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Fashion Research Proposals Samples For Students

15 samples of this type

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Good Research Proposal About Negative Effects

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Profile image of salome mogambi

The project was carried out to investigate why men fashion don’t trend. The study was carried out on the months of July and August 2017 on men and how men view fashion.

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Fashion marketing: Contemporary issues

fashion marketing research proposal

Fashion—Exploring Critical Issues, University of Oxford

Alexis Romano

Deniz Güner , Solen Kipoz

In the homogenized environment of the global fashion system creativity and differentiation have almost been reduced into forms and silhouettes and clothing has been transformed into a commodity. However, the movement of deconstructivism has marked a critical era in contemporary fashion. By the end of the 1980s Hussein Chalayan had taken over the critical position of Martin Margiela, the pioneer of deconstructivism in fashion, through his controversial discourse and designs against consumer culture. Chalayan has put up resistance against the image-oriented approach of the fashion industry through his conceptual attitude by deconstructing the meaning of the clothes to re-semantify them and change their ontology. In order to construct meaning, Chalayan develops three different conceptual paths, addressing social problems, symbolic narration, and/or phenomenological events. In all three paths the idea is the epicentre for Chalayan’s inter-disciplinary design process in which he draws no distinction among the world of clothes, objects, images and spatial environments. Within this chapter, Hussein Chalayan will be analysed as the designer who pioneered the radical and critical channel in the global fashion system, marking a new era in fashion history in terms of the possibilities of incubating a critical role through design discourse. Keywords: Hussein Chalayan, deconstructivism, radical fashion, re-semantification, object-clothes.

Anointed Gardner

Maria Cristina Ruiz Chavarin

IJESRT Journal

The way women adorn themselves and dressed-up reflects verse the image, status and to a certain extent their inner spirit. For Muslim women, Allah has revealed the Verse that mentions how women should preserve their ‘aurah’ and how they should be dressed to reflect their ethical manners. The present study explores the fashion magazines effects on the women of Bahawalpur. It further aims to explore both positive and negative influences of fashion magazines on the women of Bahawalpur and to know to what extend magazines follow society standards and social norms. The present study is conducted under the light of cultivation theory. The methodology to conduct the research is survey method and a questionnaire is selected as a tool of data collection. Sample of the present study are the women of Bahawalpur. Respondents are selected through non-random sample. Sample sizes of the present study are 100 respondents of female according to the respective population of Bahawalpur. The study concludes that women of Bahawalpur read both English and Urdu magazines. Women of Bahawalpur consult fashion magazines for both wedding and casual dressing and fashion magazines are the reason of unnecessary expenditures among the women of Bahawalpur. Results revealed that fashion magazines do not follow society standards and social norms. Study further concludes that to some extend women feel groomed in their lives and personalities due to fashion magazines. Overall women of Bahawalpur feel positive influences of fashion magazines on their lives.

else skjold

Boreys Pasaribu

Isabel Fernandez

Dress has played a vital role as a form of expression for different ethnic groups in the diverse city of Toronto. This is a means by which communities have maintained their relationships to their homelands and preserved memories (Brown, 2012). Latin American fashion’s recent rise in popularity can be seen most obviously in mass-markets throughout the industrialized West (Root, 2005); however, there are only a few Latin American fashion brands available in Toronto. Hence the researcher investigated and established the process for a Latin American fashion apparel brand to successfully enter the Toronto fashion market. The secondary purpose of this major research project is to provide Canadian residents with the opportunity to experience Latin American cultures through fashion. Even though the countries that make up Latin America have their own characteristic cultural traits, this study had hoped to create a framework of recommendations that will serve as a guideline for entrepreneurs and designers (regardless of their Latin American country of origin) on the successful introduction of Latin American fashion apparel brands into the Toronto fashion market. The approach for this project consisted of the implementation of a mix of a qualitative and quantitative methodology. The conclusions and lessons learned can be applied to any Latin American fashion brand entering the Toronto marketplace.

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Michelle Sotolongo

Saransh Goyal

Muhammad Haris

Investigaciones de Historia Económica - Economic History Research

José Antonio Miranda Encarnación

Maria Mackinney

Lara Farrugia

CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group, London)

Mochammad Riyadh Rizky Adam

jeonkookie chanyeol61

Evangelia Georgitsoyanni

Funda Arslan

William peter

Ben Barry , Dylan Martin

Elena Otero

Rosemary Ricciardelli

sharma nishi

Winfridah Kerubo

A Cultural History of Dress and Fashion, series ed. Susan Vincent, vol. 5 ed. Amy Baxter

Susan Hiner

Journal of Consumer Culture

Tommy H. L. Tse , Ling Tung Tsang

DRESS: Journal of the Costume Society of America

Chloe Chapin , Denise Nicole Green , Samuel Neuberg

chhaya bhutada

Emilia J Boulton

International Journal of Fashion Studies

Nathaniel Weiner

Fashion through History: Costumes, Symbols, Communication (Volume II

Federica Perazzini

MA Fashion Studies Thesis

Nicole K . Rivas

Creativo Melt


Research Papers On Fashion Marketing

Fashion marketing is the field marketing which is supposed to advertise and promote goods and services related with fashion. Fashion industry is a very serious and complicated sector of the market, because its success depends directly on the quality of marketing. It is obvious that special experts and qualified people make some brands successful and the rest of the brands are treated like out of fashion and out of date. A well-trained marketer is able to persuade consumers in the quality and prestige of the chosen brand only with the help of the advertising, persuasive skills and manipulations.

If the company produces clothes and accessories and wants to become a profitable one, it has to hire a team of the qualified fashion marketers who start increasing the popularity and prestige of the brand with the help of the well-known techniques and methods. Fashion marketers decide what clothes is fashionable in the current season, how a prosperous and successful personality should look like to support her image and all their ideas and point of views are supported in the society, especially if celebrities are involved into the process of advertising.

Essay Example on Facial Recognition

Fashion marketing creates the value, prestige, cost, relevance of the brand, organizes the advertising strategy which is applied directly for the selected clothes line. It is natural that the decorations and design of a store where the clothes, footwear and accessories are sold are planned and organized by the fashion marketers who pay attention to the colors, symbols, sounds, visual effects, sensations, etc in order to attract the attention of the clients and affect the consumer’s psychics and emotions.

fashion marketing research proposal

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Fashion marketing is the branch of marketing which is supposed to promote the production of the fashion industry and increase its popularity among the consumers. The student who has decided to dwell on the aspects and principles of functioning of fashion marketing should study the problem attentively and compose a profound proposal which would reflect the student’s desire to research the issue in the alternative and completely new way. One is supposed to share the methodology and literature used for the research in order make the paper persuasive and worth the professor’s attention.

The student is believed to prepare a research proposal which can make the topic on fashion marketing interesting and challenging, so every young professional has the right to use the additional help of the Internet and borrow a few piece of advice about the process of writing. It is useful to look through a free example research proposal on fashion marketing and learn about the problem more.

Furthermore, one is able to use a free sample research proposal on fashion marketing in order to understand the right manner of formatting and composition of the paper.

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PaperAp.com. (2019). Research Papers On Fashion Marketing . [Online]. Available at: https://paperap.com/paper-on-research-proposal-on-fashion-marketing/ [Accessed: 10-Mar-2023]

Research Papers On Fashion Marketing

Home » Blog » Dissertation » Topics » Fashion » Fashion Marketing » 27 Fashion Marketing Dissertation Topics | Research Ideas

fashion marketing research proposal

27 Fashion Marketing Dissertation Topics | Research Ideas

By Liam Jul 9, 2020 in Fashion , Fashion Marketing | No Comments

Fashion marketing is composed of the twin elements of marketing and fashion. However, although both facets may be present in a relationship, they are not mutually inclusive. Fashion marketing dissertation topics consider practices and challenges related to marketing specifically with the fashion context. For this reason, fashion marketing topics are but a subset of mainstream […]

fashion marketing dissertation topics

Fashion marketing is composed of the twin elements of marketing and fashion. However, although both facets may be present is a relationship, they are not mutually inclusive.Fashion marketing dissertation topics consider practices and challenges related to marketing specifically with the fashion context. For this reason, fashion marketing topics are but a subset of mainstream marketing topics .

The following is a list of research topics on fashion marketing that can help students in getting started with their dissertation:

A list of fashion marketing dissertation topics:

An exploration of the extent of stand-alone influence of design and branding on the fashion marketing process.

Branding and marketing the luxury fashion range- practice trends and challenges.

To what extent is marketing required for vintage luxury fashion? An evaluation of market demands.

How influential are retail stores and fast fashion on each other? Case study Zara.

Communication strategies in fashion marketing- an exploration from the UK.

An analysis of social media influences in fashion marketing.

An evaluation of the impact of brand communities in fashion marketing in the UK.

How predictive is consumer participation in social communities of purchase intentions? Perspectives from the UK.

How does ethnicity impact fast fashion perceptions on social media? An online survey.

Studying the negative impacts of social media marketing on established brands in developed countries.

A comparative analysis of marketing needs for inter-generational fashion practices in the UK.

Consumer behavior predictions based on marketing of fast fashion in the UK- a survey.

How does marketing for fast fashion impact green consumers in the UK?

Tailoring fashion marketing needs to ethnic minorities in the UK- what is required?

Ethics, fashion marketing and sustainable fashion- linking the dots.

Understanding the impact of religion on fashion consumption for targeted fashion marketing in the UK.

How has fashion marketing shaped consumerism in the UK?

The different impacts of marketing for fast fashion and luxury fashion in the UK- an evaluation of the role of social media.

The role of fashion blogs in fashion marketing- an exploration.

Marketing for fashion or function? An online survey of the basic role of apparel consumption for consumers.

The role of fashion marketing in sustainable supply chain management in the UK- a primary investigation.

Online sales and brand authenticity- eliciting customer views of demand expectations through online purchases in the fashion industry.

Turning national brands to international brands through social media marketing- how effective is the process?

Marketing impact through retail store window stoppers on consumer perceptions in the UK- the mediating role of sociocultural backgrounds.

The role of religion and sustainability in fashion and the mediating impact of marketing in the UK.

How does fashion marketing of specific brands within the same age group impact the genders? A UK-based survey.

Is there such a thing as an ‘ethical consumer’ in an environment flooded with social media marketing? An investigation.

There you go. Use the list well and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for our topics related blog posts for the future or looking to get help with dissertation writing , send us an email at [email protected] .

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TOPIC: Research Proposal on Fashion and Technology Assignment

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How to Conduct Fashion Market Research Like a Pro

fashion marketing research proposal

Fashion market research provides business owners and entrepreneurs with valuable insights so they can make confident, informed decisions to guide the development or evolution of their fashion business. 

Valued at an impressive 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars in 2020 , the global fashion/apparel industry is a behemoth industry covering a wide variety of garments and accessories.

While this sector has traditionally experienced consistent growth, the past year has been turbulent and challenging. Whether you are considering a new fashion venture or are looking for innovative ways to recover from an unprecedented year, market research is an effective way to guide your efforts.

This article covers how to conduct a combination of primary and secondary research o to power your fashion market research campaign. 

Fashion Market Research Overview 

Fashion market research is the process of gathering and analyzing information to  gain insights into the fashion industry, which includes its top players, your competitors and mainly, your target market. Whether you own an existing apparel business or are considering an entry into the world of fashion, market research can ensure effective use of your marketing expenditure and increase the likelihood of business success.

fashion marketing research proposal

Fashion market research is used to achieve the following:

Undertaking a market research campaign project can provide you with the confidence you need to succeed in a highly competitive industry. The end-goal of fashion market research is to gain sufficient information to make informed decisions about your business so that it can thrive. 

The Makeup of Fashion Market Research

Fashion market research is made up of two sources of information, referred to as primary and secondary research. By using both primary and secondary sources of information, you can determine several key factors about your target market and its various segments. These include:

To reap the most insights, you should plan to incorporate both primary and secondary sources to drive your fashion market research towards success.

Primary Research for the Fashion Industry

Primary market research refers to the unique data that is gathered from first-hand sources. While it is more labor-intensive to gather primary information, you are rewarded with data that is particularly relevant to your particular business and customer base. It also puts you in control in terms of the data you collect and then leverage. 

The most valuable sources of primary information for fashion market research are:

Secondary Research for the Fashion Industry 

Secondary research is performed by sourcing data from existing, published sources, i.e., data that you don’t need to amass yourself, as it has already been conducted. You should then parse through and organize the secondary data to prepare it for analysis.  A strong analysis involves comparing the secondary resources against each other, along with their primary source counterparts.

Good sources of secondary information for the fashion industry include:

Secondary Research Sources for Fashion Market Research

To give your fashion market research a jumpstart, we have gathered some of the most relevant sources of secondary information for the fashion industry. 

fashion marketing research proposal

Confront New Challenges with Market Research 

Fashion businesses have more challenges to consider than ever before. If your business is struggling to recover from the global pandemic, market research can help you identify new areas of growth. With a tightened budget, market research is vital to ensure your marketing and advertising spend is used wisely.

Or perhaps you are looking to evolve your business in response to the concerns of “woke” consumers , who demand a higher level of environment and social responsibility from fashion brands. Market research can help you meet these demands and shape your targeted messaging. 

Even without new challenges, every fashion business fights the constant battle to remain relevant and stylish in an ever-changing landscape. Consumers on the hunt for something unique and new will continue to push fashion brands to evolve their style to satisfy their customers’ demands. 

Fortunately, this demand comes with more direct access to your customers via social media. You can benefit from an engaged audience by regularly deploying online surveys to gather insights about their needs and desires, no matter how often they change.

Regardless of your motivations, fashion market research can provide you with valuable insights to help you make confident decisions in the months and years to come. 

Frequently asked questions

What is fashion market research.

Fashion market research involves collecting and analyzing data in order to gain a better understanding of how an apparel business is positioned in the competitive landscape.

Who can benefit from fashion market research?

Fashion market research is beneficial for a wide variety of businesses that operate within the fashion industry. This includes established brands, fashion startups, brick-and-mortar stores, apparel chains, and artisan fashion producers.

What are some of the reasons for conducting fashion market research?

Fashion market research can help a business identify new target markets, understand how existing customers feel about their brand, gain insights into fashion spending, and explore how marketing campaigns can affect buying behavior.

How is fashion market research conducted?

After identifying the goals of the fashion market research project, the team will conduct primary and secondary research to gather information from the appropriate sources. Then, this information will be compiled into a report that contains findings and recommendations.

What types of primary research are most appropriate for fashion market research?

The most useful types of primary research for the fashion industry include surveys, interviews, focus groups, field research, mall intercepts, and user testing.

Do you want to distribute your survey? Pollfish offers you access to millions of targeted consumers to get survey responses from $0.95 per complete. Launch your survey today.

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