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senior design project hku

SDP Video Competition

senior design project hku

About the Competition

The competition is evolved from the Senior Design Project (SDP) Poster Competition (Reference of SDP poster competition in 2019 ). The aim of the competition is to let students showcase their projects to potential employers and the general public. Students are required to present their project ideas within three minutes to a general audience.


All students of ELEC4848 Senior Design Project (2020-2021)

Submission deadline:

April 23, 2021 (Friday) ,  5pm (HK Time)

Deadline Extended: April 27, 2021 (Tuesday), 5pm (HK Time)

Basic specification of entries:

Each submission must meet the following requirements:

// The video should not be longer than 3 minutes. // The language should be in English. // The format of the video could be in AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4 format. // Text, images and animation may be included. // Resolution should be at least 1920×1080 (16:9). // The name of the video should be stated in the application form. // A brief description of not more than 200 words should be included in the application form to introduce the video. Application form can be filled here:

Terms and conditions:

1.  All submitted entries must be the participants’ original works that have not won any award in other competitions. If the entries had entered other competitions, the participants should ensure that the copyright of the entries does not belong to any organisation. The participants shall assume responsibility for any disputes over copyright. The Organisers accept no responsibility for such disputes.

2.   All submitted entries should not infringe any copyright and intellectual property rights. The copyright of all submitted entries is vested solely in the Organisers. Participants shall agree that the Organisers can at any time display, reprint, reproduce, use or modify their entries for any purposes, and that the Organisers are not required to notify the participants and pay them copyright fees.

3.   Participants shall agree and accept the publishing in any forms and the public display of their entries, and the production of these entries into any items by the Organisers, e.g. the public display or publishing of the entries in public exhibitions, the websites, social networking sites or publications of the Organisers; the production of these entries into any items, such as souvenirs or calendars, etc.

4.   The winning videos will be used by the Department for promotional purposes, both internal and external. The student producer, individual or group, will be acknowledged as appropriate. The videos may also be refined as appropriate and authorised by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

5.   All submitted entries and their brief descriptions of the design concepts shall not be returned.

6.   All submitted entries must not contain obscene or indecent content.

7.   The Organisers reserve the right not to use in whole or in part the submitted entries. No dispute shall be raised by the participants concerned.

8.   Names, products or services of any companies or entities or any third-party trademarks, logos shall not be contained or referred to in all entries. No entries shall be used for the promotion of any brands, products or services.

9.   The Organisers have the right not to accept any improper entries or entries not aligning with the theme and specifications of the contest. If there are doubts that the entries have infringed the intellectual property rights of other persons, the Organisers have the right to disqualify them from entering or winning the contest.

10.   The participants shall participate in publicity events related to the contest upon invitation of the Organisers.

11.   The contest results decided by the Panel of Judges shall be final. Participants shall abide by the decisions and shall not raise objection.

12.   Participants shall abide by the regulations of the contest and all other terms and conditions set out in the application form.

13.   The Organisers reserve the right to interpret and revise the regulations of the contest and all other terms and conditions set out in the application form. Participants shall not raise objection.

Participants have the right of access and correction with respect to their personal data as stipulated in Sections 18 and 22 and Principle 6 of Schedule 1 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, and have the right to obtain a copy of their personal data provided in the application form.

Last updated: May 25th, 2021

Department of Computer Science, HKU

Final Year Projects [BEng(CompSc)]

senior design project hku

LastYear: 2022

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Faculty of Engineering, HKU

Faculty of Engineering, HKU

Impact Projects 2020-21

Multifunctional filter for public health protection.

Professor Chuyang Y. Tang

Project Objectives:

Project Description:

Removal of contaminants from air and water are critical for the protection of public health. This project aims to employ a nanofiber-based multifunctional and reusable filter to remove pathogens and heavy metals from contaminated water and respiratory droplets from air. Efficient water filters and face masks will be developed and prototyped, which can serve people and communities that lack essential protection. The project has the potential to bring major public benefits, particularly amid the global outbreak of COVID-19.

Target Deliverables in 2020/21:

Cloud Appreciation: Imaging the Sky

Dr H.F. Ting

Through organizing a “Total Sky Imager Design Competition”, the project aims at (1) strengthening students’ ability to integrate and apply knowledge and skills in engineering and meteorology; (2) nurturing their creativity, problem solving and communication skills, and sparking their interest in engineering; (3) facilitating knowledge exchange through a public project exhibition; (4) increasing the public awareness and preparedness on weather and climate impact through visible sky monitoring and cloud and weather observations; and (5) enhancing young generations’ appreciation of the nature through creating time-lapse total sky videos.

Developing a Smart and Privacy-Preserved Contact Tracing Application for the Elderly

Dr Vincent W.L. Tam

The key objectives of this project is to build a more harmonious society for the elderly with care and respect to enhance their health, quality of living and social life in Hong Kong as one of the smart cities through intelligent algorithms and smart sensing technologies.

Most elderly people always find it difficult to recall specific person(s) come into contact probably due to their poor memories, prolonged sickness or other factors, thus making them more susceptible to pandemic attacks even for the common flu. In April of 2020, the Apple and Google announced to work together to enable Bluetooth-based contact tracing technologies. In this project, our team will make the best use of such contact tracing technologies to develop an intelligent mobile application to trace and analyze the (potentially) risky contacts for the elderly in elderly homes or day care centers.

An intelligent mobile application for contact tracing of the elderly will be delivered in the funding year (i.e. 2020 – 2021) concerned.

Promote the Use of AI Apps to Facilitate Community Stroke Rehabilitation

Dr Wilton Fok

Stroke rehabilitation is crucial to minimize impairment in stroke survivors. However, community rehabilitation services in Hong Kong are limited, and have been severely affected during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, potentially jeopardizing the recovery potential of stroke survivors. This interdisciplinary collaborative project aims to develop a mobile application incorporating artificial intelligence to facilitate community rehabilitation in stroke patients. The application will be integrated into services of the HK Society of Rehabilitation to assist physicians and therapists and enable patients to continue with rehabilitation exercises at home or in elderly centres, hence providing a timely solution during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The capstone experience should focus on integration and/or application of knowledge and skills rather than only on the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. It should be student-driven, requiring students to take ownership and responsibility for the experience.

The Meaning of Capstone Project :

Also called a capstone experience, culminating project, or senior exhibition, among many other terms, a capstone project is a multifaceted assignment that serves as a culminating academic and intellectual experience for students, typically during their final year of high school or middle school, or at the end of an academic program or learning-pathway experience.

Capstone projects are generally designed to encourage students to think critically, solve challenging problems, and develop skills such as oral communication, public speaking, research skills, media literacy, teamwork, planning, self-sufficiency, or goal setting. In most cases, the projects are also interdisciplinary, in the sense that they require students to apply skills or investigate issues across many different subject areas or domains of knowledge.

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