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How to Research Your Symptoms Online

People use the Internet to research a myriad of things from what they should buy to why they have pain. These guidelines will help you learn how to research your symptoms online if you have concerns.

Use a Medical MD Symptom Checker

As soon as you enter the phrase, “how to research health symptoms,” into any search engine, you’ll receive results for at least one or more reputable medical MD symptom checkers. These symptoms checkers ask your age, gender, primary symptoms, if you’re pregnant, the severity of your symptoms, your current medications and past or current conditions. Once you click submit, a list of conditions that match your symptoms will appear. You’ll have the option to edit your symptoms or start over if you wish.

Check Reputable Websites

If you can’t find what you’re looking for using a free medical symptom checker, there are websites with articles or blog posts that list symptoms. Make sure you’re looking at reputable websites that end with .org or .edu because these sites tend to contain scholarly or medical information that can be trusted. The Internet is full of information that’s published and not verified. Therefore, it’s essential that you’re looking up symptoms on a website that presents information that’s been fact-checked.

Go to a Doctor’s Website

Under some circumstances, you’ll find an online symptom checker on a physician’s website. If you can’t find a MD symptom checker, you’ll find a plethora of resources on these websites. Doctors work diligently toward providing information for their patients in the way of medical library research materials, informational articles, blog posts and podcasts. Therefore, if you can find a symptom checker, you should be able to find information about the symptoms you’re experiencing.

Visit Forums

Sometimes it helps to hear what others are experiencing when you’re undergoing symptoms that don’t match up with the search results you’ve found. Therefore, it’s time to check out user forums. These discussion areas contain experiences from users who go into detail about the symptoms they’re having, what’s happening throughout their experience and if they’re having successful or unsuccessful treatment. Be cautious, though, as these forums will not replace medical advice and may lead to more worry than help.

Check Out Question-and-Answer Websites

Much like a discussion forum, these websites are where users post specific questions to other users regarding issues they’re experiencing. Under many circumstances, these questions pertain to symptoms they’re experiencing and where they can find resources. Other users will help them find pertinent information regarding their specific symptoms when they feel they’ve exhausted every other avenue.


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Three sleeping brown baby mice curled up together in a nest

Mice with two dads: scientists create eggs from male cells

Proof-of-concept mouse experiment will have a long road before use in humans is possible.

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How the brain senses a flu infection — and orders the body to rest

Scientists trace the neurons in the throat that detect signs of infection and relay this information to the brain.

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US COVID-origins hearing renews debate over lab-leak hypothesis

House Republicans kick off investigation into how the pandemic began, with witnesses who mostly favour a lab origin.

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Coastal phytoplankton blooms expand and intensify in the 21st century

Satellite observations reveal global increases in the extent and frequency of phytoplankton blooms between 2003 and 2020 and provide insights into the relationship between blooms, ocean circulation and sea surface temperature.

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Daily briefing: Scientists hail historic High Seas Treaty

Countries have agreed on a framework to protect biodiversity in international waters. Plus, worldwide efforts to make indoor air safer, and the long road to artificial intelligence that can reason.

Volume 615 Issue 7951



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Biden calls for boosts in science spending to keep US competitive

US president takes aim at China with proposal to invest big in manufacturing and clean energy.

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The mice with two dads: scientists create eggs from male cells

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In AI, is bigger always better?

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Celebrate women in science — today, and every day

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‘Elite university’ strategies might boost profile and rankings — but at what cost?


Latest Reviews & Analysis

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Ensembles of synthetic polymers engineered to mimic protein mixtures

The compatibility of a material with its environment is important for real-world applications. A framework has been developed to translate the amino-acid sequence of segments of proteins into engineered synthetic polymers, enabling the creation of ensembles of polymers with properties matching those of mixtures of proteins.

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Hopes raised for room-temperature superconductivity, but doubts remain

A hydrogen-rich compound has taken the lead in the race for a material that can conduct electricity with zero resistance at room temperature and ambient pressure — the conditions required for many technological applications.

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Infection-sensing neurons in the airways trigger sickness behaviours

A group of neuronal cells in the airways have been shown to detect chemicals, called prostaglandins, that are produced by immune cells during infection with a respiratory virus. Once stimulated, the neurons relay this signal to the brain. Mice in which the function of these neurons is impaired show less sickness behaviour after influenza infection than do control animals.

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How wildfires deplete ozone in the stratosphere

Unexpected smoke-particle chemistry is shown to be the link between intense wildfires and stratospheric ozone loss. As the climate changes, more-frequent and more-intense fires might delay the recovery of the stratospheric ozone layer.

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Huge broad-bean genome could improve yields of an underused crop

A high-quality reference genome has been generated for the broad bean (also known as the faba or fava bean). The sequence could be used to identify ways to increase yield, improve pest resistance and more.

Activated immune cells drive neurodegeneration in an Alzheimer’s model

Mitochondrial molecule controls inflammation

From the archive: ancient mazes, and ants under observation

How loss of social status affects the brain.

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Anomalous intense coherent secondary photoemission from a perovskite oxide.

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Protomelission is an early dasyclad alga and not a Cambrian bryozoan

Protomelission -like macrofossils from the Xiaoshiba Lagerstätte show features characteristic of dasycladalean green alga, suggesting that Protomelission is unlikely to be an early bryozoan.

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Population-based heteropolymer design to mimic protein mixtures

Information from natural protein libraries was extracted and used to design heteropolymer ensembles as mixtures of disordered, partially folded and folded proteins, providing valuable guiding principles to synthetically realize protein properties.

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Structural basis for bacterial energy extraction from atmospheric hydrogen

Structural and biochemical studies of the Mycobacterium smegmatis hydrogenase Huc provides insights into how [NiFe] hydrogenases oxidize trace amounts of atmospheric hydrogen and transfer the electrons liberated via quinone transport.

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An airway-to-brain sensory pathway mediates influenza-induced sickness

A small population of prostaglandin E2-responsive glossopharyngeal sensory neurons provides a sensory pathway between airway and brainstem that mediates sickness responses to early-phase influenza virus infection.


Illustrated world map with countries in different colours to represent vaccine distribution

How to vaccinate the world next time


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The origins and spread of domestic horses from the Western Eurasian steppes

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Indoor air is full of flu and COVID viruses. Will countries clean it up?

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Evidence of near-ambient superconductivity in a N-doped lutetium hydride

Score 954

EMBL Course: Liquid biopsies

Embo | embl symposium: the human microbiome, embo | embl symposium: the non-coding genome, b cell biology in the context of infectious diseases, autoimmunity and b cell cancers, embl conference: protein synthesis and translational control, postdoctoral position in advanced biophysical analysis (m/f/div), scientific computing associate - machine learning software engineer, research technician- morrison lab, postdoctoral training fellow - applied biotechnology laboratory - rodriques lab, phd position - development of new uhv technologies for the "einstein telescope for graviational waves detection".


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Centriolar satellites expedite mother centriole remodeling to promote ciliogenesis

eRNA profiling uncovers the enhancer landscape of oesophageal adenocarcinoma and reveals new deregulated pathways

Orai3 and Orai1 mediate CRAC channel function and metabolic reprogramming in B cells

Conformational and oligomeric states of SPOP from small-angle X-ray scattering and molecular dynamics simulations

Single cell preparations of Mycobacterium tuberculosis damage the mycobacterial envelope and disrupt macrophage interactions

Recruitment of polo-like kinase couples synapsis to meiotic progression via inactivation of chk-2.

Interplay of adherens junctions and matrix proteolysis determines the invasive pattern and growth of squamous cell carcinoma

Disease-modifying effects of sodium selenate in a model of drug-resistant, temporal lobe epilepsy

Associations of ABO and rhesus d blood groups with phenome-wide disease incidence: a 41-year retrospective cohort study of 482,914 patients

Nuclear m6A reader YTHDC1 promotes muscle stem cell activation/proliferation by regulating mRNA splicing and nuclear export

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