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social thinking intellectual property

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We hope you learned something new and found our concepts, strategies and treatment frameworks useful.

Please locate the course(s) you attended below to download the respective handouts, which are intended to supplement your learning! Keep in mind this page is just for you; it is not permitted to be shared.

Intellectual Property

Implementing Social Thinking Concepts and Vocabulary: A Day to Develop Team Creativity

Day E

In this course you will learn more than 20 Social Thinking strategies and three core treatment frameworks to guide individuals to better attend, interpret, problem solve, and respond to social information. Help individuals 1) observe and respond to situations based on the context and determine the “expected” behaviors of each situation, 2) learn core Social Thinking Vocabulary and concepts to encourage social-communicative competence, and 3) discover strategies for teaching self-regulation, executive functioning, emotional understanding, and theory of mind/perspective taking. Work in teams to develop lesson plans to implement new strategies in the home, clinic, or classroom the very next day. Download Bibliography

ZOOMING IN: Strategies for Individuals with Subtle but Significant Social Problems

Day K

Explore the needs of nuance-challenged social communicators who may have diagnoses such as autism levels 1 and 2, ADHD, and social anxiety as well as traits such as perfectionism, being oppositional, etc. Usually in mainstream classes, these individuals struggle with the intricacies of developing social relationships, working through assignments, and engaging in peer-based groups. Learn how even a slight impairment in flexible thinking, emotional understanding of self and others, problem solving, self-advocacy, and nuanced social interpretations can contribute to subtle but significant social challenges. Explore related treatment strategies while also learning tips to motivate students to participate in treatment activities encouraging the development of executive functioning, perspective taking, and emotion management! Download Bibliography


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social thinking intellectual property

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Social thinking ip on blogs, websites and social media, intellectual property decision-tree guidelines, ​ terms of use, definitions, examples, & faq, stay connected.

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Sharing The Zones – Intellectual Property

social thinking intellectual property

To support and guide you, Social Thinking (also known as Think Social Publishing, Inc) has created this  Handy Decision Tree to Sharing Intellectual Property   and  Terms of Use document  to help answer questions regarding what can and cannot be created and shared based on intellectual property, copyright, and trademark laws. It is our responsibility as publisher, author and trainer of these materials to protect the fidelity of the framework/curriculum, which means protecting the copyright, trademark, and intellectual property rights.

Here are some of the reasons why we have these sharing guidelines in place:

In creating Zones of Regulation products, we expend a huge amount of thinking, editing, and creativity to deliver quality work for our community. We recognize that our work at times needs to be adapted, modified, and expanded upon to meet your population’s needs; however, we ask that if you are to share any spin-off creations that includes The Zones of Regulation language and/or visuals,  it is with only the immediate community you serve, such as your students/clients and those family members or colleagues involved in your students/clients’ program.  We, along with our publisher, ask that you have a system in place to vet the integrity of these derivative works, prior to sharing any spin-offs creations that includes The Zones of Regulation language and/or visuals, or any other works within the Social Thinking Methodology. When this work is shared, it should only be done so on a password protected site to be available only to your colleagues and the immediate community you serve. Please do not post or share derivative Zones creations (lessons in any medium, Powerpoints/trainings, videos, and other Zones related activities) on open web-based channels, such as the SeeSaw Community pages, TeacherPayTeachers, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook groups, etc.  If you have already done so, please remove those files from any open channels that are not allowed per our  guidelines .

It is also important when adapting our work to add citations. For example:  *Adapted/Expanded by [NAME], based on the original work,  The Zones of Regulation™ Curriculum by Leah Kuypers 2011, ©Think Social Publishing, Inc. All Rights Reserved.  www.socialthinking.com .  www.zonesofregulation.com   Materials and images are not for public distribution.

We are grateful and appreciative to The Zones of Regulation community and recognize it takes a village to make this work.  We thank you for your help to protect The Zones work and products.

Sincerely, Leah Kuypers and The Zones of Regulation and Social Thinking Teams


Social thinking ip on blogs, websites and social media, intellectual property decision-tree guidelines, ​ terms of use, definitions, examples, & faq, related posts.

social thinking intellectual property


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    To support and guide you, Social Thinking (also known as Think Social Publishing, Inc) has created this Handy Decision Tree to Sharing Intellectual Property

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