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personal statement computer science masters

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personal statement computer science masters

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personal statement computer science masters

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personal statement computer science masters

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personal statement computer science masters

What to include in a Personal Statement

personal statement computer science masters

Personal Statement Tips

Personal statement example computer science personal statement.

Computer Science Personal Statement

My fascination with technology was sparked when, as a child I thought it would be a great idea to take apart my Playstation console. Aware of the danger, I was still eager to see how it all worked inside. I find it intriguing how fast society has been shaped and continues to be, by the influence of Computer Science. A few years ago if someone were to have claimed that cars would become autonomous, people would have doubted them. Now we are at a stage where nearly anything is possible and this is due to the relentless problem solving of computer scientists. The latest software update released by Tesla motors allows their cars to learn how to drive themselves, and is an example of artificial intelligence, a sector which I am most interested in. I want to study Computer Science because I want to gain the knowledge needed to be able to help find solutions to world problems, with the efficient use of computer technology. With the knowledge and skills, I will attain from this course, the creative ideas that I could bring into fruition would be endless. I hope to become one of the computer scientists who adapt technology to help the human race evolve. One possibility would be for artificially intelligent gadgets to recognise different people and adjust to their individual needs based on personal preferences. I have been teaching myself Objective-C syntax in my spare time and have completed online programming courses, which have allowed me to explore the endless possibilities that computer science can bring to the world. I have also learnt to create a simple iOS game using Apple’s syntax called ‘Swift’, in XCode alongside Photoshop.

I understand that computer science is not just about programming and hardware but also about the ethics entailed in the process of a design as well as innovative thinking. Studying A-Level Philosophy and Ethics has given me an insight into many ethical situations that may arise around computer science such as the creation of artificial intelligence. This raises controversy of whether or not we should be trying to create artificial intelligence, as people have different beliefs and faiths. One example of such controversy was during the development of Honda’s Asimo robot when engineers had to visit the Vatican to seek permission to continue the project due to how human-like the robot was developed to walk. During a week of volunteering on NCS I visited Wazoku, the creators of an idea-sharing software used by major corporations such as Waitrose and The BBC. I was given an insight into the working environment that I hope to join after completing my degree. I am applying for work experience at Wazoku, in order to learn about how the software industry can influence the progress of companies.

I am constantly seeking to learn new skills and gain experience from various activities. I have been a member of the RAF Air Cadets for four years, where I have learnt many valuable life skills such as discipline, leadership, charity and confidence. Alongside these life skills I have gained various qualifications such as The St. John’s Ambulance Youth First Aid qualification and Leading Cadet qualification. Being a cadet also involved doing charity work such as raising money for the RAF Benevolence Fund and the Poppy Appeal. Through all these experiences I have learnt how to work with people from all walks of life, different backgrounds and people who have different beliefs and ideas to the ones I do. This has enabled me to adjust my approach to solving different problems and situations.

Technological advancements take place around us everyday, from the evolution of bulky antenna phones into smart phones to the introduction of smart virtual assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Google Now and Windows’ Cortana. I am inspired by the fact that computer science has become a fundamental element in the development of a better, smarter future for our world and my goal is to be part of that development process.

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Submitted by anonymous

This subject interests me because I am always using computers and have been using them from such a young a...

Innovation has always been something that I strive to achieve. We live in a world where it feels like we h...

Computers themselves, and software yet to be developed, will revolutionize the way we learn.” – Steve Jobs...

The layman looks at a graphical interface to interact with their computers and never stops to question the...

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Written by Hannah Slack

This is an example personal statement for a Masters degree application in Computer Science. See our guide for advice on writing your own postgraduate personal statement .

Having grown up in a world increasingly dependent on computers, I have witnessed the fast-paced innovative world that computer scientists work in. From a young age I have been following the advanced technical developments humanity has made in exciting fields such as AI and Robotics. I remember being in awe at what was possible with technology after seeing the footage in 2017 of Atlas, the robot made by Boston Dynamics, doing a backflip. The work conducted in Japan is equally, if not more, impressive, with the development of Pepper, the first robot designed to read emotions, in 2014. Watching what computer scientists make possible greatly inspires me and I believe a Masters in Computer Science at your university will help me enter a fascinating field.

I am on track to graduate from my undergraduate degree in Computer Science with a first. I have enjoyed studying the subject at this level and look forward to continuing to more advanced content.

Since school age I have been good at mathematical subjects. I believe that logical thinking comes naturally to me. During my teenage years I took an interest in self-assembling my own computer. This allowed me to explore the inner workings of computers and learn how each part fits together to work as a larger system. What I enjoy about computers is that behind the complex structures, it is just a lot of simple elements.

After working with the hardware side, I went on to explore software. I first became interested in the different operating systems available. I then went on to learn different coding languages, mainly Python, after starting a GCSE in Computing. I believe that coming from a multilingual family helped me learn coding languages. After finishing my GCSE course, I continued to develop my abilities in Python and began to read about other languages and their uses.

During the first year of my undergraduate I also had the fortunate opportunity to build a robot for the Robot Wars reboot with a team made up of my course mates. Not only was this a particularly valuable learning experience, but I greatly enjoyed the teamwork element of creation. Being able to bounce ideas off each other showed me just how exciting technological creation can be as you face a world of possibilities. Unfortunately, our robot did not win but we had a lot of fun and were able to learn from our mistakes.

Throughout my life my hobbies and qualifications have led up to a growing passion for computers. The world is becoming increasingly reliant on computers to help solve many of humanity’s problems. In addition, Computer Science also a fun medium to work with because of the many possibilities it presents. It is rare to find a field that is so vital to society and is extremely enjoyable and that is why I hope to work in a Computer Science field one day. I believe the education opportunities that this course can provide will help me get there.

Find a Masters in Computer Science

If you're interested in a studying Computer Science, then why don't you check out our regularly updated catalogue of available Computer Science Masters courses .

personal statement computer science masters

29 Sep 2022

Have you ever cringed while writing a personal statement? We've all been there! Perhaps this is what you really felt like writing...

personal statement computer science masters

16 Feb 2023

Postgraduate study comes in all shapes and sizes. For those of you looking to depart from the mainstream, we've picked out 7 weird and wonderful Masters degrees you may not have heard of!

personal statement computer science masters

05 May 2022

When it comes to postgraduate study, procrastination can derail even the most valiant of efforts. We take a look at how so many of us fall into the procrastination trap, and how we can escape it!

personal statement computer science masters

20 Jan 2022

If your top motivation to apply for a Masters features on this list, it might be time for a rethink!

personal statement computer science masters

04 Aug 2022

Postgraduate study is hard at the best of times, but our bad habits certainly don't help! If you're starting soon, watch out for these traps.

personal statement computer science masters

21 Jul 2022

You'll encounter people from all walks of life during your Masters. Here's just a selection of the most memorable characters you'll meet.

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personal statement computer science masters

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personal statement computer science masters

Personal Statement of Purpose - MSc Computer Science

personal statement computer science masters

07 July, 2022

Personal statement of purpose - msc computer science share.

The course that I’m looking to pursue is MSc Computer Science at York St John University (YSJU). By studying this course, I will be able to gain invaluable in-depth and practical knowledge which will help me in starting a successful career. Moreover, getting the opportunity to study in this university will help me advance both professionally and academically. In addition, the opportunity to apply my theories and ideas in practice will benefit me to enhance my skills and knowledge and to achieve a deeper understanding of the field of programming, database systems, software engineering, computer architecture and networks.

According to my research I have found that the MSc Computer Science develops future leaders who can bring data skills and insight to their profession. After reading through the modules and the learning outcome of the MSc Computer Sciencecourse, I have realized that they are conceptually invigorating and very contemporary. By studying this course, I will be able to gain the knowledge, understanding and skills relevant for pursuing a rewarding career within a globally data driven environment. Moreover, the course helps students become self-sufficient, by helping students build self-direction and personal development. A self-sufficient student is always a valuable addition to a society and economy. As I want to explore my career in software development positions, completing this course will put me in a favourable position in terms of the software research and development market. As of the moment, I am interested in learning all the related skills and knowledge from this course. For this reason, this course will be the right choice for my career plans and objectives.

Following the completion of mySenior School Certificate Examination, I studied Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Enugu State University of Science, Enugu, Nigeria in 2021. Since my graduation, I have been researching on the various computer related higher education courses both in the UK and other English-speaking countries. After much research, I have found this course at York St John University to be a perfect fit to both my previous education, as well as my future career goals I have. My previous course and my interest in this subjectwill be complementary to my prospective study since my existing knowledge in the field through my bachelor’s degreemeans I will be able to better understand the concepts of the course. These are the things which have motivated me to pursue this course at York St John University. If I can successfully complete this course, it will create a platform to pursue different career opportunities in Nigeria and establish my career as a Senior Software Architect in a leading tech company, such as 9Mobile, Google Nigeria and Airtel Nigeria.

YSJU London offers Artificial Intelligence Concepts, Cloud Computing, User Centred Design, Agile Software Development, Big Data, Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Machine Learning and Dissertation.

I am determined to study this course in the UK as the study environment in my country is quite different and we only have the opportunity to study with local students. Furthermore, due to periods of unexpected political unrest, students often struggle to finish their degrees on time. Conversely, the UK has a great multicultural and diversified student community which is an opportunity for me to learn with lot of students from different nationalities. UK education brand is highly respected by employers in our country as UK degree prepare graduates with academic competencies, developed personal and professional skills that are imperative for organizational success. UK is home to some of the best universities in the world and are placed high in the world rankings. There is a total of 143 universities in the UK, 108 of which are in England, 19 in Scotland, 8 universities in Wales and 8 in Northern Ireland. Of the top 10 universities in the world, 4 are held by UK institutions. Owing to educational excellence of these universities, there are a total of 485,645 international students studying in the UK, representing over 100 different countries. Candidates will have the opportunity to take part in world-class research that have direct influence on many international affairs, such as vaccine research, innovative business idea development, and more. Students can choose from over 64 different subject areas, offering over 50,000 different courses. The degrees awarded by UK universities are recognized all over the world by recruiters and academics alike and most universities have a graduate employability rate of almost 90%. These are the reasons why I chose UK over other countries to pursue my higher education.

York Saint John University London is a careers-led university, dedicated to supporting students to develop the skills, emotional intelligence and creativity needed to thrive in a constantly changing world. Furthermore, YSJU degree courses are focused on industry-relevant education, and the university provides work-based learning and stimulating curriculum. Academic staffs are equipped with up-to-the-minute real-world expertise and features unparalleled links with top employers create career opportunities. The courses combine the quality of degree program with the commercial outlook of an international leader in training and talent development, to enhance students’ employability. YSJU features teaching facilities that prepare students properly for the professional atmosphere and technological environment they can expect when they commence or progress their careers. I will be looking forward to experience more of their study environment if I get this opportunity to study at York Saint John University London.

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personal statement computer science masters

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Modern business is a dynamic environment in which customer wants and needs constantly change at an ever-faster pace. ...

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

Following my MSc in Financial Management qualification in 2012, I have been in constant search for a real career for ...

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Computer Science Personal Statement Examples

Our computer science personal statements for university will inspire you to write your own, and help you understand why students have successfully applied for a computer science degree in the past.

What else can I find on this page?

What is a computer science personal statement?

How do i write a computer science personal statement, what should i include in my computer science personal statement.

How do I write a conclusion for my computer science personal statement?

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personal statement computer science masters

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personal statement computer science masters

Your application form features your grades, but the UCAS personal statement is an opportunity to sell youself to the university.

This means you need to include your skills, goals and suitability for the course when drafting a computer science undergraduate or postgraduate personal statement.

Make sure you convey your talents for programming and why you are committed to this course. Read through some of our computer science personal statement examples to see what makes a good and successful statement.

When it comes down to how to start a personal statement, don’t tie yourself in knots. Why do you want to study computer science? Personal statements should answer this question, so open with your motivation during your introduction.

Your computer science personal statement should be easy to read, explaining why you have chosen this course and how you intend to work hard to achieve your goals. Give your computer science personal statemen to others to proofread, and ensure the language is concise, makes sense, and is grammatically correct. Don't just rely on a spellchecker for your final draft - read it through yourself, and check for errors thoroughly.

How do I write my computer science personal statement introduction?

Try to start your computer science personal statement with a paragraph that will immediately grab the reader's attention. For example, you might relate a story about an experience with computer science when you were a child, such as a birthday present or a day trip with your family. You might also choose to open your statement by talking about one or two aspects of computer science that fascinate you, and why you find them interesting.

For example, this candidate talks about Linux and how they overcame the challenges of using this operating system:

"My views about computing changed considerably when I heard about Linux. In the late nineties it was a newer operating system and tasks like installing and configuring were considered to be quite challenging in India. However, I was intrigued by this challenge and without any formal training I was able to independently install this system. This was due to the sound knowledge I had acquired through reading a vast range of technical books. My fascination towards the evolving IT industry has been growing ever since. "

Not only does this pick out something specific from the world of computing, but shows the reader that the applicant had the persistence and ambition to figure out how to install and use the operating system using textbooks, which is the sort of student they are looking to engage on their course.

Another example is the following candidate, who chose to open their statement by recounting the time they built their first computer:

"Building my first computer was an experience I will never forget. Looking over what seemed to be a city of silicone, I marveled at how elegantly the components were arranged on the motherboard. Yet I did not feel fully satisfied, as I knew there was a whole other world of computing, which could only be explored by completing a degree in computer science.

Studying A Level mathematics has taught me that there are countless methods of approaching a problem and I have also found this to be true of programming."

Again, the student has picked out something specific and told a story, which helps to engage the reader straight away and tells them how interested they are in computing. They then go on to relate their current studies to the course, which is another strength of the opening of this statement.

Hopefully these two examples show how you might put together your own unique opening for your computer science statement, but if you're still struggling, take a look at the rest of our example personal statements .

We suggest rounding off your statement with a paragraph about your extracurricular activities and hobbies, and how they relate to your course. For example:

"I also participated at a first-aid national contest organized by the Red Cross Romania, which gave me the opportunity to be the leader of a rescue team. This helped me understand better how to face critical situations and improve my leadership skills.

I often think that computer science will give me the chance to reach higher peaks, and I really consider that it has already helped me see life in a different way. Programming gave me the chance to help many children with special needs, to meet interesting people, to discover a new world. That is exactly why I would like to study and follow a career in this field."

Further resources

For more help and advice on what to write in your computer science personal statement, please see:

Will Koehrsen

May 16, 2019

Master’s in Computer Science at Georgia Tech Personal Statement

Why i’m pursuing an advanced degree in computer science.

Author’s Note: this is my personal statement for application to Georgia Tech’s Online Master’s in Computer Science (OMSCS). This degree, ranked 8th in the country for Computer Science , is the best deal in graduate education (at least in the United States) coming in under $7,000. (Compared to over $70,000 for degrees at lower-rated institutions.) It’s designed for working professionals, which means I’ll be working full-time at Cortex Building Intel as I pursue the degree. While this is still a work in progress, and I haven’t yet been accepted, I thought I’d share and any feedback is much appreciated. If I get in, I’m very much looking forward to continuing my education which is a must for anyone in the field of data science!

Update July 12, 2019: I have been accepted into the program. I will be attending the Online Master’s in Computer Science starting January 2020.

My objective is to make the greatest positive social impact. After several years figuring out what that means, I’ve concluded I can do the most for our planet working as a data scientist in the energy sector, addressing current inefficiencies and leading a transition to clean energy.

There are three enablers of this goal: motivation, experience, and education. The drive to work diligently is not a barrier; I’ve always been self-motivated as seen in my top marks in formal academic settings, my rigorous self-study of computer/data science, and earning a software engineering job at a start-up doing beneficial, challenging work.

I’m working on the experience aspect; through my position as Cortex Building Intelligence, a start-up applying big data, software, and data science to reduce the energy use of office buildings, I am continually expanding my computer and data science skillset. Every day, I’m able to apply computer science topics (databases, algorithms, machine learning, distributed computing) to develop and deploy pipelines now running in production, learning by doing. Although I eventually want to switch to the public sector, previous stints at the Air Force and NASA taught me a fast-moving company might be a better choice for a young engineer to rapidly acquire experience.

The third pillar supporting my objective is education. While my undergraduate degree was in mechanical engineering (by the time I decided on a career in data science it was too late to switch), it taught me problem-solving skills and how to tackle large projects. I supplemented formal education with self-study and work on a research project building software for virtual building energy audits. While my current level of knowledge allows me to do my job effectively, I know there are advanced concepts — both in computer science and machine learning — which, if mastered, would increase my ability to contribute. While some of these topics can be learned through other online resources or experience, I value sustained study in a formal setting. The Online Master’s in Computer Science from Georgia Tech fits well into my plans: I’ll be able to immerse myself in a rigorous learning experience, study advanced techniques in machine learning and computer science, engage with other learners and professors, and continue to work full time in a rewarding job, applying the topics covered in class. Looking over the course list is exciting as I imagine the benefits — at my current job and throughout my career — these classes will have, in addition to the joy that comes with learning new skills.

Why study computer science if I want to be a data scientist? From my experiences, I’ve learned one can’t isolate data science from computer science if she intends to deploy solutions. On every machine learning pipeline, the determining factor in whether we can build the implementation is not data science — this is relatively simple with open-source tools — but the infrastructure required to store, load, and process data, send the data through a model, and serve the model’s predictions to clients on a real-time basis. To develop more ambitious data science systems, I do need to study machine learning, but I also need to master advanced topics in computer science such as High-Performance Computing and Big Data Analysis. Through the OMSCS, with a specialization in machine learning, I’ll be well-equipped to build larger, more impactful systems, taking full advantage of big data and increasing computing resources.

To summarize, my goal is to have the most significant positive impact, which I believe will come as a data scientist in the energy field. I already have the motivation to contribute, I’ll continue to gain critical experience working at Cortex Building Intelligence, and the OMSCS from Georgia Tech will provide me with the education required to exceed my objective. My goal is admittedly ambitious, but we need ambitious people to solve our current and future problems.

I write mostly about data science and sometimes about other interesting life experiences. You can find my work on Towards Data Science and my projects on GitHub .

More from Will Koehrsen

Data Scientist at Cortex Intel, Data Science Communicator

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personal statement computer science masters

A Personal Statement for a Masters in Computer Science

The mind must never be kept idle because of its tremendous capacity to absorb and learn. After careful consideration of my aptitude, interests and experiences gained while pursuing my under graduation in the field of Computer Science and Engineering, I have decided to pursue my Masters in the field of Computer Science. Being a dynamic and ever evolving field, many new developments are expected and there is immense scope for research on new products and applications. To progress and make a mark in this field, I realize that it is important for me to pursue my Masters from a reputable university. I have always dreamt of taking up research. I took up Computer Science and Engineering as my discipline in Bhoj Reddy Engineering College for Women affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, one of the premier institutes in India. My undergraduate education has been a great learning and enriching process for me. It exposed me to all the core areas of Computer Science like operating systems, database management systems, networks and network security, data structures, algorithms and software engineering. These courses have given me a good foundation in the core concepts. My interest lies in Database Management, Programming Languages, Theory of Computation, and Software Engineering. I am fully acquainted with the fast growing subjects like Object Oriented Programming, Analysis and Design. On the other hand, the intensive laboratory classes exposed me to a fascinating world of experimentation. It was here that I discovered the qualities of perseverance and diligence in myself. I feel that these courses have done a lot to prepare me for my future studies and research work. CS courses like Database Management Systems, Artificial ... ... middle of paper ... ...ram.I am aware of the kind of dedication and resilience I will have to show over the years. I feel that I am adequately prepared for that, both in having technical qualifications and the right mind-set. My interest in the field of Computer Science and my eagerness to pursue Masters in the field strengthened when I came across the University of xxxx website for Computer Science. I intend to participate in the ongoing research in the campus. I am sure that the peerless faculty, the excellent facilities and the stimulating academic environment among the students of the University of xxx will prove immensely fruitful and facilitate my development as an individual researcher in my field. In conclusion, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for enabling me to express myself. I would be very thankful if I am offered an admission in your esteemed university.

In this essay, the author

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Computing Master's Personal Statement

My interest in computing has developed out of what I believe is a natural aptitude for the subject and a deep belief in the importance of IT in the modern world.  My first degree has given me an excellent grounding in information systems, covering both the science of computing and the ways in which it can be applied to the human world.  I have gained a good knowledge of the mathematics which underlies computing, of the various types of programming and software engineering and the architecture of systems, but what really caught my imagination was the notion of the possibilities inherent in the technology to make life more efficient and productive for human beings.  I should like to investigate this further by studying for a Master’s degree which focuses on human-centred IT systems, or perhaps the ways that advanced applications can be developed in business and management.  My ambition is to make my career in the IT industry, working in a successful organisation on system design and applying my knowledge to whatever IT context I find myself in. The role of computer systems in our daily lives is already immense and is only likely to grow.  Early interactive systems were lacking in efficiency and responsiveness and tended to lead to client and customer frustration, and there are many problems like this still unsolved at the present.  E-commerce can only be successful if the customer feels comfortable with the IT facility he or she is offered, which must allow him or her to find the required product with as little effort and technical frustration as possible.  Government systems too have caused irritation and bewilderment in citizens through inefficiency and opacity, and solutions to the difficulties in this field are central to the workings of democracy.  Security is another human-centred IT area which needs much development, calling for mechanisms that human beings can operate easily and businesses can trust. Then there is a whole area of IT provision in health care that calls for constant updating and refining, from the design of medical devices to the establishment of information systems throughout a nation’s medical services.  It is clear that my chosen career field is very wide and full of opportunity, and I believe that I am well placed to make a contribution to this increasingly important world.

I have been a successful undergraduate, noted for my ability to work hard and for my determination.  Work experience placements have given me a realistic idea of the world of employment and business.  I worked briefly in a retail clothing business, where I was made very aware of the importance of maintaining the goodwill of customers through answering queries, preparing stock and generally keeping the outlet orderly and attractive.  It was useful experience in dealing with the public and gave me good training in communicating with people and understanding their needs.  For six months I worked as a receptionist in a clinic, dealing with telephone calls for appointments, updating the company system and helping clients.  It provided lessons in quick thinking, communicating and solving problems.  I learnt how to work as part of a team and the importance of reliability and punctuality.

Outside my IT interests I enjoy a varied social life with friends and family.  I love reading and travel, and have visited a number of countries in Europe as well as Turkey.  Turkish is my mother tongue, and I have fluent English and some French.  I use my computer extensively in all my academic work.

I am a responsible and highly motivated student with a clear view of what I should like to achieve.  I work well with others, but also have the confidence in my own judgement to be able to work happily on my own.  I am well organised in my studies and I delight in the challenge of new ideas and the need to learn new skills.  I am a good listener and respond very positively to instruction.

Hopefully this Personal Statement has been of good use to you personally.

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Sample Personal Statement for Computer Science

personal statement computer science masters

by Talha Omer, MBA, M.Eng., Harvard & Cornell Grad

In personal statement.

The following personal statement is written by an applicant who got accepted to the master’s program in computer science. Variations of this personal statement got accepted at the University of Utah and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Read this essay to understand what a top personal statement in CS should look like.

Sample Personal Statement in Computer Science

While SpaceX was launching satellites into space, my country was hoping for another loan from World Bank. I, for one, wondered when power outages would end in my home country. The delipidated condition of my country made me value the small things in life – from dreaming with my siblings about our future to just lying in the backyard gazing into the very depths of space, determined to make ourselves proud. Though my family comes from humble beginnings, my parents left no obstacle unturned to educate us. My father’s love for technology and education grew stronger with age and time. I still remember when he purchased a Pentium-1 for us, the first computer in my family and perhaps in my neighborhood. Almost every week, it needed repair because of our doings, but he kept encouraging us.

Inspired by my passion for technology, I applied to the topmost computer science undergrad program. My parents were overjoyed when I was accepted because I was the first in my family to attend college. One month into my undergrad, I founded “The CS Media Club,” a society with a vision to share success stories of software developers. It was the same time the following year when I handed over the elective office of the President to the freshmen students. For me, it was the start of a versatile voyage, an inherent determination to change lives, which fostered other ventures. Eventually, I volunteered as Brand Ambassador for International Youth Coding Challenge (IYCC). Under IYCC, I vowed to promote coding competitions among students. Again, I received an overwhelming response. Gradually this initiative expanded into astronomy and astrophysics, which still gives me goosebumps.

I faced many financial and academic challenges, and I had two options: either give up my education or don my diligence glasses to compete with the best. I chose the latter. Hence started my struggle as a freelance programmer. As a freelancer, I built lasting relationships with clients and enriched my communication skills. In addition, the soft skills I learned boosted my confidence to participate in MUN Conferences. I also leveraged my confidence and took two paid summer internships with Google and Apple. This provided real-life coding experience, amplified my interpersonal skills, and revamped my career path.

So, this journey from lying and looking into the depths of the space to now typing this essay in Microsoft’s office is full of adventures and emotions. All the years of hard work landed me a dream job with Microsoft, but like my late grandfather used to say, it is always lonely at the top. Thus, my inner self urges me to excel further and bring world-class coding and development knowledge to my home country.

We have a vast talent pool but not enough guidance and opportunities. My college professor often called our young minds the ambitious unguided missiles. I want to change this narrative and become a symbol of hope for many like me. I aim to join academia and research to guide the youth. I also want to establish a community of young developers and form research alliances with other organizations in exchange for ideas. This way, I hope to bring reality to some other kid aiming to build something wondrous for his home country under the fading light of our home.

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personal statement computer science masters

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personal statement computer science masters

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Statements of Excellence for Admission to Graduate School in Computer Science

personal statement computer science masters

Sample Admission Statement for the PHD in Computer Science, Applicant from Jordan

personal statement computer science masters

At Al-Balqa Applied University, I studied Software Engineering broadly speaking, from an interdisciplinary perspective including related areas. Throughout the course of my education, I gained a constantly and incrementally increasing passion for research and development (R & D), especially in the area of network security, Cloud computing, and cybersecurity.  I worked in a research project for my senior year dedicated to prevent cross-site scripting attacks by developing a sublanguage of HTML. Moreover, in the last semester during summer school I was awarded an internship with the National Information Technology Center (NITC) for 4 months, where I learned a great deal about all of the areas that I am most interested in professionally, fully confirming my career choice and focus.

Upon graduation, motivated by my thirst for ongoing training and professional advancement as well as a sense of patriotism, I joined the Jordan Armed Forces so as to work with the Directorate of Cyber Security and Information Technology, where I remained until coming to the United States only recently. I also plan to return to work with the same governmental agency of the Armed Forces of Jordan upon my return, after earning my PHD, hopefully at the University of XXXX. My ideal job at some point would be to lead the agency. In my time with the Directorate of Cyber Security, I have made a great deal of progress in my capacity to contribute to research and have cultivated a strong aptitude for the type of problem solving and problem discovery skills that enable a cyber security expert to excel. It was a special honor for me to be selected to join a group working on security implementation of e-government cloud environment. In addition, I served as an instructor at the Information Technology Training Institute (ITTI) for more than five years teaching (Oracle, VB, CCNA, and network security). I also served as a part time instructor at XXXX University, teaching computer center staff how to make the best use of the latest information and communication technology techniques like Cloud Computing to help them do their jobs to the best of their ability. I have also had the privilege of teaching network and information security courses at Mutah.

Earning my MSC Degree and writing my thesis on using cloud computing environment for e-government services in Jordan was well received. We proposed a hybrid cloud computing model for Jordan’s e-Government using a Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm to test the proposed model. This experience will help me to excel as I continue in graduate school. I have immensely enjoyed a variety of intensive trainings and courses related to network security and cyber security as part of the Jordan Armed Forces and I have also now been awarded a full scholarship from JAF to study towards a graduate degree in the USA in Cyber Security. Upon my return to our agency, I will be serving as an instructor. I have also had the privilege of being trained by U.S Army and NATO personnel in the areas of Security management, learning increasingly sophisticated ways of identifying vulnerabilities, assessing threats, preventing and tolerating malicious and harmful activities, mitigating and recovering from attacks, etc. These trainings and courses, along with my graduate study and 5+ years of an on-hands experience provides me with a solid knowledge base and skill set to excel in my studies towards the PHD at the University of XXXX.

I thank you for considering my application.

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Samples of My Work in Computer Science & Closely Related Areas

Sample 1st Paragraph for a Master’s Degree Application in CS, Indian from South Africa

personal statement computer science masters

Women In Computer Science

Heroines in Computer Science

It’s a well-known fact that there are fewer women in digital and computer technology than men. But that doesn´t mean that there aren´t some awesome female digital and computer pioneers! Let´s take a look at some of the most interesting now.

Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace is widely recognized as the world’s first computer programmer. She was born in 1815. After attending the University of London, where she studied math, she found herself working as an inventor for Charles Babbage. This is where she created the concept of a computing operating system. Ada sadly died early, at the age of 36, but her lasting legacy has made her a role model for girls and young women. She has managed to become such an inspiration that she now has a day dedicated to her, on October 16 th .

Janie Tsao co-founded the company Linsky and built is in her garage at home. Linsky became the leading company in wireless and networking for retailers and e-commerce, and eventually, it was bought by Cisco for half a billion dollars. What happened next? Cisco asked Tsao and her husband to continue to lead the brand!

Grace Hopper

Grace Hopper is often referred to as a ‘pioneer computer scientist’, known for creating COBOL (the first computing language). In 1969, she was named ‘Computer Science Man of the Year’ by the Data Processing Management Association, even though she was a woman! Hilarious, and sad at the same time.

However, in 1991, she was awarded the National Medal of Technology, the highest honor within engineering and technology available in the United States. Hopper was the first woman to receive the award and did not stop working and sharing her knowledge until the day she died in 1992, aged 86.

Marrisa Mayer

Aged 37, Marissa Mayer is a modern day woman, and the latest CEO of Yahoo. She earned her stripes at Google as an executive and key spokeswoman. She attended Stanford University, graduating with honors in symbolic systems and computer science. The Illinois Institute of Technology granted Mayer an honoris causa doctorate degree in recognition of her work in the field of search in 2009. And quite rightly, too.

Shafi Goldwasser

Shafi Goldwasser is a two time Godel Prize winner in theoretical computer science and winner of several other awards for her outstanding computer skills. She has helped to pave the way for other women within the technology industry, and is currently the RSA Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer science at MIT and a Professor of Mathematical Science at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel. Goldwasser´s biggest and most noted achievement to date is her work on interactive and zero proofs, which serve to allow secure transmission of information over the internet.

Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg is Facebook’s first female board member. She´s also the owner of almost $1 billion invested stock in the company. She balances her high profile job alongside bringing up her family. In the past, she has worked with former President Bill Clinton and has managed Google’s online global sales and operation. She has one of the highest roles in digital technology, and is really rocking it for womenkind.

Caterina Fake

Co-creator of Flickr, Caterina Fake created one of the first photo uploading websites. She also led Yahoo’s technology development group – which nurtured new ways for people to interact on the internet, and is on the board of Creative Commons.

But she’s not stopping there: now she’s venturing into a new development called Hutch, which will work in developing ways to make decisions based on multiple data inputs.

Anita Borg was able to combine her technical expertise, fearless vision and high level of motivation to create the Syster online community. Communities like this were not mainstream across the internet before she arrived to shake things up.

She founded the institute for women and technology and being commissioned by former President Clinton in 1999 on the Advancement of Women and Minorities in Science, Engineering and Technology. She continues to serve on the committee of National Research Council on Women in Science and Engineering.

Sister Mary Kenneth Keller

Sister Mary Kenneth Keller was not only a nun, but the first woman in the United States to receive a Ph.D degree in computer science in 1965. She then went on to found the computer science department in Iowa and establish a master’s degree program for applications in computer science. She died in 1971, but left a big legacy in computing and education behind her.

Mary Lou Jepsen

Mary Lou Jepsen is most widely known for her One Laptop Per Child project. She believes that everyone should have access to a laptop, and uses her expertise in computer science and other areas to run this nonprofit organization. She created a low cost and low power laptop to send out to third world countries, and it’s the greenest and cheapest laptop ever made. Over 2.4 million children and teachers now have her to thank. She is still going strong and continues to grow her company, making laptops that work out at less than $200. She was named in The Times as one of the top 100 most influential people in 2008. Inspiring women will never cease to do great things. 

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Master’s Computer Science Sample Statement of Purpose

personal statement computer science masters

In order to prepare myself for excellence as a computer science major, I took programming courses online, learning a great deal about basic programming, data structures and algorithms. These courses help me to apply computer skills into real obstacles, not merely academic/theoretical assignments. I do programming projects through Project Euler and Leetcode to reinforce my programming fundamentals. I believe “practice makes perfect”. I also strengthen my math skills through books and online resources because fundamental math skills are essential to produce excellent and efficient programming codes. I have attended several computer science events in which speakers from various information technology companies talk about how computer science and machine learning apply to different fields. To be ready and succeed in my upper-division courses, I have borrowed textbooks relating to upper division studies and so have some awareness of the challenges that lie ahead and that I shall need to familiarize myself with new concepts and acquire new skills at a rate and to a depth exceeding that to date. I am not deterred by this awareness which has only increased my determination to apply all my diligence and enthusiasm.

I had no experience of C++ programming until introduced to it during my course study last year. I was aware that it is the most popular language and that it has many advantages over others. I was excited and very interested that I was beginning to learn the language. My initial impression was that this very important subject was an easy one, but I failed to appreciate that I was acquiring only a superficial understanding of it. I started to fall behind my classmates because I was ‘coasting’. I was not going deeply enough into the new concepts being taught to me. I seemed to become stuck at a stage of understanding the theory of a function without grasping its purpose and scope properly. This came home to me during group discussions where my superficial understanding was exposed to others and, more importantly, to myself.

At this point, I resolved to remedy the situation. I realized that I had some serious catching up to do. My confidence was slightly shaken but I reassured myself with the knowledge that if I excelled in mathematics, as I did, then this vital area of study was certainly not beyond me. I went back over topics already covered and reviewed all new information very carefully. Re-reading material and watching video lessons online from other institutions until I was sure that I had grasped both theory and the practical applications of each of the concepts covered. I also went to my professor’s office hour constantly, asking for help and advice. Besides this, I found some practice questions to strengthen the concepts. After taking my final examination, I have a grade of A in the class. I was very proud of myself because all the hard work had paid off. This has taught me that understanding theory is essential, but it is equally important to grasp practical implications and applications. I always review class materials and work on additional practice problems during free time. I am confident that this will help me to suceed academically in preparation for my career.

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personal statement computer science masters

Master Degree In Computer Science: Personal Statement

Achieving 4-h's impact on my life.

Through the years, 4-H has had a great impact on my life. Without 4-H I would not be the person I am today if I had not been involved with 4-H at such a young age. During my years of participation in 4-H I have received many life skills that have greatly impacted my life. Some of the skills that I have gained include but are not limited to leadership skills, public speaking skills, and responsibility skills. However, I have also gained many life experiences that some many never have, I have participated in the Ross County Queens’ Contest, went to 4-H camps during the summer, and have had the opportunity to raise and show hogs at the county fair. Additionally being a Camp Counselor, a member of Junior Fair Board, and Junior Leaders great

Honor Society Accomplishments

One of the most important personal experiences related to my talents is when I achieved the National Honor Society in my high school. I have had a lot of important experiences before me achieving the National Honor Society, but this was my most recent achievement in my high school career. Having achieved the National Honor Society made me really happy since my hard work in my high school is being recognized. I have also been invited to join an organization called the National Society of High School Scholars which made me excited having to know that important organizations are interested in me and my talents make me proud of myself and encourage me to do my best in my academic career to make a lot of great memorable achievements. I have also achieved the

Personal Narrative: My Response To Governor's School

My interests in technology did not come until later in my life; when I attended my first engineering and technology workshop. Back in the summer of 2012 I was accepted into the Rowan University’s Boys Engineering, Science, and Technology (BEST) Program. Throughout the event I was in awe and fascinated by what engineering had to offer. We built bottle rockets and constructed penny bridges, but what stood out to me the most was the hands on experience with computer programming. Our task was to create a calculator with the resources we were provided. Being thrown into something I have never experienced before was a learning curve, but eventually I was able to program my calculator to compute 2+2. It might seem elementary now, but to me this experience was the spark that hooked me into the world of technology.

National Honor Society Research Paper

Jane Goodall once said, “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” For being a member in the National Honor Society, you are required to make choices involving the four pillars representing the activity itself; scholarship, service, leadership, and even character. Like Goodall says, you have the power to make anything happen, but it is your gift to be able to choose what you will produce. If anyone is being honest, it is a privilege to qualify for such an inspirational activity. Being a part of The National Honor Society requires you to encompass scholarship, service and character which I tend to often demonstrate and constantly strive for. In addition, it is my duty to inspire, impress,

Speech Language Pathology Essay Examples

The profession of Speech Language Pathology enables others to be heard and gives them the ability to have a voice. As a Communication Disorders major, I found my voice through education and personal experiences. During my undergraduate career, I have balanced extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and leadership roles while maintaining superior grades in my coursework. However, my qualities go far beyond my list of accomplishments. Passion, my value of education, and my objective to improve the lives of others have driven me to pursue a career in Speech Language Pathology.

Informative Speech On Bill Gates

“I believe that computers are the most incredible tool we can use to feed our curiosity and inventiveness – to help us solve problems that even the smartest people couldn’t solve on their own.” (“Bill Gates”)

Why I Want To Dance Essay

I have always had a burning passion for dance since I was a young girl. My first time on a stage, I was immediately hooked. The overpowering feeling of a crowd of people watching me as I do what I love, is a feeling I have always admired. Dance has developed my character and personality in many different ways. I have been taught responsibility, discipline, integrity and much more. I have learned how to lead with honor and become confident in front of a team. It is very odd because I have never been someone to want to speak in front of large crowds, but I could dance in front of millions of people and feel at home. My 15 years of experience has made me realize the love I have for dancing. It has grown into such a huge part of my life, so it is not shocking that I want to be a Kilgore Rangerette in college!

Personal Narrative: A Career In High School Sports

Ever since middle school sports have always been an interest of mine. When choosing my high school the sports that were offered was one of the many things that I took into consideration. I signed up for cheer during high school orientation. At the first practice, It was a new experience for majority of the girls; we had no prior experience. As time went on, our skills increased. However, we started taking tumbling classes. I couldn 't do it. That 's when the doubts in my ability began. I embodied the fixed mindset perfectly. Dweck said “ Your ability is on the line. Can you feel everyone 's eyes on you? Can you see the instructor 's face evaluating you? Feel the tension, feel your ego bristle and waver”. I stopped being eager to learn new things , I stopped showing up and dressing for practice, and I also came up with excuses to not cheer publicly. I stayed

Alexander High School National Honor Society

Throughout my four years of high school, I have kept myself occupied by participating in three student organizations that has developed me into a helpful and prestigious individual. My participation in the Alexander High School UIL Academic team taught me the lesson of hard work pays off. I took the opportunity to join my high school's UIL current events and social studies team which allowed me to compete against others based on my knowledge of the topic. By competing, UIL has educated me that in order to succeed, you must be willing to make sacrifices and dedicate your time towards studying in order to earn a medal or a ribbon. Thankfully, I got to place in many invitational events. In addition to working hard, I had the chance to create close friendships with UIL participants and coaches.

A & B Honor Roll Accomplishment

As a child I always desired to study math and science. There is just something about solving problems, and finding solutions that catches my attention. Learning about the world, and how it function is very interesting to me. These subjects have help keep me wondering what I could learn next, and the reason being that I am a scholar in my classes. One accomplishment that I am proud of is being on the A&B honor roll. I am proud of this accomplishment because it has gotten me a lot of good opportunities. For example I attend Young Women's Leadership Charter School, and there is an organization called Girl Power. Girl Power is resource my school has to attract funds. There is an event every year, and you are chosen to attend the event if you have

Cardiovascular Science Personal Statement Sample

Moreover, I am looking forward to a different approaches to a geographical at the foreign country. I specially appreciate the wide module arranged by this university which will help me to create a brighter future. It is also a university that famous with high quality of teaching and research. I am attracted to University of Glasgow as it has been internationally recognized as top 100 universities in the world. Apart from that, it has a professional department in law, medicine, veterinary medicine and dentistry. I am impressed to know that University of Glasgow has the oldest and largest library in Europe. Additionally, it has more than 30,000 electronic journals and school of Medical and Veterinary are regularly appraised as the best in United Kingdom. This will definitely help me once I entered the programme since I need to do a lot of research and

Summary: Community College Completion Corps Experience

Jackie Robinson stated one of my favorite quotes, "A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives." For two semesters, I have participated in the Community College Completion Corps. I have served as both Sub-Chair planner and Vice President of membership; in the former position I led the campaign. This event educates Tarrant County College Southeast Campus students as wells as faculty members about the importance of graduating from community college. By holding a three-day event, the committee members promoted the benefits of completing community college. We planned for this event for approximately two months and executed it in three days. The result was that more than 2,500 students pledged to complete college at the end of this event. Consequently, our membership rose by approximately 40%. All these accomplishments were significant achievements for our chapter as a whole and had a great impact on me. The Community College Completion Corps event was particularly important to me because I was always told that I would end up married and without a degree.

Essay: I Want To Pursue A Master's Degree

I understand that the graduate degree demands passion for knowledge, diligence, good analytical and technical skills, and zeal to excel. I am certain that my undergraduate knowledge and four years of work experience has prepared me for the challenge and constant commitment. I assure the committee that their faith in me will not be misplaced, and that I will endeavour to live up to their

Statement Of Purpose For Artificial Intelligence

I believe that the ability to invent, innovate and discover is what has propelled man to the echelons of success. Throughout my life, I have been driven by the desire to “create”, a capability that transcends the passive acquisition of knowledge. It is always the unknown path that has enthralled me more than known terrain. In a world where everything from fighter jets to elevators, interactive graphic displays to digital watches, is driven by computers, I found it difficult not to get fascinated by the technology involved. In view of such a global scenario I have decided to pursue my Masters degree in ‘Computer Science’, which I consider as a

Computer Science And Technology

The origins and roots of computers started out as many other inventions and technologies have in the past. They evolved from a relatively simple idea or plan designed to help perform functions easier and quicker. According to Gary Masters “the first basic type of computers were designed to do just that to compute”. They

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