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Paper Help has a consumer rating of 4.69 stars from 3,358 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Paper Help most frequently mention great service, easy process and life saver.Paper Help ranks 5th among Academic Editing sites.

This company responds to reviews on average within 7 days

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What reviewers want you to know

Positive highlights.

Critical highlights

“Service which you can rely on unequivocally.”

I am pleased that the work of this service is consistently set good marks. It is possible to relax and have fun when handing over))) Service which you can rely on unequivocally.

“Received an email on Dec 22 with a 10% off offer that...”

Received an email on Dec 22 with a 10% off offer that was valid till Dec 23. Tried to use it on Dec 23 only to find out that the offer had "expired" somehow. Had to talk with the admin and the person said "Yes, the code should be used until today, before Dec 23. But as a huge exception, I will apply your 10% off", then the admin applied the discount. So when the email said valid till Dec 23, they actually meant until the beginning of Dec 23? Makes no sense.

Reviews (3,358)

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About the business

Welcome to our custom writing service! Get help with any kind of assignment – from a high school essay to a PhD dissertation. We can: * Write from scratch according to your instructions. Plagiarism free papers, 100% guarantee! * Edit and proofread your paper. The price for our written assignment depends on: 1. The number of pages 2. Deadline 3. Academic level PaperHelp.org offers top-notch quality of service at quite an affordable price. Although it may seem rather low, we understand the importance of client-oriented pricing. Making An Order Is Very Easy: - Fill in our online order form providing all the details. - Proceed with a safe online payment. - An email notification will be sent to you once your order has been delivered. Go to the website to review it. - Preview, approve and download the paper. Now it is yours! The order process is done online via this website. This also includes communication with your writer via the messaging system in your personal control panel. If you have any questions regarding the order process, feel free to contact our Customer Support Representatives. We will gladly assist you!

Company Representative

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Table of Contents

PaperHelp Review: Mystery Shopping Experience

Updated in 2023

What’s the best way to find out the truth? Right, investigating something yourself. That’s why we decided to check PaperHelp with our own first-hand experience. Thus, we placed two orders of our own: the first one was a personal narrative that needed to be completed in 6 hours, and the second – was a memo to the CEO, with a lengthier 7-day deadline. Of course, as a part of our testing scenario for all college essay writing service reviews , we also tried the revision options to get the most out of the experience.

Among the elements that make a successful personal essay, Professor Low points out the following: 

paper help legit

A personal narrative essay about gratitude should include the following key elements: a clear introduction that sets the tone for the essay, a body that explains why and to whom the writer is grateful, and a conclusion that ties everything together. The essay should reflect the writer’s appreciation for something or someone in their life and should be written in a way that conveys the writer’s emotion. When writing, the writer should consider how they can best express their gratitude and include vivid details and examples.

paper help legit

On the whole, this service fully met our expectations. We got our academic writings and PaperHelp got its high-rank according to the A*HELP score. 

So let us dive right into our reasoning behind the PaperHelp review.

SpeedPaper Review

Reviewing the value of PaperHelp: Value for Money – 22/25

3/3 Deadline & Terms 7/7 Free services 7/7 Additional services 1/4  Average paper price 4/4 Discounts

PaperHelp assures that they have the most versatile writers with either BA, MA, or Ph.D-levels of expertise across various fields to produce superb academic articles. However, choosing a more proficient writer comes at an extra cost.

The service also offers a 3-hour minimum deadline, which is not the quickest in our experience, but still a useful variant for those who need to meet the nearest deadline. Another plus is their money-back policy, which guarantees a 100% refund on several occasions: if the payment mistake occurs, no writer available, or the order is delayed and therefore it is no longer necessary.

You can track your order at Paperhelp.org

Now that we’ve established the variety of offers, let’s move to the question of the price. Being on the expensive side, with PaperHelp the average price for two of our orders rounded up to $91.35. 2 essay pages with a 6-hour deadline cost $74.4. Another task was a 4-page memo to the CEO with a 7-day deadline, and it was priced at $108.29, which is the highest price in our ranking. They also offer three revisions completely free of charge to make sure you get the right order. If unsatisfied, you can opt for a refund as well.

We paid $108.29 for a 4-page memo to the CEO with a 7-day deadline

We were pleased to receive our papers well in advance of the deadline. The 2-page essay came 2 hours early, and the 4-page memo got into our inbox 7 hours in advance. Such timely execution is especially opportune considering the possible need for applicable revisions (which are needed with any of the websites that help with homework ).

PaperHelp also doesn’t skimp on discounts. After registration, you can expect to get 5% off your first order and 7% off the second one, alongside cashback. We also noticed a few options for referral programs: if you give a friend your 10% discount, you will receive 10% credits after they make their order. You can also invite more friends to receive even bigger rewards.

Our auditors have noted that PaperHelp provides good value for money. We know that expensive doesn’t always mean good, but, considering all the features and available discounts, this service seems to refute the statement.

Visit website up to 7% discount

SpeedPaper Review

User Experience Review: Overall PaperHelp Experience – 19/25

7/7 Support 4/4 Security & Privacy 3/7 Payment Methods 5/7 Communication

PaperHelp started very strongly with open communication. The possibility to use a 24/7 chatbot as well as a live assistant eases up the process of order placement quite a bit, even though the order form is manageable itself. Everything is gathered in one place so you won’t lose anything important. The registration process is also quick and safe – all they ask for is an email address.

The thing that didn’t quite sit right with us was the number of payment possibilities. While PaperHelp has a variety of card payment methods, such as Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Discover, and even UnionPay, they offer neither Google nor ApplePay, nor PayPal for that matter. These are pretty popular options that would benefit customers to make much easier payments.

We asked for revisions at Paperhelp.org

On the other note, we had a positive experience with their support team. The 24/7 chatbot and a live assistant were ready to help with any arising questions. When it came to interaction with the writer, unfortunately, there was some miscommunication. Somehow, they didn’t ask for personal preferences before drafting a narrative about supposedly our experience. It was nothing a thorough revision couldn’t rectify, of course.

To summarize, we would say that PaperHelp has some room to grow in terms of customer service. Adding payment options would be a great place to start. We also reckon it’s important for writers to build a more personalized approach to the orders they work with.

SpeedPaper Review

Can You Rely on PaperHelp? Paper Quality – 37.93/50

Upon receiving our orders, we sent both of them to our fellow US college professors to share an expert opinion on their quality. Analyzed according to the evaluation standards, the papers received 79.8/100 pts (personal narrative) and 71.9/100 pts (memo to the CEO). Quite an up-to-the-mark result, if you ask us, considering that 60 pts is the usual grading limit. 

Our files for download at Paperhelp.org

Naturally, there’re always opportunities to improve. Mainly it touches upon the formatting standards: vertical spacing, section, page, and body headers, as well as lists. The second paper also has some formatting flaws regarding references and in-text citations. As it’s one of the most meticulous parts of academic work, trust us, we get why you’d want it done perfectly by others.

Nevertheless, both papers received notable great points for integrity, length, and spelling. The memo task also scored high in reasoning and logic. 

As for revisions, PaperHelp offers 3 of them completely free of charge. The only condition is to request them before the approval period. Keep in mind that you can ask for a revision within 7 days after the final statement as well. It’s a useful option, as it helps to improve the outcome as much as possible.

paper help legit

Now, about the outcome. Needless to say that we perceive papers with such scores as a success! Having received two completed quality assignments, we can surely recommend this service as a helping hand for your academic tasks.

Sybil Low often speaks of students’ papers in a comparable manner:

An orchestra plays a flawless melody only when every musician follows their music score or plays according to the conductor’s instructions, if you will. If only one or a few instruments are out of tune, the ear of a seasoned listener will surely pick up the aberration. It’s the same with an essay: a strong topic and effective writing don’t guarantee an excellent grade if other elements of the story are left out or erroneous. Every detail matters.

If you need a bigger picture, have a look at the details provided by our US assessors:

Paper 1. SCORE: 79.8 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; body header; page header. |Observations:| {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: 100%. {Mechanics:} 86% (spelling 100%, grammar 68%, punctuation 98%, word choice 79%). {Formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 64% (efficiency 51%, acuity 77%, clarity 79%, objectivity 51%). Paper 2. SCORE: 71.9 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; page header; section headers; bullets or lists. |Observations:| {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: Just a tiny bit short (99%)—try to write a bit more. {Mechanics:} 86% (spelling 100%, grammar 100%, punctuation 70%, word choice 73%). {Formatting:} 59%. Reference formatting: main problem area—source detail (date); most frequent error types—element misformatted, element misplaced, element miscapitalized. Incorrect reference section header. In-text cite grade: seriously deficient (in-text cites mispunctuated). {Reasoning, logic:} 88% (efficiency 81%, acuity 89%, clarity 82%, objectivity 100%).

Average paper score: 75.85

Final Decision on The PaperHelp Review

To sum it up, we would say that PaperHelp is a sound choice for essay writing needs. It does what it has to: writes academic papers on various topics. Can it be considered a tiny bit overpriced? Probably yes. But, in the end, you do receive a quality paper and always on time. The service also doesn’t provide a lot of payment opportunities, which can be inconvenient. It would also be a plus if writers were more mindful of their client’s requirements. Nevertheless, looking at the provided paper quality from an objective angle and considering the whole picture, PaperHelp has righteously acquired its high score on the A*HELP ranking.

Negativity rank – 33.4%

paper help legit

We are convinced that checking for original feedback about the reviewed services is essential. Unfortunately, some comments may indeed be written in a mere attempt to stain the company’s reputation. For this reason, we don’t include such comments in our reviews and filter them out as fake or prepaid. 

Claims of dissatisfaction are also quite important, as negative emotions are proven to unveil the most genuine attitudes and stories. We assess such feedback considering the level of seriousness of the issues and their plausibility and then provide an overall negativity rank. All the ratios are included in the review, and companies are more than welcome to improve themselves based on our observations.

To be fair, we have found some backlashes against PaperHelp, leading up to its negativity rank of 33.4%. Even though the general experience is good enough, the service has issues regarding papers’ quality, writers’ selection and qualification, and discounts’ application. However, it’s worth noting that the customer support staff and site representatives tackle the issue raised by the customers, doing their best to resolve the arising disputes.

PaperHelp Specs

Paperhelp reviews.

Having searched through Reddit, Sitejabber, and Trustpilot and handpicked the negative testimonials, we can present our analysis of the findings. For further information refer to our Negativity rank paragraph.

Is PaperHelp a Scam?

After conducting a real mystery shopping and placing two orders of our own, we received two quite quality papers. Based on this fact, we can assure you that this service is not a scam and can be taken into consideration when looking for help with academic tasks.

Is PaperHelp Legit?

We use the A*HELP rating to review only those services that have a history of completed orders, an established brand name in the essay niche, and that therefore have proven to be legit.

Is PaperHelp Safe?

The service offers easy-to-access terms and conditions, which, to our judgment, do not have any suspicious policies. Upon registration, users are only asked to provide an email. Throughout the whole online experience with PaperHelp, all your information and personal details are secured by encryption protocol.

Is PaperHelp Trustworthy?

We placed two orders using PaperHelp’s site and received, even in advance, completed quality assignments. Thus, we can believe the service to be a trustworthy one.

Is PaperHelp a Good Service?

After applying our methodology and assessing PaperHelp through several factors, the website scored 78.93 out of 100 points. Therefore, our final word is that PaperHelp, as well as other services covered in our reviews, are good and reliable providers, offering quality academic work.

Visit website

Follow us on Reddit for more insights and updates.

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We’re all about debate and discussion at A*HELP.

We value the diverse opinions of users, so you may find points of view that you don’t agree with. And that’s cool. However, there are certain things we’re not OK with: attempts to manipulate our data in any way, for example, or the posting of discriminative, offensive, hateful, or disparaging material.

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I saw some other reviews from A*HELP and really liked the other site. I just can’t remember now what it’s called. It was a very interesting review. These guys really dedicate their time to find out every little detail

It’s great and all but i would stick to my own writing powers i think. I don’t really trust these writers – you never know their actual expertise and whether they will come up with a good work in the end

It’s fresh to see reviews that include negative aspects as well. It gives that full picture. Really like this approach. And it saves time too as now I won’t need to look up those comments myself

I liked this review. Straight to the point and still covers all the necessary details, even the smallest ones. I would read about other options as well before choosing one of the services though.

I once tried using similar platform but it was so confusing i ended up just giving up on it. Even though the support team there was quite helpful the general interface threw me off. It’s great to see a more modernized site

Hm, I am not sure whether these sites can handle big tasks on time. I saw that here they delivered both works a bit earlier, but those were relevantly mall though

It’s a pity these services don’t use Appleay mostly. I’ve seen three of these reviews already and none of them used wallets. That would be much more convient tho

I tried this website to get my work done. I liked the support team. They always know what to say. I was anxious about not getting a well-written task back. They calmed me down

I see a lot of reviews on this type of services. Are they worth the time? I mean, I would need to register and all

This site could really bribe me with its aesthetics. It seems so easy to use and colorful. I love when services are interactive they then feels like a video game

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paper help legit

PaperHelp.org Review 2023

paper help legit

Starting from 12$ per page

paper help legit

Paperhelp.org Updated Review

Today you can find mostly positive PaperHelp reviews, but those are obviously fake and written for money.

Although our site — Rankmywriter.com — published a more or less honest Paper Help review, we would like to update our review about our hands-on experience from PaperHelp org. To sum up, things got much worse since last year.

The following Paperhelp review reveals the primary cons of the service today. If you don’t find customer testimonials as trustworthy, read on to find out what really’s happening behind the scenes.

First Impression About Paperhelp.org

…is pretty positive. The website looks sleek and the customer support managers are very friendly. In general, PaperHelp answers all questions quickly and in a professional way. Still, it’s hard to get how the interface design gets along with the PaperHelp title? Not a big deal, but hey…

Speaking about the order process, it’s easy and simple. It doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to buy essays and go mind your own business until the job’s done.

But don’t let sponsored and affiliated PaperHelp rating stats fool you — it’s all one big nasty scam! Instead of spending money on fake reviews, they’d better invest in their writers. About that, you’ll find out a little bit further down the review.

Are Paperhelp.org Writers From Third-World Countries?

YES, there’s a large host of third-world country writers, including Kenia, the Philippines, India, and Malaysia. There are also writers from Eastern Europe who barely know the language. The test essays came back written not very well using a low-quality English language.

Paperhelp.org are Cheaters

Our Paperhelp cheating story began after the money had been spent. If you don’t read any honest reviews before buying, get ready to spend another hour polishing all your “custom” essays and fixing plagiarism.

How can anyone botch a simple college English essay? Well, one should copy-paste content from the internet, rewrite a title, switch paragraphs, reword some phrases (at least, thanks for the effort), and voila — a custom essay is “ready.”

All this plagiarism guarantee “we check all our essays for plagiarism” is a total and complete marketing. It’s unknown which exactly software they’re using (or whether they’re using any at all), but Copyscape confirms that essays aren’t unique.

Writing Quality is Simply not There

PaperHelp scam is all about letting the low-quality writers do even Premium level orders. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the Best available writer or a Top one, the result will be the same — a paper will be done by some third-world country journeyman speaking English as a second or third language. Unfortunately, cheating and ignoring customers’ complaints is their go-to style.

Paper Help Isn’t Safe

So is PaperHelp safe? Do you want to know if they’re telling anyone or leaking personal customer data? No, they don’t do such things. But is it safe to buy essays here? No, paying for the Philippine-style essays isn’t worth a penny. Even for free, such work isn’t worth your time.

Deadlines vary from 3 hours to 10 days per essay and up to 20 days per a more complex research paper such as dissertations.

For most essays, a 72-hour deadline seemed the most reasonable in terms of timing and the price, which turned out to be rather affordable, including a 15% first-order discount.

However, a Paperhelp scam with writers can’t be negated by quick deadlines and, generally, swift delivery.

Paperhelp.org Bonus System

For every essay you buy, you’ll get 5% off the total order cost, which is the sum that will be transferred to your bonus account as credit funds. These credits could be spent to save on the next order in line or accumulated to be paid once, resulting in a free paper.

Sounds good? Right, but trust us on this one — after the very first Kenya-written essay, you won’t have the slightest intention to buy any more essays with your PaperHelp coupon codes and discount deals. We’ve asked some of the site’s customers, and the Paperhelp discount system that is lenient and rewarding gets killed off right from the start — because of low-quality writing results.

More Discounts and Promotions

We have an impression that PaperHelp tries to win over clients with juicy deals.

A 20% discount code or a promo is available for all first-time customers. Besides, unlike other writing platforms, they do not demand a subscription in return for a discount. If that’s not enough to beat the final price, ask your friend to order something from PaperHelp. The more friends you bring, the bigger the discount you’ll get.

Order Process

It is easy and simple.

And then put in your own work because, otherwise, an instructor won’t accept it. Is Paperhelp reliable? No, you’ll have to finish the essay on your own for it to be handed in successfully. Revisions from a writer from Malasia won’t help, naturally, so don’t waste time and do it yourself.

Paperhelp Late Orders

According to customer feedback, essays sometimes come back with a 5-hour delay. Nothing major, but if your essay returns 10 or more hours later, it may cause unwanted consequences. What if the essay needs to be revised by a writer? Don’t even try to waste more time waiting for their revision. Better polish it yourself to bring it into some sort of a college submission-ready shape.

More Customer Opinions

Don’t want to take our word for granted? We examined Reddit threads carefully to find a trustworthy review. The overall user impression is negative. But this particular testimonial by BrenDrew caught us completely off guard. Just take a look:

“Here are just a few facts that prove its unreliability.

I used Paperhelp for an important research paper that I lacked time to write myself once, and it got flagged for plagiarism when I submitted it to my school. It was a 80% match with previously submitted work. Turns out, the writer simply resold me the paper that was already used by one of his previous customers. I presented the plagiarism report to the Paperhelp manager and asked for a full refund, but he told me that the report was insufficient evidence to support my claim.

Instead, I was offered to continue working with the writer and ask him to revise the paper, but why would I continue to use a service that I cannot trust? Overall it was a shabby piece of work for a ridiculously expensive price. Luckily, I filed a claim with PayPal and got my money back. Don’t let Paperhelp fool you with their misleading advertising.”

If you want a good grade on your paper, Paperhelp.org is not the way to go.

Is Paperhelp.org a Scam?

The answer to this question depends on what you determine as a scam. Is this company legitimate? Yes, it is. Is it reliable? In our humble opinion, it doesn’t deserve nor your trust, nor money.

Is Paperhelp.org Safe?

It is safe to say that you can order a paper here and get it after all. As a legit service, they live up to their obligations and deliver orders just as promised. However, the quality of their products is low. Plus, some customers complained about late deliveries and insufficient support when it comes to revision or refund requests.

Bottom Line — Don’t Trust PaperHelp.org in 2023

Is PaperHelp good? Well, as a website, it’s a nice-looking place with friendly people who are genuinely willing to help. But as a college writing platform, it’s the worst there is in 2023, mainly because of poor English writings composed by non-native so-called professionals.

In fact, there are plenty of non-native speakers on other sites who know the language very well, but that’s not the case here. Hiring cheap writers from Africa and charging clients the rates of US college graduates, even native speakers — now that’s the case for PaperHelp.

So, does Paperhelp really help? The answer is definite: they can only match you with a cheap non-professional writer and charge you twice as much. Until this changes, PaperHelp.org should be forgotten by anyone who wants a quality essay service.

Don’t waste your time, money, and trust in this company in 2023!

PaperHelp Review 2023

Expert review by John Milovich Updated: March 02, 2023


PaperHelp is rated 4/5 by ScamFighter users and is #9 on our TOP Writing Services

Executive Summary

paper help legit

PaperHelp.org is one of the plenty of websites that belong to Search Novations Inc. They offer reasonable prices and acceptable quality. This service is considered to be one of the most popular writing services in the world. Although their support agents are too slow, the quality of their writings is above average. The prices are very affordable, so they have a great audience among the students. PaperHelp guarantees are clear and precise especially in the matter of plagiarism. You can be sure that they deliver an original paper or refund your money back. However, the actual location of this service is hidden, and we can only see the owner's corporation address. Is paperhelp legit? See the full paper help review below.  

Service Review

Paperhelp.org is a writing service that creates custom papers for students. The company was established in 2013, and CoreForce Ltd owns it. The services offered by Paperhelp.org include essay writing, research paper writing, term paper writing, and more. The company has a team of experienced writers qualified in various fields of study. Thanks to this Paperhelp.org review , I will explain why you should trust this company.

Paperhelp.org main page

People say it is one of the best essay writing services in the world. There is no information about their origin, but it is clear that they use foreign support agents. And this company is based somewhere on Cyprus. This has not been mentioned in any other PaperHelp reviews .

Pros and Cons

Online reputation

Paperhelp.org has a great online reputation, with positive reviews on SiteJabber, TrustPilot, Reddit, and Quora. Customers praise the quality of work produced by the company, as well as the professionalism and timeliness of the writers. In addition, most students appreciate that the company delivers papers on time and meets all requirements provided.

Paperhelp.org Sitejabber review

While there are a few negative reviews, they are mostly about minor issues such as minor grammatical errors, delayed response from customer support, and misunderstanding of the assignment details. Overall, the company has a positive online reputation. Plus, I've seen hundreds of positive Paper Help reviews , which is a good sign. Besides, they don't have PaperHelp reddit channel but when I googled for PaperHelp reddit reviews I found some freelancers who post their opinions on PaperHelp.

PaperHelp Terms of Use and Money Back Guarantee seem to be fair to me. Paperhelp.org offers a few guarantees to its customers. The first guarantee is the quality of the work produced. The company promises that its writers will provide high-quality work that meets all the assignment requirements. If a student is unsatisfied with the work provided, the company offers free revisions until the client is fully satisfied.

Paperhelp.org revision policy

The second guarantee is timely delivery. The company promises to deliver papers on time and has a 96% on-time delivery rate. If the company cannot deliver the paper on time, it offers a full refund. The third guarantee is confidentiality. The company promises to keep all customer information and details confidential. In general, I like how the company describes customer interaction. But let me continue my Paperhelp review because I have something to tell you. So, is PaperHelp scam ? No, they aren't!

Types of Services

PaperHelp provides plenty of services for high school and college students, post-grads and young professionals, including:

Ordering Process

Let’s go over the major steps of getting an essay from PaperHelp:

Prices and Fees

Surely you need a Paperhelp review to know everything about paper prices. The price per page varies depending on the level of study, the deadline, and the type of paper required. For instance, an essay for high school with a 14-day deadline costs $10 per page, while a Ph.D. dissertation with an 8-hour deadline costs $45 per page. In addition, extra services, such as plagiarism reports and writer's samples, cost additional fees.

The company also offers discounts and loyalty programs to its customers. For instance, new customers receive a 10% discount on their first order, and loyal customers receive a discount of up to 15% based on the total number of pages they have ordered. By the way, I saw many Paper Help reviews , and the affordable price was one of the undeniable advantages noted by the students.

Paper Quality

Is PaperHelp reliable? Absolutely! I ordered a 3-page-long essay on international Covid-19 vaccination rates for my college Sociology class. The writer sure knows how to deal with MLA formatting. Besides, they managed to find plenty of credible sources and wove the data into a compelling, informative piece. I had a couple of complaints about the wording and typos, but overall I was more than happy with the paper I got.

I’m not sure basic writers could handle something more complex, like a thesis. Luckily, there are advanced and TOP writers to handle the critical pieces for you.

Customer Support

Here is another detail relevant to modern Paperhelp reviews . Paperhelp.org offers various options for contacting its customer support team. For example, customers can contact the support team via email, phone, or live chat. In addition, the customer support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns that customers may have.

The customer support team is highly professional and responds promptly to queries. The company also has a comprehensive FAQ section that answers customers' most common questions. So you won't even have to read Paper Help reviews or contact support agents if you check out the site's most common questions and answers.

Offers and Extra Services

PaperHelp offers a couple of extra features. See them below:

Plagiarism report which is similar to Turnitin one. Use this feature if you have doubts regarding the originality of your paper.

VIP customer service means that you will be getting SMS notifications about the order's updates.

Advanced or TOP writers are obligatory for Ph.D. or Master assignments. The previous writer option might be useful if you don't want to upload a lot of materials to every single order.

Hey, want to make the most of writing services? Here's our this month's best picks:


Essaymarket, paperhelp review.

4.5 out of 5.0

Short overview

PaperHelp Review

Our Top Rated Essay Services

Best service

4.9 out of 5.0

Today I'm going to write Paperhelp review to share my opinion about this service. Being one of the market leaders for over 10 years, PaperHelp is a great example of a service where details matter.

The overall design of the platform is neat and has pleasant colors. PaperHelp.org. has everything you would ever need there - a calculator, samples, and one of the most detailed FAQs I've ever seen on the websites providing academic assistance.

PaperHelp.org main page

It looks like the owners of the site have done a great job. The visual design is perfect. Anyway, I had no trouble finding all the crucial sections and controls. The attention to detail is what motivated me to write this Paperhelp.org review . First, however, let me get to the main part and not focus solely on website usability.

Customer support

Is Paperhelp reliable ? I have no doubt about it. There are several ways to get in touch with their support managers: through live chat, Messenger, or email. Sure, the fastest way to clarify some issues is a live chat, and that was an option I’ve picked. I asked a few questions to their manager and got immediate replies. The support manager was helpful, although insisted on placing an order faster. She also calculated a bit higher price for my paper due to the advanced writer, but it wasn’t an option I was going to pick. So, be attentive when asking their managers for the final price, they may include some extras without your consent.

If you ask me - is Paperhelp scam ? No, I don’t think so. Just pay attention to the slightest details when placing an order with them not to get trapped. By the way, I want to answer that my admiration for support agents is no exception. After checking Paperhelp.org reviews , I realized that these guys are good. They can quickly analyze questions and give direct answers. Plus, they don't lose their temper over annoying customers. I was rough with them, but they didn't deviate from company standards. I like this approach because I appreciate professionals.

My experience

I have been placing orders with PaperHelp for over 2 years, mostly during the low season when there are not so many orders. The quality is usually good, the value for such a price is tremendous.

They also have sweet loyalty and referral programs that allow you to bring your friends to PaperHelp and get 10% off every order placed by your referred person.

Speaking about grades, I received my grades within the range of B- and A. Sometimes it was my fault that paper details were not communicated properly, sometimes the writers were not proficient in the topic, and I had to negotiate with their manager to have a substitute.

This time I needed a 5-page biology paper on the Marine Environment with a 4-days deadline. The paper was delivered without any delays. The quality was topflight as usual. I'm 100% sure that Paperhelp is legit company.

I can call this part of my Paperhelp review positive because I got what I wanted. Despite some typos and many unclear sentences, my paper looked good. Moreover, the writers carefully analyzed my chosen topic and did not deviate from the general concept. For me, this strategy is fundamental because I believe that all experts should follow student instructions. In addition, the writers clarified all the controversial details at the beginning of the work path, so I did not have to spend time on revision claims. Many Paperhelp.org reviews contain references to the same behavioral patterns, indicating a team of experts.

I remember when PaperHelp had a 3-step order form, but now it all changed. They redesign their site once a year to make the customer experience better.

The order form has 4 steps. On the first page, you merely enter the main information about the paper. Files can be uploaded afterward.

On the second one, you are being offered to upgrade your paper. Let's review their bundles in detail.

The third step is making a secure payment using a card or other popular payment methods. The last step is Order in Progress. You can kick back and relax while an expert will be doing his job.

Paperhelp.org order form

So the company has created an informative order form that is convenient even for beginners. In any case, I consider many points and options obvious, so I would hardly have to look for Paper Help reviews or ask support agents for additional help. As a customer, I am pleased that my comfort was cared for in advance. I like this approach to doing business.

Discounts and pricing

The prices for papers are more than adequate. They start with $10 per page and may go up to $197 (yes, you read it right!) for admission help work. In addition, you may get a 5-10% Paperhelp coupon on your first order depending on how actively you beg.

I would not say the company provides the top discounts on the market. Even the authors of other Paperhelp reviews note this nuance. At the same time, the company does not try to deceive anyone with false promises. I am ready for an honest 5% or 10% but not for loyalty programs or a referral program. Who will waste time looking for people willing to sign up with their link? That is why the discount policy of the company is adequate!

Revision Policy offers up to 3 free revisions, which is usually enough to get good quality at the end of the day. Make sure to be precise about your initial instructions because they may reject your revision request if suddenly your prof decides to add up more information about the order.

This part of my Paperhelp review will be short enough as I have nothing more to say. These guys are not afraid of revisions or even refunds. I saw clear rules and cases where I got an improved version of the original draft. So the company clearly stated my rights as a customer, and I appreciate it!

Writer's proficiency

Most writers are definitely ESL speakers. However, they do have a strong understanding of the topics, and their language skills are compensated with the quality content they write. 

People talking

The online reputation of PaperHelp is OK. I found a pile of positive Paperhelp reviews there. The rating of the service is 4.5 stars. As you can see, many people will trust this company. This fact is fundamental because any student can find out the truth. If hundreds of people say that the company is good, you have another reason to check this fact. Fortunately, this writing service is worth your attention.

Paperhelp.org Sitejabber review

Loyalty program

Unlike most services offering assistance to students, PaperHelp has a clearly defined loyalty and discount program. It allows you to get bonus credit money with every order you place with them. In addition to their referral program, it can reduce the price of your work even more.

Similar Reviews

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Comments (7)

lyricalearththerapy says:

at 2021-02-10 10:03:00

4.3 out of / 5.0

It is not as well done as previous paper, however it was alright. The revision took a while and not everything was corrected, however I made the changes myself. Good support I was not as pleased as the last time.

lydiadrozario says:

at 2021-03-06 16:21:00

3.5 out of / 5.0

Support agents were really helpful. Not happy with the writer.

mlms11 says:

at 2021-03-17 19:07:00

4.1 out of / 5.0

I am struggling with interpreting the paper, I wanted to use it to build my original critical essay proposal but upon rereading, there is no real flow

globalresourcesnow says:

at 2021-04-11 22:20:00

4.7 out of / 5.0

The writer has done an excellent job!! Thank you!! Always very helpful! The best in the industry!

at 2021-06-22 11:31:00

4.8 out of / 5.0

Great turnaround from the original. I appreciate the help and attention.

amrit.45 says:

at 2022-01-24 12:18:00

4.5 out of / 5.0

The overall writing is good, even with the revisions I still need to make changes on my own to the paper

michelle.fredericks says:

at 2022-02-11 10:02:00

4.0 out of / 5.0

I thought the final version would have been slighter better since we made all the changes but I was'nt completely happy wit the final version. It took longer than expected but I am happy with the last version

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paper help legit

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Reviews 3.2.

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This company is a total scam do not waste your money. I provided the writers with a file that included all the information needed to write the paper and instructed them not to use internet or any outside sources but to only use the file I provided because it was notes that should’ve been used for the paper. Both writers went on the internet and changed the words of the article they found online thinking I won’t find out because I took this notes in the file so I know exactly what to expect. Do not use this company they go online copy and paste and change the wordings. They also refuse to give a refund after scamming the customer be WARNED.

Date of experience : February 21, 2023

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Scam! zero academic references and the writer had zero knowledge of what strategic management was! the essay was similar to an article in a blog or some random website and the most hilarious joke is that it was a 5000 words essay with 9 references and most of them were either just made up unexisting references or some random website or a blog! totally not worth it as a paid 250GBP! The essay was far from being academic or relating to academia as it was written in the style of some random article from a blog! the writer had no idea whatsoever about the field and kept teling stories in the case study section! this is a scam dont fall for it guys

Date of experience : January 01, 2023

I was struggling with my papers

I was struggling with my papers, and I came across this site in error. I'm glad I did, because the writers are great. I have been working with this one writer for that last couple of papers, and the writer is so perfect. The support and the writer respond promptly and resolve any issues on the spot. The writing done is excellent. I will be using them for my next semester. Thank you for paperhelp.com

Date of experience : June 28, 2022

This service is legit and really helped…

This service is legit and really helped me out in a time of need. I fell behind and am thankful for a paper help got me caught up on one essay and one PowerPoint excellent service, excellent riders well worth it. No regrets and will use them again.

Date of experience : July 27, 2022

Do not use paperhelp, org services

This was the absolute worst paper I have ever purchased for $80. It looks like a fifth grader wrote it. There were so many grammatical errors and I could not use a single sentence in the 3 page paper. I said I wanted it in three days, and after I had paid the money of $50, the order showed someone would have it finished in 13 days. I said no, it needed to be finished in three days, so they said I needed to send another 28 dollars. I did so, and I wish I could show you the paper. Do not use the service. You will get an F on your report. I let them know about my disappointment and to resolve the matter the company put my $28 towards my next purchase which will never happen. They would not give me my money back.

Date of experience : September 20, 2022

They are always helpful and they…

They are always helpful and they communicate with you on a regular basis. They are the best!

Date of experience : January 17, 2023

This company removed my last review

This company removed my last review. But here is a better version of it. The writers failed to follow the outlined directions. The writer was unable to write a PHD level paper. Don’t use if you want to get a decent grade.

Date of experience : June 08, 2021

I had an emergency and I am in my…

I had an emergency and I am in my senior year of college as well as my last semester and they saved the day !!! Thank you...

Date of experience : September 10, 2022

Best writer

all of my writer are excellent. they have been doing a great job and alway on time.

Date of experience : February 21, 2021

Compared to other similar services this one stacks up as one of the best

Date of experience : October 25, 2015

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PaperHelp Review

PaperHelp main page

Service features

What is paperhelp.

Looking for a trustworthy and reliable essay writing platform, I came across a few reviews of Paperhelp.org that made me excited about the service. The company has over 14 years of experience in the market, which is usually a sign of top quality and dependability. Additionally, the platform is licensed, owned by CoreForce Ltd., and functions in compliance with the regulations. Does it prove the safety and convenience of the service? Let’s check it.

PaperHelp is a writing assistant that is developed to help students cope with a wide range of academic assignments. According to the platform’s website, the service has exceptional experience in academic writing and can handle any type of order, starting from high school essays to Ph.D. papers. The service also offers proofreading and editing services.

But is paperhelp.org scam? Are there any positive PaperHelp reviews on independent platforms? Discover all the hidden facts about this academic writing service in this advanced paperhelp.org review.

Paperhelp Website & App Usability

Writing the review for Paperhelp.org, the website design was the first thing that came to my mind. The platform is easy to navigate, but there is too much information to process.

List of Services Provided

Do you need help with complicated academic projects? Paperhelp website proves that there is nothing impossible for their writers. Here are a few most popular types of projects the staff deals with:


As a rule, most professional writing platforms have a user-friendly and welcoming website. When I first visited PaperHelp's official website, I was overloaded with tons of information about purchasing essays. The site is easy-to-use but contains too much content and pop-up windows.

According to the platform’s data, the service offers a number of excellent benefits:

The website also contained dozens of paperhelp.org reviews from satisfied customers. However, it is better not to trust the testimonials available on any writing platform’s site since most of them are usually fake. So, I looked for paperhelp.org reviews on independent feedback websites. Unfortunately, most of the PaperHelp reviews were too controversial. That is why I decided to place an order to gain my own experience in using this academic writing service.

The process of placing the order was fast and easy. I decided to purchase a standard college essay with a 2-week deadline. A 3-page paper in Sociology was quite simple and was not meant to contain profound research or something. Just an ordinary essay about the influence of different social groups on one another.

The essay was delivered on time. However, the quality of my paper was not good enough for passing it to the educator. The fact is that the writer didn’t follow some of my instructions and made a couple of spelling mistakes. It is worth mentioning that my essay was created by an ESL writer but not a native English speaker. Some phrases and sentences looked a bit odd, so I fixed them by myself. So, is paperhelp.org scam? No, it is a really operating academic writing service. You can find the proof of my words in numerous Paper Help reviews shared by other customers. Still, the quality of papers delivered by the service was not good.

Paperhelp.org Writers

Browsing the company website in search of any information about the writers working on the assignments, I got too much. However, students who have time to comprehend that much detail may be excited. Anyway, according to the data specified on the page, all the writers are qualified and have exceptional writing experience. Besides, when you order a Paperhelp.org essay, you can choose to hire a basic-level writer, advanced or TOP.

Paperhelp.org Plagiarism

Do you want to get a plagiarism report? Get ready to spend $9.99 or $29.99, depending on the type you choose. Irrespective of a few reviews about minor instances of plagiarism specified by previous customers, I had no problems with it.

Paperorghelp.org Features

VIP service, plagiarism report, text message, table of content, editor’s check, and multiple other options are available for students who are ready to pay extra.


PaperHelp has a huge pricing table available right on its official website. Traditionally, the cheapest types of paper are high school papers delivered in a 20-day deadline. Ph.D. papers are surely the most expensive ones. It is also worth mentioning that the more urgent deadline you choose to get your essay, the pricier it will appear to be.

PaperHelp pricing list

The service also has a number of extras to make your experience of using the service even better. However, all of them are a bit expensive:

Furthermore, you can choose an Advanced or Top writer to get your paper done. Using this option will also increase the final price for your essay.

As for the discounts, new users can get a welcome discount of up to 10%. For regular customers, there is a loyalty program that allows saving your money in case you purchase papers on a regular basis.

Paperhelp Promo Codes & Discounts

Unfortunately, a welcome bonus was the only Paperhelp.org discount I noticed. No other special offers or price reductions were available. Moreover, some customers could not even receive this one, so I seemed to be lucky.

Paperhelp Login & Paper Ordering Procedure

If you have made up your mind to place an order, you will have to spend a few minutes dealing with the ordering process. Well, the overall procedure is not complicated, but certain aspects may bother you. Here are a few critical steps a learner should take to succeed:

Payment Options

Well, unexpectedly it turned out to be one of the simplest and fastest processes. Irrespective of the issues I had confirming the order, I succeeded with the payment process in a matter of seconds using ApplePay. Alternatively, customers can use some other payment methods available on the website, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and others.

When looking for paperhelp.org reviews, I was trying to find more info on whether the service has any guarantees. However, I found the needed info right on the platform’s official website. The service offers a money-back guarantee but it looks standard. There is no refund available in case you are not satisfied with the quality of the paper.

As for the revisions, this option is also offered to all the customers. Still, the number of revisions is limited to three which might not be enough for making your paper look perfect.

PaperHelp revision policy


The online reputation of the service is not very good. There are tons of negative Paper Help reviews you can find online. For example, SiteJabber and TristPilot contain a whopping number of feedback left by unsatisfied customers. Is paperhelp.org a good service? Many platform’s clients believe it’s not.

Social Media

Although the Paperhelp.org rating is continually descending, the company is still relevant and up-to-date. A considerable number of people take advantage of its services, as they do not search for something perfect. Representation in social media is one of the points that contribute to Paperhelp's popularity. Take a look at Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts if you need extra information. Watch several Youtube videos to expand your vision and add to your writing skills.

PaperHelp review on TristPilot


The customer support of the service was working great. I asked the manager a couple of questions using the online chat. She was very welcoming and helped me to solve all the issues with placing the order. Not only can you use online chat for communication with the support team, but also call them or send emails.

Well, trying to keep this Paperhelp pricing review unbiased, I should mention that there are a few communication channels to stay in touch with the team, including the mobile phone, online chat, email, and messenger. However, most of them are ineffective, as you will have to wait for the reply forever.

PaperHelp is an academic writing service that can write any type of paper for you upon request. However, the quality of the delivered essays is not high. The fact is that my paper contained spelling mistakes and was created by a non-native English-speaking writer. Moreover, the PaperHelp expert didn’t follow all my instructions.


Paperhelp.org Review


9 Reviews From Our Community

Overall 1/5

Quality 1/5

Support 1/5

Delivery 1/5

About Paperhelp.org

If you visit the website Paperhelp.org for the first time, you will certainly get a positive first impression, as the website is well designed. However, the Paperhelp.org reviews  from students give a different picture of the service provider. If you are willing to avail academic writing service from Paperhelp.org, it will be better if you read this blog first.

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Not satisfied with PaperHelp.com services???

Similar assignment help site that guarantees you an A grade on your assignments-

Is Paperhelp legit?

Based on the numerous negative experiences from students, you cannot help but doubt the company's legitimacy. Many students have complained of receiving horrible quality, plagiarised assignments despite paying more than $500.

Is Paperhelp a scam?

Even though Paperhelp charges exceptionally high prices, it fails to deliver assignments. When you try to contact customer support, no one picks up the phone. According to students, Paperhelp is nothing but a scam.

Is Paperhelp good company?

According to students, Paperhelp is not a good company. They do not respond to concerned students, nor do they deliver assignments on time. Even if they manage to provide the work, it is of poor quality and lowers their grades.

Is Paperhelp reliable?

Students cannot rely on Paperhelp at all. As per the recent reviews on the website, many students received their assignments days after the deadline. The service plagiarised papers from other sources, which led to these students losing a lot of marks.

Is Paperhelp fake?

Students have complained that Paperhelp charged them high prices but never delivered the assignments on time. On top of this, they copy papers from other websites. These practices have led to many people believing that Paperhelp is fake.

All Reviews


Poor Service

TopAssignmentReviews provides poor service, not responding on time and They are very unprofessional, I am very disappointed with their service..

Did you find this review helpful? yes No

0 out of 0 people found this review helpful

Waste Of Time & Money

They don't know the importance of every student who believes in them for getting high quality and professional essay paper. Total third-class writers who even don't know the subject and just cutting and pasting from the web without knowing student need.

Very bad/ poor quality. They did not even meet the requirement of the assignment and when I contacted them about it I had a terrible customer service experience they even told me that they will provide my information to my university and they did not fix the assignment.

Bad Writers

Gave them all the instructions and information, written work was so bad I couldn't use it, had charts with simple maths that were completely wrong, so embarrassed when my results arrived. When you ask them to fix it, they just ask for more money for work they have already quoted. Super unhappy with their quality and customer service. Be prepared you will lose money, time and receive a bad grade!

Can’t rely on them

I took essay writing help from Paperhelp since I had my cousin's wedding to attend. But when I received the essay, I could not believe my eyes. Even third-graders could write better essays than that. Their helpline didn't work when I tried to contact them for rework.

Paperhelp had an offer of discount. But while placing my order, there was no place to add the coupon code. I tried inquiring about it to the customer support. They belittled me by saying “Does 20% discount mean that much to you that you are so obsessed with it?"

Lot of mistakes

Paperhelp do not even deserve 1 star. Both my time and money wasted for trusting this writing company. They missed all my instructions and even after giving my document twice for revision, it had awful lot of mistakes.

Paperhelp.org writers are fake

Paperhelp.org writers are fake. The details are all wrong. No wonder why my assignment scored me a C. The fake writers don’t even know how to write a case study. Just a bunch of web scammers is what they are.

Asking for more money

I had already paid for the paperhelp service. However, the solution they provided with needed more work. Most of the websites I knew offered free rework. But they asked for additional charges for rework. This is unethical.

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PaperHelp Review 2023

Is PaperHelp legit? It is. However, it does not mean you should use it. We cannot recommend PaperHelp to you. This company charges incredibly high prices for ESL papers that you receive too late to improve them. More than that, you have only three free revisions, which is unfair.

PaperHelp does not accept Turnitin, which makes you get in trouble. You cannot be sure your paper will be accepted. Assuming all these facts, we would recommend you find better writing service.

paperhelp review

The Best Services

The complete list of best platforms is laid

paper help legit


From $12 per page

GradeMiners is an academic writing service that offers excellent writing assistance to its customers. It checks all the boxes of the right custom writing help for students, providing a comfortable platform, caring operators, expert writers, and on-time deliveries. The company is worth considering if you lack the time or sufficient language skills.

paper help legit


From $13.28 per page

MasterPapers.com is a top-rated writing company offering exceptional academic help online. It is among the most popular agencies with professional writers providing top-quality services. With almost two decades in the industry, the company is at the forefront, delivering the best writing services that meet the academic needs of students. That is why my comprehensive MasterPapers review will disclose whether the firm offers excellent services as it claims.

paper help legit


From $10 per page

EssayWriter.org is an essay writing company that matches students with professional academicians. Though it is a new entrant into the industry with a decade of experience, its services are becoming more popular. The company has established a professional network of certified writers who offer quality writing help to students across the globe. It claims to provide premium services with strict professionalism and unmatched reliability. My EssayWriter review will reveal more about this company, showing whether it lives up to the claims mentioned on the website.

paper help legit

From $9.00 per page

Educibly.com is an academic portal providing quality writing assistance to needy students. It is famous for its affordable rates and excellent service delivery. The company functions under formal legal requirements to meet the academic needs of students across the globe. But does it match the high standards as the website claims? My honest Educibly review aims to reveal its fine points and clarify whether its customers receive the service they deserve.

paper help legit


From $11.93 per page

PayForEssay.net is a trusted essay writing company offering professional academic assistance to many students across the globe. It has a vast network of certified writers on standby, willing to write stellar academic papers at reasonable rates. This extensive PayForEssay review is honest and covers fundamental aspects like services, writers, and company policies.

paper help legit


From $11 per page

After thoroughly inspecting the HandMadeWriting service, it’s hard to find a single flaw. The orders are completed on time, the quality of the papers is stable and superb, and the company is always happy to hear from their customers.

paper help legit

According to everything we have seen so far, we can definitely recommend the ordering of essays on EssayUSA. Unlike a lot of other writing platforms, this is the service you can rely on. In addition to a personal approach of qualified and experienced writers, students are offered a full range of guarantees and perfectly written papers.

paper help legit


From $14 per page

I was asked to review SameDayEssay.com on several occasions. I can see where the desire stems from. I’ve noticed a lot of adverts for this company on social media, so I’ve been looking into it as well. The most intriguing offer is that the company promises to deliver a paper composed from scratch with a same-day deadline. Furthermore, the rates they charge are reasonable. Isn’t that unbelievable? But, as you may know, I enjoy going into great detail in my SameDayEssay reviews, so let’s tackle it one step at a time.

paper help legit

When looking for a reputable writing service, you have certainly come across EduGenie, a high-rated platform that claims to deliver the assignment in the shortest time at reasonable costs. But is this service really worth your trust and resources? Find this out in my personal EduGenie review!

paper help legit


From $10.88 per page

EssayKeeper is a professional writing service providing custom-made essays. Its team of experienced writers guarantees excellent papers for any academic level and topic difficulty. Students can order the essay 24/7 and get their assignments done on time. And there’s no need to worry about work quality as experts proofread and edit your composition.

Website review

Misleading information. Based on our careful evaluation, this service is NOT SAFE for students Trusted by real customers and verified by experts, the following service is a better alternative for secure writing assistance of great quality: EssayUSA

PaperHelp Website Design

The writers, actual quality, real reviews, assignment ordering process, additional services, paperhelp mobile application, banking options at paperhelp, additional costs, discounts and referral program, do paperhelp authors meet deadlines, money-back rules, paperhelp customer service.

Have you ever thought that your studying can become unbearable, and you cannot do anything on time? Many students have. A lot of them try to find some cheat notes or address writing services that craft academic papers well and fast. However, it is crucial to find a reliable writing agency that warrants high quality and A grades. Here we are going to review PaperHelp – a popular essay service on the web.  The company was launched in 2008. Here is the list of facts about this company from its official website:

Is PaperHelp legal? It is lawful since the copyright is transferred to you as the only owner of a paper. This service may seem like an ideal choice. However, we are going to find out whether it is true or not.

Once you get to the PaperHelp website, you will find the theme amusing. The service uses a space-oriented design that makes the brand fresh and original. The site also features a price estimator, which is convenient. You can set the deadline, select the required number of pages, and choose the academic level. It will help you estimate the costs and get your purse prepared. The site is informative, with user-friendly navigation. You can get to most of the website sections from the homepage, which allows you to get an understanding of the service faster.   To set an account, take these steps:


The dashboard is straightforward and user-friendly as well. You can always check the available discounts, monitor your balance, and select the favorite writers. All in all, both the PaperHelp website and user control panel are user-friendly, minimalistic, yet informative and useful.

How Well do PaperHelp Writers Craft Essays?

The PaperHelp rating on its website is excellent. The testimonials praise the company and its authors. However, you will not find links to the review platforms. You will not find a 3-4 star review on the website. All the testimonials rate the company 5/5. Is PaperHelp fake when it comes to feedback? Most likely yes, the testimonials on the site might be fake.

The PaperHelp website does not provide information on its writers. There is info on their qualifications. It is unknown how many authors work for the company. You cannot also find out whether they are natives or not. We have found multiple PaperHelp reviews that claim the company was registered in Ukraine. The testimonials claim the service hires freelancers from ESL countries. 

The company asks its clients to post video and textual testimonials, including those for marketing purposes. You can find these statements in the terms and conditions.

paperhelp review

The company pays for the reviews.

paperhelp reviews

PaperHelp does not deliver as good papers as it claims. In reality, there is a high chance for you to get shoddy work and fail your grade. The service claims it has a quality assurance team that proofread the papers before you can download them. The checking procedure includes plagiarism detection. You will find out that the company uses WebCheck.   If you try to google this checker, you will fail—there is no WebChecker site on the web. You cannot use it. PaperHelp deceives students by providing false warranties of original papers. Is PaperHelp scam? Yes, it is. It tries to allure you with false claims.    Also, the company does not use Turnitin. It asserts it is due to Turnitin keeping all submitted papers within its database. If you submit your paper once again, the system will show similarities in your previously uploaded work. However, you can ask your university tutor to delete your essay from the database to solve this problem. It is an official checker which is used by thousands of universities. Rejecting this plagiarism checker, PaperHelp contributes to its scammy reputation.

The projects delivered by PaperHelp contain plagiarism.

paper help reviews

Customers also complain about the language. Horrible grammar in the papers proves that the company does not assign English natives to your works. The writers fail to follow the instructions and revisions.

paperhelp org reviews

PaperHelp Services

The company provides an extensive range of assignments. Here is the list of projects you can order on the site:

PaperHelp also provides homework assignments, resume, and cover letter writing. You can order assignments within more than 60 subject areas. What is required to post a project? See below.

To post an assignment, you have to take these steps:


PaperHelp also offers some extra services that should enhance your writing:

The application is available for free. You can install it from both Apple Store and Google Play Market. Although the PaperHelp rating on Google Play is 4.3/5, you can see quality complaints here as well.

paper help

The application itself works well. It performs smoothly. It has a friendly interface with the same functionality. You can manage your orders on the go entirely. The application is well-designed overall.

The service provides a wide choice of payment options. See the payment methods below.


Payments with JCB are also available. More than that, you can pay with the bonuses you collect while making orders and getting discounts. Is PaperHelp reliable when it comes to payments? Yes. PaperHelp features payments by Checkout, an international payment system. It is considered safe. It is certified according to PCI digital security standards. This payment system uses 256-bit encryption, one of the most advanced encryption systems in the world. Therefore, you can be sure your payments are safe within the PaperHelp environment.

PaperHelp Prices and Discounts

PaperHelp prices are incredibly high for that level of service. The papers become even more over-expensive when you order extra services (some of them are essential). Here are the prices per page for every academic level within 14 days:

If you need to edit an essay, the costs are the following:

Assuming that an average paper is 1,500 words long, you will have to spend approximately $100 on it. If you want additional services, you will spend a lot more.

Let us start with writer preferences:

Now let us count other extra charges:

A simple English feature is free. As you can see, the prices for additional services are incredibly high in comparison to other writing services. For example, most educational assistance websites feature top writers at up to 45% of the total price, but not 58%. Plagiarism reports and cited sources are incredibly expensive as well. Other writing companies provide a fixed price for the source link package.

Fortunately, you can receive multiple discounts. You can get 10% off if you upload a PaperHelp video testimonial. Other discounts depend on the number of purchased essays:

The loyalty program also includes 56 achievements. Once you get a specific badge, you receive credits you can use for purchasing essays.

paperhelp review

A referral program comprises 10% of your invitees’ orders. A referred customer gets a 10% discount, and you get 10% of his order price. You can spend the referral balance on your projects. Available channels include:

In many cases, the authors do not upload the papers on time. Besides that, they cannot deliver revisions on time as well. You should be aware of it.

paperhelp reviews

Each negative PaperHelp review mentions writers failing deadlines. Unfortunately, it is a widespread situation. You cannot be sure your writer completes the paper on time. And even if he or she does, you will have to ask for corrections that take a long time.

PaperHelp Revision and Refund Policies

If you see mistakes in your order, you can ask your writer for revisions. Unlike other writing websites, PaperHelp does not provide free unlimited corrections. There are 3 free revisions available. If you are still not satisfied, you will have to buy additional corrections. The price will depend on the dispute team’s decision. If your paper does not exceed 20 pages, you have 7 days to ask for corrections. If your work is 20 or more pages long, you have 14 days to submit the request. You can ask for revisions if they correspond with your initial instructions only. The company provides a money-back guarantee as well. See the rules below.

You can get full compensation in the following cases:

A partial 70% compensation is available if you cancel the order before 50% of the deadline. 50% money-back is possible when:

Discounts, bonuses, and additional services are non-refundable. The company can reject your compensation request if it considers that your author complies with your instructions. What about plagiarism? Other writing services provide you a full refund if the plagiarism level is more than 10%, according to Turnitin. PaperHelp does not speak a word about it. If your paper contains matching content, you will most likely not get your money back.

Although you can reach the customer support team via email, instant chat, and Facebook messenger, you will not get much information from the staff. They do not seem to act like real people. If you have any problematic situation, you will not get real help. The support team cannot fully explain the features of the service. It often ignores customers. When it comes to disputes, you may not get a refund even if you make everything right. The dispute department can reject your request without explanation.

What is PaperHelp?

PaperHelp is an education assistance company focusing on essay writing.

Is PaperHelp Legit?

Yes, it is. It is a legally registered company.

How much does PaperHelp Cost?

The papers’ price starts at $12 per page. The prices vary and depend on the project volume, deadline, required visual materials, and additional services.

Is PaperHelp Scam?

Yes, it is. It lies too much. Also, there have been claims about its uncertain origin, which adds to the shady reputation of PaperHelp.

Is PaperHelp Safe?

It is safe due to the advanced encryption technologies. Payments and financial data are protected.

Is PaperHelp Plagiarism-free?

No, it is not. There are lots of reviews that mention plagiarism issues. Also, the service uses some kind of “internal” WebCheck software while rejecting Turnitin. You cannot find any evidence of WebCheck existence.

Are there PaperHelp Discounts?

Fortunately, you can receive up to 20% off on your papers. More than that, you can use bonuses to purchase essays.

Best overall, $$ $

Best for quality, $$$


Best for writers, $$ $

paper help legit

Best for price, $ $$


Best for speed, $ $$

Paperhelp.org Review

paper help legit

Anyone have a paperhelp ( paperhelp.org ) review ? I'd be curious if anyone actually used the paperhelp service and give a full review . Thanks

' src=

I never tried paperhelp but https://superbpaper.com/ has good native english speakers and good support and they are alot cheaper. I Hope this helps.

can't find them, can you add a link please?

Your post was removed due to it violating our rules against advertising, spam, or unsolicited links from outside the subreddit. Please do not post advertising, spam, or unsolicited links from outside the subreddit again or we will have to remove your access to the sub.


Hello. Yes, I used this service, but I was not impressed with the quality. Instead, I tried another company and stayed with her forever! It's EduOwl ! try it!

do you have a better alternative? every site i look for reviews just basically get scam reviews. i’m about to just write my own paper.

I tried lots of writing services and finished on writemypapers4me.com . These guys are amazing. A unique combination of academic experience and nice prices.

And what a wonderful support service Writemypapers4me have! They carefully select the writer, following all the requirements. And the writers always write the essay on time.

I totally agree with you. My works from writemypapers4me are always great! The best team I've ever worked with.


I can recommend paperhelp.org essay writing service Welcoming 10% off for new customer - 72BB0EADCB You can have free revisions, you can purchase 2 version from different writers costing less, 24/7 support and bonuses for loyalty

Thanks for the code.

I would recommend https://extraessay.com . It is a good service with a money-back policy and advanced writers. You can chat or call their support at any time.

Paperhelp is one of the oldest services on the market. It was launched in 2010 if I'm not mistaken. As with all services it has its strong and weak points. For example, I have ordered Math help there several times and got fully refunded as they couldn't find an expert I needed. At the same time, I ordered papers with a 3-hours deadline and got them in time and ok written. So it all depends. If you need an essay, they will help you. If you need Math, Statistics - not sure.

I can share with you this discount for the first order, it will cut off from 10 to 25% from the cost - APNews10OFF Just add it to the order form.

PaperHelp is a great paper writing service. I always get what I want from them, and I'm very satisfied with the results. They're a reliable company that never lets me down.

Here https://depapers.com/deals/paperhelp/ you can often find fresh discounts on their service.

PaperHelp has been such a lifesaver for me! I'm a college student and we all know how hard it is to find time to work on our term papers. PaperHelp eliminated my need for a writing service and delivered what I needed: quality, on-time delivery, and an affordable price.

Before PaperHelp, I had to rely on my friends, family & online professionals for help with my term paper. It was always frustrating when they would be too busy with their own work or couldn't answer all the questions that I had. With PaperHelp, I've been able to create specific requests and get responses from fully qualified individuals in all fields of study.

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paperhelp.org review

PaperHelp Review

Table of Contents

Introduction to PaperHelp

PaperHelp.org is an online writing service that provides professional writing help to students and professionals. It is a reliable and trustworthy service that has been around since 2000. The company has a team of experienced writers who are experts in their fields. They can help you with all kinds of academic papers, such as essays, research papers, dissertations, and more. PaperHelp.org also provides other services, such as editing, proofreading, and formatting.

How good is PaperHelp.org?

PaperHelp.org is one of the best online writing services out there. It provides excellent services to students and professionals all around the world. The company has a team of experienced writers who are experts in their fields. All of their writers are native English speakers and have a minimum of a PhD or MA degree. They can help you with all kinds of academic papers, such as essays, research papers, dissertations, and more.

The company also offers a range of other services, such as editing, proofreading, and formatting. They also have a plagiarism checker that ensures that all of your work is original and of the highest quality. Furthermore, all of their services are affordable and they offer discounts and loyalty programs to make their services even more affordable.

Where is PaperHelp located?

PaperHelp.org is based in the United Kingdom, but it serves clients from all around the world. The company has a team of experienced writers who are experts in their fields. All of their writers are native English speakers and have a minimum of a PhD or MA degree.

Types of services

PaperHelp.org offers a wide range of services to its clients. They can help you with all kinds of academic papers, such as essays, research papers, dissertations, and more. They also provide other services, such as editing, proofreading, and formatting. Furthermore, they offer a plagiarism checker that ensures that all of your work is original and of the highest quality.

In addition to academic papers, they can also help you with business plans, web content, resumes, and more. They also have a team of experts who can help you with any questions or queries you may have about their services.

How much does PaperHelp cost?

How much does PaperHelp cost?

PaperHelp.org provides its services at an affordable price. The cost of their services depends on the type of paper you need and the deadline. They also offer discounts and loyalty programs to make their services even more affordable.

How does PaperHelp work?

How does PaperHelp work?

PaperHelp.org is an easy and straightforward service to use. All you need to do is place an order on their website and provide all the necessary details. Once you have done that, the company will assign the most suitable writer to your order. The writer will then start working on your paper and will keep you updated on the progress.

Once your paper is complete, it will be sent to you for review. You can then check it for any mistakes or errors and make sure that it meets all your requirements. If you are satisfied with the paper, you can approve it and the writer will be paid.

PaperHelp.org provides a range of guarantees to its clients. They guarantee that all of their services are of the highest quality and they also guarantee that all of your work is original and plagiarism-free. Furthermore, they guarantee timely delivery of your paper and provide a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services.

Is PaperHelp real?

Yes, PaperHelp.org is a legitimate and real writing service. The company has been around since 2000 and has a team of experienced writers who are experts in their fields. All of their writers are native English speakers and have a minimum of a PhD or MA degree.

Is PaperHelp legit or a scam?

PaperHelp.org is not a scam. It is a legitimate writing service that has been around since 2000. The company has a team of experienced writers who are experts in their fields. All of their writers are native English speakers and have a minimum of a PhD or MA degree.

The company also provides a range of guarantees to its clients, such as a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services. Furthermore, they have a plagiarism checker that ensures that all of your work is original and of the highest quality.

Is PaperHelp safe?

Yes, PaperHelp.org is a safe and secure service. The company is committed to protecting its clients’ privacy and they use the latest encryption technology to ensure that all of your data is secure. Furthermore, all of their payments are processed through a secure payment gateway.

Customer support

PaperHelp.org provides excellent customer support to its clients. The company has a team of experienced customer service agents who are available 24/7 to answer any questions or queries you may have.

How do I contact PaperHelp.org?

How do I contact PaperHelp.org?

You can contact PaperHelp.org via email, phone, or live chat. Their customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Can I get a refund on PaperHelp.org?

Yes, PaperHelp.org offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services. The company has a team of experienced customer service agents who are available 24/7 to help you with any issues you may have.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to academic writing, students may encounter various difficulties. Some may lack the necessary skills or knowledge to produce a high-quality paper, while others may not have enough time to complete their assignments. Additionally, formatting and organization can also present challenges.

To address these challenges, students can turn to online paper writing services like PaperHelp.org for assistance. The decision to use a writing service is a personal one, and students should carefully consider the pros and cons before making a decision.

PaperHelp Pros

PaperHelp Cons

PaperHelp.org is one of the best online writing services out there. It provides excellent services to students and professionals all around the world. The company has a team of experienced writers who are experts in their fields. All of their writers are native English speakers and have a minimum of a PhD or MA degree.

The company also provides a range of other services, such as editing, proofreading, and formatting. They also have a plagiarism checker that ensures that all of your work is original and of the highest quality. Furthermore, all of their services are affordable and they offer discounts and loyalty programs to make their services even more affordable.

Overall, PaperHelp.org is a reliable and trustworthy writing service that provides excellent services to its clients. We highly recommend it if you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy writing service.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is paperhelp.org trustworthy, is paperhelp.org reliable, how do i start a paperhelp.org account, how to use paperhelp.org, how long does paperhelp.org take.

' src=

Bridget Martinez

Hi! My name is Bridget Martinez, and I am an experienced essay writer, English tutor, and top educational expert. I founded my blog, Chromatopia.org, to assist students in finding the best essay writing services and maximizing their education. I understand the elements of success as a student and wish to aid others in achieving their academic goals.

6 thoughts on “ PaperHelp Review ”

Paperhelp.org has been so helpful in my college journey! They’re always available to answer my questions, provide guidance and offer support – I highly recommend them!

I just read a great review about PaperHelp and it’s definitely worth checking out!

I’m still trying to puzzle out how PaperHelp managed to provide me with a terrible essay riddled with mistakes. Don’t waste your time and money like I did – stay away!

My PaperHelp review? Absolutely positive! Their services are top-notch and reliable, making them one of the best places to get help on any academic writing. Highly recommend them! 🤩

PaperHelp is my go-to for any writing needs! Their reviews are always helpful and the service is top-notch – highly recommended!

PaperHelp has been a lifesaver for my essay assignments! I couldn’t be happier with their review and writing services.

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paper help legit

Check out our review of EssayTigers.com to see if this essay writing service is the right fit for you.

paper help legit

Do you want to find the best American essay writing service? Read our EssayUSA.com review to find out.

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Paper Help Writing Service – Best Place to Get 100% Original Essays and Homework

Pressured for time? Don’t fully understand the assignment? Not interested in a particular topic and want to outsource it? PaperHelp writing service has been helping students submit original papers and complete homework for over 15 years. And we definitely can help you!

Our Benefits & PaperHelp Discount Codes

Paper Help started out in 2008 as a project of several fellow students who knew what they were trying to do and for whom they were going to do that. Today, it is one of the longest-established and trustworthy academic writing services on the Web. Here’s what benefits you can get once you address us:

Whether you need custom writing done according to the requirements you’ve received in college, problem solving homework completed ASAP, or Q&A – we have qualified experts for any task.

3 hours – that’s how fast you can get certain types of papers of certain size or volume done by our professional writers. Yet, most customers order overnight or within 2-3 days – it’s cheaper.

Once you read Paper Help reviews, you’ll see that customers most often point out high content quality and a remarkably personalized approach that includes contacting your writer directly.

The flexible pricing system implemented on our website allows you to save more when ordering in advance. You can also get a specific Paper Help discount for first-time buyers or large orders.

To make our offers even more attractive, we give out half a dozen of freebies with every order: anti-plagiarism check, formatting, title and reference pages, 3 free revisions, and email delivery.

To stand out from the competition, we’ve implemented rock-solid guarantees to make PaperHelp reliable writing service: originality, timely delivery, confidentiality, safety, refund simplicity, etc.

We’ve had over 10 years to hone all possible business procedures and order processing to make them really straightforward. Still, if you have any questions, our support service will help you 24/7.

If you check out PaperHelp reviews on customer feedback platforms (for example, Trustpilot and Sitejabber) or reviews on Reddit, you will see why thousands of satisfied clients choose us. As you can see, not only can Paper Help deal with your pressing issues but also do it in style and with significant benefits.

So, stop wasting time and place an order today!

PaperHelp Review: Services, Levels, Writers

First and foremost, you must understand that we can help you in 99,9% of the cases, except for taking live exams or online tests in real-time instead of you. Learn more about what exactly the Paper Help writing service can do for students from all walks of life.

What services do you provide?

What academic levels do you cover?

Who are the writers?

We thoroughly test and select experts who will be allowed to fulfill customers’ orders. After the three rounds of checks and trials followed by the one-month probation period, writers start helping you and climbing up the career ladder.

Hopefully, you now see that PaperHelp.org has everything it takes to provide fast, quality, and reliable custom writing services for students of all academic levels. So, choose your type of service and the desired writer category – and place an order to get a unique paper done for you by real masters of their craft from scratch!

New Here? Get a Paper Help Promo Code and Save Big Time

As PaperHelp has been campaigning for affordable academic help, we’ve developed a pricing system and a range of discounts. As a result, you can get competent academic writing assistance at very affordable rates. Here are the saving opportunities you can use to get the most of the services our organization provides at the most beneficial prices.

And a couple more words about the Loyalty Program you enter as soon as you place the first order. It basically lets you earn up to 15% reward credits for every dollar you spend. Later, you can use them to pay for the new orders. If you accumulate enough credits, you can even order a paper for free!

You want a paper fast and cheap. We can deliver. Order today!

Is Paper Help Legit?

Of course, you are going to ask yourself the question, “Is PaperHelp safe and legitimate to use?” especially if you’re about to purchase a custom paper for the first time in your life. Okay, let’s throw some light on this.

The first thing you must know is that there’s not a single legal regulation that prohibits you from buying an original paper from an online writing service.

The second thing you must realize is that submitting the paper you have bought from an online writing service completely unchanged is not something you are supposed to do as it may violate the principles of academic integrity and the rules of your educational institution.

The third thing you must know is that all papers we deliver are crafted from scratch according to your specific instructions. Then, before being sent to you, the paper is checked with the sophisticated anti-plagiarism checker by default. Additionally, at a nominal cost, you can get a full-fledged plag report to make sure by yourself that the content is 100% unique.

The fourth thing you must accept is that you’d still better amend any paper or project you purchase online and make it look as much like your own writing as possible.

Finally, you must always keep in mind that the services PaperHelp provides are completely confidential due to the multi-level security system we’ve installed and keep updated continually.

In the end, there’s one crucial thing you must recognize – it is absolutely safe to order from PaperHelp.org.

Register Your PaperHelp Login Today and Place an Order Right Now!

So, what do you need to start completing your written assignments and doing homework faster and better? It only requires three simple steps!

Register on the PaperHelp website using just a valid email, Google, or Facebook account. You can do that before or while placing the order.

Then, use the PaperHelp org log in you’ve just created to sign in and fill out the order form by adding basic order details and specific writing instructions.

Pay the estimated price for the order. Your payment is protected with the globally recognized and universally used Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

After you pay for the order, you can just wait for the work to be done or actively participate by directly contacting the assigned expert. With that, you can send them additional materials, discuss the writing process, and track the progress. Once the order is ready, download it from the Control Panel or get it directly to your email.

Is PaperHelp legit company to buy custom papers from?

Yes, it is. We have been on the market since 2008 and have helped dozens of thousands of students deal with their written assignments and homework. Nowadays, the Paper Help name is a synonym for the high-quality academic content crafted from scratch according to individual requests and delivered promptly. The bottom line here is that PaperHelp is a totally legit company to order online help from.

Where can I find a trustworthy Paper Help review by real customers?

Typically, you should look for authentic reviews by real PaperHelp customers in the feedback section of our website. Also, you can check out user reviews on platforms like Sitejabber or Trustpilot, as well as forums like Reddit or Yahoo Answers.

How do I get various PaperHelp coupon codes?

First of all, always check your email before placing an order. The thing is, we regularly send out seasonal and occasional codes, so you don’t want to miss out on them. Secondly, don’t hesitate to inquire with our customer managers about the current special offers. And eventually, don’t forget to enter promo codes in the respective field in the order form after you perform the Paper Help sign in.

Is there a PaperHelp promo code to pay after I get the paper?

No, unfortunately, there’s not. The thing is, PaperHelp, like the vast majority of online essay writing websites, operates on a pre-paid basis. This means you need to pay prior to our customer managers allocating your order to the best-suited writer.

Do I need to contact Paper Help support to request a free revision, or can I do that by myself?

You can do it both ways. Requesting the free revision by yourself demands logging in, locating the ‘Request the revision’ button, typing your amendment instructions, and submitting them. We will implement the changes as fast as possible.

Does addressing your service guarantee the highest grade?

No, it doesn’t. We can guarantee many things that directly depend on us: quality, timely delivery, originality, etc. – but we cannot guarantee something that we don’t control. Grading is a highly subjective process, so no one can be sure how a particular teacher grades a specific written work.


Top Services

Advertiser Disclosure


We can’t recommend PaperHelp, there are platforms with much better performance.


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EssayWriter Review


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GradeMiners Review: Main Aspects of the №1 Writing Service



Established in 2008, the service specializes in a wide range of papers. Although it is one of the top-rated writing services on the net, there are lots of students who have concerns about the security around using the service. The PaperHelp rating on Trustpilot is 3.9 so far. The most common question of students remains unchanged: “Is PaperHelp fake or not?”. Hence, we have carried out a detailed overview of the service which  will lead you in the right direction while choosing a reliable writing platform.

Cosmic interface: how good is it?

Once you load the paperhelp.org page, you will notice its modern and stylish design. There are two primary colors of the service: yellow and purple. The cosmic style of the page makes it unique and eye-catching. Well, this is where the good news is over.

PaperHelp Review

Except for the conspicuous interface of the PaperHelp, there is nothing else to note. You would have to wait for up to 10 seconds for the page to upload. Besides, there are lots of unnecessary details, so you may struggle to find the required info on the page. So make sure you have enough time before getting into a PaperHelp hassle.

Your dashboard will not be available until you register. So the page will more likely remain the one big ad of the service rather than helpful info. Hopefully, the PaperHelp service is adapted for any operating systems, such as Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android, so it should not be an issue to use it on the other devices.

Yet, the web page design does not indicate the quality of the service. So let’s reveal the truth about the PaperHelp writers.

Paper quality: our experience

There are over 530 000 finished papers and 105 000 happy students so far on PaperHelp writing service. However, the number of negative feedback keeps growing. So to make the quality of the service clear, we have ordered a 2-page essay on English Literature to check how the writing platform works from the inside.

Unlike the other writing services, PaperHelp does not have portfolios of available experts, so there is no chance to choose the one you like. Besides, there is no way to check their qualifications and experience, so  we cannot claim PaperHelp is a reliable writing service. There are three categories of writers available – basic, advanced, and TOP writers. Yet, you would have to pay extra if you want your papers to be written by the advanced or TOP writer.

Although the official website says that all of the experts are from English-speaking countries like the USA, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, there are PaperHelp reviews claiming a poor English level of the writers. Here is one left on Trustpilot:

PaperHelp Review

Referring to our experience, the collaboration with the Paper Help writer was quite nice and pleasant. Our team completed the form with all the paper details and uploaded the materials so the writer could start working on the essay. We set up a 48-hours deadline and were waiting for the final work. However, the writer missed the deadline and sent the paper four hours later. But that is not the worst thing. He did not follow half of the requirements, including formatting style and essay volume. In addition, there were dozens of grammar and spelling mistakes, so the work required additional editing. Therefore, when answering the question, “Is PaperHelp reliable writing service?”, we are not ready to give a positive response.

What are the services you can use on PaperHelp?

With over ten years of experience on the market, PaperHelp has established a full range of services for students. Except for the essay writing, you can also get the following assistance:

PaperHelp Review

According to our PaperHelp review , the writing service covers four academic levels: high school, college, university, and Ph.D. In addition, PaperHelp suggests editing and proofreading services for an extra fee.

Although PaperHelp has a wide variety of services, there is still no possibility to choose the appropriate specialist to follow your requirements. Thus, there is a chance to get a poor-quality work as long as students will have no details of writers’ pool qualifications. Yet, our experience gives us no reason to state that PaperHelp is a high-quality writing service.

How to place an order on PaperHelp?

When paying for something online, our biggest concern is related to security. Even though fraud activities are quite spread online, PaperHelp claims to be the legal writing service. It works on a prepaid system. Whenever you decide to place an order on PaperHelp, there are four steps to follow:

There is a short form to complete asking to specify your academic level, type of paper, volume, and deadline.

At this stage, you would need to provide PaperHelp with your paper details, like formatting style and subject area. Besides, you can choose the writer’s category (basic, advanced, or TOP) and extra services, such as plagiarism report, VIP customer service, sources used, etc. Keep in mind that those are not free and may double the total price.

PaperHelp Review

Once you fill in your email, you can choose the payment option. There are two ways to pay for the PaperHelp services: by card, PayPal, or UnicornPay. The website covers Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and JCB cards.

In general, the PaperHelp workflow is based on strict privacy policy. However, you have no chance to communicate with the writer unless you pay money. We assume this is one of the reasons for reviews stating that PaperHelp scams students.

The total price will surprise you

The cost of writing services is an excruciating question for many students. Even though some teens are busy with part-time jobs, they lack financial management skills, so as a result, they have no funds to pay for professional help.

PaperHelp prices start at $10/page and depend on several factors, including:

The only way you can save money on PaperHelp is to order an essay a couple of weeks in advance. But it is rather a myth than reality as most students need urgent help. If you need to receive papers in 6 hours, for example, the price will start at $35/page, which does not seem affordable anymore.


As long as PaperHelp suggests a wide range of writing services, the price will depend on the one you choose. For instance, problem-solving will cost you $66/page for college students.

The basic writer goes at no extra charge. If you wish you peppers to be written by an Advanced or TOP specialist, you would have to pay extra.

Unlike other writing services, PaperHelp does not include plagiarism reports or editing services at the initial price. So if you want to be sure the content is unique or free of mistakes, you would have to pay extra. The price for extra services starts at $4.99 and goes up to $14.99, so the total cost may unpleasantly surprise you.


Urgent writing help is not a problem unless you have a limited budget. Although the price may seem to be affordable at first glance, it may grow up to a hundred dollars or even more once you add all the extras required. Thus, it does not look like affordable service, does it?

Moreover, there are quite impossible conditions to get a discount on PaperHelp: you have to make an order for either $500 or $1000 of total cost. So be ready to spend all your savings once you decide to get PaperHelp assistance.

Is it real to receive papers on time?

The urgency is one of the most common requirements of students. No one realizes they are out of time a month before task submission. Although PaperHelp service suggests a wide range of urgent writings that start from 3 hours, there are still unsatisfied customers who received their papers later on.

Referring to our review, we set up a 2-days deadline and received papers four hours later. This does not give us sufficient grounds to assert the high level of writers’ professionalism as well as the fact that the service is customer-oriented. There also might be not enough writers to cover all the orders, so that is the reason for a timely delivery issue. Anyway, ensure you have backup time before placing the order on the PaperHelp website.

PaperHelp guarantees

While placing an order on the webpage, you may have a question, “Is PaperHelp legit?”. As a customer of the writing service, you are covered by the following guarantees:

According to the PaperHelp Terms and Conditions, you will receive a full refund in cases there is an error which occurred during the payment process, if there is no writer available to complete your order, or if the delivery was delayed and you don’t need the paper anymore. You will get a partial refund in case PaperHelp cannot provide you with a writer for a revision or you decide to annul your order.


Unlike other writing services , PaperHelp limits the number of revisions to three according to the Revision Policy. Yet, that does not guarantee you’ll get a paper ready for submission once you use all attempts.

Even though PaperHelp claims their works are plagiarism free, there are lots of complaints from the students that the essay was delivered full of plagiarism. According to the PaperHelp Terms and Conditions, the quality assurance department checks all of the works for plagiarism and paper quality. Yet, you would have to pay extra to get a Plagiarism report and ensure the content is unique.

Which of the communication sources is the most reliable?

PaperHelp customer assistance is available via the toll-free USA, Canadian and Australian numbers, email, Skype, Messenger, or instant chat. Our team has checked all the communication sources of the company. Although the most efficient one is the instant chat, you would have to wait for several minutes to get a response.

The worst way to collaborate is the phone number. We have been waiting for seven minutes on the line before we got connected to the PaperHelp representative, and all the given instructions about the PaperHelp price were quite poor.

Pros and Cons

Wrapping up, it is worth underlining all the pros and cons of the PaperHelp writing service.

All in all, PaperHelp writing service is definitely not on top of the reliable websites. Although it has  a user-friendly and modern interface, the paper quality leaves much to be desired.

Best Alternative:


What is PaperHelp?

PaperHelp is an online writing service that suggests help for students with a wide variety of academic assignments.

Is PaperHelp legit?

Yes, the service is legit and it works according to the strict Privacy policy.

How much does PaperHelp cost?

The prices start at $10/page, but the total cost depends on paper volume, academic level, deadline, writer’s level, and extra services included.

Is PaperHelp scam?

No, PaperHelp is a legit writing service. However, there could be individual issues that compromise this status.

Is PaperHelp safe?

Yes, the PaperHelp payment process is secure, and all personal details are encrypted.

Is PaperHelp plagiarism-free?

Referring to our experience, we cannot state that PaperHelp provides unique content. According to customers’ feedback plagiarism issues occur every now and then.

Are there PaperHelp discounts?


Latest news, guides and our approaches to finding the best paper writing service.

paper help legit


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PaperHelp.org is a professional custom writing service that offers paper writing services – from essay to admission help and CVs! It is one of the many similar websites on the web, but there’s definitely none with such a cosmic design. Literary cosmic, and I loved it from the first moment. Check this article to learn more about PaperHelp.org

PaperHelp.org Review [Update March 2023] – Does it Worth its Money?

Starting price

EvolutionWriters.com Review [Update March 2023] – Is this Writing Service As Good As They Say?

Table of contents:

Pros and cons in details

Types of services, customer reviews, customer support, payment methods, how to make an order, loyalty program.

PaperHelp.org is a professional custom writing service that offers paper writing services (sorry, if I sound like Captain Obvious!) – from essay to admission help and CVs! It is one of the many similar websites on the web, but there’s definitely none with such a cosmic design. Literary cosmic, and I loved it from the first moment. “Their service might be of a high quality!”, I thought.  

Later, upon preparing this review I wondered how old the website was, so I turned to web.archive.org tool to check it.

Screenshot of web.archive.org

Looks like PaperHelp was first seen there in 2001 but started off in 2008 (copyright on the website confirms it).

PaperHelp.org has been working since 2008

My jaw dropped! The design has been greatly upgraded since then. Here’s how modestly it looked in 2013:

Old design of the site from 2013

Now it has a brand new look. Their marketing strategies seem to be very client-oriented, as the website has become so user-friendly and convenient in use. Calculating the price at the front page is a nice job!

PaperHelp Main Page

Thus, I hoped their Customer Support and writers to be friendly as well. Their main “Reach Your Goals with Our Help” message tells me a lot: should I place an order here, I can relax and expect that their professionals will take care of it while I’m busy with other important affairs in my life. After my first order, I made sure I was right!

They are up to date! The website offers using mobile applications! Well, Android users are luckier than Apple lovers like me. PaperHelp iOS app doesn’t work at the moment but I hope they are about to relaunch it.

As for the pricing, it seemed a bit confusing to me. The ‘’Calculate price’’ section shows $12 as a starting price, but when I headed to the Prices page (it includes a table with prices), there was a lower starting price – only $10. There was no mistake, though. It took me some time to find out that the price here and there has been set up for different academic levels and deadlines. Despite this tricky thing, the pricing table is clear and comprehensible. It shows prices for both all the types of works and deadlines.

At first, I didn’t figure out what was meant by approximate price on the front page. Does it mean that I should pay any extra later? And why the price can go up? Again, upon scrolling down the Prices page I saw that they offer different writer’s categories and some helpful extras (A-star services) to be added to my order if I want to. They cost additionally. That’s the thing.

The name PaperHelp speaks for itself, they provide papers of all types and services for all cases students may have. Their strong side is writing from scratch, but they also do editing/proofreading, give admission help, create presentations, and… even competitive resumes!

I’ve heard about the site for a little while now. And recently, one of the guys reached out to me and asked for an opinion about PaperHelp, as he was intended to use them for his dissertation, so I decided to do a full review and check out how good they and if it worth using their services.

As I’ve already mentioned – the website is so beautifully designed. Have no doubts they attracted many new customers since the last upgrade. It is a nice place to stay.

Apart from a good picture, it has very convenient usability. You can calculate approximate price once you get to the website, see what is offered and what problems you can solve here.

Support is very important for me. Their 24/7 working regime becomes even more crucial when it comes to the assignments I’ve procrastinated or totally forgotten about. If I come up with an urgent unfinished assignment, they can easily process the order after midnight. At PaperHelp managers are very kind, attentive. I used chat to get all my questions answered. Also, they called me several times.

When I say “quality paper”, I mean “good grammar, no typos, no plagiarized parts, and a proper structure”. I got my first, and every next paper written up to these criteria. Plus, I could hire the same writer again to have all works done in the same manner – add any writer to favorites and find in seconds.

Foreign students can choose “Simple English” extra for free, so that the paper will live up to the simple level of language. They work with writers from different English speaking countries (USA, UK, Canada, Australia).

In my world, adhering to deadlines is a must. Glad to know we have the same values with PaperHelp. 11 out 15 order I placed here were delivered even before the deadline initially set by me. I had time to check them and send for revision (I asked for it only 2 times). Time-management is their strong side!

Strange as it may seem, not all managers are native English speakers. From the other hand, they are more likely to be foreign students who partially work and earn.

I’m app-addicted, so using PaperHelp on the go would be a nice plus. Getting notifications without logging in my personal space on the website is just a practical thing of the 21 st century. To my regret, their app for Apple doesn’t work!

Mentioned on their Prices page are 3 main types of the services they offer. They are:

These are just general names. When I studied an order form, the drop-down showed me a more specific long list of the assignments (and subjects) they can do:

Yes, I would never tried any service without learning what other customers think of it. So, I asked Google to show me “paperhelp reviews”.

Several pages with various review platforms are saying different things – from “I hate your service, all your friends, and your dog, too” to “Oh, my Gosh, I love you to the moon and back!”. Just kidding, but in sum, it sounds like that.

Complaints and likes are about the same things as a whole – delivery, quality, writers… There are those who are totally satisfied with how the service provides it all. At the same time, there are those who are completely not.

Just take a look.

These are positive feedback from Trustpilot.com and Sitejabber.com:

paper help legit

I want to say that you cannot rely on each feedback as a telling-the-truth-thing. First, opinion is usually a very subjective thing you can never check (unless you try the service). Second, reviews may be fake. As far as I see, the academic writing sphere is a highly competitive one, so there are lots of ‘’well-wishers’’ to spoil other’s reputations online.

To sum up, I would say that relying on several comments saying about negative experience doesn’t mean the website is bad indeed. In most cases, all those CAPSLOCK-style feedbacks are just an emotional strain people tend to drain off!

In general, PaperHelp is assessed well both on Sitejabber (4.0 stars) and Trustpilot (4.3 stars), which are the most trusted review platforms among customers.

What I loved about PaperHelp is that they never ignore reviews and complaints. They reply to EACH negative feedback, and some positive too. Online reputation communication is definitely their strong side!

And yes, they do give refunds as promised in their Money Back Guarantee policy. Take a look:

paper help legit

The price table is clear. You choose type of service on the top, deadline and academic level below, and see the price per page. Also, you can see the price in different currencies. However, it must be taken into account that the prices are specified without the VAT, which can be added to the price at the checkout (depending on the country you are in).

paper help legit

Since I’m in college, their College academic level is just perfect for me with the price of $12 for 20-days deadline. But the thing is that sometimes I need more urgent delivery – within 1 week, which is not offered here. 6 days would be a perfect option. So, I have to order 3 days sometimes and it costs significantly more.

P.S. If you cannot get an idea what level to choose, better chat with the manager at once. Otherwise, you may be asked to pay additionally if your level is higher indeed and the work is much more complicated for the writer than you think it is.

The website guarantees the following:

What’s important. The website does not guarantee any mark or approximate grade you can get. They have a disclaimer saying that you can use the paper only as a sample and example to build your own work. They have a separate policy about it – Fair Use Policy.

Also, I must admit that Terms and Conditions make the website look legit. Each policy has its statements for a customer to rely upon. This way, as a customer I can get 3 types of refund according to the Money Back Guarantee policy or 3 free revisions as stated in their Revision policy. That’s so cool!

But here’s one thing I couldn’t ignore – their VIP customer Support as one of the helpful services I can add to my order and upgrade my experience.

paper help legit

To tell the truth, I expect that they have such a number of managers that could cover the number of orders they get to be processed. Sure thing, they can have a lot more orders in high seasons. But I would want my order to be processed fast, no matter if I buy a VIP package or not. Wouldn’t want to pay more for the things I should get by default.

In general, the website is a quality one for me. Why? It is easy to answer: they delivered all my 15 orders on time, I had no complaint about grammar or typos, plus they do format papers according to the citation styles specified in my requirements (usually MLA and APA), and write even more words per page.

What I see is that other customers share my opinion. Here’s one of the feedback from their website, and I totally agree with it:

One of the 5-star reviews from their site

As I’ve said earlier, not all of their Support Agents are native English speakers. It is not the reason why I would quit ordering from here. But at some point, it is a bit strange practice. Support are the people who contact customers and are the first to introduce the service to the customers (apart from the website). Yes, they understand English well, they talk well, and they help well too. I understand that they do not write papers, but others may think that the writes are not native speakers as well.

The good thing about managers is that they are friendly and are available 24/7, you can get them:

Also, they have fun pages in social media showing that they are on the same page with students: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.   

The location of the company remains unclear to me though. On the website, they specify their location in the United States, while having a registered company in Cyprus.

paper help legit

Daryl (manager) says they’re located in London. She replied to me literary in seconds via chat on the website. Loved it, as I hate waiting for too long…

paper help legit

From the other hand. Does it really matter what their location is when I’m satisfied with the quality of the service? Neither me, nor a friend who recommended this website to me had troubles with it, be it payment or delivery. I think that they have two offices though: one with Support Agents and another one with financial, marketing, and other departments.

PaperHelp offers 2 main payment methods. You can pay either with your card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and JCB), or using another way of payment, which redirects you to the option of PayPal.

paper help legit

The guarantees the website offers are similar to those offered at other websites. Still, promising is a so fragile thing that needs proofs. As I got them while placing orders here for up to 15 times, I can state that they confirm the words they say:

paper help legit

Their policies confirm some guarantees. For example, read about FREE revisions in the Revision policy as follows:

paper help legit

You can easily calculate the price on the front page. From there you will be redirected to the order page, where you can use 2 forms: Quick and Extended one.

paper help legit

Both are so easy to use. You can choose additional options in each, choose the level of the writer, add helpful extras like Plagiarism report, Abstract page, etc. I used the quicker form, as I had instructions in Word document. So, I could easily upload them for the writer. However, the more details you provide, the clearer the assignment will be for the writer.

Not bad. I received their promotional code the other day and decided to use it for my summer course assignment. As you can see – I save 10% with the discount from their email campaign plus get over $3 to go with my next order (under their Loyalty program). Yes, it’s not much but the price I paid is not too high either. But I didn’t manage to come across any official information about the amount of bonus I get and based on what. My friend said that they had another loyalty conditions earlier and now they are having a temporary version of the program. Hope that soon there will be something to be excited about.

paper help legit

Also, cannot ignore this – referral program! As I’ve already said, I was invited by the personal referral link my friend shared with me. It is quite attracting – you save 10% on your first order, your friend gets 10% commission back.

And they offer another way to earn – become a reseller. I did not try it yet as I do not have so many friends to make a business offering “papers on sale’’, but it is a nice idea for a start up as a part-time job for a student. Need to think it over!

To sum up, I would highlight the following: the website looks soooo cool, and the usability is no less convenient. Also, I find it legit. The prices are medium. $10 per page – not cheap when choosing shorter deadline but the price is affordable for me.

I find it trustworthy because of my friend’s one-year experience of ordering here. Now, I have my own experience too – a positive one! Although there are some things to be worked on, like “more information about the loyalty program to be placed on the website” or making Support native, I recommend using it. They have a big plus – they uphold their promises (despite paperhelp org reviews posted on the web)!

This blog contains the author's views and reflections on topics about which he chooses to write. The author reserves the right to express his subjective opinion and is not responsible for the quality of services provided by the overviewed sites.

Feedback on this platform

I love this service. I asked them for essay writing. They did everything to meet my expectations and forward me to my comfort level. I highly recommend their credibility, trustworthy behavior, professionalism, knowledge, constructivism, and essay writing skills. Keep up the good work.

I have used this service 3 times. Really helpful! I get too many exams in my college. I sent all the templates here with instructions and it is perfectly. Even the support team is amazing and ensure to finish all templates on time. Thank you for the service!

Feedback on this platform

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Quality of the reviewed services is constantly monitored and regularly updated.

Your submitted comments and complaints directly affect the service rating.

paperhelp.org review

PaperHelp.com Review

PaperHelp.org looks like an interesting writing service. I liked the website very much when I saw it. The mascot, a little cosmonaut in his spaceship, is pretty cute. I have no idea what he has to do with academic writing, but okay.

The more I explored the site, the less sense it made. I ordered an essay to see how the writers handled urgent challenges. Paper Help fell short of impressive. Let’s discuss the details in my review.

Services Review

Essay Services is the main category here. There’s a drop-down menu under it, and it’s ridiculous. Let me share just a few of the “services” listed under Essay Services: essay writing services, buy an essay, pay for an essay, write my paper for cheap, do my paper, essays for sale… it goes on. It gets clear what the website is all about: keyword stuffing. There’s another category: Other Services. We see another drop-down menu, which gives us this list: paper writing service, research papers help, personal statement help, write my research paper, write papers for money, do my homework, and custom paper writing.

So what does PaperHelp offer, exactly? You’ll have to access the order form to find out. Most types of projects are offered, but I became wondering: is this team capable of completing research papers, dissertations, and even simple essays?

Prices Review

The prices are very affordable here. That’s not always a good thing. Let me explain: a professional writer will not work for $10 per page. If someone got a graduate degree and plans to monetize it, they won’t work for such a low price. It’s still possible to find a good, but affordable service. However, the starting price at this site seems too good to be true. From my personal experience, my precaution with overly cheap prices is justified.

For writing from scratch, Paper Help charges from $10 on. But the deadline they set for this low price is 20 days, and the level is High School. If you want PhD quality with a deadline of 3 hours, you’ll pay $56 per page. That seems like a reasonable price.

Admission help, on the other hand, comes with crazy high prices. I’m talking about $197. Per page. This is insane. An admission essay is just a personal essay. They are taking advantage of a student’s hopeless situation to get their college application right. I do not recommend hiring services that charge more for admission essays. It’s just writing, and it’s even simpler than PhD-level content. Don’t fall for this trick, please!

And then I thought the site couldn’t get more confusing. But it does. The discount program is outrageous. You get 5% off the full price if your order is over $500, and 10% off if it’s above $1000. Really guys? I hope no one orders content worth $1K here. Because the quality is bad! I’ll get to that point.

Content Quality

I ordered an essay with a very short deadline: 6 hours. For the University level, the price per page was $44. I got a discount code via email, so the final price was a bit lower.

For my essay, I chose a topic from literature. I wanted the writer to write about the life of a famous author. I allowed them to choose the author, so they could focus on someone they were knowledgeable about.

The final result looked like a Wikipedia page. In fact, it was paraphrased from Wikipedia. Every single sentence of it! There was 0% creativity in this paper, and I ordered writing from scratch.

Customer Support Agents

When I complained about the lack of uniqueness, the agents said that the paper went clean through their plagiarism detection engine. Let’s get something clear: if software doesn’t detect plagiarism, it doesn’t mean the content is unique. I provided screenshots that clearly showed the content was paraphrased. The agents did not respond. I didn’t get a refund, so it was a high amount of money gone to waste.

Final Thoughts

To summarize my PaperHelp review, let me say it clear: I don’t recommend the service! The website lacks proper information about the services offered and the qualifications of the writers. The prices are very low for high-school level, but impossibly high for admission papers. The quality doesn’t work for college and university students.

Because of this, I strongly discourage students from ordering papers at PaperHelp.com ,    as they are failed to deliver the quality and non-plagiarized essay.


Prices & discounts, got something to say: cancel reply.

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Best Essay Writing Services: 6 Legit Sites For College Paper Writing Help

Writing an essay is one of the challenging tasks for students. These busy students attend sleepless nights and avoid attending events only to submit these tasks on time. Do you also encounter these problems in your academic life? But, there is a way to make yourself free from stress without affecting your academic performance.

Here is a solution. Go to your browser and type this query “essay writing help”. You will find the names of several essay writing service providers. But you can’t choose any random one from the list, right? That’s why we have reviewed the top 6 essay writing sites to let you make a decision easily.

Top 6 Essay Writing Websites

We have thoroughly reviewed several online platforms that offer essay writing services. From our meticulous analysis, we have picked the best essay writing sites. We have evaluated every aspect of these popular sites and identified their pros and cons. You can read their reviews and buy services which you find suitable according to your needs.


Established in 2008, Paperhelp.org has become one of the reliable destinations for students of different universities. It provides paper writing services for students of any academic level- high school, undergraduate, bachelor, and professional. Thus, corporate persons also can buy services from this company.

How it works

Paperhelp.org has clearly illustrated the process of buying essay paper writing services. So, new buyers may not feel confused.

While filling out the order form, you need to mention the type of paper you want to buy. You will find a space to talk about your assignment details. The website also enables you to upload files on the order page.

To place your order, you must provide only basic personal details like your email address. Using your email, you can access your control panel. The order can also be managed from the panel.

Use your credit or debit card to make payment and finalize the deal. After receiving your payment, the writer will start working on your project.

The best fact is that PaperHelp has an Android-friendly app, and thus, you can check your order status from your mobile.

PaperHelp is ready to help you with any type of assignment, like essay papers, coursework, term papers, case studies, and research papers.

PaperHelp has a price calculator on its site. However, you need to pay additional fees for VIP customer service, plagiarism report, preferred writer category, editor’s check, charts, and table of contents.

New buyers always have a chance of grabbing a 15% discount on their first purchase.

Other details

The overall website design is highly intuitive, as you can easily locate the Order button at the upper corner of the screen. You may be skeptical about PaperHelp’s service quality as a new customer. So, you can remove your concerns by seeing the Essay Examples on the site. Click on the tab to check the portfolio.

You can also read the testimonials and FAQ section to feel confident about your purchase.

What we find most interesting is the referral program. Refer PaperHelp to your friend. You and your friend will receive a 10% discount for the approved order. Check the amount you will win for referrals


Studdit is another popular essay writing company, especially for USA and UK writers. The option for placing an order anonymously has pleased our reviewers. Basic, advanced, and top writers are available to work for you.

You may combine any writing category and academic level to ensure the ratio of price and quality.

There are four steps for placing your order at Studdit.com. Fill out an online form with your project details. Choose the preferred payment method to make your deal.

You can easily connect with the preferred writer who will manage your assignment. Share your data and track progress.

The list of services displayed at Studdit.com is custom essay, resume, research paper, term paper, movie review, book review, lab report, and personal statement writing services. Thus, you can choose this company for any type of college assignment.

The standard price per page is $19. However, the price can vary according to the deadline and academic level. According to Studdit, every page constitutes 275 words. The best fact is that the Home page has an easy-to-use calculator. You can fill in the details and get an instant estimate. The plagiarism report is available free of cost for your first order.

You do not need to pay an additional charge for formatting. Moreover, you can request free revision 3 times.

Studdit seems to be a reliable website, as it displays genuine testimonials. You can visit the FAQ section on the platform. You can also directly talk to customer representatives by dialing a number.



SpeedyPaper is an intuitive platform where you can buy college essay papers. The company has engaged more than 1600 writers. The best fact is that you can check the profiles of the top writers and learn about their specializations.

The Order Now button is placed on the upper section of the Home Page. So you will not feel confused while placing your order. After receiving your order details and payment, the team will contact you.

Speedy Paper provides both writing and proofreading services. You can also hire professionals for paraphrasing and rewriting services. This company has efficient writers to compose your resume, dissertation papers, essays, theses, and literature reviews.

The online calculator enables you to know the price rates. The price can range from $9 to $99. Your academic level and deadline can make a difference in the price. However, for software-related assignments, the minimum price is $250.

It is easy to connect with customer representatives because you can dial the phone number displayed on the Home Page. You may also request a phone call from the team. What has pleased us is the availability of free samples on the website.

Like PaperHelp, Speedy Paper lets you earn an amount from its website. When your referral places an order for $200, you will receive $18. Furthermore, your referral will receive a discount of $20. Use your PayPal account to withdraw the money.


Extraessay claims to provide you with an affordable essay writing service. From the official website, we have learned that it serves more than 10000 customers every year. It surely proves the popularity of the company to students.

You can access the dashboard using your Google/Facebook account. By clicking the blue Order Now button, you can place your order. While submitting your order details, you need to choose the writer’s level. Enter your email and phone number in the space provided for you.

The essay writing company offers a range of services to students. You can hire writers to work on your essay, homework, term paper, dissertation, speed, presentation, coursework, research paper, and case study. Thus, Extraessay.com writers are able to deal with any type of academic assignment.

The price can vary according to the writer’s level you have chosen.

You can use the valid promo code and get a discount to save money.

In the Guarantee section, we have found different policies related to

Thus, you can read those policies in detail to learn about the company. Like other college paper writing websites, Extraessay.com shows you sample papers. You can visit this section of the website and click on the attachments. You may also click a button to order a similar paper.



Expertwriting is a legitimate website with writers from different levels like Masters and PhDs. You can find writers to write essays on a range of subjects, including Engineering, Science, Business, Math, and English.

The way the website works is not different from other platforms. You can click on the Order Now button. But, before placing the order, you need to visit the pricing page. The company has set the price according to the assignment type. You can choose the category and click the button adjacent to it.

The online academic writing company can deal with assignments like coursework, case study, book review, and articles. It also sells different editing and proofreading services.

The price can vary with the type of assignment you need. The best fact is that there are several discount offers available for you.

Use a promo code to get a 15% discount on your first order. For your second order, it is around 10%.

We have found the site reliable as it has implemented money-back and revision policies. While using the website, we noticed that customer service providers are highly efficient and respond quickly. The company ensures that its website secures your data. It does not resell the paper composed for you.

You can contact representatives anytime, as they are available 24 hours. Based on the number of pages you have ordered, the discount rates can range from 5% to 15%.

Benefits of using best college paper writing services online

Young students of college and universities usually feel a dilemma while managing their academic writing assignments. They need long hours to write an essay.

So, writing an essay paper is the most daunting task for students. Several other factors like tight deadlines, grades, and writing quality result in more stress. That is why these students search for online essay service providers to overcome challenges. What are the benefits of hiring these professionals? Check the list now.

Save your precious time

Today, students have a hectic life, as they need to submit loads of assignments.

But, you can save time by engaging the best online essay writer to work on your assignment. While the writer concentrates on your essay writing homework, you can deal with other academic activities and focus on your other responsibilities.

Writing a quality essay involves a lot of time. You need to spend hours in front of the computer. You should research the topic, find information, create a draft, and produce the final content. Thus, essay writing is a complicated process and consumes significant time. Save your time by choosing paper writing help online.

Quality content- It’s guaranteed

Professional essay writers in the online world know how to write quality essay content.

Without writing skills, you cannot compose the best quality content. Thus, hiring an efficient essay writer can be the right decision. Essay writing agencies promise that they will deliver top-notch content to their students. You will find an essay with original content free from typos and grammatical errors. Well-researched content will easily attract your academic instructor.

Top-quality content is important, especially for writing high-level research papers and dissertations. The best companies have writers to provide Ph.D.-grade content. You will get cohesive and accurate output from these writers.

Remove your concerns about tight deadlines

You may get preoccupied with different activities and responsibilities throughout your academic life. It is not easy to keep track of upcoming deadlines. Thanks to the availability of essay writer service, you can avoid missing your deadlines. Some professional writers deliver the content before the set deadline.

Most importantly, they do not compromise quality and reliability while delivering the content on time.

Achieve higher grades

Almost every student dreams of securing a high grade on his essay paper. But, it is not easy to reach this goal. However, essay writing is one of the important parts of academic projects. With a good performance in this assignment, your scores are likely to decline.

Although you have good knowledge of the chosen subject, you may be unable to write an essay paper. For this reason, you can buy services from an essay writing website.

Learn the writing techniques

You have chosen online essay writing help service for the best content and to secure a high grade. Professional writers will provide you with polished, revised, and edited essay content. However, you can get something more from these writers. You will learn the right technique to craft high-quality content.

How to find the top essay writing services online

Have you already started searching for essay writing websites? Several students have relied on online writers when they have felt overloaded with assignments.

But, the online world presents you with several essay writing companies. How will you make a deal with the best one? You should not work with a scam website, as it will give you no value.

So, we have provided you with a comprehensive guide on finding the most reliable website to write essays for you.

You need to focus on some factors for making your decision.

Turnaround times

You should compare turnaround times claimed by different essay writing sites. The best companies always promise you to deliver the work within the shortest period. But, most commonly, they take 24 to 48 hours to send the finished work. However, more time may involve dissertation papers and theses that need thorough research and analysis.

Writers can ask for more information to give you an accurate estimate of their timelines.

Availability of plagiarism reports

You need to ensure that the essay writer will show a plagiarism report with every piece of content. Reliable companies do not charge an additional amount for it.

Plagiarized content does not have any value, and it will be a waste of money. Professional writers need to write original and unique content that is not copied from any source. Thus, they must attach a screenshot of their plagiarism checks. Moreover, reputable companies use premium plagiarism checkers for this purpose.

Writing styles followed by the essay writing company

Your professor may have provided you with guidelines for an essay writing project. He has also mentioned the writing style and format that you must maintain for the essay paper.

Thus, ensuring that your essay writing company is familiar with the style is important. Your essay paper should be written in the right format to avoid losing marks. Most commonly, college professors assign tasks related to argumentative essays, analytical essays, and creative writing. Still, you can talk to the team to know their ability to write the content in the desired format.

Communication with representatives and writers

What communication options are available on the essay writing platform? We think that it is one of the significant factors for students. You may need to ask questions about the essay writing service. With any communication mode, you will feel confused.

Moreover, writers should give you updates on the progress of the project. Before making a deal, they must clarify how they will manage the project. Make sure that there are online chat systems and instant messaging options available for you.

When you need to provide additional instructions on the assignment, you have to connect with professional writers. So, working with companies with responsive customer representatives is safe. Some websites that write essays also have an FAQ section to remove your queries without contacting these representatives.

Cost of essential writing services

Students are highly concerned about the charges for the online essay service. In some cases, the quality of content corresponds to price. However, cheap essay writing services are also available without compromising quality. On the contrary, scam companies charge high but do not provide the desired content.

It is best to compare the price rates of different companies to identify the standard industry rates.

The writer’s experience and page counts are the relevant factors influencing the price rates. For instance, the cost can vary between $10 and $20 per page.

Good essay writing firms provide money-back guarantees to buyers. Those who are not satisfied with the content quality can claim a refund.

Guarantee on quality

To buy college essay papers, quality is always a priority. You do not like to pay for a low-quality essay. Thus, best paper writing service providers have to guarantee premium quality to every buyer. They should also ensure free revisions to provide the best content for your essay paper. But, some companies offer free revisions up to a limited number of times. When you go beyond this limitation, they will charge an additional amount.

Customer reviews

Reliable websites for essay writing show testimonials of their past customers. You can read those testimonials to know how the company has helped its past clients. You will also learn about the service standard of the company. You can also check reviews posted on Google.

Can you get caught using essay writing service in US?

Some students are concerned about the legitimacy of choosing paper writing help service. They assume their professionals will learn about this approach and degrade their marks. But, it is not true. There is a minimal risk of getting caught. Other students may have also made a deal with your chosen company.

Still, you do not need to fear getting the truth disclosed. The most important thing is that the best company provides you with custom essay writing services. It does not sell papers, which are written for other students. Although the writer might have written on the topic before, he would create fresh content.

Another thing to be noted is that a trusted company knows the importance of confidentiality. It will keep your information private and never disclose that you have made a deal with writers.

Thus, you can stay free of tension after purchasing the essay service online.

Are online essay writing services legit?

Not all companies provide you with a legitimate essay writing service. That is why every student needs to check the details of a company before paying for the service. A genuine company always gives value to its buyers. For this reason, it strives hard to offer legitimate solutions. It ensures that you will get what you have paid for.

There are some ways to check legitimacy. For instance, you can read real reviews posted by past clients. Top companies review high ratings and positive reviews from their customers.

Some companies are also registered and licensed by different authorities. Most importantly, you should check that the content provided by the company is original. It is a significant attribute of an authentic company.

You may find some platforms claiming that they provide free content. They are not legitimate solutions for you. It is good to choose the premium packages, as the assignments directly influence your career.

How much does an essay writer service cost?

We cannot mention a particular amount that you need to pay best essay writers online. Every company has set different charges for their essay paper writing service. You need to visit the preferred site to get the estimate.

Most of the academic writing companies enable you to calculate the price using their online calculators. In case of the absence of any calculator, you can contact the team for accurate estimates.

Some essay writing websites display the standard rate range from $9 to $15.for every page. However, your urgency can push the rate to a higher level. Writers will charge high due to the shorter deadline.

Furthermore, the cost of Ph.D.–grade research papers is higher than the cost of college-level essay papers. So, submit your details and let the company calculate the cost.

How to distinguish a reliable site from scammers?

There are some ways to identify scam websites designed to provide essay writing help. For instance, you can read privacy policies set by the company. Reliable organizations reveal every detail of how they keep your data secure.

You may also check the About Us section to learn about the company and its team. Another thing that is absent in most scam college paper writing websites is testimonials. So, you have to be careful about these facts to differentiate reliable platforms from fraudulent ones.

Some unreliable companies also have hidden charges, and it makes buyers frustrated while making the deal. We think placing an order for a small project is safe. It lets you check reliability, and you can then pay for a big project.

Wrapping up…

Choosing the best essay writing service in the USA is now easy. We have provided you with a detailed guide on how to check the reliability of services. You can compare price rates and different features to make your decision.

Although we have reviewed these best essay writing sites, you can read past customers’ feedback before making a deal. Moreover, you can check how long the company has been associated with the writing industry.

The best companies employ high-level writers who have proficiency in writing an essay and other types of academic papers. Other aspects of the best company are free revisions, an anti-plagiarism policy, transparency in price rates, and dedicated customer representatives.

The news and editorial staff of the Bay Area News Group had no role in this post’s preparation.


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PaperHelp Review

For over 10 years, PaperHelp has been a lifesaver for thousands of students worldwide. This site can help you with academic papers of any type and complexity. From high school assignments to lab reports, from essays to PhD theses ‒ you can find anything you need help with.

Students choose Paper Help for a reason: you can get a top-notch quality paper for a fair price within a limited deadline. In fact, this company is one of the very few to deliver papers of decent quality in the shortest time possible.

Me and some of my friends have been using this site for over 2 years. Now, I'm more than ready to spill the beans regarding the essential points you may be wondering about. How to use, how much to pay and what benefits and drawbacks to expect. Check out this comprehensive review about PaperHelp and decide whether it’s the one.

1. Order Process

To begin with, placing an order at PaperHelp org is no sweat at all. You won’t need to go through an ordeal of filling out dozens of input fields as the whole process takes only a few minutes. Here's how it works:

paper help legit

It is important to note that the more detailed your requirements are, the better the result will be. If your order isn't detailed enough, a customer support representative may contact you and ask you to provide some additional details. It is done to make sure that a writer will provide you with a paper that matches your expectations. 

Plus, you have an opportunity to choose among the three categories of writers: basic, advanced or a top writer. I found this step to be rather confusing while placing my first order, so I think it's worth to elaborate on this moment.

paper help legit

Obviously, the category of a writer depends on their experience and expertise. If you have an important paper that is lengthy in nature and requires some extensive research (thesis, research paper, dissertation or anything else), I would recommend choosing an advanced one. The basic writer is fine for high school assignments and some uncomplicated college level papers (such as short essays or book reviews, for instance).

In case if you're not sure what category to go with, you can always consult with customer support using the live chat. As for me, there's barely any difference in quality between advanced and top writers, so the advanced one is your best bet.

The pricing policy at PaperHelp is rather fair and affordable. Starting from a minimum of $10 per page for writing from scratch, rates differ in accordance with the level of work and the preferred deadline. 

For instance, a 2-page university essay within a significant deadline may cost $40 written by a basic author, $52 and $63 by an advanced and top writers respectively. While the same page paper but for high school may cost from $24-$37,92 written by different authors within the same deadline limit.

If you’re looking for someone to edit and proofread your paper, the prices start from $6 per page. This is a handy service when you’ve written a paper yourself, but have doubts about grammar.

3. Discounts

It’s also worth mentioning that PaperHelp provides newcomers with appealing 5% discount code. Other than that, 10% of your paid order are transformed into bonuses that you can then use paying for the next order. All you have to do is to input SAVE15 code during checkout.

Additionally, there's a little trick that you can use to get even bigger discount. Marketers at PaperHelp use a so called exit-intent popup technique to make users stay on the website if they intend to leave. When you move your cursor outside the upper page boundary, a popup window will appear offering you to leave your email and spin the discount wheel. The luck with the spinning wheel may result in getting a 20% discount or some other nice bonuses. Give it a shot!

paper help legit

4. Guarantees

There are two issues that make one wonder whether to trust a writing company or not. Particularly, we all want the answer to the question “Can I get my money back if I don’t like the paper written by the author?”

PaperHelp has scrupulous money-back and revision policies. Let’s have a look at the revision subtleties first. As you are probably aware, the majority of writing companies provide free revisions to ensure customer satisfaction. While this may sound a bit wishy-washy, here are some concise terms to know about when turning to PaperHelp:

The second issue to shed the light on is the money-back guarantee. PaperHelp is truly client-oriented, and always works towards clients’ satisfaction. So in case of protecting your money, here’s how it works:

In case any extraordinary issue occurs, you can always contact the support team that works around the clock.

5. Online Reputation

I will dare to say that PaperHelp is truly one of the few writing companies that cares about feedback, both positive and negative. For instance, check PaperHelp org reviews on SiteJabber . The company is definitely client-centric, as in case any issue occurs regarding the order, the company will do its best to solve the matter immediately.

Let’s be honest, these days the competition among custom papers companies is quite rough. Though lots of companies may have great writers, and fair rates, it’s truly rare to find a reliable one.

I’ve used a number of services, and for the last two years I’ve been turning to PaperHelp for any academic assistance I needed. The reason is simple. As a student, I feel that I can trust this company. I see that they’re constantly improving their service to hold all the aces. Last, but not least, they always listen to and hear their clients to create strong and loyal relationships.

If I had to make a review for PaperHelp experience, I would put it short. I like this service for extensive research they conduct, and the way they follow the agreed instructions. Plus, I always feel calm knowing that they will definitely meet the deadline.

6. Customer Support

PaperHelp is a writing company helping students worldwide. That is why their support team is always on guard ready to answer any questions and solve any matter 24/7.

You can contact the customer support via phone, chat, Facebook messenger or email, any means convenient. PaperHelp stands out among other services, as they provide customers with real people support rather than AI or bots.

Though you may come across some canned responses, they are used to speed up the conversation and offer quality assistance to more customers in the shortest time possible. Still, you will be carrying a conversation with a real person eager to solve your matter and handle it thoroughly. 

Generally, you can get a response to your query within several minutes no matter the hour of the day.

I like the way they treat their clients. Recently I had a misunderstanding with one of the assigned writers, and the company was rather quick in resolving the issue. When they say that are a client-oriented company, it’s not just words, as they prove this with actions.

When it comes to the website navigation, it’s definitely a plus. Everything is clear and concise. The process of ordering is easy and fast. Finally, finding the needed buttons like ‘Approve’ and ‘Send for revision’ is no sweat. Not to mention an aesthetically pleasing design that makes experience with this service even better.

PaperHelp has been living up to its reputation by providing students with excellent quality assignments. Over the years of experience, this service singled out the key elements of writing an impeccable paper. They always follow the instructions, always write from scratch and always proofread the assignments prior to delivering them. Checking all papers for mistakes and plagiarism, and then polishing them to perfection is what this company can truly take pride in.

The fact that you can contact support team anytime and you’ll be speaking to a real person (not the bot) shows that PaperHelp truly cares about its clients. What is more, with 24/7 support you can contact them and place an order even while dealing with an all-nighter.

If you need a short 500-800 word essay, you can easily get it done within 3 hours deadline. Small assignments that don't require extensive research can be written really fast. Thanks to considerable experience and large pool of writers, PaperHelp delivers assignments fast, without speed affecting the quality.

The company carefully examines every order order and offers the solution according yo your particular requirements. Moreover, the company is always ready to solve any matters as soon as possible to satisfy customers’ needs.

When you place your order, the calculator will quickly offer you an affordable rate for a paper. However, there will always be “A-star extras” aimed at improving the quality of your assignment. Honestly, oftentimes these extras are simply worthless and may be quite pricey. Just compare some of the rates:

While Abstract Page and Editor's Check features might be useful, the other extras are just a rip-off. I don't see how VIP Customer Service may help my grade, and investing $1-5 into Copyscape credits is way better than paying $10 for a single plagiarism check.

Summing Up: Is PaperHelp Legit?

Definitely! One can enjoy the wide range of services, whatever the difficulty or length of your assignment. You can be sure that there will an assigned author ready to deal with your order. I’m one of those students who always lacks time and juggle work and studies. I find it truly convenient to know that there’s a legit company you can turn for assistance at any time and receive a well-crafted assignment in a timely manner.

I believe that while some may say Paper Help is a bit pricey, their rates are fair and affordable. The thing is, after having tried tons of services, I’ve realized that you cannot get a good paper for “the cheapest price” in the market. Experienced authors will ask for a price that will equal the quality. That is why, judging by the quality you can get at PaperHelp, their rates are appealing. In addition to that, as a regular client I enjoy the bonuses.

The only thing I may regret is that I haven’t found PaperHelp earlier. I no longer have anxiety that I may miss the deadline and as a result I’ll fail the course. Now I can focus on the subjects I’m passionate about and forget about nasty papers that I don't want to write.

' src=

Adam is an expert when it comes to academic writing services. He knows the industry inside out as he worked as a customer service representative for a few essay mills.

How it works?

Paperhelp.org review: a contender for the title of the best.

It all has started with one lucky search on Google. Being in a desperate need of professional custom writing help, I typed in a few words, and next moment the wise engine provided me with a long list of companies that craft academic papers for students. Having checked a few webpages, I decided to try out PaperHelp.org because I liked the eye-catching and user-friendly design of the site. Before proceeding with this review, there’s one thing that I should admit – at first, I hesitated to order an essay from an online service because I’ve heard numerous stories related to plagiarism and scamming from my friends.

Reluctant to risk my future grade and money, I chose to look for the company’s testimonials online first. A quick glance at reviews and comments on Linkedin, Reddit, TrustPilot, and SiteJabber was enough to reassure me that Paper Help is definitely worth my trust. Next thing I did was placing an order at the webpage of this company. Further, you’ll find a detailed review of my experience as a customer of PaperHelp writing service.

Paper Help Prices and Discounts That Will Surprise You

The popularity of custom paper writing service keeps growing rapidly. The issue is that the majority of students who order their academic papers online tend to overpay. The stories when a student pays $40+ per one page and gets an essay that’s been plagiarized are not unheard of. However, when you place a Paperhelp.org order, you can count on top quality for more than affordable prices. The minimum price at Paper Help starts at $10 per one page of a high-school essay. Despite being more complicated, college papers cost only a bit more – $12 per page. Sophisticated university papers are available at $18, and Ph.D. – at $20 per page. Could you resist buying an excellent essay for such an affordable price? I couldn’t. I gave in to temptation – and never regretted it.Another thing that can pleasantly surprise you is PaperHelp discount policy. Even if all these rebates and special offers work only as a gimmick that attracts new customers, it’s still great to get a 15% off just for placing the first order. To use such PaperHelp coupons, you need to type in ‘LESSISMORE’ (which is a PaperHelp promo code) when filling out an order form.

What Is the Quality of PaperHelp Writing? Does the Company Meet Deadlines?

Although it’s hard to tell what does it take to become a PaperHelp.org expert, one fact is undeniable: the writers who work for this service are truly amazing! I asked the Paper Help team to write a rather tricky essay on anthropology. As a result, I got a perfectly crafted piece, the quality of which exceeded my expectations. I must confess that I am not a top student and can’t call self an expert in academic writing. Nonetheless, I was totally satisfied with the quality of my essay, and so was my professor – the work scored 95%.

The other important factor is that papers are always delivered on time. The minimum deadline you can set is 3 hours. The essay I ordered from PaperHelp was pretty urgent – I needed it to be ready in three days. The paper was delivered to me slightly before the deadline.

What About PaperHelp.org Plagiarism?

You must have heard those revolting stories when students would pay a high price for a pending essay and get nothing but a plagiarized text of poor quality. That’s not the case with PaperHelp.org. All pieces provided by this company are plagiarism-free. The team of experienced writers creates every piece from scratch. You can trust the obligatory plagiarism check done by the site or use any other tool you prefer, and I’m sure it’ll confirm that your essay is 100% unique.

Is the Customer Service of PaperHelp Reliable?

Although PaperHelp has many great advantages, one thing that I loved above all was its support service. The team of friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful workers is ready to answer your questions 24/7. Contact methods include dialing a free number, Live Chat, Skype, email, and even Facebook Messenger. I needed some assistance with the www.paperhelp.org sign in and PaperHelp login process, and a support manager gave me detailed instructions as to that. She was sweet and helpful.Although you do provide some pieces of private information (including your location) when you register and log in, PaperHelp guarantees total safety and confidentiality of your data.

Is PaperHelp Legit?

Is PaperHelp.org scam? That’s something you definitely need to figure out before using it. Although I did stumble across some negative online reviews on Reddit, in my opinion, they were fake – all comments appeared on the same day and seemingly were written in the same style. Personally, I noticed no signs of a scam. I placed an order and paid for the paper which was delivered on time; its quality appeared to be great, and I was satisfied with the service. I have no complaints and think that PaperHelp is safe to use.

The Verdict: PaperHelp Essays That Exceed Expectations

Is PaperHelp.org good at writing academic papers? Yes, it definitely is. And if you have an urgent assignment, you can definitely apply to this service. I got a top-scoring essay for reasonable money and very fast. That’s why my rating for this company is 4.9 out of 5.

DMCA.com Protection Status

PaperHelp review

Short overview

Our PaperHelp review investigates pros and cons of this company, which has gained popularity among students using online services. Many customers have approached us with a request to provide an unbiased, fact-based, and informative review of its services, claims, and overall performance. PaperHelp did not stand test of our review. It offers a large database of essay samples, but paper quality is below par. This is a legit business, but it hires many ESL writers who struggle to meet customer requirements. Want to know more? Look no further to find out whether you can trust this company or not. Read our review and make an informed decision.

GrabMyEssay reviews

TopEssayWriting reviews

WritingUniverse reviews

Service Overview

Is PaperHelp legit? This company has been in business since 2008. This suggests it should be experienced enough to know everything there is to know about college student needs for assignments. The website looks well-organized. It includes all necessary pieces of data customers expect from the best college paper writing services . How much does it cost? That’s one of the first questions students ask when they consider their options. The company placed a price calculator conveniently on top of the homepage. PaperHelp reviews show it is easy to use. It gives clients a good sense of the price range before they make a decision.

Right below the calculator, you’ll find succinct explanations of the steps to follow. To get a quote for your order, fill out a free inquiry form. But to be able to get it, register to get your login details.

paperhelp review

Is PaperHelp reliable when it comes to customer services? We believe its customer service works very well. Their staff are responsive and knowledgeable. VIP customer services are available if you need more tailor-made services at an extra cost. The terms and conditions are structured well. They provide useful information in a user-friendly manner. The company is murky about its base. It claims to be in the United States while registered in Cyprus. Testimonials look fake.

Types of Services Offered

PaperHelp offers multiple services, mostly focusing on different types of essays. You can get proofreading and editing services at an extra cost. For urgent tasks, request a 3-hour delivery. VIP services are also available, but you’d need to reach out to the company’s managers to agree on details.

PaperHelp boasts a large number of samples. They are grouped under discrete categories for easier access. Many samples are good for high schools but not for colleges or universities. We reviewed some of them.

Title: The Role of Economics in Business

Length: 1 page

Analysis: This sample has a strange structure. It provides a purpose statement toward the end instead of putting it upfront.

Quality: Medium

paperhelp sample

Customers can request revisions, but it’s unclear what the time frame is. If unhappy, you can submit the paper for revision, and the company might assign a different writer to address your concerns. Striving to be the best admission essay writing service , they offer a money-back guarantee. You can qualify for a 100%, 70%, or 50% refund, depending on circumstances. Paper Help reviews note that it does not explain what happens if you’re not satisfied with a revised paper. The underlying assumption is revisions will meet your requirements, which looks like a tall order. The website pledges 100% anonymity and plagiarism-free papers. Title and references are free.

Customer Support Based on a Paper Help Review

Company offers 24/7 customer support services. They are accessible by email, phone, live chat, and Facebook Messenger. Toll-free phone numbers are included for the United States and the UK. A separate email address is included for customer feedback. Overall, the setup looks good, and it gives customers a good range of options.

paperhelp contact us

Agents are responsive to queries, but quality of assistance varies. Judging by Paper Help reviews, customers are not always content with company's decisions. Reviews show that customer service is not good enough for a company seeking status of the best personal statement writing service . One customer complained about plagiarized content. An agent argued the paper was unique because it passed an online plagiarism checker. Well, online checkers cannot catch everything. It did not help that the customer provided screenshots as proof.

Experience and Paper Quality Based on Paper Help Reviews

It does not have a writer bidding system used by many of its rivals. Instead, website finds the most suitable writer. To base our review on evidence, we decided to order an essay at Bachelor’s academic level. The catch was that the price per page automatically increased from $12 to $21. This is quite a jump! Company offers $12 only for high school papers. For ‘professional’ papers, you pay $25 per page.

paperhelp order

We picked a “Basic Writer.” We chatted with assigned writer, who tried to convince us of his top academic credentials. Multiple errors in his message suggested otherwise. An essay was delivered on time. We did not expect a high quality and, yes, writer didn’t disappoint! Quality was just awful. In addition to an erratic flow of narration, a paper was full of contractions and non-academic verbiage. There was no way to accept it, so we requested a full revision. To give credit to PaperHelp’s customer service, an agent got back promptly and promised resolving an issue. The task was assigned to another writer. While revised piece was a significant improvement, it still required edits and proofreading. An agent told us we could order an editing and proofreading service at an extra cost. All in all, our experience turned out to be negative, which affected company’s rates in this detailed PaperHelp review. Our paper cost far more than expected, and we still got a product in need of improvement.

Ordering Process

Ordering process is not complicated. Enter key details, make sure you give as detailed instructions as possible, select academic level (this matters because price changes accordingly), and pick your deadline. Use a valid email address. A system will prompt you to make payment. While company uses a secure third-party system for protecting your transaction, many competitors don’t charge full amount upfront. You can select a higher-qualified writer to complete your order, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get a native speaker. According to www.paperhelp.org reviews, it uses lots of ESL writers based outside English-speaking countries.

paperhelp order placement

Pricing and Discounts

The company offers a broad range of services. Disappointingly, PaperHelp charges for almost everything, which drives up the final price.

Company offers 5% and 10% discounts available for papers worth more than $500 and $1000. With credits on previous orders, discounts can reach 15%. PaperHelp sends out discount codes by email and via social media platforms.

For our PaperHelp.org review we found out that if customers want to use a discount code from company’s email offer, they need to place an order worth $30 or more. Discounts cannot be combined in one order. Importantly, no refunds can be claimed for any extra services paid.

paperhelp discounts

Writer's Proficiency

PaperHelp positions itself as the best coursework help service . It claims to have a rigid selection process for hiring writers. When they join company, they go through a trial period of one month. It puts writers in three categories: “Basic writer,” "Advanced writer," and “Top writer.” TOP writers are the most expensive but not necessarily most qualified. It’s not clear how much extra you need to pay for advanced and top writers. There is a list of TOP 10 writers with ID numbers, ratings, and completed order tallies. This list looks impressive, but there is no way for a customer to verify its authenticity. Reviews of PaperHelp indicate that identities might be fake. Company really needs to back up its claims with evidence.

paperhelp writers

Revisions are free, but they are not unlimited. If customers are not satisfied with the paper, they are entitled to request partial or full revisions. The number of revisions is restricted to three. Free revisions can be requested within 7 days after receiving the paper. If the paper exceeds 20 pages, the request can be made within 14 days. The company accepts requests for revisions even after customers approve the submission.

We requested revisions, and we got them. However, the paper still needed more work to be done. We found it challenging to explain our concerns to the agent. At one point, we felt like miscommunication was due to the agent’s poor command of English. PaperHelp hires non-native speakers to staff its Customer Support team. Getting a refund is unlikely. The company makes it extremely complicated for customers to get their money back.

Loyalty Program, Offers, and Extra Services

Is PaperHelp good when it comes to offers? We believe their loyalty program looks good. If you get credits on your previous orders, you can save up to 15% on your next one. PaperHelp sends out promotions by email and posts them on social media. VIP services are accessible. There are lots of extra services offered, which make cost per page excessive.

Online Reputation

PaperHelp has 1,865 reviews on Sitejabber. Overall rating is quite high. Most customers are happy with services. They particularly value the ease of dealing with PaperHelp and its quality of services. We saw lots of positive feedback, but it’s difficult to judge if these are authentic. There’s little substance in many of them.

paperhelp sitejabber

On Trustpilot, PaperHelp gets a less favorable rating. 34% of reviews rank it as “bad.” A customer complained that paperhelp.org removed his critical review from website. Others note late deliveries and excessive hidden costs.

paperhelp trustpilot

PaperHelp reviews on Reddit are even more alarming. Customers did not get their papers at all. One explanation given was that writer got ill.

paperhelp reddit

Social media

PaperHelp is very active on social media. It uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to connect with customers. Reviews are available on YouTube.

Is PaperHelp legit?

Yes, PaperHelp is a legit entity. Registered in Cyprus, it operates out of the United States.

Is PaperHelp safe?

PaperHelp uses secure payment systems. These systems use highly sophisticated encryption protocols to protect your data.

Is PaperHelp reliable?

Review of PaperHelp confirms that the company provides papers on time, but their quality is not always reliable. Most essays need revisions.

Is PaperHelp a scam?

PaperHelp is not a scam. You don’t risk losing your money. Getting refunds for the papers that don’t meet your expectations is near impossible.

Additional Features

Payment methods.

I made a big mistake when I chose this service to write a student paper. They did not meet the deadline and wrote my paper just awful. I am very upset and do not know what to do now...

It's all a scam.You made me angry. I gave all my pocket money to write an article, and you wrote me a complete crap. what do I do about it now?!

Didnt get much help from this service... My essay was on time but it was pretty bad.... So I had to fix it myself a lot....

The work is well written, if there were no grammatical errors it would be great.

for some reason I was not surprised by the essay written by this service

this service ruined my mood

Leave a Comment

Send your review, thank you we appreciate your review.

It helps us to come up with an overall ratings for the particular service!

Thank you for sharing your comment!

Your opinion means a lot!

PaperHelps: A superb service for all your writing needs

In our company, we know what the majority of the students need to succeed. They require guidance, and they need someone who will be ready to help them in difficult situations. Regrettably, many universities and colleges don’t support their students despite seemingly offering supervisors and various writing centers. As a result, the feeling of loss and complete lack of understanding became the norm in the modern educational system. We, at PaperHelps, provide a potent solution to the presented problem. To outweigh the problems of the educational systems in the US and UK, we give our clients detailed writing help, providing samples that can be used for improving one’s writing skills.

Table of Contents

The meaning of paper help

Many of our customers would have a logical question: what does paper help mean? We can definitely answer this question. We provide 100% original writing samples for our clients. Firstly, you can try out our large collection of free samples to see the level of quality you can expect from our writers. Secondly, it is possible to order a personalized sample that will fit your exact learning needs. For example, when you need to write an essay in economics, you can ask our writers to offer you a sample of a work that you need to do and, as a result, have a clear understanding of the things your instructor will expect from your paper. In short, you can use our service as a way to improve your writing skills in situations where your instructors do not provide enough help.


What types of paper help do we offer?

Is it safe to ask for paper writing help?

A common question that we get has to do with the safety of our platform. We understand your fears. After all, providing some personal data to a random website can be a very unpleasant experience in the modern world full of hacking and data leaks. In this regard, however, we can assure you that our company does its best to protect your data and make sure that you remain anonymous. Firstly, we do not require much information about you: typically, all that is necessary is an email and a phone number (and even this aspect is optional, giving some extended capabilities to the average customers). Secondly, when you pay, we do not get your personal information directly: all of our banking requests are processed by the payment services. As a result, your information gets stored on safe servers, which are known for being extremely secure. Thirdly, even our writers do not get any information about you unless it is absolutely crucial for the task. Thus, there is little risk that someone will misuse your information. Lastly, we use advanced technologies and complex operating systems to promote a maximal level of safety in our facilities.

paper help

Thus, getting paper writing help online has never been easier and safer. Our company does its best to ensure that your personal information remains secure in both the short- and long-term scenarios.

Getting a writer to provide essay paper help

Provide payment information. Lastly, you will have to offer your credit card data for us to provide remuneration to a writer.

Filling in relevant instructions to get help with paper as fast as possible

There are several ways for you to give information about your task:

Filling in the payment information to get homework paper help

To signal us that you are ready to start work on your order, it is necessary to provide payment. You can do so by doing the following steps:

paper writing help

All in all, the process of paying for orders in our company is not different from the experience in any other business. All you have to do is provide common payment information. In this regard, we use the services of the payment companies. As a result, all we receive is payment. Thus, our service is as safe as any website that you use.

Frequently asked questions

Is paperhelp legit.

PaperHelp is undoubtedly a legit service. Our website has been offering services for more than 10 years. Over that time, we have amassed a tremendous number of positive reviews. If you do not trust our reputation, we offer many guarantees to our customers. For instance, you get a money-back guarantee if the results of our work do not satisfy you and go against the instructions. As a result, you can always be sure that you will get maximal worth out of your money. Besides, we have a thorough process of quality assurance for our writers: the majority of them receive reviews of their performance every month. Consequently, we can offer a genuinely high-quality service to you.

What guarantees do I get?

We give several important guarantees to our customers. Firstly, we provide, as mentioned before, a money-back guarantee. You can receive full or partial compensation for an order that does not fit your aims. Secondly, we offer a 24/7 support service: you will be able to communicate with us about all of your issues at any point in time. Thirdly, we provide a guarantee against plagiarism: in this regard, our company uses our own plagiarism detection software that ensures the complete originality of all works. Besides, we provide free revisions to our customers. As long as your request is reasonable, our writers will make all the necessary modifications to your order. Lastly, we ensure your full privacy: all your data is stored safely.

What quality can I expect from your writers?

Our writers offer works of the highest quality to the customers. We have a thorough process of quality control. The majority of our experts undergo a constant assessment to keep up providing the best service. Consequently, we have an extremely high standard of quality in modern conditions. And, what if something goes wrong? Well, you can always ask for a refund. We have an extremely loyal system of money-back guarantees that will protect you against papers of bad quality. With us, you do not have to worry about anything: our service concentrates on providing outstanding products. Thus, order a paper from PaperHelp today and get access to a superb writing service.

Paper Help Service Secure & Effective Help with Writing Papers

We sell all kinds of academic papers, and yet our total inventory is zero items. Why? Because we write papers from scratch.

Engineered for ultimate convenience, our service allows hiring a professional writer in under 3 minutes. Place a PaperHelp.org order and go on with your day; we will take care of the rest.

Paper Help is a perfect solution for your academic woes. Try it now!

Only 5% of applicants pass our stringent screening procedures. Those who have become expert writers are rated and reviewed by customers after every order. Hire a vetted professional who will certainly get the job done.

Since you get immediate access to a well-curated pool of writing talent, your papers will be 100% unique.

Optimized for secure use, our ordering form allows placing anonymous help requests. No one will know the cause of your enviable academic progress.

3-hour delivery allows you to get papers at the perfect moment. You will get help with writing a paper so fast that you will feel like you’ve acquired superpowers. You might also find the Progressive Delivery option quite useful.

Your personal Admin page brings everything needed to manage your orders, messages, payments, attachments, and more in one place. Get real-time notifications on order progress to ensure you stay on track.

The title and references pages are simple and monotonous. Normally, paying for them would be a waste of money; writing them would be a waste of time. Avoid both by getting the title and references pages for free!

PaperHelp keeps your money safe. If you are not satisfied with your project’s outcome, get your money back. We want you to be happy, no matter what happens.

Reward your writer for great work by giving them a rating or writing Paper Help reviews and testimonials. Your experience will be shared with other students, thus helping them to find the best experts.

Be at your academic best, even if you don’t have the money. Hire an expert that suits your writing project, and pay them later.

PaperHelp Discount Code Allows Hiring Paper Helper for Cheap

For those inevitable times when you might be too busy to write a paper, this reliable service allows you to solve the problem. Send us your instructions, and the best paper writing helper will follow them studiously to create a unique essay, report, or even a thesis.

Paper-Help is a cost-effective alternative to private tutors who charge hundreds of dollars for their services. Our prices start at only $10 per page , which means you can spend the saved money on personal development and exciting leisurely activities.

Look for PaperHelp coupons to purchase any kind of academic paper at surprisingly low prices.

PaperHelp Essays, Reports and More – Help with Writing Paper on Any Topic

Many students share a longing for college life that is not just livable but exciting and fun. If you are that kind of student, you will love our offer.

We would like to suggest you an upgrade to your current academic emergency strategy. When a deadline is looming on the horizon, don’t deprive yourself of sleep; rather, get paper writing help online. Below is a short list of academic materials you can purchase here:

PaperHelp Writing Help Online Is the Hurried Student’s Service for Succeeding. Get Help Online Now!

You can go about your academic chores the old fashioned way, by writing, rewriting, and trying hectically to stay on schedule. But aren’t you tired of losing the tug-of-war game with deadlines? Don’t you want to become an uncontested winner? If you nod approvingly, let go of your daily academic worries, and ask us: “Help me write my paper .”

Founded ten years ago, Paper-Help sprung from the idea that with a few keystrokes, anyone requiring writing assistance should be able to connect with an expert willing to provide it. Ergo, our approach to service delivery is driven by a desire not only help you academically but to do so in the most efficient and affordable manner.

Whether you have pressing writing or editing needs, want 3 or 100 pages, we connect you with professional writers faster and cheaper than any competing company. In only 3 hours, you can hire a vetted expert with relevant experience in your discipline.

Get Writing Paper Help in 3 Steps

PaperHelp.org Reviews! Read Them if You Need Help Writing a Paper

If you need a gentle nudge to place an order, read feedback from our customers. When your essay arrives, do not forget to leave a PaperHelp.org review, to inspire other students to get help writing a paper.

The purchased APA essay is good enough to be unironically called art. It’s like something that Byron’s millennial grandson might have written LOL. Love every bit of it!

My term paper is so much better after editing! Thanks a lot because I have a trouble with punctations and syntax.

I could of sworn that writing a perfect paper in 4 hours is impossible. Thanks for proving me wrong and doing an insanely fast job!!!

Is PaperHelp Reliable?

Absolutely! Since we are a client-focused company, the insistence on quality and security permeates every aspect of our service. As a part of our scam avoidance efforts, we thoroughly vet each writer before hiring them. This includes everything from verifying one’s LinkedIn page to testing their grammar prowess. Furthermore, you get 24/7 access to our customer support team that will quickly help you resolve a dispute should complaints arise.

Is PaperHelp.org Plagiarism Free Service?

Indubitably! We only write custom papers and check each of them for uniqueness. To ensure beyond the slightest shred of doubt that your paper is unique, request a plagiarism report.

Is PaperHelp Legit?

For sure! We deliver safe and legit English paper help online. Use it to learn, complement your creative powers, or, simply, make your academic life easier.

How to Use Coupons and Apply Paper Help Promo Code?

Each coupon has a promo code such as LESSISMORE. You can enter it into the requisite field of the ordering form to get a hefty discount.

Why Do I Need Login for www.PaperHelp.org Sign In?

You must create a login and password to sign in to your Admin page. Those are needed to ensure no one but you has access to it.


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  1. Paper Help Reviews

    Paper Help has a consumer rating of 4.69 stars from 3,314 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Paper Help most frequently mention great service, easy process and life saver.Paper Help ranks 5th among Academic Editing sites. Service 193 Value 180 Shipping 150 Quality 222

  2. Paperhelp Review 2023: Is It Legit, Safe, Reliable or a Scam?

    Being on the expensive side, with PaperHelp the average price for two of our orders rounded up to $91.35. 2 essay pages with a 6-hour deadline cost $74.4. Another task was a 4-page memo to the CEO with a 7-day deadline, and it was priced at $108.29, which is the highest price in our ranking.

  3. PaperHelp.org Reviews 2023

    Paperhelp is overpriced. It is actually three times more expensive than any of its competitors. Besides, they don't offer any discounts. Paperhelp's writers are unprofessional. Most of them come from India, Pakistan, Philippines, Kenya and Nigeria. Most of the writers' photos on the website are fake and belong to other people.

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    PaperHelp - Best Legit Writing Help Service With Individualized Approach If you are searching for top-notch quality content that will be prepared rapidly, PaperHelp is the right choice. The...

  5. Finally! Real PaperHelp Review (2023)

    PaperHelp is among the cheapest essay writing services online. The rates start at $10 per page for writing from scratch and go up depending on your academic level and deadline. Paper Quality Is PaperHelp reliable? Absolutely! I ordered a 3-page-long essay on international Covid-19 vaccination rates for my college Sociology class.

  6. ⚡ PaperHelp Review ⚡ for 2023

    As PaperHelp mentions itself, they can only guarantee you the paper free from online plagiarism. The abstract page will cost you an additional $14.99. Personally, I don't understand why people have to pay 15 bucks for 100-150 words of your paper summary. It's inhumane to change so much for quick 5-minute work.

  7. PaperHelp Reviews

    This service is legit and really helped… This service is legit and really helped me out in a time of need. I fell behind and am thankful for a paper help got me caught up on one essay and one PowerPoint excellent service, excellent riders well worth it. No regrets and will use them again. Date of experience: July 27, 2022

  8. PaperHelp Review ⚠️ Is it Legit & Safe or Scam?

    PaperHelp is a writing assistant that is developed to help students cope with a wide range of academic assignments. According to the platform's website, the service has exceptional experience in academic writing and can handle any type of order, starting from high school essays to Ph.D. papers.

  9. Is PaperHelp Legit?

    Legit payment methods - it is crucial that a legit company works with secure payment systems and uses internationally acclaimed payment methods. PaperHelp accepts Visa and MasterCard, along with several other American and international providers.

  10. PaperHelp Reviews- Is PaperHelp still Legit in 2023?

    The writing services at Paperhelp.org start at $10 per page, and it is for the high school level academic papers. For college, university and PhD-level academic writing service, you will have to pay $12, $18 and $20 per page respectively. Also, there is a different price chart for editing/proofreading, MCQ solving, admission help services, etc.

  11. PaperHelp Review 2023: Trustworthy Essay Service or Scam?

    Is PaperHelp legit? It is. However, it does not mean you should use it. We cannot recommend PaperHelp to you. This company charges incredibly high prices for ESL papers that you receive too late to improve them. More than that, you have only three free revisions, which is unfair. PaperHelp does not accept Turnitin, which makes you get in trouble.

  12. PaperHelp Review : r/StudyDoer

    PaperHelp is definitely a legit modern service that ensures the key customer's guarantees. The service guarantees safe cooperation and allows receiving good quality papers. Is PaperHelp a scam? No, PaperHelp is not a scam service. The students can order their papers once reaching an attentive and supportive PaperHelp online team. Is PaperHelp safe?

  13. Paperhelp.org Review : r/Resume

    Paperhelp is one of the oldest services on the market. It was launched in 2010 if I'm not mistaken. As with all services it has its strong and weak points. For example, I have ordered Math help there several times and got fully refunded as they couldn't find an expert I needed.

  14. PaperHelp Review 2023

    The cost of using PaperHelp.org depends on the type of services that you need. If you need help with a research paper, the cost is $19.99 per page. If you need help with an essay, the cost is $9.99 per page. If you need help with a dissertation, the cost is $24.99 per page.

  15. Is PaperHelp Legit Online Writing Assistance Company?

    Millions of completed orders and dozens of thousands of reviews by real customers come as yet another confirmation of Paper Help being a fully legit service. So get in touch with us today to see that PaperHelp.org: is a properly functioning company, not a scam; has human customer service and support agents;

  16. Paper Help Writing Service

    Is PaperHelp legit company to buy custom papers from? Yes, it is. We have been on the market since 2008 and have helped dozens of thousands of students deal with their written assignments and homework.

  17. PaperHelp Review 2022: Is it Worth Spending Money There?

    The only way you can save money on PaperHelp is to order an essay a couple of weeks in advance. But it is rather a myth than reality as most students need urgent help. If you need to receive papers in 6 hours, for example, the price will start at $35/page, which does not seem affordable anymore. Type of the service.

  18. PaperHelp.org Review [Update March 2023]

    PaperHelp.org is a professional custom writing service that offers paper writing services - from essay to admission help and CVs! It is one of the many similar websites on the web, but there's definitely none with such a cosmic design. Literary cosmic, and I loved it from the first moment. Check this article to learn more about PaperHelp.org

  19. PaperHelp.com Review

    To summarize my PaperHelp review, let me say it clear: I don't recommend the service! The website lacks proper information about the services offered and the qualifications of the writers. The prices are very low for high-school level, but impossibly high for admission papers. The quality doesn't work for college and university students.

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    Paperhelp - Best college paper writing service overall. Speedypaper - Fast delivery. Studdit - Best essay writing service for USA students. Extraessay - Best loyalty program. Expertwriting ...

  21. PaperHelp Review (May 2021)

    For instance, a 2-page university essay within a significant deadline may cost $40 written by a basic author, $52 and $63 by an advanced and top writers respectively. While the same page paper but for high school may cost from $24-$37,92 written by different authors within the same deadline limit.

  22. Paperhelp.org Reviews: Is Paper Help Worth Your Trust?

    The stories when a student pays $40+ per one page and gets an essay that's been plagiarized are not unheard of. However, when you place a Paperhelp.org order, you can count on top quality for more than affordable prices. The minimum price at Paper Help starts at $10 per one page of a high-school essay. Despite being more complicated, college ...

  23. PaperHelp.org Review 2023: Services, Discounts, Prices, and Benefits

    PaperHelp did not stand test of our review. It offers a large database of essay samples, but paper quality is below par. This is a legit business, but it hires many ESL writers who struggle to meet customer requirements. Want to know more? Look no further to find out whether you can trust this company or not.

  24. PaperHelps: The One and Only Safe Paper Help Service

    PaperHelp is undoubtedly a legit service. Our website has been offering services for more than 10 years. Over that time, we have amassed a tremendous number of positive reviews. If you do not trust our reputation, we offer many guarantees to our customers. For instance, you get a money-back guarantee if the results of our work do not satisfy ...

  25. PaperHelp Is Online Paper Writing Help You Can Use

    Get Writing Paper Help in 3 Steps 1. Use the ordering form to outline your requirements. 2. Pay your personal writing assistant. 3. Once your request is processed, download a freshly-written paper. BUY CUSTOM PAPER PaperHelp.org Reviews! Read Them if You Need Help Writing a Paper