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8th Grade Math (Prealgebra) Online Course

online class 8 math


Thinkwell's 8th Grade Math (Prealgebra) with Professor Edward Burger

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Thinkwell's 8th Grade Math (Prealgebra) is an online homeschool course designed to give your child the reasoning and computational skills they will need to succeed in high school Algebra.

Our 300+ video lessons by award-winning mathematician and college professor Dr. Edward Burger provide a path for the best foundation for success in Algebra 1. Automatically graded exercises provide the practice your student needs to understand algebra.

For advanced students, check out Honors 8th Grade Math ( Prealgebra).   Here is a comparison of the standard and Honors version of the course .   You can read  reviews of our math courses here.

Video Lessons

Lesson plan, assessments, start your 14-day free trial today, no credit card required, – delana j., – bethany b., what you get.

How It Works

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Learn from award-winning mathematician  Dr. Edward Burger

It's like having a world-class college professor right by your side.

1 Principles of Algebra

2 rational numbers, 3 introduction to graphs, functions, and sequences, 4 exponents and roots, 5 proportionality and measurement, 7 foundations of geometry, 8 perimeter, area, and volume, 9 data and statistics, 10 probability, 11 multi-step equations and inequalities, how do thinkwell courses work, when does my 12-month online subscription start, what math courses should a student take, is thinkwell's 8th grade math (prealgebra) appropriate for my accelerated student, does my student get school credit for thinkwell's 8th grade math, does thinkwell's 8th grade math (prealgebra) meet state standards, what if my student needs access to the course for more than 12 months, can i share access with more than one student, how long does it take to complete thinkwell's 8th grade math (prealgebra), can i see my grade, how are grades calculated, what is acceptable performance on the exams, can i get a transcript, what if i change my mind and want to do a different math course, can i change, can i print the exercises, are exercises multiple choice, is thinkwell's 8th grade math (prealgebra) built on "continuous review", what is thinkwell's refund policy, how does my school review this course, do i get credits for a thinkwell course, 8th grade math/prealgebra office hours.

online class 8 math

Need extra help with your 8th Grade/Prealgebra Math coursework? Make your learning personal with Thinkwell Office Hours! Our certified math instructors will lead your student in real-time Zoom sessions to help answer any questions that might arise as part of the 8th Grade/Prealgebra Math course.

This offering will provide access to scheduled, one-on-one, 15-minute Office Hours sessions with our math instructors, excluding holidays (view the  holiday calendar ). S cheduling is limited to a total of two hours per calendar month.  The subscription will auto-renew each month, and you can cancel at any time.

Office Hours are offered every

Schedule a 15-minute, one-on-one session with one of our certified math instructors during these timeframes to address any questions your student has about the course content. Attendance is optional –   sign up for a session   to support your learning goals. Hope to see you there!

8th Grade Math Quizzes and Answer Keys

online class 8 math

Thinkwell's Grade 8 Math Quizzes & Answer Keys  book is a perfect course companion for working offline, putting pencil to paper, and reviewing key questions. (132 pages, ISBN 978-1-60538-105-3)

8th Grade Math Worksheets and Answer Keys

online class 8 math

As a companion to the online course, these worksheets offer topic-level drill and practice exercises. The printed worksheets are the  8th Grade Math worksheets from the Online Subscription printed in full color in an easy to use, on-the-go format. (482 pages, ISBN 978-1-60538-125-1)

8th Grade Math/Prealgebra Printed Notes

online class 8 math

The printed course notes are the 8th Grade Math (Prealgebra) course notes from the Online Subscription printed in color, on-the-go format. (268 pages, ISBN 978-1-60538-131-2)

*** This book includes notes for Regular 8th Grade Math (Prealgebra) course. If you would like notes for all available topics, you'll need the  Honors 8th Grade Math/Prealgebra Printed Notes .***

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Eighth grade math

IXL offers hundreds of eighth grade math skills to explore and learn! Not sure where to start? Go to your personalized Recommendations wall to find a skill that looks interesting, or select a skill plan that aligns to your textbook, state standards, or standardized test.

A. Number theory

B. Integers

C. Operations with integers

D. Exponents

E. Scientific notation

F. Square roots and cube roots

G. Rational numbers

H. Operations with rational numbers

I. Rational and irrational numbers

J. Ratios, rates, and proportions

K. Proportional relationships

L. Percents

M. Consumer math

N. Units of measurement

O. Problem solving

P. Coordinate plane

Q. Two-dimensional figures

R. Transformations and congruence

S. Transformations and similarity

T. Pythagorean theorem

U. Three-dimensional figures

V. Geometric measurement

W. Number sequences

X. Expressions and properties

Y. One-variable equations

Z. One-variable inequalities

AA. Linear equations

BB. Functions

CC. Systems of linear equations

DD. Monomials and polynomials

EE. Data and graphs

FF. Statistics

GG. Probability

Eighth grade lessons

These lessons help you brush up on important math topics and prepare you to dive into skill practice!

Rational and irrational numbers

Exponents, scientific notation, and roots

Two-dimensional figures

Transformations, congruence, and similarity

Three-dimensional figures


Equations and inequalities

Data and graphs

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online class 8 math

Students learn the basic concepts of algebra, geometry, and graphing before entering high school and learning more complicated topics. It is crucial that students completely grasp these concepts before going on to harder topics like trigonometry or calculus. With our on-demand videos students have the opportunity to go over math problems with a math teacher who knows how to break it down in an easily digestible format.

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Summit Math 8, Semester 1 (MTH08A)

online class 8 math

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online class 8 math

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Online Programs

Honors grade 8 mathematics.

This full-year Common Core-aligned course focuses on the study of algebraic manipulation and graphical interpretations as you cover topics taught in preparation for Honors Algebra I. You’ll grow comfortable with concepts like radicals and exponents, linear equations and systems of equations, functions, congruence, and similarity through fun online lessons, videos, practice problems, and class forums. The course provides ample practice and graded assessments including skill checks, tests, and cumulative exams. You’ll also get the chance to delve into applications and modeling by working on creative projects. Your instructor will be available for learning support and one-on-one review sessions for graded assessments.

Group Session meeting times (optional):  Wednesdays 7 – 8 p.m. ET

Time Commitment:  3-6 hours per week (1- hour optional group session meeting, 3-5 hours of independent work).  

Course Overview

What we'll do

We’ll work through weekly lessons and assignments covering all Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Grade 8 Mathematics. The first unit is a review of key concepts from CCSS Grade 7 Mathematics. Lessons include videos, notes, practice problems, and interactive webpages. After each lesson you will complete a skill-check assignment. In each unit, you will interact with your peers in ungraded forum discussions. At the end of each unit, you will complete a test to demonstrate your mastery of the material. There is a statistics project in Unit 9 that you will submit online. You can attend weekly instructor-led group meetings with classmates and schedule an individual meeting to review specific coursework with your instructor.

What we’ll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

How we'll measure learning

Multiple-choice and short-answer questions on skill check assignments, tests, and exams are graded instantly. Instructors provide detailed written feedback and use marking guides to evaluate handwritten student work on the project. The course is aligned to the CCSS for Grade 8 Mathematics.

Students enroll in a course by selecting an open class below. Students progress at their own pace following course guidelines, with guidance from instructors who strive to meet individual needs. While the course provides students with independence and flexibility, students must manage their time to complete the course before the end date. Note: You need an active CTY Account to complete registration through MyCTY.

Testing and Prerequisites

Students must achieve qualifying scores on an advanced assessment to be eligible for CTY programs. If you don’t have qualifying scores, you have several different testing options. We’ll help you find the right option for your situation.

Course Prerequisites

1 prerequisite

Successful completion of Grade 7 Mathematics or equivalent

Cost and Financial Aid

Application fee.

Financial Aid is available

We are committed to serving all talented youth regardless of financial circumstances. Financial assistance is available based on need.

Earning School Credit

Recommended school credit: One academic year

Technical Requirements

This course requires a computer with high-speed Internet access and an up-to-date web browser such as Chrome or Firefox. You must be able to communicate with the instructor via email. Visit the Technical Requirements and Support page for more details.

This course uses a virtual classroom for instructor-student communication. The classroom works on standard computers with the Zoom desktop client , and on tablets or handhelds that support the Zoom Mobile app . Recorded meetings can only be viewed on a computer with the Zoom desktop client installed. The Zoom desktop client and Zoom Mobile App are both free to download.

Most course lectures may be viewed on mobile devices, but some assignments and quizzes must be completed on a desktop or laptop computer.

This course uses Respondus LockDown Browser proctoring software for designated assessments. LockDown Browser is a client application that is installed to a local computer. Visit the Respondus website for system requirements .

Terms & Conditions

Students may interact in online classrooms and meetings that include peers, instructors, and occasional special guests.

Courses may include videos from the web. Recommendations or links at the end of videos are provided by the video host and are not CTY recommendations. 

Virtual class meetings may be recorded for students to review.

After a you complete a course, your projects may be used to illustrate work for future students. 

About Mathematics at CTY

Our online Mathematics courses—spanning elementary through college-level curricula—cover a wide range of topics, from algebra and geometry to chess, cryptology, and AP Calculus and are guided by expert instructors. You’ll join group sessions with classmates to ensure you stay on track with challenging course content. Whether you’re looking for pure math fun and enrichment, to move up the math ladder and advance your honors and AP (and beyond) academic standing, or to train for mathematics competitions, there’s a CTY course that’s right for you.

New math enrichment courses available!

Explore our new math enrichment courses, including Excursions in Pre-algebra , Mathematical Modeling , and Introduction to Logic and Proofs .

Join the exciting world of competitive math

Participate in the High School Math Club or enroll in 6 IP courses:  Middle School Competitive Math I , Middle School Competitive Math II , Middle School Competitive Math III , Competitive Mathematics Prep , Competitive Mathematics I , Competitive Mathematics II .

Meet our Mathematics Instructors

Amanda Bronton

I love that through CTY, I get the chance to work with gifted students from all over the world. I consider it an honor to be part of their journey!

Amanda Broton

Mathematics Instructor

Donna Miller

I love helping students understand difficult topics and make connections between them. Understanding Calculus is what makes advanced engineering applications possible, so it is extremely relevant to today's world and to the inventions of tomorrow.

Donna Miller

Jillian Green

I am so excited when students are able to persevere and decode a very challenging cipher in the course! I love that Cryptology teaches patience and dedication, and that mathematics is so much more than just the study of numbers and equations.

Jillian Green


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