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These OWL resources will help you write in a wide range of engineering fields, such as civil and computer engineering. This section contains resources on conducting research, working in teams, writing reports and journal articles, as well as presenting research. This section also contains the material from the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) - Purdue Writing Lab Workshop Series and the material from the Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) resources.

Writing Engineering Reports

This powerpoint presentation provides information about how to write reports in Engineering.

Handbook on Report Formats

This resource is an updated version of Muriel Harris’s handbook Report Formats: a Self-instruction Module on Writing Skills for Engineers , written in 1981. The primary resources for the editing process were Paul Anderson’s Technical Communication: A Reader-Centered Approach (6th ed.) and the existing OWL PowerPoint presentation, HATS: A Design Procedure for Routine Business Documents.

Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS)

Materials created for a three-part workshop for Engineering students in a study abroad program including a design notebook, a project chater, and travel writing.

INDOT Workshop Resources for Engineers

This area contains resources for the Purdue Writing Lab-Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) Workshops. These materials will help engineers of all disciplines, workplace writers, and students compose clear, dynamic, and effective technical communication.

Mechanical Engineering Writing Enhancement Program

The resources in this section were created for Purdue University's School of Mechanical Engineering's Writing Enhancement Program. While the resources contain specific information related to the program, the resources also provide mechanical engineers and mechanical engineering students general information about writing in the engineering field.

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Tips For Writing an Engineering Paper

By: Tasha Kolesnikova

Tips For Writing an Engineering Paper

The Purpose of Engineering Papers

How to write an engineering paper, how to write a civil engineering review paper, how to write a civil engineering research paper, how to write engineering coursework, top topics for engineering research paper, format for engineering paper, must-dos of an engineering research paper, advantages of hiring us to write an engineering paper for you, what is an engineering research paper.

Professional scholars in the field write research engineering papers. Most of such assignments are concerned with IT and research engineering.

They are informative and are written to keep a record of the new developments in technology. A paper usually contains research and the theory behind it. Un-evidenced knowledge is a dangerous thing! Research papers prevent this from happening by addressing the crux of engineering issues and solutions for them.

Engineers have a valuable contribution to every revolution, be it technological or industrial. We cannot find a single area of our life where we don’t see an engineer’s design.

However, research papers are important as they teach you how to phrase research properly. You will learn to write in a way that makes it easier for even an amateur to read and understand it.

You will also learn about new technological advancements. Technology is dynamic; it keeps changing. So you got to keep learning! But remember, easy does it.

Don’t rush through the work to feel like you have covered a pool of knowledge. Give it time and understand things.

While pursuing engineering degrees , we may have to write tons of engineering papers. It can be challenging, even for professionals. You might feel intimidated, but if you keep reading and writing such papers, it will have a snowball effect on you. You will get better and better automatically, just like technology!

To start, you must decide on a topic to work with. Find out about that topic and conduct online research. If you have your head in the clouds, it won’t be possible for you to complete the task. Ask yourself if you can easily manage the topic, if not, then there is no shame in switching to a topic that you feel more comfortable with.

The next step is the useful interpretation of data. This data might be presented on a graph paper. You should be able to establish what the graph is telling you. Graph papers can be tricky to understand the relevant data and note points on rough sheets before you work on it.

Now that you have understood the data and analyzed the graph papers, it is time to explain the theory behind it. It is why you must have relevant data. Don’t just write whatever, wherever. If your data does not work well with the theory your topic aligned with, then it’s all wasted effort.

Civil engineering homework usually has review papers, research papers, and coursework.

Civil engineering deals with designs and construction. Every public work around you is the product of civil engineering. Imagine the immense pressure civil engineers carry on their shoulders! The expectations, the effort, the hard work.

Civil engineering subjects are challenging. Writing a civil engineering review paper requires a good command of theory and language. It isn’t easy to gather sufficient data. You might feel snowed under data, graphs, and digital information. Don’t worry. We have a solution to this problem.

It would be best if you were confused about a research paper and a review paper. A research paper is the primary source of information. Whereas a review paper is secondary, it only analyzes pre-existing research and its findings.

To write an excellent civil engineering research paper, you must follow the steps listed if you want your report to be the best!

When you are pursuing an engineering degree, be prepared for coursework. For those who don’t understand what is meant by coursework, we have a simple way to put it. Coursework is all the written and practical work done by you to achieve your grades.

By now, you must’ve noticed that all written assignments follow a similar format. Coursework is not like that. It can be a bit complicated as your instructor usually restricts you within a topic. Software engineering homework topics are tricky to handle in particular.

It can be tricky to come up with a good topic for your assignments. The field is vast and can sometimes overwhelm inexperienced writers. Students often face difficulty in choosing topics, and even if they decide topics, they are unable to do justice to the content.

To make things simpler, we have listed some common topics to search for your assignment. Play the right cards and select a good topic!

Civil engineering subjects have slightly different topics.

The format is quite simple. Keep in mind that you do not have to put all your eggs in one basket. Check for multiple formats for engineering tasks and then organize your work accordingly. The format can vary according to your discipline and instructor’s choice too. An example is that an architectural engineering major might have some alterations in the format compared to civil engineering. Stay updated on the changes.

The general format is usually the one we have stated.

First of all, you should organize your research results separately to avoid confusion. Try to do this ASAP. If you keep on delaying this step, the data becomes outdated and obsolete. The whole point of your research fails if the data is outdated. You will have to repeat the entire process. What a shame!

Secondly, you have to work on the theory related to data. Yes, engineering is a practical field, but it consists of many theories that form the subject's basis. Your readers want to know where does your data lead them to and where it is coming from. It makes theory equally important today. Thoroughly go through theory topics related to your research to see how your work contributes to the world today. Try to discuss your data in detail. Provide the best interpretations possible. Your data must work well with your hypothesis and results for a conclusion.

Thirdly provide relevant data only. Readers are bored with lengthy work now. They prefer short reports which provide them with an ample amount of data. Your data should be massive in terms of quality, do not beat around the bush only to increase the words.

Finally, make sure your references are relatable. They should not be older than five years. If the work is done today, then the references must be recent too. Quoting old references can reduce the quality of your work. People might question its reliability in today’s world.

Let Us Write Your Engineering Papers

Students are usually snowed with assignments and overlapping due dates for them. It becomes challenging to manage these dates and assignments hand in hand. For this reason, we have brought an entirely new solution to your problem. We can write your reports and work for you! All you have to do is contact us with your topic and relevant details. After that, consider your work done.

You might find it difficult to trust an online source. We understand it’s only natural. You can’t trust everyone with your assignments and grades. To clear your doubts, we can tell you why working with us is safe and reliable.

We have one of the best pools of writers and editors working with us. They can prepare all kinds of assignments for you so that your assignment is in front of all others!

Our quality experts check the quality of work. They make sure it is up-to-date with the academic standards set by your professor. We use valid data to get you the best score!

Our feedback service is exceptionally efficient. We reach out to our customers if we face any difficulty understanding their topics and are quick to ask for your feedback on your work as well.

Your work will be delivered in the given time. We will do this before you miss out on your deadlines. Punctuality is the essence of our work! And we do all this at the most reasonable price.

Now don’t waste any more time and start working on your academic papers, if you don’t have enough time, contact us! Make sure you enjoy your studies and give it your best shot.

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write my engineering paper

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I studied sociology and marketing at Europa-Universität Viadrina (Germany) and Universidade da Beira Interior (Portugal). When I was a sophomore, back in 2018, I decided to put what I've learned into practice, so I got my first job in digital marketing. I currently work in the content marketing department at Studybay, building strong, effective, and respectful communication between the platform and our clients.

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write my engineering paper

write my engineering paper

Engineering Copywriter Blog

Content marketing tips and insights to help grow your engineering audience, everything you need to know about engineering white papers.

write my engineering paper

A great marketing tool that can elevate your engineering company to new heights is the release of engineering white papers. White papers demonstrate your company’s expertise and industry knowledge while promoting your authority by offering valuable recommendations and solutions. This guide will help you delve into everything you need to know about engineering white papers.

What is a white paper?

write my engineering paper

A white paper is an authoritative and in-depth report on a specific topic within your industry. It should present a known problem and a solution and is intended to educate a specific target audience. A white paper is an important marketing tool to connect to a technical audience, specifically because they can use it to solve problems.

As a rule of thumb, whitepapers generally:

What is the purpose of an engineering white paper?

Engineering white papers are typically problem-based and solution-centric. These problems can vary as they can stem from timely and relevant issues, new technology and trends, new methodologies, case studies, or comparison studies. The paper must show a recommendation and a proposed solution based on an objective and rigorous examination of the problem.

Engineering white papers are great marketing tools when readers find value in their content. They should inform, engage prospects, and as a result, gather leads. If your white paper attracts your target audience properly, most will submit their email in return for the download. Engineering white papers are great lead magnets.

write my engineering paper

Why release an engineering white paper?

A key consideration when creating white papers is knowing your target audience. An engineering white paper is an industry-specific product intended for a particular subset of the engineering audience.

Engineers come across a lot of problems that need solving, so providing your customers with reliable information that is structured to answer their questions will elevate your company’s expertise and authority. The research that goes into writing for such a fact-based and solution-centric industry is an attractant in and of itself. Good engineers know the effort that goes into good research, so they’ll be drawn to useful content.

White papers should not sound sales pitchy, but the fact that you’re not trying for a hard sale is what makes them perfect for this technical crowd. The more informative and authoritative you sound, the more engineers will tend to gravitate towards your material.

How do you write a white paper?

write my engineering paper

Identify and select a topic

As mentioned earlier, research is key. Finding an engaging and relevant topic is fundamental to writing your white paper. Topics may take the form of new methodology, updated technology, or the filling of a knowledge gap from other white papers. A good idea is to speak to your sales teams or clients directly to identify market issues. Of course, you can also base it on a case study where you’ve already helped an existing client solve a problem.

Create an engaging and accurate title

White papers must be enticing enough to capture your target audience’s attention. They must send a clear message about the key takeaway or lesson that the reader is meant to learn. Make your audience interested enough in the topic that they will want to read on and find the answer.

Develop an engaging executive summary

Creating an effective abstract or executive summary means providing the readers with the essential information they need before diving into the bulk of the content. Your main points must be outlined in the summary, and it should act as a quick guidepost to indicate to the reader whether they have found the paper they’re looking for.

Define a clear problem statement

Your white paper must tell a factual story that your audience can follow. Defining a good problem will show the readers the significance of your paper – that’s what will make the audience care in the first place. The parameters and context of the problem must be laid out for the readers. Providing background on the study will also help the readers to connect more to the problem.

Provide a compelling solution

Presenting a significant problem is, of course, only half the battle. Compelling problems demand compelling solutions or recommendations. Show credibility by backing your problem-solving claims with statistical results. Provide visuals to illustrate your point. Although it’s a technical document, don’t bore your readers with bland storytelling – write an arc that your audience can connect with. You do want to stir them into following your advice. This results section is where you tie all the loose ends and provide the reader with the best possible solution. It should demonstrate your authority and showcase the expertise of your company.

Check your references

References must be checked thoroughly as they add more validity to your content. Proper citation format must be observed, and provide the readers with the information they need should they decide to look further into the topic.

write my engineering paper

Increase your opportunities with white papers

write my engineering paper

White papers require skill and rigorous research and can be very time-consuming. Your team can choose to build an engineering white paper themselves since, after all, you are the experts. The depth of research required makes the white paper a difficult document to generate, but it can also be very rewarding.

Keep your audience in mind and search for a problem your company or your product has solved. What do you want to feature? Which aspect of your services do you want to highlight? What makes your product stand out? How is it superior to others?

Conduct a study and release results to back up your claim. An engineering audience will appreciate case studies and the information that you provide. The next time they come across a similar dilemma, you will be at the top of their minds. You are the expert! You will contribute to the education of your industry while increasing your opportunities and gaining trust, credibility, and respect.

Your in-house team of experts will no doubt hold a lot of relevant information. If you need help planning, researching, and crafting an engaging case study then reach out to us at Engineering Copywriter , or download our guide.

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write my engineering paper

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write my engineering paper

How to perfect your prompt writing for ChatGPT, Midjourney and other AI generators

write my engineering paper

Lecturer in Business Analytics, University of Sydney

Disclosure statement

Marcel Scharth does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organization that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment.

University of Sydney provides funding as a member of The Conversation AU.

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Generative AI is having a moment. ChatGPT and art generators such as DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion and Midjourney have proven their potential, and now millions are wracking their brains over how to get their outputs to look something like the vision in their head.

This is the goal of prompt engineering: the skill of crafting an input to deliver a desired result from generative AI.

write my engineering paper

Despite being trained on more data and computational resources than ever before, generative AI models have limitations . For instance, they’re not trained to produce content aligned with goals such as truth, insight, reliability and originality.

They also lack common sense and a fundamental understanding of the world, which means they can generate flawed (and even nonsensical) content.

As such, prompt engineering is essential for unlocking generative AI’s capabilities. And luckily it isn’t a technical skill. It’s mostly about trial and error, and keeping a few things in mind.

Read more: AI art is everywhere right now. Even experts don't know what it will mean

First, let’s use ChatGPT to illustrate how prompt engineering can be used for text outputs. If it’s used effectively, ChatGPT can generate essays , computer code , business plans , cover letters , poetry , jokes , and more.

Since it’s a chatbot, you may be inclined to engage with it conversationally. But this isn’t the best approach if you want tailored results. Instead, adopt the mindset that you’re programming the machine to perform a writing task for you.

Create a content brief similar to what you might give a hired professional writer. The key is to provide as much context as possible and use specific and detailed language. You can include information about:

If you want a longer piece, you can generate it in steps. Start with the first few paragraphs and ask ChatGPT to continue in the next prompt. If you’re unsatisfied with a specific portion, you can ask for it to be rewritten according to new instructions.

But remember: no matter how much you tinker with your prompts, ChatGPT is subject to inaccuracies and making things up . So don’t take anything at face value. In the example below, the output mentions a “report” that doesn’t exist. It probably included this because my prompt asked it to use only reliable sources .

write my engineering paper

Art generators

Midjourney is one of the most popular tools for art generation, and one of the easiest for beginners . So let’s use it for our next example.

Unlike for text generation, elaborate prompts aren’t necessarily better for image generation. The following example shows how a basic prompt combined with a style keyword is enough to create a variety of interesting images. Your style keyword may refer to a genre, art movement, technique, artist or specific work.

The following images were based on the prompt leopard on tree followed by different style keywords. These were (from the top left clockwise) synthwave , hyperrealist , expressionist and in the style of Zena Holloway . Holloway is a British photographer known for capturing her subjects in ethereal and somewhat surreal scenes, most often underwater.

Midjourney generations for _leopard on tree_.

You can also add keywords relating to:

With Midjourney, you can even use certain specific commands for different features, including ––ar or ––aspect to set the aspect ratio , ––no to omit certain objects, and ––c to produce more “unusual” results. This command accepts values between 0-100 after it, where the default is 0 and 100 leads to the most unusual result.

You can also use ––s or ––stylize to generate more artistic images (at the expense of following the prompt less closely).

The following example applies some of these ideas to create a fantasy image with a dreamlike and futuristic look. The prompt used here was dreamy futuristic cityscape, beautiful, clouds, interesting colors, cinematic lighting, 8k, 4k ––ar 7:4 ––c 25 ––no windows.

write my engineering paper

Midjourney accepts multiple prompts for one image if you use a double colon. This can lead to results such as the image below, where I provided separate prompts for the owl and plants. The full prompt was oil painting of an ethereal owl :: flowers, colors :: abstract :: wisdom ––ar 7:4 .

write my engineering paper

A more advanced type of prompting is to include an image as part of the prompt. Midjourney will then take the style of that image into account when generating a new one.

A good way to find inspiration and ideas is to explore the Midjourney gallery and style libraries .

write my engineering paper

A career of the future?

As generative AI models enter everyday life, prompting skills are likely to become more in-demand , especially from employers looking to get results using AI generators.

Some commentators are asking if becoming a “prompt engineer” may be a way for professionals such as designers, software engineers and content writers to save their jobs from automation, by integrating generative AI into their work. Others have suggested prompt engineering will itself be a career.

It’s hard to predict what role prompt engineering will play as AI models advance.

But it’s almost a given that more sophisticated generators will be able to handle more complex requests, inviting users to stretch their creativity. They will likely also have a better grasp of our preferences, reducing the need for tinkering.

Read more: No, the Lensa AI app technically isn’t stealing artists' work – but it will majorly shake up the art world

Want to write?

Write an article and join a growing community of more than 160,800 academics and researchers from 4,574 institutions.

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Application Guidelines

Below are guidelines for completing your Texas A&M University College of Engineering Entry to a Major (ETAM) application. 

Please note: Enrollment in the Bachelor of Arts in computing program or the Bachelor of Science in technology management program occur(s) through:

Over 30 years of experience in engineering management consulting and ASME Codes and Standards.

Welcome to reedy engineering.

Reedy Engineering is an engineering consulting firm located in Campbell, California. With over 30 years of experience in engineering management consulting and ASME codes and standards, we have continuously helped our clients to reduce the costs associated with design, construction, repair, replacement and modification of pressure retaining equipment. We also seek to assist our clients in their understanding of ASME code requirements for maintaining quality and safety, without sacrificing time and financial resources. Our goal is to educate our clientele and teach them how to resolve ASME boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, and other regulatory issues. At Reedy Engineering, we specialize in a variety of consulting services including:

Consulting for the above areas is provided on an hourly basis. We also offer the option for a Retainer Agreement (inexpensive telephone consulting with incorporated billing rates and unlimited use of a computer database of various code interpretations). Our teams of engineers are always available to assist customers with technical support and approach each question and challenge from a solutions-driven standpoint. It is our expertise in this field and attention to detail that sets our company apart. As engineering consultants on a variety of projects, some generated reports can occasionally be used effectively by a number of clients. We present four different reports:

The seminar provided by Reedy Engineering is titled, "Using ASME Codes and Standards to Reduce Plant Operating Costs". The seminar objectives are to properly use ASME codes and Standards to eliminate unnecessary engineering and repair/replacement activities. This course will highlight these issues and accent the necessity of engineering judgment when approaching challenges in this regard.

When challenges do arise, Reedy Engineering is prepared with experts and consultants for testifying on ASME Code issues regarding general requirements, materials, design, fabrication, nondestructive examination, and testing for quality assurance. We have participated as principle experts in lawsuits regarding petrochemical plants, subway systems and nuclear power plants, among others. Please contact us at 408-558-0330 or [email protected] so we can determine how to best serve you with your engineering and consulting needs.

A top engineering consulting firm since 1981, we have helped clients understand and implement ASME Code requirements for design and construction of pressure retaining components. We have continuously helped our clients to reduce costs associated with design, construction, repair, replacement, and modification of pressure retaining equipment.

Reedy Engineering has consulted for most of the nuclear utilities in the United States and Canada, as well as several in Europe and Asia. We are often involved in helping our clients resolve licensing issues with the USNRC and other international regulatory bodies.


When we act as ASME Code Consultants, our goal is to help our clients maintain quality and safety, without sacrificing time and money. We teach our clients to resolve ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and regulatory issues for themselves. We provide training in ASME nuclear construction and inservice inspection requirements and in support of ASME accreditation.


Reedy Engineering is often hired to provide expert witness services in complicated litigations involving design, construction, materials, welding, and quality issues, due to our long involvement in ASME Codes and Standards activities. We have successfully defended many companies against asbestos litigation.

Our RA-Search database has been updated to include all the latest published ASME Code Interpretations for 2012. The database also includes comments on every change to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and the ASME B31.1 and B31.3 Piping Codes from 1952 to 2012. Comments on all of the ASME Code changes in this period are not available from any other source.

The Reedy Engineering Code Reconciliation Report has been updated to include the changes in the 2011a Addenda to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. It is currently being used by more than 30 nuclear utilities in the United States and Europe.

3425 S. Bascom Ave, Ste E, Campbell, CA 95008 PHONE. 408.558.0330 FAX. 408.558.0337

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Essays on Engineering

In opposition to common opinion, essay on engineering is one of the easiest kinds of papers to write, especially, with the professional help of our exemplary team of writers and editors. If you turn to our company, you will be very surprised at just how less time writing such kind of papers requires. Many students from different countries can confirm it, as they have already used our services, and all of them were satisfied with the received essays.

Engineering Essays Writing Guide

You and your mates are assigned with engineering essays writing. You start by typing in the topic of the paper and then by providing as much information as you can remember on the topic. It sounds a good idea because the more information you provide the better, right?

Above is the example of how you should not start your engineering essay writing. Considering the specific nature of the paper, you should think twice before you start writing anything. The first thing you should do is to create a good, detailed plan of your work. Only by creating such a plan, you will be able to ease the writing process and reduce the level of stress connected to it. The following article will provide you with some tips on how to write a high quality paper in engineering.

People write engineering essays for different reasons. It may be assigned to you as a course task, you may need to prepare it for some conference or as a publication in an engineering journal. Regardless of the reason, you should think about what you are going to tell in your paper, what your purpose is? The paper should be based on some objective. However, the needs of the audience should also be taken into consideration.After the aim has been clearly outlined, you can start structuring your paper.

The Following Chapters Are the Main Parts of Your Paper

Just like in any other academic paper, abstract serves as a short but detailed summary of the paper. It is written in order to make the readers familiar with the information presenter in the paper. It is an important part of the essay as it can either encourage or discourage the readers to read the paper further.

In engineering essays, introductory part serves as a tool to further boost interest of the readers to your paper. This part contains background information, which helps understand the main objective of writing. In case you are writing an article for a journal, introduction is a part where you set the boundaries of the existing knowledge on the topic. Do not forget that any time you use the thoughts of other people, you should cite them properly in order not to be accused in plagiarizing.

The current section is aimed at describing the steps taken to reach the objective. However, this section does not provide detailed information on the results reached. Its purpose is to describe and justify the methods used. In case you have made some experiments during your research, you should describe it and the equipment used for it. On the other hand, if the research was done without experimental part, it will be necessary to provide information on analysis techniques and statistical methods. In case of running and experiment, it should de scribed in such a way that a person reading your paper can repeat in in a laboratory. In other case, your description will be not complete and will have no value.

The results of your experiment or research will be easier perceived by the audience in case they are represented visually. In such case, graphs, tables, and images will play an important role. Make sure you check them before presenting to the public and be sure that all scales are labelled correctly.

This section explains to the readers how the results of your work relate to its main objective. Here you can also describes the difficulties you have faced and which should be studies in the future for better understanding of a topic. You can also describe some connections between your work and the works done previously by other researchers. If the problem under discussion is not completely investigated by you, you can write about plans regarding future work.

It is a part that summarized the main points of your paper. It contains only the most important facts and information. Be specific and precise while writing conclusion.

Reference page should contain researches you have used to support your work. The format of your references will depend on the requirements from the professor. In case no specific requirements were given, use the formatting style you are familiar with to avoid mistakes.

Do not forget to re-read your paper before submitting its final version. It will help avoid silly mistakes and make your paper better.

Read Our Free Engineering Essay Example

Download PDF Sample

Write Perfect Engineering Essay Using Information Below

When you are assigned to produce an engineering essay, you are expected to write a paper about chemicals, machines, electrical apparatus, engines, roads, bridges. Usually, such papers are written by experts in engineering.

Presentable engineering essays often start with short background information. This should be a historic account of the case that lead to the discovery or invention of the subject of the essay. As a rule, years or centuries should be cited, and names of outstanding people in this field should be mentioned. You can start your essay by mentioning the last developments in the field. This way, you can catch the reader's attention and make your audience interested in your topic. You may even write something about the expected developments in the field. For instance, automobiles that can drive without the driver's control have been developed. Future cars might be machines that are able even to fly.

If you need to write a presentable engineering essay, you have to establish the subject of your paper. This serves to bring out the main point. If you do so, you can be sure that you will convince the readers. Your story has to flow smoothly and to be unfolded gradually through the paper. Remember to present a new idea or aspect in every paragraph, until the whole issue is covered. As a rule, an engineering essay provides readers with news or information on different aspects of the discipline. It has to be something that your reader has never even heard about. And remember that the information submitted in your essay has to be totally true and justifiable.

In contradistinction to many other kinds of papers, it is characteristically for engineering essays to include in-text mathematical formulae, which are used to expressed or prove author's argument on the issue. Such essays also include scientific and non-scientific characters or notations. The writer should delineate their meanings in his essay to make the paper clear and interesting.

Like most of other essays, a high-quality engineering essay has to be neither too long nor too short. You have to write the essay that is long enough to fully investigate the subject, but at the same time, you should avoid reiterations and meanderings that would make the paper too long. Do not forget that the target audience of your essay is quite wide; therefore, try to keep it simple and understandable. Everyone would agree that it is too boring and exhausting to read a paper that requires additional consultations from other sources.

Usually, a conclusion in the essay is a paragraph that summarizes the paper in a couple of sentences. You should know that an engineering essay has to be concluded by making reference to its topic. The last paragraph of the paper confirms the captivating topic chosen. It should be free of scientific terms and definitions. Remember that your reader has to fully understand the essay so make sure to proofread it a couple of times before submitting it to your professor.

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write my engineering paper

Raspberry Pi

Guide to writing an engineering research paper.

PCBWay fabrication house

However, many students in application-based fields like engineering are much more comfortable with numbers than they are with words. Because of this, research papers can be challenging for them. Fortunately, there are a few key steps you can take to make sure your next engineering research paper truly shines.

engineering research paper, how to write engineering research paper

Writing an engineering research paper doesn’t have to be hard! It just takes a little bit of work and a bit of mindfulness about how to employ and deploy research to support and defend your great ideas. Before you know it, you’ll have an excellent engineering research paper! If you still need professional assistance from academic experts in the engineering field, don’t hesitate to address a research paper writing service that will help you immediately with your project.

Syed Zain Nasir

Author Image

Find out if your paper is original. Our plagiarism detection tool will check...

Wonder how much time you need to deliver your speech or presentation?

Don't know how to format the bibliography page in your paper?

Use this converter to calculate how many pages a certain number...

Want to know how well you've performed this semester?

Create a strong thesis statement with our online tool to clearly express...

The Step-by-Step Guide to Engineering Term Paper Writing

Writing a term paper is an irreplaceable element of the learning process. As a compulsory writing activity, term papers refer to the end of the term when students sum up their knowledge acquired during the half year. It is important to write a term paper as:

Besides showing the knowledge and assessing it, term paper writing is aimed at improving the writing skills, the ability to think clearly and concisely. In regards to the range of topics, term papers require a specific issue in the studied discipline to be analyzed by the student. Meanwhile, term papers are written once in a term. They are accounted for the biggest part of the grade, that is why writing a term paper becomes a highly important process.

Top Writing Difficulties to Avoid in a Term Paper on Engineering

The foremost explanation for the student’s dislike of writing term papers or any other kinds of academic assignments is the need for significant research to be done. The second reason for antipathy towards term papers is the need for meeting the deadlines. All that is not so difficult if you organize your engineering term paper writing properly by dividing it into simple parts. Imagine you have only two days to write your term paper on Engineering. Usually, it is a common factor that makes most students worry about this assignment. Stop worrying! Everything is achievable if you know what to face and in what way.

First of all, remember that the research part is the hardest part of the whole term paper writing process. That is why the first day is the time which you may devote to research for the relevant sources of information from where you can take some useful information for your term paper. Then, you make an outline which will considerably make your process of writing easy. With that in mind, the second day is the time of actual writing.

The last reason why students don’t like writing a term paper is the lack of knowledge regarding what the academic paper should look like. The next passage will explain all the peculiarities associated with good term paper writing and all difficulties you may find while writing your term paper.

Try a quicker way

7 Stages of Writing a Term Paper: How Our Writers Do

The main elements involved in the writing process are known to everyone, but not everyone includes them in the term paper writing. Choose another way of dealing with this issue:

term paper structure

A Topic Choice Is Careful When You Write a Good Term Paper on Engineering

The first part of any academic assignment is choosing a meaningful topic which will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge on the subject as much as possible. Nonetheless, choosing a deliberate topic is not enough as anyway, you will have to develop a persuasive, logical argument. With that in mind, think about whether you will be able to reveal the knowledge on the topic appropriately.

It is common that professors offer students a list of topics and it, of course, makes the process of searching the topic for your term paper easier and faster. In contrast to this assumption, some professors believe that students are creative enough to invent the most interesting topics if given an opportunity to choose the topic by themselves. In this case, choosing a topic may seem challenging, but believe, this is even better as you can take any topic you want to write about. Just remember that your topic should resemble the class materials as any term paper aims to summarize your knowledge on the studied subject.

However, if you cannot think of the topic quickly – brainstorm! This is the best option to find what inspires you. Take a pencil and a piece of paper. Imagine you are drawing a sun with rays. In the circle, write the main concept associated with your topic. For instance, it can be only “engineering.” Further, write your associations regarding engineering. It can be “biomechanics,” “electric cars,” “solar energy,” “robots,” etc.

In case you still struggle on the search for the topic in the engineering discipline, there is a list of topics to consider. Certainly, you may change a topic from the list and alter it in accordance with your ideas and wishes. So, try out the following topics:

Your First Steps of a Good Term Paper Writing

After you choose a topic for your term paper, don’t hesitate to research into the background information. Remember that your professor expects to see only credible sources. That is why the search for information on your topic should be conducted in the database which offers you academic sources. The best databases of such kind are JSTOR , ProQuest , and EBSCO . Additionally, Oxford Academic is a perfect database for searching the specific academic journals.

Now that you have done a lot of research based on the sources that you consider the most credible (by the way, know how to examine every particular source? Follow the link “ Is my source credible? ”), you are ready to persuade the reader of your opinion about the engineering issue. What is the issue of your paper? What are you going to persuade your reader of? The point is that you should write your thesis statement which is your actual argument you are going to prove. For instance, if you choose to write about electric cars and defend their advantage, then your thesis may sound like the following (just an example): “In comparison to gas cars, electric cars offer a healthy future to the humankind as they do not contribute to the environmental pollution due to reduced level of emissions.” However, be ready to present controversial ideas in your paper in regards to your thesis statement as the term paper is not simply a research paper but an academic assignment where you have to offer the contrary opinion. There are readers who will ask you “What if…?” You must be ready for answers. So, prepare your persuading arguments.

When you are ready with your thesis statement, create an outline for your paper that will allow you not to lose your track of thought and provide a logical scheme of arguments for your thesis statement. First of all, think about the parts which your paper requires. For instance, the compulsory parts of any term paper are Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. However, some term papers require such additional part as Abstract. In this part, you should mention the issue you explore and the results you come to. In other words, an abstract is a part which contains a brief description of your paper.

Our Experts Advise: 3 Paper Centerpieces to Pay Attention to

When your outline and abstract (if needed) are ready, start writing your term paper according to the main term paper structure:

Post-Writing Is the Final Stage of Term Paper Writing

The last points that you should pay attention to in your term paper are a list of references and checking your paper for plagiarism and all possible mistakes in grammar, syntax, punctuation, formatting, etc. While organizing a list of sources used in your term paper, follow the citation rules depending on the formatting style needed to use. The Internet will offer you a lot of literature devoted to writing academic papers. It is advisable that you use the rules from the book and other instructions which may improve your academic writing. The books will provide you with some useful information about writing a term paper and other academic assignments.

Here is the list of the additional sources which will help while writing your term paper and which will properly explain all the issues associated with the writing process:

Simple Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism issues in Your Term Papers

Remember that the proper organization of all in-text citations and all the used materials will allow you to follow the rules of the academic integrity. The academic experience proves that unintentional plagiarism happens, and sometimes it does only because of the student’s neglect in regards to the citation rules. In case you do not want to buy a guidebook on academic writing, you may ask the writing center for help. All universities have writing centers which help with the writing process. Additionally, they will surely give you advice on how to avoid plagiarism.

However, if you decide not to visit the writing center, then here are some tips on how to avoid plagiarism. As it was already mentioned, knowing the citation rules is obligatory for any student. The second step is using the anti-plagiarism software. There is a variety of anti-plagiarism programs starting from the best one which is Turnitin (it is extremely effective, however, not free) and finishing with Grammarly. The latter is an amazing option for writers as it detects plagiarism and checks your grammar at the same time. Additionally, it is free and easy-to-use!

After you use the grammar/spelling checkers and anti-plagiarism software, be sure to reread the paper to detect all possible mistakes. Like any computer program, Grammarly is not ideal, and it sometimes considers some forms of words or prepositions as mistakes. That is why checking your text one more time is advisable. Certainly, your grammar knowledge should be appropriate to check the academic language on your own. Here is a list of books which will help you improve your English grammar based on the language level you have or want to have:

After reading this guide, you have more chances to start writing a term paper and finish it as required by your strict professor. Good luck!

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Wonderful Engineering

Ultimate Guide to Writing an Engineering Journal Paper

write my engineering paper

Writing an engineering journal paper is quite complicated. Good knowledge is needed in this area. If any difficulties arise, you can enter in the search bar “I need a service to write my paper ” and pay experts for writing your essays, research articles and other homework assignments in any discipline, including engineering.

This article is an ultimate guide to writing an engineering journal paper. We will concentrate mainly on issues of style and content, since the questions of novelty and originality of the research are decided by the authors themselves. Using this guide, writers will be able to get a better idea about the quality of their papers, and thereby reduce the risk of frustration as a result of receiving a poor rating. 

The Basic Structure of Engineering Journal Paper

Engineering journal paper typically includes the following sections:

How to Write an Engineering Journal Paper?

It is important to adhere to the basic structure of the paper and to comply with the requirements for writing each part of the work.

Thus, try to take into account our recommendations and your engineering journal paper will be approved by the editor definitely.

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Helpful Guidelines For Successful Engineering Papers Writing

April 5, 2021

Engineering papers tips

Why do students avoid writing engineering papers? The answer is simple. There’s a thought that writing engineering papers is a very challenging task. To some extent, it is true because the engineering sphere is an area of technical activity. And to manage the writing correctly and get decent points, a student has to work with the skills and knowledge from different disciplines.

You can’t use the theory only. When writing engineering papers, you should know how to apply the knowledge in practice. Furthermore, you need to work with economic or social knowledge to perform the correct conclusion and practically benefit from the research.

Do you consider engineering writing to be a challenging task? If you do so, you need expert advice and working tips to manage the task. In the article, we will cover basic tips, help you resolve the problematic issues, and advise you on the topics for the writing. Let’s get to it!

Is It Important to Work on Engineering Papers?

Before we talk about the best methods to work on the papers, let’s discuss if it is necessary to write engineering papers and why. So, why should we pay more attention to engineering writing?

Who are engineers? These are people who improve our lives and make our basic tasks easier. But we don’t see how hard they work and which complex mechanisms they use to make our daily routine easier. There are so few things that have nothing to do with the work of an engineer. Every part of our life is connected to the outcome of the engineer’s work.

But why do you need to write about the topic? People who have little knowledge about the work of a regular engineer as well know little about how the processes are done in our life. By writing engineering papers, you can learn more about the technical part of their work. When managing any writing task, you need to do research, learn more about the industry, its basic components. You should also find information about the technologies, their impacts on society, and the perspectives of their development.

Moreover, dealing with technical issues and information in a very specialized area of work will train you as a writer. You will be able to focus on various tricky aspects and talk about complex things using a common language. Working on engineering papers has so many benefits. And you don’t need to ignore the assignments because you can take advantage of the task for the future.

How to Manage Engineering Paper Writing

At first, sight, working on engineering papers is quite challenging. You don’t know what to start with and where to look for the relevant information. You have little idea about the topics and the relevant arguments to address the questions. Let’s discuss which the basic steps to resort to when working on the engineering paper writing are.

The Right Topic Is a Must

It is obvious that before you start writing the paper, you need to choose the topic. When it comes to other spheres, choosing the topic is easier. But when you write about engineering issues and are not interested in them too much, you need to take this point seriously. The best option here is to choose the topic given by the professor. But if you don’t have the regulations from the professor, you need to make the decision.

There are 3 efficient ways to choose the topic:

This is what’s necessary to remember when choosing the topic.

Look for the Recent Resources

The engineering sphere is developing rapidly. If you want to explain the recent phenomenon using outdated resources, your research won’t be relevant. You need to look for the information that has been recently proved to be correct. The advice would be to check the information and whether it is still up to date in the recent realia.

Plan Your Writing

Before working on the papers, you need to create a plan. You can adjust the plan to your task or choose the outline from the internet. The most crucial thing here is to structure the paper before you start working on it. If you create a well-detailed plan, you can save time when writing the paper. You won’t lose your ideas and will be able to play with the essay parts if you want to switch them, for example.

Check the Paper

This step applies to every paper type. When you are done with the paper and want to submit it, you need to well check it. Even if you write clearly and carefully think about the ideas beforehand, you may find mistakes in the final version. Therefore, it is better to proofread the paper, check the structure and see if there are no considerable flaws.

What About the Visual Part?

Engineering is a complex subject. If you try hard, you can figure out the processes you cover in the paper. But the writing may be unclear for the readers. For this reason, to make the reading of the paperless complicated, you should think of various visual elements. These could be tables, diagrams, or charts.

Topics for Winning Engineering Paper Writing

You know there is the best way to start working on the paper. Now, it is time to get acquainted with the topics and get inspired by them.

These are some of the most popular topics you can for your paper. Or you can focus on them and develop your discussion based on the given material.

How to Format the Paper Correctly

When writing engineering papers, you need to follow more or less mandatory structure. The paper should consist of several parts. The structure is more complicated than a regular essay format. You will have to start with the abstract and introduction, then proceed with methods and review the literature. The next step would be discussing the results and drawing necessary conclusions. In the end, you have to perform references and present the appendix, if you need to. This is the approximate example of a paper format. Before you use this example, you need to check the requirements. If there’s nothing about the paper format, make sure to use your template.

Let’s Conclude

Writing papers on technical topics isn’t easy. If you aren’t good at the theme, you may find it quite complicated to manage the paper. In the article, we’ve covered basic issues related to engineering paper writing. The tips will help you understand the structure of the paper and what topic to use. You can cope with the task if you dedicate your time and put some effort into the process. You can always get back to our guide and look up for some additional help. But remember that engineering papers aren’t the hardest tasks, so if you try, you can handle them easily.

Looking for Help?

Students don’t always have the motivation or desire to work on papers. In most cases, they are even pressed for time and have no chance to keep up with the schedule. If you don’t have the motivation or relevant knowledge to work on engineering papers, you can ask for experienced help.

Our paper writing service is focused on helping the students with their tasks. Our well-rated paper writers will do every effort to help you get the best grades. We will pay attention to the requirements and listen to your commentaries. It will help us work together and achieve great results. You won’t regret our cooperation.

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Engineering Research Paper Writing Service

You need engineering research paper help if you have difficulties understanding the involved concepts and theories. But writing an engineering paper can be exceptionally challenging because you need adequate practical experience and theoretical knowledge. Many learners use our engineering paper writing service because they also can’t find valid, proper, and up-to-date sources online. And without the right sources, you can’t write a good engineering paper.

Most universities provide research materials. However, these materials are hardly enough for most learners when writing an engineering paper or research proposal. Luckily, we provide the assistance most students need to submit winning papers. We understand the challenges that most learners endure when researching and writing papers on this subject. As such, we provide comprehensive assistance to cater to the needs of learners at all study levels.

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Our engineering essay writing service takes the stress of researching and writing these assignments away from students. That’s because we take care of every aspect of the writing process. As a learner, all you do is share the topic and requirements of your engineering term paper or essay with us and we do the rest for you.

On receiving orders from our clients, our engineering paper writers conduct extensive research on the topic. They also take time to analyze all relevant information available before organizing it into research papers. After writing the papers, they go through a quality assurance process. We also check the completed papers for plagiarism. Thus, our chemistry paper writing service guarantees you a top-notch paper written from scratch.

Benefits of Buying Chemistry Research Paper Online

Perhaps, you’re wondering whether it’s necessary to buy chemistry papers online. Well, sometimes you have no option but to seek help with your academic paper. For instance, you might not have adequate time to research and write your paper. Maybe you have more important things that you would rather do than spend time researching and writing your paper. You might also not be conversant with the assigned topic or concepts. Regardless of your reasons for seeking help with chemistry essay writing, you stand to enjoy numerous benefits.

These include:


Our goal is to ensure your academic success. As such, we engage in extensive research before writing any engineering paper. We also analyze data and explain relevant theories in your paper. Additionally, we cite the most recent literature in your paper. Be confident that you will get engineering paper help from the most competent experts that want to help you excel academically. And you can always seek our help at any time when stuck with your engineering assignment.

Buy Engineering Papers on Any Topic

Our engineering writing services cover a wide range of topics and subtopics in this broad discipline. That’s because we’ve brought together the most competent engineers with advanced degrees from prestigious universities. These experts are passionate about what they do. And they always aim to help you excel academically.

Feel free to buy engineering essays from us in the following subfields:

We have the best engineering paper writers in these and other subfields. That means you’re guaranteed a paper of the highest quality whenever you place an order with us.

How to Buy Engineering Papers Online

Once you decide to pay for engineering paper, place an order with us. And the process of placing an order is pretty simple.

Just follow these steps.

We deliver papers written by the most competent experts, edited, and checked for plagiarism. That means you receive a superior, error-free paper ready for submission.

Regardless of the reasons why you need help with engineering essay writing, we focus on ensuring that you submit a paper that earns you the top grade. To achieve this, we adhere to your educator’s instructions and write your paper or essay from scratch. What’s more, we check your paper with the most sophisticated plagiarism-checking tools. Also, your paper will go through a quality assurance process. This should guarantee you value for money whenever you buy engineering papers from us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your engineering writing service legit.

We’re a legit writing company with a reputation for providing excellent services to clients at different study levels. Our engineering paper writers have always exceeded our clients’ expectations. They are the reason why many students always recommend us to their friends. You will also be impressed by every aspect of our service once you try us.

Will you write my engineering paper from scratch?

Yes. We handle every order independently. That means we will research your topic first and write your paper following your instructions. What’s more, we check every paper or essay with the most sophisticated anti-plagiarism checkers. Thus, you get 100% unique paper whenever you place an order with us.

Do you take urgent orders?

Yes. We take orders with short deadlines. That means you can pay for engineering paper on short notice and have it written professionally. Our highly skilled and experienced experts know how and where to find relevant sources for writing papers on varied topics and subtopics.

Are you ENL writers?

Yes. All our engineering writers are native English language speakers. And this further guarantees you a paper of the highest quality.

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How to write and publish the engineering research paper in international journals.


Being printed in international journals demonstrates a sincere desire to showcase one’s ability to the general public. Even an internet journal can boost an author’s reputation. Of course, getting published in reputable resources isn’t easy, but if you succeed, you’ll have a myriad of possibilities, such as a better job, sponsorship, and larger payments. Phdassistance offer services to help you Publish an Engineering Research Paper, Publish an Engineering Help and Manuscript Journals publish .

The publication of writing in a specific different tongue enables managers to immerse themselves in the intellectual atmosphere of other civilizations. Such a scientist works under its supervision while also trying new skills. The author’s intellect is broadened by publishing scholarly essays in international magazines. The higher a writer’s mention count, the further well-known he/she is. Phdassistance not only offer PhD Research Paper Services , but also help in finding the Best International Journals.

international journal

Submitting your findings

In your scholastic life, submitting your findings is a crucial phase. This article will walk you around the procedures of releasing a journal article; including selecting the right international journal to comprehending what such a participant publication is, to reacting to critics and managing the production method. PhD Assistance   assists you in developing unique and unexplored  Research Topics On Business Management   for your UK dissertation.

As a scholar, one of its most major considerations you’ll have to choose is which international journal to write your scientific work in. When it comes to submitting a research article, very primary step ought to always be deciding which international journal to submit it to. You can adapt your work to create on information which has already been printed in that publication if you choose your target international journal beforehand you actually write. PhD Assistance offers services in Manuscript Writing Research Paper and Engineering Research Paper.

Choosing an International Journal

Obtaining your study released requires authoring an outstanding, appealing research report. However, if you’ve never pieced together an academic paper before, starting from zero can be intimidating. The best part is that if you choose an international journal to submit in, you’ll find plenty of instances already written in that magazine to draw inspiration from while writing your own paper. PhD Assistance   develop the both coding, tool and development framework and many more platforms. Hiring our experts, you are assured with quality and on-time delivery.

The style of your research will be determined by the publication you choose, your academic area, and the type of material you’re writing. It will be different, from the manner and framework you choose to the demographic you should consider while creating, therefore it’s crucial to think about such things when you start writing.

You must also familiarize yourself with the newsroom of the international publication to which you intend to submit. The next stage in submitting your scientific study is to submit it to the appropriate international journal after you’ve chosen the suitable one and written your piece.

 Sending in your manuscript

To submit your paper, you ought to know the directions for authors for your selected journal create an effective cover letter, navigate the journal’s registration system, and make sure your data collected is ready.

Hire PhD Assistance experts  to develop your  algorithm and coding implementation  for your Computer Science research paper writing Services.

After you’ve delivered your work, you’ll need to learn about the review process, which is one of the biggest crucial aspects of producing your research study.

Peer Reviewing

Peer review is the independent assessment of your research article by independent experts in your field. Reviewers, also sometimes called ‘referees’, are asked to judge the validity, significance, and originality of your work.

Peer review is also a great way to get comments on your article before it’s published, which can help you improve it. It is meant to be a collaborative process in which author’s converse with their contemporaries and valuable lesson guidance and reinforcement in order to progress their work.

Almost all scientific papers are subjected to critical review, while some international journals may employ post-publication critical analysis, which involves soliciting critiques and audience feedback after the study has been published.

Your paper will be fully implemented if it is officially published. The manuscript will be ready for publication in your preferred journal at this point along the way.

The refereed journals development team will handle much of the work in producing the final edition of your manuscript, however you will be asked to contribute at key points along the procedure.

You’re Responsibilities

You’ll be tasked with a variety of tasks, and several circumstances will influence your progress. For example, you’ll have to double-check and update your original article findings, as well as determine whether or not to make a video description to accompany it. Now that your paper has been published in an international journal for everybody to see, you ought to know how to obtain it and guarantee it makes an impact.

Ensuring your research has an impact

Investing time in ensuring that your study has a positive impact can help you advance in your profession, expand your network, and receive funding for further work. As a result, it is worthwhile to invest in. Tips on interacting with a wide range of audiences – and how to gauge your success – are among the several forms of influence you can make. PhD Assistance  has vast experience in developing dissertation research topics for students pursuing the  UK dissertation  in business management/Engineering.  Order Now  


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When you require a light spank to compose a proper Engineering Literature Review, nothing does the job finer than a top-notch example you can use for inspiration or as a template to follow. And hardly can you find a better place with so many remarkable Literature Review samples than WePapers.com free repository of Engineering papers. Each Engineering Literature Reviews example you find here can do one or several of these things for you: give you a tip about an exciting topic; inspire you to come up with an original viewpoint on a well-examined problem; demonstrate the best writing practices you can utilize; and/or present you with accurate structure patterns. Apply this precious knowledge to compose an impressive paper of your own or use our skillful authors' help to get a custom Engineering Literature Review sample sent right to your email inbox.

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Tips for writing an engineering research paper.

Tips for Writing an Engineering Research Paper

Engineering research papers are different from the research papers you are used to writing in other classes. To write a good paper, you need to have strong engineering fundamentals and be able to express yourself clearly and concisely.

Writing your paper may seem daunting, but it is achievable with planning and forethought! These are a few tips for writing an engineering research paper.

Choose a Narrow Topic

One of the biggest mistakes students make when writing engineering research papers is choosing a topic that is too broad. Your paper will be more successful if you choose a narrower topic that you can adequately cover in the scope of the paper.

At the same time, you want to know that you can find enough information on the topic to write a complete paper. During the brainstorming process, ask yourself:

Do Your Research

Once you have chosen a narrow topic, it is time to start doing your research. Keeping your research in a safe place like a  bound engineering notebook  can ensure you will not lose your data.

When researching an engineering paper, it is important to use only credible sources. The best place to find credible sources is through your college or university library website. When accessing articles through the library website, you can be sure they are peer-reviewed and trustworthy.

Another great place to find reliable sources is Google Scholar. Google Scholar only includes articles from credible sources in the search results, so you can be sure that any articles you find will be of high quality.

Create An Outline

Once you have done your research, it is time to start putting together an outline for your paper. A detailed outline will help keep your thoughts organized and make the writing process much easier.

Your outline should include an introduction, methods, materials, data, and discussions on your topic. Having this information in front of you will make it much easier to start writing your paper. Each of these sections should help to support your thesis statement.

Once you create an outline, you can start your first draft. Don’t be afraid to change your outline as you go along—this is just a starting point!

Revise Your Paper

After you have written a draft of your paper, put it away for a day or two before coming back to revise it. This break will help you see your essay with fresh eyes and catch any errors or areas that need further clarification.

Once you have revised your draft, have someone else read it and give feedback. Another set of eyes always helps! Finally, once you are happy with your final product, proofread it one last time for any remaining errors or typos before submitting it for grading.

Writing an engineering research paper may seem like a daunting task, but by following these simple tips, it doesn’t have to be! With careful planning and attention to detail, anyone can write a great engineering research paper.

Scientific Notebook has helped students with the research and writing process for years. Our quality engineering notebooks are the perfect place to keep your research organized and safe. Visit our website today to learn more!

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4 Must-dos when writing an engineering research paper

Planning to Write

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4 Must-dos when writing an engineering research paper

Engineers versus researchers in engineering

Engineering is largely considered to be an application-oriented field. As a result, the theory behind the application is given lesser importance and, often, authors in the field of engineering find it difficult to write a research paper for publication. The primary difference lies in the approach – the act of applying a theory versus that of studying or explaining it.

In my opinion, it is essential to acknowledge the difference between “engineers” and “academic researchers.” Engineers are industry professionals who excel at implementing or applying new engineering technologies, while researchers are capable of making new discoveries and producing high-quality publication-worthy communications. An academic manuscript should include and “theory” and “research” to indicate a deep study of the subject. Understanding both these elements will help authors draft high-quality engineering-related manuscripts.

Here are four crucial pointers researchers should bear in mind while writing engineering papers:

1. Sort your research results as early as possible.

Not all engineering researchers are adept at handling research results. Over the years, I have come across many cases in which researchers procrastinate analyzing and sorting their research results for as long as a couple of years, until they really “need to.” This might prove to be risky for several reasons.

2. Focus on the quality of data presented, not the quantity.  

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The most common and incorrect assumption authors have with regard to writing an engineering paper is that having a large amount of data is all they need and that the longer their manuscript is the better. I have often reviewed such manuscripts that are almost overloaded with data that may not always be relevant to the topic. Data only constitutes one part of research; in fact, an engineering manuscript does not require a large amount of data. So, what kind of data should authors include in an engineering paper?

If, after following these three guidelines, you have additional data that may seem promising to you, exclude it. The key is to only show readers data that is directly related to the key message of your manuscript. The more information you include the more you are likely to confuse your readers.

3. Explain the theory behind the data.

This is related to the difference I highlighted earlier – engineers apply research, researchers or authors explain the theory behind the application. Most authors of engineering papers assume that their readers would be more interested in the “results” than in “how or why the results were arrived at.”

However, an academic manuscript should delve into the aspect of scientific inquiry and should display a certain level of scholarship instead of simply presenting data. The key lies in extracting the “secret” behind your data. You can do this in several ways:

4. Cite the most current literature available.

The field of engineering evolves at a rapid pace, with some revolutionary discoveries being published every year. Therefore, it’s important that your literature cited is current and relevant and not outdated. This will create a good impression on journal editors, peer reviewers, and readers too.

Using these tips and guidance will help you write an effective research paper. 

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Published on: Jan 05, 2015

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