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110 christmas greeting card messages

Learn what to write in a Christmas card.

By Minted | Last Updated: November 2, 2022

You’ve taken your photo , chosen your card design , and compiled your mailing list , now what Christmas card message do you include inside? We’ve gathered more than 130 popular seasonal sayings, meaningful holiday wishes, and quotes to inspire your holiday and Christmas card messages to friends and family this 2022 season.


There’s nothing quite like the Christmas classics for universal holiday greetings. These tried and true Christmas greeting card messages are perfect to send to friends, family, and neighbors alike. Keep your words simple with classic Christmas messages like these:

Joyeux Noel

Joyeux Noel by Benita Crandall

Adorn Holiday Photo Cards

Holiday Photo Cards

by MC Designs

Quezon City,

Tartan Holiday Photo Cards

by Wildfield Paper Co

Salt Lake City,UT

Broad Edge Christmas Photo Cards

Christmas Photo Cards

by Amy Kross


Pine Duo Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

by Everett Paper Goods



A Christmas card is a wonderful way to share family news, happy tidings, and merry Christmas wishes with friends and family. Whether it’s short and sweet or long and heartfelt, these Christmas card messages will spread cheer to all of your loved ones.

Dancing Elves

Dancing Elves by Jessie Steury

Very Merry Christmas Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Very Merry Christmas

Salt Lake City, UT

Bright Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

by Susan Asbill

Holiday Banner Christmas Photo Cards

Holiday Banner

by Maria Alou

classic holly jolly Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

classic holly jolly

by Karidy Walker

Anacortes, WA


A happy holiday message is a great way to send cheer no matter what holiday you celebrate. There are lots of different ways to say “happy holidays.” Here are just a few nondenominational holiday card messages to send to anyone:

The Minimalist

The Minimalist by Nicole Walsh

handwritten note Holiday Photo Cards

handwritten note

by Up Up Creative


Ornament Trio Holiday Photo Cards

Ornament Trio

by Stacey Meacham

Greenville, SC

Greenery frame Holiday Photo Cards

Greenery frame

by Susan Moyal

Toronto, Canada

On Holiday Holiday Photo Cards

by Design Lotus


Maybe this year’s card features your kids or pet in the primary photo. As you hunt for the perfect photo, we’ll list a few cute Christmas greetings to pair with your imagery.

holly jolly hand lettered

holly jolly hand lettered by Elsa Duncan

Falala Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

by Laura Bercovich

Scottsdale, AZ

Sprightly Holiday Photo Cards

by AK Graphics

Pullman, WA

Merry Little Lettering Letterpress Holiday Photo Cards

Merry Little Lettering

Letterpress Holiday Photo Cards

by Alethea and Ruth

Seattle, WA

All is Bright Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

All is Bright

by Kamala Nahas

Ventura, CA


There’s no better time of year to share a heartfelt message with your loved ones. These meaningful holiday wishes are sure to warm hearts this year.

Magical Season

Magical Season by Annie Clark

retro geometry Holiday Non-Photo Cards

retro geometry

Holiday Non-Photo Cards

by Carrie Moradi

Fort Collins, CO

Everyday Joy Holiday Photo Cards

Everyday Joy

Birmingham, AL

Joy is All Around Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Joy is All Around

by Jackie Crawford

May joy remain Christmas Photo Cards

May joy remain

by Lea Delaveris

Columbus, OH


If faith is part of your family’s holiday tradition , you may choose to share a meaningful Christmas verse from the Bible or an inspirational Christmas message with friends and family. Here are some ideas for religious Christmas card sayings:


Hymnal by Paper Raven Co.

born in bethlehem

born in bethlehem designed by Jamie Alexander

Retro Shapes Christmas Photo Cards

Retro Shapes

by Creo Study

Mumbai, India

1a Christmas Photo Cards

by Melanie Kosuge

Chicago, IL

Heavenly Forest Christmas Photo Cards

Heavenly Forest

by Petra Kern

Ljubljana, Slovenia

glorytogod Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

by Lori Wemple

Huntersville, NC


Want to say find a Christmas card saying that’s a little different this year? These modern Christmas messages for cards are fresh and unique ways to say “Merry Christmas” with a twist.


Peacefully by Up Up Creative

Decorated Joy Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Decorated Joy

by Yaling Hou Suzuki

Belmont, CA

North Holiday Photo Cards

by Pixel and Hank

Plainwell, MI

Joy and Cheer Holiday Photo Cards

Joy and Cheer

by Leah Bisch

Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

Double Exposure Holiday Photo Cards

Double Exposure

by Olivia Kanaley Inman


Cards showcasing funny Christmas card lines help your personality shine through. An action shot of the kids, a pet pun , or an irreverent sentiment might just be the hit holiday card of the season. Here are some humorous ideas on what to write in a Christmas card and share as holiday wishes through funny Christmas quotes:

Sleighing It

Sleighing It by Corinne Malesic

We Tried

We Tried by Brianne Larsen

List Party Holiday Photo Cards

Holiday Who's Who

by Paper Raven Co.

Atlanta, GA

zero chill Christmas Photo Cards

by Sara Hicks Malone

Nashville, TN

That tracks Christmas Photo Cards

That tracks

When writing your Christmas card messages to your family, keep in mind that you might say Merry Christmas to your grandmother in a different way than you would to your childhood friend. It’s always nice to include a personal touch in your Christmas card that incorporates a family tradition or a note about future plans to visit. Of course, every family is different, so we’ve included a several family-friendly ideas for what to write in a Christmas card that you can make your own:

It's A Wonderful Life

It's A Wonderful Life by Jackie Crawford

Vail Holiday Photo Cards

by Kristie Kern

Joy in Photos Holiday Photo Cards

Joy in Photos

by Lauren Chism

Jot Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

by Robert and Stella

For friends

The holidays are a great time to connect with friends near and far with news of the past year and best wishes for the next. Whether your Christmas message is casual, formal, funny, or sentimental depends on your own style and your relationship with the recipient. And remember to add a personal touch! Here are some ideas for holiday and Christmas wishes for friends to include in your card. Check out 76 Merry Christmas Sayings & Wishes for Friends for more inspiration!

Magical Season

by Ekko Studio

Chic Plaid Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

by Kate Ahn

Iowa City,IA

A Very Merry Season Christmas Photo Cards

A Very Merry Season

by Annie Mertlich

Joy is All Around Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards


Let your boss, colleagues, partners, and clients know you’re thinking of them this holiday season by sending out a card highlighting the past year. Christmas card sayings for businesses can be tricky. Striking the balance between professional and warm is the key. Business Christmas cards should be thoughtful, and you can have a little fun too.

Joy Note

Joy Note by Amy Payne

biscotogliko Business Holiday Cards


Business Holiday Cards

by chocomocacino

Prague, Czech Republic

vibrant ball Business Holiday Cards

vibrant ball

Festive Village Business Holiday Cards

Festive Village

by Hannah Williams

Sautee Nacoochee, GA

Thank You for Being You Business Holiday Cards

Thank You for Being You


The holiday season is all about surrounding yourself with those you love most – so don’t forget your pets! Pets are so much more than just animals you take care of, they're family members. This year, choose an adorable pet holiday card specifically designed to showcase your family pet.

Have I Been Good

Have I Been Good by Becky Nimoy

Zero Falalas Holiday Photo Cards

Zero Falalas

by Erica Krystek

San Diego, CA

Here Comes Santa Paws Holiday Photo Cards

Here Comes Santa Paws

Philadelphia, PA

Howlidays Holiday Photo Cards

by Lisa Cersovsky

For the Treats Holiday Photo Cards

For the Treats

by 2birdstone

Goldsboro, NC


Nostalgic Christmas songs, lines from beloved movies, and famous quotes about Christmas are great sources of inspiration for what to write in your Christmas card. For those holiday film buffs, we have a fun post that matches your favorite Christmas movie with some of our unique holiday card designs . Even though it’s already been said, a Christmas quote can perfectly capture the sentiment you’d like to share.


Sing-a-long by Jackie Crawford

Light Heart

Light Heart by Annie Holmquist

Christmas card messages are just one small part of the entire holiday experience. Here at Minted, we love everything about this magical time of year! We’re experts at everything from composing happy holiday sayings to snapping unique family Christmas photos to managing holiday stress . Our passion is making your life a little easier and more beautiful with great designs from a community of independent artists. So whether you’re wondering what do you write in a Christmas card, how do you choose a great Secret Santa gift or what are the most adorable ways to announce your new bundle of joy in your holiday greetings, Minted has your back!

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

by Erin German

Glen Ellyn, IL

Bold Fa La La Gloss-Press Holiday Cards

Bold Fa La La

Gloss-Press Holiday Cards

Brilliant Fun Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Brilliant Fun

by Olivia Raufman

Carrboro, NC

A Very Merry Season Christmas Photo Cards

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110 Unique Merry Christmas Wishes to Write in a Card

'Tis the season to share meaningful messages with your family and friends.

preview for What to Write in a Christmas Card

This year, you’ve taken all of the steps to have your cards successfully delivered to family and friends before Christmas Eve. Your mailing list is finalized, you got the entire family together for festive photos (which are to be prominently featured in the cards, no doubt) and now all you have left to do is figure out exactly what to write in a Christmas card .

The good news is that you have options. Whether you plan to fill your crafty DIY cards with sweet holiday sayings or want to go a more humorous route with a funny Christmas joke or pun , our list of the best Merry Christmas wishes will not disappoint. A lot of these messages come from Christmas movie quotes and will also double as the perfect caption for your wintery Instagram posts. Continue scrolling to discover more Christmas magic.

Funny Chrismas Wishes

what to write in a christmas card

Meaningful Christmas Wishes

what to write in a christmas card

Religious Christmas Wishes

what to write in a christmas card

Romantic Christmas Wishes

what to write in a christmas card

Christmas Wishes for Long-Distance Friends

what to write in a christmas card

Christmas Wishes During a Hard Time

what to write in a christmas card

Christmas Wishes Inspired by Quotes

@media(max-width: 64rem){.css-1yxmhzw:before{background-repeat:no-repeat;bottom:-0.2rem;color:#ffffff;content:'_';display:inline-block;height:1.25rem;line-height:1;margin-bottom:0.5rem;margin-right:0.625rem;position:relative;width:1.25rem;}.loaded .css-1yxmhzw:before{background-image:url(/_assets/design-tokens/goodhousekeeping/static/images/Clover.5c7a1a0.svg);}}@media(min-width: 48rem){.loaded .css-1yxmhzw:before{background-image:url(/_assets/design-tokens/goodhousekeeping/static/images/Clover.5c7a1a0.svg);}} Christmas Ideas 2023

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What to Write in a Christmas Card

“May your heart be full of cheer, and may all your kids’ toys come pre-assembled.”

things to write on christmas cards

As for when to send Christmas cards, Whitmore suggests taking an earlier-the-better approach, particularly given USPS slowdowns in mail delivery that took effect in October. “I’d suggest getting them out even a day or two before Thanksgiving ,” she says. “No later than the first week in December.” She adds that if you get custom cards printed from a site like Shutterfly or Etsy , there’s no time like the present to order them.

Feeling a tad uninspired when it comes to the inscription? No need to worry: We’ve got festive ideas to spare. Slip on a pair of your coziest Christmas socks , bust out your best stationery—or get crafty and make your own !—and start a-scribbling those messages. Below, 70 ideas for what to write in a Christmas card for family, friends, or anyone on your “nice” list.

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Christmas Card Greetings for Family and Friends

Romantic Christmas Card Sayings

Religious Christmas Card Messages

For Those Who Have Had a Difficult Year

Funny Christmas Card Sayings

Messages for Faraway Loved Ones

Inspiring Christmas Quotes

Headshot of Samantha Vincenty

Samantha Vincenty is the former senior staff writer at Oprah Daily. 


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53 Short Christmas Card Messages That Will Spread Holiday Joy

Here's exactly what to write in a Christmas card for everyone on your list.

things to write on christmas cards

Looking for more inspiration beyond what you see tailored for each person in your life here? Check out these clever Christmas puns , these meaningful Christmas quotes , and these laugh-out-loud Santa jokes too to send Merry Christmas wishes in a way that feels right to you or inspires you to write your own. So pull out the pens, envelopes, and stamps. It's time to get to writing, perhaps with your favorite Christmas songs or Christmas movie playing in the background! 'Tis the season.

Short Christmas Card Messages

woman writing in christmas cards

It doesn't take many words to express a heartfelt greeting.

Christmas Card Messages for Friends

Whether they're your bestie or a more casual buddy, let 'em feel the love this Christmas.

Christmas Card Messages for Coworkers

hand written note that says merry christmas

Bring good cheer to your closest colleagues with these cute Christmas-y quips.

Christmas Card Messages for Your Boss

young woman preparing christmas gifts for family, she is writing christmas card

When writing a Christmas card to your boss, keep it warm and professional.

Christmas Card Messages for Teachers

woman and daughter writing in christmas cards

If you're helping your kids compose cards to their teachers, here are a few starter suggestions.

Christmas Card Messages for a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

woman writing in blank christmas card

Is there a better time than Christmas to tell your love how much they mean to you?

Christmas Card Messages for In-Laws

a smiling young woman sits at a table in her decorated living room and looks down in concentration as she writes a letter to a friend for christmas

Short and sweet yet heartfelt is your best bet for your spouse's family.

Religious Christmas Card Messages

Add one of these short Christmas Bible verses to your greeting to honor the reason for the season.

.css-1shyvki:before{background-repeat:no-repeat;-webkit-background-size:contain;background-size:contain;content:'';height:0.819rem;margin-bottom:0;margin-right:-0.9375rem;width:3.125rem;}.loaded .css-1shyvki:before{background-image:url('/_assets/design-tokens/countryliving/static/images/arrow.svg');}@media(max-width: 48rem){.css-1shyvki:before{display:none;}}@media(min-width: 40.625rem){.css-1shyvki:before{display:inline-block;}} Country Life .css-unxkmx:before{background-repeat:no-repeat;-webkit-background-size:contain;background-size:contain;content:'';height:0.819rem;margin:0.7rem auto 0.9375rem;width:3.125rem;}.loaded .css-unxkmx:before{background-image:url('/_assets/design-tokens/countryliving/static/images/arrow.svg');}@media(max-width: 48rem){.css-unxkmx:before{display:block;}}@media(min-width: 40.625rem){.css-unxkmx:before{display:none;}}

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101 Christmas Card Messages & Best Happy Holidays Wishes

christmas card messages hero

16 Nov 101 Christmas Card Messages & Best Happy Holidays Wishes

If you’re struggling with what to write in your Christmas cards, get inspired with our list of over 101 sample holiday card messages, festive greetings, and best Merry Christmas wishes for family, friends, and everyone on your list.

Sending holiday cards is a wonderful tradition, but if you have a lot to send, it can get a bit overwhelming. This is especially true if you’re unable to find the right words to put in your Christmas card.

If you’re looking for a unique way to send your holiday greetings this year or just want to find some inspiration for what to write, check out our list of over 100 different ways to say “Merry Christmas,” “Season’s Greetings,” and “Happy New Year” to all your contacts.

2021 Christmas Card Messages & Ideas

What to write in a holiday card?

These days, it’s easy to upload a family photo, add your name, and be done with your Christmas cards. But taking that extra step to write your holiday wishes for friends and loved ones makes all the difference. You can still include your beautiful family photos, but make sure you also include a few words to go along with them.

What you write in your holiday cards will depend on the recipient. If you’re sending Christmas card wishes to close friends and family, you can be informal and casual with your greetings. You can choose a greeting inspired by your favorite Christmas song or quote, or write a funny holiday greeting that’s full of personality and festive cheer.

You can relate a religious message in your card if you know the person receiving it observes Christmas. Alternatively, your message can be more secular with wishes for a happy holiday season or new year.

You can go with a short and simple greeting, or combine several of your favorite lines to create a truly special and personal message. You can even incorporate a heartfelt “thank you” in your holiday cards to show your gratitude during this special time of the year.

No matter what you want to write in your holiday cards this year, this list offers plenty of ideas and inspiration to craft your best Christmas cards yet!

May your days be merry & bright this Christmas season and throughout the New Year

Best merry Christmas wishes

There’s something wonderful about the classic “Merry Christmas” wishes. If you want to call out Christmas, here are are some sample card messages with the word “Christmas.”

Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and a Joyous New Year.

Happy holidays & season’s greetings

If you’re not sure your recipients celebrate Christmas, using “holiday” and “season’s greetings” instead is a great option. Here are some ideas you can use to get started writing your own holiday message.

May your Christmas be filled with God’s love and blessings.

Religious Christmas messages

Adding a religious note to your Christmas cards helps us remember the true reason for this joyous season. Here are some examples of religious messages you can include in your card.

Happy holidays from our house to yours.

Short and simple holiday greetings

If you only want to include a few words, consider one of these simple and short holiday greetings. These are especially good options if you plan on writing out your cards by hand this year.

Merry you, merry her, merry him. Merry this, merry that, merry everything.

Funny holiday greetings

A little bit of humor never fails. Make everyone who opens your Christmas cards this year smile with these fun and amusing holiday card messages. Or include your favorite holiday puns, witty quote, or funny greeting.

Peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas every day

Inspiring holiday quotes

Crafting an uplifting, moving message for your cards can be a difficult task. Adding one of these inspiring holiday quotes is a great way to get that accomplished. Look for other holiday quotes you love to include in your message.

Christmas Sayings Inspired by Christmas Songs

Christmas sayings inspired by Christmas songs

Those who love Christmas songs will appreciate these sample greetings that contain the lyrics of some of their favorite holiday music. Use these or your favorite song lyrics to inspire your own Christmas card message this year.

2021 Christmas Card Messages & Ideas

Holiday messages for friends and family

When sending holiday wishes to your closest friends, family, and loved ones, feel free to get personal. Consider adding a short message about your family, special news, and any important announcements you want to share.

Thank You Holiday Card Messages

A holiday thank you

Wiring your holiday cards for clients, business partners, sponsors, teachers, and others sometimes requires a sincere thank you. Find ideas to express your gratitude with these sample card messages.

New Year Messages

New Year’s wishes

If you happen to be sending out your cards later than you plan, consider including New Year’s greetings instead of the typical holiday messages. Here are some popular New Year’s wishes to inspire your own.

And, finally, our favorite…

Holiday Card Greetings - Ideas

More holiday card messages and ideas from readers

Share your favorite holiday card messages

If you have a favorite holiday greeting, saying, or message, please share it with us in the comments below !

Our list of ideas has grown over the years because of your comments, messages, and support — thank you!

Marion Porter

Very helpul, thanks.

Wishing you the gifts of Christmas – Joy, Hope & Happiness

Precious Gechemba Mayaka

I wish everybody a merry Christmas and happy new year

Merry everything and happynalways

Sandy Mitchell

Please check Christmas Eve year on Santa Letter , the one Toyland date is showing the year 2021.. I’d like to order but need 2021. Thanks Sandy.

Hi Sandy, The Toyland Santa Letter is fully customizable, you can enter any year you’d like. Let us know if you have any other questions.

nice post! I love your website. Thanks for sharing such a valuable post.

Katy Rogers

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What To Write In A Christmas Card

Ho! Ho! Ho!

It’s that time of year again! Time for twinkling lights, festive carols, and merry celebrations. And time for spreading holiday cheer by giving Christmas cards to the special people in your world.

If you’re not someone who includes a long letter with your card, you might be looking for a short Christmas messages to write in cards that make your holiday greeting seem just a little more personal. The good news is that if simply scribbling your name and sealing the envelope are not for you, we’ve got some ideas to help you through.

We’ll break it down for you into a bunch of possible scenarios. Everything from what to write in a Christmas card for family to friends to business associates to that special someone in your life. So just zip down until you find the categories that apply to you. And use those ideas to add a thoughtful and personal touch to your Christmas wishes this year.

It’s time to let out your inner Santa (or your inner reindeer!) and get flying on that Christmas card list. You’re gonna “sleigh” it!

General Christmas Messages to Write in Cards for Anyone:

Christmas Messages for Family:

Christmas Card Messages for Friends:

Christmas Card Sentiments for that Special Someone in Your Life:

Christmas Messages for Across the Miles:

Religious Christmas Card Messages:

Holiday Greetings for Those Who Don’t Celebrate Christmas:

Clever or Funny Christmas Card Messages:

Business Christmas Card Greetings and Holiday Messages to Employees:

Add a Digital Gift Card

In a rush? No time to visit stores in search of the perfect gift? Pair a digital gift card with a personalized Christmas ecard, for fast delivery to the recipient. Simply select the retailer you’d like to purchase a gift card from then you’ll enter the name and email of the recipient and send. If you’re an AG member you only pay the amount of the egift card. We also have a checkout as guest option for a $1.99 fee. Browse our selection of retailers to choose from including Sephora, Nike, Starbucks, Fandango, Target, and more!

With the ideas above and your own creativity and inspiration, we hope you’re feeling confident that you can find just the right Christmas message to write in cards for every person on your list.

Remember, you can lift phrases from any category and combine them with phrases from other categories to create the holiday card greeting that perfectly expresses what you want to say—whatever works best for you and fits the relationship you have with the person receiving that card.

As for our wish for you?

That this holiday season finds you dashing through those Christmas cards in no time at all!

Merry Christmas!

Connie Gunn has been writing for American Greetings for 30+ years. She loves words and the power they have to connect people. 

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things to write on christmas cards

Photo Books

Christmas Greetings Wording: What to Write in a Christmas Card

Written by  Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Dec 14, 2022

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Holiday Cards

Holiday Cards

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Christmas Cards

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New Year's Cards

Religious Christmas Card Greetings

Business christmas card greetings, christmas card quotes.

merry christmas cards with two different pictures and template designs with a string of yarn in the background

What to Write in a Christmas Card: Holiday Greetings Wording

1. start your christmas card message with a christmas greeting., 2. craft personalized messages based on your relationship with the recipient., 3. write cheerful yet appropriate holiday messages for business christmas cards., 4. include a few funny christmas lines in your card if you know the recipient is the type to enjoy a good laugh., 5. consider including religious quotes or christmas bible verses., 6. incorporate christmas card quotes to share the magic of the season., 7. don’t forget to sign your christmas cards..

Wishing you a joyful christmas love the spencer family card with 6 photos

Classic Christmas Card Messages

merriest christmas the gibsons with one photo in the center and festive design as a boarder

Funny Christmas Card Messages

collection of three christmas and holiday cards with personalized foil envelope liners and decorative beads

Shop Trending Categories

Wedding Invites

Wedding Invites

custom photo books

Canvas Prints

Custom Magnets

Custom Magnets

holiday and christmas cards for business with a family photo in the center and plaid boarder

family photo christmas cards with enclosure cards, linned envelope and personalized addressing

Christmas Messages For Friends

Christmas Messages For Family

Christmas Messages For Co-Worker

Christmas Messages For Boss

Additional Related Resources for Christmas Card Wording

Explore categories.

kids gifts

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75 Inspirational Christmas Messages and Short Greetings for Your Cards

From traditional Christmas greetings to Christmas greetings to send to a group.

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“There will never be a mode of communication as personal as a handwritten note,” says Tanea Smith, founder of She’s Got Papers , an online stationery boutique. “They're genuine, deliberate, and will therefore always strike a chord.” Whether you're looking for a more religious sentiment , like a Christmas prayer to include in your note, or a funny one-liner that will make the receiver LOL, you'll find the perfect Christmas greeting to include in your holiday card this year on our list below. And once you send out a round of cards, get ready to receive. After all, 'tis the season for giving with love (and buying presents like a Christmas card holder ).

If you're struggling with what to say to a work colleague , your boss , or anyone else, you can find the right words on this list. Don’t let writer’s block prevent you from penning your feelings. The key is to write from your heart. “Be authentic,” says Smith. Let your heart guide which of these Christmas greetings you choose to include for family, friends, and loved ones this year.

Short Christmas Greetings

christmas greetings

Funny Christmas Greetings

christmas greetings

Traditional Merry Christmas Greetings

christmas greetings

Christmas Messages for Work

christmas greetings

Inspirational Christmas Messages

christmas greetings

Religious Christmas Card Greetings

christmas greetings

Christmas Wishes Inspired by Quotes

christmas greetings

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125 Creative Ideas for What to Write in Your Christmas Card This Year

You could go the funny route, or share something a little more sentimental.

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We're here to help you find the right words to write in a Christmas card, whether you have just a few or a few dozen to send. Need an idea for a sweet and sentimental message? Look no further. Want to send a card to long-distance family or military members who are deployed far from home? We've got you covered. Not sure what to say to those who've had a tough year? They need your support more than ever during the holiday season—and so we rounded up some words of love and encouragement.

Whether you've got writer's block or just need some fresh ideas, check out this list of fun, sentimental, punny, romantic, and encouraging messages you can use or adapt to your own needs. One thing is certain: You're sure to spread plenty of cheer with these heartfelt messages and Christmas quotes you can write in any Christmas or holiday card.

what to write in a christmas card

Long-Distance Christmas Card Ideas

Funny Christmas Card Ideas

Sentimental Christmas Card Ideas

Punny Christmas Card Ideas

Romantic Christmas Card Ideas

Christmas Card Ideas for a Hard Year

Quote Christmas Card Ideas

Want Bonus Points This Year? Include a Batch of Christmas Cookies!

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Christmas Wishes: What to Write in a Christmas Card

Christmas card with flowers coming out of envelope

Oh, what fun it is to sit down at Christmastime and write a little something to the people who’ve added to your joy all year long! Of course, it would be more fun if you had no shortage of ideas about what to actually write in your Christmas cards .

That’s where this guide comes in. It offers tips and inspiration from Hallmark writers to get you started, whether you’re signing three cards or 63. You can adapt these Christmas wishes and message ideas to work for a traditional Christmas card, holiday newsletter, custom photo card or other seasonal greeting.

Just click on the specific category you’re interested in, or read the whole guide and mix and match to create just the right holiday message for each person on your list. May your pen be merry! May your words be bright!

Inspired? Create and share by tagging @Hallmark .

Find tips for crafting your own Christmas card messages and get some real-life examples and watch-outs from Hallmark Senior Writer Cat Hollyer in the video below or skip straight to message ideas using the links above.

Gearing Up to Write  

Here are four simple tips for adding some cheer to the task of signing your season’s greetings:

For Friends  

Writing tip: When the card has already said it all or you just feel like keeping things short and sweet, a straightforward “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” message might be just what Santa ordered.

For Family  

Writing tip : It’s a big deal when family or friends are celebrating their first Christmas as a married couple, in a new house, with a new baby or any other exciting holiday firsts. Be sure to call it out in your personal message to them.

For The One You Love  

For Those Who Are Far Away  

If your card is for family members or close friends you won’t get to see at Christmas, let them know you’re missing them.

Writing tip : Miss-you message not required. If not being together for Christmas is a sore subject, then skip it and focus your message around love, gratitude or a warm holiday wish instead.

To Say Thank You  

There are lots of people who play a very specific, very special role in our lives—teachers, coaches, hairstylists, nurses, mail carriers, and so many more. They make a difference, and the holidays are a great time to let them know you’re thankful for them and everything they do.

Difficult Circumstances  

Christmastime can come with mixed emotions for someone facing illness, job loss, bereavement or other challenging circumstances. Here are some ideas for letting them know you’re thinking warmly of them during what might be an especially difficult time of year.

Writing tip : If you’re sending the same card to everyone on your list, consider whether it feels right for the people or family you know who are facing a difficult time. If not, then you may wish to choose a different card for them—something with quieter language and design, with more focus on peace and hope, as opposed to “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas” wishes.

Religious Messages  

For Christians, Christmas can be a time of great spiritual meaning as they remember the birth of Jesus. If you’re signing a Christmas card for someone who celebrates the season in this way, incorporating religious elements into your message can help it feel more meaningful and personal.

For Professional Relationships  

Let your relationship guide you when signing a Christmas card for someone you know in a professional context. If it’s a colleague you’re close to, you can be as casual in your message as you would with nonwork friends. If it’s a supervisor, client or someone with whom you have a relationship that’s more strictly about work, then keep your message more formal.

Writing tip : If your colleague shares your religious views, it can be appropriate to incorporate your shared faith into the message you write in their card. If they don’t (or if you don’t know), it’s best to steer clear.

Playful Notes  

For some relationships, an overly warm or heartfelt message just wouldn’t feel right—and that’s okay! Sharing a laugh with a funny Christmas card can be just as meaningful, and adding your own lighthearted or playful message can be a great way of connecting with someone you have a more lighthearted relationship with. This kind of message can also be great for kids!

Warm Closings  

A warm closing before your signature is like the bow on top! Choose one of ours, or come up with one of your own.

Writing tip : One Hallmark writer likes to keep it simple by closing with “Love,” for everyone on her list, no matter how close the relationship is. She just figures, if ever there was a season to be all about the love, Christmas is it.

things to write on christmas cards

Keely Chace is a Hallmark Master Writer who loves reading, running and spending time with her husband and daughters. She shares writing tips in her "What to Write" series on Hallmark & Community.

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