the act, Emanuel Cellar and the Michigan Senator, Philip Hart, who were heavily given support by the late president's brother, Massachusetts Senator, Ted Kennedy. Debates gave rise to testify that of various experts, who argued that the reformed legislation would change in minor contributions. These experts argued that the reforms were more of a principle-based matter that was to have more open policies. After the latter president, Lyndon B. Johnson, promulgated the act in October 1965, he indicated that the act was not to be a ground-breaking bill. He further specified that the act does not have any mass effects and that its contributions would not result into the reshaping of the construction of people's daily lives, neither would it add any importance to the wealth or power of the United States. The 1965 Act on Immigration and Naturalization, also recognized as the profound Hart-Celler Act, eradicated and eliminated the earlier quota system that was based in favor to national origin. The Act gave rise to the establishment of an entirely new policy based concerning immigration system that encouraged the reuniting of immigrant families, while attracting skilled labor into the United States. Over the following decades, the placed immigration policies that were affected in 1965 would immensely alter the demographic foundation of the entire American population. Immigrants were seen entering the United States in larger numbers, owing it all to the new legislation that was set in place, which resulted in large populations coming from countries such as Latin America, Africa and Asia, as opposed to the European countries. The signing of the bill in 1965 led to a histrionic break as compared to the initial immigration policy, resulting in lasting and immediate impacts. In placement of the quota system in favor of national-quota systems, the act gave major preferences that were implemented according to various categories. These categories included permanent residents' relatives or the relatives of US citizens, those individuals or groups that had skills deemed as useful in the United States, or even immigrants of unrest or violence. The act eliminated quotas per se; however, the policy placed caps on total immigration and per country, as well as following caps on every category. As present in the previous act, family reunion was considered as a chief goal, which took change in the new policy reforms that increasingly allowed whole families to migrate from other nations, in order to reestablish their livelihoods in the United States. Throughout the period of the 1980s to the 1990s, the cases of illegal immigration became a constant venue for political debates, as various immigrants continued to enter the boundaries of the United States. These illegal immigrations were evidently witnessed by journeys of land routes that composed of many illegal immigrants travelling from Mexico and Canada. The 1986 Reform Act endeavored to tackle the problem via provision of better policies that were enforced in the Immigration and Naturalization Act, which would aim at increasing legal immigrations. In an era where undocumented immigration is a major issue, particularly from a political perspective, the voice of the undocumented immigrant is seldom heard. To this end, Grande’s exceptional viewpoint attempts not to resolve a conversation that is already topsy-turvy. In its place, Grande simply allows her experience, as opposed to politics, to guide her writing. In the compelling memoir, Grande charts the path of a young girl from the town of Iguala, to the bustling Los Angeles metropolis, in a bid to reunite with her parents, who had abandoned her. She lives in secrecy, and this only aggravates her despair, given that she is unable to seek solace from her abusive father. He has his own demons with which to contend. Unlike the generation that preceded her, however, Grande is wise beyond her years, and finds a way out of the shadows.

The wake of the terrorist attacks, of 9/11, saw reforms in the 2002 Homeland Security Act that was formulated by the Homeland Security Department. The 2002 Act took over numerous immigration services and functions to its enforcement, which was initially performed by the service clerics at the Immigration and Naturalization board. The policies that were established by the board were slightly modified. The modifications detailed that non-citizens coming into the country could perform this act in two lawful ways. It was either by receiving temporary admission or the permanent (immigrant) admission. Therefore, this would see to it that a member of the permanent admission would be classified as legal and permanent resident of the United States, providing eligibility to work in the United States via receipt of green cards, which would allow persons to gradually apply for citizenship.

Grande, R. (2012). The distance between us: A memoir. Simon and Schuster. Pentecost, R. A. (2015). Indigenous and Spanish Transculturation: Becoming Mexican American. Plaza: Dialogues in Language and Literature, 5(1), 39-47. Zandoná, A. N. (2014). The use of photography as a clinical tool in social work: a theoretical exploration using Winnicottian and Jungian lenses (Doctoral dissertation).

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Paperhelp Review: based on real mystery shopping

Curated by Johannes Helmold

One of the most high-end writing solutions dating back to 2008, PaperHelp has established itself as a go-to option for many students looking for quality academic assistance. Leveraging years of industry experience and reputation, this website focuses on delivering custom writing services. But is it a great option for a quality paper? We’ve done our best to find out.

Paperhelp Review Infographics

Table of Contents

PaperHelp Review: Mystery Shopping Experience

Updated in 2023

What’s the best way to find out the truth? Right, investigating something yourself. That’s why we decided to check PaperHelp with our own first-hand experience. Thus, we placed two orders of our own: the first one was a personal narrative that needed to be completed in 6 hours, and the second – was a memo to the CEO, with a lengthier 7-day deadline. Of course, as a part of our testing scenario for all college essay writing service reviews , we also tried the revision options to get the most out of the experience.

Here is our testing and research scenario:

Looking for more essay topics and ideas for inspiration? Check our Best essay writing topics digest . The most popular categories for custom writing assignments according to the weekly market data released by A*Help.

Among the elements that make a successful personal essay, Professor Low points out the following: 

review paper writing help

A personal narrative essay about gratitude should include the following key elements: a clear introduction that sets the tone for the essay, a body that explains why and to whom the writer is grateful, and a conclusion that ties everything together. The essay should reflect the writer’s appreciation for something or someone in their life and should be written in a way that conveys the writer’s emotion. When writing, the writer should consider how they can best express their gratitude and include vivid details and examples.

review paper writing help

On the whole, this service fully met our expectations. We got our academic writings and PaperHelp got its high-rank according to the A*HELP score. 

So let us dive right into our reasoning behind the PaperHelp review.

SpeedPaper Review

Reviewing the value of PaperHelp: Value for Money – 22/25

3/3 Deadline & Terms 7/7 Free services 7/7 Additional services 1/4  Average paper price 4/4 Discounts

PaperHelp assures that they have the most versatile writers with either BA, MA, or Ph.D-levels of expertise across various fields to produce superb academic articles. However, choosing a more proficient writer comes at an extra cost.

The service also offers a 3-hour minimum deadline, which is not the quickest in our experience, but still a useful variant for those who need to meet the nearest deadline. Another plus is their money-back policy, which guarantees a 100% refund on several occasions: if the payment mistake occurs, no writer available, or the order is delayed and therefore it is no longer necessary.

Our orders placed at

Now that we’ve established the variety of offers, let’s move to the question of the price. Being on the expensive side, with PaperHelp the average price for two of our orders rounded up to $91.35. 2 essay pages with a 6-hour deadline cost $74.4. Another task was a 4-page memo to the CEO with a 7-day deadline, and it was priced at $108.29, which is the highest price in our ranking. They also offer three revisions completely free of charge to make sure you get the right order. If unsatisfied, you can opt for a refund as well.

We were pleased to receive our papers well in advance of the deadline. The 2-page essay came 2 hours early, and the 4-page memo got into our inbox 7 hours in advance. Such timely execution is especially opportune considering the possible need for applicable revisions (which are needed with any of the websites that help with homework ).

PaperHelp also doesn’t skimp on discounts. After registration, you can expect to get 5% off your first order and 7% off the second one, alongside cashback. We also noticed a few options for referral programs: if you give a friend your 10% discount, you will receive 10% credits after they make their order. You can also invite more friends to receive even bigger rewards.

Our auditors have noted that PaperHelp provides good value for money. We know that expensive doesn’t always mean good, but, considering all the features and available discounts, this service seems to refute the statement.

Visit website up to 7% discount

SpeedPaper Review

User Experience Review: Overall PaperHelp Experience – 19/25

7/7 Support 4/4 Security & Privacy 3/7 Payment Methods 5/7 Communication

PaperHelp started very strongly with open communication. The possibility to use a 24/7 chatbot as well as a live assistant eases up the process of order placement quite a bit, even though the order form is manageable itself. Everything is gathered in one place so you won’t lose anything important. The registration process is also quick and safe – all they ask for is an email address.

The thing that didn’t quite sit right with us was the number of payment possibilities. While PaperHelp has a variety of card payment methods, such as Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Discover, and even UnionPay, they offer neither Google nor ApplePay, nor PayPal for that matter. These are pretty popular options that would benefit customers to make much easier payments.

We asked for revisions at

On the other note, we had a positive experience with their support team. The 24/7 chatbot and a live assistant were ready to help with any arising questions. When it came to interaction with the writer, unfortunately, there was some miscommunication. Somehow, they didn’t ask for personal preferences before drafting a narrative about supposedly our experience. It was nothing a thorough revision couldn’t rectify, of course.

To summarize, we would say that PaperHelp has some room to grow in terms of customer service. Adding payment options would be a great place to start. We also reckon it’s important for writers to build a more personalized approach to the orders they work with.

SpeedPaper Review

Can You Rely on PaperHelp? Paper Quality – 37.93/50

Upon receiving our orders, we sent both of them to our fellow US college professors to share an expert opinion on their quality. Analyzed according to the evaluation standards, the papers received 79.8/100 pts (personal narrative) and 71.9/100 pts (memo to the CEO). Quite an up-to-the-mark result, if you ask us, considering that 60 pts is the usual grading limit. 

Our files for download at

Naturally, there’re always opportunities to improve. Mainly it touches upon the formatting standards: vertical spacing, section, page, and body headers, as well as lists. The second paper also has some formatting flaws regarding references and in-text citations. As it’s one of the most meticulous parts of academic work, trust us, we get why you’d want it done perfectly by others.

Nevertheless, both papers received notable great points for integrity, length, and spelling. The memo task also scored high in reasoning and logic. 

As for revisions, PaperHelp offers 3 of them completely free of charge. The only condition is to request them before the approval period. Keep in mind that you can ask for a revision within 7 days after the final statement as well. It’s a useful option, as it helps to improve the outcome as much as possible.

Now, about the outcome. Needless to say that we perceive papers with such scores as a success! Having received two completed quality assignments, we can surely recommend this service as a helping hand for your academic tasks.

Sybil Low often speaks of students’ papers in a comparable manner:

An orchestra plays a flawless melody only when every musician follows their music score or plays according to the conductor’s instructions, if you will. If only one or a few instruments are out of tune, the ear of a seasoned listener will surely pick up the aberration. It’s the same with an essay: a strong topic and effective writing don’t guarantee an excellent grade if other elements of the story are left out or erroneous. Every detail matters.

If you need a bigger picture, have a look at the details provided by our US assessors:

Paper 1. SCORE: 79.8 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; body header; page header. |Observations:| {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: 100%. {Mechanics:} 86% (spelling 100%, grammar 68%, punctuation 98%, word choice 79%). {Formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 64% (efficiency 51%, acuity 77%, clarity 79%, objectivity 51%). Paper 2. SCORE: 71.9 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; page header; section headers; bullets or lists. |Observations:| {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: Just a tiny bit short (99%)—try to write a bit more. {Mechanics:} 86% (spelling 100%, grammar 100%, punctuation 70%, word choice 73%). {Formatting:} 59%. Reference formatting: main problem area—source detail (date); most frequent error types—element misformatted, element misplaced, element miscapitalized. Incorrect reference section header. In-text cite grade: seriously deficient (in-text cites mispunctuated). {Reasoning, logic:} 88% (efficiency 81%, acuity 89%, clarity 82%, objectivity 100%).

Average paper score: 75.85

Final Decision on The PaperHelp Review

To sum it up, we would say that PaperHelp is a sound choice for essay writing needs. It does what it has to: writes academic papers on various topics. Can it be considered a tiny bit overpriced? Probably yes. But, in the end, you do receive a quality paper and always on time. The service also doesn’t provide a lot of payment opportunities, which can be inconvenient. It would also be a plus if writers were more mindful of their client’s requirements. Nevertheless, looking at the provided paper quality from an objective angle and considering the whole picture, PaperHelp has righteously acquired its high score on the A*HELP ranking.

Negativity rank – 33.4%

review paper writing help

We are convinced that checking for original feedback about the reviewed services is essential. Unfortunately, some comments may indeed be written in a mere attempt to stain the company’s reputation. For this reason, we don’t include such comments in our reviews and filter them out as fake or prepaid. 

Claims of dissatisfaction are also quite important, as negative emotions are proven to unveil the most genuine attitudes and stories. We assess such feedback considering the level of seriousness of the issues and their plausibility and then provide an overall negativity rank. All the ratios are included in the review, and companies are more than welcome to improve themselves based on our observations.

To be fair, we have found some backlashes against PaperHelp, leading up to its negativity rank of 33.4%. Even though the general experience is good enough, the service has issues regarding papers’ quality, writers’ selection and qualification, and discounts’ application. However, it’s worth noting that the customer support staff and site representatives tackle the issue raised by the customers, doing their best to resolve the arising disputes.

PaperHelp Specs

Paperhelp reviews.

Having searched through Reddit, Sitejabber, and Trustpilot and handpicked the negative testimonials, we can present our analysis of the findings. For further information refer to our Negativity rank paragraph.

Is PaperHelp a Scam?

After conducting a real mystery shopping and placing two orders of our own, we received two quite quality papers. Based on this fact, we can assure you that this service is not a scam and can be taken into consideration when looking for help with academic tasks.

Is PaperHelp Legit?

We use the A*HELP rating to review only those services that have a history of completed orders, an established brand name in the essay niche, and that therefore have proven to be legit.

Is PaperHelp Safe?

The service offers easy-to-access terms and conditions, which, to our judgment, do not have any suspicious policies. Upon registration, users are only asked to provide an email. Throughout the whole online experience with PaperHelp, all your information and personal details are secured by encryption protocol.

Is PaperHelp Trustworthy?

We placed two orders using PaperHelp’s site and received, even in advance, completed quality assignments. Thus, we can believe the service to be a trustworthy one.

Is PaperHelp a Good Service?

After applying our methodology and assessing PaperHelp through several factors, the website scored 78.93 out of 100 points. Therefore, our final word is that PaperHelp, as well as other services covered in our reviews, are good and reliable providers, offering quality academic work.

Visit website

Follow us on Reddit for more insights and updates.

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I saw some other reviews from A*HELP and really liked the other site. I just can’t remember now what it’s called. It was a very interesting review. These guys really dedicate their time to find out every little detail

It’s great and all but i would stick to my own writing powers i think. I don’t really trust these writers – you never know their actual expertise and whether they will come up with a good work in the end

It’s fresh to see reviews that include negative aspects as well. It gives that full picture. Really like this approach. And it saves time too as now I won’t need to look up those comments myself

I liked this review. Straight to the point and still covers all the necessary details, even the smallest ones. I would read about other options as well before choosing one of the services though.

I once tried using similar platform but it was so confusing i ended up just giving up on it. Even though the support team there was quite helpful the general interface threw me off. It’s great to see a more modernized site

Hm, I am not sure whether these sites can handle big tasks on time. I saw that here they delivered both works a bit earlier, but those were relevantly mall though

It’s a pity these services don’t use Appleay mostly. I’ve seen three of these reviews already and none of them used wallets. That would be much more convient tho

I tried this website to get my work done. I liked the support team. They always know what to say. I was anxious about not getting a well-written task back. They calmed me down

I see a lot of reviews on this type of services. Are they worth the time? I mean, I would need to register and all

This site could really bribe me with its aesthetics. It seems so easy to use and colorful. I love when services are interactive they then feels like a video game

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Alexandra earned an Erasmus Mundus MA in cultural narratives and a BA in English from Emory University.

As a teacher, editor, and writing coach, she has spent nearly a decade helping students find their voice and express their ideas. She especially enjoys helping English language learners: she wrote her thesis in a foreign country and knows first-hand how challenging it can be to formulate complex ideas in another language.

She lives in Italy and enjoys writing and reading, hiking, and cooking.

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I am extremely impressed with the high-quality and efficient proofreading and editing service provided by Scribbr. I want to express my sincere gratitude to my editor, Marissa, for her exceptional work and conscientious attitude. Her revisions and suggestions were insightful and easy to understand, and it felt like I was attending a lively English lesson. I learned a lot from her feedback. Thank you, Marissa, and the entire Scribbr team for your outstanding service!

Clear feedback provided and example provided.

Fast service, detailed feedback

Scribbr has a great user interface that allows tailoring my order to my needs. The service was of great quality, the editor enhanced my paper substantially and I have learnt a lot from the process and the comments.

The annotations were excellent.

The annotations were excellent, especially in terms of text cohesion and links between paragraphs. Not to mention the quality of the language review and the response time, which was much higher than average. I just have to thank and highlight the excellence of the quality.

I allready wrote the editor a personal…

I allready wrote the editor a personal message

Scribbr is a perfect and reliable…

Scribbr is a perfect and reliable service partner. Since my master time I use the services of Scribbr.

The customer service is amazing and has a quick response, I really like it

a very good experience

Very professional job

Very professional job. Will do it again with them for sure.

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Danke Alex und Scribbr für Eure tolle Arbeit. Ich bin mehr als zufrieden. Scribbr is very serious and helpful. The work is done on time and with full satisfaction. I can recommend Scribbr one hundred percent. I am more than satisfied with Alex's work as a proofreader. Kind regards, Abaas

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Sponsored content | scattered showers on tap for the bay area, while the sierra girds for more snow, sponsored content | the 9 best college essay writing services in 2023: review of popular paper sites.

The 6 Best College Essay Writing Services Online: Review of Popular Paper Sites

Writing college essays can be a daunting task. No one will argue that. Sometimes, the workload just gets too overwhelming, and, in these situations, we all need a helping hand. Thankfully, there are great online resources available to you so that you can achieve success while minimizing stress.

Thanks to the internet, nowadays, you can connect with a professional academic ghostwriter in a matter of seconds. A quick Google search for ‘college essay writing service’ will yield countless results, but fear not, this article will help you pick one that is reliable and best fits your needs.

We will review the top essay writing services that have received the most positive reviews and have ranked the highest based on the quality of papers, customer service, and cost. All that will be left for you is to pick your favorite one and let them help you achieve the academic success you deserve!

Choose the Best Essay Writing Service for Your Paper

Read on to find out more about each website and learn about the pros and cons of using them. We tested each service ourselves and did our best to write out all the differences that these sites have, as well as point out their advantages and disadvantages.

1. PaperHelp — Best college paper writing service overall

PaperHelp ??

PaperHelp aims to give you more time to achieve your goals by relieving you from the task of producing academic papers. This is a trusted essay writing service with a myriad of professional writers and academics ready to help you with any college task.

Prices start from $12.00, but there is a price calculator available on their website so that you can have an idea of the cost of your paper before ordering it. If you are hesitant about purchasing an essay, PaperHelp has just the solution for you.

The order process is quite simple, as you only need to fill out the order form with your assignment details. After you order, their support team will be available 24/7, ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

One of the best features of this college paper writing service is that you can get updates on your order status by email, SMS, or simply by checking your account control panel.

You can try their services at a discounted price, as they offer a 10% discount for first-time users (use LWS10 code during checkout). This way, you can get a better idea as to whether this is the solution for you or not, without spending big bucks.

Lastly, their loyalty program allows you to accumulate credits on each order, which can later be used toward future assignments.

2. EssayPro — Best writers, best bidding platform


EssayPro is a college essay writing service that connects professional writers with college students who need a great assignment on short notice. Their main services include writing, rewriting, editing, and proofreading.

The ordering process is easy. All you need to do is fill out a form detailing your assignment details and upload the necessary files. Professional college essay writers will then bid on your assignment, and you can pick one based on pricing, rating, numbers of completed orders, job completion rate, and customer reviews. Writers will also provide a free plagiarism report at your request.

Once your paper is ready, you can download it and ask for revisions if necessary. EssayPro can help you with a research paper, admission essay, lab report, thesis, or academic dissertation. This site covers all writing assignments for high school, college, and university.

Their prices start at $11.40, and, just like PaperHelp, they have a price calculator. However, the price calculator gives you a rough quote since writers themselves offer the final price.

3. JustDoMyEssay — Best for research papers and dissertations


JustDoMyEssay is the best college essay writing service in the USA in terms of quality and professionalism. It has a team of over 500 essay writers who have delivered over 100,000 papers to tens of thousands of customers over the years.

This company has been especially recognized for the quality of the papers they produce and their great customer service.

To order a paper, simply open a file by providing your personal data and share detailed instructions. After receiving the final version of your paper, you will have ten days to request revisions and send your comments on how the college essay writer could improve their work.

Prices start at $9.94 for proofreading, $11.70 for editing, and $17.55 for writing.

Unfortunately, the company does not offer many discounts, which means you will probably have to pay the full price on every order. JustDoMyEssay is also the only site without a price calculator on its page. You will find out the final price only after completing your order. This can result in quite the surprise, which is a downside if you are a struggling university student.

4. GradeMiners — Best for last-minute college papers


GradeMiners has been in the business of ghostwriting college papers for over ten years now. They have a large team of over 3,500 experts who can help you with all sorts of writing emergencies.

They offer a wide range of college essay services and do not only focus on academic assignments. You can request non-academic orders, for example, a PowerPoint presentation that you need for work purposes.

You do not need to sign up to order a paper from GradeMiners. This college writing service doesn’t require you to provide any personal information that you’re not willing to share. Simply choose the type of paper you want, select your academic level, deadline, and preferred word count to receive the total cost of your order. If you need to reach them for whatever reason, their team is available 24/7 to assist you.

Although they will deliver your work very quickly, users sometimes find that some college essay writers can struggle to provide complex, university-level assignments. It might be better only to use their academic writing services if you find yourself in a pickle and need a simple assignment produced on very short notice.

Their prices start at $13.28, and you will have access to a price calculator to estimate the cost of service prior to ordering.

5. IvoryResearch — Best for the UK students


IvoryResearch is a UK-based essay writing service employing 1,700 writers whose goal is to provide you with top-quality writing to improve your academic average. IvoryResearch specializes in writing university papers for UK students.

The range of services they offer is impressive and includes essays, research papers, term papers, thesis proposals, book and movie reviews, critiques, speeches, cover letters, resumes, and more.

Complete their form detailing the type of paper you need, your academic level, the deadline, and the number of pages wanted to place an order. You can also add details such as subject, formatting, and number of sources. If you need help, their customer service is available for you 24/7.

They have professional essay writers who can complete assignments for any level, including undergraduate, Master’s and Ph.D. Although, you do have to choose your writer wisely to ensure they can provide you with essays appropriate for your level of study. IvoryResearch guarantees original work and provides free plagiarism reports to back up their claim.

They are one of the most expensive services, with prices starting at £11.50. They have a price calculator to make sure that you can afford their services prior to ordering.

6. 99Papers — Best for customer service


99Papers is your go-to if you are an undergraduate or graduate student who needs an affordable college essay writing service with the bonus of having your paper writer available 24/7 for your every need.

They will blow you away with the range of services they offer. So, whether you need a case study, a PowerPoint presentation, college essay help or assistance with mathematical assignments, 99Papers will be able to accommodate you.

To order, simply fill out a form, have a quick chat with your writer, and reap the rewards by collecting your assignment. You will also be offered free revisions if you think the final draft could use some improvements.

Their prices are also quite competitive, starting at $9.95. To sweeten the deal, they do have interesting discounts throughout the year as well. To make their services even more accessible, they offer customers to pay in installments for orders over $600, as they understand that you might not be able to provide the lump sum right away.

7. ExtraEssay — Best for loyalty program discounts


ExtraEssay is a good choice for those students who are looking to use professional essay writing services on a regular basis. The prices here are more than reasonable, but apart from that the company also has a progressive discount system.

You will be able to get a 15% lifetime discount on all your future papers if you buy more than ten essays from ExtraEssay. Overall, even though this academic writing company sits on seventh place in our list of the best paper writing services, ExtraEssay is a relatively good choice for anyone who’s looking for good quality at a fair price.

8. WritePaperForMe — Best cheap essay writing service


When it comes to cheap essay writing services online, you have to be extra cautious. Writing is a complex activity, so the lower the price, the higher the chance that you will get a carelessly-written, maybe even plagiarized paper that you won’t be able to submit to your instructor.

However, this isn’t the case with WritePaperForMe, as this is one of the very few legit essay writing services that provide well-written, original papers at a low price. If your budget is tight, this is the perfect option to choose. To be able to offer a quality service at such a low price, the company mostly works with knowledgeable ESL writers from Kenya. Prices here start at only $7 per page.

9. MyAdmissionsEssay — Best admission essay writing service

MyAdmissionsEssay ??

As the name suggests, MyAdmissionsEssay can help you get accepted into your top-choice college by offering a variety of admissions services. If you’re stuck with your admission essay without any clue where to begin or what to say, this website is your choice.

MyAdmissionsEssay has some of the best essay writers and college admissions counselors in the industry who specialize in helping students write effective college applications. So whether you need an application essay written for you from scratch or simply a professional editing service, this website has your back.

Professional paper writers will write a personal, thoughtful essay and do everything in their power to make your application stand out and impress admissions officers of the school of your choice.

College Essay Writing Service: FAQs

If you found yourself typing ‘write my college essay’ into Google search, then you’re probably desperate to write your own essay. Writing an essay can indeed be a hard task. For this reason, we answered some of the most common questions that students seek answers to when choosing an essay writing service for their college papers.

What if I am not satisfied with my paper?

This is a common concern when ordering essays online and it is completely justified. Nobody wants to spend a good chunk of money on a product, only to be dissatisfied in the end.

Thankfully, all the paper writing services presented in this article offer a revision service. This means that if you are not satisfied, you can send detailed comments to the writer, and they will make the necessary adjustments to your paper. The least flexible company on this aspect is probably PaperHelp, which only allows for three revisions. All the other services will offer unlimited revisions, at least for some period of time after product delivery.

What if, even after revisions, you are still unsatisfied with your paper? You have the possibility to ask for a full refund, but in most cases, you will have to provide a detailed explanation as to why you did not find the work satisfactory.

If satisfaction is something that worries you a lot, you can find the refund policies of each college essay service on their website. You can compare the refund policies of your favorite essay writing websites and then pick the one that offers you the most flexibility. This might bring you peace of mind when trying out writing an essay writer service for the first time.

How far in advance do I need to order?

We have all been there, we think we can manage our workload, and, suddenly, we are faced with the inevitable truth that we will not make it in time. Sometimes, this realization comes early, and sometimes when it is already almost too late.

Luckily for you, most of these services have a very short minimum deadline of three hours, except for PaperHelp with a minimum deadline of six hours.

That being said, it is still important to try your best to request an assignment as early as possible. Unfortunately, even the best and fastest of writers cannot produce a well-researched 30-page assignment in under three hours.

However, if you need a short assignment done at the very last minute, the best essay writing services will certainly deliver.

Will a native English speaker write my essay?

Depending on the company you decide to hire, your college essay writer may or may not be a native English speaker. For example, EssayPro, JustDoMyEssay, and EssayFactory all claim to hire only native English speakers.

If you decide to give your business to 99Papers, you will have the option to choose between a native English speaker or an ESL writer. They offer these options because an ESL writer is sometimes better if you need to hand in an English paper at an international school. As for PaperHelp, you must select a writer from the TOP category to guarantee a native English speaker.

Lastly, GradeMiners hires a lot of people whose first language is not English. This could explain why sometimes users find their work not adequate for higher academic levels. If you need an assignment at a graduate level for an English university, it might be better to opt for one of the other options.

Is buying essays online confidential and safe?

Confidentiality is a must when using a paper writing service, and companies understand that. That is why they all guarantee that their services will remain private and 100% confidential. EssayPro and 99Papers go as far as to provide you anonymity, even when using their services and speaking to their writers and representatives.

This is always reassuring, but what about your payment information? Secure payment options are available as well for all the services reviewed in this article. This means you can trust that they are taking the highest precautions to protect your financial information.

Lastly, PaperHelp, EssayPro, GradeMiners, JustDoMyEssay, and EssayFactory will never share your personal information with third parties unless you provide them with written permission. Unfortunately, 99Papers will disclose your personal details to authorized third parties, but those are clearly listed in their privacy policy.

Are essay writing services legit?

Yes, absolutely. If you spend some time reading Reddit threads dedicated to college paper writing services, you will find hundreds of positive reviews about companies that write essays for you. Legitimate essay writing services do exist, but it may take some time to find a trustworthy service if you’re ordering for the first time.

Besides, some reputable websites are dedicated to helping students find reliable essay writing help online by collecting customer reviews on assignment writing services.

They have tested and reviewed all the services in this article, and, each time, they concluded that they were not a scam. This means they always got a college essay service in exchange for payment. They were also always able to contact customer services to discuss patient satisfaction and to address issues with the papers.

You can then be reassured that these companies will not simply take your money and then completely vanish. Since satisfaction can also vary across customers, you will also be able to personally contact each of these companies to discuss possible solutions to achieve an end-product that is more to your liking.

Where do essay writing companies find writers?

Every essay writing company is different, therefore the approach to hiring writers can differ from one company to another. Most companies hire freelancers all across the globe to be able to provide essay writing services round the clock and in any timezone. A successful candidate has to hold at least a bachelor’s degree in a field that they apply to and successfully pass a few grammar tests to be able to get access to students’ orders.

Some other companies also have in-house teams of writers. These professionals typically proofread and copy-edit all the academic writing assignments done by freelancers and improve the content if it lacks depth, research, or has any stylistic flaws.

Will my paper be plagiarism-free?

If you turn for help to a reliable essay writing service, you can rest assured that the content you will receive is original. Professional essay writer will craft a paper that will be tailored to your requirements. Besides, you will remain the only owner of the paper, because reputable essay writing companies never resell the academic papers they write.

Some academic writing companies provide originality reports free of charge to give you peace of mind that your essay is unique and free from plagiarism.

Are essay writing services legal?

One aspect that many students ponder over is whether it is legal to use a professional essay writing service. There is plenty of misinformation being spread that leads some students to think that purchasing a paper from an essay writing website could be illegal.

Let’s make one thing absolutely clear. It can never be illegal for a person to purchase a written piece of work. The student simply requests a paper, and an expert essay writer provides a written piece of content that matches the requirements. This is a transaction between a company and an individual, and there is absolutely nothing that could imply a breach of legality. You can be completely sure that it is safe and legal to use online essay writing services. There are no laws against using such services, regardless of what you may have been told.

Moreover, any trustworthy essay writing site has a clear disclaimer and a terms/conditions page that set out the terms of use. It shows that these services are acting within the law, and are not breaking any regulations. People who work for these sites do not represent a student nor do they take any assignments or exams for the student.

A custom essay writing service is a third party that provides assignments, reports, and essays for personal private use. Therefore, the website does not have any liability for what happens with their content.

Where do these companies find professional essay writers?

Most companies in the industry have strict hiring standards and find their writers through LinkedIn and various job posting sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and others. Every candidate must undergo a probation period and a series of tests before getting hired.

For this reason, all companies on this list offer professional services by writers with profound knowledge in their areas of specialization. You will never get a writer who is not knowledgeable in your subject.

Reliable Essay Writing Services: Ending on a Good Note…

Hopefully, this article gave you a better understanding of college paper writing services, and you were able to find one that could be the perfect match for you. Getting qualified college paper help is easy if you know what to look for.

Each college paper service is unique with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you to pick the one that will help you achieve the best result possible. Life gets busy, and sometimes we just do not have the time to dedicate hours and hours to writing essays. These services can be true lifesavers and free up some time for you to focus your energy on other important goals.

We will leave you with this final tip: if you ever decide to request a writing service, make sure to provide detailed instructions. This information will help writers to produce high-quality papers that match your expectations.

The news and editorial staff of the Bay Area News Group had no role in this post’s preparation.


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