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Sports & Leisure Personal Statement Examples

Our sports and leisure personal statements should inspire you to write your own unique statement, and help you understand how students have successfully applied for a sports and leisure course in the past.

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sports personal statement examples

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sports personal statement examples

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sports personal statement examples

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sports personal statement examples

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Personal statement example sport and exercise science personal statement.

Submitted by Edward

Sport and Exercise Science Personal Statement

I have always immersed myself fully in the world of sport , whether that be through playing it myself or keeping up to date with developments, results and inquests through news articles. The sporting world is an exciting yet demanding aspect of today's society, with the ability to unite nations by providing a global language which everyone can understand, regardless of nationality, ethnicity or religious beliefs. Its importance can be appreciated through observing its valuable contribution to communities and the economy, as well as to the individuals who participate. Sports science has the capacity to push an athlete's body to the limit both physically and through the use of technology.

My interest in the science of sport started at a young age when I became intrigued by how the body works during exercise. My A-Level subjects of Biology, Physical Education and Business Studies have further fuelled my interest in this area, allowing me to extend my scientific understanding of how body systems operate, as well as introducing me to the commercialisation involved, and the relationship between the media and sport.

Studying PE has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the theoretical underpinning of sport, ranging from sports psychology, to the biomechanics of musculoskeletal movement. Biology has allowed me to become more confident with practical laboratory work and mathematical skills, as I have gained experience of devising and carrying out investigations and using statistical analysis to assess the significance of my results. Many of the areas covered over both of these courses intertwine with one another, meaning I've been able to reinforce my knowledge in areas such as the anatomy of the human body and physiological processes, such as those involved in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. In particular I enjoyed investigating ways in which the human body responds to exercise and ways in which injuries can be prevented or rehabilitated.

I have been involved in a host of sporting activities ranging from an inter-school downhill skiing event, club football, and school rugby matches, which I have played competitively for 5 years. After studying the muscular system at A Level, I took up weight training to aid my performance in my main sports, which are rugby and football. I am determined to pursue them further in the future and I am looking forward to playing sport at a higher level at university. I have always believed sport to be a positive challenge and a chance to socialise and meet new people as well as the chance to be part of a team. With rugby being my chosen sport in PE, I have been involved in a volunteering programme at my school. This has allowed me to work alongside teachers to enthuse and encourage young children in the hope that they too will share the same passion for sport. This experience has developed my leadership skills and I am often required to demonstrate the correct technique for certain movements.

I have assisted in developing a programme in order progressively to build on their confidence when performing and to educate them on the rules of rugby. This has allowed me to advance my communication skills and understand the importance of simplifying key ideas into smaller components to aid understanding. I have developed my teamwork skills through decision making and problem-solving in group situations. With this in mind, I feel I can positively contribute to lab work and discussions surrounding sport. I am also a self-motivated person with an ability to persevere without necessarily needing encouragement from others. The way the Olympics has united countries and their motto- 'citius, altius, fortius' or 'faster, higher, stronger'- has encouraged people to strive for their full potential. I look forward to studying and researching ways to drive athletes to achieve their maximum performance.

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What Is a Personal Statement? NCSA Personal Statement Examples

sports personal statement examples

A personal statement is your chance to show college coaches who you are outside of your academic and athletic life. It provides an opportunity to showcase your character, extracurricular activities, and anything else you would want a coach to know about you that they can’t get from stats or video. 

As a student-athlete, you should include your personal statement in your NCSA athletic profile. You can also use the information from your personal statement to help formulate introduction letters or emails to college coaches . 

4 Steps to Writing a Personal Statement

Step 1: be yourself..

When writing your personal statement, be honest and be personal. This is something to keep at the forefront of your mind as you write and revise the statement.  

There is no need to write this like an academic paper; instead, tell everything you want your recruiter to know about you. Don’t be ashamed to “boast” your achievements. At the same time, share your passions and what motivates you when it comes to your college future.  

Be specific.

Being specific in your personal statement means answering questions like “So what?” and “Why me?” when describing what you bring to your dream college team. This includes:  

When writing your personal statement, use these questions as a guideline, but make sure your personal statement is unique to you. It should highlight what is impressive about you and your life, such as: 

Step 3: Edit and proofread for spelling and grammar.

Once the first draft of your personal statement is written, review it and focus on: 

Then, read the essay aloud to help catch additional mistakes and hear how the writing flows to identify areas of improvement. If you have family or friends who can proofread your personal statement, that will only make it better. This is your chance to shine and make a good impression on a college coach, so give your full effort.  

Step 4: Rework your opening sentence.

Lastly, make sure to work on and rework your opening sentence to grab the reader’s attention. It should be personal to you, not using any clichés or quotes. This is arguably the most important part of the statement! 

NCSA Personal Statement Examples

Seeking some inspiration for your NCSA personal statement? Review the two examples below from real student-athletes. What makes these statements flourish is that they do not simply repeat the baseline information in the players’ applications and athletic profiles. 

Personal Statement for Women’s Basketball

Here is a personal statement from basketball player Laura Marx , hailing from Menomonee Falls, WI. 


What did Laura do well here? For one, she provides plenty of specificity with detail on the exact basketball skills she brings to a team followed by her involvement in other sports clubs. This underscores her dedication to the sport.  

Throughout the essay, her statements are clear and concise, staying on-topic to her personal passions and accomplishments.  

Additionally, she emphasizes her involvement in academic organizations and the community, tying it all together with her desire to thrive both on the court and in the classroom.  

Personal Statement for Men’s Football

Check out this personal statement from football player Cormac Shanoff of Little Falls, MN.


This personal statement begins strong by sharing his involvement in two other sports aside from football. This helps highlight his dedication and well-roundedness as an athlete.  

He does an especially excellent job at keeping the statement truly personal, with the first section displaying a sense of authenticity and vulnerability. Cormac highlights life lessons he has learned from playing on a team, such as the importance of teamwork and camaraderie.  

However, he doesn’t forget to be specific by addressing his sports awards, leadership skills, and academic goals.  

FAQs about personal statements

How long should a personal statement be  .

As a very general rule of thumb, the word count range for a personal statement is about 500 to 650 words. Ultimately, this depends on the specific requirements provided the university—so, pay attention to your application instructions.  

For college sports, a personal statement length requirement might range anywhere from 200 to 650 words, for instance. 

Does a personal statement matter?  

Including a personal statement with your application is always a good idea, particularly if it’s a college you would really like to attend. If coaches are between two applications, a strong, well-written personal statement will help set you apart.  

For student-athletes, meeting the college’s athletic standards is only the first step. Studies have shown that coaches place high importance on athletes’ character and coachability over pure athletic ability. Thus, demonstrating humility, patience, and willingness to learn is key when you are trying to stand out. 

Get Recruited with more NCSA resources

Now that you’ve got a grasp on writing a sports-centric personal statement for college coaches, check out our College Recruiting Guide for more about the recruiting process. 

If you’re ready to build a free online athletic recruiting profile (including a personal statement) to tell coaches who you are, join the NCSA Athletic Recruiting Network today! 

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Recruiting in your hands.

Tools and advice to find the right fit.

sports personal statement examples

Sport Science Personal Statement Example

Sample statement.

From an early age I enjoyed an active, outdoor lifestyle and have always been involved in various sports teams. Starting at the age of seven I have been a member of our local football team, moving up the age categories and helping the team become one of the best in the area.

Although football is my main interest I am also a member of other local sports teams including cricket and rugby. When I am not playing team sports I am a regular runner and swimmer, and have recently become interested in weight training and body building.

Throughout my school career I was an active player in the school football, rugby, tennis, and athletics teams, working with the other team members and our coaches to achieve many prizes and trophies.

Sport has had a major impact on my life and I understand the dedication and hard work it takes to become a top sportsman. Many of the great sportsmen and women have inspired me from childhood including David Beckham, Paula Radcliffe, and American athlete Dick Fosbury.

Outside of school I combine my sporting activities with working part-time in my local supermarket. This role has helped me to further develop my teamwork skills, as well as teaching me the value of good communication and being able to use my own initiative.

During Year 10 I completed a work experience placement at my local primary school where I gained hands-on experience of what working with young child is really like. It was this work experience, and my time spent being a voluntary coach for my local under 11’s football team, that prompted my decision to become a Physical Education teacher.

I feel that my achievements and dedication in my own preferred sports can help inspire a younger generation to be passionate about sport and encourage them to have an active lifestyle.

I hope that studying Sports Science to degree level will help me develop my skills and give me a better understanding of the human body. I then aim to complete a PGCE course and become a teacher.

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Sports Personal Statements Samples For Students

32 samples of this type

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For starters, you should skim our extensive catalog of free samples that cover most diverse Sports Personal Statement topics and showcase the best academic writing practices. Once you feel that you've figured out the major principles of content presentation and drawn actionable insights from these expertly written Personal Statement samples, putting together your own academic work should go much smoother.

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Example Of Running My Own Company Personal Statement

Personal statement on medical school, tell us about an experience, in school or out, that caused you to rethink or change your perspective. what impact has this had on you, statement of purpose personal statement samples.

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Example Of Major In Architecture And Minor Interior Design () Personal Statement

Personal statement, free personal statement on statement of professional intent, free dentistry(first choice) pharmacy( second choice) personal statement sample, example of personal statement on uc, my experience with volleyball personal statement samples, marquis witt personal statement example, personal statement - principal discretion program, my name is **** , and i graduated from high school affiliated, and then enrolled in nanjing normal university. personal statements examples, dear sir or madam:, example of medical institution personal statement, sample personal statement on 6:30 am-7:00 am (getting dressed): i was dressed and showered for the great day.

<Student Name> <Name and Section # of course> <Instructor Name>

Personal Memory Data Writing Exercise 1

Passion for law personal statement example, pennsylvania state university personal statement sample, example of legal education personal statement, example of personal statement on physical therapy.

Physical therapy is a challenging and demanding career. Working in conjunction with other health care professionals, the role of the physical therapist is indispensible to improving the quality of life of a patient who is otherwise incapacitated in some respect. The corpus of knowledge that must be attained is quite large and covers the entire range of human physiology, and consequently further specialization exists to learn an heal more specific ailments that afflict the patients.

Example Of Biological Sciences Personal Statement

Good personal statement on engineering, good personal statement about reasons for applying to birmingham foundation academy, school of chemical engineering, admission essay – birmingham foundation academy, free why do you want to study biological sciences personal statement example, newcastle university personal statements examples, physical therapy: the chosen career personal statement examples, example of personal statement on applicants must submit a one-page essay describing their long-term and short-term, free personal statement on cardiology, personal statement, msc in statistics personal statement example, personal statement on contact number, admissions officer, academic/personal history personal statement, personal history, personal statement on she is currently doing volunteer work in an ice skating ring to help the beginners, free personal statement on cass business school, my early life, personal statement on application for cardiology fellowship, application for cardiology fellowship, example of personal statement on degree objective, admission essay, example of personal statement on degree objective ms in accounting.

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Personal Statement - Example No. 11

Class of 2011.

On November 19, 201X, I sat across the desk from my college football coach, trying to find the words to explain to him the most difficult decision of my life. Despite several months of analysis and reflection, I could not help but wonder if what I was about to do was the right choice.

I have loved football since seven years old when I watched John Elway lead my beloved Denver Broncos to consecutive Super Bowl wins. Inspired, I spent much of my childhood and adolescence emulating my heroes, dreaming of one day leading my own team on the gridiron. My dreams of stardom were briefly interrupted by a move to Southeast Asia during my early teenage years. I recruited local children, who had never even seen a football, to practice and play games. After returning to the United States before my sophomore year of high school, I again began actively pursuing my dream of playing quarterback. As an undersized and inexperienced missionary kid, my prospects of even making the football team at a large Texas high school were bleak. Despite being at a significant disadvantage during my first season, I was named the starting quarterback of the lowly “gold” junior varsity team. By my senior year, I had overcome all odds through hard work and determination. I earned the starting position on the varsity team, was voted team captain and performed at a level that garnered All District and All State honors.

Less than three years after being advised by my high school head football coach that I would be lucky to even make the team, I signed a commitment letter to play quarterback for the Wheaton College Thunder football team. I dove into college football with the same work ethic and desire that had led to achievement in high school. By the time spring football rolled around, I had worked my way into the role of backup quarterback, with an inside track to the starting position once the incumbent starter graduated the following year.

Despite my rising role on the football team, a combination of subpar grades and dissatisfaction with my lack of academic achievement led me to step back and look at the “big picture” during the fall of 201X. My reflections yielded the sobering realization that because the NFL is no place for 5’11” Division III quarterbacks, and because the prospect of coaching or administrative work in sports did not interest me, the game of football simply held no future for me beyond my senior year of college. I realized that my grades and overall quality of education would play a role in the course of my adult life to an extent that football would not. To verify that my conclusions were correct, I consulted a wide range of sources, including family members, teammates, and professors. Several months of research and analysis culminated in my decision to take full advantage of the academic opportunities at Wheaton College through a renewed focus on my studies; something that a rigorous football schedule would not allow. In order to improve my grades and broaden my intellectual horizons, I elected to leave the game of football.

Beginning in the spring of 201Y, my grades demonstrate immediate, significant, and sustained improvement. My experiences with football have yielded several invaluable lessons that will directly enable me to succeed in law school and my future legal career.

The first lesson is about hard work. People see touchdowns. What they don’t see are the rigorous hours of preparation underlying each of these adrenaline-filled moments of glory. Whether perfecting timing with receivers on passing routes, running sprints after practice to ensure peak physical condition, or adhering to strict dietary regimens, hundreds of hours are dedicated to producing a single touchdown. My experiences taught me to relish hard work and perseverance. I know my success in law school and beyond is contingent upon my willingness to put in the unglamorous hours necessary to excel. I am committed to applying myself fully and enthusiastically in every way possible to ensure this.

Another lesson involves the discipline required when the crowd is screaming, my pulse is pounding, and the game is on the line. Down by three points with less than two minutes on the clock and more than half the field to the end zone, it is essential to keep a level head and execute each play efficiently. Discipline helps me to ignore the urge to make a deep throw, and instead fire a ten-yard completion. Discipline allows hard work to come to fruition when it counts. I know that my ability to remain disciplined amidst highly challenging and hectic circumstances will allow me to thrive in the demanding law school environment and legal world.

The third lesson is about critical thinking. My decision to stop playing football required critical evaluation of a variety of viewpoints. I evaluated each piece of advice based on how it impacted my goals of academic improvement and refocused studies. Because my analysis deemed football to be inconsistent with my new goals, I was able to make my decision with confidence. I know that my capacity to think critically will be invaluable to my legal education and career as I isolate relevant issues and evaluate the consequences of each. I have developed this ability in a real life, high stakes situation.

I still love the game of football, and stepping away from it was the hardest choice that I have ever made. My decision to stop playing was a major catalyst in my maturation and personal growth. I miss the competitive environment and teamwork of football, but I have found even greater satisfaction in the stimulation presented by academics, and I eagerly anticipate the challenge of law school and a career in law. Through football, I learned important lessons regarding hard work, discipline, and critical thinking that I will directly apply to my work as a lawyer. I am confident that I can succeed in the demanding and competitive legal world.

Pre-Law Memorial Student Center - Room 315 501 College Avenue Wheaton, IL 60187 stephen.bretsen@wheaton.edu

Sport Science

Applied in: winter 2013, university offers: bath, exeter, loughborough, hertfordshire.

The field of Sport Science with Management has increasingly become my clear choice of university study. I have been passionate about sport since a young age and it has been an extensive part of my life. At age fifteen, I took advantage of the option to study intensive sport for an additional three hours per week. This enabled me to try out different activities such as athletics and badminton. I succeeded well in badminton and was selected to represent my region in competitions. Furthermore, this subject included an hour per week studying sport theory, which focused on the technical rules and regulations of various sports. In addition to my passion for sport I am also interested in the science of the underlying functioning of the human body and its responses to aerobic and anaerobic exercise. I chose to study the scientific option of the French Baccalaureate, which includes components of biology, maths, physics and chemistry. I am eager to gain a greater understanding of the science of the body’s physiological reactions during sport and how this can be supported and enhanced by specific techniques, equipment or clothing.

Apart from my sporting studies at school, I was a member of a tennis club from age seven, playing well enough to become captain of the squad five years later. This role gave me first-hand experience of what it means to be responsible for others, understanding team-mates’ needs, learning how to motivate individuals and deciding on team strategies. I understood that it is essential to set an example and be a role model for younger tennis players. I was happy to take on these extra responsibilities. As I wanted to get more involved in tennis, I applied to be a ball boy at Roland Garros when I was fourteen. The Paris-based championship has a very thorough and competitive selection process and I was proud to be successful, thanks in part to my strong commitment during the selection week. I really appreciated the opportunity to help the world’s greatest tennis players, which gave me a further taste for responsibilities and discipline.

I have already had experience of living in an English-speaking country; from the ages of one to seven I lived in New York, where I learnt English at the French American School of New York in Larchmont, USA. Arriving in London with my family from France in August 2012 I enrolled into my schools’ badminton club. I participated in numerous tournaments, which led to me being selected to represent our school at the ISSA international competition in Lisbon. I have been informed me that I will be invited to represent my school once again in this tournament in the coming year.

My educational experience this year at the Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle has opened my eyes to how powerful sport can be and to the important and integral role it can play, not only in health and education, but also in society in general. Living in London during the 2012 London Olympic Games helped me gain an understanding of the link between sport and commerce. I have been inspired by the lasting and positive impact the Olympic Games has had on the British economy. During my work experience in a sailing school in Brittany when I was sixteen, I had a first taste of the commerce of sport, not only teaching children to sail, but also assisting in the management of the school. This involved organising the timetable of the lessons and being responsible for the enrolment of the children. I also had the opportunity of work experience in a hotel where I was able to observe many aspects of the running of it, from reception to the management of the restaurants.

These experiences allowed me to be directly exposed to management and to understand the importance of the commercial, marketing and accounting functions involved in running a successful business. Applying the knowledge I would gain through studying the science of sport in a business context combined with my passion for this field, is a very exciting prospect for me.

Please note UCAS will detect any form of plagiarism. PSE and its contributors do not take any responsibility for the way in which personal statements are used.

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Sports science personal statement


Sports science personal statement 

“As a keen sports person I have throughout my life tried to reach and stay at peak physical performance. This has never been easy, however one of the positive consequences of my endeavours is that I have learnt a lot about and gained an interest in trying to understand how the human body works. All of this has dedication, passion and research has naturally led me to consider a career as a sports scientist, a vocation that will allow me to combine my enthusiasm for competitive sporting activity with a financially rewarding career. The areas I would most like to work in after completing my degree would be professional training i.e. Physical Training Instructor or as a consultant in the athletic conditioning sector.

I find sport to be a perfect way to stay fit, keep healthy and socialise at the same time, indeed some of my closest friends are people I met on a training ground. As an individual I have a competitive nature and am constantly challenging myself by setting goals and then working hard to achieve them. Right now I feel that I have the right temperament, discipline and dedication that is required to become a successful graduate.

At college I excelled at sport related activities both in the classroom and out on the field. I was captain of the college football team and also a member of the cricket and swimming teams. Subject wise I studied Physical Education, Biology, and Business Management, all topics which I feel have helped prepare me for a sports science degree. The things I enjoyed most about studying PE was having the opportunity to work on new training equipment and technologies as well as being able to conduct experiments in laboratories and thereby better understanding what I had learnt in theory.

To further gain an insight into the realities of work and to see how well I would cope with the pressures of employment I took a voluntary job as a assistant to a practising physiotherapist. This role at a local sports centre lasted from June until September and was an excellent learning experience for me. It was at this time more than any other that I realised just how incredible the human body is.

I became interested in your university specifically because of all the good reports I’d heard about it. So on a open day I decided to visit your campus and have a look around. During the visit I quickly saw that not only were the academic facilities great but that you had superb sports amenities and training equipment which is ideal for me as it means I can keep training at a professional level whilst studying. It was all of these factors along with the modules on the course curriculum that swayed my decision and made me apply to your university.”

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  8. Sport Science

    I have been passionate about sport since a young age and it has been an extensive part of my life. At age fifteen, I took advantage of the option to study

  9. How to write an effective sports science personal statement

    A sports science personal statement is a brief overview of your skills, attributes and career experiences that you may include in an application

  10. Sports science personal statement

    I find sport to be a perfect way to stay fit, keep healthy and socialise at the same time, indeed some of my closest friends are people I met on a training