Critical Analysis Of A Newspaper Article Example

In the article „We did it! ” published on 2nd January 2010 in The Economist, the author presents women’s current situation on the labor market and the changes it has experienced over the past years. He states that female empowerment is “the biggest social change of our times”. However, he points out that there is still no equality between men and women. The latter still obtain lower wages for the same work, there still exists the problem of the glass ceiling and the question of having children still remains problematic for many employers.

Essay Example on Critical Analysis Of A News Article Example

Even though some countries have introduced certain improvements to make the life of working mothers easier, these solutions are yet very imperfect and far too few. The author concludes that currently women keep advancing, as they have before. For the title, the author chooses a phrase that may be confusing at first – “We did it! ” – but its meaning becomes clear when we see the picture that illustrates the text.

It’s the image of Rosie the Riveter, who during the Second World War was representing women who worked in factories.

Apart from the well-aimed title and illustration, the author selects data that supports well the thesis of the article and presents it in a clear, well-organized way. The conclusion, however, is slightly imprecise; the last sentence of the article is just a description of the current situation and does not seem to conclude the text in a logical way.

newspaper article critical analysis article

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The style used is not very complicated, yet precise and accurate. The language is adequate to the profile of the newspaper the text appeared in, it is The Economist, which is addressed to the general reader. On the whole, the text is aptly written and coherent.

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Critical Analysis Of A Newspaper Article Example

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newspaper article critical analysis article

Critical Essay of a Newspaper Article

In the article „We did it!” published on 2nd January 2010 in The Economist‚ the author presents women’s current situation on the labor market and the changes it has experienced over the past years. He states that female empowerment is “the biggest social change of our times”. However‚ he points out that there is still no equality between men and women. The latter still obtain lower wages for the same work‚ there still exists the problem of the glass ceiling and the question of having children still

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newspaper article critical analysis article

Analysis of Newspaper Article

Running head: ANALYSIS OF NEWSPAPER ARTICLE Analysis of Newspaper Article LaToya L. Allen‚ RN HCS 438: Statistical Applications University of Phoenix Saran Wilkins‚ PhD September 15‚ 2006 Analysis of Newspaper Article Exercising daily is beneficial to a person ’s health. While many people exercise for this reason‚ they are seeking methods to improve endurance and performance. In an attempt to offer durability and better endurance‚ sports drink manufacturers have started to add

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Newspaper Article

Newspaper Article The argument in this article is about whether if children are being challenged in class. I agree to a certain level.First‚ I think that children aren’t being challenged because the teachers are showing sympathy and just letting the children pass the class. Also‚ the children that are intellectually advanced are seeing the work as easy but‚ the less educated children are spotting it as hard. Then‚ when the children get home they are showing their parents the work. The parents

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£1.80 sold in retailers. Wednesday‚ 3rd October 2012 Newspaper Article of Romeo and Juliet Sunday morning‚ the everlasting hatred between the Capulet’s and the Montague’s once again erupted and disturbed the quiet of our streets in piazza Tola. As we have not been promptly informed on which party the blame lies‚ our Prince acquainted us on how the fight broke out‚ with the help of a passer-by.

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newspaper article critical analysis article

Analysis of the Structure of a Newspaper Article.

Analysis of the structure of a newspaper article . The structure of a newspaper article is very important. A well-structured article should be helpful for the reader to follow and understand the story‚ and most importantly‚ it should engage the reader‚ encouraging them to read on. The following articles ‚ ‘Germany grieves for a hero who dared not admit struggle with mental illness.’ from the newspaper ‚ The Times‚ and ‘“It was a real thrill”‚ says tourist nearly eaten by 18ft great white shark.’

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I refer to the article : ‘Weekly Days off for maids a must from next week on”. After the spurring speech by HOME ‚ I realized the importance of treating one another fairly with dignity and respect‚ and hence I applaud the government for initiating this policy of a mandatory rest day. More than providing the domestic workers with physical rest‚ a rest day provides them with an emotional and mental rest from work‚ which will surely help to improve their productivity and reduce the likelihood of

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Newspaper article

wasn’t enough this time. There was some amazing plays in the game‚ but I believe an incredible one was in the fourth inning when Starling Marte covered about twenty feet to catch a fly ball and get the second out with his incredible dive catch. An articles read about their season said that they played everything right‚ it was a amazing season but it wasn’t enough this year‚ they needed a little more. This year the Pirates MVP player is Andrew McCutchen‚ he put up an OPS+ of 158‚ and swiped 27 bags

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Analysis of the Structure of a Newspaper Article

OF ENGLISH NEWSPAPERS Homulo Liubovi‚ ULIM Newspaper language possesses a definite specification that distinguishes this language from fiction or scientific literature and conversation. Aspiration to report about the latest news in short period of time influences both the communicative tasks and the speech. Newspaper counts on heterogeneous numerous circle of readers and must catch their attention. The reader doesn’t want to waste time on non-specific mass newspaper ‚ that the newspaper information

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newspaper article critical analysis article

Police Newspaper Article Analysis

Ethnicity and the Police Newspaper Article Assignment Part II: Final Ora Howe CJA/344 September 20‚ 2013 Diana Mitchell Ethnicity and the Police Newspaper Article Assignment Part II: Final This newspaper article will begin from week two individual public opinion of police by different ethnic groups outline. Public opinion of police by different ethnic groups there are different types of ethnic groups African American‚ Hispanic’s and Latino’s American. Ranging from the White House to all

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Analysing a newspaper article

Analysing a Newspaper Story How is a Newspaper Article Structured? All newspaper articles follow a particular framework or structure. Headline: All stories have a headline‚ which gives the reader an idea of what the article is about. Tabloid headlines often use puns or other techniques‚ such as alliteration‚ to captivate their audience. Introduction: As the first paragraph in an article ‚ the introduction is very important. Its contents tell the reader in more detail what the article is about

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Newspaper Article Classifier

Document Classification for Newspaper Articles Dennis Ramdass & Shreyes Seshasai 6.863 Final Project Spring 2009 May 18‚ 2009 1 Introduction In many real-world scenarios‚ the ability to automatically classify documents into a fixed set of categories is highly desirable. Common scenarios include classifying a large amount of unclassified archival documents such as newspaper articles ‚ legal records and academic papers. For example‚ newspaper articles can be classified as ’features’‚ ’sports’

A Linguistic Analysis of Two Newspaper Articles

Analyze two newspaper articles with respect to the tools of linguistics. This work includes two newspaper articles . Article one is called “Pakistan’s alternative tourism industry” by Shyema Sajjad (Pakistani perspective) and article two is named as “CIA Contractor Raymond Davis is Free—Now Is the Time to Reconsider Our Support for Pakistan’s Government” by Christian Whiton (American perspective). Firstly‚ this assignment will work at two levels of analyzing article discourse. The first level includes

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Critical Analysis of a Published Article

Assignment 1: Critical analysis of a published article (1000 words) Saturday 10th October 2009 By Joana Wong This critical analysis is about an article that argues whether drugs should be legalized or not. It was published in The Observer‚ on Sunday the 6th of September 2009 and it is entitled "Latin America’s backlash against US war on drugs" by Ed Vulliamy in Tijuana‚ Rory Carroll in Caracas‚ Annie Kelly in Buenos Aires and Tom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro. It is a lengthy article ‚ written in

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Macbeth newspaper article

THE                       ALL  ABOUT  THE  BIG  WORLD  WE  LIVE  IN   EXCLUSIVE  NEWS  TODAY                           Last  night  in  Scotland‚  chaos  erupted  at  the     Macbeths  castle  during  what  was  supposed  to     be  a    peaceful  celebration  banquet.  Macbeth’s

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Gatsby Newspaper Article

Gatsby?..What Gatsby? The man that has had everyone talking lately‚ has had yet another extravaganza at his West Egg home‚ hundreds of people showed up by the dozens last night to drink‚ dance and carry on from dusk until morning light. The success of Gatsby’s lavish parties had everyone‚ especially the women‚ talking who this mystery millionaire was? Rumours flew my way once the champagne had started taking affect‚ “I heard he was a German spy”‚ “I’m sure he is part of a mob” were only the start

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Newspaper Article Format

International News The Dirty Truth about Holocaust November 19‚ 1941 On the set of WWII the Nazis have set up hundreds of concentration and death camps across Europe in order to isolate‚ torture‚ and murder millions of Jews or the people considered inferior by the Germans. At first these camps were used to hold political figures as prisoners and soon afterwards the camp started to hold non-political figure prisoners. As the second war goes on the concentration camp sites increased and

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Othello Newspaper Article

VENETIANTIMES Lieutenant of Venice’s Lieutenant Arrested By Jake Hurrell – January 19th 2013 CYPRUS – The Lieutenant of Venice‚ Othello was quite embarrassed of his own Lieutenants actions last night. Cassio‚ Othello’s Lieutenant was arrested last night at Othello’s celebration for the defeat of the Turkish fleet. Cassio was arrested after violently attacking Roderigo‚ a Venetian gentleman. Cassio’s arrests consist of intoxication and public disturbance. Othello speaks of Cassio’s feat “Whats;

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Critical Analysis of a Scholarly Article

Critical Analysis of a Scholarly Article Erika K. Epps MGMT 6100 July 22‚ 2012 Petrina Woods-Shatteen Critical Analysis of a Scholarly Article When working with companies‚ an employee has to wonder from time to time what makes management tick. What is the source of their decision-making practices? Why should people strategize in business or in war? Well first let’s define what is strategy? “It is a plan‚ method‚ or series of maneuvers or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result:

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How to Write Newspaper Article

How to Write a Great Newspaper Article We read and are influenced by newspapers on a daily basis. Newspapers provide information on current events and issues‚ providing comprehensive detailed news reports with background information‚ interpretation and analysis . Newspapers also provide entertainment and are a reference for television‚ sport results‚ movie listings‚ community events and weather reports. Newspapers use pictures and captivating headlines to draw in readers and hold their attention

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Macbeth Newspaper Article Project

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE : DUNCAN’S MURDER Individually‚ you will be writing a newspaper article about the murder of King Duncan. 1. Using your Map of Scotland‚ pick a city and create a name for your newspaper . For example‚ The Dunsinane Daily Journal (you are NOT allowed to use this example) 2. You must have a headline that includes a “hook” (something that grabs the reader’s attention and practically insists that he or she read the whole story). “King Duncan’s Dead!” is NOT an effective headline.

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newspaper article critical analysis article

Critical Analysis Of A Newspaper Article Example

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