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Criminology Personal Statement Examples

Our crimonology personal statement examples, as well as our top rated statements , should inspire you to write your own, and help you understand how previous crimonology students successfully applied for their places at university.

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personal statement examples for criminology

What is a criminology personal statement?

Your criminology personal statement is a way to sell yourself to the university admissions tutors, explaining why you want to study this subject and why you would make a great student.

Therefore, it’s vital to spend as much time as possible writing your criminology personal statement.

This means starting early (usually the summer holidays, in July or August), and reading through lots of criminology personal statement examples for inspiration (please see above).

How do I write a criminology personal statement?

As a future crimnology student, it's crucial to provide examples of everything you mention to back up your claims. This includes any skills, experience, academic achievements and relevant hobbies/extracurricular activities.

Most students start their crimonology personal statement with why they want to study this subject, and what makes them passionate about it.

Reading through our crimonology personal statement examples above will help you understand how students have successfully applied for this course in the past.

Try to start your statement with an attention-grabbing opening that will make tutors want to read to the end. Doing some brainstorming and thinking about all your skills and experience will help with this.

What should I include in my criminology personal statement?

For more help and advice on what to write in your criminology personal statement, please see:

What can I do with a criminology degree?

There are many different career options available to those wishing to study crimonology, including:

However, there are other industries and job roles where a crimonology degree could be useful, such as:

For more information about criminology careers, please see Prospects and the National Careers Service .

What are the best UK universities for criminology?

Currently, the best UK universities for crimonology are:

For more information about UK university rankings for criminology, please see The Guardian and UK Uni .

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personal statement examples for criminology

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Newman University

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personal statement examples for criminology

What to include in a Personal Statement

personal statement examples for criminology

Personal Statement Tips

Personal statement examples criminology personal statements.

We've collected a list of Criminology templates from students who have been accepted at university on Criminology related courses.

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Study Criminology at Newman University and become a critical criminological thinker in a diverse learning community. Find out more now.

Criminology Personal Statements

Submitted by Holly

Criminal Justice Personal Statement

As a way to explore my interest in criminology and related fields I h...

Submitted by Laura

Criminology Personal Statement

I believe that a career in criminology will be challenging, interesti...

Submitted by Georgia

Criminology/Psychology Personal Statement

Examining behaviour and the reasons people act in the way they do has...

Submitted by James

Criminology and Law Personal Statement

I first realised that I had an interest in the legal system while at ...

Submitted by Lucy

Criminology & Counselling Personal Statement

I want to study my chosen course at your university because I have a ...

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Criminology Personal Statement Advice

Your personal statement is generally the last thing you complete for your UCAS application. For universities, this is the most important aspect of the application overall as it allows them to see what kind of person you are, what you're interested in and how passionate you are about the subject you're applying for. A Criminology personal statement is supposed to be your chance to show your passion and interest in the subject, because this, above all, is what really sells you to a university and what really influences their decision. Before you start writing your Criminology personal statement, we recommend having a look at some Criminology personal statement examples beforehand. These will give you an idea of tone, content and structure, all of which can be tricky things to do if you've never written a personal statement before. If you still find yourself struggling to know what to write in your Criminology personal statement even after reading some Criminology personal statement examples, then we recommend you look at these four elements: Talk about your passion for Criminology. What prompted your interest in Criminology. Any work experience or extracurricular activities you have related to Criminology. Any achievements you have. Your personal statement doesn’t need to be War and Peace, in fact, it has to be only 4,000 characters long, but it should nevertheless be a clear and concise appraisal of who you are.

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Business Writing Services

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></center></p><ul><li>Proofreading Services</li><li>SOP Writing Services</li><li>Resume Writing Services</li></ul><h2>Personal Statement</h2><p>How to write criminology personal statement – a complete guide.</p><ul><li>January 25, 2023</li></ul><h2>Share this article</h2><p>Writing services.</p><ul><li>Admission Essay Writing Service</li><li>Personal Statement Writing Service</li><li>LOR Writing Service</li><li>Motivation Letter Writing Service</li><li>SOP Writing Service</li><li>Proofreading Service</li><li>Letter Writing Service</li></ul><h2>Table of Contents</h2><p>The best way to sell yourself as a criminology aspirant is to write a convincing criminology personal statement. </p><p>Well, if you are wondering how to write it, rest assured that his blog has everything you are looking for. </p><p>We are presenting to you a complete guide that covers:  </p><ul><li>How to write a personal statement for criminology? </li><li>A few criminology personal statement examples</li><li>Common mistakes that you must avoid while drafting your criminology personal statement for university. </li></ul><h2>What is Criminology?</h2><p>Criminology is a systematic and scientific study of crimes. During this study, the patterns of various crimes, the criminals involved in those crimes and their motivations for committing those crimes are analyzed. </p><p>A criminologist executes the following duties. </p><ul><li>They gather and analyse the patterns, traits, and evidence of crimes. </li><li>They analyse the psychological and social background of a criminal to get to the core of specific criminal behavior.</li><li>They build a comprehensive database of criminal profiles to help law enforcement in preventing crimes </li></ul><h2>What is Criminology Personal Statement? Why Do You Need One?</h2><p>A criminology personal statement is a one-page essay that applicants of criminology programs are asked to submit when they apply for specific criminology courses at colleges or universities. </p><p>In this write-up, the applicants are expected to show their preparedness for undertaking such a program. </p><p>If you are a criminology aspirant, it is imperative to furnish a clear and concise personal statement because: </p><ul><li>It is from the best criminology personal statement that the selection committee will learn about your skills and strengths.</li><li>A unique criminology personal statement that you submit will allow the selection panel to have a clear understanding of your motivations and career aspirations.</li><li>Besides academic excellence, you can show how socially committed you are through your criminology personal statement.</li><li>Colleges and universities prefer candidates who can contribute to their institute. In your personal statement, you can show how you can contribute to your respective institute.</li><li>Finally, good criminology personal statements help you establish how you are distinguished from all other applicants. </li></ul><h2>What Are Admission Officers Looking for In a Criminology Personal Statement For University?</h2><p>Admission officials will look for specific information when they review your personal statement. What do they look for? Here is a list of factors for your consideration. </p><ul><li>How was your interest in criminology conceived and developed? </li><li>What do you know about the field of criminology? </li><li>How do your skills and experiences relate to criminology? </li><li>What are your achievements and how relevant are they to your chosen field? </li><li>What are your future aspirations in the field of criminology? How are you planning to contribute to society through your training in this field?</li></ul><p><center><a href=

How Long Does Your Personal Statement for Criminology Have to Be?

How to write an impressive personal statement on criminology in six quick steps.

By following the correct procedure, you can write an impressive criminology personal statement rather quickly and easily than you have thought. Here is a list of criminology personal statement ideas and six easy steps for writing.

Find your motivation:

Take a moment to understand your true motivations behind choosing a career in criminology. Is it really something that you want to spend the rest of your future on?

Incorporate real-life scenarios:

It is important to show how strongly you are influenced by real-life scenarios to choose criminology. It is okay to say that your interest was triggered by fiction or movies but when you talk about passion, you need to be more realistic. 

Research criminology:

Read about criminology in general and specifically about the program that you are applying to. Spill your findings intelligently in your writing to show how well-read and prepared you are for the program. 

Create an outline:

Having a criminology university personal statement outline at hand will serve as a signboard when you start to write it. Prepare your outline after going through the personal statement prompts from your university or college.

Take your own time to write:

Write your personal statement peacefully, taking your own time and carefully developing the outline. If you get stuck at the introduction or any specific point, leave it and carry on with the rest. Come back to where you left later. 

Review and revise:

Once completed, go through your writing, and make edits wherever it is needed. Check the overall readability of your document. Replace complicated words with simpler ones. Give special attention to punctuation, grammar and spelling accuracy.

Criminology Personal Statement Examples – 1

The causes and consequences of lawbreaking have appealed to my intellect during hours of introspection. I ponder over the fact that people know the consequences of breaking laws. However, they end up breaking it. My inquisitive mind compelled me to study a few modules of criminal psychology during my Intermediates, although this domain was not a part of my academics. Having been fortunate to study psychology in my high school, I could complement my efforts to channelize my career towards criminology. Studying this aspect calls for a serious understanding of criminal psychology, and I believe I have developed this formative understanding. Based on Paul Tappan’s ‘Interpretation of Crime’, I believe one’s ethnicity, gender, age and culture resemble varying rates of criminality.

My natural inclination towards criminology compelled me to explore some interesting books on criminal psychology. By the time I was in college, I finished reading John Conklin’s ‘Criminology’ and Peter Ainsworth’s ‘Psychology and Crime Myths and Reality’. All these years, I have fed my curiosity with healthy doses of reading and understanding each criminal characteristic. These experiences proved to be gratifying indeed for me, and motivated me to embrace a course in criminology. During my leisure hours, I watch Discovery TV series such as ‘Most Evil’ and ‘Deadly Women’. The investigation tactics portrayed in these programs keep me fascinated. Based on a few minor details, apparently fragile, it is possible to unearth crimes and solve mysteries. I visualize myself walking in an investigator’s shoes, putting together facts like a jigsaw puzzle from scratch.

Given that I have studied psychology during my graduation as well, I am well-versed with the basics of criminal psychology. Besides, investigating crimes involves understanding the criminal’s way of thinking. Discovering these docile, yet negative traits in the human character interests me the most. During my graduation, I also studied papers like informatics and mathematics. In the process, critical thinking enlarged my vision. In course of time, I realized that I was able to organize my thoughts better than before, and was happy that I was on the right course.

It was during my last vacation, that I had the opportunity to attend an inspiring conference, titled ‘Insight into Crime’, organized by Gujarat Forensic Sciences University. Here, I talked to a reformed prisoner, who explained to me his reasons for committing a crime. Besides, I capitalized on the opportunity to examine how professionals work in forensics. After this conference, I attended a workshop where a mock crime scene was analyzed. Through a series of activities, I had to draw possible assumptions from the scene of a crime and work on them to narrow down the possibilities. Well, I got a taste of working as a criminologist through these experiences.

As I fancy my passion to put on the shoes of a police officer, I got an opportunity to attend a training program last year. This program also involves a placement with the police, based on relevant work experience. For a couple of weeks, I underwent intensive training, working with senior police officers. It was exciting to patrol areas and attend call-outs. In the process, I realized the challenges and legal aspects involved in solving crimes. This experience also showed me how gratifying and rewarding the job of police can be. Besides, I undertook some administrative work in various departments, and realized the importance of these aspects. All these experiences significantly enhanced my confidence and communication skills while dealing with the public.

Considering the scope of my career in criminology in India, I realized the importance of a globally acknowledged degree. In the context of the Indian scenario, criminologists need to undertake challenging cases. These include homicides, youth crimes, political crimes, violence in crimes, besides domestic and international terrorism. Specializing in criminology will enable me to unleash my full potential while strengthening this sector. In the process, I would be able to give back to the society which nurtured me all these years. The advanced course at your revered university will prepare me for a dynamic career in India. A challenging, yet interesting future awaits me in India, and I look forward to integrating myself into the dynamic learning environment at your university. This course will propel me closer to my professional aspirations, infusing me with the necessary traits of a successful investigator. A psychological approach to solving criminal cases might hold the secret to mitigating crime rates in the country!

Here are a few criminology personal statement examples PDF for you to review. 

Read it carefully to help yourself understand its basics and inspire yourself to write it.

Personal Statement Examples Criminology – 2

How to use examples of criminology personal statements.

Reading personal statement criminology examples is the most practical way to train yourself before attempting to write it. 

Use the samples for the following criminology Personal Statement help scenarios: 

How to Add Uniqueness to Your Criminology Personal Statement? Pro Tips from Experts

A unique personal statement quickly impresses Admission officials. 

How to add uniqueness to a personal statement? 

Here is a list of tips that experts use for the same.

Start with a personal experience:

Start a criminology personal statement by narrating a personal experience that made you realize the importance of criminology and choose it for a career.

Cherry-pick the most relevant points:

By focusing your essay only on the relevant points that you have carefully curated, you can avoid unnecessary explanations and make your essay more closely linked to its actual purpose, which in turn will enhance its uniqueness.

Use storytelling instead of statements:

Formal statements will cause your personal statement to look too cliched. Instead, use storytelling to turn it into an engaging write-up. Doing so will also contribute to its uniqueness.  

Simplicity and clarity:

Using simple words does not mean you have less knowledge. Rather it shows how much you have understood so as to redescribe your insights in much simpler terms to another. 

Personalized and meant for the purpose:

Add your share of personalization to the document by showing why criminology matters to you so much and how it will boost your career aspirations.

Don’t Let These Mistakes Ever Happen in Your Personal Statement

In a highly competitive arena of admission for criminology, even smaller mistakes in the criminology masters personal statement will take a toll on your admission hopes. 

While drafting your document, try to avoid the following mistakes so that you won’t have to face that much-averted rejection. 

Scope of Criminology

Having a good understanding of the scope of criminology can give you a wider perspective while drafting a criminology degree personal statement. Though criminology is a study of crime and the causes that lead to it, it has got a much wider scope in today’s world order. 

Here is a list of areas that come under the scope of criminology. 

Best Universities to Pursue Criminology Program

For masters, for bachelors, major specializations in criminology.

Career Options to Choose After Criminology Graduation

As We Wind Up…

As we wind up this blog, we have a couple of questions to ask you. 

Did you find this blog on criminology personal statement helpful? 

Is there anything in the blog that you wished to have more clarity on? 

We are eager to know what you think.  

Please share your feedback with us by writing it in the comments below. 

Wish you the best of luck with your writing of criminology personal statement for university. 


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Personal Statement For Criminology

Criminology career research paper.

My career goal is to become a criminologist. Researching crime and developing a further understanding of crime in society is a field that I am really fascinated by. Previously, I wanted to become a police officer but became more captivated by the characteristics of society and research in my time at college. The MASP in CSU San Marcos is a sociological program that relates to this field is through research and field experience. The MASP program also teaches social problems and institutions that relate to society as a whole that will further my experience in the criminological field. Through the MASP program, I am planning to build a solid foundation to start and advance my career. While it is not necessary for me to have a master’s degree

Forensic Psychology Personal Statement

Psychology has always had a direct impact on my life for many years for example, I myself have had counselling sessions for anxiety. Experiencing this has given me a desire to work with people in understanding their behaviour and how their minds work to be able to empower individuals to lead better lives. My own personal experience with anxiety has also intrigued me into thinking why I think the way I do and what can be put into action to improve my circumstances.

Criminology Personal Statement

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to study Criminology, the idea of gaining a deeper understanding of crimes, the causes and the impact that this has on society is truly fascinating. I’ve always been curious about the way the mind works. Personally, I am most excited about looking at the different aspects of criminal behaviour and how the legal system differs depending on these differences.

Criminal Justice Career Essay

The career I am going to be pursuing is criminal justice. I am going to apply for the border patrol, an opportunity that one of my fellow law enforcement officials has pointed out to me. As far as my interest in the career, I have had an interest in becoming a police officer for a long time. This has been my career interest since I was eight, thanks to my cousin who is now a detective for Minnesota. My target goal is to one day become a detective for the Detroit or for the Federal Government. This career is not only the career that I have passion for but I feel myself exceeding in the field.

Criminal Justice Personal Statement

y work and personal experiences have influenced my decision to go back to college and my degree choice greatly. I would like to attain my degree in Criminal Justice to further my goals in the career I have already begun. Having over 8 years of experience in the youth correctional field, I am confident in my decision to further my education in criminal justice. I started working for the Division of Youth Corrections (DYC) in 2007 as an Administrative Assistant and through training and dedication to the victims I served, became a Certified Victim Advocate through the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance. Part of my responsibilities included assisting victims through the critical stages of the adjudication process. I attended court hearings,

As a child, I always wanted a career enforcing the law. Weather it was with the police department or criminal justice was undecided at that time. As I grew older I pulled more to the fence of criminal justice. Simply because I do not like the way the system is set up.

African American Criminal Justice Graduates in the Real World

The purpose and intention of the research is to determine whether having a criminal justice degree benefit those that graduate within that field. In addition, future criminal justice graduates will have a sense of where their career path will lead to. Experts also examine if having a criminal justice degree is necessary for individuals to become police officers, correctional officers, or probation and parole officers. This research was published by the International journal of Criminal Justice Sciences in December of 2013. The authors thesis is that the individual perceptions of criminal justice and criminology majors are important because the data reveal can and will assist and better

To work in the field of criminal justice, whether with rehabilitating offenders or in research analysis, has always been a goal of mine stemming from the beginning of my undergraduate studies at Lakeland University. It is in the Reentry Unit of the Department of Corrections, that there is the emphasis to work with offenders in order to reduce recidivism with the focus of providing support in educational programming, skill building, and goal planning to prepare offenders for community reintegration. Overall, the Reentry Unit of correctional system is an integral portion that provides a pathway for offenders to reintegrate.

My desire for a career in law enforcement started while pursuing my undergraduate degree at the University of Central Florida. As a freshman biology major with hopes of becoming a Radiologist, it did not take me long to realize the medical field was not for me. Peers in my classes had a passion and interest for the material that I did not possess. My grades poorly reflected the type of student I was. Realizing it was time for a change, at the end of my sophomore year I started seeking guidance. Unbeknownst to me, my disinterest in the curriculum was a major contribution to my poor performance. I completed career assessments and sat with academic counselors in several different areas of study. I was feeling more confused than ever because Criminal Justice courses often sparked my interest, but I hesitated due to the dangerous nature of police work.

Criminal Justice Personal Statement Examples

When I entered Loyola University Chicago in the fall on 2017, I still felt understandably unsure as to what both my academic and my professional future might hold for me. After two semesters of exploring my interests and growing more confident in my abilities, I feel very secure in what the future may hold.

My whole life I was raised believing I would become a doctor and uplift my family out of poverty. My mother worked two jobs to fulfill that dream. My eldest brother quit high school to fulfill that dream. My eldest sister gave up her dreams of college to fulfill that dream. One by one in some way or another all 7 of my siblings had to put their dreams aside, they had to make sacrifices so that I would have a chance of surviving in this world. And for the longest time I was doing things because it was expected of me. I was set on a medical path, not because it was a passion, but because it was an obligation. I started to resent it, and I had guilt stemming from all the sacrifices 8 people made so that I would have a shot of making it. I felt

Criminal Justice Personal Statement Essay

I would like to be readmitted to John Jay College of criminal justice for this up and coming Fall 2016 semester. I hope you will reconsider my dismissal and allow me to return to my school so that I may finally graduate with honors. When I attended John Jay my grades and coursework had fallen to a level that I would not consider to be my usual self, and I always held myself to standard of excellence when it comes to schoolwork.

Personal Narrative: My Pursuit Of Criminal Justice

I attend John Jay College of Criminal Justice not only to further my education, but also to take care of my family. My mother passed away when I was only six years old; however, I have a brother, two sisters, a grandmother who knows what struggle is, and a father who cannot find the words to define his love for my mother. At no point she was hesitant about being a mother to her four young grandkids. I always knew she was an important part of my childhood, but I had never truly understood how she influenced me until a much older age.

Essay on Criminology

Figuring out why people commit crimes is one of the central concerns of criminology. Do most criminals act rationally after weighing the costs of crime? Is society ever to blame for an individual to commit a crime? Do mental diseases or even genetics factor into whether a person will live a life of crime. Over the years, many people have developed theories to try to answer these questions. In fact, the number of theories of why people commit crimes sometimes seems to equal the number of criminologists. I explore these questions and much more in the paper that follow.

Pursuing A Degree In Criminology Essay

My ambition has always been to work in Criminology. I am applying for this course as crime, criminal justice, law and the psychology behind why people commit crimes has interested me since early childhood. Working within criminology requires a wide range of skills that include dedication, reliability, concentration and the ability to remain professional and I believe that I posses these skills.

Related Topics

Article _applytounilogo2

Criminology Personal Statement Example

Sample statement.

Why is Robin Hood seen as a hero of the people and not as a common thief? Why were the French resistance fighters seen as heroes, while the Islamic insurgents in Iraq are seen as terrorists? Is it acceptable to use deadly force to protect your home? When does profiting from others stop being a business and start to be a criminal conspiracy? These are just a few of the questions that illustrate how complicated it is to even define a crime, let alone to study it. And it is this fascinating level of debate that draws me to criminology.

I watched the summer riots of 2011 with great interest, not only because of the intriguing demonstration of ‘mob mentality’, but because of all the theories and counter theories that appeared in the aftermath, as academics and psychologists attempted to explain and justify these clearly criminal actions. The same year, similar uprisings across the Arab world were saluted as cries for freedom against out of touch and oppressive governments, yet in the UK they were condemned as criminal and barbaric acts. This fascinated me and made me want to learn much more about criminology and the study of crime.

I grew up on a council estate and went to a rough comprehensive school, so I have a good understanding of the desperation that drives many people to crime. Yet I have also experienced crime that was motivated purely by greed and a lust for power. Again, the difference is of great interest to me, as was the response by the authorities, who sometimes appreciated the difference, yet often did not, treating all criminals the same, regardless of their motivation.

This interest drove me to study sociology and psychology at A-level. These were not easy choices for me and I have had to show real determination and dedication to pursue these subjects. However, I am passionate about these studies and have thoroughly enjoyed the insights they have given me into the behaviour and motivations of those around me. I have particularly enjoyed the study of group behaviour and how people are led by their peers and the media to believe ideas, and act in ways, which they would never do alone.

To gain some insight into the role of government in controlling criminal behaviour, I recently made contact with my local MP. She kindly spent time explaining the roles of the Home Secretary and the Home Office in creating policies and managing the criminal justice system. I hope to be her guest in the next few months at Westminster as the new Criminal Justice Bill is debated in the house.

Unsurprisingly, I am a huge fan of both crime fiction and TV crime shows, with Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes amongst my favourites. I enjoy their cases not just as ‘who done it’s’ but also in trying to understand why the crime was committed in the first place.

At this point, I do not know which area of criminology I would like to build my career in, and I look forward to studying the subject in depth on this course to fine tune my interests and aspirations. 

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Criminology Personal Statement

Crime is a complex and multi-faceted subject that is often dealt with in fairly simplistic terms by the news media. It is easy, therefore, to get a skewed idea of the issues that are at the core of debates around crime; such as the causes, the effects and the best responses. As I have encountered thoughtful and far-ranging studies throughout my schooling, however, the true complexity of the subject has become apparent to me, inspiring a fascination with gaining greater understanding and a passion for ultimately implementing the lessons learnt in a career which has a positive impact on our society. Despite some health difficulties, I have proven myself to be a dedicated and ambitious student who is prepared to work hard to achieve my academic goals. Having not achieved the grades of which I am sure I am capable at GCSE level, due to the above mentioned health issues, I have recently returned to studying English and Maths through Learn Direct and anticipate fulfilling my potential in these subjects in the near future. I am also currently undertaking a Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Uniformed Public Services, for which I am continually gaining Distinction or Merit level grades. This course has introduced me to multiple aspects of working within the public services, but has, more importantly, offered my first opportunities to encounter Criminology as a discipline. During a unit called ‘Crime and its Effect on Society’, I became fascinated by learning about the causes and effects of crime and the various legislative measures that have been put in place to attempt to deal with these issues; such the Anti Social Behaviour Act, the Crime and Disorder Act, the Police Reform Act and the Criminal Justice Act.

The course also highlighted the need to understand the social and psychological causes of crimes and has inspired me to undertake a great deal of additional reading outside of my studies. I found Tim Newburn’s ‘Criminology’ to be particularly helpful in outlining the goals and techniques that form the discipline and allowing me to see what studying the subject in more depth would entail. For a more ‘hands on’ experience of the way in which the criminal justice system works, I also attended a court case in Canterbury throughout my summer holiday, involving the smuggling of £90,000 worth of heroin in to Dover Port. This not only allowed me to witness the way in which justice is practised first hand but also highlighted the importance of the inspiring work done in dealing with socially harmful practices, such as drug dealing.

When I am not exploring my growing interests in crime and criminology I am a keen sportsman and enjoy keeping fit. As part of my BTEC course I have been required to create and deliver a fitness plan for my fellow students, honing my leadership, time management and organisational skills in addition to maintaining my physical wellbeing. This experience also drew on communication and teamwork skills I had honed through doing voluntary conservation work at Hambrook Marshes with Kent Enterprise Trust (KET). The sense of pride I gained when giving back to my community through this work is also a factor that has inspired me to seek out a career in public service and make a positive impact on the society in which I live.

Having worked hard to gain a strong grounding in the field of Criminology, both through my studies and in my spare time, I believe that I am now ready to make the leap to undergraduate study. As a dedicated and capable student, with a passion for the potential of the criminal justice system to contribute to a fairer, safer society, I have the skills and the drive to perform to a high standard throughout undergraduate study and into a successful career in a related field, such as the probation service.

This example Criminology Personal Statement can be used as a guide to help write your personal statement to apply to university. Have a look for further examples on this site.

Counselling Masters Personal Statement

Medical personal statement.

personal statement examples for criminology

University Personal Statement for Criminology

Are you looking for getting admission for a criminology course to a renowned university with a remarkable criminology personal statement? Struggling with the challenge of writing an impeccable  university personal statement  for criminology that can reserve you a seat for the course at your favorite university?

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By referring criminology personal statement examples can help you to write a perfect criminology personal statement

We Also offer Personal Statement For


How to Write a University Personal Statement for Criminology?

Writing a university personal statement for criminology is no joke. It has to have a unique personality and focus, and tell the story of the student in the perfect of ways. In a nutshell, it must impress the admission committee.Although it’s a tough job for most students to carry out, having adequate support and insights in the field can help students immensely.What we do when we are to write a university personal statement for criminology is to take the unique experiences, aspirations, and learnings of the candidate and make it a comprehensible story. It would be easier for the university to relate to the person’s ambition to study criminology this way.

However, with the following tips, you can do all that yourself, too:

There is no doubt that these tips to write university personal statements for criminology are conspicuously simple. Well, that’s because most students fail to stick to the basics. With these tips you won’t have to look for sample criminology personal statements.

What Makes Us the Best to Write A Criminology Personal Statement for University Admission?

Every student who wants to get admission for a criminology course in a venerated university would need an excellent personal statement for admission. However, not everyone has the creative inclinations and focus to write a compelling personal statement for criminology in a university.

However, with our expertise and insights in the field, courtesy of over a decade’s experience, we can help you with everything that you need with writing a personal statement for criminology in a university.

What enables us constantly help our customers is the fact that we combine the following service traits perfectly with each project that we undertake:

Incredibly Trained and Qualified Team

In our constant efforts to deliver the best university personal statements for criminology for our clients, we have developed an exceptional team with us. The team has been developed after a variety of assessments and vetting processes. We also provide them with adequate training from time to time to keep them up-to-date.

Extensive Quality Assessment Systems

One of the major reasons that we have become a reliable name in the field to write university personal statements for criminology is our quality. We have developed this name by employing a bevy of global quality assurance systems in our project execution process unfailingly.

Customized Personal Statements for All

Over the course of our professional experience that spans a decade, we have never met students who want the same support service from us. Therefore, we have always made it a point to understand the needs of the students individually and deliver them with personalized plans that match their visions perfectly.

Value-Adding and Economical Solution

No matter where you want to study the criminology course, we can create a highly economical personal statement for criminology in any university. We have worked with students who have different budgetary constraints. Hence, we create tailor-made packages for them to add maximum value to their investments with us.

Professional Customer Service and Care

Our team believes that it is not enough to write the best criminology personal statement for university admission for our students. Hence, we create the most conclusive user-experience for our clients with each of our projects. In order to do that we have a trained and experienced customer care team, as well.

Personal Statement Samples and Formats

We have a variety of criminology personal statement samples and formats that our students can choose from. As we have developed many samples and formats in PDF for personal statements in criminology. This helps us meet all the expectations of the students about the formats, as well.

We are confident that each of these elements has played a huge role in making us one of the most trusted brands for writing criminology university personal statements. This is what makes us such a successful partner for you.

Hire Criminology Personal Statement Writing Help for University

The potential for a career in criminology is beyond measure, and there are plenty of students who want to build a career in the same. However, the first barrier that you must overcome to realize your dream is writing a personal statement for criminology to get admission in a renowned university.

However, that’s a tricky thing. But our professional team can help you with everything you need to write personal statements for criminology.

With our team to help you, you can surely write statements that are:

Every project that we get to work for students wanting to study criminology is a unique one. Hence, we work with the clients with various questions and questionnaires to understand what their goals and passions are. We then leverage the insights to craft an effective personal statement for the students that can help them with the admission.

And we are always ready to deliver criminology personal statements for university PDF as they need even better than the sample criminology personal statements.

You can get all the details that you need from our support desk. Contact us.

personal statement examples for criminology

Founder/Sr. Writer - SOP Consultants

Vasuki Ram, senior writer and the founder of SOP Consultants is a B-tech Graduate who used to work in an MNC. Starting from 2013, she along with her team has assisted more than 10,000 students. Shift in her career was drastic. Read full story here.

personal statement examples for criminology

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personal statement examples for criminology

Criminology Personal Statement Examples

Statement of purpose: eagle scout.

Growing up in a lower-middle class home, I have learned to be modest and frugal. I have also learned that nothing comes free and that everything must be earned through determination and hard work. So when I joined the Cub Scouts at age 7, I was determined to excel and achieve the highest rank in scouting, Eagle Scout. Since then, I have been intent on changing things for the better in everything I participated in. Ergo, having a lifetime goal to give back to the Earth, whether it be directly by studying chemistry to help the Earth or indirectly by donating some of my time and money back into the science field to help fund future developments of technology, seems best for the world. Knowing that nothing is guaranteed, my participation in the Boy Scouts has served as a foundation to allow me to expand my knowledge in other fields of study in case my expected career path does not go as planned.

FFA Personal Statement Examples

I am an active member in a wide variety of activities. I am very involved in 4-H and FFA. Through these clubs, I have participated in many community service projects. I work hard in the classroom and I’m very goal driven. I have a 3.14 GPA, and I strive to do better each and every day. I have participated in volleyball, basketball, track, and cheerleading. These activities have taught me teamwork, which will play an important role in the real world.

National Honor Society Research Paper

In all of my Highschool career, I have developed numerous skills whether it be from being head of groups, able to speak in big crowds, and making sure that everyone understood their positions. Starting eighth grade, I had begun my journey by being a part of the Junior National Honor Society and becoming our classes representative, or as others say “Junior High valedictorian”. At this point in my life, I was able to realize that I demonstrated all the characteristics that a leader needed, and I was viewed to students and teachers as a mentor. After I had been promoted to High School, I was ambitious and challenged myself to be a part of Louder Than A Bomb poetry group. Freshman year was the Louder Than A Bombs first year at our High School which caused that year to be the group's building block. I helped kids speak out loud to me, gave suggestions, and kept them organized. To this day, I am the manager of the club, and I continue to push these artists to new levels while they continue to inspire me at the same

Statement Of Purpose: Presidential Seat Of National Honor Society

One past leadership position that I held in high school was the presidential seat of National Honor Society. Through this leadership position, I’ve gained communication skills between teachers and fifty students in the organization. I’ve promoted and facilitated community service activities. I’ve also learned to engage actively with colleagues and branch out of my comfort zone, especially when it is something I am passionate about. As the president, I delegate responsibilities to board members that I worked closely with to achieve the organization’s goals. Currently, I am holding a leadership position at the University YMCA as a co-leader of a program that is designed to empower youth to success. Through this leadership position, I’ve gained

Criminal Justice Application Essay Examples

Students in the criminal justice department are taught that our main objective in the justice system and our careers is to serve and also protect those involved in our community. For as long as I can remember, my goal in life has been to provide service by protecting and serving those who are close to me. My penchant for service is what eventually led me to the Criminal Justice program at Valdosta State University.

Educational Psychology Personal Statement Examples

To be truthful, my fascination in psychology had been somewhat sporadic; appearing in my earlier childhood years then getting deflected in my earlier middle school years due to the rigmarole over my grandma’s operations, then again reemerging in my high school years after my grandma’s death.

Sample Personal Statement For Student Ambassador

From contesting for this position to getting elected and working for betterment of my house group, I gained a lot of experience and self-confidence and became more responsible. Being a vice captain, I played an important role in addressing and motivating students, advising and helping them, and earning points for my group by participating in many competitions alone or in a team. I also served as the student voice of the school to a variety of external and internal constituents. The student council served as a bridge between the students and the school heads and administration.

Criminal Behavior: Nature Vs. Nurture

Criminal behaviour has always been an interest for psychologists, for they could never quite come to a conclusion between nature and nurture. Research concerning this topic has been organized for many years and due to the never ending debate, is still being conducted. I have decided to read and write about this myself, for I was genuinely curious about the matter and wanted to be a part of the research, as I felt responsible to do so. I believe that in order to stop something, it must be discussed and scrutinized. What effects do genes have on criminal behaviour, why do peer pressure and habitat influence a person to commit crimes and are men really more violent than women? My paper aims to discuss the three different factors of criminal behaviour, what causes it and why. My essay will examine and focus mainly on the genetic makeup of a person, the environment in which they are raised in and gender differences.

Psychology Of Criminology

According to Andrews and Bonta (2010) the psychology of criminal conduct ( PCC) can be defined as an approach to scientifically understand the criminal behavior of individuals through a systematic approach. Additionally, the psychology of criminal conduct is considered to be interdisciplinary, and considers all aspects of science that will assist in the further comprehension of an individuals criminal behavior, and the causes of criminal behavior (Andrews and Bonta , 2010). Andrews and Bonta ( 2010) stated that the psychology of criminal conduct can be considered a subfield of criminology and psychology due to common beliefs and common interests with both disciplines. Furthermore, the psychology of criminal conduct can be described as using

Applying For A Scholarship Essay

I am pursing a degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education. I am passionate about education and excited to share the joy of learning with students. The perspective of wonder and sense of excitement that children bring into education motivates me daily. Teaching can leave a lasting impression in a child’s life and offers a special opportunity to shape the bright young minds of future generations. While many professions can be impactful, I believe the qualities of the person in the career position to be the most influential. The integrity I possess and genuine character I have reveals my authentic positive outlook on life. I aspire to be the voice that encourages students to obtain a life changing education that will aid them in their journey. I desire to be a teacher that takes time out of my day to have meaningful minutes in a student’s life and to represent the picture of a positive role- model. I hope to leave a lasting impact by creating a caring atmosphere that allows students to express themselves, discover knowledge, and obtain their fullest potential confidently!

Cybersecurity Personal Statement Examples

Cybersecurity has become a growing cause for concern in the United States and indeed countries around the world. On February 9, 2016 President Barack Obama announced his Cybersecurity National Action plan (CNAP) to further the nations efforts to protect government agencies, citizens, and businesses from cyber threats domestic and abroad. However, cybersecurity is not a new issue in fact it is as old as the internet itself. With that said, I keep thinking back to that warm September day stained with the image of an enormous fireball engulfing our small TV set. This horrific day changed the course of history forever along with my future career path. At WIT I hit the ground with a running start and a determined mindset not only achieve the best

Relationship Between Education And Crime

The first way education is correlated with crime would be through certain economic factors. An article from Lance Lochner (2007) looks at factors that may contribute to a correlation between education and crime. Furthermore, there is literature that links the factors of wages and

Social Work Personal Statement Examples

Social work is a career that I have recently become interested in pursuing. I spent many years with misconceptions concerning the sector. However, following three years of working close by these experts, I have picked up a more profound comprehension of the significance of the work.I am especially interested in working in child welfare along with terminally ill children. I have got to a stage in my career where I have started to search out instruction that will make me more efficient in creating plans and providing services for vulnerable people. I am confident that the skills that I will gain from completing a social work master’s degree will help me collaborate with people in need and aid sustainable growth in their lives.

Psychology Reflection

Psychology is defined as “the scientific study of the mind and behavior” (Introduction to Psychology, 2015). Psychology provides an overview of biology and behavior, sensation and perception, learning, memory, intelligence, language, motivation, emotion, abnormal psychology, and therapy (PSY 102 Course Syllabus, 2018, pg 1). Because psychology allows for a better understanding of how the mind and body work, this knowledge can be beneficial for any field of study or career. The theoretical and practical understanding of the basics of psychology can help with decision-making, critical thinking, stress management, time management, better understanding of others, improving communication, and even achieving goals and objectives, all components that allow someone to be more successful throughout their life.

South African Criminal Justice System

In criminal law, we study crime purely from a legal perspective. Criminology is the study of crime and criminal behaviour from psychological and sociological perspectives, seeking to understand the underlying causes and effects of such behaviour, as well as how to control or prevent it.

More about Criminology Personal Statement Examples

Related topics.

Criminology Personal Statement Guide

Your Guide to Writing an Excellent Personal Statement

How to write a great personal statement for criminology.

In this handy guide, we will provide some useful hints and tips to help you tailor your personal statement and increase your chances of earning a place on your desired Criminology course.

What is a personal statement?

Your personal statement forms part of your UCAS application, and is sent to all of the institutions you are applying to. The aim is to convince the reader that you are the perfect candidate to study Criminology, and it should be personal: about your interests, your background, your aspirations and the reason you want to study Criminology at university.

Tip: Although you are encouraged to talk about Criminology as a whole, don’t mention specific features – such as a specific placement or year abroad – unless it applies to all of the courses you are applying to via UCAS.

What skills should a Criminology student demonstrate?

Communication skills.

Both written and verbal communication skills are essential to Criminology – during your career and throughout your degree, you may need to communicate with a vast range of people, from policy makers to the police. Can you include any examples of activities that have enhanced your communication skills? Perhaps clarifying, listening or offering advice? These are key qualities to engage with activities such as interviewing or gathering data.

Research and problem solving skills

Conducting research and explaining results are skills involved in most criminology degrees. Can you demonstrate that you can gather information and assess it? Or any examples of problem solving within your studies or outside of the classroom? Such skills may be used in Criminology when predicting and managing criminal and deviant behaviours.

Critical reading skills

This links in nicely with the above point – in order to correctly interpret research, critical reading of both data and written documentation is essential. Can you demonstrate any examples of critical reading in any of your current qualifications, or wider reading and research?

Data handling and technology

When handling large amounts of data and other information, confidence with both technology and analysis is key. Can you provide any examples of where you have used technology to collect information, or worked with others to gather findings? Can you go further and explain how you have studied this information, and offered any solutions? Talking to criminals and victims, gathering information and studying the findings contributes to potential theories and solutions to societal issues.

Volunteering / Work Experience

Entering unfamiliar environments where you are working with new people can offer an opportunity for you to work people from diverse backgrounds and explore your awareness of social and human behaviours. Being a social science, Criminology offers the opportunity to study a wide variety of human behaviour, and asks questions such as why do people commit crime? How does society react to it? What are its consequences?

Extra reading and exploration

An interest in wider research, and current affairs on both a local and global perspective is desirable. Can you demonstrate an awareness of social, organizational, or global issues? Or perhaps demonstrate an understanding of local concerns, and how they may be integrated into a larger global perspective? Be specific, name an area of interest, a recent news article – and be sure you are genuinely engaged with it, you could be asked for more information at interview.

Tip: We’ve compiled a list of resources for students to engage with before beginning their studies at university. These resources may help with this aspect of the personal statement, helping you further understand terminology and think beyond the curriculum.

Personal Statement FAQs

What should i include in my opening paragraph.

Tip: If you are unsure of what career you wish to pursue, don’t worry! Begin researching some options, but don’t include a career plan for the sake of it.

As an idea, some of the careers our Criminology graduates enter include : Community Development, Criminal Justice, Local Government, the Police Force, Postgraduate Study, the Prison Service, the Probation Service, Research, Social Work, Education, Training, UK Government, Victim Support and Voluntary Organisations.

How do I include my current studies?

How do I include my extra-curricular activities?

Tip: Both extra-curricular and supra-curricular activities demonstrate that you are proactive, and in instances of volunteering and work experience, work well with others. Think of how this is linked to Criminology.

Where do I start?

Jordan Dawson

Jordan dawson, admissions tutor for criminology at swansea university.

“Your personal statement is your opportunity to sell yourself: demonstrate your strengths, qualities and readiness for your Criminology degree. If I were to offer three tips they would be:

Heather Harvey

Heather harvey, recruitment officer.

“Hopefully this guide has helped you with developing your personal statement, but you can always get extra help at any time by contacting me on [email protected] k .”

Cutting-edge Criminology Degrees

Our Criminology programmes are research-led, covering the most contemporary topics, and have a range of assessment methods available, so you'll sit less exams. Find out more about our courses:


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    I wish to study Criminology, with the aim of continuing my studies at Masters-level so that I may fulfil my ambition and become a prison service psychologist. I

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    As a dedicated and capable student, with a passion for the potential of the criminal justice system to contribute to a fairer, safer society, I

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    How to Write a University Personal Statement for Criminology? · Use an optimistic and confident tone of voice throughout the SOP · Explain what your career

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    Due to my increasing interest in the study of crime, its effect and the way society responds to certain aspects and phenomena in criminal activity.

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    How do I include my current studies? · Don't waste characters with a simple list of your options before delving into more detailed information. · Be specific and